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Friendzone Anon #9

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>You are such a good FRIEND Anon. It sure is nice to have a FRIEND like you. Do you want to be knighted in my court of FRIENDship?

Old Friendzone

The stories so far

Alone in Equestria: By Kerberos

One Last Full Moon: By NotNotWriteFag

Generosity Never Dies: By creamNscream

Hope Run Dry: By creamNscream

Love in the Wrong Places

Video Memory: By Anocotripy

White Fashion and Yellow Quiet Fuck a Pillow: Anocotripy

Things Aren't Simple Anymore: By Atlas

Nothing is set in Stone: By Kerberos

Friendzone Pastebin with tags and synopsis

Prepare for feels
Someone needs to add synopsis's to some of those stories in the pastebin.

Thems stories be long, dog.
New thread, alright the
Old thread is still up though. 2 friend zone thread sat the same time. Nice
Other thread hits bump limit in 6 posts
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New thread? Nice.

Anyways, something personal came up and i wasn't able to write anything today, I'll try to get some in before work but that depends on if i can get to sleep.

Can't wait to see that drawing finished by the way, PP, you're my hero
thank you ;_;
y-you too
Continuing from >>18344305
>[Anon] (Squeezing Suri) "Shut up!"
>[Some guard] "The invader is in the office, quickly!"
>[Anon] (Picking up Coco) "We must get out of here, quick!"
>[Coco] (Nervous) "B-but how we are gonna scape?"
>[Anon] (Looking at window) "Jumping"
>[Suri] (Exalted) "W-what?!"

I jumped out of the window with the two mares, Suri began to scream her lungs out all the way to the ground. Sissy. I crashed the ground, leaving a small crater.

>[Guard] (Alerting the others) "The invader is here. Attack!"

In a sec, a whole bunch of guards surround us. I must get out of here before they hurt Coco or Suri. They began to move slowly with their spears pointing at us.

>[Same Guard] "Sir, the invader is carrying hostages"

I looked at Coco and Suri. This give me an idea. A guard wearing a purple armor appears and raise his right hoof in the air, making the other guards move slightly away

>[Suri] (Relieved) "Sir Shining Armor, what relief, please help me out of this mons-mmmf"

Coco covered Suri's mouth, silencing her. Thank you Coco, if weren't mad at you, I would pet your head for being a good pony. Unconsciously, I move a finger over her head and pet her. Dammit.

>[Shining Armor] (Looking at Suri) "Don't worry ma'am, I'll take care of this" (Looking at me) "Listen to me beast, because I'm gonna said this one time, okay?. Put those mares down and give yourself up"
>[Anon] "Or?"
>[Shining Armor] (Taken back by the sudden question) "I-I..."
>[Anon] "So you are telling me that you could not foresee, that I would take prisoners with me to make my scape more easily?"
>[Shining Armor] (Rubbing the back of his head) "Well, you see, hehe, we never has face something like you before" (He give a small cough) "I mean, yeah we has faced, Discord and Tirek, but no one has take hostages when attacking us"

Is anyone still reading? I'm curious
>One week had passed since Anon fell into the portal to Equestria.
>Life had been pretty sweet, he couldn't believe that he could just sit here all day and not have to worry about work.
>Not only that but his favorite ponies had wanted to know everything about him, well at first.
>While the ponies seemed nice, Rainbow dash rubbed anon the wrong way, always insulting him, didn’t Rainbow know he was a celebrity?
>Anon starts to wonder if his life could be like this forever, he never had to worry about being made fun of or laughed at, never facing judgments.
It had been a week now and Equestria is cool I guess.

"Hey Anon, I know you have been living in my tree house for a while, and while we all like your company and all"
>Twilight fumbles at words trying to put it nicely.
>Pinkie, not as diplomatic finally blurts it out.

"Anon your like 24 years old I mean do you know it’s time to grow up. I mean you stay here all day, and yes I like to party and all and have fun don’t you think it’s time for you to get your own place at least I mean even I have my own apartment with the cakes."
>Smiling Rarity grabs Pinkie and pushes her gently away.
"What Pinkie is trying to say darling, is that we got you your own house, it’s marvelous and you need not worry about paying because of how much you can teach us about earth"

>Anon considers his luck as they lead him near cloudsdale, at least he wouldn’t have to find a place of his own without money.
>It's granite floor and oak wall surprise anon, never expecting to ever live in a place this nice.
>Wait this is too nice, he heads to the door.
>Turning the door you discover it is locked.
"Hey what’s going on here, let me out."
>Something is moving in the bathroom, the shadow moves out the door.
>Anon and the mysterious strangers eyes meet, in unison they both scream.
“What are you doing here”
"Just what do you think you are doing here, this is my new home?"
>Anon stares at her, trying to force her to leave.

"Hey look loser, it's not like I wanted to be here. I just had to stop to use the facilities after another of pinkies pranks got me covered in old milk."
>She reaches for the door but is also unable to open it
"Ok girls fun is fun and all but you can let me out of here now"
>She starts slamming into the door, but finds it reinforced by magic.

"Silly of course we can't. If we do how will you ever fall in love with Anon and get married and have k..."
>Twilight covers her mouth, blocking out more embarrassing tidbits.
"Again THANKS PINKIE, but it's not like that. Well it's a little like that but just hear me out. I have read a lot of romance books and in them worst enemies end up as the best of couples if they are forced to be together. Now we don't want to force you to fall in love but..."
>Pinkie pulls herself from Twilights hoof.
"But we really kind of do because you aren't even interested in boys and we don't want you to die alone and regret it and we know Anon is to pathetic to ever ask anyone for coffee much less to be there special some pony so"
>She takes a big breath.
"We are going to lock you in this room until you at least stop hating each other and can teach each other how to find a perfect love, or better yet Anon end up giving you the d..."
>The other girls looked shock.
>Pinkie looks at them innocently,
"I was going to say a dinning experience that she won’t forget."

>Anon and Rainbow look at each other and both turn and fake vomit.
"Ew no way would I ever be with rainbolt. I would prefer to just die alone than be with this airbag braggart."

"You want to die alone, I can make that happen you useless waste of space."
sure i´m reading
I read everything g in here
interesting, do continue
Looks nice do you have a name for it?
Dubs Nice...

How about forced romance.

>Sparks flair between each others eyes, you start to tense up than realizing that your fat ass couldn't take down a large Shizu you back down.
"Hey look Dash, we probably won’t get out of here unless we act the part. I say we just pretend to get along for a few hours and than we have a 'fine dinner' and get out of here."
>Anon whisper making sure the others can't hear you.

>Rainbow looks over to anon.
“Yeah right loser, you think you can just get the dash with that stupid Pschyo stuff. There is no way I would ever like you. How about you just ignore me and I ignore you”
>She marches over to her side of the house, leaving you alone.

>Anon opens his laptop and begins typing on it.
>Hours pass as anon types away on his computer, his story coming together pretty well.
>Finally finished he closes the computer and smiles.
“Finally I got it finished”

>Rainbow Dash rolls her eyes in Anon’s direction.
“Yeah well I am glad you were able to read all those comics and talk to neck beards like yourself”

“Ha ha, no I was just finishing my story, at least which is what I was striving for.”
>He grabs a book from his backpack and throws it to her,
“Why don’t you just read this and leave me alone.”
Keyboard KO'd. Will con+inve when I can.

I could use a catch-up. I've been gone from the internet most of this week. I left around when we did away with Da BURR.

Damn, you've been gone a while

>Rainbow dash opens the book and moans.
“It isn’t even a daring doo book, so lame.”
>She turns the page reading it.
“Well it’s not terrible I guess.

“Is that a compliment Rainbow Dash? I didn’t think you were even capable of that.”

“I never said it was good Lamnon I just said it is readable is all.”
>She doesn’t even look up as she talks, turning another page she almost laughs.
“Well never mind, I thought it was good, but everyone knows the sun goes around world. I would suggest you get some knowledge before you write anymore.

>Dinner time finally arrives, Rainbow dash putting the book down.
“Anon even though it didn’t make a lot of sense I guess that the book wasn’t too bad. So this is what you do all day, write stories.”

“No that’s not all I do.”
>Anon protest, but is silenced with no alternative.
“It can’t be all I do is it”
>Opening the computer he looks at his time, taking into account meals and sleep.
“No I couldn’t have spent all my time on the computer could I”

“Well duh, you wake up with that thing and go to sleep with it.”
>She grabs the computer from you and flies off with it.
“If you spend anymore time on this piece of junk we won’t know where it stops and you begin.
you missed alot

Wait, actually I remember it was later. I think the last thing I read was when creamnscream got to the showdown against Avarice(?) or whoever the first changeling king was.

Can someone tell me just the basics of who's updating at this point? I can read the pastebins later
Okay cream's is still going
Kerb has a maudxanon story Nothings set in stone
Anocotripy's story Video Memory + Clop flashback White Fashion and Yellow Quiet Fuck a Pillow
and the two in this thread
File: 1402708449176.png (251KB, 398x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251KB, 398x500px

thanks, buddy
I would contribute, but I don't exactly know if I would be a good writefag.
Here is a little snippet I wrote today, I don't know if you can judge how good I am off of this but ehh, it gives you guys something to go off of.
>"Hey man what's your probl-"
>You swing a right hook and hit Soarin right in the jaw.
>He staggers back a bit, very confused.
>He then looks you in the eye.
>"What the hell!? I thought we were bro's?
"Exactly! We WERE bro's. But now you're trying to take the love of my life away from me! Do you know how that feels!?"
>You catch the attention of everyone, especially the elements.
"You're a backstabbing cunt. Do you hear me?"
>"C'mon man be realistic, do you think she would ever go out with you? You're two different species, you never had a chance."
>As he says this, you feel a hole in your heart.
>You feel a mix of sadness and anger overwhelm you.
"You know what? Fuck you all! I don't need any of you! I'm sick and tired of this bullshit! FUCK YOU ALL!
>With this you storm off, walking towards your home.
>Once you get there you slam the door behind you, and in a fit of anger start punching holes in the wall.
>After your knuckles are bloodied and bruised, you curl up in your bed and start to sob to yourself. Thinking of how worthless your life is.

I'd work on rounding out all those edges first
wow, that anon sure is a fag.
File: SuperProfit.png (283KB, 2008x2336px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
283KB, 2008x2336px
just write it
i´m sure it will be good
you have to believe in yourself
and if you don´t try you won´t get better

a bit "edgy" but i wouldn´t mind reading more

you get the SuperProfit seal of approval for now
So, am I good enough to into writefagging?
Yeah, I would. I don't know what to bass it off of though. Give me some time to think.

An easier flow between events would be a bit better, maybe start from where it all began, but otherwise I'd read it.

You want the reader to like your character. Well, either that, or like the background characters and hate your character (be careful trying this one)

As it stands, all I see is two fags getting in a fight over some girl that I don't know, and Anon having a tantrum

Try to build up tension before a fight, try to show a happy relationship before a falling out, etc.

Also, if we're going in to advanced write-faggotry, try to spice up your writing with different sentence structures so it doesn't read like a list of events. Describe the backdrop better, and try to use language and wording that sounds like something a real person would say in that situation.
Yeah, as I said it's just something I threw together without thinking. If I do writefag in this thread though it will probably be a different story.

Yeah, don't worry, that's probably not the story I was going to go with anyway.
File: hey there sexy.jpg (57KB, 640x340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hey there sexy.jpg
57KB, 640x340px
>[Some guard] (Correcting his commander) "Actually Sir, Tirek take Discord and all the elements bearers, with exception of your sister, princess Twilight Sparkle, as hostages"

Wait... did he just said 'sister', well that's funny, Twilight never told me before that she have a brother. I wonder I what else she has lied to me.

>[Shining Armor] "Oh right, I forgot about that"
>[Anon] ""How do you forget something like that? I mean, I wasn't here when that Tirek guy attacked, but if he manage to kidnap Discord, then he must be more dangerous than a squirrel with rabies"
>[Shining Armor] "I don't understand what you mean with that, how can a squirrel be more dangerous than a guy who suck magic like it was air?!"
>[Anon] "You never been around squirrels with rabies before, right? Those thing can make Celestia fall to her knees and beg for mercy, trust me, I know what I'm talking about"

I'm serious with these thing of the squirrels. Squirrels man, scariest things ever. The guards are looking at Shining and me talking about the dangers of squirrels, trying to not laugh over the situation. I feel bad for them, always need to be serious and stoic, that's no good for guard, that's kills the guard.

>[Shining Armor] "Yes an squi-" (He stops and shakes his head, then he look at me) "Why I'm talking with you about squirrels?"
>[Anon] (Shrugging) "I don't know, you tell me"
>[Shining Armor] "Enough. Attack him!"
>[Guard] "But Sir, he got prisoners"
>[Shining Armor] "Oh right, I forgot about them"

forgot something, sorry


Just do it, I'm not good myself, because english is hard and I'm only using google translate, but I'm trying my best. I'm sure you can do it just fine, I mean how ba- >>18347226
, well yeah, a bit edgy, but I think you can make a good story out of that, you just need to believe in yourself, Anon
File: 1402151330707.gif (2MB, 399x399px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 399x399px
I like you too FRIEND
Wait, what's your first language, if it isn't English?
Spanish, why?
Just wondering.
So ig I could get a title... and a pastebin... and a quick synopsis... and some tags for your story... that wouldbe great.
Disco pls.

Also, bump.

>You turn the knob on the shower and the water in the shower slowly.
>You never thought something as simple as a shower could make you feel so great.
>You opened the opaque door and grabbed a towel hanging on the sink besides you.
>You dry off your hair and body before beginning to step out.
I'm coming out guys, don't peek!
>No one responded.
>Your laid out the towel on the floor and stepped on to it.
>You looked over on the bed to see Applejack and Nightingale sprawled over the bed.
>You chuckle under your breath and grab your tattered clothes off the floor.
>You throw on your half-torn shit and muddy pants.
>You sure wished there was someplace you could wash these, but you weren't going to argue.
>They felt baggier than before, but it was most likely because you didn't have your armor on.
>You felt so relaxed after you shower, you just stood there, looking at your armor, not wanting to put it on.
>Eventually you said forget it and began to walk over to the bed.
>But then you remember something.
>Your invisibility still hasn't completely wore off yet.
>Or most likely.
>You couldn't tell for sure.
>You walk back and start putting your armor on.
>You pull the chest plate over your head and strap it in.
>You make sure it's well fitted before connecting the shoulder, then strapping in your leg guards and arm guards.
>Lastly, you take your cape, and throw it over your shoulders and tie it off.
>You turn around and walk to the door.
>You get up next to it and creak it open slowly, as to not attract any attention of anyone standing nearby if there was.
>You open it up and there isn't a pony in sight.
>Not even Celestia was on her throne, Luna had taken her place.
>You were not sure if she was able to see you as Celestia had, but you walk out and softly close the door behind you anyways.
>You look up to the throne as see Luna looking at a scroll of some sort.
>You were curious if she could see you, as you decided to be goofy for once.
Page 8 bump
I can't imagine that this is going to be a good idea

Hey guys, coming to you live from about 400 miles south of my house. How's it been going? Filled 3 whole threads have we?
Yup. It's been good... if I didn't loose what I had written.
Forced friends, Friends, romance, love struck, true love?
Hey man, it's your story. You get to pick all this stuff. Also, do you have a pastebin?
However I am thinking of changing up the story
File: 1402011055089.png (119KB, 500x418px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119KB, 500x418px
Pastebin Updated: http://pastebin.com/uVgE24TA

>Forced Friends

I am real Disco sand!

>You began to walk slowly up the red carpet.
>As you came up to the base of the stairs you began to wave your arms in the air.
>She still had her eyes locked on the scroll.
>You jumped around and flailed your arms, trying to get her attention if she could see.
>She didn't seem to budge.
>You slowly tip-toed up the stairs and stood next to her.
>Her eyes were almost frozen on to the scroll.
>You take your hand and stick it in between her scroll and her face.
>She tilts her head back and sighs in annoyance.
>"Do you have anything better to do with your time than bother us?" She asks.
>You hesitate for a second.
>"Well..." She says expectantly.
Not particularly, I wanted to see if you could see me while I was still under the effects of my invisibility potion.
>She lets out another sigh.
>"Yes, we can, now if thou could be so kindly as to leave us to our work, it would be most appreciated." She said, sticking her head into the scroll again.
>You stand there for a second, just looking at her.
You shouldn't stress yourself too much.
>"And you shouldn't be bothering the princess, now should you?" She says sternly, not shifting her gaze from the parchment.
What is that you're reading anyways?
>"None of your business." She says sternly.
>You give her an odd look.
No need to be rude.
>"You are the one interrupting us, now please, be off with you!" She nearly shouts.
Sorry for trying to start up a conversation.
>She ignores you and continues on her reading.
>You turn around and start to head to the room again.
File: secks.jpg (70KB, 456x456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 456x456px

>Then it hits you
>You are tired of the matriarchy that is Equestria.
>All these princesses do all day is sit and do nothing.
>You turn around and march back to Luna's throne.
>You tear the scroll from her hands.
>And with the tears of a thousand neckbeards, you give your fedora a tip.
>The energy built up from the broken hearts of the endless armies of neckbeards you control exerts itself from your fedora.
>The light becomes blinding, enough to stun Luna as she lets out immense curdled screaming.
>The intensity from your fedora is enough to match the magical powers of sunbutt herself.
>And slowly but surely, luna melts into a puddle on the throne.
>Without hesitation, you whip around and throw your fedora on to your head in one fluent motion and sit yourself upon the throne, within the puddle on Luna.
>As you wiggle your but into the soft throne, the puddle of Luna spills off the throne and on to the floor as these simple words exit your mouth.

a little humor in between parts

Still not as good as day reviving anon in equestria.

Does anyone have that? It needs to be posted.
Toppest of keks, thank you creamy.
Holy shit cream
File: 1396202258118.jpg (377KB, 750x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
377KB, 750x750px
Pony pile bump.

No corpses edition™
I'll continue on a more serious note.
Sorry for lack of posts, gaben has been keeping me busy with his steamy sales.

>Luna seemed a lot less bubbly than you remembered in the show.
>You brushed her off and went back to your room.
>You opened the door to see Applejack and Nightingale still dead asleep on the bed.
>You didn't have anything you could do, as you were still wanted to get a bit out of your invisibility potion.
>There was only one thing you could think of.
>You decide to walk over to Applejack and get on the right side of the bed.
>You kneel down on the right side of the bed and put yourself into position to strike.
>She's laying on her side faced away from you, so you had to get the front of her face.
>You slowly reach over and give her a firm slap on the face.
>She jolts up and look around real quick.
>"What the hay was that for?!" She yells.
>"Huh... was what for?" You could hear Nightingale said, being awoken from his sleep.
>"You just hit me! Didn't your Ma always tell you to never hit a girl?!"
>You were trying hard to keep your snickering under your breath as you hid on the side of the bed out of view of Nightingale.
>"What are you talking about, I didn't do anything!" He says.
>"Like hay you didn't! Come here you-" You hear her say as you hear an audible thud of a pillow hitting what you presumed to be Nightingale.
>"Oh, so you wanna play rough, huh?"
>You them struggling a little before you hear several more thwaps of the pillow.
>You couldn't keep your laughter in any more and let out a loud audible laugh.
>"What the hay is that?" You hear Applejack ask.
>You were too busy laughing to care if they found you now.
File: 1.jpg (52KB, 720x513px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 720x513px
>tfw no cash to buy any games because my shit family steals all my money

All I wanted was to play witcher 2
I still haven't played 60% of my steam library. Most of my time is spent on DkS II
>Tfw Gaben has now stolen most of my monies due to the sale.
Ds2 wad a blast for me

fucking phone keeps using my trip for no reason

It's only 4$, if you want I could gift you it, no big deal.

Also playing Amnesia, A machine for pigs. it's approximately 3, maybe even 4spooky
thanks for the offer, but I'll just try pirating.


>"Sounded like Anon!" Nightingale says, as you hear him running over to your side of the couch.
>All you saw was him looking over before he threw a pillow right at your face.
>"You big doofus!"
Oh come on, that was hilarious!
>"To you it Might'ave been!" Applejack said in a stern voice.
Come on, I had to get the most out of my invisibility as possible!
>"You didn't have to pin it on me!" Nightingale screeched.
>He threw another pillow at you as you were finishing p your laughing fit.
Okay, okay, I'm sorry, now let's all get some sleep, we all have busy days tomorrow!
>"Ah suppose, even though we WERE sleepin' just fine until you decided to but in!" Applejack said in an angry tone
>"Then you thought it was me and woke ME up!" Nightingale yelled back.
Okay guys, break it up, lets just get some rest.
>"He's right, we shouldn't be arguing." Nightingale says.
>"True, the more time we spend arguing, the less time we have for our beauty sleep." Applejack said, pulling herself under the covers of the blanket.
>Nightingale did the same on the opposite side, leaving enough room for you in the middle.
>You slide underneath the covers and pull them over you and your friends.
>"God, it's still spooky being near something I can't see." Applejack says, shuttering her shoulders.
>You settle yourself in the blankets and plop your head on the pillow.
>You didn't have to think too much before you mind began to wander into the land of dreams once more.
Hey guys, what ever happened to the Nothing's Set In Stone story? I really like it but Kerby hasn't finished it yet, is that still going?
>is that still going?
Also curious.
Like I said. I have to rewrite what I had. It's coming.
File: 6478_256.jpg (15KB, 256x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 256x256px
>It's coming.
File: Zeo_crystal.jpg (28KB, 640x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 640x512px
It's coming.
File: 1.jpg (63KB, 617x834px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 617x834px

was thinking of ways to end the story and I had a silly idea, eventually I fleshed it out enough to use it. I haven't cried while writing this story yet, but I was on the verge of tears a few minutes ago. I may just be a pussy, but I think its pretty powerful
You mean this?
late night bump
File: Attack on Gaben.webm (3MB, 853x480px)
Attack on Gaben.webm
3MB, 853x480px

i wonder can i bump the thread?
I like the feels that i got

Don't worry, thinking of endings to mine, once I found one I got a little teary eyed myself. That's when you know it's a good ending.
File: 1396942544522.png (259KB, 1280x914px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259KB, 1280x914px
Going to wake up at around 3pm EST to get some writing in at prime-time.

I'm going to try to write up to the crescendo, and depending on how much i decide to do, the ending, but that's just a slightly realistic goal

I feel really bad for making you guys wait so long between parts, work's been hell and my inspiration has been nil[/spoler]
i don´t mind waiting as long as you don´t just cancel the story

"Foal's Luck" it will soon be a whole year
I miss PP
I miss Pinkie.
i told you the changeling kidnapped her
I am just gonna go back to posting as I go.

>You hear the thundering sound of hooves coming from the staircase.
>You look around for an escape route, but unless you felt like jumping out of a third story window, you are trapped.
>The door almost comes off its hinges when Applejack kicks them open.
>You rather not be on the side of one of her kicks.
>As soon as she lays eyes on you, you can see the fire in her eyes burn with pure hate.
>She takes no time at all when she pounces on you, slamming you into a wall.
>"You've got a lot of nerve comin back here after what you pulled. Ah've got half a mind ta buck you into next week."
>You shudder at the thought of being kicked.
>"Applejack! What has gotten into you!?"
>You look over AJ's shoulder to see your new lord and savior, Princess Twilight Sparkle.
>You were sad that you missed her coronation and transformation, but you still sent her a card.
>She lights up her horn and holds the apple pony on the bed.
>"Let me go Twilight! This bucker is going to get what's comin to him!"
>Applejack was struggling against Twilight's magic, but she wouldn't break free any time soon.
>"AJ, what were you yelling abo-"
>Turning back to the door, Rainbow was hovering in the doorway.
>As soon as your eyes meet, you see a flame ignite.
>She charges past Twilight and slams into your chest.
>The charge makes you collide with the wall.
>It hurts.
>A lot.
>She doesn't even say why she is so mad, but you know.
>Before she can land another hit, Maud pulls her off you.
>You slump down the wall, basking in your pain.
>Maud throws Rainbow next to Applejack and Twilight pins her with her magic.
>"Now I know you are upset, but that doesn't give you two the right to hurt him."
Didn't AJ break up with him and throw him off the farm? Did that also mean that he was banned from Ponyville in her eyes? Grudge much. RD is okay because she only mad because AJ is.
Forgot to put she apparently regretted forgetting to beat him to a pulp first since she and RD immediately jumped his ass.
I bet RD is just pissed because he didn't say goodbye or something insignificant. fucking rainbowcunt
Nah, Anon and RD were only friends because AJ and RD were so close this is a "lets get together and hate my ex" thing.
goddamn rainbow cunt
>"Like tartarus it doesn't! He just gets up and leaves one day without so much as a goodbye after a little fight! He's gonna get what's comin to him!"
>"Yeah! What kind of friend just leaves likes that!? She needed him and I spent days trying to make her feel better!"
>They are doing their best to glare at you, but it's hard when they are restrained by magic.
>Looking up from your pained existence, you can see the rest of the mares have already entered the room.
>Pinkie is nice enough to help you sit up while Rarity stares angrily at you and Fluttershy just hides behind her mane.
>You are happy to have a friend like Pinkie to help you out, but you may be screwed with the others.
>You cough before you are able to give a response.
>No blood, that's good.
"You said that I should get out of your life so I did."
>Applejack doesn't look any angrier, in fact she looks a little said, but still plenty angry.
>"Well Ah didn't mean it!"
"Well sorry that I thought the Element Of Honesty wasn't telling the truth."
>You start to feel your own rage light up.
>"Well Ah'm sorry that you couldn't see that Ah still needed ya!"
"See! This is why I left! I'm tired of the guessing games! I don't know what is going on in your head!"
>"Well Ah found somepony who could! And she is at least ten times better at a relationship than you ever were!"
"Congratu-fucking-lations who's the poor mare that feel for your sorry ass!?"
>"I did you hairless ape!"
>You turn to Rainbow.
>It isn't surprising.
>After all, they were always hanging out.
>Even when you were dating, she always made time for Rainbow.
>You don't have anything else to say.
>So, you get on your feet, dispite the pain, and walk out the door.
>The rest of the ponies didn't dare say a word, too scared about what you might do.
>"Ah see that's your solution to everything! Just run away like the coward you are!"
>friendzone anon 9
oh yeah.
>always knew she was lesbo fucking mane
i vote anon gets lucky with the two sisters
>posting old pasta story
already shit
I fucking knew I saw it somewhere before
just need to search the archive
found it
lying piece of shit faggot, copying the old shit

>Rainbow dash opens the book and moans.
“It isn’t even a daring doo book, so lame.”
>She turns the page reading it.
“Well it’s not terrible I guess.

“Is that a compliment Rainbow Dash? I didn’t think you were even capable of that.”

“I never said it was good Lamnon I just said it is readable is all.”
>She doesn’t even look up as she talks, turning another page she almost laughs.
“Well never mind, I thought it was good, but everyone knows the sun goes around world. I would suggest you get some knowledge before you write anymore."
I think I remember it now.
Yeah, it's my old story, but my keyboard was so shot I figured I would go buy a new one before I continued... OK
I preferred when these threads were with pre-faggot Kerb.
Write NEW stuff. Don't just bring out old shit and pretend you're talented and all that; you start FRESH by being FRESH.

This thread has no new writers and all that's left is creamNscream whose story I just didn't get in to from the start.
The only reason this thread even exists is because I posted an old story.
Yeah, me too. I've already read all the stories from the previous threads, and now I'm getting bored because there isn't any new content to enjoy.
I'll write something if you want me to.
"Give it back you cunt"
>Anon chases Rainbow dash through the house grabbing at it and missing, much to the amusement of the flying rainbow.
"I will fucking kill you"
>You jump higher then you thought you could, knocking Rainbow and your computer down, making a sickening crunching sound.
>Anon rushes to his felled Computer, turning it on, it beep a sicking beep and dying.
"You cunt"
>Rearing back you stop yourself before you hurt her.
"J-just leave me the fuck alone ok."

"Look anon I am sorry, it was just a game ok"
>Rainbow looks down at the ground.
"I didn't mean to destroy it, ok"

>time seems to stop as she look at anon.
“Another failure huh dashy, something I am getting awfully good at.”
>Walking slowly away, she can’t help but feel like a total failure.
>That same feeling that she always had when she wasn't in charge.
>Heading off to her room she locks it, crying.
Also, Kerb, when are you finishing the Nothing Is Set In Stone story? I'm really enjoying it.
I am piggy backing off a story and rewriting it to make it more friendship and less love ok... Not that it should mater.
Do it faggot.
I'm writing it as we speak.

You are a God, based Kerb.
There seems to be a bit of aggression in this thread.
I liked that they forgot this thread was dead before you started to repost your story. Then again they got mad at you for doing it too.
the threads personal drawfriend is back

I will draw you some pink, just keep on writing
File: 1395957903783.jpg (99KB, 942x708px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 942x708px
When the fuck is the rest coming? I need MOAR!
>The truth is, you aren't walking away because you didn't want to deal with her.
>You walk away because you were about to beat her to a pulp.
>And with your new found muscle definition, you could too.
>But you are better than that, you just need to get out of there and cool off.
>You walk right out the bakery and head to your old spot in the park.
>The simple fact that you have your own spot to cool down tells you how bad the relationship was.
>It isn't anything too special, just an old stump that was never removed.
>It's funny how this stump can be used to describe your love life: old and dead.
>You sit there and try not to think about Applejack.
>But it doesn't work out so well.
>How long has she had an eye for Rainbow?
>Were they doing anything while you were with her?
>Was she just leading you on for the sheer joy of it?
>All these thoughts were just making you angrier.
>You pick up the nearest rock and throw it into the field with a primal yell.
>It felt good to let out that anger.
>You sit back down on the stump and try to think of other things like... Maud.
>You have been living with her for years now, and your relationship never moved past friends.
>But that was because neither of you pursued anything else.
>Do you want more than that though?
>You both already know so much about each other, so why not?
>However, after your spat with AJ, you doubt she will take you.
>"Hey Nonny. I see you found your old spot."
>>You have been living with her for years now
Wow. I must have skimmed a bit fast, then. He's been on the rock farm for years?
like 2 or 3
File: Carlosishelpful.jpg (48KB, 720x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 720x480px
>like 2 or 3
Two or 3 years without getting his rocks off?

Anon needs to man up, and get a little boulder.
Fuck off, Carlos.
Pinkie is always good.
>The hours passed anon's anger slowly faded.
>Dash, though a cunt, didn't mean anything by it.
>Opening her door, anon is surprised to see Rainbow dash crying.
"Rainbow... I am so sorry"

>Rainbow dash looks up.at anon, tears still flowing
"What.are you talking about loser"
>She sniffs, and stops herself from crying.
"You just broke my wing or something."
>She lies avoiding at looking at anons eyes.
"So you get that thing working"
>She asks hopefully.

"No, it's dead, I don't think I can ever get it to work again"
>Looking down he sees Rainbow begin to cry
>It would serve her right if he left her there, but to anon's surprise he pats her on the back.
"Look it;s just a computer. I can always get a pen and quill"
>*Damn I hate to write that way* anon thinks but continues to comfort her.

"Look it's not like I care. but I did destroy it, and I will fix it"
>She gets up looking at the clock.
"Well Anon you had beter get washed up, the other ponies will be coming for lunch. I would hate to have them think we were already fighting"

>You nod.
"Yeah I guess you are right, Maybe we can convince Twi to let you out. ..
C'mon nigger, I need my fix.
Patience young one
Screw you, old man.
File: 1396162888731.jpg (553KB, 1500x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
553KB, 1500x2000px
Alright, time to make a big-ass plate of mac-n-cheese, flip on netflix, and write some green
File: 1402541490782.gif (615KB, 680x563px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
615KB, 680x563px
>You turn around to see Pinkie walking up to you.
>She must have followed you, or she just knew you would be here.
>This is where you would always go after a fight.
"Hey Pinkie. I did."
>You scoot over so she can sit on the stump with you.
>This wouldn't be the first time she has come over to help you out.
>You both would just sit and watch the sky
>Be it day or night.
>She understands that you need to work on cooling off, and she respects the silence.
>She is smarter than ponies giver her credit for.
>They mostly think she is just all about parties and smiles, but she knows when to slow down and wait.
>"That one looks like a turtle."
>You look over to see her pointing to the sky.
>Following her hoof, you see the turtle shaped cloud.
>"And that one looks like a little foal."
>Looking around, you find the cloud.
>"That one looks like Gummy."
>You're too busy looking for the cloud that you don't notice Pinkie looking at you.
>Her expression falls when she doesn't get a response out of you.
"That one looks like cotton candy."
>You look back at her and see a small smile form on her face.
>You match it with your own smile.
>It is times like this that make Equestria a truly magical place.
>You both kept pointing out clouds until Maud found you.
>"There you two are. I was worried about you."
>You motion for Maud to join you on the stump.
>She opts for pulling you in a hug.
Oh shit, Anon is about to make some Piecest.
File: yup.gif (85KB, 220x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 220x200px

this makes me happy
"Sorry, I had to just go cool off. Chuck some rocks around and stuff."
>"...I don't think we can be friends anymore."
>kerby has a thing for pinkie
>this story
>now I am not sure where this is going
>inb4 pinkie vs maud and no happy end
>>nb4 pinkie & maud: best happy end
>Friendzone thread
>Happy endings

Bizarro /mlp/
Friendzone thread = negative ending
Kerberos = negative ending

Kerberos (-) x Friendzone thread (-) = Ending (+)

Math. Math will save us all.
File: 1395190819089.png (473KB, 1280x1027px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
473KB, 1280x1027px
The only good endings are the ones that end with this issue being addressed,
well with that logic it would mean that da burr ending was either a happy ending or kerberos writes happy endings and since he is in a friendzone thread it just turned out bad
either way we are fucked
File: Rainbow Crash.png (207KB, 640x359px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rainbow Crash.png
207KB, 640x359px
Uhhh. Shit, that was this thread wasn't it.
Doing a reverse friendship thread. Pony is friendzoned
quads confirm fail
>rainbow dash trying science
what did you expect?

nice idea, very nice indeed
but let's just call this thread friendzone thread next time and keep everything here
I'm not gonna lie, my story has basically no friendzone in it aside from the prompt.
I'm okay with that; its a fun ride in and of itself.
oh tripy, your story is too good to care about such little details

>The two laugh and anon heads to the bathroom leaving Rainbow by herself.
>Going t5 Anon’s bedroom she finds the computer and looks it over.
“Maybe I can get it to work, I made that flying helmet for tank.”
>Pressing random buttons the thing sparks back to life, opening up Anon’s most recent document.
“IWTCIRD… What is that, some sort of code”
>She opens it up and begins to read the most perverse things she has ever read
“eww gross,”
>Whimpering she doesn’t stop reading even when anon taps her shoulder

>He looks over seeing Rainbow reading something.
“Wow you got my computer working. Um you didn’t read any of the stories I hope”
>He sees Rainbows cheeks a deep red.
“Dash I am sorry for whatever you read”

>Rainbow gasps and flies off.
“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh oh my gosh…. So that is why anon is so distant. He likes me”

>Anon looks at the document.
“Great she got Noctis’s email, I hope she doesn’t think I am that perverted.”
>Closing the PC he runs after Rainbow Dash to apologize.”
“Dashie don’t be mad”
>Anon screams through the door.
“It… I mean I would”

>Dashie comes out of her room, wearing a very classy rainbow dress.
“Oh I know, don’t worry about it.”
>Her tail flirting anons leg as she walks by.
“Well Anon, what are you waiting for, lets go downstairs for our date.”

"Um Rainbow, It isn't a date"
>Anon responds mater of factually.
"Ah nice sense of humor,"
>Anon shoulders rainbow in the ribs.

"Yeah a joke"
>She tries to laugh it off.
>To say you're shocked is the understatement of the year.
>Even Pinkie's mouth falls to the floor.
>"I'm sorry."
>You sit there with your arms open like an idiot while Maud buries her face in your chest.
>After you mind slaps you back to reality, you pull her into your lap and give her a proper hug.
>This is the first real contact you have ever had with Maud.
>Sure you have bumped into her one or twice.
>But this has real emotion behind it, you don't even need to look at her ears to see that.
>"I'm sorry I made you come. I should have know about Applejack."
"Shhh. You couldn't have known she would have been so violent."
>The worst you thought you would get was another heated argument, not being pinned to the wall by two different ponies.
>You bring a hand to her mane and pet her.
>That's when you felt something warm press against your back.
>Pinkie Pie got up and decided to give you a hug of her own.
>"And I'm sorry I didn't keep my Pinkie Promise. I was just so excited and it just came out."
>You reach up and stroke her cheek.
"It's okay Pinkie. It was a stupid promise anyway. Non of this would have happened if I didn't make you not tell any of your friends where I went."
>Maud moves over and cradles herself in one of your arms.
>Pinkie lets go and cradles herself in your other arm.
>You now sit on the stump with two of the closest ponies you know, cradled in your arms.
>You continue to watch the sky as it darkens.
File: 1402363484248.png (296KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
296KB, 600x600px
oh shit it's actually happening
File: p6.jpg (112KB, 590x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 590x800px
AnonxMaudxPinkie...? Is it habbening? Will Kerb make me smile smile smile?
File: 1399173994759.png (71KB, 422x706px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Keep dreaming.
Same, kind of.

All of my this
>Their rhythmic breathing tells you that they have fallen asleep some time ago.
>Carefully standing up, you carry the two mares back to the bakery.
>When you enter the building, none of the other ponies stayed behind to wait.
>It's not surprising, they have lives too, and your's isn't that important to them.
>You are happy to see Pinkie's door open so you easily place her in her bed.
>Gummy helps by pulling back the blankets and sheets.
>Once Pinkie is warm in her bed, you head towards you and Maud's room.
>You set her down and stripped off your shirt, shoes, and pants.
>Crawling in bed yourself, you feel something warm cling to you.
>She must be a cuddler.
>You flip yourself over then you flip her over.
>Wrapping an arm from underneath her, you mold your body to her shape and drift of to sleep.
>She pushes her back against you stomach, trying to absorb your heat.
>You feel warm, inside and out.
>This is the moment that you realize that you really care for this mare.
>And you know she cares about you from the hug earlier.
>You want to spend ever day with her.
>Once you settle down in the new house, you are going to ask her to dinner.
>>Once you settle down in the new house, you are going to ask her to dinner.
I'm happy, but I'm scared

>implying they don't eat dinner with each other every night,
>She must be a cuddler.
I feel good feels
Kerby! Kerby! Kerby!
I will never be even 1/10 as popular as Kerby
less whining, more writing
Your doing good, keep it up
Outside the house 5 min earlier

"Twilight are you sure this is a good idea. I know anon and Rainbow do not really get along. It is not smart to make creatures who hate each other to fall in love"
>The pink Alicorn looks at the house.
"At best I can open up there true feelings, but I don't feel like this is wise"

>Twilight shakes her head.
"I just know that my two best friends actually like each other, they have so much in... Ok they don't really but they both like to read and if your spell works they may find other things they share"

>There horns glowing together flood the house in a magical aura, fixing the broken computer and flooding Rainbowdash with the desire, though weak, to mate.

"Well it's done Twilly, I hope you are right."
>She looks at her sister in law.
"There food is getting cold, lets go greet them.
>[Anon] (Surprised) "How in the name of hell can you forget about them when you have them right in front of your face?"
>[Shining Armor] (Putting a hoof on his chin) "Uhhh..."

Man, this is guy is the worst guard ever, his even worst than Silver Spear and that guy almost let Equestria get raided by Diamond Dogs, Oh well, even if is fun to talk to him, I'm must get going. I began to walk away, but the guards returned to pointing me with their spears menacingly, well, I think they try to, they are little cute stallions they aren't that scary.

>[Shining Armor] "Where do you think you are going?"
>[Anon] (Keep walking away) "Out of here"
>[Shining Armor] "But..." (Mumbling) "...I still don't understand the analogy of the squirrels"
>[Guards] (In respond to the mumbling of Shining) "What?"
>[Shining Armor] (Correcting himself) "I-I mean, Attack!" (Looking at Suri) "Ma'am, sorry beforehoof if we kill you by accident"
>[Suri] (Exalted and with her mouth covered with Coco's hooves) "Whammf?!"
>[Shining Armor] "ATTACK!"

I formed another rock shield with my free arm and waited for their move. A little force on my back pushed me forward a bit, I looked back and I saw two pegasus guards with their spears impaled on my back. Is a good thing I can feel a thing, because that would cause me to scream in pain real good.

>[Anon] (To Coco) "Coco, sorry beforehand for what I'm going to do in this moment"
>[Coco] "Wha-"

I began to spin, cutting Coco's words out and throwing the guards off of my back.

>[Coco] (Dizzy and slighty angrier) "Never do that again"
>[Anon] (Mockingly) "I said sorry beforehand, remember?"
A bunch of guards began to charge against me again and some unicorn guards start shooting me with arrows. This doesn't look good, not for me, but for Coco and Suri. I decided open my path toward the wall of guards in front of me with my shield, ramming everything that was on my way.

welcome to the club
Step 1: Make a sympathetic character
Step 2: Give them a hard time.
Step 3: Lift the hopes of readers that things are about to turn out well for character.
Step 4: Brings those hopes crashing down and turn them into a blazing inferno of rage, sorrow, and despair as the worst possible things happen to sympathetic character.
It's a winning combo
We going to see any more of your green today?
Yeah you are most likely right :( to late to stop though. Guess it will be next
File: image.jpg (66KB, 550x412px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 550x412px
>The next morning, you wake up with a face full of a grayish purple mane.
>You can smell the hint of lilac.
>It is almost intoxicating.
>If only every morning you could wake up like this.
>Wanting to readjust your position, you find the arm that you slipped under her is now being held in her hooves.
>Her check is resting on the back of your hand.
>You smile and kiss the top of her head.
>She lets out a comfortable sigh.
>If you were able to see over her head, you would see her smiling.
>She is in total bliss.
>You rest your chin on top of her head and try to drift back asleep.
>However, it is interrupted by the sun in your eyes and a hoof prodding your shoulder.
>"Psst! Are you awake Nonny?"
>Pinkie Pie is whispering loudly behind you.
>Even if you wanted to leave this position, you couldn't.
"Shh. Maud's still sleeping."
>"Sorry. I just wanted to know what kind of pancakes you wanted."
>This has to be a dream, there is no other explanation.
>First, you are snuggling up with Maud.
>You will soon be living with her.
>And now Pinkie wants to make you a breakfast.
>You need to be pinched.
>Apparently it wasn't, cause Pinkie just pinched you to get you to stop day dreaming.
>"What kind of pancakes do you want?"
"I'll take whatever Maud is having."
>You and her share many tastes in food, so it should be fine.
>Pinkie giggles at your choice anyway.
>"Sharing your food, sleeping in the same bed, her being worried about you. If I didn't know any better, I would say you two are already a couple. But from her letters, you haven't even taken her out on a date yet."
>You turn your head as far as you can and stick out your tongue.
>She just giggles again.
>"Alright. Three batches of strawberry pancakes coming up. Don't sneak out on me."
>She ends with a wink and hops out of your sight.
>Content with the prospect of breakfast, you bury your face back into Maud's mane.
Holy fuck that's adorable
Moar now pl0x
Bumping to keep thread alive a little longer.
We never leave
Your writing is familar.
....are you the same writefriend in here? http://archive.heinessen.com/mlp/thread/S17251881#p17253132
Man, I tried so hard to forget about that and you just bring it like it was nothing, how could you?

I feel bad for making everyone waste their time on that story that wasn't going anywhere and was very poorly written, something like what is happening to this story I'm writing
I don't think it's bad, and besides your writing style Kinda sticks out.
That it does, at the very least
Still, that doesn't change the fact that I don't know where to take this story, in my head this thing should have been done a few threads ago, but I tend to have a last minute idea and puff, there it is on the story, leading me to another deadend and putting me far away from the end of it, I wouldn't be surpirsed if this story ends like the viking Anon I wrote. Being a write/drawfag with excessive imagination suck sometimes and double when you are not good at doing either of them

>your writing style kinda sticks out
that's the only thing

>18 hours and thirdy minutes of bickering later, you were in the everfree
>You had decided to try and follow the same path anon did
>This had turned out to be a less-than-great idea
>It was easy enough to follow in the footsteps of the first one
>You had vividly remembered where you had left anon, a small clearing right beside te entrance of the everfree
>Starting from there, you were able to find the large tree-branch that the manticore had attacked anon with, and eventually the rotten log he had fallen through
>You can still see the signs of a struggle along one side, where anon had struggled to climb
Well where do we go from here?
>Dash sighs
>"I dunno, check the video?"
>You roll your eyes and carefully levitate the 'cellphone' from your saddlebags
>You hold it in front of dash
>"What? What do you want me to-oooooooooooooohhh"
>She had said you weren't supposed to touch it, and magic didn't seem to be able to activate it
>So your only alternative was to hold it out for her
>She squints her eyes and pulls up the picture
>Faster than you expected, you hear the video starting
>She presses her hoof to the screen again, dragging a small white line to the end of the phone
>Right before the video ends, you notice something you hadn't notices before
>Anon had started walking West, past a large boulder with a distinct square shape
>Dash closes the video and you place the cellphone in your saddlebag
>You begin walking in the same direction anon had, hoping desperately that your plan would work
>A short while later, while walking to your next destination, your friends begin chatting
>Pinkie pie is currently describing the party she is going throw for anon when he gets back
>"Oh its going to be the bestest party ever! We're going to have dancing and games and SO MUCH CAKE!"
>You smile and turn to her
That sounds great Pinkie, but maybe we should wait a while to throw him a party...
>her eyes go wide
>"Yeah, you're probably right. I'm sure being brought back from the dead is going to be EX-HAUST-ING!"
>She begins bouncing as she walks
>While this goes on, Rarity and AJ are discussing their various business endeavors
>"I've been getting so many dress orders the past few days that I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to keep up!"
>AJ nods and replies
>"Apple buckin's been harder than usual lately, the cart we been usin' to haul the apples back to the barn lost a wheel the other day and we haven't been able to get it fixed without anon's help"
>As she finishes her sentence, her head lowers noticably
>Rarity's follows
>You can't let their morale get low, you have to do something
Girls, we're going to get him back, you don't have to worry about that.
>You stop and turn around to face them
But you need to be strong for him, for all of us. If we can't work together and finish this search, its going to take a lot longer to get him back.
>They raise their faces to meet yours, solemn faces turning to ones of determination
>You may not be the most easy to get along with, but you were a heck of a motivational speaker
>As you turn back around, triumphant in calming your friends
>You come into a clearing, small bits of plastic can be seen along the ground
>This must be the clearing in the second video, it has to be
>You turn to fluttershy
Fluttershy, can you tell if those small creatures are still around? We need to ask them what direction anon went in.
>She slowly walks over to you, head down
>"I mean....I guess I could....did you bring any snacks?"
Yes I think I did, one second, please.
>You turn and shuffle through your saddlebags
>After a moment you find it, a small bag of berries, brought for this exact purpose
>You use your mouth to give it to shy, your lips meet lightly as you exchange the bag
>She turns away and places the bag on the ground, knocking it over and spreading berries on the same small flat rock that anon used
>She steps back to join you
>At first, nothing happens
>But then, you see movement
>The small creatures approach you more readily than they had anon, they must be used to ponies
>"Hey there little things, would you mind if we asked a few questions?"
>The creatures continue walking forward slowly, making small squeking sounds as they do so
>"Oh my no, we just need to ask about our friend who came through here before"
>The squeking continues, more fast paced and exitable
>"Yes! He looked a lot like you guys, but bigger and no hair on his body. He liked to wear clothes too!"
>Jumping up and down, the creature turns around and waves something forward
>Two creatures walk forward, a folded piece of cloth being held above their heads

>"Anon, wake up!"
>You shift in your bed, you didn't want to wake up just yet.
>"Come on, Anon, we don't have much time." You heard, as the covers are pulled from your bed.
Can't a sleep a little longer...
>You open your eyes and see Celestia at the foot of your bed.
>"I'm afraid not, if we are to charge the orb, now would be the time. The other Elements are here and I don't wish to keep them waiting."
If you insist. Applejack, Nightingale, lets get up!
>"Umm... We're already up Anon..." Applejack says.
>You look to your right and see Nightingale and Applejack standing to the right of the bed.
Fine I'll get up without you guys then...
>They both chuckled as you got up on your knees and crawled over the sheets.
>You stood up next to Celestia and let out a sigh.
Well, I'm ready as ever.
>"Good, follow me." She said, turning around and opening the door.
>You sure hoped the other Elements wouldn't accuse you of anything.
>Even if Applejack told you they knew now it wasn't you.
>Your group follows Celestia into the main corridor of the castle, where the other elements stood around.
>Rarity was looking down, protting her hoof on the ground.
>Pinkie was marching her hooves in place, she must have been excited to see what Celestia had in store.
>Fluttershy seemed a little distant, her eyes wandering to random corners of the castle.
>As your group comes closer to theirs, you see pinkie shift her attention over to you.
>As soon as she sees you, her eyes light up brighter than the sun and she immediately begins galloping over to you.
>"ANON!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.
>She nearly knocked Celestia over and she jump on to you and igves you the tightest hug you could imagine is pony-ly possible.
>"I've missed you so much!" She says, burying her head in your chest.
>She she takes her head off your armor and looks up, you can see her eyes are becoming a little watery.
>"I was so scared I would never see you again!"
>"What's that little babies? It it.....one of his shirts?"
>Her voice breaks at the end of her sentence
>The creatures reply
>"No its fine, i'm sure he wouldn't have minded at all that you borrowed a shirt...he has so many...."
>She looks at the ground
>"Do you think you could tell us what direction he went in, maybe?"
>A couple of the creatures approach fluttershy and climb her legs, she notices, but doesnt seem to mind
>Excitable squeeks fill the air, then silence
>She lowers herself and lies on the ground, the lead creature walks forward and hugs her snout
What did it say, 'shy? Do they know which way he went?
>She turns to face you, quiet tears streaming down her face
>She tries to speak, but can't
>The creatures begin stroking her mane and coat, calming her down enough for her to gasp out small fragments
>"They said they saw him go into...."
>Between words and choked back sobs, she forced the words out
>"They stopped following him when he went into...."
>She doesn't seem to want to finish the sentence
>You approach her and nuzzle her slightly
Its okay fluttershy, nothing can hurt him now, we can only help him...
>She looks up at you and nods, tears falling into the grass below
>"They said they saw him go into..."
>She wipes her nose with her hoof
>"I can't really pronounce it, but they explained it to me a little bit"
>The creatures clinging to her look at you
>"The laws of life don't apply there...things happen there..."
>You were moving in the right direction...figuratively....
>But you still needed the literal directions
Shit, sorry i thought you were done. Sorry to interrupt

Fluttershy, do you think you can get the directions?
>She covers her head with her hoofs and places her head on the ground
>"Whats the point? They say that place is a land of death, not one of life...how can we get anon back by going to such an awful place?"
>She resumes weeping, no longer meeting your gaze
>You look around, your friends are standing, as if paralyzed, staring as their friend suffers on the ground
>None of them know what to do
>You don't know what do to
>Use your magic to reach into your saddlebags and pull out a large bundle of cloth
>Carefully, you unwrap it and lift it in betwen you and fluttershy
>The brilliant green gem shimmers in the sunlight
>You aren't sure what you're going to do, why you felt the need to do this
>But it just felt right
>You didn't know what to say to her to bring her back from the brink
>Your magic flows around the gem, a visible air pocket between it and the gem
>A tinge of green invades your magic, spreading slowly until your purple magic is interlaced with spinning green waves
>A rush of memories that aren't yours flood back to you
>Memories of Fluttershy crying
>Suddenly they stop, replaced with memories of smiles
>You know exactly what to say, but the words still won't come to you
>The memories become even more vivid
>Without realizing it you speak up, your voice not entirely your own
C'mon shy, lets show some teeth
>Fluttershy stops crying and looks into your eyes
>You can't respond
>"Twilight.....why are your......"
>You blink
>She stops crying and bolts up, staring at your eyes
>"Why are your eyes green, twilight?"
>She isn't crying anymore
>She's smiling
>Your magic becomes solid purple again, the green evaporating into the air with no trace
>You blink again
>Fluttershy closes the distance between you and embraces you in a hug
>You wrap the gem in it's cloth and gently place it back into your bags while the yellow pegasus embraces you
So, are you ready to get those directions?
>She gives a sniffle and turns around to speak to the creatures
>As she does so, your mind wanders to dark places
>What was that?
>What had holding the gem in your magic done to you?
>You had held it in your magic before, and nothing like that had ever happened
>It had to have been triggered by fluttershy's crying
>If anon's concience....or soul....or...whatever...was in that gem
>He would not have let fluttershy cry like that
>He would have gotten her attention
>Gave a smile
>Look into her eyes
>And say....exactly what you said
>You're snapped back to reality by AJ's hoof on your back
>"Twalight? You okay there girl?"
>You shake your head
Yeah I just......Yeah I'm fine girls
>Before you can get a chance to forget you add
So where are we headed?
>Fluttershy raises her hoof and points to a path between some trees
>Dash interrupts
>"So what are we waiting for, Lets go already!"
>You look around to thank the creatures before you leave, but you can find no sign of them
>You turn back to your friends, who are currently making their way out of the clearing
>You rush to catch up
>By the time you reach them you can hear light humming
>They're all humming a song you don't know
>It sound familiar, but you can't seem to follow the tune
>You open your mouth to ask what the song is
>You stop before you can speak
>And begin humming along with the tune, completly unaware of what it is you're humming
>After a few hours of walking, you see the trees abruptly stop
>The tell-tale sign of the barren shocks the group to reality
>Pinkie speaks up
>"Ohhh! we're here we're here we're here!"
>She bounces up and down onto the rock, sending ripples all around her
>Eager to get to work, you join her on the rock
>Your hoof feels strange on the rock, but no more so than standing on something like a hard matress or soft farmland
>You quickly make your way to a fissure, the clopping of your friends hoofs following you
>"Twilight, dear....do you think we could maybe...take a few of these gems home with us for....other things?"
>That doesn't sound like a good idea, especially if these gems are what you think they are
We'll see rarity, we need to find out what these are first.
>She nods and quiets down
>On the other side of you, you can see pinkie bounding around
>She zips over to the edge of a crevasse and exclaims
>"OoOOooOohhhh look at the little ants!"
>Before you can stop her, she jumps down
>She sniffs them before carefully placing a hoof on a pink gem
>The gem ants do what you expected to, except this time the outcome is a pink baloon, not unlike her element of harmony
>She lets out a loud "ah" and grabs the gem
>She tosses it up, landing about 10 feet away from you, and rushes off to the nerest pink mass
>She lightly places her hoof upon it
>Nothing happens
>The Gem carvers don't react
>She pokes it again
>"Awe, I only get one? Unfair, nobody told me!"
>She dejectedly returns to the group as you study the small balloon shaped gem
>Something overtakes you as you approach the gem
>Something not unlike happiness overtakes you, but it doesn't manifest as you expected
>You begin choking back soft laughter, as you get closer the the gem it gets harder and harder to do so.
>By the time you reach the gem, you're audibly laughing out loud
>As are your friends, closing in around the gem in a tight circle
>Pinkie picks up the gem, seemingly unaffected
>"Wow! This thing makes people happy?! I need to get more so i can put them all around town and~"
Pinkie, let me see that for just one second
>You shove a hoof in your mouth to stop your laughter and grab the gem with your magic
>You cast the invisibility anullment spell on the crystal, hoping for a reaction
>You get it, but not the one you had hoped
>Instead of a swirling mass of pink within the gem, something else manifasted
>Something that either completely confirmed your hypothosis, or destroyed it
>In place of what you thought was a "soul", was a rather clear arrow
>Pointing directly at pinkie
>You moved the gem around in the air, rotating it on its side
>No matter what direction you moved it, the arrow remained firmly pointed at pinkie
>It didn't seem as if it was moving to keep pace with your movements either
>It looked as if you were moving around a tiny window into another place, nothing you do capable of changing what you see inside
>You carefully place the gem into your saddlebags, next to the green gem that currently resides there
>Your friends watch as you move towards the edge of the crevasse
>You pull a cloth out of your bag and place it flat on the rock, turning to the crevasse you see a divot filled with brilliantly colored gems
>As gently as you can manage, you lift five of them up to the cloth, placing them evenly across its surface
>You cast the anullment spell on each gem, careful not to look at them before each one is done
>Three of the gems have spinning mist in them, not unline anon
>The other two showed arrows
>You place those two back in the divot, storing the misty gems in your empty saddlebag shortly afterwards
>You look at the divot again, there are easily 75 gems inside
>You shift the gems on the top around, grabbing as many as you can from the bottom
>After placing them on the cloth and anulling their illusory magic, all ten share the misty swirl
>These gems must be thousands of years old, there isn't even a mention of this kind of magic in any of your books
>You place a small magical anchor in a small crevasse, ensuring you could teleport back if you needed more samples
>As you pack your bags and return to your friends you can't shake the uneasy feeling that this entire trip was too easy
>You hadn't even been so much as bitten by a bug
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Hopefully the last part before we hit the ending.


Just do what you want. I don't see any problems. Can't wait for the ending!
I just feel like its too weak compared to the first half of the story.

I understand it can't be all feelsy gold the whole time, but i feel like i can do better.

Sorry for posting mine in the middle of yours, had auto update off for some reason.
I'm still liking these stories
'Urry up ya' dirty scrub!
File: 1402911546636.jpg (192KB, 685x457px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You never fully fall asleep.
>Instead, you just bask in the sent of lilac.
>Maud starts to shuffle and she turns over so she is facing you.
>Her nose is pressing against your own as you share each other's breath.
>Opening her eyes, you are greeted with a sea of greenish blue.
>You both are still in a little of a haze.
>She looks so beautiful in the morning light.
>You would look at her forever if you could.
>Your heart starts to go a little faster as your cheeks start to heat up.
>Taking a risk you push your face forward.
>She doesn't offer any resistance when your lips meet.
>With your under arm, you cradle the back of her head.
>Her own hooves wrap around you neck and hold you close.
>It is not a kiss of lust like you would read in a romance novel.
>It is one of love.
>The feeling that you think that you just swallowed a jar of butterflies.
>The feeling that says I am forever your's.
>The feeling that won't be ruined by taking a bite out of an apple.
>You stay there, lip locked, hugging each other in the Cake's bed.
>Maud breaks the kiss and looks over your head.
>Turning around, you see a blushing Pinkie with a tray of pancakes.
>"I could um... I can come back if you want..."
>"It's alright Pinkie. You can stay."
>Pinkie cautiously walks over to you two and sets the tray on the bed.
>"I made your favorite Maud: strawberry."
>You both let go of each other and sit up on the bed.
>Pinkie also jumps on the bed so you are all sitting around the tray.
"Thank you Pinkie."
>"N-no problem."
>She is still blushing up a storm.
>Well, you wouldn't know how you would react if you found your favorite sibling locking lips with one of your friends.
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Good...very good.
I agree with this anon, the first half felt so real in the sense the emotion was natural and heavy. I feel like everyone broke from their character after the cave, especially with the doll, that shit made me step back from the story. Still an awesome story don't get me wrong, but i cant imagine keeping pace with the first half. If you had stopped it at the final night with anon and the girls, epic.
File: 1400853500691.png (378KB, 604x468px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That was the original end, i need to remove the later stuff from the original paste and make a new one at some point.

This is more of a transition to be honest, its pretty hard for me to keep their characters consistent, especially when there is so little dialogue in the story.

Also that anon was me, trips are annoying as fuck.
What is this? Am I writing happy things again. Better put a stop to that. But I won't till tomorrow. If a new story pops up. Spam my name till I show up so my phone will go off.
... you can make the Maud story happy, we promise not to tell anyone.

You can even make it an AnonxMaudxPinkie story, too. I won't tell anyone.
Kerberos, plz

I don't mind a bit of drama, or Applejack and Rainbow Dash trying to intervene and fuck up Anon and Maud, but I'd like it if Anon and Maud are happy with one-another in the end.


I'm not gunna, I was afraid too. But I'm here now.
>You grab her head bring it to your chest again.
>You feel her breathing becoming staggered as she seems to sob in your arms.
>You run your hand through her fluffy mane and down her back.
>You knew they loved it, and you didn't mind who saw, you just wanted her to feel a little better.
>"I thought the mob had gotten you!" She barely manages to choke out.
They didn't, and I escaped, and now I'm here.
>She looks back up at you with tears visibly streaming down her cheeks and huge stupid smile on her face.
>"What's up with the get-up anyways?" She asks.
The wilderness isn't exactly kind...
>You put her back on the floor, as she wipes the tears fro her cheeks.
So I improvised!
>You throw your arms out to show the whole group your outfit.
>"I must say, Anon, that outfit would look a lot better in black than that... brown, leather look." Rarity added.
Well, maybe later you can dye it yourself!
>"I would love to! I've never seen craftsmanship like it before!" She said, walking over and circling around you and looking over the straps and details.
>As you turn your eyes away from Rarity, you see Fluttershy walking forward toward you.
>"A-and if it isn't too much to ask, while she's doing that, I could ask you about your home world. If you want to that is..." She says.
I would love to, Fluttershy. But before we do that, I have a few other things I have to do first.
>Fluttershy gave a nice big smile anyways.
>Everypony was incredibly happy to see you, despite what you thought would happen.
>This made you feel warm inside.
>That despite the various misfortunes that have found their way to your friends lives, they've made the best of it, like you have.
>Seeing their faces light up after all the time you've been gone, was something you couldn't put words on.
>And seeing your friends like this made you realize that, your friendship truly is magic.
>And with it, charge the orb, should the worst come.
I'll be happy if Applejack and Rainbow Dash are happy together
It's okay Anons. You don't know what you want. I will give you what you need.
No, fuck you. You better make a good ending this time.
File: appledrunk.jpg (60KB, 900x1044px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Welp, time to start numbing up. Kerb confirmed for destroyer of hope.
Tell based kerby to make a happy ending, End up having Maud and Pinkie die in a rock candy Mudslide... YOU COULD HAVE STOPPED THE
File: morganright.jpg (10KB, 260x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Captcha: dentsbag very
Thus, when Anon and Maud went on their first date, Applejack bucked him in the head so hard he was put into a persistent vegetative state.

Applejack was arrested for attempted murder and dungeon'd for 20 years. Her relationship with Rainbow Dash can't withstand the burden of the separation, and they break up. Neglecting her rock farm, Maud solemnly stays by Anon's side for several years until he dies bedridden. She then commits suicide.

And then NotNotWriteFag comes in and sets things sort-of right with a little bit of a deus ex machina
The unenlightened masses
They cannot make the judgment call
Give up freewill forever
Their voices won't be heard at all
Don't give him ideas you massive faggot.
File: thehorror.jpg (42KB, 500x482px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I will give you what you need.
File: joss.whedon.jpg (30KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>It's okay Anons. You don't know what you want. I will give you what you need.
I like your style, kid.

>"Now ponies, I'm sure you're all wondering why I've gathered you all here." Celestia begins.
>"Of course!" Pinkie yelps, jumping up.
>Celestia looks over at you and gives you a nod.
>You reach in to your chest plate pocket and pull out the small orb.
>The orb reacts to the markings on your arm, only it's a little more brightly this time.
>The ponies gather around and stare at it in awe.
>"I require all the Elements to help charge this orb. Without Twilight and Rainbow Dash, We'll have Anon, and Nightingale help charge it."
>The ponies give varied looks of confusion and interest.
>"Where's Rainbow Dash?" Pinkie asks curiously.
>"Yes, Applejack, you said you'd look for her, did you find her?" Rarity states.
>You and Applejack exchange looks
>"Uhh... Maybe it's best if I explain it on the ride home. It's a really long story, and I don't want to keep the princess waiting," Applejack said, looking over and nodding to Celestia.
>She gave a solemn nod back.
>"And what of Anon, how could he take Twilight's place as the Element of Magic?" Rarity inquires again.
>"To make a long story short, Twilight has infused some of her powers with Anon. I'm sure Applejack will explain that as well on the ride home." Celestia states.
So, if everypony is ready, let's get this started. How do we go about this Celestia?
>"It's simple, you all hold the orb as the same time and focus yourself on to it. It should charge shortly afterwards."
Well, you all heard her.
>You stick your hand out and hold the orb in your hand.
Lets get this thing charged.
>Each pony, including nightingale places their hooves on the orb.
>Slowly but surely, the markings on your arm begin to glow a vibrant purple.
>As the glowing becomes intense, the orb itself becomes a blinding white light and flashes brightly for a second.
>Then the light dulls and the orb is in your hand, no longer an opaque white, but is now a deep azure blue.
Did it work?
>Celestia walks over and has a look over the orb.

>"It appears it has done the trick, the spell worked!"
>You, Applejack, and Nightingale give a good cheer, the other ponies share a small cheer as well.
>"What's the orb supposed to be used for anyways?" Pinkie questions.
>Celestia walks near her.
>"In case more changelings come, we can prevent what happened to Twilight to the rest of you. You have my promise, none of you will fall."
>Pinkie becomes a little saddened, but seemed a bit more at peace as well with that knowledge, even if it isn't 100% true.
>"Now, Anon, are you ready?" Celestia says, changing her focus over to you.
>You give a nod.
I'm ready to do what I have to.
>You turn around to the other ponies around you.
First, I want to ask you Applejack, will you join me and Nightingale?
>She hesitates for a second.
>"To be honest, Anon, fighting isn't mah thing. I'm going to sit this one out, but we'll all be rooting for you." She says with a swing of her hoof.
I understand, Nightingale, you're still comfortable with joining the fight?
>He gives you a hearty salute.
>"Until the inevitable end, Captain Anon." He states.
Okay, be sure to send the message to our forces at the spire that I'm gathering friends for the assault. I'll stop by before the attack.
>"With great haste, Captain." He said, bowing his head.
Now, for all of you. I suppose I should tell you what's happening. I'll keep it short. I've found Twilight's killer.
>The whole groups mouths go agape.
>No words even leaked out of their mouth.
He is a very powerful changeling, and through the conquer of another powerful changeling, I have earned the loyalty of a small changeling army. I'm going to use them attack their citadel that he hides himself within.
>You see worry in their eyes.
I... may not make it back.
>You open up your arms and get on one knee.
>All the ponies gather around and give you one giant group hug.
>Pinkie gets in your face with her mane and practically chokes you.
>"Promise me you'll visit again."

>You let out a deep sigh and run your fingers through her fluffy mane again.
I can't promise that pinkie...
>She rubs her head under your chin.
>You hated saying that and making her feel bad, but you didn't want to make promises you couldn't make.
>"At least promise us you'll be safe. I'd hate to see another friend gone." She says rubbing her cheek on your chest plate.
That I can. Just because I can't promise I'll make it back doesn't mean I won't try my hardest.
>They all hug your tighter before they start to detach from you one by one.
>"We'll all miss you Anon..." Fluttershy said in a shy tone.
And I'll miss you all too. But I have to do this.
>You turn to Celestia
I'm ready when you are Celestia.
>"Okay, brace yourself Anon, Teleportation can you... a little woozy." She says, as her horn begins to glow.
I'll see you all when I get back!
>As those last words exit your mouth, a flash of white light surrounds you in an instant.
>A second later, you're spit out into the Ocean.
>You hit the water and quickly swim back up to the surface, before throwing up into the water.
>She wasn't kidding.
>That did make you incredibly nauseous.

>You look up from the water to see a dock right in front of your face.
>It stretched to your right, and as sure as you knew, the town was just as it was when you had left.
>But as you think about returning to your home, your shaken by a massive thud to your right.
>A second afterwards water splashes on to your head.
>What the hell was that.
>Then it happened again, only farther away.
>It was as if something massive was being shot into the water.
>You look under the dock to see what's going on.
>You can faintly make out dark black masts in a fair distance.
>This wasn't good.
>More thuds surrounded the waters of the dock. >You began to swim toward the shore and get on the dock.
>Another round slaps the water near you, spraying more water on to your head.
>You shake it off and continue to swim to the coast that is just within reach.
>As you come to shallower water and your feet hit the bottom, you try to haul yourself out as fast as possible.
>If the town was under attack, this was going to get bad.
>As the water slowly only reaches your ankles, you begin to sprint toward a set of stairs that left up to the docks.
>Your feet hit the dock with a loud thud for every step you took.
>You ran up the length of the dock and eventually hit the intersection that lead up to the leaders house.
>As you looked up you saw the leader himself sprinting down the hill faster than any pony you could ever imagine.
Hey, what the hell is going on?!
>"Changelings attacking, no time to speak, get to my ship!" He yells as he passes you.
>You listen and run behind him and take the short distance to his ship.
>"No time to untie the ropes anchoring us down, cut them loose so we can get headed out ASAP!" He says, taking the first dock.
>You run past the front of the ship and to the other side.
>You pull your sword out and hold it in your right hand and swiftly cut every rope as you run by them.
>One by one, as the ropes are cut the ship begins fall out of the dock.

300 views on part 2, almost 1250 lines, all updated.
Will try my best to update as much as possible when I resist Gabe Newells lusty sales.
Anymore tonite?
File: 1402797371916.jpg (82KB, 850x850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image.jpg (41KB, 368x349px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: Trixie2.png (378KB, 340x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am guessing that Trixie is our official bump pony?
you guessed right
and back to the top
Waiting is such a wonder
NotNotWriteFag how does your recovery from your "not completely consensual tree sex" go?
>You take a bite out of your pancakes.
>They are delicious, but they are made by Pinkie, so you already knew that they would be.
>The three of you eat in relative silence, mostly because Pinkie is too embarrassed to say anything.
"These are really good Pinkie."
>Sometimes you just have to break the silence so you could also break the tension.
>"Thank you."
>She isn't giving you much to work with.
>Sighing, you set down your fork.
"Okay, lets just get this out of the way now. What was going through your head when you saw me and Maud kissing?"
>Pinkie almost chokes on her food while Maud continues to eat comfortably.
>When Pinkie recovers, she looks nervous.
>"W-What are you talking about Nonny?"
"Look, I know it can be embarrassing, walking in on your sister and me like that. So if you want to talk about it, we are here for you. Right Maud?"
>Maud swallows the rest of her pancake.
>"Right. You know you can talk to me about anything."
>Pinkie let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.
>"Thanks you guys."
>You ruffle her mane.
"Anytime. Now, lets get these pancakes down so we can look at that land."
>The rest of the morning you all take turns in the bathroom to get ready for the day.
>Being last you got mostly cold water, but you toughed it out.
>You meet Pinkie and Maud down stairs, Pinkie hopping up and down while Maud wears her signature dress.
"You both ready to go?"
>They both nod their heads and you head out the door to the land.
>It is quite a walk to the beginning of the property.
>It's on the complete opposite side of town from Sweet Apple Acres.
>Good, you don't want to be anywhere near that place.
Good. You're back Kerb.
Okay, good. More now.
File: damn-good-stuff.gif (322KB, 500x200px)
322KB, 500x200px

This is gettin' serious now, ain't it?
I liked the twist with Applejack and now, this with Maud. The plot is definitely moistening up now.

But I've got that unshakable feeling deep within me that this is will all end in tears. It might be because Kerby is writin' it but...
Let's enjoy the ride while it lasts, shall we?

I got a bad feeling in the pit of my prostate that Kerbs is gunna bring the hammer down right on our feels
If I didn't know any better, I would say that Kerb was trying to kill me with feel
File: shoon.jpg (135KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Seriously, now?
Is it nap time already?

Well, seein' a lull in updates and stories, I think I'll post mu story. Long time comin' I'd think. And right about now, I addin' some bits an' bobs to it.
Would you kindly sit and wait for a wee bit longer?
Paper work is a bitch. Also, is it a new story? inb4 disco

>As you cut off the last rope you jump on to the ship, clinging to the bars on the side.
>You climb up the side step by step as the ship goes further and further back.
>This ship was massive, larger than you remembered.
>The continuous sound of mortar fire from the deck kept rattling the ship, almost deafening you,
>Though the climb was shaky, you manage to put your hand up to the deck of the ship and pull yourself up.
>You're met by the chaos of ponies running around on deck, carrying all sorts of various armaments.
>You bring yourself up to your feet and begin running to the helm of the ship.
>As you reach the step, the ship jerks forward.
>You fall forward, almost hitting your head off the stairs.
>You quickly run up the stairs and are met by the pirate leader on the wheel.
>He hops of the wheel and runs to you.
>"Take the wheel! I need to cut some ropes!" He says, quickly galloping down the stairs.
>You didn't have time to question him as you ran and grabbed a hold of the wheel.
>It was even larger than the wheel of your old ship.
>The ship began to jerk more and more forward and more of the massive sails fell in to place.
>You can barely see through the smoke that your mortars are putting out, but you don't dare stop firing for fear of what may be behind the smoke.
>You decide to throw the wheel to the right and get out of the smoke.
>The ship is slow at turning, and it's hard to get past the smoke, but when you do you see something you wish you didn't
>About 5 changeling ship, 3 galleons by the looks, 2 frigate, and several other ship that are battered and on fire and sinking, too far into disrepair to make out what they were.
>But as you look to the group of ships, you se something catch your eye.
>Another ship, coming toward them, but it didn't have black sails.
>It must have been reinforcements for you.
>You throw the wheel back to the left and begin to charge straight at them again, mortar fire splashing the water around the ship.

I await eagerly

Of course not, pet. "Things Aren't Simple Anymore" ain't finished yet.
Also, I'm tryin' to be a feelsmaster so hold onto your trousers
File: Lotus happy X 2.png (169KB, 1404x1496px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lotus happy X 2.png
169KB, 1404x1496px
Anon is always incredibly lucky

I already feared that you´ll stop the story at such a moment

I eagerly await your green
File: 1396937749814.jpg (55KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 1000x1000px
Hey guys i hope you don't mind if i just start to Finish writing my story today.
Go ahead. I will dump some when I get home.
File: 1402344870696.gif (130KB, 1620x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130KB, 1620x900px
I´m ready for the feels

>inb4 spell goes wrong and anon becomes a monstrous abomination and everyone dies

so close, yet oh so far.

My vote is still for something like what happened in FMA.
Come back a mutated glogble of flesh
I kinda hope something goes wrong so that anons body is deformed or something totally crazy Tentacle Monster Anon
Anyway, I think it's time of a wall of green, don't you?

Previously on Things Are Simple Anymore:

>Day Another Day, Another Dollar in Equestria.
>Your alarm rudely awakens your slumber
>Fucking alarm clock.
>Fucking 6am in the Goddamn morning
>Fucking fuck in the fucking fuck of the fucking fuck.
>You're Anonymous and you really are an eloquent fucking bastard.
>Pulling yourself out of bed and punching your alarm, you wander to the bathroom.
>After shitting, shaving, showering and dressing, you wander down the stairs and into the kitchen.
>Marvelling at the quietness, you quickly scan around and notice the lack of purpleness.
>She wasn't on the sofa anymore, but still...
>You're surprised that Twilight isn't down here reading books, she's always been up with you at the same time.
> It's her morning routine, you get up and wish her a good morning and make coffee for the both of you.
>Must be sleeping in you think.
>Anyway, you need to go to work.
>Talking to Twilight can wait until this evening.
>You didn't wanna wake her up so you left, making little noise as you could.
Ohhh now THAT is a good short idea.

My little Alchemists

>You hear him get up.
>You hear him go downstairs
>You hear him leave for the day.
>Oh Goddesses Above, you've never felt like this in... in...
>No, this is a first.
>You're Twilight and you're feeling strange...
>Lying spread eagle over your bed, covers and pillows all over the bed, you think about your current mental state.
>You're not ill or in heat but you feel weak and all hot.
> Dragging yourself into the shower, you let the heated water cascade over yourself.
> A happy sigh escaped your lips as you washed away the last dregs of exhaustion out of your coat and muscles.
>Even after all this time in the warm comfort of the shower, you still feel odd.
>Maybe you think, this infatuation with Anon has turned into something more.
>You knew you felt something for him since that cold winter's night.
>The fireplace went out, and you were cold.
>He let you cuddle on him, he was so warm...
>He put his arm on your belly
>A slight blush burns your cheeks.
>That's it, that's bloody it, you suddenly think
>Confront him. That's what you should do.
>You don't care if that date with Applejack was a success or not, you're gonna tell him.
>But your self-doubt kicks in, what if he doesn't share your feelings?
>What if he really likes Applejack and doesn't care?
>What if... d'ohhh... Twilight! Get a grip!
>You hate when your self-doubt does this to you.
>You switch off the shower and use a quick water-repellent spell to dry off.
>Maybe Rarity can help! Yeah! Just like last time...
>Damn it!
>She'll know what to do. Of course she does, it's Rarity. Duh!
Oh dear

>You finally arrive at Sweet Apple Acres.
>*SNIFF* Ahhhhh...
>The smell of trees and fresh apples caresses you like the warm arms of an old friend.
>Apple country. Rolling hills, green and glistening with dew.
>Apple trees, rustling gently in the early morning breeze.
>D'ahhhh, morning was always the best time of day. Fuck, you liked working here.
>However, what Applejack has lined up for you still perplexes you.
>You still hold out for that little crush you have. Last night, you had that dream again...
>You... AJ... the bucket of apple juice...
>You shake off the fantasy. And the semi. Anyway, you open the front gate, closing it as you make your way up toward the barn.
>Fuck me, is Big Macintosh already up and about?
>Damn right he is. He's got the buckets already lined up and waiting for you.
>He gives you a nod before grabbing the bit on his small wagon, trotting out into the South fields to begin collecting.
>A hard twelve-hour day of work ahead of you, you stretch your back out slowly.
>You were always a nerd, a weakling, back where you came from.
>Months of working for the Apples, on-and-off, as well as a vegetarian diet have honed you into an entirely different beast.
>You'll never be Mr Muscle with biceps the size of Bournemouth but still...
>Your random thoughts drag you away from the big question: What did Applejack had in store?

>Several hours later and it was lunchtime
>You drop your mallet, you weren't powerful enough to simply buck the trees, you learn that lesson from the first off.
>Pulling the cart, filled with apples, back to the barn to be packaged up, you wander back to the homestead for a spot of lunch. Unaware that a pair of green eyes were following you.
>You are Applejack and you feel just...
>After the disaster of last night, you thought it was nice make it up to him.
>You guessed he was a bit annoyed about the double date but you thought Goldrenette would make up for it.
>That two-timing, double-crossing...
>D'ahh, that bastard Caramel. Curse that stupid moron and everything he stands for!
>You shake the aggressive thoughts from your head as you prepare the surprise for Anon.
>He's such a good friend, you think.
>For being such a good guy, you should really thank him, even if the date ended badly.
>Ah! It's done! It's finished! Chuffed at your skills, you admire the creation. This thing wasn't all that simple after all, you think
>He will be impressed, he always said he missing this from his home.
>You quickly bound to the window to check if he's there.
"Oh horse apples" you quietly mutter.
>He right there! On the buckin' path!
>Quickly, you bound to your seat and pray that he's impressed.

>You're Anon and you smell something... heavenly...
>Could it be? It can't be, can it? Did she really?
>You make a bolt for the door and smarten yourself up. This must be the surprise, it has to be!
>Opening the door, you glance round and look at the table. It is!
>It's a delicious well-done steak and some wonderful home-cooked, you hope, chips.
>There must be some tomato sauce and buttered bread...
>"Howdy, Anon. " Applejack says, gesturing at your plate.
"AJ... How did you?..."
>"Don't worry about that Anon, I made it as best I could" she says looking from your eyes.
"Bloody hell, AJ, thanks!"
>Stabbing a fork into it, you cut a slice off and munch on it, savouring the meaty goodness of it.
>It's just right, you think. Just well-done enough to be crunchy but rare enough to still have that soft and tenderness about it.
>And the flavour! Oh God, it's like there's an orgy in your mouth.
>A couple of more mouthfuls later, you look up at Applejack, who's looking oddly nervous.
"You alright there, AJ?"
>"Who me? I'm fine, Anon! A-actually, there is somethin' on my mind..."
>"Yer see... since last night, I've been thinkin'... about us..."
>Really? Could... could she mean?...
>"I just feel... really quite dumb 'bout it but it's still gnawing' at me...
>Well, come on, think about it Anon. She's one of your closest friends in Equestria. And she's talking about the two of you...
>"I made this meal for you to make you feel... happy with me..."
>This HAS to be it.
>It IS time!
"It-it's okay, AJ, I-I like you too. I mean... like-like you..."
Shit. It's building up..
>At first she just stares at you.
>Then she breaks down into laughter.
Anon probably jumped the gun with too much anticipation.He might embarrass himself

Bollocks, my Internet is being a bitch again
Sorry for slow posting

>She just stops, she's speechless. Eyes wide and mouth open, like a guppy fish.
>After what seems like an eternity, she bursts out laughing. Straight up belly laughs.
>"Oh Anon! I like you too! You're such a good friend..."
>Christ Alive, it's Twilight all over again...
>You just stare back at her with the trying-to-be-hidden-but-failing look of depression on your face.
>"Anon, why you just... o-ooh, OH! OH! oh no!"
>"I just thought that... oh, Anon, what have I done? Look Anon, I'm sorry but I don't think it'll ever work out between the two of us. I mean we're different SPECIES, ain't we?"
"Okay..." you whisper.
>You sit there at the table for what seems like eons, bearing keeping a hold on your emotions.
>She looks exactly the same as well but you daren't give her eye contact.
>Finally getting up, you mumble.
"Look I'd better get goin'. The trees ain't gonna buck themselves, are they?"
>"Anon, wa-wait..."
>"I'll see ya round, Applejack."
>Closing the door, you run to the furthest corner of the farm and ball your eyes out.
File: oh-really-Gideon.jpg (108KB, 666x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108KB, 666x1000px

You've been reading my notes again, haven't you?
Aaaaaaaaand there it is

>You're AJ again and you feel just...
>He didn't even finish his steak...
>What kind of a friend are you?
>Meanwhile, at the Carousel Boutique...

“Hahaha!” you laugh, placing the cup back in the saucer and arching your back, “No way, she didn’t say that.”
>”Hoof to Celestia, she did" Rarity replied.
"Mother of Mercy, why would she say that?" You ask, picking up the cup of tea.
>"I really don't know, Twilight, but she did. Luckily, three days later she find a new coltfriend. Not surprising, her old wouldn't care for her much."
>Chuckling lightly, you sip the warm tea and set it back down, you've always enjoyed Rarity's stories. However, your nerves betray you as the cup rattles with the saucer as it lands on the table.
>"Speaking about finding coltfriends, Twilight..." she begins
>Oh no, here we go again, she inwardly groan.
>"How had my tips helped you? You managed to court your stallion yet?"
"Err... not really..." you just squeaked.
>"I'm sorry, darling, I didn't quite catch that."
"Look, it's embarrassing, Rarity..." you try to think of a way out of this hole.
"But it's still early doors anyway, Rarity. I see no why I should continue with it." You finish with a rather silly smug look.
>"Oooooo..." she purrs with an equally smug look, "I sense some back-story. Tell me, tell me, tell me!"
>Ohh crap, you think. Maybe she can help, a more positive part of your mind tells you. Don't tell it's Anon though.

"Okay, this ... pony I like is rather dense. He can't really seem to see my ... attempts to woo him. The friend zoning idea might have worked but when I tried it, he took it the wrong way and said he had a date and left. "
>"D'aww, poor Twilight, I'd never thought you'd be the last one to be love struck. Why do like him so? There must be a reason."
"He...he's amazing. Adaptable to anything, intelligent..."
>Twilight sighed, putting her head in her hooves.
"He's...compassionate. Caring, in his own special way. I shouldn't feel this way about... "The poor pony suddenly stopped, realising she would reveal him.
>You felt tears coming on over with the conflicting emotions.
>"Twilight, you'll really fallen far. This pony sounds wonderful, to be honest, I'd like him if I knew him, mind you, I can make some guesses..." Rarity mutters that last part.
>"I've only got one piece of advice. Just straight up tell him. Doesn't consider the consequences, either he'll return your love or can just move on. Simple as."
"I not so sure that I can though." You say, muffled by your hooves.
>"Look Twilight" she says as she grabs your head. "Sort out of a fancy, candle-lit dinner at home, stare into his eyes and confess your feelings. If he doesn't feel the same... well, you tried..."
"Thanks, Rarity. I think I'll leave, thanks for the help. I'll talk to you later." You replied, genuinely happy with the fact that someone else came up with the same conclusion.
>"Of course, Twilight. Try to have fun at least." Rarity says after she bids her farewells.
>She removes the tea tray and moves it to the kitchen.
>"I bet that Flash fella will be one lucky stallion..."
The first half of my finale is done, i'll post as soon as atlas is finished

>You return to Golden Oaks with your head held high.
>Luckily, Spike was out so you had the household to yourself so you could make tonight special: two homemade delicious salads.
>A ham salad for Anon made with secretly-hidden meat in the kitchen.
>And a classic vegetable salad for you.
>You smack your lips at the thought, amongst others. You feel just right because you knew tonight will the night.

God damn it
File: dafire.png (4MB, 3840x2400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 3840x2400px
kinda lost the motivation halfway D:
I hope you enjoy it anyway
stolen templates and no shadow is good too, r-right?
Cheers, man.

>There. Everything's done.
>Everything's done and it's all good.
>Candles lit, plated up, fancy tablecloth being used. Everything for a perfect night.
>Your heart's pounding against your ribs.
>You hear him clomp up to the door and you practically bound out your seat and up to the porch, awaiting for Anonymous.
>He enters and you see the look on his face and your stomach instantly knots up.
>His eyes are all red and puffy, his face pale and sullen and you can just make out tear streaks reflected in the light.
>Had he been... crying?
File: 1396121706719.gif (27KB, 116x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 116x160px
Still amazing as always PP, thanks for the art!
God-damn internet

>"Hey... hey, Twilight. I'm off up... I ju-just wanna be alone right now..." he mumbles nervously.
>He literally ran up the stairs without you saying a damn thing.
>You'd never seen him cry, not once, during his in Equestria. You heard him cry once one night when Celestia said he could never... never... leave.
>He was always there for you. It's about time you were there for him.
>You quietly make your way up the stairs and to his room.
>Hearing his muffled sobs, you knock on his door.
"Anon, can I come in?"
>"Go-go away, Twily, I wanna be..." he says shakily before breaking down.
>Entering regardless of what he says, you see him clutching a pillow and rolling on his bed.
>The scene is absolutely heartbreaking.
"Anon, what happened today?"
>"I-I-I don't wanna..." he tearfully squeaked out.
"Please, Anon, ju-just try to" you say getting a little teary-eyed as well.
>"Okay..." he mumbles. He spins round into an upright position.
>"I thought to-today would be a good day, Applejack tried to make it feel special. As a thanks for last night."
>You were going to ask about last night but thought it was pretty pointless.
>"She made me a steak and I'd thought she would-would..." he looks like he was cry again. But he didn't.
>"So I foolishly confessed myself first but she just laughed at me..." he mashes his palms into his eyes.
>She tried to explained why she could never love me but I couldn't listen. So I just left, I couldn't face her again. Why am I such a failure?" He bellows to the ceiling before falling backwards and letting loose another stream of tears.
you are welcome, I felt like finishing it before you finish your story
doubles confirm bullshit

ok back to drawing lewd, this thread needs more lewd
What kind of lewd
That first part was so close to cringe worthy
this kind of lewd >>18379131
>You're Twilight and you're feeling strange...
>Lying spread eagle over your bed, covers and pillows all over the bed, you think about your current mental state.
>You're not ill or in heat but you feel weak and all hot.

>You were on the verge of crying yourself. How could Applejack do something like that?
>She could be blunt whenever she wanted to be but...
>This was something else.
>He span back into his positing on the bed. You decide now is the perfect time to do it.
>It was time to return some of that soothing comfort.
"Shh...there there, Anon...I'm here..."
>You hopped lightly into bed with him, then resumed whispering consoling words into his ear.
>Some tiny part of your mind realized this was wrong, somehow.
>The rest of your mind told that small part to 'shut the hell up'.
>He moved again and embraced you, sobbing into your neck.
>You've never seen this side of him, never. He was the big and strong but soft and warm teddy bear.
>But now? He's a blubbering wreck, a shadow of himself.
>You finally let it go and wept with him. You don't know why but you did. It was a very open moment, you think.
>Tonight didn't go has you thought it would. Instead of eating together, you and Anon embraced and cried for together.
>You daren't leave him. You stayed with Anon all night.

The End.
File: 1400246730413.png (667KB, 1200x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
667KB, 1200x1000px
>Its been three weeks now
>Three entire weeks and you still had no idea how you were going to tell your friends there was no way to do this
>You had tried everything from focusing a 'come to life' spell through the samples to using your 'Transmogrifying' spell on them
>Everything in between had been just testing to test, but it still had to be done
>You yell in frustration, frightening spike
>Spike had taken to sleeping in your study after you had begun spending almost all of your time in it
>You had visited your friends a few times to let them know how the study was going, but you had never mentioned how bad the research was going
>Not to say you were giving them false hope, things were going quite well since you got back
>The studies on the other gems had actually went really well, you hadn't even been able to destroy a single sample
>After accidentally blasting one with a disintigration spell, you were pleasantly surprised to see not even so much as a scorch mark on the gem's surface
>You had even tried other spells, just to see what you needed to avoid on the green gem
>Not a single one managed to so much as chip the surface
>The only spells that seemed to do anything were spells that affected living beings
>Namely, memory spells
>You had tried a few memory spells on the gems, mostly the ones that would display the memories held inside
>You had remembered what it was like living the memory of the green gem, you didn't want to accidentally do that again
>Eventually, you managed to at least find what gem correlated to what creature
>Most were of small animals, with a few wild cards thrown in
>One pony, not surprising considering how long this place had gone undocumented
>What did surprise you however, were the four griffon gems
>Their memories were distorted, unviewable most of the time
>The pony and griffon gems were set aside, if you found a way to bring anon back, you would try to use it on these too
you wanted to say boring?
ok give suggestions then :D
>The other magic that seemed to have an affect was Telekinesis
>You had tried carrying it in your magic for 6 hours while you walked around town, just to see if you could replicate the green tinge that had overtaken your magic in the clearing
>All but one of the attempts you made were failures
>The only success you had was interesting
>You had been walking to the outskirts of town when you saw Dash cloud busting
>When she looked down and saw you, her concentration broke and she flew into a cloud
>He entire front half was stuck in the cloud, while her other half tried to wiggle free
>The tinge returned for a few seconds
>The only affect it had was to make you laugh as you pulled her out of the cloud
>It was confusing
>But it was a result
>And you really needed results.
>You sighed at the memory
>You were about to begin your second battery of combination spells, when you heard a rapid knock at your door
>You got up carefully, not wanting to disturb any of your materials and potentially wake up spike
>By the time you reach the door the knocking had become insessant
>"I'm coming, hold your horses!"
>You reach the door and exasperatedly throw it open
>Your friends stand outside, looking inquisitively at you before speaking
>Rarity speaks up
>"Twilight, darling, how ever have you been? The research coming along well?"
>She's smiling, they all are
>You don't have the heart to tell them you haven't found a way to bring their friend back
Well i dont really-
>Dash interrupts
>"Yeah yeah we could tell you didn't have anything before we even got here."
>How could they have known that?
>"Because the instant you found something, you would have told us. That hasn't happened yet, so we're here to help!"
There. Part Two complete. Comments, complains, criticisms, death threats. You know where to left them.

I didn't try to make that bit lewd, I can see why it can see as naughty but there is nothing lewd on purpose.

I see what you mean. It does seem to be a bit cringy.

That was me getting an erection, pp. I couldn't ask for another picture.


You can't really argue with her logic, you were planning on doing exactly that when you were sure you had something
>You smile and step to the side, giving them room to walk past you
>Ten minutes later you are all seated on your 'thrones', ready to brainstorm
>You all stare at the folding chair sitting in between AJs throne and your own
>Anon had put it there last time you had decided to eat in the throne room, the thrones were too small for him and the way he sat hurt his knees
>You had compromised by magicing him up a large chair of his own specification to sit on
>He always liked to sit next to you during meals
>It had confused you, after all you couldn't see eachother while talking unless you sat across from eachother
>Dash's voice snaps you back to reality
>"Alright then, we're all here and we all know what we need to do, so lets get to it!"
>She seems rather chipper for someone talking about how to bring back their dead love
>You let the thought slip from your mind as the discussion begins
>Rarity starts
>"What if we use a come to life spell on it-"
Already tried that, nothing happened. My theory is that we need a body, and since anon's body isn't even remotely understood as well as a ponies, we can't just throw magic at it until we get a human body, we just don't have enough magic
>"I was getting to that, darling"
>You feel bad for interrupting, you allow her to continue
>"What if we......."
She winces
>"What if we use the doll?"
>You hadn't thought of that, but you already saw issue with it
That could work, but he wouldn't be able to move. Even if the magic we used gave him the ability to move, he wouldn't be able to speak, see, hear, or smell.
>You continue
Not to mention that if we don't keep the magic flow constant, he could become unable to move and unable to die, if we were unable to find him, he would stay like that forever
>After that little discussion, the ideas slowed down a lot
>It turned more into a discussion about anon himself, what he would want at first
>Then to just sharing memories
>You had prepared some food for everyone, it didn't seem like you were going to be going to sleep any time soon
>Applejack is sharing the story of when anon got stuck in a tree after Fluttershy and Dash tried to fly him around
>You had seen a picture of this on anon's cellphone, taken by rarity, from what you can tell
>Everybody laughs at the memory
>Pinkie starts sharing her memories as fast as they come to her
>The first party she threw for anon
>The first party she threw for anon when she found out he wasn't an evil monster
>The first time she scared him half to death by jumping out of a cake he had made
>As he pulled it out of the oven
>You giggled
Anon mentioned that, pretty sure he has an acute fear of cooking by now because of that!
>Nobody mentions the slip as pinkie continues
>The first time she slept over at his house
>The first time she slept over at his house with his knowledge
>The first time he made her act like a dog by rubbing her ears
>That time he got swarmed by pinkies during the run in with the mirror pool
>The first time she-
>The mirror pool
The mirror pool
>"The mirror pool"
Are we requesting things now?
It depends
>Guys i think i finally learned how to greentext
I-I guess

the only thing I don't like about the story is the end. CONTINUE DAMMIT

I liked it, keep it up.


draw 4 me pls
File: itbegins.jpg (151KB, 500x376px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151KB, 500x376px
The birth of a writefag.
creeeeaaamy, sure, how could I forget you
I didn't
so what may I draw for you?
File: oh-honey.gif (405KB, 500x259px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
405KB, 500x259px

It ain't over just yet, pet. Don't start panicking and shitting yourself. The End simply means it's the end of that part, not of the story.

You trust dear Atlas, don't you?
I am very happy to hear that

>The first party she threw for anon
>The first party she threw for anon when she found out he wasn't an evil monster
I chuckled
>The first time she slept over at his house
>The first time she slept over at his house with his knowledge


I'm not picky, but I think Anon with his armor captaining his ship on a calm night would be pretty cool looking.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck I KNEW you would request that. This going to be hard. but great drawing practice. A little description of the armor and color would be neat.
or else random happens

He has a fairly long black cape, his leather is brown, and is layered (like scales only instead of scaled it's just layers of leather) Shoulders that layer like his chest, then forearm guards, shin guards and legs guard.
With layered do you mean like pic related?
Not the drawfag, just curious.

Yes, only leather not metal.
Thanks for visual
very helpful, thank you
Do you not have a story to continue? Chop chop boy.
>Within seconds everyone was scrambling to help gather supplies
>The gems were thrown into bags, your notes were carefully packed
>Spike had woken up, worried at the activity going on around him
>When you explained he had just scoffed and went back to sleep
>He mumbled to himself "It doesn't matter anyways....there isn't anything you can do from stoping him from aging..."
>A valid point, but if you were right, that was a small price to pay
>After all, if this worked you could just repeat the "treatment" and have him back within the hour
>You smiled to yourself, content that you had every angle on this
>You pick up your notes on gem memory, intending to put it on the shelves
>But a thought enters your mind
>From what you had gleaned, the actual memories stored within the gem stopped when anon died
>If you weren't completely wrong after all of those tests, each time you brought him back he wouldnt...
>He wouldn't remember anything from his previous life
>To him it would be like waking up for the first time every time
>Eventually he would wake up to a bunch of old mares, confused and scared
>As your friends died, one by one, anon would be scared, sad, and confused
>You couldn't do that to him, you wouldn't...
>If this works on anon....
>Why couldn't it work on ponies?
>Great, here you were on what could be a fruitless journey and you were already trying to plan on how to make your friends imortal
>Something you had been studying since you were made a princess
>Sure, ponies lived for a long time compared to humans
>But alicorns lived even longer
>No alicorn had ever died
>No alicorn had ever aged
>And your friends still didn't know
>How could you tell them now?
>"OH hey guys, sorry I killed anon, but I was just oh so busy trying to find a way to make you guys live forever!"
>You doubt they would be mad, but the topic of....why...you did that to anon could get rather...
>Losing yourself in thought, you delve deeper
>Even if you did make ALL of your friends immortal, how could you keep that from all of equestria and still live with yourself?
>You couldn't obviously
>But that wasn't a concern now, you still didn't even know if this would even work
>You shake your head, snapping back to the chaos around you
>Except it isn't chaos
>Your friends are standing around you with a concerned look on their faces
>you don't remember lying down on the floor
>Fluttershy rushes forward
>"Twilight, are you alright?! Do you need to go to the hospital?!"
What are you talking about? I thought we were going to the mirror pool!
>Your friends look at eachother, then back at you
>Fluttershy continues
>"But you fell over and started shaking! Your eyes were all white and shaky, we were all so scared for you!"
>You don't remember that happening
>But this wasn't a concern for now, you had a duty
No girls, i'm fine. We need to leave soon, the faster we get there, the faster i can get set up and maybe, just maybe, we can go to sleep with the real anon tonight...
>You feel.....sad....
>That emotion from before, the one you couldn't name then, you remembered now
>All directed at yourself
>They were all strong at the time, but for some reason you couldn't name them
>And now that you can, you can't feel them
>Dash breaks your train of thought
>"Alright, lets get moving!"
>The walk to the mirror pool was filled with excitement and cautious optimism
>Nopony was speaking, but they were all contentedly humming
>Different songs, but still humming
>By the time you got to the pool all of them were rushing to help you set up
>It only took a few minutes, but once it was set up you had to make sure nothing could go wrong
>Pinkie has been talking circles since you got there
>"ut what if he comes out a girl?! The rhyme says doubly MARED, sillys! Wouldn't that be wild?!"
>You were letting her have fun, you weren't intending to use the rhyme to do this
>The rhyme was just a simple way to activate the magic in the pool for earth ponies and pegasi, a unicorn could just shoot a small spark of magic into the pool and voila, ready to go
>You tighten the last screw and clap your hoof's together to get your friends attention
Alright girls, I need you to stand behind me for this.
>Normal magic wasn't going to be powerful enough for this, even if it was an alicorn's magic
>No, you were going to have to focus the magic of friendship through and into the pool, hopefully carrying anon through back into this world
>Your friends take their positions behind you
>Your study of friendship had allowed you to find ways to channel this magic
>A way to use it in case you needed a type of magic with more kick to it
>This would be your first time actually using it
>Without a seconds delay, you focus on the gem, a rainbow of light connecting your eyes to its surface
>It passes through the gem and hits the reflection mirror, bouncing directly into the pool
>The magic connects violently, casting the reflective water into the air
>It spreads across the surface, rainbow ripples forcing the water to lap against the edges of the water
>The rainbow light exiting the crystal stops, replaced by solid green
>You approach the edge of the pool and look down into it
>Snapshots of memories flood the pool, cycling rapidly
>The speed increases, the water now thrashing around the edges, creating a brilliant white foam
>The center of the pool begins rising slowly, water cascading down around something with no sign of slowing down
>It slowly moves to the edge of the pool, the memories becoming more and more recent
>Your smiling face, Rainbow Dash careening into anon, Fluttershy asleep across his chest
>The mirror water blocks any view from the inside of the bulge, which is now extending 4 feet from the water
>As the mass of water reaches the edge of the water, a the green stream of light coming from the crystal ends
>The mass of water starts to shrink, forcing water around your hoofs
>Everything freezes
>Looking around, you see your friends have not, they blink, confused
>A loud crack, then silence
>The water falls instantly
>Standing before you is one extremely confused human
shitshitshit here we go!
M8, are you going to continue Nothing Is Set In Stone?
things will not be as they once were, never again
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043 - 5gcrzJ3.png
697KB, 1028x1064px
I need more.

>be anon
>where am i?
>what are you?
>who are you?
"we are your friends"
>you can speak?
>what kind of monster are you?
>anon runs away screaming
man I';m dying over here
>Standing before you is one extremely confused human
"man I'm dying over here"
>the girls all stay silent, nobody can believe what they see
"g-get it? dying"
>Anon giggles
I am literally on the edge of my fucking seat, shaking and eye twitching, I nee the ending man.

You're not helping
>shaking and eye twitching
twilight pls
>The explosion of movement behind you blows your hair forward
>You look back to see Rarity and AJ slowly walking forward, but nopony else
>You turn back to anon
>Rainbow Dash is flying at head level with anon, peppering his face with kisses while simultaneously saying "I'm sorry" repeatedly
>Pinkie pie is wrapped around his neck, nuzzling his neck with a smile somehow wider than her head
>Fluttershy is clamped down around anon's waist, tears of joy streaming down her face
>Time seems to stop only for you as AJ and rarity approach
>Between dash's kissing and fluttershy's death grip on him, he manages to crouch down and give the two ponies ears a rub
>He opens his mouth as if to speak, but you can't hear him
>Did something go wrong?
>Did you break anon?
>But then you realize you can't hear your friends either
>None of them are looking at you, but anon is
>He looks concerned, but you don't know why
>He keeps talking but you can't hear him
>Just the loudest ringing
>The world fades around him as your vision falters
>He is somehow now standing on a wall, the same wall you seem to be leaning against
>The cave starts shaking, but nopony else seems to notice
>You can't help but think
>In the past two months you have managed to kill your friend, get a marefriend, and discover immortality
>Comforting thoughts as you begin to drift into the darkness
>But the shaking stops
>You can see anon crouching over you
>You notice he's naked, you giggle to yourself at the situation
>You came to bring him back, but you hadn't thought to bring clothes
>And now here he was, crouching over you, worried about you, even after he knows you killed him
>What kind of person does that? Who can just go from, in their view, dying alone in a cave, to being worried about the pony that sentenced them to that death in the first place
>Anon it seems
>That is your last thought before emotions render you completely unable to think
>You know their names and feel them, the blissfull numbness leaving you
>You think you may be saying you're sorry over and over again, but you can't really tell with the ringing in your ears
>One last emotion enters your mind
>Un-ceasing and un-dismissable love
>For the weird human who was stupid enough to forgive you for giving him the gift of a slow death
>"Twilight? Twilight are you okay?"
>His voice is the first thing you hear after the ringing stops
>You regain control of your body
>Upon this realization, you thrust yourself up and lock your lips on anon
>He lets out a startled 'unf', but doesn't resist
>He slowly wraps his arms around your neck, somehow, impossibly bringing you closer
>After what seems to be an eternity, you both need to breath
>You break the kiss and look into eachothers eyes
>You feel the tears flowing from your eyes
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
>He raises his hand, extending a finger to shush you
>But instead, he continues raising it and places it softly on the tip of your snout
File: 1396164905310.png (462KB, 1024x394px)
462KB, 1024x394px
Trip fell off, but
Were all me.

Epilogue when i finish writing it after i eat, thanks for joining me for the ride that was my first actual fic. Hope i didn't disappoint with the "ending"!
>no trip
I want to believe ;___;
Jesus I thought Twilight was gonna die.
Ya did gud tripy
happy ending, omg that's the last thing I expected
good feels..
a bigger aftermath for twilight would've been cool but fuck it, I'm just gonna cry myself to sleep now and imagine cuddling twilight
great story

And the plot moistens.
You've done good there, boyo. Well done.
I still have a few shorts i want to write about the....situation...with the life span thing, so unless they turn out terrible, there is still some feels to be had.

What about Rainbow Dash******

Oh right, they were going to share him. OK

this makes me happy
File: time-for-a-think.jpg (145KB, 400x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145KB, 400x527px

To be honest, there has been a recent increase in Twifagging in this thread, it must be said.
Not that I'm complaining, if I wasn't already praising the Sun, I'd praise her
This was originally a twilight thread, friendo.
File: 149 - biBwzXV.gif (56KB, 497x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 - biBwzXV.gif
56KB, 497x357px
This is beautiful Tripy
File: hello.png (43KB, 225x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 225x250px

Good point there. Should've realised that...
I am a huge twifag, not gonna lie
autistic level of twifagging
File: 1395191059711.png (170KB, 900x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170KB, 900x600px
>Turns out someone had thought to bring clothes after all
>When anon realized he was naked, he was extremely embarrased and almost fell into the mirror pool
>It would have been funny if it hadn't scared you so much
>Rarity giggled as she slid the clothes onto his body, paying special attention to his lower half
>You would have minded if you didn't see it coming, but it honestly didn't bother you
>You really don't know why
>You had left quickly afterwards, eager to get your life with anon started
>On the way home you passed through a large field, the field anon was found in
>This field just seemed to find him as often as possible
>He said it calmed him down, made him think more clearly
>He asked if he could take a break, being dead must have made his muscles sore
>Obliging, you help him lie down on a soft patch of tall grass
>Obviously the ponies don't leave him to lie alone, instead opting to take their accepted positions on his body
>For the third time, you lay down on his arm
>For the first time it, it was wonderfully warm
>Lying down under the stars, you wonder what you're going to when the inevitable comes to pass
>But you already know the answer
>You're going to do what you have to in order to keep him with you
>Even if he doesn't remember the memories you made in the last bit of time you had together
>But that can't last forever
>Eventually you'll find a way
>A way to keep him with you, intact, forever.
File: 1395919576551.png (223KB, 1490x809px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Going to write a short to showcase my idea for the longer ones right here, I'll let you guys decide if it is worth pursuing or if i should move on and write about my favorite non-pone.
I gotta admit I don't like how Anon just forgave Twilight for killing him, regardless of intent. Someone calls you a liar, throws you into the KNOWN dangerous woods alone, to which you die a slow, painful death. Nah, he should've told her to go fuck herself. Not trying to be edgy or anything, I just can't see someone forgiving anyone for something like that.
I thought so too, but love is a pretty powerful thing.

Plus anon has now died two times, he's just happy that she was so willing to work to bring him back. Honestly if you could hate someone you loved for making a stupid decision and then working their asses off to fix it, you aren't a very forgiving person. You're welcome to interpret the story however you want, but that's my view on it.
So, just to clarify, Anon doesn't remember his memories form before?
He remembers everything up to his death, nothing else.
If I weren't blinded by feels and a huge twifag, I would now agree with you and write a spinoff
but that's not the case
and I cant even write
but I can draw...hmmm...
I will keep this in mind till my feels are gone
A stupid decision is buying a new tv when you can't afford it and have to scrounge by till your next paycheck. Someone killing you isn't just a 'stupid decision'. No one would blame anyone for not forgiving their murderer.
You won't have any feels left when I get done with this thread.
Nobody would blame them, sure, but that doesn't mean the person has to not forgive them.

It might be a stupid ending, but its the best one i could come up with and not ruin the story with some edgy "I HATE YOU" speech from anon.

Bittersweet is hard to nail for me.
Heh, ain't that the truth...

Anyway, forgot to mention, pastebin updated if anyone's interested
It was fine
File: 234670123.png (125KB, 678x422px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125KB, 678x422px
b-but i thought your story would have an happy end
>inb4 lel

shhh...don't worry too much, it was great.
Kerb, please treat my feels nicely
lol i dont do that waifu shit so yes id love to be knighted. (on top of the Twilly id my fave i just dont do waifus because to me theyre the ultimate statement of forever alone)
You could have wrote it where he comes back but doesn't forgive her right away, ignoring her and having little to nothing to do with her for a while. But eventually her friends and time help calm him down to where he forgives, but doesn't forget. They become friends again, or for the first time depending on how you perceived their relationship at the start, with Twilight always feeling somewhat like an outsider looking in when her, her friends, and Anon are together, a little twinge of regret at knowing she'll never fully get back what she lost.
I could have, but honestly, i wanted it to end.

I was losing my inspiration and it was making the story suffer. I had to end it when i could, but that doesn't mean i won't be fleshing out the "Anon kinda angry twilight killed him" thing. He's still confused after being raised from the dead, you know.

And she kinda does get back what she lost, that pretty much happened when they brought an alien back from the dead using friendship sorcery.

You raise valid points though, i'll take them into consideration for the shorts.
that actually sounds like a great idea
maybe with twilight getting depressed and shit and anon slowly feels sorry for her, his love never died but he just couldn't forgive her
this has so much potential
where is notnot? he has to write second ending D:
that's his job, isnt it?
File: wut.png (110KB, 500x276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110KB, 500x276px

If you love Twi, I may have a second draw request when my story is over, if ti won't be too much to ask.
I feel like I'm beating a dead Human by doing this, but I really like the concept.

Also, if someone else wants to write an alternate ending, i would be happy to add it to my pastebin, with the writers permission of course.

>Candles flicker on the small cake sitting on the table
>The group friends sit around the table, singing a happy song
>It is anon's 73rd birthday
>The song ends and Anon tries to blow out the candles
>As he exhales, a small flick of Rainbow Dash's wings supplement the weak rush of air from his mouth, extinguishing the candles
>The ponies smile and start distributing the cake, Twilight and Dash sitting on either side of Anon, raising the utensils to his mouth so he can have some of his cake
>Light conversation starts, everypony asking about eachother's days and what plans they have made
>Anon makes a remark about how he plans on going skydiving tomorrow, light laughter fills the room
>Dash and Twilight move closer to anon, pressing their bodies against his and wrapping him in their wings
>The party goes on, a quiet affair, not at all like Pinkies other parties
>Eventually the night moves on, the ponies lying down with anon as they fall asleep
>All of them know what is going to happen that night, but none of them want to accept it
>As the lights dim and Anon's eyes close, his two lovers plant a kiss on his wrinkly cheeks
>The sounds of his breathing slow
>The breathing stops, his heart faulters
>The ponies remain still for a few moments before getting up
>The body is gently placed into a thick cloth
>The burial is short and dignified, going as planned
>The ponies are eager to finish though, rushing back to the castle to grab their supplies
>They have to be ready to take a friend skydiving tomorrow
>The ponies are eager to finish though, rushing back to the castle to grab their supplies
>They have to be ready to take a friend skydiving tomorrow
Oh... Aha ha hmm... Kerb, you're not going to have that many feels left to kill after this.
when it comes to twi my faggot-meter goes into space
I wish I could stop this and just get a gf ;_;
>I wish I could stop this and just get a gf ;_;

just do it fagit
if your love for a cartoon pony can't endure a gf it's not real love anyway
>And she kinda does get back what she lost

I'm not saying her friends hate her and abandon her forever, just that they're not quite as close as they used to be, and that Anon doesn't love her as much/at all like he used to. You can lose some of something without losing it all.
Not sure how I feel about this epilogue/time-skip type thing. Don't think I'm too fond of the idea in general. But, if I was, I'm sure this would be great.
So did the ponies age?
I'm going to agree to disagree here.

The world they live in isn't exactly the same as ours, i established early that friendship is a powerful thing (As it is in the show). If in the end, they got anon back anyways, the whole killing him thing would most likely just be a sore spot to them.

That and if she hadn't have killed him, they may never have found a way to bring him back when he dies from old age.
>it's not real love anyway
>it's not real love
>it's not real
>tfw she will never be real
I do know that I should go back to reality, but it's not as easy as it sounds, kinda like an addiction
There's nothing for me in reality
Pony life span is thousands of years in this universe.

I get that, the more i think about it the more i feel like i'm just coasting off of one good story.

There were a few i really wanted to do, like dash accidentally killing anon, anon eventually no longer aging, retaining memories, what happens when a pony is revived, etc etc.

Think that's it then, see you guys when i get a good story idea.
kinda how I feel
>If it's all in my head, that doesn't mean it's not important
>because I don't care anymore.
>Come on, come on, come on, come on
>you know you're all right.
>You're not dead
>but, you're dead,
>well you know what I mean

let's stop being edgy and go back to...pony friendzone thread
>listening to /mu/core
>listening to music
>vacancy. Must wait for another story
>Video memory is apparently over
>what to do with my time
>tfw no real Pinkie shenanigans happen in my house
>tfw Luna will never visit me at night just to talk
>tfw me and Pinkie will never fight over a whip
Life is suffering.
>making me feel without continuing your story
>this whole day has just been abusive for my feels
I'm writing a story, so there's something to look forward to, maybe.
godspeed friend
File: feelcopter.jpg (12KB, 300x197px)
12KB, 300x197px
I here you guys are lookin for some feels.
File: 1400472446936.png (144KB, 900x992px)
144KB, 900x992px
n-no please my feels aren't ready
be gentle..
>Once you walked onto the property, Maud scooped up some of the soil.
>"Nutrient rich. No sign of parasites."
>That's when she licks it.
>It doesn't matter how well you know her, that's still disgusting.
>"Good texture. It should be a good place for our new farm."
>She holds the soggy dirt up to your mouth.
>You just raise your hands in surrender.
"I'll take your word for it."
>She drops the dirt and you continue in the property.
>There is already a house and a barn set up for a future farm.
>All of you walk into the empty house to check it out.
>Investigating the rooms, you see that it has one master and two guest bedrooms.
>Maud checks out the living room and other rooms.
>Pinkie went through the kitchen, looking at all the appliances.
>All of you meet back in the entry and talked about the house.
>Overall, it is a nice house.
>Not quite as bland as the old one and it is bigger.
"I like it. Plenty of space upstairs. I could even fit into the tub and shower."
>"That's good. The other rooms looked nice too."
>"The kitchen was super duper big. Not as big as the Cake's, but plenty big for a kitchen."
>You look around for a price anywhere.
>You don't even remember seeing a for sale sign in the yard.
"Pinkie, are you sure this place is for sale?"
>She pulls out a real estate book from God knows where.
>Flipping to a bookmarked page, she hands it to you.
>Yup, this property is for sale.
>You made sure to check the date of the book too.
"I guess it is. Where would we go if we wanted to buy it?"
>"It says we should see the mayor."
>You feel a push against your back.
>Looking back, Maud is standing on her back legs, leaning on your back.
>She steadies herself and points to the last line.
>You follow her hoof down and see what she is talking about.
"What do ya know? Well, let's go see the mayor."
File: 27125.jpg (549KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
549KB, 1920x1080px
>Be Applejack.
>You just got done with a stressful day of apple bucking.
>Why was it stressful?
>Because that bucker Anon is in town and needs a good flank kicking after breaking your heart.
>You never really meant all those things you said before he moved out.
>You were just angry.
>The next day you were going to apologize, but his room was empty.
>You searched high and low for him, but no pony had seen hid nor tail of him.
>Eventually you asked Big Mac out in the fields.
>He said that he helped Anon pack up his things and leave.
>You couldn't believe your own flesh and blood would do something like that to you.
>For days, you didn't leave your room.
>Not until Rainbow came to haul you out.
>You screamed and fought her every inch.
>But, she help up her element and never gave up.
>Once you were out and around, you thanked her.
>It was the first day you felt something deeper for Rainbow.
>It took months before you came to the conclusion that you liked her.
>A lot.
>You would often ask Rarity for advice.
>She gladly gave you plenty advice with dating and such, but that might be because she felt sorry for you.
>She was appalled at Anon for leaving you in your time of need.
>Heck, even your sisters were mad at him.
>You took Rainbow on a few dates, nothing fancy, just a picnic or two.
>Asking her to be you special somepony, she leaped for joy.
>You have never been as happy with Anon as you were with Rainbow.
>He just wasn't relationship type material.<