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Futa on Femboy
Because if it's getting fucked
Let's make him cute
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Can we get an invisible girl thread going? I haven't seen that on /d/ in a while...
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Posts invisigirl with no dick.
>Fuck off back to /h
>posts invisi girl with no dick

she's invisible, dick implied
>this is /d/ after all

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Piss in mouth/face
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So it finally happened.

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Sadly I can get in g.e hentai but not ex

>those tags

shame on you op
But why is watamote black?

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Okay /d/ time from a break from your regular schedule of futas!
I'd like to have a fetish discussion thread, that is I wanna hear what appeals you to certain fetishes.

Cock vore
shape change

Any light you can shine on things I'd appreciate and feel free to post your own questions!
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Madoka a whore.jpg
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>a break from your regular schedule of futas
I don't see general futa threads so

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Thread for images depicting conjoined chicks

dudes welcome too, I guess
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We took too long without one of these. You know what to do.
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Hell yes.

Merry Christmas my favourite fetish!
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all kinds of parasites welcomed
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i love this game

Fingering, dildos, pegging. Anything where a boy takes it up the butt. Personally I would like to see solo boys but anything is fine.
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Looking for pussies and assholes overflowing with cum. Bonus points for receivers that look satisfied/happy. All genders welcome (including trap and shemale)!
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Quality edits and original art welcome!
Discord for discussion and pics, join in!: https://discord.gg/GnX2Cej
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Fap in the same pose and the same way (or as close to possible) as the pic below yours. Feel free to add/ask for rules to follow.
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yes master
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old thread

bouncy booby castle edition
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Need some help, I remember playing through GBA / Giant bishoujo Adventure and remember some event where the main white haired soldier character gets enlarged and decides to vore a city.

Anyone know what part of the story i'm talking about or did I vividly make this up from a dream or something?
someone edited the game and added that in along with some poser stuff, it's not part of the actual game and if that guy is still around he hasn't said anything about doing any more with it
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I don't quite sure. I know a few people who I used to make commissions with. Unless I come across some of better options it gonna be them. BTW who draws those two chubby Nanami? Those arts are so adorable.

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I need your help! A few hours ago I've seen a super hot art in 4ch archive, but Chrome crashed and didn't saved the history.
It was picture in soft style. There was white background and dickgirl with little rag condom on her big dick. She has small tits with big sexy nipples and strange dress. I've seen near 6 pictures from this artist on gelbooru.com, but now can't find it. It's very similar to this picture. Help me, please!
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This it?
Yeah! Thank you a lot! You're my hero)
who is the artist?

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Post futa gifs.
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