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Last one hit image limit.
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You show your school spirit!
Your new girlfriend seems awfully possessive!

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Basically anything that is not same size, giantess, or peepee vore is okay in here.
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This is something I've honestly pondered for a long time. Where do you all get your material/where do you go to fap? Only here on /d/? So far for me it's mainly been that, and sometimes tumblr. What does everyone use to get their fapping matieral, or just flat out go to masturbate?
Anyway, /d/ general, or might as well theme this thread to masturbation.
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Last OP was so bad they removed the thread.

Link to old thread in the next post.
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Damn, they nuked the old thread too. They 404'd it all!
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I've been trying to find a certain image of a loli denying the male from ejaculating inside of her, and because her tail is wrapped around his penis, he ends up ejaculating into his bladder indicated by x-ray. Of course, any images of injaculation (retrograde ejaculation) are welcome as it is a rarely drawn fetish.
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What the fuck man
This is not a request board. Post several more than just the OP pic to make a proper thread, or get out.
Apologies. Tried to find some images to go along with the thread, but the fetish just isn't drawn almost at all. Feel free to delete if the thread isn't able to carry on.

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Futa of each Kind
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Futa and men accepted
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Stinkier and grosser the better

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Last thread was archived. Gonna post the half-finished OC from the last bit of the old thread so we can continue it.
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shit i fucked up the thread title
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oh well

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Minus doesn't seem to work anymore and all my galleries are empty now so I'll just be sticking to Mega and and 8 chan's /d/ section, especially for new captions.

Requests are also still closed since I already have thousands of images that I really want to work on. Caption requests for specific images are still okay, but please suggest a few lines of text or dialogue that you might like to see to help me get started. Themed requests that aren't for specific images you really don't have to do since I'm already hoping to eventually do more of -everything- <3 In the meantime I hope that some of these can help you to cum harder and more often!
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New Mega:

New Mogudan gallery with non-dickgirl decensors and recolours:

Other links:
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Some of the things I've written. So many are unfinished, but I might sometime get in the mood to write here and there I hope. Also I'm very sorry for how badly written they are.

http://pastebin.com/QHbFu9hp - Elzi Animorphs Ero-Dream 1
http://pastebin.com/9YDzAQnH - Elzi's /d/reamverse so far
http://pastebin.com/5iuWGUsm - (Unfinished) /d/reamverse write out for Mirage Lady first dream
http://pastebin.com/Q4MnTTzd - Male Pregnancy and shemale monsters in Elzi Dreams

http://pastebin.com/ia5ac8vi - NTR Wicked foster son dreams.
http://pastebin.com/Agh7d2HL - NTR Nasty Cuckolding Chatlogs with Master H.
http://pastebin.com/wEwsGkGt - NTR Dreams
http://pastebin.com/sU14Tu8w - Sex Doll Factory Dream.
http://pastebin.com/MXsd1V8T - Bi Guys Sex Dream.
http://pastebin.com/YekZMkjc - A Couple Odd Dreams
http://pastebin.com/r55hPMCV - The Thing dream chatlog **VERY DISTURBING/WEIRD**
http://pastebin.com/Cvf8rXUW - Poor Hunk in a Tentacle filled wheatfield dream -**Tentacle-on-male heavy, Urethra play, possibly VERY painful for males to read*
http://pastebin.com/ButDCaUU - A Global Male Change fantasy~
http://pastebin.com/pyuDZC4j - Cock Absorption-ish Succubus dream~
http://pastebin.com/HjBEtLbE - Blissgasm fuckmonster dream
http://pastebin.com/mpnLYPaB - Fuckmonster Sports.
http://pastebin.com/Xg8fnUZF - Ghost Ancestors Little Bit.
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Elven_Dickgirl Edit_0190_2b.png
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Hey guys trying to edit nudity in to this how would you say it looks so far
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Original image
Not bad, but not fantastic. Possibly because something seems off about the shadows on the crotch area, maybe the square of light. Nice work so far though, good luck getting it perfected.
another tip would be to color pick the lineart and use a slightly smoother brush

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WG Expansion Comics
Breast Expansion/Ass/ Welcome.
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Reviving this nice thread.
C'mon man
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Prehensiles preferred.
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Femdom where the girl is just cold and ruthless, she's not smiling or making seductive poses, she's just being calm and expressionless as she's tormenting a guy. She could also just be an unfeeling android, just has to be a kuudere dom.
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