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How do I invoke desire in a woman?

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I'm being very specific with my language, how do I become *desired* to women?

There's being a good catch, like being fit, good looking, good at sex, ambitious, whatever these "traits" are

But there's that elusive "spark" where a woman gets lost in your world, shes drawn into you like a magnet, and deeply desires to be with you.

^i want that. I don't just want "a girlfriend", I don't just want sex, I want to be actually able to get a girl to desire me. I feel this is something that transcends any "just talk to more people bro" or "be Moran interesting bro get more hobbies", but I can't put my finger on what "it" exactly is.

Does anyone have an idea? I've dated girls before but I don't think i was actually wanted by any of them- just a body to fuck and watch Netflix with
be good at cars, fixing things, general guy manly stuff.

have a hobby or two that you can become a subject matter at. musical/artsy fartsy/crafty a plus. video games/anime generally not

it can be as simple as that.
I don't think it's that
#1 rule : don't be needy

this is pretty much the basis for everything. it conveys that you're high value . it gives off a sense that you're comfortable around women, that lots of women like you, that you have experience. it's the reason "confidence" is always touted as the most attractive trait in men. you want her to have the sense that you don't give a shit if it works out between you (not in a mean way, it's literally just insignificant to you) because you have so much success and abundance in your life.
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>How do I invoke desire in a woman

Have really quick fingers and reflex
I think it changes from woman to woman.
I could look at the men I've desired and they really have nothing in common.
The women you dated made you feel unwanted? Perhaps you're just the type that needs reassuring because people don't tend to sleep with someone they don't desire.
You should definitely work on your self esteem. (For yourself)
invoker is so fucking hot
Fuck off.

What's your deal anon? Why u so angry?
NAWALT and bullshit advice.

Are you op? If not, have a seat.

What part are you disagreeing with?
Have you ever desired men?
Otherwise you're not qualified to answer
>I think it changes from woman to woman.
>You should definitely work on your self esteem.
This is all bullshit.

Really you think so?

So you're telling me a mild mannered virgin from an amish commune has the same desires in a man as a las vegas hooker?
It's obvious different people have different taste.
Op obviously has problems with self esteem because he objectified himself in previous relationships. Just because it didn't work out, doesn't mean they didn't have desire for him.
Confidence. Know what you want, and feel like you can get it. Tread the line of arrogance lightly, but you should be acting like there's no reason for her not to want to talk to you.

Also, be able to read non verbal communication well. Body language is a dying language it seems.
Hate to say the same old crap, but what you need is confidence.
I'm female, but I have spent years perfecting what you are searching for.
You can do a lot of random stuff to become more desireable. But those are just secondhand symptoms of confidence if you bring it down to it's core.
what you want is being desired not only for your wealth, your looks, your intelligence, your humor but deeply you. And if you become more witty, more successful, more social, you will always feel like what this new girl desires in you is not you but that new skill you are acting out. It will never feel like she desires you. The only way to get there is to get her to desire you for being confident. Because confidence is just the knowledge of what you're worth (ideally, you should think you're quiet worthy). If you are aware of your worth then you won't sell yourself short again. And that is what it needs to be desirable. You need to stand up for yourself, you need to speak your mind, you will ooze confidence in the way you carry yourself, you won't be afraid to disagree in a conversation and not get immature over it etc. it has an infinite rat tail to itself.
I know confidence is such a foggy word. That's why people hate that advice. It gives you nothing to work with. Some even think you either are confident or you aren't and it is out of your power to change that. But it isn't. I, myself have gone from absolutely crippling low self esteem/confidence/ self worth to decent amount of it. It's still not always sky high, but I know it is achievable.
I wanted to add that I think you don't need to be perfect to be confident. Quiet contrary. You can be perfect no matter which way one turns you. If you lack confidence, nobody will desire you. My theory is that the reason people need you to be confident to desire you is some kind of self defense mechanism. If you lack it, then they HAVE to assume that you don't like yourself because there is inherently something wrong with you. And if they can't find any obvious flaws and shortcomings, that is even scarier because it must mean you are putting on an act and not showing your real face. Which might be a disaster for a relationship. Who knows, you might turn into somebody that skins the, and sews a bodysuit out of them. It means you are hiding something horrible. So horrible that you will go to great lengths to hide it from the world. If you act confident, that is tills safety. It feel like you have nothing to hide. There are no skeletons in your closet. At least that is the assumption. And I think that's why it is impossible to truly desire somebody that lacks confidence.
I like this. Time to feign confidence
First of all, when meeting a new person you are definitely going to to be judged by looks only.
That's the easy part, so go get a haircut, lift a bit and buy clothes that look nice and you feel comfortable wearing.
The second part is a bit harder, and that is becoming at peace with yourself. Get a hobby, doesn't matter what, and get good at it. This can literally be everything, from cooking over skydiving to programming. Choose something that you honestly enjoy and that fulfills you.
Another big part that I recently discovered for myself is to get some success in society, meaning get a job you can improve in. If you're antisocial, this will force you to become social to a certain degree. You will have to make calls about insurance stuff, talk to colleagues, go to job interviews e.g.
After you've done all that, you should already notice more women being drawn to you, because your focus has now already shifted from "I need a woman to live a good life" to "I need to become better at my job, also Jeff from my snowboarding club told me that we're going to a trip to the mountains next week, I need to wax my board...". See where I'm going with this?
Another good piece of advice would be that if you happen to be able to fuck a girl, don't get too invested. She's not yours, it's just your turn.
Doing this and having the right mindset has led me to fucking this one girl which is all over me at least once per week after 2 years of implementing all this into my life.
I hope that helps you, don't you lose confidence my dude!
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