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I know we have a thread but it reached the maximum images
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Welp time for another monstergirls thread. Post them Monstergirls/Mamono sexually assaulting and or raping defenseless young human men.

Bonus for any christmas themed ones.

>Previous thread:
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Time stop 1:

Time Stop 2.0:

Time Stop 3.0:

Time Stop 3.5:

Time Stop 4.5:

Time Stop 5.5:

Time Stop 6.0:

Time stop and Freeze 7.0:
Time stop and Freeze 8.0:
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Name: [Time Stop] In the Homes of Unresisting Women


Shared by Otaku_Man_84
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The right name is:
Time Stop! Fast Food Dine and Grind and Gapeface and Peace Signs!

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can we get some not ridiculously big shit too? like mini giant i guess?
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Nah that's boring
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I wish there was more stuff with giants in pools. The idea of getting to swim around someone's huge body and climb onto him to relax is hot as hell.

Being normal size in the bath with a shrunken person is good too.

The world is suddenly changing. New races are forming suddenly with no reason as to why. Some people stay as human, but it's rather uncomon to see no changes within yourself at all. This is a globalisation thread. In here you will create a single race at a time that affects a fraction of the earth's population. Go into as much detail as you want and if need be take up multiple posts. Nothing else changes suddenly in the world other than transitioning into said new race. From there it's up to society how they want to react.

Tips: Talk about how it physically changes a human. Explain what that human may have to adjust to. Explain changes to their overall physical capabilities, and how this may affect them sexually or socially. How long will it take for the changes to take affect? Is their variation within the race?
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Over the course of a month your body starts changing unnaturally with oncomings of mood swings, increased appetite, and sexual desire. At first your skin unsaturates becoming smooth and greying out with only a tint of colour that best reflects your personality. Your hair along with your skin begins to whiten contrasting strongly against your new skin tone. In time you find yourself producing more saliva as your tongue begins to elongate and with that it becomes difficult to talk properly and your eyes begin to change becoming more snake like in appearance taking on a more vibrant if not unnatural colour. As for your mouth which now begins to push out your old teeth in favour of new sharper ones with more pronounced canine teeth, that along with you change in saliva and tongue size makes it difficult to speak properly. You'll need practice if you don't want to sound like a complete ditz. Your ears also begin to sharpen and elongate into elf like ear shapes becoming more sensitive to sounds in the process.

Along with these comparibal minor changes your body type and features begin to shift, and at times it can be quite painful until you eventually grow out your spine to accommodate your newly forming tail. This greatly affects your balance, especially because along with the tail your feet also begin to change at the same time elongating with each individual toe becoming more dexterous. Similarly your fingers become extend as well tapering into sharp tips along with hardened sharpened nails. It's becoming clear you're becoming demonic or dragon like in appearance as your head begins to sprout protrusion from either side of your forehead or above taking on a unique shape to yourself to form hardened horns.
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Along with all the mentioned physical changes your body if you are male forms a vagina underneath your ballsack around the line of your taint. You also find that your pecks are becoming more feminine in shape and your hips widening and smooth as your ass takes on more weight and shapely figure. You'll have to work out if you wish to maintain a masculine appearance despite the vagina.

If you are female you find that your clit begins to expand become far more sensitive than a regular penis would be given where it is growing from. As your penis begins to form pushing upwards between your dick and the rest of your pussy you begin to grow balls. Much like the males who change your hips begin to widen with your ass filling out into a much more pronounced shape. As well your breast take on a larger size depending on your weight as the fat in your body begins to shift your fat to areas like your hips, ass and breast for a perfect hourglass figure. Overall you find it much easier to gain muscles but despite how much you try your hips and ass will stay wide and the increased bust size stays larger and may continue to grow if you allow yourself to put on weight.

In rare cases men will not grow pussies, and may even see increased ball and penis size. Even rarer will they loose their man bits completely only to have become fully female. Previous females like males the equivalent can happen, and like them their attributes can elargen uncommonly so be it all of there attributes, some, or one.

Examples of such; hermaphrodites with extremely large balls but average in all their other attributes. Or a previous male who lost their male bites only to grow a pussy which then puffs out ludicrously so becoming soppy wet just brushing against their clothes. Or someone with extremely small or large attributes in all areas sexual areas of their body. Even something as minor as large hardened tits that elongate and widen as big as thumbs or larger. It's all dependant on the person's inner desires and preferences even if they find it hard to outwardly admit them.

Overall you become a more hardy race as a whole finding it easier to gain muscle, and are more dexterous despite your added velomtuious hip size. It will take some time to get used to and you may stumble and trip over your tail along the way, but your tail, teeth, and nails can become your natural weapons if you focus on learning how to work your body.

As well you find yourself more akin to night life as your eyes become more sensitive to light, but overall you are fantastic at navigating in the dark with enhanced low light vision and increased sensory range. If you want to function during the day buy some shades and or goggles. As a downfall hang overs are much much worse to deal with as a result to your sensitivity to light and sound.

After all the changes only does your mood swings go away after the, but with that you may find yourself a changed person or living with some challenges given your increased lust and how you may be more easially physically stimulated from light touches.

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I didn't see a futa on futa thread so I shall start this one off!
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You have struck a chord deep within my erection. I'll look for some good shit to add to this thread.
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Post Milfs, characters turning into milf, and milf tg material, also stories are welcome
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I support you, OP.
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It's missing the fourth stage where the new author turns her flat as a board.

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Enormous pregnant bellies go right here.
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Didn't see one up in the catalog.

Also starting this thread with a story happening right now to me, which is the reason I'm actually bothering to begin one:

So my fiance decided that to start off the new year, she's going to do something that she thought would have been funny for a long time, but never had the chance to do while living with her parents. Go as long as she can without showering while she doesn't have work, so be funny and say "I haven't had a shower since last year."

It's the 2nd day now, she last took a shower on New Years Eve, and her pits are definitely starting to smell a bit. I even helped her wash her hair all salon style in the sink, since she at least wanted to do that.

Will keep the thread updated with anything we do that might be appreciated here.
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She just mentioned to me to add that the other reason is that prior to this, she hasn't washed her hair for 5 days because it's been too cold (our heating isn't the best).
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Hard to find content for this fetish, post what you got.
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Girls with animal/ weird cocks GO!
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A thread for girls with a gurgling tummy. Hungry, gassy, upset, all are welcomed!
Last one someone made was pretty lame cause OP didn't contribute, so I decided to see what'd happen if we did it right.
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Computer's being slow, sorry if there are delays.
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Invisibility + emotionless sex + elements of time stop = diamonds

Dumping a bunch of doujins for this obscure fetish
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So I just found out my fetish is "Worship"

I want to be treated like a servant to a God.
I wanna ritually sacrifice myself on an altar or some shit. Prolly without the death and with more sex.
Is there a name for this fetish?
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I don't know if there's a name for it, but if you're interested in some particular characters, and a literal interpretation, some of the fan stuff for the video game The World Ends With You might be to your liking. Especially if you enjoy cross-dressing.
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Can't think of a name for it, though the general concept comes up sometimes in BDSM. Not the ritual sacrifice part, except in more extreme examples.

Does the God have to be human? Do Lovecraftian gods do anything to your willy?

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