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Explain the zionist conspiracy without going crazy on me

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Explain the zionist conspiracy without going crazy on me
>stoners get paranoid
>make up bullshit stories
>find half assed evidence to prove theyre smarter than everone else
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wow, now its not letting me upload any more.. got a whole folder of the shit.
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This is basically the just of it. not dumping the whole damn folder.
Do these answer your question?
>asks for an explanation
>refuses to respond
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>this amount of collectivism
Sure bro, max benwell is really responsible for what hila herskoviz says and vice versa, after all its ZE JUUS, they are a hive mind, all think the same! I am not a zionist fan and am aware of lots of other disgusting shit, but this one is just plain retarded
>tfw 22
>tfw knowing i am, and am going to live through part of one of the worst times in history
The council will have u know and forever watch out
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I agree to a certain extent. But jews in white societies are not grateful
Every jew I have know has been obsessed with race mixing and promoting mass immigration into white countries. They push for white guilt. They try to say that they are white and speak for all of white people with their liberal bullshit.

What they seem to forget is when they were ran out of the desert thousands of years ago, its us white people that took them into our societies. We helped them, and ever since they keep pushing for us to let ourselves be bred out of existence and its more than possible for that to happen. Its happened before, pic related
>implying /pol/lution fags aren't the biggest faggots around
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>implying /pol/ isnt correct; on everything.
Even if they were, they're still one of the biggest cancers to 4chan.
I wouldnt go so far as to call them cancer. For the most part they stay on their board. /b/ was their board until moot started his jewery.
/b/ and /pol/ are one in the same.

I dont browse pol, but if you ever look at what they say, its scary how often their predictions come true. They even nailed the fact that they gold prices were going to drop, months before they did.
/pol/ are moralfags, so no, /b/ was never their board.
pol was added in 2011 or 2010.. yea, they come from /b/.
> i have an opinion, i dont like yours
>that makes me correct
No, those came from /new/ and stormfront.
who the fuck are you talking to?
>doesn't know how to quote a post
>asks them who they're talking to
what the fuck is /new/? and no. they came from /b/. I remember him bitching saying that all the *pol* stuff now goes to /pol/.
Just like when he made /soc/ to get rate me threads off of /b/.
>not knowing I did that on purpose
I clicked his post number and replaced the arrows with @ ironically. fuck you are slow.
He/you talk shit in a thread without addressing the person youre trying to talk shit to.
>He doesn't know his 4chan history
/new/ was the old news board which moot deletet because it turned into what /pol/ was. When he bought the board back it was named /pol/.
I just checked it, new is from 2010, pol is 2011.
are you really going to try to tell me that pol culture was made within a year from completely non /b/ users?

/pol/ is old /b/'s content. how are you blind to this? when did you first come here?
Thread posts: 42
Thread images: 19

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