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Indias 5th gen fighter plane

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General characteristics

Crew: 1 (pilot)
Length: 17.20 m (55 ft 25 in)
Wingspan: 11.80 m (38 ft 7 in)
Height: 4.80 m (15 ft 6 in)
Wing area: 39.9 m2' (486.5 ft2)
Empty weight: 14 tons (31000 lb)
Loaded weight: 24 tons (53000 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 29 tonnes. 2 tonnes of internal weapons and 4 tonnes of internal fuel. ()
Powerplant: × 2 x K 9+ or K 10 engine with 110 kN-125 kN of thrust each (28,100 lbf)[83][84]


Maximum speed: Mach 2.5+ (2,655+ km/h, 1,650+ mph) at altitude.[citation needed] Mach 1.2 (1,450 km/h, 900 mph) at sea level.
Cruise speed: Mach 1.6 (1,875 km/h)- Speed as capable of supercruise.
Range: 2800 kilometres (1750 miles) ()
Ferry range: 4600 kilometers (2875 miles) ()
Service ceiling: 18,044 m (59,200 ft (18,044 m))
Rate of climb: >13,716 m/min (>45,000 ft/min) ()


Guns: 23 mm GSh-23 cannon
Hardpoints: 8 (stealthy configuration) 12 (maximum non stealth load)
Missiles: Astra (missile) for long range BVRAAM combat. Python 5 all aspect short range. Vympel R-73 short/visual range combat missile. (Possible missiles for AMCA.)


AESA radar
Integrated Avionics systems
Helmet Mounted Display
Datalink capabilities
E/O Targeting System (EOTS)
multi-functional integrated radio electronic system (MIRES)
ECM suite
Electro-optical suite
Laser-based counter-measures against infrared missiles
IRST for airborne targets
Ultraviolet warning sensors
Targeting pod

Expected prototype first flight : 2019
But can it poo in loo?

It seems like all 5th gens are going to end up looking nearly identical to the F-22, except for the F-35 which is distinctive because of its single engine.
I see nothing about stench capability in these specs. OP confirmed for full of shit.
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How can an aviation industry go from building a glorified F-5 to building a true 5 gen?
AMCA is a thing, and it will probably look like that.

But it will suck. It's Indian, so it'll be somewhat over budget and way short of performance goals. The root design isn't all that great either - look at those rounded-ass exhausts.

India would be better off buying some Rafales or something.
>India would be better off buying some Rafales or something.
Air Force wanted to but Modi didn't let them because he wants support for the indigenous turd supposed to replace the gazillion MiG-21

Is there anything that stops them from buying 1 rafale, then tearing it apart to copy it?
They can't.
So they expect to jump from the development, part production and assembly of the modest Tejas to that, while they admitted they don't have the expertise to assemble Rafales locally? And have a first prototype by 2019?
all these 5th gen stuff coming out except russia and probably china all look like f22 lite

Most sales are done in bulk or squadrons. So think 14 or maybe half that at minimum.
I like the padding out of features
>IRST twice
>Needing a 'targeting pod' when you have ETOS
>"Electro-optical suite" .. aka EOTS
That's Indians for you.
China has both an f-22 ripoff and f-35 ripoff in the works.
What's their F-22 ripoff? What's their F-35 ripoff?
>living under a rock

J-20, J-31
The J-20 is 10 feet longer and five feet wider.

The J-31 has two engines and is bigger as well.

>being wrong.

The size of the J-20 is partially due to them having equally fuck huge missiles. J-31 too, but the engines is due to them having shit-tier engine technology.

Don't get all buttblasted.
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saddle toad.jpg
34KB, 400x590px
>every 5th gen fighter not made by Russia or isn't the J-10 looks like a shitty knockoff of the F-22
>the days of unique fighter designs are over
You're wrong. The J-20 looks nothing like an F-22. It is way longer and wider. It also has canards.

The J-31 is bigger and has two engines. It's wing is also larger. It looks like a 35 , but is significantly different when you do more than just look at it in a picture.

I'm not buttblasted. You're just wrong.
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F-22 ripoff huh?
We can do it, we can take over the fertilizer game.
>wanting unique fighter designs
Physics is hard and does not value artistic creativity.
When Indian fighter pilots need to take a shit, do they have designated shitting landing strips for that?
Well of course function always beat form, but I get what he means. I too long for the days when every plane was different and unique. Just compare Zeros, Corsairs, Typhoons and Fw190's. Same goes for SF. Everyone used to look unique. Now you can't tell difference between an American, Russian or Australian because they all rock AR's, multicam and Ops-Core. Kinda boring.
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2MB, 748x2539px

yes basically

>completely different configuration

>we slapped some canards onto it, it's an original character, please do not steal
>I cannot into the difference between a tech base and superficial appearance" The post

Everything about modern chicom aviation is Stolen US tech fused with russian-based hardware. Everything.
Can someone please give me a good racial slur for Indians?
Yeah, fuck off.

>F-14E wouldn't be an F-14!
No, but it has a designated shitting surface for long-endurance patrols.
Hadji? Apu?

Curry nigger.
8 feet longer, 2 feet wider, 2400 kg heavier, 2600 kg more fuel, has canards main wing is further back, main body is wider in the back than the front unlike the F-22, horizontal stabilizers have a smaller surface area relative to weight, and the plane was made in China.

The J-20 likely incorporates some design information they stole from America in the mid 2000's, but it is different in every physical appearance way.

Finally, do you think 5th generation jets should look all that vastly different from each other?
By your logic a F-15 (larger wing area) and a F-18 (has canard like surface) are based upon each other.
File: you call this bait.jpg (69KB, 500x501px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
you call this bait.jpg
69KB, 500x501px
File: Y5afIoY.jpg (585KB, 4208x3120px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
585KB, 4208x3120px
No arguments, I see.

The J-20 looks nothing like an F-22 and it cant even have any F-22 stolen technologies, because it is, electronically, further advanced than the F-22.

F-22 doesnt have EOTS, EODAS or GaN AESA.
File: shinshin-atd-x.jpg (37KB, 500x416px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Looks just like japans 5gen the Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin and Koreas 5gen concept the KAI KF-X.

Seeing this shit just makes me think how hard it actually is for counties to develop a 5gen from scratch. They clearly have no idea what they are doing and are just trying to copy the F-22 as much as they possibly can. Hell, France isnt even trying for a 5th gen and instead plan to skip to 6th. Top Kek good luck with that when you cant even make a Raptor or F-35 competitor.
Goes to show how far ahead the US is seeing how the F-22 is about 20 years old now.

>inb4 J-20
Its a ripped off MiG-1.44
>inb4 T-50
Its just a evolution of the SU-27 design. Not truly from scratch
>inb4 all stealth aircraft designs naturally converge and have to look the same
Reminder that the YF-23 was stealthier than the F-22. Ill also point you to Americas 6th gen concepts that look radically different
>also inb4 mad replies
Come on. Are you really arguing a canard fighter is a clone of the f22?

wtf am i reading
If their defense industry spent 30 years trying to build a simple domestically produced MBT, meanwhile their entire aerospace industry at best can produce fucking clones of a third gen aircraft.... How the FUCK do they expect to produce a prototype FIFTH GEM FIGHTER in less than four years?
based on how every single indigenous weapon that India creates is absolute shit, I have extremely low expectations for this program.
>Mach 2.5
>1750nm range
>12 hardpoints, 8 low observable
texts in green are bullshit.

"poo in loo stronk!"
Yeah, and if the world's largest economy with some of the world's greatest aerospace engineers and programmers are having so much trouble making the F-35 be successful, shitskins are going to absolutely shit the bed.
dude Indian is bad enough
Maybe it does all that but you have to baby it around corners because its made of recycled coke cans and stolen laptop computers
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IMGP1270 wm (Large).jpg
146KB, 1044x522px
We will see.

/k/ tends to be pretty retardedly jingoistic to the point where they unironically believe the US Coast Guard could defeat China. In a day. With no casualties.

If they go for two uprated F-114s from GE I could definitely see it happening. The Jews will gladly give them stolen US tech for the electronics in exchange for shekels.
>/k/ tends to be pretty retardedly jingoistic

There's also the polar opposite of that.
Like actually believing India is going to have anything remotely resembling Gen 5 fighter by 2019.
File: shinshin.jpg (115KB, 690x1296px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115KB, 690x1296px
you are now aware the ATD-X/Shinshin/F-3 apparently already has a flying prototype

those rudders look retardedly big, and the elevators retardedly small. Look at any 5+/6th generation fighter, the elevators and rudders are about the same size. THis kind of reminds me of the "Iranian Stealth Fighter" that used parts from a Cessna.
Go try and ask >>>/int/
>still no reports of first flight
And it's still only the tech demonstrator. So how many years will it take for the real thing to enter service even if we assume that the ATD-X flies tomorrow?
It was supposed to fly this year but got pushed back to 2016

Dong pls go. I'm sure a fiddy cent thread will pop up in the morning.

>Dat GI Joe in the cockpit
Cum skin-
Oh wait.
That's you.
File: America_Under_18.png (23KB, 600x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Because they will be the only ones left with a caucasian skulls after white people go extinct.
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Thread images: 11

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