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Feels Thread

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old one saging big time >>8708887

Write your feels gulls
>budgeted fun money to buy a silky wig from arda
>arda just announced a huge sale
>yes I should have expected it but now I want to spend my money when I don't need to. Feelsbadman
Ah I should have added, I juuuuuust bought the wig less than 24 hours before the sale was announced.
You could email them and ask if they could give you the discount. They might do it. Can't hurt to ask.
Ah I thought about it but I'm a pretty shy person. I will give it a try.
>have a package still in customs
>the question of "to pay fee or not to pay fee" starts to arise

I think Europe is pretty comfy but I couldn't hate the import fees any more.

Either I pay a ridiculous fee every time I order something, or go in the grey area of marking things as a gift/lowered price in the hopes of avoiding a fee.

And always having to wait long for packages as well, since EMS is always checked and always gets a fee so if anything you pay more to eventually pay fees.

Is it really that bad I just want to buy shitty anime figures? I know there's a big european online store that sells a lot of stuff, but some things are twice as expensive there. It's because they actually have to legally pay all the fees and everything but there's just no right option.
Can you cancel the order?

I'm so sick of customs fees, handling fees and all this shit, I now order everything I can through shopping services and Tenso. I've never lost anything in the post, so fingers crossed
I wouldn't even mind fees that much if they weren't so stupidly high. I'd gladly pay 5 euro for every single package I'd ever receive, instead of having to wait out if I get either no fees or have to pay more then 50% the original price on top.
Reposting from last thread didn't realize how sage it was
>be ftm guy, mildly passing, on T, go by male name, etc
>start new job a few months back working with costumes at a theme park, mostly getting gendered correctly by coworkers, awesome
>one of my coworkers is a cosplayer but he's kinda cringey
>ignore the cringe, try to be friendly with everyone
>today talked about how I want to get back into cosplay but need to lose weight first
>he goes on a mini rant about how anyone can cosplay at any body type and weight and it doesn't matter
>told him I don't care if other people think I need to lose weight for cosplay, it's my own opinion that matters
>which is that I should lose weight before I cosplay again
>continues vaguely spouting sjw tier stuff
>two of the girls are discussing birth control stuff and he announces into the room "I forgot I was the only guy here"
>Coworker gestures towards me and says "anon is here"
>He responds with "I meant cis guys"
>the room is dead silent
Thanks for that, asshole. I'd have thought someone as social justice over weight in cosplay (this is not even the first time he's talked about it, the last time it came up there was also a sermon on racism in the cosplay community) would know not to fucking out someone as trans in front of a group of people.
On the off chance that he lurks this board: fuck you
>be looking for a headbow
>rarely find listings for it outside of in a set with dress
>finally post a wtb for it hoping a gull will let it go
>get email
>a wonderful anon found it
>paid shipping on it today
thanks again anon, I'm so happy to finally have my headbow. I found a particular rectangle headdress too that I've been looking for and now I am a very happy cookie.
customs fees are awful
countries implement them to encourage you to buy stuff in your own country but how am i expected to do that for j-fashion when these brands only exist in japan?
even worse is when shops don't ship overseas and you have to pay an ss AND customs
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>ordered cheap coat on poshmark
>canceled order after seller didn't ship it for two weeks
>a few days after the refund is added to my bank account the coat shows up in the mailbox
>the seller hasn't messaged me about it and the coat comes up as being sold on their account profile

I wanted to message them in case they had a paypal I could send the money to but it doesn't look like I can post privately, and I can't re-open the order to pay for it.

I don't really want the coat anymore ;_;
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What the actual fuck, so it's not cool to want to lose weight but misgendering a trans person is fine? Is he fucking serious?
Holy shit, that's insensitive as fuck. I'm sorry you had to get outed like that, anon. Hopefully your coworkers were cool with it?
>trying to get an xmas gift for a long distance friend
>says she wants clothes
>ask for her measurements so i can make sure it fits and because sizes vary wildly from brand to brand, especially between american and japanese brands
>she says she doesn't have time to find them
>it takes 5 minutes
do you have any idea how frustrating this is?
>got shingles right where clothes sit
>can't work out because of friction based pain
>can't wear lolita
>normie clothes bother me too

Fucking sucks man.
I live in a turd world country. To order anything costs a fuckton of money, due to corupt customs, even if the product is $10.

I need to make or pay dough for something to be made, and that makes the whole costume too pricey to buy just ao i can wear it once or twice a year.
I just shipped off my gold shoes. I'm pretty sad about it, they were so cute. But I know that I coorded them badly and I was just trying to jump on the OTT classic train, so I'm also relieved in a weird way. I hope their new owner treats them well (despite them just being shitty BL)
Here's to me finding my own style and coording better. Good bye, babies.
>Budgeting as hard as I fucking can to afford doing the ATLA cosplay of my dreams
>Finally get prescribed ADHD medication
>Wasn't expecting it to cost $188 per month after insurance
>My mental health is more important than cosplay but holy shit, why this
Planning a convention for next year, nobody knows it but it's probably going to be my last big event for awhile. We had everything planned out and within the last week the entire plan fell apart. One person still wants to go, but she's pretty awkward/cringy and I don't know if I can spend a weekend in a hotel room alone with her.

Oh well, at least I had fun this year if this future event can't be patched up...
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started a yt channel with all things cgl related, issue is i dont know where im going with it now. i have convention stuff, art stuff, figures, lolita, and even with all my efforts i seem to go nowhere with it, perhaps doing tutorials would bring in more people but it just seems like my channel is all over the place (ive always loved doing videos but i now had hopes of getting more traffic to help me pay for school, even if by a small percentage)
>friend tells me she found a dress I really like and haven't seen for sale lately
>it's being sold by a known Closet Child scalper
>it's unpopular and 1.5x retail price
>mfw I probably have to suck it up and buy it because I haven't seen it for sale elsewhere

not cgl related but I also just got back in contact with a friend of mine from middle school. she's into the same series as I am and also a lolita now.
we're currently working out an art trade which is something I haven't done in years and years. :')

I've had sjws try to shame me for wanting to eat healthier and exercise more. I'm not even trying to lose weight (although losing a couple inches around the waist would be nice).
Something about fat shaming because I apparently think I'm fat and I want to lose weight because according to them, I think that fat = unattractive.
Selling normie clothes is a nightmare, those sites exploit sellers so bad. I consign a lot in person but all the web sites are so bad. I feel bad for your seller but at the same time, they would've gotten barely anything from your sale anyway
Holy fuck what insurance do you have? I'm on state with Blue Cross I think as a secondary, and mine is $1 a month (but normally without insurance it's about $395 a month)

It's crazy expensive
I sold an older dress like this that I loved but couldn't coord well and I'm hoping the buyer appreciates it and isn't salty that it isn't in perfect condition. There is no damage but all of my older dresses just have a worn look to the fabric, I always tell buyers this but it would be shitty to let go of something you still love only to have someone ask for a refund. I miss my dress already lol
anon is it concerta? on the same stuff, for some reason brand name is way cheaper than generic, ask your doctor to specify brand name only
Are you me? I just turned 26, and I'm no longer on my parent's insurance. It used to cost me $30 a month; Now it's $200. Fuck the world.

At least my Spider-Gwen cosplay shipped.
What a piece of shit. I know so many guys like that, it's unreal.

>piece of media that gives me a boner is sexist
>If women disagree with me they're idiots and not "real feminists" like me
>transphobic as fuck but lecture everyone else on their "problematic" behavior

Honestly, I wish this guy I went to school with would spontaneously combust. He told me this story the other day about how he introduced himself at a party as a feminist (pure autism) and when a woman called him out he called her a dumb bitch. I also heard him complaining about a friend of ours wearing a low cut top and "objectifying herself"
I think I know you and I hope you feel better soon. Shingles is awful
>be cis male
>fall in with a group of female cosplayers
>said group becomes almost entirely FTM except for one
>trying to be supportive but still can't help feel awkward half the time

I feel like a complete shithead, but I honestly still feel like I've been caught completely off-guard by how sudden (relatively speaking) everyone came out after the first one, especially since I never saw the most recent one coming.

I worry that if I try to hash out details and ground rules (how do I talk about you in the past tense? will you think any worse of me if I use the wrong pronoun by accident and apologize? can you please not bring your other FTM friends who I don't know into the room when I'm not awake, because that shit doesn't even fly with my cis friends?) I'm gonna end up stirring up a ton of con drama. I'm legitimately concerned that if I ever address the obvious elephant in the room just to organize my own thoughts, it'll be taken as an attack because it's not 100% unquestioning support of their transition.

Worst part is, one of them is on T, has gotten more aggressive than he was pre-transition (and he could be pretty confrontational back then), and he's significantly bigger than I am. At a certain level, I worry I'll never be able to cross over from "awkwardly supportive ally" to "completely supportive ally" without getting my ass kicked and destroying our entire cosplay group because I accidentally struck a nerve. For that matter, I'm worried he'll eventually strike one of my nerves since he likes to make jokes about my masculinity (or lack thereof) and that'll have the same result. I don't really care about how masculine I appear, but one of the other FTMs is pretty similar to me and I'll know end up sticking up for them if he picks at those aspects through me.

Wish I could just have normal con drama where people act cringy and do stupid things while drunk. At least those things just stay at the con instead of putting your entire social circle at risk.
Honestly most of this should be fine as long as you're not a shit. Wrong pronoun sucks but if you apologise it really should be fine.
I notice a lot of male feminists are in it for the asspats from females desu
Of course some have good intentions but it's a little disheartening to hear a guy going on about how feminist he is in one breath, then in the next, calling a girl a stupid bitch, a whore etc. Like, really? Are you really a feminist?
>self-control and concentration issues, stemming from being stressed pretty much every single day
>one inch away from being kicked out of uni
>if I don't pass the exam today I will be kicked out of uni
>parents are so great at motivating me they tell me if I get kicked out they don't have any hope left for me

I really wanted to take a break this year but they were afraid if I did I would never go back.

Now I'm about to get kicked out anyway.
Honestly, as melodramatic as it sounds, if I don't pass I think I'm just going to kill myself. I'm not good for anything and only cause trouble so I might as well end it now instead of going through this any longer.
At this point, you have to ask yourself if the group is really worth it or not.
This guy isn't at all, he basically thinks any woman who isn't dressed modestly is a whore and misuses ideology to agree with him.
when it comes to these things, i usually try to address them by their names (instead of he/she so i don't blurt the wrong pronoun out by accident) or stay quiet.. I'm normally a very talkative person so i know this might be hard for you if you are too

Providence, but I've only been with them since the start of October.


Holy shit are you fucking serious. God fucking dammit. I'll ask my doc to specify no substitutions next time and see if that brings the cost down any because jesus shit I can't shell out almost $200 a month for thirty pills.
I'm not delusional enough to think I pass 100% of the time, I think most of the people working that night probably already had a clue but they're all decent enough people that they weren't going to bring it up or anything. When I first trained, my trainer asked my pronouns because she wasn't sure (boss had introduced her to me using my legal name even though it wasn't what I'd told them to use). Thankfully, none of my older coworkers were there, those are the ones I would expect trouble with,

Hello friend. While all people are different, I would say that I, as an ftm cosplayer, it hurts when you get misgendered, even in the past tense, but if someone corrects themselves and/or apologizes, that really makes a huge difference. In the situation you're in, it's perfectly fine to be honest and say "I want to be as supportive as I can, but I might need a little guidance" or something along those lines. If you can take your one friend aside and mention that poking at your masculinity is hurtful to you, maybe even mention how your other friend could be hurt by aggressive-chan's comments, that's a good place to start. And if he blows up at you over that, fuck him. Yes, T makes you quicker to anger but honestly if he's become unreasonable his dose probably needs to be adjusted.

Or there's always the option of setting out on your own and trying to find new friends. Either way, good luck.
>>He responds with "I meant cis guys"
Who actually says shit like that in real life? I don't wanna say you're lying, but I'm genuinely mystified.
this is gonna sound insensitive but you need to keep your feels /cgl/ related or the janitor is gonna delete this thread
My friend's ex used to do this to her and while I believe he did have serious mental health issues, he was also using them to jerk her around and get gratification. He'd go off the grid for long enough to make her worried about him and then say he was suicidal. She would drop whatever she was doing to message him, talk to him, or meet with him. She got into the mindset that if she didn't support him like that, he would actually kill himself.

Don't let him use you like this. Yes he has problems, but you are a friend, not a mental health professional. He needs a professional.

I'd see if you can call the National Mental Health Association Hotline 800-273-TALK (8255) yourself and ask if there is a way to get your friend the help he needs in spite of his objections. They may even have pointers on how to reduce costs. There may be a way to Baker Act his ass and get him some help. He may get angry at you, but it's better than being dragged around by his depression.
All I really know about him is that he thinks he's a hot shit cosplayer but no one knows him because he's gay and black and muh oppression. Most of what he talks about is tumblr, cosplay, and how hard his life is.
I don't really care if you believe my story or not, anon, I don't gain or lose anything from it. I didn't think people actually talked like that, maybe he just lost his spaghetti. I'm mystified too, anon.
I'm a really emotional person and it seriously holds me back. I live in america and I'm distressed over the attacks in Paris and other countries, I think about how they must feel and I cry. I cry after hearing about mass shootings, car wrecks, ect. I just imagine if it was my loved ones and how it must feel and I feel so upset that I can't help in a lot of situations. I have depression and take medicine, but I'm not suicidal or anything. Just really, really emotional. It's so embarrassing I can't even watch the ASPCA commercials on TV.
Thanks - these people really do matter to me, so I really don't want to abruptly cut ties and try and rebuild my entire social circle, doubly so when I owe some of them a lot. I might try to bring up how "punching down" at different concepts of masculinity isn't appreciated if it happens again, but he already knows I treat my own masculinity as less a way to define myself and more a "somebody's gotta do it" sort of duty, so I'm not sure how authentic I'll sound.
Tell us how it goes
I sent of a dress on the 23rd of October to Alaska and it was tracked and to be signed for international and I've been following the tracking and it seems to have just stopped moving when it got to Alaska and there's been no attempt of delivery since the 27th. The buyer hasn't contacted me about it though so I'm just wondering and worrying over it.
I'm the same way. The events in Paris and the refugees have really gotten me messed up, and I can't even find any information on volunteering to take refugees in, all the links I find are European. Thanks for being full of dicks, America.
sorry to be insensitive again, but keep your posts /cgl/ related or the janitors are gonna delete this thread
Odds are really good they're just transtrenders. Less than 3% of the population has gender dysphoria, there's no way an entire group would "suddenly" all become trans.

Honestly, a big part of it is that transtrenders like to try to convince other people that they are also trans. "Oh, you like wearing jeans instead of dresses? You are probably trans".
It's kinda been a while coming, but my boyfriend and I (who had been my best and sole friend before we got together) just broke up. I thought we'd make it to at least beyond Christmas but it seems he just doesn't wanna make the effort and I'm tired of being treated like I'm not here. I just dropped almost £200 on tickets for us to an oversees loli event mid next year, and I'd spent over £100 on him for Christmas. We're meant to be going to a con together (already have tickets) next weekend, and we booked flights to go see some of his friends after Christmas. I have no money, no friends, no boyfriend and I just don't fucking know what to do right now.
I don't think that's it, and even if it was, it's none of my business anyway beyond making sure I'm not being a dick and not realizing it. This happened over the course of a few years, so it just seemed really quick since I don't see them much outside of cons.

Honestly, I joke that it's all because I said some things to a trans person once that I really regret and some higher power has a mean sense of humor about it.
Can't find the regresty thread so... Dteamholic esty is a scam. The left is what I ordered. I even asked them what color they called this. The right is what I got. The clipons are not curly or cute at all. There is not realistic blend of color on top of it being the completely wrong shade. I hate the world and everything in it right now.

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I wish I wasn't as jaded as I am and could bring myself to care about things. Maybe not quite to the level where I cry over commercials, but still.

Stay caring, the world is a better place with people like you
This would of been good in the lolita general, wig general, or wtf sales, but I thank you for your review anon. I was considering buying something from them, now I know not to
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>talking to/joking around with some anon in a thread about a video game
>said they want to play it but no money
>reply and say I will do something for them in game when I get it
>they say thanks and make request
>suddenly some random person replies to their post saying they never even played this game but is interested in the screenshots posted itt (even though I started said discussion), that they will do their request for them and make them proud etc
>anon I was talking to probably thinks that was me and is probably really confused

slow ass thread so it wasn't someone trolling, genuinely do not understand how that person thought that was proper social etiquette...? I mean who just hijacks someone's conversation like that...?
holy shit anon, can you do a more detailed review maybe?

I was going to buy one today. Please let me know more.
>PAX East tickets out today.
>Missed three day passes but managed to snatch up a friday + saturday passes for the squad.
>Groupchat trying to figure what to do for hotel room, trying to find somewhere cheap and close, but also has room for seven people.
>friend says his mom want to pay for our rooms.
>she won't let us pay and insists on getting us two nights so we can do stuff saturday night.
>ends up getting us two quads at a close hotel.

Am I dreaming, cgl?
>posting your feel on another site because it would be too obvious otherwise

I read that thread and you and the other post clearly read like two different people though. You'll just both do some shabby chic stuff together I guess.
Yeah sorry for the kinda ot but it IS giving me insanely strong feels right now. I'll take a full review to the wigs thread when I get to work.
I don't mind it or anything but it was just so weird. Idk it came across as so bizarre to me.
>also h-hi
Isn't it against the rules to announce reports?
The janitors can police the thread on their own, anon.
The game is /cgl/ related actually, thank you selfappointed-mod chan
> Dream dress arrives
> Excited
> Opens package, boning is warped (seller did mention it but not the extent of it)
> Concerned
> Checks for any boning sticking out, there is none
> Tries it on, nervous it'll fit super weird because of the warped bones
> Warped boning actually fits better, boobloaf averted
So that could have gone much worse...
Jesus what game is this
Looks like Style Savvy. The lolita in it is pretty bad, but it has cute af gal and fairy kei
I thought some of the lolita stuff was pretty cute
> no blouse
>Wah Wah I'm a real girl, I chopped my dick off to prove it

No one cares you degenerate
>Work on con news site
>get badge to con from site
>get to con go to reg
> They can't find the info get head of site
>Head "Doesn't feel like coming down just buy a sunday pass."
> gee thanks
>at work
>know-it-all 40 year old obesechan mom who's convinced she's still 23 has taken a liking to me
>shows me all the pervy creeps who hit on her dating profile, etc.
>today she was talking to me next to my computer
>I'm pretty polite so I typically tolerate her
>talks about herself like she's the epitome of healthy living despite the fact that she looks like she weighs 300 pounds, has a thyroid problem, benign skin cancer, and a dairy allergy
>we get on the topic of skin (she was talking about stretch marks I think?)
>try to empathize with her about skin scars because I too have many stretch marks and lots of acne
>I have had bad genetic cystic acne since I was 11
>mother was diagnosed with cystic acne and roseacea
>have tried antibiotics, topical creams, extreme lifestyle changes etc but there's never really been a huge difference
>self esteem hurt for years
>my face has been doing so amazing lately, however, that I haven't been wearing my full coverage foundation despite my back still being bad
>obesemama says
>"Anon acne isn't genetic, acne is everything to do with what you're putting in your body. Do you drink a lot of soda?"
>"No. The only thing I drink that has calories is milk."
>"Okay have you ever tried a diet cleanse?"
>"Yes. I've lost over 60 pounds by drinking nothing but citrus water, lean protein, veggies, and exercise."
>"Oh it must be the makeup you use. Have you ever tried using mineral powders? Don't use liquid foundation."
>"Yes. My acne clearly has nothing to do with my food or makeup choices."
>"Well you did say you drink milk anon. You likely have a dairy allergy."
>"I've never been diagnosed with any kind of allergy and I'm pretty sure if I was intolerant of milk there would be some kind of digestive response."
>"My son has a milk allergy and he gets dark circles underneath his eyes when he drinks it!"
>"Okay well I don't get that either."
>"Anon it could be your thyroid"

This lady doesn't know when to shut the fuck up.
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>meet on the 21st
>place CC order on the 13th for headbows
>throw in a Candy Stripper sweater so I'm not just paying $15 shipping for damn bows
>pay immediately
>"EMS shipping means everything should totally get here before the meet!!"
>get confirmation email but nothing regarding whether everything's in stock
>wait four days to email them about the order status
>"sorry anon, that sweater is out of stock! do you still want the rest of your order?"
>yes just send me the bows
>they tell me they will send them that day (the 17th) and give me the tracking number
>next day, get another email
>"your parcel will be dispatched shortly"

I love ClosetChild but god damn. I just want my headbows so this coord doesn't look like ass.

>buy from LM
>pay invoice immediately on Monday
>haven't heard a word since

I'm getting antsy but I don't want to be obnoxious.

I just want my stuff, man.
Well she is right that for most people acne is likely diet related, but sometimes it's linked to genetics for some people.
>want to sell add meds to buy Lolita
>too paranoid
i got some from a friend once, ate one tablet and didn't sleep for 4 days LOL was great for finals though
good for you anon, my mom offers do the same thing for my friends when we go to places and its embarrassing but it's always good for us in the end haha, have fun!
hey anon, i think we just found your friend
fuck off its people like you that make it difficult for my to obtain my medication that i actually have a prescription for
Sorry to hear this anon, break ups are hard. *hugs*
Hopefully at least you can get some of the money back e.g. Sell his ticket to the event, return gifts, refund on flights (sometimes possible). Maybe use the money you get back to treat yourself to a killer coord so you can feel really confident and happy when you go to the event and make new friends =]
She doesn't need a blouse because she's hot stuff
File: GJE0bjP.png (2MB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1920x1200px

>sellin own prescription meds that i actually really need is pretty much paying for everything to do with next con
>also bills, food, etc

you do what you gotta do
I considered this until I learned the risk. It's really not worth it.

>inb4 only if you get caught!
said everyone to ever get caught doing illegal things
If they're Under The Sea tickets, you'll sell them in a minute flat, especially with Tea Party tickets. Same goes for the tickets - if you can't get a refund from the airline and cancel, then maybe ask someone to pay you part of the price, and for the fee to change the name?
>tfw I did it when I was 11 and spent the money on stupid shit

I want that money back so I can spend it on food and maybe a cute oversized sweater. I think I spent it all on video games and overpriced Hot Topic stuff.
Welp, after a month of non-communication after they told me 11 days after I paid the invoice that the item I had was not in stock, Paypal got me my money back from Qutieland. I'm glad it's over.
>Post a pic on here for concrit
>Bf sees that I'm doing it
>Goes off on a passive aggressive tirade at least once a day for the past week about how I'm an attention whore and shallow for posting pics on 4chan
>I'm' on my period so I'm alternating between "waaah he hates me" and "fuck 'im i'm gonna sit here and eat candy and be cute and post on 4chan all i want"
Sounds like a great relationship you have there.
So why are you with a guy that calls you a shallow attention whore more than once?
Thanks *hugs* We didn't end on a bad note so we're going to try stay friends and see how it goes, just wish we could have kept pretending everything was fine until next year, as stupid as that is :(
Yeah, I was originally going to sell our tea party portion of our tickets, but I think I'll go to both now, and just hold onto his tickets for now incase I can get anyone else to come with me. I know I'd sell the tickets in a heartbeat, but if I find someone nearer the time that would like the ticket, it'd be much harder to get them tickets then. Just gotta cover the cost until I know one way or another... With the flights, he said if I don't want to go anymore and he gets a job in time (he was made redundant last month) he'll reimburse me my flight ticket, it's just shitty timing is all.

*douche alert* *douche alert* why would you even stay with someone that calls you shallow and an attention whore?? Don't just blame yourself feeling bad on being on your period, I've done that so many times. You being upset is totally justified and you deserve way better anon
File: 1442335275065.jpg (6KB, 150x137px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>today my To Alice jsk with crosses arrives
>i thought, oh very quick shipping to be airmail!
>good quality for the low price, not burando quality but nice for casual/everyday wear
>only one thing
>the dress doesn't fit me in the underbust part even if i have tiny boobs
>To Alice listed that size as waist so i thought that would fit me
>mfw that was the upper waist/underbust area not my real waist
>next time i would choose the bigger size
>i have to sell my dress
>my first gothic one
>w-well i would settle for a plain BTSSB jsk in black instead next time
>tfw tiny boobs but big ribcage
>no brand lists underbust/rib measurements
>have to sell half or more of all my stuff because it fits everywhere but the ribs
Yeah idk. we've been together a long time and he's gotten a lot better about this kind of thing but it still happens often enough that im having second thoughts. I really want this relationship to work but I'm sick of being treated like this.

From experience, the longer you put up with someone's shit in the hopes that you're giving them time to change, the less they actually respect you, and get used to treating you badly because they know you'll take it. Before my relationship just gone, which was only 9 months, I'd been with the guy I was seeing before for over 4 years, and no matter how much he told me he would change, he just treated me worse and worse because I let him get away with it. I told him what was wrong but there were never any consequences for his actions until I dumped his ass
Oh anon, I know it seems like the end of the world but it's not. Do you know how many people land successful jobs that don't have college degrees ? My mother is a nurse with a bachelors degree but all she needed was a associates degree for her 40 dollar per hour job. People make things sound so hard but as long as you keep going at it things tend to fall into place. Just dont give up. Nobody else in my family has a college degree either yet they're still financially stable. You'll be just fine.
I know those feels, i have a slight bigger ribcage for this my underbust and waist area isn't that tiny to fit some skirts and too tight jsks, at least if i was fat i would lose the weight to fit the dress but no... i can't make my bones smaller and i'm not even big bodied or overweight. It sucks...
I had to sell skirts because they fit too tight in my waist.
Idk why they list they don't say it's the underbust because waist in my mind it's the natural one, there is a big difference we aren't shaped as tubes.
File: face down snow 2.jpg (39KB, 500x316px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
face down snow 2.jpg
39KB, 500x316px
>27 years old
>Go to shitty small con
>nothing but babies there
>Talkin middle schoolers
>No one wants to talk
>Everyone acts like a scared Guinea pig
>No one is in anything really good
>Doing an intentionally bad cosplay
>Still looking better than these people legit trying
>Get depressesed over that
>Miss my friend's panel on makeup
>other friends couldn't make up
>Pretty much alone
>Go and get a slice of pizza and some coffee
>Dottering old man watching his grandaughter bumps into me and spills my coffee all over my costume
i've never been so done with something in my entire life.
he just ccomes up with bullshit justifications as to why he's not really treating my badly..."i was just joking" or shit like that...or he turns it around and makes me feel like im treating him badly. i'm just so confused about it. like i try so hard to be a good gf but he always has something that he's mad at me about but it always ends up that it's somehow my fault and that i'm the angry one. i just want to be able to do things that i enjoy without him criticizing me. we've had this same "ur dumb for posting pics of urself online!" argument so many times and it usually ends with him saying "whatever just do you don't let me stop you" and then it's fine for a while and then some random circumstance makes him mad again. like i don't post booty pics or sexy pics or anything, i post pics of my outfits or coords. and yeah i want attention sure, like i want someone to say "wow cute outfit!" is that even so bad???? idgi i don't know why he has to make a big deal out of this....

sage for being embarrassed about how shit my relationship is
anon are you me? if my grades fall below a 3.0 I lose my scholarship and won't be able to afford this school anymore and I won't be able to go back. If I didn't pass my final exams today, I'm seriously considering kms

and /cgl/ related
>local comm is actually terrible, but i can't bring myself to give anyone concrit because i don't want to seem like a dick and they're really sweet girls...
For this when i finish my undergraduate i'm gonna stop with university, get a job or open a small shop instead to lose time with some shitty uppergraduate degree (mfw for my course there isn't much and most people is unemployed or they can't find a job... yes as a teacher). Better have a good job or selfemployed with no degree rather have a degree but can't find the job of your field, settle for a underpaid or too many hours job. Wish i could have been in a medical/scientific field because the job hunt and pay would be better but my damn literature degree other than teaching (hard to find too unless it's underpaid a lot and not guarantee to work all the time) or tourism related stuff doesn't offer lots of good jobs unless you choose a job not many people choose.
Yup, he's making you question yourself, if he says something to upset you, it's just you taking him too seriously, if he's annoyed at something, it's your fault, then he's just "trying to help you"? You can be the best girlfriend in the world anon, but it won't fix him.

I think you probably know what you have to do, but you can't just let anons on the internet tell you what to do, you have to realise yourself that you need to put an end to this, or he'll just keep on walking over you.

Don't be embarassed anon, he should be embarassed that he's treating you like this
Thank you, that's all exactly what I needed to hear right now. I'm taking some serious time to think about all this. I appreciate that you guys listened to me
If someone regularly makes you feel like shit, you shouldn't stay with them. Easier said than done, I know. When someone puts you down all the time like that, it's easy to start doubting yourself and the validity of your feelings.
I think I've come to the realization that I have an extreme shopping addiction. I have gone from having about 2 dresses and literally one blouse and nothing else just last year to now, 6+ dresses, a fuck ton of blouses, cardigans, shoes, accessories and wigs. I know that doesn't seem like a lot compared to some but considering I am a student that pays for part of my tuition, car payments/insurance as well as repair costs since I recently damaged it, it's pretty bad that like 25% of my paycheck every two weeks goes to lolita plus my other hobbies like figurines and video games.

The other sad thing is that I never have time to play the games, take pictures of the figures, or wear lolita out because I get one day off a week between school and work so basically I only get pleasure out of buying the stuff now, not even utilizing any of it.

I think it's been really bad recently because I've realized I'm in love with this guy that I can't be with and this past weekend, I thought I was going to lose him (he was back home for 2 weeks, has this disability and called me crying, thought he was dying etc) and because we can't be together, it's making me just... instead of eating my feelings, buying them I guess?? I don't know.

Sorry for block of text, just needed to write out my thoughts. I mean at least I have a bomb ass frilly wardrobe out of all of it and managed to buy Toy Parade after years of pining after it. It's just the empty feeling inside that's making me feel like shit.

hell yeah i know the risk. luckily they sell through a proxy. who also deals a lot of other shit. it's untraceable unless he a snitch.

"money can't buy happiness"
i mean it can and i bet you have an awesome wardrobe now at least. heartbreak is an indiscriminate killer. hang in there, gull.
Finding out that your favourite coord ever is made by someone who is also a latex fetishist and has a tumblr full of that shit mixed with lolita.....
Feeling guilty as hell because I wasn't supposed to buy any more lolita this year, but I saw a JSK in person that I've been admiring online for ages and it fitted really nicely. I spent like $130 on it and basically emptied my savings... (I've been paying the rent on my own until recently because BF was unemployed and I just paid my grad school fees a few weeks ago...) Now I have to live on next to nothing until pay day.

It's so pretty but I won't even get to wear it until January at the earliest because I've got so much uni work atm that I won't be able to go to any meets. Even worse there are a load of practical things I REALLY need to buy - e.g. my backpack zippers are breaking, boots are leaking.

Also I spend all my 'free' time on the internet browsing lolita rather than being productive.

Lolita is taking over my life.
>lolitas r supposed 2 b luvlies!
So is it not a good coord anymore because they have varying interests? Who cares?
not that anon but fetishizing lolita is a huge issue. and can be disheartening to some.
That's okay, she's still cool as hell.
Having a latex fetish is not fetishizing lolita at all. They're two different things.
>people wear lolita
>people have fetishes
>people can take part in both while keeping them separate
>having a blog about their many interests doesn't mean they're fetishizing all of them
Incredible, I know.
If not for double standards, SJWs would have no standards at all
Maybe it's just because they want to follow their blog for the lolita, but don't want to see the fetish posts? I get a little disheartened when I see someone I wanna follow but they post more things that I dislike than things I do like
Sounds like my ex. We were together seven years, the first three were good but kind of rocky but then he just constantly treated me like garbage and made those same excuses. I wasted so much time on him and I'd do anything to go back and end things sooner. I even lost all my friends over it.

I'm happily married now with someone I just discuss things with who doesn't humiliate me or shout at me whenever we argue. I really wish I'd known better.
My sister has a similar issue. The only thing you can do is be strict with yourself and decide on a budget of sorts. For me, I can't buy a new game unless I complete another one first, my sister can't randomly shop for clothes, she has to plan those trips. Maybe find something cheaper that also gives you that same boost like lipstick or treating yourself to something cheaper that you enjoy (coffee and a muffin or something). It sounds dumb but it can help. Just be compassionate to yourself and try to recognise the thrill of spending wears off so quickly.
it's frustrating because he doesn't even yell...he talks calmly in this demeaning sarcastic voice that he jses whenver hes being an asshole and it gets me all riled up so I start yelling and then he tells me to stop yelling and makes me feel even crazier. Ugh. Sorry for venting but I really can't talk to anyone about this. He doesn't want me to talk to my family about our problems and I don't want to worry my frienss because they'd react like "leave him now omg!" And it'd be too stressful to explain to them kts harder than that.....
Honestly, I think that's how our arguing started. He used to be really rude and sarcastic to try and get a rise out of me but then I'd be crazy or unreasonable for responding how he was clearly provoking me to. It's extremely manipulative once you see what they're doing. They can be mean and pick a fight but you're bad if you respond to it. Anyway, it escalated and got considerably worse but that's how it started with him, he was always the victim too and I couldn't tell anyone else, his orders. Such mind games. It still upsets me to think about after all this time, we were childhood sweethearts, he was my best friend since we were tiny.
I'm glad you get what im saying anon it feels so good to be validated for my emotions and not made to feel crazy. and even happier for you that you moved it past it.
We've had a long history and were apart for almost a year and didn't know if we'd get back together and even when we did nothing really changed, then suddenly a few months ago things were amazing...but then every few weeks or so we go through dips like this . it's like I wanna hang on for the good stuff but the bad stuff makes me wanna curl up in a ball and cry
I promise you're not crazy. If my ex had made an effort to fix things maybe we could have but the effort was all on my side. Even if you're the perfect girlfriend it doesn't matter if they aren't trying too. Maybe you can fix things and they'll be how it was when it was good. If you can see he isn't trying you should take it as a sign though. Hugs though, I'm crossing my fingers for you. Do what's right for you.
How the fuck do you meet people at a con? I think i can count the people over 18 i've talked to on one hand.
Consider writing a journal. Even to write/type it all out then destroy/erase it can be cathartic. Sometimes writing it in letter form to whoever you're upset at helps. Buying stuff won't fill an emotional hole.

Budget or regulate your purchases - only spend $x on fun things, after factoring in all your other living costs. Like the other anon said, don't buy new games until you've already played the games you have (though with game sales I know how hard this can be sometimes, ha). Don't bring new items into the house unless you have someplace to put it, or you get rid of something old (sell it?).

If it's truly bad, consider paying down then closing excess CC accounts. For online stuff, consider closing accounts or putting on a ridiculously long complicated password that isn't so easy to type in when you want to buy something.

Don't completely deprive yourself though, make sure you do something good for yourself periodically. Maybe consider doing something other than buying stuff - spa day, a daytrip to somewhere you love, etc.
File: box.jpg (184KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>ordered from Honeycolor
>Whole set of new lenses
>like $80 or so worth
>Need them to start new cosplay selfies
>shipped with "Express Shipping" by DHL
>alright it'll be here quick
>fucking waiting
>holy shit still waiting
>check tracking I apparently have
>contact DHL
>find out it's been held being held a state away in customs since fucking October 30th
>fucking crying

Is this fucking normal for Honeycolor? Lenses stores in general?
I'm seriously afraid I wont be seeing them for another month..or worse never..Is there a reason it's been there so long? Why is the government so fucking shitty when it comes to this, I feel like it's just sitting there and no one will bother to look at it.
Can someone give me hope?
It's your job to go contact the related parties and companies. You're just unlucky. If you're in the US, US has some of the laxest mail customs in the world. Get proactive and at least try to get a claim filed or case opened so that something/someone will move...or you can keep sitting there and dumbly waiting for something stuck in limbo.
It's fairly easy to start a conversation with people at a convention. Other than that, most other people I started talking to online/elsewhere before meeting them at conventions.
Seriously fuck Honeycolor. They have terrible communication and service. Once they sent me the wrong prescription and instead of fixing it they ignored all my emails and blocked me from their facebook...
I honestly would not get your hopes up. But if it's not too late, at least file a paypal claim
I'm a little overweight and my aunt keeps telling me to get my thyroid checked (she's had problems with hers and she's also obsessed with weird fad diets and diet pills)

>tfw I'm fat because I'm a neet not because of my thyroid
Go to a shelter and get that shit free. Backpacks, shoes, clothes, toiletries. You need it. And everyone makes impulse buys to feel good sometimes, it just hurts more when you're broke. Keep on anon.
Honeycolor can be shit sometimes. I avoid them unless crazy sales. But honestly, DHL is even worse at this kind of thing. They people over pretty badly, and when I shop overseas I avoid them.
Anon, I hate to say this, but you just got the wrong color. That really sucks, but that wig does come in the color advertised AND in the color you ordered. Their color guide sucks (you have to look up their FB to get a comprehensive list to know what you're ordering), but this isn't a wig quality issue, it's a shipping quality one. You literally got sent the wrong color. I'm sure if you contacted the shop they would send you the correct one.
>buy first ever purchase from lacemarket
>receive invoice
>realize I put the wrong email as my paypal one when I registered
I sent a message to the seller asking them to send another invoice to the right one but man, after reading so many horror stories here I'm worried they're going to think I'm dodgy or something.
Just explain you accidentally gave them the incorrect email
I have over 7 emails myself
Haha I kept getting forced to get new ones by school and jobs and now I never know which to use, I have like 10, 3 of which are dedicated mostly to online shopping spam
>unpopular and rare dream dress comes up
>exact color and cut
>price is too much for what it is
>shipping is going to be out the ass
>just bought another super rare dream dress
>just going to sit here mildly pissed
please please please say no one likes it and it'll rot on LM until I can haggle and pay for it.
Worst of all is that I only have like 2 blouses and my favorite daily shoes just finally died. I need to sort my priorities.
I get paid I two weeks - and I am in no way poverty stricken generally, so I would never take resources at a shelter from people who really need them. I just feel shitty for being irresponsible with money for something as frivolous as lolita. I was brought up to never buy things you can't afford so I don't have an overdraft or credit card, I've always been really careful so seeing a bank balance of like $20 really scared me. Luckily my boyfriend is working again now and gets paid before me, so if we run low on food he can pay for groceries.
Maybe this is the shock you needed to get you spending more responsibly. It could have been worse, better you find out now.
Yeah sure was a shock. Think I'm going to leave lolita sales and update groups on fb and stuff so that I'm not seeing so many things to be tempted by, try to cut down the time I spend here and other places and focus the time I do spend on coordinate help/inspo so I can enjoy the stuff I do have more.
Just need to grow up some and knuckle down with work too- no good looking pretty if I fail at life.
Not sure where the it's came from... Damn mobile.
Science or medicine is not easier.
Just finished my MS. Fuckload of work, PI rarely helped or gave feedback. Got a C in my thesis.
Need B to move on to a PhD instead of lab grunt work
Why live
To Alice isn't actually lolita anyway anon... so perhaps it's a blessing in disguise. As another anon pointed out a bit ago To Alice is more "soft sister" than lolita.
File: 54678.jpg (7KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 480x360px
>package has been in customs for 4 days now

I'm EU so I'm probably fucked, right?
You've said this so many times, seriously just shut the fuck up and stop trying to stand in for the mods.
I feel with you anon.

>Package #1 has been in customs for 5 weeks now in neighbour country
>Package #2 got sent 12 weeks ago and still hasn't even left the country it got sent from
some girl DID actually kill herself the last day of the quarter
and one if my local comm members asked for concrit on a coordinated she posted online and I was so happy she did because she's finally realizing a lot of her "lolitable" pieces don't work
Recently I have been starting to feel like I can't stand up for myself both online and in real life. I have been in treatment for aggressive behavior years ago and if arguments get slightly heated I have to just let the other person win so I don't get(I can't believe I'm using this word) triggered.
I know I'm doing the right thing but ugh..
I never understand when Americans are complaining about USPS. NO it could be SO MUCH WORSE
Anon these are techniques that abusive people use to isolate their victims. Please please consider getting help, this is not normal behavior. Do NOT be afraid to talk to your friends or family (or professionals) about this because this is not your fault and you can get help to deal with this.
is it hospitality doll?
>I don't want to worry my frienss because they'd react like "leave him now omg!"
if you know your friends would say that then you know what you have to do
You know your friends would be looking out for you, anon. You should look out for yourself too.
I sort of feel you here except I've found that I really can't stand being around people for this reason (this, or they become argumentative and I just don't have the energy to argue back). I've actually just stopped talking to people and isolated myself so I don't feel so stressed. I know that's a bad thing but the drama from this shit makes me not even like interacting with people anyway so I'd rather just stay by myself...
After months of exercising and learning to eat right, I've lost enough weight and have made my first brand purchase. I'm still technically considered a fatty chan but it's nice to have my work amount to something tangible (i.e. I fit the measurements no problem!). Gonna keep working so I can buy more!
What the fuck is wrong with you? Taking stuff from a shelter to encourage someone's dangerous spending habits?
Yeah it's more difficult and i'm a real disaster in math or anything scientific.Here where i live also with high marks you don't have a guarantee of a better job. Let's be said in this together anon...
I thought... what if "karma" said to me i shouldn't lolify To Alice items and get lolita burando instead?Probably it's like you said anon. I still like their items and would buy again but as daily wear.
>Tfw feel badass ordering dresses from Japan
I think it's just because I'm the most straight laced person ever, I've never even smoked, but ordering stuff from an ss makes me feel like I'm illegally moving cargo or some shit. And then I'm going to get these frilly dresses and feel like a princess.

Fuck that guy in the metaphorical sense.

I'm the same as you about the commercials and things, but you've got to toughen up a little. There aren't enough people in the world that care about other people, so for you to be one of them is really important. That's a waste if you're unable to do anything with it.
It's okay to cry, it's okay to feel, having friends you can talk to about that is the healthiest thing but keeping an honest diary is good too. But at the same time, you need to be strong enough to use those feelings, you should start doing something good, even if right now all that it can be is making sure you look out for people you know, in future I want you to try volunteering or even working somewhere where a bit of humanity is needed. It could be giving a few hours to supporting a crisis line once a week, it could be actually helping people your life's work.
Good luck anon, it's easy to not care and to be an asshole, but to care and actually do something about it is ten times as hard.
>growing up my mom was addicted to shopping and a hoarder
>she didn't work and despite my dad making 6 figures we were always seriously in debt
>begged her not to get me much for birthdays/Christmas but she always did, always made me feel guilty after for being "ungrateful" when really I felt responsible for us going into debt
>now an adult
>have a semi-nice job
>dissociation rears its head and I don't feel alive 90% of the time
>don't find joy in my career or my hobbies
>lolita is all that makes me happy, and even then only at a fraction of what it used to
>go on a spending spree as my dissociation gets worse
>forget I even bought things until they arrive in the mail
>still able to smile a little when I wear it to meets even though I contemplate self-harm all the time
>realize that I'm spending too much money on shit I don't need
>I'm not in debt but I'm digging into my savings to buy lolita and this can't last long
>I'm buying more than I can even coord
>realize that I'm turning into my mother
>... lolita doesn't make me happy any more
Been staying in my room for 3 weeks. All studies are done through online lecture recordings (god bless the lecturers who do that) I did my best to avoid any human interaction. Even delivery options scare the hell out of me (& it does not help that I got yelled at when I tried to do a food delivery once last week) Will only come out and buy groceries during midnight. Feeling suicidal and having the thought of self-harm too. The only thoughts that keep me in check is cosplay and lolita. I wanna wear that coord I have in mind. I wanna cosplay that character I love so much. I wanna graduate so I can have a nice job and support all my hobbies.

Uni sent in email to check up on me. I don't think I will fail my course as I did my best to read up. But yeah I have been absent. I'm trying to fill in the mental counselling form they sent me. I'm trying here, hopefully things will work out.
I felt like this for a couple years. I still feel it sometimes. I cope with it by bringing along my ipod and listening to music I enjoy and it really helps.
Does anyone here work for USPS? I am a full blown autist retard and am curious as to how hard their exams are for their mail sorting positions?
>for context
>commission through GSTQ for my bigger costumes
>otherwise make myself
>GSTQ has blown up over the years and while I'm a preferred client it's still hard to get things done sometimes
>decide to keep an eye on cosplayers on various cons I go to
>commission them if they be good
>one is from Colossal
>really like her stuff and she cute
>get Diego Brando done
>she messages to ask if Hawaii address from form is the right address
>have shit ton of address attached to paypal due to moving, but tell her it should be the hawaii one
>time goes and she hits me up
>sends me address she used
>fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
>realize she used the one from her commission form I filled out months ago
>i moved since then
>realized I got my addresses mixed up
>tell her I'll pay the extra for shipping
>hit her up a couple weeks later asking if package has been sent back to her yet
>ask to be kept updated
>no response
>fairly sure I won't have Diego in time for the con I was going to wear it at
If no one responds by morning anon, I'll ask my dad! He works for the USPS
My brother recently started dating a friend of our's that we've known for years. And I want to be happy for them, you know? But I don't know. She's been talking to us about things she's never mentioned before and I'm starting to notice they're all subtle jabs at me. And she only started bringing them up when they started dating.

>we're both cosplaying the same character but different designs
>offhandedly points out that her's is soooo much more covered up than mine
>then started making a bunch of slut-shamey comments about other cosplayers

>show her the new dress i bought
>she starts talking about how every lolita she knows is a huge bitch
>brother reminds her that i'm actually into gyaru, but i just really wanted meta's mermaid princess
>"don't get me started on gyarus, they're even worse than lolitas!"

There's been more, but it's mostly her getting on my case about certain fandoms I'm into and my hobbies outside cosplay and jfash, or my choice in husbandos, just dumb shit. She was never like this before? Like, she's always been a bit of a bitch, but not like this. She'd maybe make a joke about something, but she's never straight up insulted me. I have no idea what's going on with her.
thank you! I really need a better job...
Male feminists are all faggots. Every single one, they're all such fucking tools.

To be fair, though, most feminists are uptight entitled cunts who don't know shit about the world other than what they've been told.
That is curious that she would begin to get bitchier after starting to date your brother.

It doesn't sound likely but maybe she was on better behavior to get the guy and then as soon as she got him she decided to be herself cause the coast was clear?

I'd call her on it. I know it's awkward but some people have to be corrected curtly. Don't even get emotional about it. Just say the facts when she acts up.
>offhandedly points out that her's is soooo much more covered up than mine

Doesn't matter which is more covered, the construction of a garment sets it apart.

>then started making a bunch of slut-shamey comments about other cosplayers

Shaming others like that reflects more on you than it ever will on them. Don't talk like you know them. You don't.
Seconding >>8729272 and their judgment that it sounds like Bitchy was just playing nice to get what she wanted. I would hesitate to confront her on it, though. I think your best bet would be to go to your bro and be like, "Hey, maybe I'm being paranoid, but has [Bitchy] been acting sort of different to me lately? What do you think?" If he comments on not noticing, bring up the situations you described here and ask that he keep an eye on it for you and ask Bitchy what's going on. Perhaps just him noticing it and commenting on it himself would be enough to get her to stop.

Most importantly, do not request he police his girlfriend or break up with her or whatever. You'll then be seen as the crazy, demanding one. Just asking him to be observant and talk to Bitchy about why she's being bitchy *should* be okay.
>Never got grades this bad in my life, am sick, sad, depressed, and really really tired.
>I fell entirely in love with Chess Emblem in early August
>Every SS I contacted since then either told me it wasn't possible or that they were complete
>Yesterday I didn't even bother going to uni, I was so tired
>Thought the whole day about trying to grab the dress
>Bought some useless magazine from AP for 10€ so my credit card info is saved on the website, don't even want it and probably won't bother paying for its shipping
>After hours I'm finally able to fall asleep
>My alarm ring at this exact moment, it's time to go through the bloodbath
>Goes as close as possible to the wifi box with my laptop, put off every other device that works with it, refresh the page again and again
>Disgusting normie roommate comes at 3:59 and ask me what the hell I am doing and stuff
>Close the laptop out of embarassment
>she leaves
>open the laptop again, refresh and manage to show the JSK page. It's around 4:02
>Click on my colorway and it takes 3 minutes to load
>Holy shit it's in my card, my heart is beating so fast
>Try to process on payment
>Wait for like 4 minutes, it's taking ages loading
>Message on japanese appear on the screen
>It's sold out.
>Go check the JSK page again
>My colorway is sold out
>The other colorways I like are sold out
>Only the ugliest colorway is either sold out or in stock depending to when I refresh the page
>Can't sleep during the whole night
>Cry, feel bad and worthless
>Want to get it on the japanese auctions
>The JSK is for more than all the money I own, though no one bid yet so there is still hope, but I'm sure it's only going to get more and more expensive
>I never wanted a dress this bad in my life
>I'm only more tired and sick
>I only want to die more
That was my bloodbath story.
you fucking need help.
Anon chill the fuck out it's just a dress.

I'm a lolita too and I still don't understand the "I am having SUCH a bad week, I need to treat myself - by dropping a few hundred dollars on clothes!" mentality I see a few lolitas have. When I have a shit week I treat myself to a fucking Starbucks and pastry and just allow myself to waste a few hours with video games. I think spending so much money on an unnecessary item will only add to your stress in the long run...

Honestly I feel like chess emblem will crop up at a more reasonable price if you just wait a little bit anon. It's such a busy print that there are bound to be others who get theirs and realize it doesn't suit them.
Sorry if I fuck up the green text I'm still really upset
> be me in unstable home
> college at 18
> start collecting older lolita pieces as asap, and some sweet ap with bodyline
> leave after one year, go home
> be home two weeks, visit boyfriend
> stable house, feelagood.jpeg don't leave, move in get job.
> visit home, no room to bring stuff back on bus, BF's mom shit talks lolita so much
> don't bring any for space/BF's mom
> live there for one year, meantime my family has moved house caused unstable as shit
> huge fight at their new house, they move back
> begging to know what they did with my stuff
> they don't have steady internet or phone
> dodge my questions, vaguely say it's with my sister
> another year goes by, visit sister, only one box of mine with no lolita clothes
> mom assures me it's all fucking safe.
> I moved, start getting involved with new comm
> ILD Meetup is near, and I want my shoes to match new dresses
> tell mom
>"yeah anon, perfectly safe we left it at that old house with that crazy old man"
> wtf go grt it mom please
> still not too worried, honestly just concerned I won't get stuff in the mail in time
> got facebook message from mom
> "anon they threw it all away I'm sorry"
> goes off on my mom,
> 3000$ USD spent on those, countless hours of searching for ultimate dream dress, so much energy and pride put into my small little wardrobe, it wasn't massive but it was mine
> first stable thing I was able to uphold after moving out of house
> collected old pre 2005 pieces can't just find those again in such good condition

I always thought that people who cried over getting a stain on a dress were rediculous. I never cry, last times were they told my grandma she had six weeks to live, and then my little sister had to get a biopsy for a possible cancerous tumor.
But I bawled my fucking eyes out and went into full hysterics, and then cried some more for feeling so fucking stupid.

Pt. 1
Pt. 2
> call sister, in hysterics she can't understand me
> finally came down enough to talk to her,
> enraged immediately, offers to drive over to mom's old and new place
> mom tries calling me, fuck no.
> sister calls her instead, doesn't get a bigger explanation than I did so curses her out, calls me back
> I'm trying to calm down, take a bath, still talking to sister
> calmed down enough, I answer the phone when mom calls
> gives me bullshit excuses about it was there four days ago, wasn't there today, old roommates were at old house days ago,
> they didn't check rest of house because crazy old man pulls gun on them (he's step dad's dad)
> keep talking about warrants and shit
> old roommate doesn't care about those clothes but has two small girls might of wanted to play dress up
> get desperate send of hope, send facebook message to her nice as can be, pretends I don't know she moved out of old house
> offer to pay her for gas and trouble if she could just bring boxes back to my sister
> tfw I have a trashy family and mom already posted and sent a bunch of shit about warrants and the Sherrifs office and beating brains in to this girl
> fuck you mom
> she says she didn't touch them, told her j didn't think she would have but maybe her daughters?
> says four year old and old man went through boxes a couple of months ago, with old man stating they threw some stuff away when girl picked up daughter.
> so fucking done, thank her for her time
> I can't trust my parents word that it was safe last week

I know I should have got them back, but I thought they were with my mom, traveling to that rural area is expensive, and have had a fulltime job since moving in with my boyfriend, so not alot of time off. This was all last night, and today I'm just really bummed out and kind of hollow. I looked back and there's only three pieces that I cared that much about but.. still. One was my ultimate dream dress.
I'm going crazy, especially after saying how annoying ifwinterends was in a remember when thread like two days ago. I just don't know what to do, I'm over a thousand miles away, and the only person I can trust not to lie about it is my sister, who can't go to the crazy old man's house herself.
I always feel salty when I see Americans complain that something didn't arrive within 3 day when I can't even pick the faster shipping option because that one is guarantied to get a fee on.

Like yeah, I'm putting on weight when I wallow so like with shopping there is still some regret but the amount of release is the same, just watch some netflix and binge eat like a normal person.
Wow, I was just talking about a similar situation in the lolita confessions thread we had a while back. I haven't gone to class in weeks (due to depression and anxiety) and the semester is about to end. I might e-mail my professors in a last-ditch effort to beg for an Incomplete or makeup assignment but if it doesn't work my life is basically over and I'm planning on killing myself.
>let's make a /cgl/ suicide pact
Anon you need something else in your life other than Lolita. If you're really this sad about a dress that's only just been released then you need help.
Pretty shit. And the fun part is that I have another exam in 3 days with the same consequences if I fail.
I can't even feel motivated to study, the moment I start to think about it my mind goes in a shutdown because I can't deal with the stress.

I know what you mean but to top it of I have Aspergers. My social skills are shit and half the reason I'm in STEM is because "autistic people are good at it" and it requires less communication skills then the others.
Too bad I can't get the hang of programming unless I'm able to always use resources.

Good luck anon, I thought I was out of this hell when I graduated high school but turns out College just turned it up a notch instead.

Email them, you have nothing to loose at this point.

I guess it's almost fascinating how so many people can't deal with failed uni careers. I know it's possible to get a decent life without a degree but in my country EVERYTHING requires a degree and it's not like I have the skills to start a business.

I don't even have any ambitions left which makes studying even harder. I'm trying to go with the flow but in the end since I have no goal or motivation for my degree I just end up not doing anything.
"Normal" - or rather "healthy" - people don't binge eat. Having a single treat is not a binge. You should learn healthier habits too, anon.
I think you should either change your major or drop out. There isnt a reason to make your life miserable trying to do something you have no interest in doing. If you have no interest in your degree it isnt the one for you. Look at classes you actually like/do well in.

Also dont do the thing where you shut down options without actually trying them out. It is easy to say that you 'need' a degree for a job, but the world is far more complex than that and there are many people who make a living without that education as much as there is people who have a bunch of degrees but cant get a job. It isnt black or white.
Why go for something with programming? Just because you're autistic doesn't mean you have to go in that direction. I went to a lecture by Temple Grandin the other day (the famous autistic woman) and she mentioned that she's shit at programming because her mind doesn't work that way, but she's working with her personal strengths as an autistic person.
Didn't know what to pick, didn't have any ambition in any field and everyone told me to just do it because I sit behind my computer all day.

Yes I know that's horrible reasoning but I didn't know what else to pick anyway.
File: 1435130228436.gif (1022KB, 500x282px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1022KB, 500x282px
Sometimes I really want to just leave lolita.
Not because of the drama or "negativity" or anything, but rather because my dresses just sit in my fucking closet unused. It feels like such a waste of money.
My comm is kind of spread out, and I am a carless college student, so I can rarely go to meetups. I was really excited for one planned this weekend, but my friend bailed on me, meaning I not only can't go, but I also lost my reservation costs.
I've tried to do the whole "lone lolita" thing, and it just doesn't work for me. I don't enjoy going out for things like tea by myself, and none of my (few) friends would be into doing something like that with me.
With school, too, I hardly have the time to keep up with things like the online community. I feel so out of the loop half the time.

I guess I don't know what to do. I love lolita and the community, but life seems to not want me to be able to enjoy it anymore.
What about wearing your dresses on your free time (not necessarily for tea by yourself but for doing any errands you may have, or at your home/dorm), or for class? If your wardrobe is full of prints and you like OTT, try toning down your pieces to make them wearable for daily use for a change; it may be a challenge but it might be worth it.
The fashion can be enjoyed outside of meetups, and you don't have to keep up with any community to have fun with it. Remember, they're clothes first and foremost.
I do wear lolita occasionally on days when I don't have more "professional" classes, but I'm a big fan of sweet (not OTT, even, just food prints), and the reactions I get from people usually stress me out way too much. They're not even bad; it's just that constantly being asked why I'm dressed up all day really starts to wear me down. By the 10th person, I'm usually wishing I hadn't worn it.
I have class 5 days a week, and while I could (and occasionally do) wear it out to run basic errands on the weekends, it's just not as fun as being able to be around people who also enjoy it.
Winter is finally coming here, too, so commuting via bus ~1 hour a day in the snow and frigid temperatures in lolita is not really a fun option.

Lolita is clothing, but it's also nice, somewhat elaborate clothing. I try to tone it down and wear it to school and whatnot when I can, but it still grabs a lot of attention and isn't always appropriate, imo.
I dont think you really are cut out for this. You dont seem to put a lot of effort into this fashion and your issues stem from that. You could easily travel that hour to go to meetups, in a world of taxis, uber and buses there are ways to get there besides depending on others to drive you. If you really wanted to go to meetups then you would make it happen. Even ignoring the comms, you dont even need to do 'lolita' things to go out and wear the clothing. Do what you like to do with your friends but just wear a dress and be silly.

No one is going to hold your hand throughout life. You will get stares, and people will think it is weird. You either get over it and do shit that makes you happy or accept an alternative fashion is not for you.
Just sell off your lolita except for the couple things you absolutely love and switch over to otome or some other general jfash that isn't as elaborate as lolita. If you do get the opportunity to go to some meets, you'll have a couple dresses on hand. But if you still want to wear something cute and different daily, diving into a more 'wearable' daily fashion is a better choice.
>can't sell dresses because of DIY altercations
>no one wants to buy my things anyway, it seems
>in dire financial trouble, but can't get state help because "lol not an emergency"
>depression sinks in harder
I'm not straight up asking for money, I just need people to hopefully buy what I'm trying to sell. I'm legit about to lose everything and I have literally no where to go.
Prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts, anything is appreciated gulls.
If its altered you need to sell it at a pretty radical discount. The dress is no longer worth what it was originally because it is no longer original. If you're really in need of money, price them accordingly and sell them off. Take offers on them.
Anon, I'd buy an altered dress depending on size. I have before.
I'm curious. What are you selling?
This. 40 dollars is still good to have especially of you're in dire need of cash.
Smh if you alter a dress the price should be very cheap to reflect that you inherently damaged it from pristine original condition. I would happily buy altered stuff if people didn't try to get full good condition price for it
I completely agree and understand my dress isn't worth $200 anymore and I'm far from asking that price (no offense, I'm desperate, but not stupid lol), but it seems like no matter where I post things (not just my altered dresses), no one buys them. Hell, had a brand new Janome sewing machine that retails for $150-200 Plus a huge box of sewing supplies listed for $70 and I was told I was asking too much.
FTR, it was still in the box. Just bought in Feburary of this year.
>"Why are you wearing that?"
>for fun
>I wanted to
>(shrug silently)
All of these are short answers. Just blow people off.
>Had lost all interest in all hobbies and hit a new time low
>While talking with bf, I jokingly mention that moving together would be nice
>He surprisingly complies, says tha he'd like to move together
>Mood improves drastically, decide to pull my shit together, won't spend money on figurines or burando so we can move together ASAP, won't get any gift on my birthday or Christmas this year to save faster, frantically search for a job, study 24/7 so student loans won't kill me
>Enjoy hobbies again, I don't go outta my room anymore but wear lolita regularly, whenever I have free time I'll watch animu or play games
>Suddenly bf doesn't want to move anymore
And I must keep this mood up or he will be mad as shit and I'll go back to my depressed self again.
>I still don't get gifts this year. If I ask my bf he'll surely say that I should sell the burando I already own
have you tried posting here? i dunno seems like seagulls are really up on grabbing those kinds of deals. seeing as how >>8729698
>>8729697 you already have two interested people.
It's an AATP jsk, the name escapes me currently. And a black Milky Planet skirt. I don't have pictures currently because I deleted them in frustration a few days ago.
Not who you're replying to but I usually get asked by teenage girls who won't accept a simple answer so now I have just opted to be annoying.

>"why are you wearing that?"
>because it's wednesday
>"no really, why are you wearing that?"
>I said because it's wednesday
>"no ,really?"
>okay, you really wanna know why I'm wearing this?
>because it's thursday tomorrow
And then they give up
Anon you need to post in the BST thread asap. I modify my own clothes so I'm definitely interested if it's a good price
Not yet.
Well, if I post literally everything I have for sale - non Lolita included - would anyone be interested? It would obviously be a link offsite and not a huge photo spam.
It works both ways: if I have to emergency move, the less stuff the better, and I get some cash in the process. I'm about to go to work and I might not be back till tomorrow.
I honestly didn't expect a response; I just needed a place to vent. Thanks guys.
I laughed out loud.
I'll never remember to use this but I should, it's a shame that here is you do say anything clever or even random then people don't even realise it, they just keep yelling dumb shit.
File: 1311590069758.jpg (295KB, 403x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
295KB, 403x600px
Broos, are you me? Wanted to take a semester off, parents said I could not and I just stooped going to class my JR year of uni due to anxiety and depression. Instead of going to class I would just collapse in my apartment and cry. Or watch the train tracks or traffic and dream about jumping into it.
Tried to contact the school psychologist, his opinion was "You won't be anxious if I let you drop these classes so you don't really have anxiety so I can't help you"
Then my grandfather died during finales and I just could not function.
Some teachers were cool about it, some teachers told me to fuck off, called the dean and I had to prove my grandfather had passed to miss the final without the auto F. Then, since he was my mom's dad I had to prove that was my mothers maiden name...
In the end I could not pull myself together in time and the incompletes turned to F's and I was dismissed from the uni.
Tried to appeal it but the dean took herself off the comity and they denied my appeal. In retrospect I should have gone to my adviser and had him right them a letter instead of the crappy one I did but oh well.

Have not told my parents or boyfriend to this day that I was dismissed. That was 4 years ago now. Told them I was firmly taking a semester off and just never went back. Dealt with all the "No you will never go back" and the screaming because I was too scared to admit I failed. They still give me shit about it.
"when are you going baaack?" NEVER. FUCK YOU. I NEVER want to feel that way again and you have no idea just go fuck yourself. My grandma went up to me at my grandfathers funeral and asked "Your graduating this year, right?"

I work in retail management now. My then boyfriend and I are engaged. I'm staff on a convention I really like to be part of. I'm in recovery now.

Job kinda sucks, but I am glad with even all that shit I did not end it, even though I very much wanted to.
I just really need some time off. I'm stuck in a cycle of waking up, going to class (despite failing half of them I do always go to every single class), going home and sleeping.

All my social contact (outside of family) is at uni.

When I have a break all I do is sit in my room and browse the internet. I can't even be as productive as I want with drawing things anymore.

If I leave Uni now I know I'll never be allowed to study that bachelor at that uni again but honestly I feel nothing but a deep layer of stress.
It may sound weird but at this point I'm so stressed I just block everything out and can't find the motivation to study even the slightest bit.

I feel like a disappointment to everyone, my family didn't have the chances I have when growing up and I'm wasting all of them.
My siblings are succeeding in life because they work hard, and I, the 'smart' one can't even sit down and study for a single hour.

I hate myself. I really do. I can't think of a single redeemable trait I have.

For now I just want to quit Uni and try to sort my life out and break out of this unhealthy cycle where I wake up and have nothing planned. No trips. No fun outings. No celebrations.
I need to find some form of motivation again, I can't function like this anymore. But my parents won't allow me to quit Uni, no matter how much I want or they'll just guilt trip me.
I got refunded for an item from Aliexpress on my Visa, but for less because of the exchange costs/currency. It's like a $3 loss, but I'm still bitter as hell.

> also my payment to the credit card for this month hasn't gone through yet so I'm in this anxiety limbo
you don't seem to know what a feminist is anon.
Anon have you tried getting help? I was in similar situation but then got sent to a psychiatrist. I started on medication and now everything is going so well that I can't believe I have made it so far without.
> Or watch the train tracks or traffic and dream about jumping into it.
Not any of the previous anons, but last semester was brutal for me. I climbed onto the railings of the staircase (like the outer part) and just sat there, contemplating jumping if only to just end the stress and shittiness I was feeling. I was just holding out until the summer because I had promised some friends I would do AA with them.

I'm kind of glad I didn't kill myself since I've strengthened my relationship with one of my friends, and we're both doing really good now. I'm still worried about relapsing though, especially if I don't do well on my finals this semester and fail a course. It sounds trivial when phrased like this, but I honestly feel there's no point in living if I don't have the ability to even pass these classes.
You do need help. I hope you read all the syllabi for your classes since you can fail just by being absent too often. You should ask yourself if you're in the right mental state to be taking classes. Is school helping you aim toward something and stay focused, or are classes putting more stress on you?

A friend of a friend was severely depressed/self harming, and I kept telling my friend to encourage her to give school a pause and get well. She didn't listen (no one wants to hear they can't "fix" someone or encourage them to prioritize their health over school), and about a year later after they attempted suicide and dropped out of school anyway.

If you can manage both your mental health and school, great. But if it's an option, there is nothing- NOTHING- wrong with taking care of yourself and putting school on hold.
I am, I'm currently trying to get her to give me anxiety meds since the ritalin I was on before just made me feel even worse.

I'm so far gone 'just doing it' isn't the solution anymore.
People are bashing on you, but I understand after a shitty week that something like that can make you just feel even worse. I agree that it'll probably pop up cheaper secondhand in a few months. Please try to take care of yourself in healthy ways.
>week of exams from hell after this weekend
>convention right after that, will go with friends
>kind of scared because of the Paris terrorist attacks, but my city isn't as big so we should be safe
>internet friend who moved to my city for college will most likelt come

I'm so happy about this con, but at the sam time I'm super nervous. What if said internet friend will think I'm weird or annoying?
That's just awful anon. It's worse that it's been so long since they threw the dresses away.
I-I miss my friend Charlie To.
File: eh.png (565KB, 900x810px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sure is suicidal in here
If I would have known that they left them at that old man's house, I would have made a much greater effort to get them back, even if it meant skipping work and buying travel tickets.

That unstable saga is exactly the reason why I moved out, but my parents are going to the old house tomorrow with a police officer to make sure they at least get THEIR stuff out and safe(fuck you parents). I'm just praying and hoping that something of mine is left there. I know it sounds rediculous but.. yeah.
Why would you collect expensive dresses with no way to protect them in the first place? Like I personally was in a shit situation for a couple years and I knew there would be times when I had to move ASAP and later I knew my bf was stealing/breaking my shit to control me so I didn't pick up anything that I wouldn't be able to take with me in a hurry.
I pretty much got full into lolita as soon as I got a stable job and a restraining order though.
I was never in a situation before where I was in a shit situation that I HAD to leave my residence. I moved because it was nice having the power on for more than two months in a row, and not have people taking drugs around me, not because I had to leave. We had stayed in our old house for four years, and they had moved to take care of my step dad's dad because he was old and can't take the best care of his self. They were only there for three~months, and since my mom said that some of my boxes were at my sisters house(who opted for an apartment instead of the old mans), I just kind of assumed they were with my sister. When they werent, my mom talked so nonchalantly that they were put up, I just thought they were at her house instead. So that's why there wasn't an urgent need to get them. I've never had my stuff trashed before so.. not exactly something I thought was in the realm of possibility.
>hate chess emblem
>prefer simple, toned down prints
>show my bf because someone mentioned it
>he says he loves it because of the bold contrast

Mfw :(
Well that's what you get for leaving your belongings with other people
Thanks for the sympathy mate.
Shit, anon. Are you me? I have the exact same problem. Do what I need to get off my ass and do -- Get help. Seriously. If you can afford it, do it.
Heard anything?
If not its cool, I'm still gonna apply, just wanted to know what I'm in for and if I even have a chance.
>lost an auction for a used item by a dollar
>won it a few hours later in new condition and for less than what I was trying to bid the first time around
Post here and make a cute collage of the things, I'm interested!
Keep us posted, anon! I hope you get at least something back.
File: 1447212780472.jpg (40KB, 420x401px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 420x401px
>unfriended by 2 lolitas i really like

maximum paranoia engaged.
Has anyone here ever fell in love with a guy at a con?
Don't worry, anon. Busy dresses may look better unworn, but once you wear it, people tend to be more focused on the dress than on you. Simple dresses would make your natural beauty resplendish, and you can always find cuts that would suit you better than the last shirred AP print (well, maybe it looks awesome on you, I don't know). Don't get dresses you don't like because of him, anon, don't worry. That's pretty impossible to find someone with the exact same tastes than you in all domains.
>uses online guide to use Fril with Tenso
>buys an item and seller contacts me because they can't call Tenso's phone number
>seller asks if Tenso address is my house
>I answer no and say it's a forwarding service from Japan to America
>seller responds by saying they're going to contact Fril's customer service
>Fril contacts me today and says all my orders have been cancelled and I'm suspended from buying anymore items

Shit man. I'll just use a shopping service next time.
I think you need to discuss this more
Instead of just deflating. Why has he decided he doesn't want to move in? Ask him to give a reason. Finances? Is the location he's at super convenient? If not the other option is he's not committed to you or the relationship and is treating it as more of a fleeting thing, which means maybe you should move on.
He won't give me an actual reason, he just goes in a lenghty rant about "growing the fuck up and accepting responsibilities, but still being way too immature to make such a commitment". I think he'd rather move and spend some time alone dealing with adult life before having to take me in. Still, it hurts.
File: mmmmmmmhm.gif (998KB, 460x317px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
998KB, 460x317px
>early 2010s, barely pre-SJW
>be a hoe
>high school bff i was living with at the time involved with absolutely fucked-up local homestuck community
>she invites me to a con
>fucking senior year, late in life, fuck yeah i wanna go
>meet her boyfriend
>accidentally get too emotionally close, sets something off in bff
>meet his friends, they're real bros,
>talk to this pretty hot guy from the shoot yesterday, swap numbers
>SJW movement
>suddenly caught up by proxy in all this horrible juvieshit
>high school bff turns into a raging sociopath and starts beating her mother; all relationships there end afaik
>talking those bro friends out of suicide every other day
>next con, go with 2 really close friends that I trust and a slightly older dude
>meet up with hot guy on saturday, really excited, huge crush
>takes advantage of me hardcore, kicks me out of his room middle of the night
>older guy that drove us here gets me back to the room, later becomes possibly the love of my life
>three years dating on and off, he essentially turned out to be patrick bates
>all cons during/after that are basically horror stories
>massive amount of tertiary consequences including mental illness

Don't Be A Hoe
Don't Go Outside
Obviously that wouldn't work, anon.
This was a pretty rushed and vague read. I think you have bad taste in people, I'm glad you've sort of reflected on it though.
When you're bidding for an item on ebay against someone, and it seems like they gave up bidding, but right at the last second they outbid you ;___;

I am so sad I lost this cute swimsuit I'm now searching the heavens for it but I don't think I will ever come across the same one ;__;

i don't know who around uses cgl but i know that a couple of them check pretty often
yeah it's really more the tertiary shit that hurts. i ended up dropping out because of all the bullshit at home and at the other girl's. also there were some... attachment issues that caused all the relationships mentioned to end very very horribly
i'm trying not to really interact/get close to anyone until i get a better handle on my brain being a stupid arse
Just spent $30 on a decoden phone case that my friends, family and co-workers will judge me for, probably will take up too much space in my handbag, and get dirty faster than I'd like. I've wanted one since I was like 14. No regrets.
>basic string bikini
Anon these are as common as cockroaches, I am not sure why you're worried about not finding another. Unless you specifically wanted the adidas brand?
anon obv needs the next level adidas burando.
>tell myself I'm done buying lolita until new years
>shoes wont get here from taobao quick enough for meet
>but a second pair
>found my top tier ultimate dream dress today in one of my preferred colorways
>never felt this way about a dress
>have SS to do
>have 3 SS to do total
>have to put gas in my car for a lolita meet as well
I'm so utterly fucked, aren't I?
Is it pay day soon? Is it worth missing the meet? Can you get in touch with your SSs, tell them the situation and ask if they mind getting stuff late? I know I wouldn't mind if it was a dream dress on the line.

>>8731166 gets me
finding the old logo on shit is hard
I've already paid for the ticket, so I'm not gonna miss out on it. I might message my SS and see if I can delay shipment.

I get paid on Tuesday, and I worked triple the hours I nearly do, so I'm hoping everything will work out in my favor
You know that one kid in the family who has to get a present every time it's someone else's birthday?

>be me at my adult, boring, no fun, no cake birthday party(just how I wanted it)
>opens present
>frills everywhere
>kid throws tantrum
>"oh anon, can't you let her play with your dress?"
>I throw a tantrum
>so much yelling
>kid doesn't get to play with my dress
>even more yelling

I could definitely have handled it better
I wouldn't have given in either, it's your day anon. Unless you're a twin, or it's legit someone's birthday, all lights are on you
Haha I dislike spoiled kids, that's a perfect response. I'll have to try it
>"oh anon, can't you let her play with your dress?"
I hate these people. Stop enabling your fucking brats.
Well this is embarrassing.
>didn't go to bed till 4am this morning
>woke up at 11, ok not bad, can still salvage the day
>take my meds - lovely side effect is that they jump start my ass for the day
>do a few things (one of them is prepare the clothes for pictures so i can hopefully sell them) then I feel all woozy for some reason
>head is spinning, I'm losing my balance, vertigo has kicked in hard core
>what the fuck?
>even my husband is worried
>i luckily left the pills on the countertop open
>me: Oops
>him: oops what?
>me: ...I think I took your Ambian
>the past 9 hours are nothing but a blur
>I also put a jacket on the dog and found it fucking hilarious but I don't remember doing it. I thought it was a dream

Good news is I slept like a baby. Bad news is, Sunday is lost on me. Ugh.
Kid needs to learn someday that they can't always get their way. I hate parents who enable that shit.

It's always cringy to meet adults who can't do baby basics like waiting their turn, sharing, or letting someone enjoy their special day. It's your gift, it is not a toy, it's yours to enjoy as you wish.
>bad health, financial struggles
>bro and his wife repeatedly offer to rent me their spare room
>smallest room in the house, won't fit my shit, no room to work on crafts
>they and their son have bedrooms 2-3 times as big as this room
>they offer to let me craft in one of their living rooms, and offer me low rent
>my friend-roommate moves away, I'm stuck with strangers, health worsens
>so I move to bro's house
>leave behind shelves that don't fit, my bed, a chair, etc.
>new room is stacks of boxes and totes now
>books crammed into shelves
>no room to display figures or art
>closet too small
>twin bed barely fits
>but it's nice to live with family and save money

>work on crafts for side income in living room #1 (my brother's room, his wife controls LR #2), because TV is there
>bro decides to move TV to LR #2
>this could solve many problems, mostly him feeling like everyone uses his room for the TV
>move TV, game systems, etc. to other living room
>he's defensive and weird the whole time
>wanting to give him space, I sit in living room #2
>his son is doing homework there
>bro complains about it being too bright, wants lights off
>I point out his kid is on a computer, working in dark could strain his eyes
>suggest he hang in "his" room (LR #1) since it's empty of people (like he wanted) and he can control the light
>he yells at me that the TV is still his, that he's not "surrendering" the TV just because it changed rooms
>TV's not even fucking on
>bro eyes my supplies, says LR #1 is a mess, he can't stand to be there
>ok, I get my supplies out; they were in one place, a 1.5x1.5ft square, while the rest of the room is his stuff, but whatever
>they don't want me to keep crafts in LR #2 since that's where guests are entertained
>put my projects on my bed for now

I'm so confused. Their rooms are spacious, yet they always need more space, but they assure me I'll be able to fit all my things in this tiny, slanted-ceiling room. Very motivated to save up and move out.
The wig still looks shit af compared to the pictures they have. It looks like a generic aliexpress brown.
You don't like Lolita, you like the way it makes you feel. You like that it makes you feel as if you have worth. You can get this without spending a dime, through self-improvement.
Alright, maybe someone here can help me figure out what is up with this, because right now I'm not sure which feels I should be feeling, and I keep trying to tell myself that panic is over-reacting...

>be me five years ago
>have been in lolita for three years
>freshman in college
>meet friend
>I'm pretty shy, not the most exciting person, person I meet is super outgoing, charismatic as fuck
>friends for about a year
>things start to get weird, she becomes super jealous of me getting any male attention
>starts making comments about my clothes, becomes super malicious and controlling. I'm an awkward weirdo at the time, so I go along with it and assume that's just how people are.
>she pulls some insanely malicious stunt on me, I'm incredibly hurt, pretty much avoid all people for months, cut her out of my life

>earlier this year, I get a new job
>she starts showing up at my new job. Thankfully place is huge, she never sees me, but I see her; she's looking for me
>look at her twitter
>tons of posts about her love for lolita and that she "can't wait to get back into it <3 <3 <3"
>mfw she's never been in lolita, never had a single piece
>mfw she starts adding my friends on FB
>nothing really becomes of it

>she's found my Tumblr
>starts reblogging a ton of my photos with all these weird heart-eye emojis all over them
>tags them as "my pretty friends"
>I'm freaking out

How should I feel about this??? I purposely put years between us and I feel like she's fucking with me. I don't know if she's really all there or not, but I cut all contact and made it clear that I would not have anything to do with her. I'm really scared that she's going to trying joining my comm to drive me out, or try and ruin my reputation with people I greatly respect and really feel like I can be myself around. What do?
talk about your concerns with the mods.
File: childhood.jpg (211KB, 1185x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
211KB, 1185x1600px
More feels than anything else. It's a little lolita related.

> In an Annual Secret Santa group with friends
> Compiling wishlist of things under $25
> Check ebay to see if there's anything cheap
> Looking up Taobao brands for fun too bc who knows
> Looks up Magic Tea Party
> See this result
> IMMENSE nostalgia

I had this toy when I was a baby, I remember how much I loved it. I used to play with it everywhere and I was so little. I remember scratching the glitter on the castle, accidentally snapping off a flag, losing the pink princess and being heartbroken over it. I made them live with the lego people and playmobile people, and that castle was set up near my first computer too. Eventually I think I donated it or put it in the attic when I was a "big kid" and got rid of my old toys and polly pockets and stuff. But I kept some of the parts- I have the little frog in my jewelry box still next to my sweet lolita things. I've been thinking about making an area in my room more sweet and cute for photos (room threads really inspire me) and man the nostalgia hit me so strong.

Also Milky Planet always vaguely reminded me of this toy and that fueled my want for that dress even though I don't do OTT sweet.
block her on tumblr, she won't be able to reblog your posts with those creepy comments, and hopefully she'll get the message
Holy fuck I had that toyset. 100% sure my mom sold it in a yard sale eons ago. The feels...
What did she do? Depending on who it is she's adding on Facebook, maybe give them a heads up in a way that doesn't make you seem like a drama whore. Explain the situation and straight up tell them you're not really sure if she's stable because of how erratic she's acting and that you became a bit concerned when she suddenly added all these people that surround you that he has so connection to
*that she has no" sorry mobile sucks.
Sounds like the beginning of a yandere story. Get the hell out of there, anon.

I had that too! I used to love that thing. It all came apart into a tea set right? And you could put water inside and the castle became the tea pot?
I was telling someone about this the other day. I am trying to cull my kawaii shit and build up a more dark classic/gothic aesthetic, but I think I need this pink glitter trash in my life anyway.
Yeah! It could turn into a full tea set! Honestly I have the money for it, I may just buy it since I wont be able to justify buying a mint condition one. Even if this one aged badly and is missing pieces.

> These fucking things are collectors items now
> New in box ones go for $200+
File: c4jt321.png (310KB, 580x282px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
310KB, 580x282px
Everyone around me is dying and I just don't know what to do anymore.

>close friend's dad passed away 2 weeks ago
>another friend's dad is in hospice and probably won't make it past thanksgiving
>sister-in-law's grandpa was taken to the ER this morning and is still in critical condition
>one of aunt's dog passed away yesterday and the other is staying overnight at the vet's because of seizures
>step-dad's mom passed away an hour ago

I'm trying to distract myself by working on cosplays. And spending a lot of money. Upside is I'm already done with Christmas shopping and have three new dresses and a cosplay coming in the mail. I've been drinking a lot though.
Protip: don't drink a whole bottle of vodka while watching Anna Karenina. You'll end up puking on your cat and in your drunken state, will attempt to clean it up with a newly opened $30 pattern. Then you'll realize what you've done and cry while pissing yourself.
>I find out about swankiss's fukubukuros on reservations now
>pink bags already sold out
>mfw they're one size
>mfw I'm a US Medium/Large

The agony...
That's kind of a weird that you're reacting so violently to people (and a dog) dying "around" you when you didn't even know them personally? I'm not trying to sound insensitive but it doesn't even seem to dawn on you that this is an odd reaction. If it's death in general that's scaring you you need to see a therapists, and you most likely should in general. I hope things get better for you.
I've never taken death well. And I am seeing a therapist. Mostly for unrelated issues, but still.
I probably should have mentioned, but I did know them all personally. And for quite some time. That's why I'm taking it so hard. Actually, the only one I didn't know was my aunt's dog...So I guess I don't see my reaction as odd? Maybe a little dramatic, but I should be allowed to be upset about people I've known for years dying.
Why would you assume anon didn't know any of those people? This seems like the response of a person who has yet to really lose people in their life. I lost my father and my cousin within the span of a year, and though I wasn't super close to them, suffering loss like that can weigh you down.
No offense, but they sound like self righteous people that want to feel good about helping you out, while also taking your rent money. Yeah, save up, gtfo. No need to deal with a spoiled brat like that.
File: 1436292927967.png (122KB, 398x309px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122KB, 398x309px
Not really feels, this is just the most appropriate place to post this

>doing some lolita purging
>listening to music from my phone with earbuds in
>find crumpled up bodyline polyester dress I want to keep
>starts ironing dress
>suddenly hearing an odd clicking noise
>turn music off
>clicking is still there
>leans head down to the non-hot side of the iron
>can't figure out where clicking is coming from
>DING - email gets sent to phone
>loud crunching inside my head, slighly painful
>rips earbuds out
>mfw I realise the clicking was electricity charging

I sent a static shock through my head. I end up in a lot of weird situations because of lolita but this was the fucking worst

Thanks, anons. I'm concerned about blocking her anywhere because I'm afraid it'll start some sort of shit storm of her blowing on Twitter or her fb over it (it's happened before), but it probably is best if I talk to the mods. She hasn't added anyone who would get her into Lolita or anything, just people who she thinks are attractive and good looking to be around, though I doubt she really talks to them. I have had people tell me that she's been talking about me, and that really pisses me off, because she basically says that we used to be best friends and then I treated her bad and ditched her for some guy.

Basically what she did to me was this:
>broke up with boyfriend of 4yrs
>super vulnerable, wanted comfort
>sets me up with some guy, says he's great and we'll get along fine
>he's incredibly abusive and does a fuck ton of drugs
>see him for three weeks, leave him
>feel like life is falling apart, fear for safety
>go to her about it
>she literally laughs and says "that's what you get" (for fucking what, I don't know)

That's what I'm thinking, I'm just trying to figure out how to get out of it all and get her fucking away from me for good. You'd think after five years of avoiding her she'd get the point.
File: ssme.jpg (54KB, 570x760px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I see posts that say
>tfw no qt ouji bf
And while those are probably satire I just can't help but relate except that I just really want an SO to cosplay with or just do weeby shit with but also wont get on my case about muh kpop.

It maybe doesn't even have to be a bf, we could do non-couple-friendzone cosplay like Natsu and Erza. It's kinda pathetic that the only thing keeping me away from doing any cosplay in general is the lack of SOMEONE to do do it with. I browse through help threads, even asked a few questions, but have never done any of it.
God, I feel like such a cunt.
Whenever something good happens to me its at the expense of someone else, and lately it's been my friends who have taken the blunt of my happiness.
You'd think I'd be happy, since some things are going my way, but guilt and anxiety is making me more depressed than ever before.
It's times like these I wish I was 12 again and living with my folks and everything was alright.
I have no motivation anymore, no will to do anything other than go to work and earn my meager paycheck.
My inferiority complex makes sure I never try really hard at any of my creative hobbies because what's the point right? It's seriously affecting my cosplaying where I get stunted before I even start because my head is telling me it's just gonna suck anyway.
The only thing that gives me joy now is collecting figurines and brand, too bad it's giving me economic problems as well, right?
I should stop, but then I would have no reason to live anymore.

>tfw have to decide between wanting to cosplay or wanting to pursue dream of wrestling as I don't have time/money for both

Tfw no gf is smalltime to shit like this here
File: 1448302432406.jpg (134KB, 764x764px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134KB, 764x764px
>tfw no seagull gf to do my makeup and talk about lolita with
Whenever I've shown interest in these kind of things most people just assume I'm gay.
File: 200_s.gif (54KB, 408x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 408x200px
got some JM in the mail that i've been waiting for, so that was nice

>friend wants to come over to try on some of my ouji things
>i always provide snacks when ever they come over (they've been over at least 5 times now)
>they've never brought anything
>i ask them to bring a drink this time because i can't be bothered to go out
>they tell me "just drink water"
it makes me sad and disappointed that they can't grab a drink on the way (i know they pass lots of shopping centres on the way). i actually prepared other snacks already, would it be bad of me to not bring them out because of this? it feels a bit petty but...
File: 1368242193899.png (602KB, 641x646px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
602KB, 641x646px
Considering suicide. Jobless, had to move back home, girl I like told me she's only interested in me because there's nothing better at the moment, on the fast track to becoming an alcoholic, family is disappointed in me Nothing left for me.
>want to cosplay
>no friends to cosplay with
>live 15 minutes from Javits
>skip CC every year because don't want to go alone
before suicide, give yourself to charity work. you might hate yourself but you are never useless.
go to CTCon, anon, even for just a day. if you don't cosplay, wear merch from your favorite series and be friendly. you might not make friends but you can have interesting conversations.

there's usually a seagull meetup there too.
friend is using you and acting like a child. put some distance between you two.
Can't really afford to travel, especially with no car. But thanks
>squintin hard at ur quints

teach yourself makeup, mane. forget the gf part.
I wish I had lolita friends who weren't catty gossips, especially about people they don't know. I don't mind it from time to time, I guess, but when it fuels 90% of your conversations, it honestly gets old. I thought making friends in my comm would be different than cgl meets, but almost anyone I've met who is involved enough in the fashion to be decently dressed is also into the drama. Even people who aren't well-dressed seem to get a kick out of gossip all the time. Is this just how people are? Am I naive?
>Is this just how people are?
i'm not like that. so no.
I would say I'm not like that, either, so I get your point. Maybe it's my area or the fashion or something. I just really hate trying to engage with people to have them look at me like I'm weird for not having a clue who most of the strangers they're talking about are. I guess I should accept that just because we all like frills doesn't mean we'll have anything else in common or be able to be good friends.
To shy to send an email?
Post the picture, gull
>hey nice outfit
>did you make it?
>blah blah blah
A similar thing happened to my friend a few months ago.
>I had no lolita friends
>Friend is interested but doesn't know where to start
>Convince friend to start out
>She buys a full bodyline coord. It's nice and matches and I give her the go ahead.
>Two days later Yanners birthday 50% off sale
I felt so bad but she said she was going to buy it anyways. She even put in another order at half price so I finally have a friend to frill up with.
think you should pursue your dream of wrestling, you could always cosplay later..
Anon if you live in the US, get your self a lawyer and file a telephonic harassment suit.
Not much to say besides I got dumped recently at a con after having a severe panic attack at said con.
He kind of made it seem like it was my fault because of my depression and anxiety. And that his "romantic needs" (aka sex) weren't being fulfilled. I mean, we were in a long distance relationship, and I told him that if he ever needed to, he could take care of that, because due to my past, sex just isn't something that I'm great with/physical contact in general. I took so many steps for him and it just felt like I either got in my own way, or he couldn't deal with my mental problems and just didn't address it.
Honestly I could feel it was gonna happen, I just wasn't expecting it at a con. We were supposed to be rooming together too.
it ended for the best. don't blame yourself, or him. people break up all the time.

if you're not in treatment though, consider it before trying a new relationship. especially with your panic attacks and "past."
Oh I'd never blame him, I'm just super positive he's blaming me. Whenever I tell my closer friends what happened they all seem to reach a general consensus that he was trying to make me feel bad so he wouldn't have to be the bad guy. Something like that. So ever since that happened I've been blaming myself and my issues.

I'm actually seeing my first psychiatrist starting in December. Lost my insurance so trying to deal with that as well.
I moved (before the break up) when I wasn't ready to so I've been absolutely stressed out and I rarely have panic attacks unless it's a really bad trigger. That Friday night of the con he was being really weird, and coupled with all the stress, I just broke. Thankfully one of my closest friends rescued me. I wasn't sure what would have happened if they hadn't come. It was terrifying, I've never had one that bad. I couldn't breath correctly, couldn't talk for a good ten minutes, and when I finally could I sounded like a derby announcer with a stutter.

Pursue dream of wrestling. Become masked wrestler. Cosplay while wrestling. Problem solved.
File: mrococo1.jpg (30KB, 303x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 303x270px
Pls become a wrestler and don't get sucked into the cosplay shithole

I've been there. Maybe im just an asshole but blame happens no matter what in a break up. The question of 'why' always gets stuck in our head at some point. I found a little bit of anger can help focus you and construct a narrative for yourself. But i agree with anon doing you for awhile is always the best thing after a breakup
HOLY SHIT that reminds me of a castle thing I had as a kid. It wasn't a teacup castle but it had the same colour scheme and everything
That's what I plan on doing. It just stings cause it was for two years and he said I was the first girl he ever loved... which I tried not to think was just a line to net me. Thanks anons, I appreciate the advice.
Man I love the way the only deciding factor women have when deciding to insult or consol someone suffering is if they're a man or woman.

You really are a bunch of heartless cunts.
>Enjoy going to cons where friends live close-ish
>We always wind up having con after-parties that last a few days at whoever's house/apartment. We all watch animu and play video games and sleep in a giant dog pile on the floor, just generally have fun.
>There are designated people who cook for the group, I am one of them
>Big fun group grocery shopping trips to H-mart or where ever

I miss my con friends, I fell out of contact with them in recent years because of depression and irl problems, but cons were always so fun with them.

On a related note.
>Parents are white af and going through "asian cuisine" phase.
>They really want to start eating "stir fries" I am excited because they cook the same 4 or 5 things over and over again every week
>They make "stir fry". It is pork strips with asparagus, tomatoes, and feta cheese with no sauce. Mom tells dad he sucks and doesn't undestand what stir fry is.
>Fast forward a few weeks. They want to try "chicken teriyaki"
>I go into the kitchen and stop my dad from starting. He has out asparagus, tomatoes, feta cheese, and teriyaki sauce.
>"Uh, how about I cook dinner tonight." Parents rarely ever cook because they assume I can't? (I lived on my own at college for 4 years in an apt)
>Make chicken teriyaki stir fry like a normal human being.

I don't understand why my dad thinks all this strange stuff belongs in chicken teriyaki stir fry? He keeps doing these weird mash ups of the same old chicken with x bullshit on top "on top of rice" and calls it "asian food". Dad, no.
Except there are other men in the thread not being redirected elsewhere. It was one response, at least you didn't get the mini-mod telling you off. It sounds like things fucking suck at the moment. Self-medicating with alcohol or drugs is literally the worst thing you could do now though. Drop the girl, she isn't the person you hope she is or the person you need. Have you tried seeking treatment, talking to a doctor? No matter if your family seem disappointed in you, you can still repair things with them. Making that effort is the first step though.
*rarely let me cook

That food honestly sounds terrible lol
I wonder where he's getting those ideas from? The though of teriyaki sauce and feta together makes me want to puke.
That wasn't my post. I just felt like pointing out this very cruel gender based double standard that seems so prevalent among women
Well no, the post just had nothing even vaguely to do with /cgl/ and doesn't belong here.
You're wrong though. A feels thread on a cosplay board is hardly the place, the thread is slow moving, guys posting on topic have been getting replies. Criticising all women because of an extremely mild post by one person you assume is one is pretty fucking stupid, so is calling us cunts but you knew that already. Most people glossed over it because it's an awkward thing to respond to. Regardless, you sure as fuck weren't helping that anon either and I don't believe for a second you care. Just looking for a reason to attack someone.
Right of course that's why women complaining in these threads always get the exact same treatment :^)
I have serious feels about those with unsupportive families. My dad actively supports my cosplay even now at 25. He recently even bought me an air gun kit and compressor tank.

So it breaks my heart when I see friends pretty much get lectures and demands of 'starting a family' from their families. I often just go and hug him always thanking him for not trying to make me miserable because 'normal people don't do that'
I really have no idea, he has such gross ideas for food and it is always very fattening. My parents always drown everything in butter or their chicken is always this oven baked stuff drowned in BBQ sauce with all this weird shit on top. After years of handling my own meals and eating healthy, their food makes my stomach hurt so much.

>Makes stir fry. I comment on how no one restocked the garlic so I had to substitute with garlic powder. Sorry it's bland
>Dad says it's ok, he baked some asparigus with feta cheese. Adds it to his stir fry, puts salsa on top of everything
why the fucking asparagus? just why?
Sounds like she misses you, but it's just because you used to let her get away with her crazy shit
Leave me the fuck alone.

I wish I had a crazy friend like that... to show them how much crazier I am than them.
same though
>tfw bpd means friendships only last so long until I decide they hate me and destroy the friendship
>tried to make macarons for meet
>failed miserably
I got my top tier dream dress the other day
I'm waiting for the seller to ship it out

I'm vibrating with excitement here
I'd still be your friend anon.
>he said I was the first girl he ever loved

To be fair, he could have been telling the truth at the time. Things like that can come and go
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