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RAM / MB compatibility?

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I've got a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI motherboard, and 16 gigs of Corsair Vengeance Ram. DDR31600mhz. Pic related.

On the board you the slots. . .


1 and 2 are grey, 3 and 4 are black.

My problem is that with this ram it will only post if they are in slots 2 and 4, or a black and grey. I can't get it to post with the ram in the same color slots. So i can only get it to post in single channel mode.

Is my RAM not compatible?
This should be in the /sqt/
Fucking check your motherboard's manual you dipshit.
>/g/ customer support
update bios. did you try to turn on/off xmp? also check timings manually, they should be on corsair site

I'm using 4790k/16GB vengeance 2133c11/z97x-ud5h-bk and have zero problems
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Yeah I tried the XMP.

So I think I found the problem on their website. They make a quad/dual version of this memory, and then there is the ones I have.

Looks like I got to return this for the dual channel stuff.
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that's not the solution.

keep trying fam

you sho bout dat?

i could get some other memory i know that is dual channel from another computer and pop that in and see.
if dual channel doesn't work either your mainboard is fucked or you bent a pin.

more realistically you're too stupid to set it up correctly.

It's a new board.

Bent a pin?
a pin in the CPU socket.

put a ram in slot DDR3_1,boot into bios,enable XMP, shut off, put second ram in slot DDR3_2. shit should work.
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so does it look like there is a bent pin? i think my board came fucked.
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there's at least 1 bent pin on the right lower corner of the inner plastic frame
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for your viewing pleasure

could still be that it was a redundant pin and it will work if you set it up like I told you here >>50810887

Thats what I thought. Good thing I took these pics before install.

I'm going to take the motherboard back and get a replacement.
How do you think this happened? Nothing touched the socket except for when I gently placed the CPU on it. Is it common for boards to ship with a bent CPU?
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>before install

you already had your CPU in it and were trying to figure out if it would post.

probably your clumsy ass. it can happen in production but it's really rare. there's a very real chance your vendor will decline the RMA because manufacturers won't fix it due to it being a mechanical defect that's not covered by warranty. if they take it back it's out of pure goodwill or because they will just bend it back and sell it to the next chump.
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