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I have always been doubtful about that subject, would mating in this species be painful and sometimes traumatic?, biologically they would have spines in ther penis as a result of inheriting them from not one but 2 more receptive and compatible DNA, because we humans males had them but lost them, wouldn't catboys would have a barbed penis, making sex painful and quick with a catgirl?.
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Theres already a thread for this. Check the catalog before you post.

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think about it, naturally a cat in heat needs pain to cause ovulation, in this case, a barbed penis makes her produce ovums and get pregnant.
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I'm not talking about the fake ones but the biological ones, the ones that were born with cat parts.

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You must follow through with the /d/are below yours. Does not need to be in an image like this, you can make up your own stuff for people to do.
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Could you post an example, OP?
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Put your penis into a Chasity cage and throw the key away
Fuck yourself in the ass until you get an anal orgasm. You cant touch your dick

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Last one hit the image limit, so here's another one. As always, here are the rules: no males, no TFs, (muscle growth is an exception.) futa is allowed.

Last thread: >>686139
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Anymore like this?
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You need to post more in an OP, but I wanna see this thread get going so i'll help ya out.

Is it degenerate that I want a gf who enjoys dressing me up in girly clothes and forcing me into having degrading submissive sex where I'm the girl?
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if the answer is always going to be yes to that sorta question, and you're trying to turn someone (possibly yourself) on, you should really go full turkey and activate write fag mod.
didn't you know? the /d/ stands for degenerate.
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You seem to have a sissy fetish. Welcome to /d/. If you want to talk about fetishes please post porn while you do so.

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Welcome to Minotaur-Chan's labyrinth of carnal liberation where every one of your fantasies is just waiting to come true, where flesh can take whatever form pleasure seeks and all senses are forever drowning in a sea of intoxicating lust. The old gods smile fondly upon this forgotten den of debauchery and if your virility and endurance lasts you may yet still return home, however should you fail as a man you may find yourself another carnal attraction for the next soul foolish enough to traverse these eldritch halls.

From Monster Girls to Tentacles, be it supernatural or fantasy, it's all here waiting to test the limits of your flesh and your worth as a male.
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It should also be noted that no female who has ever entered the labyrinth has done so without being forever changed, their bodies changed by the lustful temptations which lie within.

How will you measure up to the challenges ahead?
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1MB, 1300x1062px

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This stuff is really hard to find, and it is absolutely my jam.

Help me out, /d/
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I'm curious, does anyone else have any teeth-related fetishes?

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Alright deviants, time to share some fantasies.

Mine is to be taken in by some dominant female or trap; then kept, loved while being locked in chastity as they slowly change me. I want them to force me to workout, to become stronger, to push my body to its natural limit, for no other reason than it makes them happy. The chastity is the ‘stick’ while the love would be the ‘carrot’, to keep me on track. I would only be allowed an orgasm for breaking personal bests and the like.

All the while, while I’m training, I’d be the house-husband. Stay at home, kept nude if possible or minimally clothed if not, keep the house clean, pamper them because I can, then submitting to them because I want to. I want to give them control over a man who is strong enough to break chains, but accepts theirs lovingly.

Pic semi-related: Would totally sub to trap-Nagisa
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For a decent looking/not mean woman to love me, even with all of my flaws, and not even dream of leaving me for someone much better.
For a decent human being to talk

Mine is to find a kind hearted girl that loves videogames and staying most of the free time at home and that would be willing to spend the rest of her lifetime with me.

Bonus points for having thick legs and big boobs and loves to do exercise with me.
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>fapping to weird shit because you can't get real life vanilla
I know how you feel
I wouldn't mind finding a fit girl to take interest in my fat ass though.

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Girls get all the fun when it comes to getting fucked by monsters. Guys should get some fun too!

>Post anything with a guy and plants, aliens, demons, etc.
>Avoid monster girls. There's already threads for that.
>Avoid obviously gay pics (i.e. the guy getting dicked by the monster).
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3 (1).jpg
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Previous thread >>6873623
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Anyone have the webm of that scene
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Being nice to the tiny people edition

Previous Thread: >>6840671
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There's hardly any good giant male art out there it seems like
I see people liking catboys.
Have a bunnyboy.
Oh dang, do you havethe source? This character is cute as fuck

>tfw a giant adorable as fuck boy will never shrink you down to the size of a crumb, and get a good laugh out of innocently toying around with you

CFNM thread
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CFNL thread
CNFL thread

Old thread's gone and made her way to page 10, so here's a new one for all your stretchy guy/gal needs.

I'll admit my own vault of content is limited, but I'll post up what I have to get us started.
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Already a new thread:
File: 1399436344022.jpg (51KB, 240x320px)Image search: [Google]
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