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Horrible Spongebob ideas thread #2

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Last one was funny as fuck, so let's get a new one going.
I'll start.
>Mrs Puff takes Pearl for boating lessons
>Spongebob mistakes it for a new Krusty Krab delivery service and takes control of the boat
>Hilarity ensues
>Larry the Lobster is accused of doping
>Squidward kills himself
>Spongebob delivers the eulogy
>hilarity ensues
(although, i'm sure this idea already came up)
>Squidward buys a fedora
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>spongebob discovers 4chan and is really upset with what he finds there
then he starts liking it
>Patrick visits the fishing hooks area again
>Gets caught and anally probed by the fishermen.
>spongebob realizes that sandy is constantly walking around half naked and thinks she's coming on to him, and hilarity insues
>A human child comes to Spongebob's house
>a criminal comes to bikini bottom
>he looks just like spongebob but has a goatee
>spongebob gets arrested for his lookalike's crimes
>the family who mistook Patrick for their son ends up being this other sponge's parents
>it's up to Patrick to convince his would be parents to get Spongebob out of jail
>it turns out the evil spongebob was a robot made by Plankton
>family of starfish ends up remembering they don't have a son again
>Spongebob learns how to curl
>Goes to the Atlympics
>Curling team with Sandy, Spongebob and Squidward
>Mr. Krabs sells Atlympics food.
>Requires Spongebob to sell food while he's there
>Fed up with this Spongebob sabotages Mr. Krabs
>They are suspected of cheating
>Mr. Krabs has been rigging games this whole time
>Spongebob really likes curling but can't ever do it again
>Final shot is Spongebob sweeping the Krusty Krab furiously angry at Krabs.
>Somehow, Internet cames to Bikini Bottom
>It's called "FishingNet"
>Spongebob becames an addict to the Internet
>spongebob gets fired
>starts a business with patrick
>patrick becomes micromanaging slave driver
>jeopardises krusty krab's business
>mr crabs buys out patrick using a cheap trick because patrick's an idiot
>everything goes back to normal
>opening shot of squidward's house
>pan down showing ancient trilobite graveyard buried below squidward's house
>squidward's clarinet wakes them from death as skeletons
>they look exactly the same because lol exoskeletons
>Spongebob and Patrick get involved in the trilobite native culture, and open a casino next to squidward's house
>the loud noise and dirty skeleton patrons annoy squidward
>to get them to leave he plays a high-stakes no-holds-barred game of jenga
>the trilobites cheat
>patrick eats a whole pizza
>Spongebob turns into a yellow jenga tower and sets up a rematch
>they still lose because ancient native powers
>the casino hires Mr krabs
>the casino hires the entire town
>the casino expands to contain the entire ocean
>everything is back to normal because the casino surrounds the planet now
>status quo is back except the trilobites tip over squidward's house all the time
>Spongebob starts showing off his butt to everyone for the laughs after ripping his pants, but ultimately ends up bummed out because the joke loses its appeal so he forms a makeshift band that suddenly is performing a concert for the entire beach
wasnt there a movie about this?
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>>the family who mistook Patrick for their son ends up being this other sponge's parents
>modern spongebob
>having continuity
>Fish from another town move in and ruin Bikini Bottom's economy
>After realising he can hire these fish and undercut wages, Mr Krabs fires Squidward and Spongebob, leaving them destitute and homeless
>Hilarity ensues
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>Patrick goes on a quest to find his penis
>spongebob helps
>both eventually discover bikini bottom is devoid of genitalia
>the century-old mystery is solved
>Flashback episode of Pearl being born
>Episode ends with Mr Krabs using the placenta as part of the Krabby Patty Secret Formula.
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>Spongebob finally has an epiphany
>He wakes up and dons a shell mask
>He walks up to Gary and smashes his shell in, crushing his internal organs
>He goes over to Squidward's yard and makes unnecessary commotion
>Squidward is provoked and opens his door to yell at him
>Just as he does, Spongebob leaps at him and tackles him into the tiki house
>He brutally assaults Squidward throughout the house, breaking precious works over his head and pouring searing tea into his eyes
>Finally in his room, Spongebob jams Squidward's clarinet down his throat, choking him
>Spongebob goes over to Patrick's rock and convinces him to create a sharp pillar out of sand, then bellyflop onto it with full force
>He then leaves the dimwitted and horrified seastar to bleed out, his pleas for help falling upon deaf ears
>Spongebob walks to Sandy's dome and spots her inside
>Sandy is about to greet him, but then notices his mask and blood-caked body
>Spongebob takes out a hammer and smashes a hole into the dome
>The immediate differences in pressure causes Sandy to be crushed like an egg
>Spongebob goes to Boating School, hijacks a boat, and manages to crash it into the classroom, killing Mrs. Puff and the students inside
>Spongebob goes to the Krusty Krab and pulls out an assault rifle, letting loose a torrent of bullets onto the customers
>He then goes to Mr. Krabs office and stuffs a wad of money down the crustacean's throat and up his anus, killing him from the trauma
>He then cuts off Krab's head, grills it, and prepares a finely cooked crab meal served with butter, setting it on a table inside the gored restaurant
>Just then, Plankton comes in demanding for the Secret Formula
>Spongebob casually stomps him to a bloody mess
>The next 5 minutes is a feature of Spongebob massacring the entirety of Bikini Bottom, in which nobody and nothing is spared
>He concludes it with total annihilation of the city itself via arson, and goes on the run in his new occupation as genocider
>Hilarity ensures
>Krabs is sent to jail for anally raping and killing plankton
>Hilarity ensues.
link to previous thread?
Archive is your friend.
>Mrs Puff's boating school is losing students because of Uber
>Hijinks ensue
>think of an idea
>Spongebob actually did it

It was making silly faces and then getting stuck with them
It's a movie that probably never existed
>Squidward discovers an MMORPG called Squids: Online
>gameplay is deliberately bad 90s CG fish floating around playing photorealistic clarinets
>Squidward's avatar is a low-poly sphere with a big nose and some tentacles sticking out
>Squidward develops Tetris Syndrome
>during work, Squidward attacks Mr. Krabs thinking he's a Giant Enemy Krab
>Mr. Krabs bribes Spongebob in unpaid overtime to get Squidward to stop playing the MMO
>Spongebob and Patrick join Squidward's private room
>Sponge & Pat's avatars are super high-poly versions of them
>they keep scaring off all of Squidward's target enemies and breaking his fetch quest items
>at the end of the raid Squidward's about to grab the ultimate drop: The Super Mega Ultra Clarinet
>Sponge & Pat break the clarinet
>Squidward gets so angry that he permanently gets logged out of the game
>Spongebob logs out and makes a joke; Patrick doesn't say anything
>screen pans to show Patrick addicted to Squids: Online
It's eerire how accurate this sounds.
>Spring comes to Bikini Bottom
>Sandy's mammal urge to mate kicks in
>She runs around Bikini Bottom trying to find a mate
Bob dies
Does hilarity then ensue?
Spongebob names his penis "Hilarity" and meets a little girl named "Sue".
He puts Hilarity in Sue.
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>oil spills into bikini bottom
>Mr. Krabs decides to use it as a new delicacy in Krabby Patties
>Everyone chokes and dies
>hilarity ensues
>squidward gets addicted to energy drinks
>they actually make him happy
>turns out plankton is behind it
>keeps raising the price of drinks
squid sells his house and moves into a tiny apartment in the Krusty Krab kitchen
>drinks start lasting only a few minutes
>squid finds out plankton is behind it
>chimps out in the chum bucket and destroys it
>realizes there are no more ebergy drinks, he destroyed them all
>curls up in a ball in the ruins of the chum bucket
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>Spongebob walks in on Patrick and Sandy having sex
>He snaps and goes on a killing spree
>He starts by tearing Patrick's fat cock right off his body
>Hilarity ensues
>Spongebob dies
>Everyone cries except Squidward
>Patrick goes to bed in anguish
>Wakes up the next morning to find his house coated in spongy material
>He believes it's a sign that Spongebob is alive and begins to hug it
>The sponge begins to spread onto Patrick, attempting to imprison him
>Patrick screams and runs to Squidward for help
>Except Squidward too had been victimized by the spreading sponge
>Gary comes out of Spongebob's house, almost completely immobilized by the sponge
>They all make a run for it as their houses are embedded and conjoined, now resembling an giant amorphous sponge
>The sponge starts to appear all over Bikini Bottom
>From Sandy's dome to the Krusty Krab, nothing is protected
>Everyone screams in agony and terror as the sponge slowly freezes them in place
>By now, the main characters are the only ones still capable of moving
>They frantically run through the abominable Spongescape that was once Bikini Bottom, passing by pillars of yellow flesh and numerous pockmarks along the ground as they struggle to exit the mutated wasteland
>At the edge of town, they are almost consumed by the spongy hivemind
>Just as they prepare for their fates, a bus rolls in front of them
>Spongebob steps out
>He sees the situation and casually mentions that he wasn't quick, but nonetheless takes out a spray can
>With a simple spray on the immobilized group, the sponge recedes into the city
>In just mere moments, the sponge disintegrates throughout Bikini Bottom, restoring the city and its citizens to formal glory
>Everyone is shocked that Spongebob is still alive
>Spongebob says he went out of town for the spray in order to prevent the travesty that just happened
>Sandy asks what the buried in the cemetery then, but Spongebob answers that with ease
>It was his shit
>Spongebob's shit somehow gained life and began to expand like a bacterial colony
>They were all covered in Spongebob's shit
>They all throw up
>Hilarity ensues
Pretty funny.
>starts with Sandy working on something in her treedome when there's a knock on the door
>all there is is a letter from SB
>tells her to go to the house on top of the hill overlooking bikini bottom
>when she arrives squids, patrick, and mr.krabs are all there
>they nervously walk into the dining room
>SB is sitting at the end of a long table with a butler
>he tells them that SB's great grand 2nd cousin twice removed died and left the house in his name
>the only condition is that he and four friends must spend the night and the house and all his fortune is their's
>as they tour the place squid falls in love with it
>Sandy feels something is wrong with the house and breaks off to see what's really going on as the B-plot
>krabs breaks off the break into the vault where the money is stored as a C-plot time filler
>unbeknownst to krabs plankton snuck in and is trying to get the KP formula but is unknowingly thwarted by krabs attempts
>hilarity ensues
>at the end they all come back to the vault to claim the house and the money
>the butler just pulls the door and it opens the vault
>plankton reveals himself and gloats about finally getting the formula
>krabs just takes it from him
>the butler says the condition was only for four friends and that plankton being there invalidates him from inheriting the house and the money
>cue squids and krab getting crushed
>but he tells him that if he could not fulfill his part he would only get a year's supply of bubble soap from the factory the house was going to be torn down and turned into
>Sandy's plot gets completly ignored
it's also an hour long musical called "goodbye pineapple, hello world" hyped up to completly change the face of bikini bottom and the SB cast
The entire episode is gary.
>Goes in the kitchen
>goes to the living room watches tv.
>goes to the bedroom
>the library in the bedroom

>SpongeBob comes home
>cut to black
>roll credits.
There was one season 7 or 8 episode with Spongebob mentioning that he had the Suds.
There was an episode where Bubble Buddy comes back to visit Spongebob with his young son. It was literally called "Bubble Buddy Returns".
Shit. Guess we can't do this episode now.
>Gary gets a horrible disease
>Fish vet says he will have to be put down
>Everyone is comically mean to spongebob mocking the fact that his friend is going to die
>turns out gary just has a tummy ache from eating squidward's clarinet
muh meanspirit
>Everyone laughs
Well, everyone in Bikini Bottom ARE dicks in the show
>spongebob wakes up to find a sack of money outside his front door
>he spends some at first but then gets worried about some robbers leaving it there to escape
>spongebob becomes extremely paranoid
>he tells mr krabs he thinks some people robbed a bank and they've dropped the money at his house
>mr krabs tries to get the money
>spongebob becomes paranoid people will see him as a thief
>spongebob dumps the sack of money into Goo Lagoon much to the despair or Mr Krabs
>it turns out spongebob just won a big worldwide jellyfishing tournament and that was the prize
>ep ends with mr krabs on a boat fishing for the sack of money
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Isn't Sandy the only one who's never done anything extremely dickish?
>Hilarity Ensues
>Hilarity Ensues

Where's my fucking check.
Will we ever find it, /co/? Or is it lost forever?
>spongebob loses his holes
>everyone thinks he's become cheese
>patrick tries to eat him
Hilarity Ensues

Our system thinks your post is spam. Please reformat and try again
you guys are forgetting the gross gore zombie spongebob has
Spongebob gets all diseases known to man at the same time.
Hilarity ensues.
>Squidward gets brain cancer in 1 of his brains
>Since squids have 3 brains, Sandy, Spongebob and co. need to figure out which one they need to destroy
>hilarity ensues.
This is but one of the legends of which the people speak...

Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a spongy power lay hidden. It was a prosperous land blessed with green kelp, tall buildings, and peace.

But one day, a krab of great evil found the pongy power and took it for himself. With its strength at his command, he spread darkness across Bikini Bottom. But then, when all hope had died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand...

...a young boy clothed in orange appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding the blade of talent's bane, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light.

This boy, who traveled through water to save the land, was known as the Hero of Wet. The boy's tale was passed down through generations until it became legend... But then, a day came when a fell wind began to blow across the kingdom. The great evil that all thought had been forever sealed away by the hero once again crept forth from the depths of the earth, eager to resume its dark designs.

The people believed that the Hero of Wet would again come to save them... But the hero did not appear. Faced by an onslaught of evil, the people could do nothing but appeal to the Gods. In their last hour, as doom drew nigh, they left their future in the hands of fate.

What became of that kingdom? None remain who know.
Patchy the Pirate paints his penis green and pretends it's Squidward. Potty then comments it looks more like Plankton.
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Thread images: 9

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