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Too may singular threads and the old general is at 317

I'm thinking of bleaching my hair. Would it look retarded?
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die it dark brown
I dig your hair. What's your shampoo/conditioner and styling routine, if any?
do it, you're good looking enough to pull it off

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rate eachother, help eachother improve :)
meme model picrel
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cara sure is beautiful think her lower third lets her down a bit
she really has such an incredible face.

too bad she has the body of a skinny teenage boy
She looks much older her real age like 30 or 35.
And then I saw her with no make up I nearly threw up

I want to buy these sneakers, but they looks really big and im too skinny (60Kg 1.81M) i think im gonna look like a clown with that shoes. the other option is the shitty chuck taylor. what do you think guys cop or not?
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Go chuck 2s if youre skinny ramones will just be too disporportionate.
I'm 5'5 and just copped geos im I really this fucking retarded fuck
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>no watch thread
watch thread
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I bet you dont even dive with your rolex
Those fucking bezels trigger me in case you didn't notice.
>for demonstration purposes we have put the watch on a chimpanzee
Gousset Watchs ?

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Instagram Thread

Post instas, rate instas, luv instas
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what is /fa/s favorite brand of jeans? pic related is my favorite, give reason

>look good
if you're going to post levis don't even bother, i don't want to hear about your "cheap" shit jeans
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helmut lang obv
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>high waist
>stiff, durable workwear fabric

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Do it yourself/ re-purposing general

"I will definitly be original with my dyed flecktarn" edition

Anything about making your own clothes, customizing and/or tailoring goes here. Talk about your projects. Ask Questions. Share information. Help each other out.

(if you think the pastebin lacks any information, just ask)
Japanese magazines, just in case you need them

last thread:
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seriously? nothing?
For the anon in the last thread: it's for Amazon.co.jp
And it works, cuz people are using it
Some links are down

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i hate this merge.

fit+lit worked well because even when their interests are very different, they both share the enthusiasm for achievement, they both pursue excellence at what they do, they both need full dedication and involvement in their hobbies.

/p/s interest is becoming a better photographer. /fa/s only interest is consumerism, nigger trends, autistic trends, and homo trends. they are a joke of a board and should be deleted asap.
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this board merge sucks, well guess its finally time to leave 4chan for good
nobody likes you, /p/.
This is what you guys get for not being more cancerous.

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fuck I am.png
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>colored contacts
What are you, 12?
template you fag
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Gonna provide one because op is a drooling retard which is appropriate for his fashion sense

My parents are getting me a car, and this is the one I want, is it /fa/ or not, and suggest other /fa/ cars
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No this is...forget that peice of shit
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Austeeeezy on IG.jpg
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This is the choice you want. You've thought about it. Your parents may like that it is modern and has some safety features.

You will not consider other options. They are too old or obscure and your parents will not get you it.

Just go off on your life with your life. Don't waste your time on fashion, style, cars, or 4chan.

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