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History-Related Feels

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Post 'em, Anons. Doesn't matter what time period, just post those history-related feels no one could ever understand but us.
>You will never walk through the streets of Constantinople at its height in the 11th century, the greatest city of the world and pride of Christendom
>You will never be an American student attending the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, living in Bohemian Montmartre and making a living by working as a clerk and selling poetry to magazines
>You will never be a White noble boarding the last ship from Sevastopol to Constantinople, watching from the sea as the Red flag is hoisted up, knowing the Russian Empire has come to an end.
>You will never die in the arms of your comrades, while fighting communism in 1956, Budapest
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You will never get insanely rich by trading beads for fur and then trade an iron hatchet as dowry for two native american princesses.
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>not wanting a Native American husbando instead
nobody wants that desu

I would not be surprised if WM/NF is around 10x more common than NM/WF
I feel it. How much better would the world be if the Byzantines never declined?
>tfw you will never be a Marco Polo like merchant, going to see the wonders of the orient and bringing back stories that everybody would think were bullshit
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>you will never walk through the aisles of the Library of Alexandria, just browsing
>you will never enlist in the Imperial German Navy around 1880 and fuck qts on Kaiser-Wilhelms-Land
>you will never walk through ancient forests and see the stars without pollution
>you will never experience the birth of working class consciousness
>you will never truly beleive that sidestepping the oppressive early factory system through owenite syndicalist cooperation is possible, for either practical economic or due to more violent dialectical antagonisms
>Tfw your class consciousness in a post-industrial service economy is seen as some sort of defect
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>ywn come home from a days work at the factory
>ywn be greeted by your cheerful, doting wife with a good drink
>ywn have dinner hot and ready for you when you walk in the door
>ywn tell your son about how you met General Patton during the Battle of the Bulge
>ywn have your mortgage paid off by 35 on a manufacturer's salary
>ywn ride the American high that was post WW2 America, where every (white) man was a king and every home a castle
>grow old
>berate grandkids for not getting a job
>complain about technology
>use outdated racial terms with no problems

Born too late and in the wrong country...
>it's the liberals fault!
>never mind that the entire city was built around one industry that refused to innovate, got undersold by the japanese, then vacated said city!
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boer feel.png
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>You will never shoot rooinek Anglo scum from the bushes in a guerilla war.
>They will never put your wife and children in a concentration camp
>ywn join a private army and steal land from Mexicans and Indians in the name of the United States of America
>ywn scalp someone
Okay, that's getting a bit extreme there, Anon.
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>you will never be an officer during the height of the British Empire

I would have made such a good redcoat, I would have made you all so so proud.
To be fair, it's largely the boomers who bitch about kids not finding work.

The generation before knows what economic hardship is, Boomers were quite literally in some cases handed jobs. They don't know what struggle is, the older generation understands not finding work.

They do bitch about everything else, though.
I wouldn't really know, lad. I was just memeing, since I'm Ex-Yu. Our generations are a bit different.
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guerras carlistas.jpg
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>you will never leave your hometown in Navarre with your friends and your village priest to join a Carlist militia and kill some commies and anarchists during the Spanish Civil War
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tfw Poltava 1709.jpg
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>tfw you will never charge the Russians at the battle of Narva with the superior "gå-på-metode"
>tfw you will never cut down dirty Saxon scum on the fields of Fraustadt
>tfw you will never die at Poltava for the best warrior king in history.

Why live as a Swede when you can't live under Karl's glorious rule?
It's hard to say, really. It was so long ago that it's difficult to speculate what Byzantium would have evolved into after industrialization and the decline of monarchies in the 19th century. It's possible that it would have become a nightmarish jingoistic bureaucratic hell.

We could have ended up with a 3-sided WWI that fizzled out into an ongoing low intensity conflict across fortified borders for decades, with massive purges of communists in Russia perpetrated by Byzantine peacekeeping forces.
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>you will never be a teenager during the French Revolution
>you will never understand the paranoia of being a Jacobin
>you will never ultimately grow out of Jacobinism and take arms under Napoleon
>you will never bask in the glory of Le Grande Armee while you fuck your way across Europe
>you will never sob in your tent about you comrade Jean Baptiste who beside you in the line took a cannonball to the chest at Jena
>you will never overcome the fear of death while hell occurs around you at Borodino
>you will never give your Polish friend the last of your ammo as you accept freezing to death on the retreat from Moscow
>ywn be a Prussian Officer destroying france and watching your nation become a world power
Oh. Well, long story short, The Greatest Generation (WW2 and the great depression) understood that to make America great required hard work and sacrifice. The Boomer generation (came of age in the 60s) thought that they could just ride the wave and didn't have to do anything but count money.

There's a real problem today with boomers disregarding the fact that their children are struggling because of their inaction and just claiming it's "laziness."

Basically the Greatest Generation helped their kids, the Boomer generation hindered them. Obviously this is speaking in generalizations.
Here, the WW2 generation was pretty much like that, except even harsher because we literally lived in a war zone. The second generation lived through socialism so jobs were pretty much guaranteed, but it still wasn't as cozy as your folks had across the ocean. But we're pretty much even by the third generation.
>You'll never get to reconquer your country from a horde of moors.

>you will never grip your rifle as tight as you can and close your eyes in prayer as your landing craft blasts across the Channel
>you will never feel the bottom of the craft scrape the shore of Normandy
>you will never charge onto the beach with the bravest men history has ever known
>you will never run through yards of bodies, sand, and blood, hoping to god you'll live long enough to at least fire your weapon
>you will never regroup with your company on the cliffs, feeling the immense relief of knowing some of your comrades in arms also made it through that he'll
>you will never be a medieval knight
>you will never serve all your life for your God and your Country
>you will never charge against barbaric militias to save your King at Bouvines
>you will never taste glory and pride has you are knighted by your liege

At least I can still join /daech/
Yeah, not having our nation blown to hell helped a lot.

The people who stayed behind here during WW2 are regarded as cowards. At least the people who stayed behind in UK still had real world shit to deal with.
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smug jellyfish.jpg
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What about White Male/Native American male?
Would that really be so bad?
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>You will never defend your faith and land in the most righteous of wars
>You will never be a medieval scholar and spend the days transcribing Greco-Roman manuscripts into Latin and vernacular, while going out drinking and enjoying yourself with wenches by night with your friends
>You will never be a longbow-man, standing behind the parapets of a castle during a siege and firing your missiles while the stupid enemy infantry keeps trying to charge into the walls
>You will never be a Chinese bureaucrat during the Ming dynasty, believing China truly is the most Glorious Nation under Heaven while living a comfortable and bountiful existence
>implying you wouldn't end up as a jaded, grizzled old veteran who's lost his faith and is haunted by guilt
>You will never set sail with Chris Columbus toward the new world
>You will never experience renaissance Florence at its height
>you will never experience the glory that was 1950's America or Germany before WWI

the feels.
Blasted Romans.
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>You will never defend the South from northern invaders.
>you will never take a wheelbarrow filled with thousands of scrolls from the Alexandrian library helping to preserve the light of the classical age
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This but with the library of Baghdad.
the remaining forests are more ancient than ever
One of the longest surviving cultures in the world, Egypt, probably would have survived if they could have beaten off the Arabs and in general islamashits would be less influential. I wish I could have seen it in its prime, defending Europe from Turk and Arab savages.
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>you will never fuck Cleopatra
>You will never see Pre-Columbian Tenochtitlan or Cuzco
I came to post this. Marco Polo was a lucky bastard.
>being keked by a manlet who betrayed carlists, falangists and basically everyone to stablish his meme not!monarchy
>not fighting in one of the three actual carlist civil wars for the actual rightful ruler of Spain and the natural laws of Navarre
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>you will never be a weapon of the Lord's vengeance
>you will never get to experience the original Ancient Greek olympics
Cleopatra was ugly btw
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tfw born too late for the homestead act
>not realizing that Detroit was a simply a casualty of the increased mobility of capital in the mid-late 20th century

I mean
>make cars
>make literally only cars
>become entrenched in tradition & wealth and refuse to innovate
>Japs start making higher-tech cars
>capitalists realize they can make cars for WAY cheaper in third-world shitholes
>nobody wants to make cars in your city anymore
>fall into poverty
>wah why did this happen it must be the negroes' fault :((((

/pol/ just can't understand the concept of a post-fordist economy
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>i will never be a florentine noble who just studies and does art or at least appreciate it for his whole life
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>you will never be an Austrian Fahnenträger serving in a Line infantry regiment during the Napoleonics.
>you will never be able to carry the Ordinärfahne into combat against the french and defend it with your life
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You will never rebel yell with Stonewall Jackson.
You will never speak with president Davis about how much more effective he'd be on the field as opposed to an office.
You will never cry as your home in Georgia was burned down and family were killed by Sherman's men.
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>have obsession with World Wonders
>you will never see any of them in their full splendor
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>you'll never be dragged from your studies out into the rainswept streets by your best friend, with him insisting that you're going to change everything together
>you'll never fetch your father's flintlock from your apartment and get caught up in revolutionary fervor as the city square fills with people
>you'll never hurl insults at the army as they force you out of the streets

>you'll never hear that a member of the national guard was shot dead by the military, and rush to defend your friends
>you'll never gather with the crowds to reclaim paris's cannons from the army, and cheer as you hear the soldiers refuse the officer's order to fire on them
>you'll never storm the city hall and elect a truly responsible and radical government

>you will never pry up the pavestones to build barricades to defend the commune from reactionaries
>you'll help your friends & comrades roll out captured artillery into positions on the boulevards
>you'll never get caught in the crossfire with the cute girl from the cafe down the street, desperate to find cover together
>you'll go half deaf in one ear as your former professor leads commune artillery in a duel with national artillery
>you'll never help with the collapsing defense of the boulevards, bullets pinging overhead as you and the cafe girl try your best to hold off the army
>you'll never hear of the fall of monmarte, and put the torch to the local ministry building in rage
>you'll never sleep against a barricade with musket in arm, and the cafe girl leaning on your shoulder
>you'll never calm a desperate messenger, who breathelessly tells you that the central headquarters have fallen, and realize that each street now fights on its own
>you'll never spend a bloody three days taking potshots at soldiers and hearing of your comrades being captured and massacred, anger slowly building up until you yourself participate in the execution of local priests & policemen
>you will never die at the alamo, fighting until your last breath
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>you'll never realize that the streets have become unholdable, and fall back into barricaded buildings
>you'll never realize that cafe girl's gaze has become more and more deadened and resigned
>you'll never run out of ammunition in the last few days of the uprising, and realize that most of the city is now under military control
>you'll never desperately try to convince cafe girl to surrender, realizing the futility of your situation as the state legions realize that they can advance through your neighborhood without resistance

>you'll never start to climb down the stairs to surrender, only to see cafe girl try to line up one last shot through the doorway
>you'll never see your one true love shot and shoved asside before your weary eyes, as the foreign legion storms your house
>you'll never try desperately to catch one last glimpse of her as some algerian drags you through the streets, your throat raw from yelling her name

>you'll never have your hands inspected for gunpowder by a soldier who then points you towards a wall where your disarmed comrades are gathered
>you'll never spit in the face of an officer as he asks for your last words, and hold your chin high singing alongside your comrades as the soldiers line up their shots
>you'll never get cut off in the first verse, your vision darkening as horrible pains spread from your chest, and your hands come away crimson
>you'll never die a martyr's death
that looks exactly like museum island in germany. maybe you should have let hitler win
back when you could smoke on airplanes and tv and no one made a big deal about it
>You will never March all day with your bros in Russia in June/July 1941

That's all I really have for now.
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Top kek, oh man
I missed out on being a suffragette and will do nothing interesting with my life
>You will never be outnumbered and witly remark that this is an advantage to you before leading a mighty victory
Inb4 >witly
>you will never help diversify Detroit's economy
I know this fucking feel. I hope my ancestors from Hälsingland did Sweden proud.

If Sweden won that war, they could be huge and so based today.
Forgot pic
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>ywn come home from a flower war to your qt plain wife and eat tamales
>ywn capture fools to be sacrificed, literally doing the Gods' work to keep the world turning
>ywn use your macuahuitl to mow down fools
>ywn walk the streets or go down in the canals of the greatest city in the land, Tenochtitlan, a city built from the ground up in the center of a fucking lake
>ywn never wear your nextlvl jaguar skin fit to battle
baka desu senpai
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>you will never be a noble japanese samurai
>you will never wake up to a warm bowl of miso soup in the morning
>you will never spend the day sparring with your 2 trillion times folded pure steel katana
>you will never use the evening as a chance to relax, sipping noddles under a blossoming cherry tree as you bask in the sunset and write a haiku
>you will never return home to your castle, to be greeted by your harem of qt crossdressing japanese traps
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>You will never be part of the Old Guard who tried to protect the armee's retreat at Waterloo

Why live?
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>you will never bee a Sultan in Baghdad with a ostentatious palace and 50 concubines
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Did the Carthaginians really build harbors like that? That's really fucking neat. Where can I learn more about these?

More feels,
>ywn re enter the gates of your hillfort after ambushing a patrol of pansy ass romans
>ywn retire to your wood and sod hut with a cozy fire while it rains outside
>ywn have a communal dinner with the tribe and listen to the creation stories told by the druids
>ywn erect a barrow for your chief
>ywn take hallucinogens and charge naked into battle, slaughtering puny romans
>>You will never live in the Roman Empire during the pax romana and fuck whores, watch gladiator matches and kill dirty barbar with your fellow legionaries

Feels bad man.
>you will never defend The French Empire from the filthy Prussian invaders.
>you will never use your chassepot rifle against the prussian invader
>you will never charge against the prussians with a bayonnet attached to a rifle
>you will never kill comunists in the commune
As if you'll even be able to understand what the books and scrolls say
>You will never be a Byzantine Emperor, leading your army against the Seljuk barbarians, with your famously loyal Varangian guards ready to protect you with their lives
>You will never see the Black Death spread across Europe, and chronicle the plague for future historians
>You will never be an aristocrat fleeing France during the Revolution
>You will never be a member of the Portuguese court during the Peninsular War, fleeing en masse towards the colony of Brazil to escape the French
>You will never flee East Berlin with your lover, finding a way to get to the Free West in order to escape the harsh reality of communism

Born too late
>you will never be a simple farmer in the 13th century
>you will never raise your children to be upstanding, broad-shouldered catholics
>you will never be summoned by your lord to build a castle on the hill
>you will never slave day and night hauling and setting stone blocks with your sons
>you will never complete the herculean task and revel at the village feast
>you will never pick berries and secretly hunt your lord's waterfowl around a pond deep in the woods
>your simple wife will never swoon upon seeing real meat not on a holiday
>you will never teach your daughters to play the fiddle
>you will never see the torchlight and hear distant galloping hooves in the distance
>you will never run to the castle and sound the alarm
>you will never smell the dirty mongols and hear them curse as you as your family sits safe behind the castle walls
>you will never risk death tossing beehives at the eastern encampments
>your lord will never reward you for your heroism with a horse
>you will never set your eldest son off on the horse and in your most precious finery so that he can establish himself as a respectable member of the gentry in the capital
>you will never visit your son's castle when you are old and grey and begin to sob tears of joy upon seeing his prosperity
>you will never survive just long enough to see all your daughters running their own households and your grandchildren sent to the universities
>you will never die on linen sheets surrounded by half a dozen servants waiting to meet your great grandfather and hear his stories again

feels bad man
>You will never campaign with Alexander into the furthest reaches of the known world
>You will never charge in the glorious Companions wedge
You want to be jailed and made fun of in the newspapers?
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>You will never have a love like Alix and Nicky

Related personal feels:
>tfw I look similar to Nicholas, and exgf had physical similarities to Alix
>tfw thought it was fate.
Bump. Keep it alive
>you will never wear the red robes of a cardinal and enjoy a passionate orgy in the 1400s, followed by a 40-course feast with His Holiness and the holy whores

>you will never live in a society where literally everyones believes in a god or the gods and lives their lives with deep spirituality and emotions
>you will never feel small on the earth and have a sense of adventure and mystery toward your surroundings
>you will never believe in something greater than yourself the same way the Romans believed in Rome and the gods

the modern world is great but it is so soulless and divided.
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anton feelinikin.jpg
28KB, 220x318px
>not letting both of you be killed by commies so you can be together in Heaven
Apply yourself better, anon.

>ywn be with Alexander at Gaugamela
>ywn see the British Grand Fleet assembled, with a line of warships 26 miles line
>ywn see Jerusalem retaken by the Crusaders and swear an oath to defend pilgrims with your brother-knights
>ywn see previously unknown lands and bring back animals people had never seen before
>ywn see the charge of the Light Brigade
>ywn see the pyramids after they were done, covered in white limestone and topped with gold
>ywn fight as an adventurer in China during the 20's, coming back just in time to fight in Spain in the 30's
Kill me now.
The following is the account of Otto Sailer-Jackson, a 60 year old animal trainer turned Dresden Zoo inspector. Otto loved animals and described the moments following the raid as the most heart breaking thing he had ever had to do, and it haunted him:

'We did what we had to do, but it broke my heart. I collapsed physically and emotionally. Everything that happened after that, happened as if behind a veil. I was burnt out inside. I acted mechanically, as if I had no room for pain in my heart'

'The elephants gave spine-chilling screams, their house was still standing but an explosive bomb of terrific force landed behind it, lifted the dome of the house, turned it around, and put it back on again. The heavy iron doors had been completely bent, and the huge iron sliding doors which shut off the house form the terraces, had been completely lifted from its hinges. When I and some of the other men, including the elephant, warden Galle, managed to break into the elephant house, we found the stable empty.

For a moment we stood there helpless, but then the elephants told us where they were by their heart-breaking trumpeting. We rushed out onto the terrace again. The baby cow elephant was lying in the narrow barrier-moat on her back, her legs up to the sky. She had suffered severe stomach injuries and could not move.

A 90 cwt cow elephant had been flung clear across the barrier moat and fence by some terrific blast wave, and just stood there trembling. We had no choice but to leave these animals to their fate for the moment.'

'….In the same building as the hippos was the humanoid ape house. This also had been destroyed. Not a single ape could be seen, except for the gibbon, who crept out from under a corner. The creature held out it's hands to Sailer-Jackson, who saw that it had no hands, merely stumps. Haunted by the expression of suffering on it's face, he drew his pistol and shot the beast'
>society will never have an optimistic view of the future again
>children will never again dream of clusters of space stations and colonizing the stars
>those who suggest this will never be seen as embodying the actual future, but instead as promoting escapist fantasy
>dystopia and world war three will be the next generation's entire idea of what the future holds

it... it'll go out of style, right? The nuclear age will happen again, right? ;_;
File: 038___2i1pFQY.jpg (56KB, 451x633px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 451x633px
Old warden Lehmann went into the bear house while the flames roared up from it's roof. His favourite brown bear mother, who had two cubs, was still there, had been blinded by incendiary bombs. But she knew Lehmann's voice and let him to remove the cubs to safety…The female polar bear was there too, dreafully burned on the back by the thermite (or phosphorus) but covering and protecting her two cubs. Without making a sound, the mother kept the cubs pinned down with her huge paws so they could not run away and out into danger in the open. It would be a brave man who tried to take them away from her, but the old grey haired warden managed it. As the mother was in terrible agony she was dispatched with a pistol shot. Her cubs could have been reared from the bottle, but there was no milk in the ruins of Dresden, they soon died of hunger.'

The Devil's Tinderbox: Dresden, 1945, Alexander McKee (2000)
Don't succumb to capitalist despair-mongering anon, this is not the end of history, and humanity still has so far to go.

Fuck this one really gets me. I read Bernal Díaz's diary (conquistador under Cortes) as well as Cortes's account of the conquest of Mexico, and their descriptions of what Tenochtitlan was like are simply awe inspiring. It sounds like something straight out of Atlantis. This entire city built ON TOP OF A LAKE and adorned with the most splendid in gold, jewelry, fountains of chocolate, everything brightly painted. It is incredible that 500 Spanish mercenaries utterly decimated this entire empire with the help of a few hired/enslaved tribes they picked up along the way.
You will never be able to communicate instantly with other cats a thousand miles away or be able to use a device to order food cooked and delivered to your door along with any item you can imagine, you will never cross oceans in hours and see a hundred different cities in a lifetime. You will never enjoy living to 90, peace and general prosperity for the longest time in history whilst marvelling at the advancements in science and technology that come daily thick and fast.. You will neve....... Oh wait.
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My feels!!

I know this feeling. What I would have given to see the Statue of Zeus in its glory. Or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Or the Great Pyramid when it was brand new and adorned with gold and other things. Those would have brought me to my knees in awe were I a god-fearing peasant.
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>The creature held out it's hands to Sailer-Jackson, who saw that it had no hands, merely stumps.
That is a feel I never want to feel.
underrated post
>you will never set foot on alien shores with the landing party of Columbus.
>you will never fuck tahitian qts for nails and discover australia on the voyage of the endeavor
File: 1346705928836.gif (472KB, 500x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
472KB, 500x250px
Heavy feels.
>I will never be sailor during the age of colonisation and explore different cultures...

Why even live?
File: whaling 1.jpg (697KB, 2048x1438px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
whaling 1.jpg
697KB, 2048x1438px
>you will never sign on to a 19th century nantucket whaling vessel and travel the word
File: 1356897960105.png (81KB, 409x406px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 409x406px
>you will never experience living hellenism
>you will never be caught up in a dionysian revel or aphrodite sex party

I wish Julian had won
You will never ever live in Les Miserables finding your purpose in a hopeless world....

My god please someone send me back to Romantic Europe. I feel like crying nao
File: 1344316872795.jpg (244KB, 677x782px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
244KB, 677x782px
>you will never conquer hundreds of thousands of Indians with your party of 300 men and horses
>you will never ambush a redcoat column marching through the forest and scalp a fallen soldier after the action
>you will never be a privateer and legally go after other nation's cargo
>you will never duel an opponent in 18th century France
>you will never watch your Emperor strip off his Imperial regalia to look like a common soldier and lead you in a charge to certain death against the Ottoman hordes
>you will never be a mercenary in the 60-70s in Africa and participate in coups every other week
>you will never have a triumph held in your honor
>you will never snipe british soldiers out of the back of a van with your armalite
Actually an insightful retort
File: 1396023895030.jpg (29KB, 429x399px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 429x399px

you should seriously consider exploring what cultures exist today before they disappear. Things are going to change, and soon.

My father can tell me stories of what it was like in Soviet Russia but I'll never get to experience it for myself.

So get out there and observe and record so that you can inform future generations yourself
go to cuba man. i just got back, it really is a time warp. go now things are changing fast
Thanks buddy will go see.
Is it true that it's like ridiculously safe there? I heard that you can basically wander around by yourself at night and nothing will happen to you, vastly unlike the other island nations.
as dirty and bloodthirsty as the pagans were

i know this feel. it would have been like seeing an alien city
idk man not exactly. i met other tourists who got robbed. it is statistically safer than say, mexico.
you will get harassed constantly for handouts or to buy cigars or whatever. people try to scam you all the time. thats what americans think everywhere in the developing world is like, but in cuba its really true. the worst place ive ever been in that aspect
baka desu senpai, the aztecs were furries
They actually were a bit like otherkin. Trying to BE the jaguar in battle and whatnot.
They just had swagger
File: image.jpg (351KB, 1920x1195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
351KB, 1920x1195px
>you will never barely escape the hell fires of Pompeii
>you'll never know the feeling of living a life without a nihilistoc outlook and utter lack of true purpose like a viking raider looking to please Odin with his exploits
>you'll never walk to streets of Rome during the reign of Trajan as a wealthy senator enjoying the splendours of Roman life
>You will never be a knight of a medival European power with your passion and purpose being that of making yourself into the greatest swordsman of all time and a loyal servant of your honourable leige lord
>You'll never be an elite member of the Varrangian guard during the height of the byzantine empire.
File: image.jpg (2MB, 3050x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3050x2000px
>you will never sing folk songs with your brothers
>you will never read all the the scrolls in the Library of Alexanderia before the religionfags fuck shit up
>you never ask Hypatia all kinds of questions before she got murdered by christfags
>you will never seek the wisdom of the hundred schools before the First Emperor of China fuck their shit up
>you will never join the good fight in both revolutions
>you will never meet Tesla
Feels bad man
File: dzUm1NQ.png (194KB, 1251x585px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194KB, 1251x585px
File: repin005a_opt_tif.jpg (243KB, 717x797px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
243KB, 717x797px
>You will never look into her eyes as they light the pyre and tell her everything is going to be ok.
>tfw it haunts my dreams
you have to keep in mind that a lot of that stuff (or at least Cortes's stuff) was written to inspire the Spaniards at home to send more troops and money to help his mission
Still, even if all of Cortes's gold was mud and everything embellished it would be rad
>500 Spanish mercenaries utterly decimated this entire empire
And two years of smallpox
> with the help of a few hired/enslaved tribes they picked up along the way.
Literally an army of thousands, that carried Cortes's ships into the lake
>Apply yourself better, anon.
What? I mean, in a marriage scenario, I wouldn't want to live without her.
someone watched agora... christfags didnt burn the library. they probably did kill hypatia
File: giphy (3).gif (394KB, 300x232px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
giphy (3).gif
394KB, 300x232px
>tfw isis is destroying historical sites and artifacts
unless the Russians invade again, but that's not gonna happen
File: AlexDelarge.png (526KB, 459x886px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
526KB, 459x886px
>You will never be an empire again
A counter-feel to both the people talking about Detroit and the Saffer-Rhodie wank-fest

>tfw you CAN go to Detroit, set up a farm, hire locals to work it, stimulate the economy and defend your land with zeal.
File: large_roman_home.jpg (255KB, 727x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
255KB, 727x600px
>You will never engage in socially acceptable pederasty with a qt roman boy.
File: Jackchurchill[1].jpg (52KB, 379x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 379x384px
>you'll never fight in WW2 with a broadsword and a bow
>you'll never play "Will Ye No Come Back Again" on your bagpipe while your comrades are being hit by mortar shells
Right now is the time to do that. You can buy livable comes for dirt cheap right now, and in decent parts of town. Apparently the arts are making a comeback because of cheap living for artsy types who normally would have to live a much more meager lifestyle in the rest of the states.
On topic:
>tfw Paris is too expensive to live there as a writer just selling newspaper article on occasion
File: 1433467201043.jpg (61KB, 380x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 380x380px
>best warrior king
Fucking Swedes are the worst posters on this board
File: 1406823173454.jpg (136KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136KB, 800x600px
>you exist in the present with information on any topic instantly accessible at any time almost anywhere via the vast evergrowing omnipresent nexus of data for humanity by humanity
>you can choose to walk alone, unrecognizable amongst the largest sustainable population possible on earth with the knowledge that you could likely tech yourself to do anything and get anywhere with the right time and tools
>you will never have a simple wife and grow corn

>you will never live to see the restoration of the french monarchy while you're persecuted as a Bonapartist
>you will never see the France's monarchy abolished once and for all in 1848, and Napoleon III take the French Presidency
Well, It was on an island in the lake. It's not like they made the island.
>you will never die hopelessly defending Berlin from marxist hords, knowing Europe has already lost the war
File: 1423183679001.jpg (168KB, 640x744px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168KB, 640x744px
>you will never watch a public human sacrifice
>you will never be a landed gentleman
>you will never own slaves
>never be in a cavalry charge.
Its called a Cothon
There is a magical place where your dreams can still come true anon
>you will never sail up the Congo and build yourself an empire

that's not sacrifice, it's pointless bloodshed. I want to hear the "victim" in ceremonial splendor recite a hymn pleading to the gods on behalf of mankind, I want to see his istli reunited with the sun, I want to feel relieved knowing that my community has helped repay its blood debt to the universe which gave us life.
File: that 1453 feel.png (1MB, 1062x764px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
that 1453 feel.png
1MB, 1062x764px
>you will never take communion in the Hagia Sophia
>you will never see armies of 10000's of men clash
>ywn be an American officer during the revolutionary war, kicking out the the king and witnessing the birth of the first true democracy in the world as you return to your family plantation
>ywn be an ambitious Italian count, rising to greatness with your charisma and intelligence by intrigue and war, eventually uniting Italy under your royal banner
>ywn beat tge shit out of the bolsheviks in the October revollution to witbess Russia rise to greatness as a democracy
>ywn love Ceaser to death as you slay celts side by side with him in Alesia, then bringing his enlightement into Rome
>You will never be an American student attending the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, living in Bohemian Montmartre

There are literally people like that right now.
File: KarjalaPere.jpg (46KB, 529x408px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 529x408px
>ywn be a medium sized farm owner in a Baltic Finnic Ingria, near Ladoga
>ywn start plowing your fields when the village shaman tells you it's the right time
>ywn participate in the fertility rituals where bagpipes screech, everyone is drinking home-made beer and your beautiful wife is dancing and singing the ancient runo's
>ywn go with your eldest son to a trade trip to Khazarian capitol of Itel
>ywn sail your boat down the Volga and rest in the villages where people speak a foreign but kind of related language
>ywn see your son have his first romance with a red-haired Permic girl
>ywn fight against the raiding steppe nomads in a Mokshan village where you are staying for the night
>ywnsell your furs and amber in exchange of iron and silver in Itel
>ywn come back to your village as a wealthy and wise man and have enough resources to dry off the neighbouring swamp into fields
>ywn understand the threat of Slavs and Scandinavians creating strongholds next to the important waterways
>ywn never die as the elder of your clan and make your descendants swear to uphold your ancestors and gods on your deathbed
File: matthew.png (283KB, 439x376px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
283KB, 439x376px
>ywn be decapitated and still give some namby-pamby Byzaboo shitmouth from beyond the grave
>You will never be part of the Roman legions
>you will never serve under Suetonius in his conquest of Britain
>you and your Roman drinking buddies will never rape Boudica and her daughters and a a jolly fun time.
>you will never defeat 200,000 British barbarians with only the skill and determination of 10000 Roman veterans.
>you will never return to the great city of Rome at its height to be a hero
>Tacitus and dio Cassius will never write about your epic exploits
Why even live
Intense and feel'y
>you will never destroy Carthage

>You and your two Native American princesses will never have a cabin on the edge of a great forest.
>You will never grow crops in the mild months, and trap/hunt together in the fall/winter.
>You will never have kids with both of them.
>You will never defend your homestead from hostile natives bent on killing you and raping your wives and children.
>You will never trade your pelts for goods at Rendezvous or forts.
>You will never raise your children in the ways of a mountain man.
>You will never see your homestead evolve into a small community of trappers, traders, and friendly natives.
>You will never bury one of your wives after she dies of tuberculosis.
>You will never bury six of your kids due to childhood illness.
>You will never die at the age of 70 surrounded by friends and family.
>They will never know the things you've felt, and seen while caving out a existence and in taming this wild land.
>Bankers and the railroad owners will change everything within a few years.
>Towns will spread over your lands.
>Your simple wooden grave will rot away.
>A subdivision will be built over your grave.

All these things will be lost in time, like tears...in...rain.

I though Caesar burned the library by accident? Or was it Augustus?
>you will never be a young Russian man, sniping at Germans in the ruins of Stalingrad and living off belt leather stew
>you will never live in the glory days of East German socialism, wait for three years for the state to build you a car for your family. You will never watch with a tear in your eye as Sigmund Jähn sails in to space

>you will never serve as a man-at-arms under Stannis Baratheon, taking dragonstone from the targaryens or smashing the iron fleet

Why even live lads
File: 1392460533659.jpg (387KB, 1563x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
387KB, 1563x1200px
Celts almost never wrote anything down, much of their way of life is forever unknown

>you will never save carthage, or at least save their libraries and written records
>you will never go in to battle with your clan wearing your favorite flannel
File: carthage.jpg (145KB, 800x507px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145KB, 800x507px
>Did the Carthaginians really build harbors like that?

here u go
>you will never be nearly overrun at incheon
>you will never tell your squad to leave you behind while you cover their retreat
>you will never give someone a letter and tell him to give it to your dad
>you will never turn towards your fifty call as your squad leaves, lock and load it, and prepare to die
>you will never fire rounds at the gooks horde until you run out of ammo
>you will never be found when your company retake the hill
>you will never be found surrounded by several nork corpses, clutching a bloody shovel

I'll probably just die in bed like a faggot
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