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This is the best combination on 4chan right now.

This needs to be a real board.
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Would be great honestly
/fa/ would have decent threads finally
P posters are fucking retarded

>look at what I'm wearing guize


/p/ /fa/ thread.

What sort of shit do you wear when you're going out to take photos? Do you have a special photography vest covered in pockets to store shit in, like a walking stereotype? Do you dress a particular way, or just dress like you usually do?

Post your photography outfit(s) AND the sort of photos you take. I would imagine that a landscape photographer who gets the shot only after hiking all day has a very different experience from a street photographer who needs to blend into a crowd.
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nobody is going to have a uniform that they wear every time they go out.

personally what i wear depends on whether i want to blend in with people in the area. sometimes i dress up a little more formally, so that im believable as a "photographer" as opposed to just a pervert creeping around with a camera.
Photographers hate being noticed, so naturally they'd try to look the least like a tourist as possible. If they're in a city, they're going to try to blend if the crowd, if they're hiking they're going to dress like any other hiker (why wouldn't they). A landscape photographer isn't going to look like some suburbanite faggot walking in the woods with a T-shirt, sneakers and jeans, unless they seriously couldn't care less what other people think of them.
What do you mean by "more formal" clothes?

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Whats wrong with my ears and how do i fix them?
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Are you a ching chong?
live long and prosper, OP
You have the pointy ear type, and the outer ridge is flat.
Perhaps it is this:
scaphoid ear deformity

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LAST THREAD >>12342369
BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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>low quality image
I worked so hard for you, OP.
I'm sorrey
Bleu de Chanel EDT vs EDP

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What are these sunglasses called? I'm hoping to snag me a pair off of Amazon for cheap
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W2c general? Where can I buy
>>pic related
Unworn? I'll accept fakes/reps at this point. Raf x adidas super trekker 1

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who's your favorite fashion photographer, /fap/?

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This guys a tool and his pictures are shit plus he has a very punchable face. Whats his appeal?
hedi slimane

How the fuck did they get this swooping shot in the Humble music video?

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Computer controlled robotic arm with a camera on the end. They're becoming increasingly common, especially since they can infinitely reproduce tricky shots just like the one in this music video.

Check out what it's like when you combine it with slow motion.

i was about to make a post about this too!

that was what i guessed.
When i was in my teens the film clip for 1979 from the smashing pumpkins featured a shot of a toilet roll being thrown and sailing through the air with the camera facing the front of the roll. i always wondered how they did that shot back then in the mid 90s.

>go lunch
>come back to this fucking merge
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i guess looking at a calendar isn't very fashionable
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doesn't matter, saturday is my chill on /fa/ with some good music day and coffee
same im so fuckin confused
fug off /p/

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I love street shoes but I'm being forced to buy leather shoes for "fancier" occasions. I can't really think of any leather shoe that is anywhere close to being as comfy and looking as good as a street shoe/minimalist sneaker. Do you have any suggestions?
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Red Wings or Clarks

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Converse or PF Flyers?

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Lens Aperturef/16.0
Exposure Bias0 EV
Metering ModeAverage
FlashNo Flash
Focal Length50.00 mm
Color Space InformationUncalibrated
Image Width1181
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Exposure ModeManual
White BalanceManual
Scene Capture TypeStandard
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PF Flyers
I've worn both but now only purchase PF Flyers because they're actually comfortable.

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