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Need to lose weight

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Ok /adv/ here's the deal

I am 28 and live at home.. my mum is mentally ill and I am the only person she has to look after her. She is also dying slowly from a fatal heart defect.

My days normally involve making sure she doesn't hurt herself, make sure she takes her meds etc and cooking.

The only times I leave the house are to pay bills and buy the things we need to live, money is tight but this is the life I chose, I am however concerned with the amount of weight I've put on. I'm 5'10 and weigh about 14.5st

I need some help with a low impact workout I can do without buying anything extra. I don't eat too badly but could do with cutting out snacks through out the day.. willpower isn't an issue but being bored out of my mind is.

Fact is I hate what i've become and I feel like everyone is staring at me when i leave the house.. I haven't been able to buy new clothes in 6 years and I can see everyday how much of a worthless fatass i've become.

Check out lord scooby's home workouts, also read up on nutrition there.
Working out is not how you lose weight. It takes an incredible amount of effort and time to even burn off a handful of calories. That's not realistic.

Do you know what takes around 1700 kcal per day though? Simply being alive. Your body will gladly deplete that much energy every day just to keep the lights on. Your simple challenge is to eat less than your body needs for that goal. Obviously it won't want to surrender to the Grim Reaper, so what it will do instead is turn to your fat reserves to make up the difference.

You do eat badly. That's the only way to get fat. You eat more than you burn, and that's bad maths. Feel free to take up walking or swimming or whatever your heart desires to stave off boredom, but the only reasonable approach you have to losing this weight is to change how you eat. Measure things meticulously. Log everything, down to the butter in which you cook your eggs. When you do eat, make intelligent choices (lots of fiber and protein, moderate amounts of fat) so that you stay full for longer and quit snacking. Your body will do the rest of the work automatically.
Ty dood, checking it out now

>You do eat badly
You're probably right. fact is I barely eat anything during the day most days

> Feel free to take up walking or swimming or whatever your heart desires to stave off boredom

Not possible right now. Mum is batshit crazy.. I cannot leave her alone during the day.
Protein sparing modified fast
i noticed when i first started my wieghtloss journey that i was drinking my calories(regular cola, energy drinks, coffee shop sugary confections) take a step back today before you go to bed and look at what you drank. Ween yourself to sugar free options even get those drink mix packets for water and youll be surprised how easy it is to drop 10-15lbs in a few weeks. Youll notice how much better you will feel after the initial sugar withdrawal passes.
I very rarely drink anything sugary to be honest.. however I do drink (and am trying to stop) coke zero.
what kind of food do your normally eat? Do you snack at all?
Normally chicken in some form, pasta, mum likes chips (fries) etc but I normally have some toast in the morning then have some of what I made for her when she goes to bed.

I would grab a slice of bread and a bit of cheese as a snack and sometimes a candy bar or some shit. Really my days all blur together but I don't overeat. Could cut out a good few calories though
Intermittent fasting is a good way to lose a lot of weight. It's a type of diet that isn't a long term one so you should just use it to lose the weight you have now and stick to a new diet when you think you have lost enough weight to stay healthy.

Keep your diet balanced
doesn't that cause you to store more fat?
replace starchy sides with greens for a few months and limit your carbs to breakfast and lunch so you have that energy to burn in the day time. instead of bread for snacking have nuts (if not allergic) or fruit.
Just watch how much youre consuming. set a calorie deficit and stick to it for at least a month and you should be okay.

As for exercise, dont stress about it for tight now but do try and take time out of your trips to do errands or even on youtube to add some cardio in there (brisk walking to stores, taking the stairs instead of elevator
Everybody's different, so what you need to do to lose weight is probably different from our way. But I find that calorie counting is the easiest and fastest. As for me, I hate apps and measuring food and all that, but I wanted to lose 20 pounds, so I did this:
I just googled how many calories women needed to lose weight and kept to that. Lost 20 pounds in a few months.
For men it's 1800 calories, so do just that.
Try this: Stay away from all drinks with any calories at all. For now, doesn't matter what it is, so long as it's 0 calories. Your coke zero's fine for now. (I practically lived on that when I was dieting, still kinda do, trying to stop as well)
If you find meticulously measuring your food and keeping track annoying like I do, just do rough estimates. If you find that whatever you're eating is 350 calories, round up to 400. Even if something's 310 calories, I'd round up to 400. I let myself be easy with keeping track of the numbers, and hard on myself with food. Just whatever you do, DO NOT go over 1800 calories. Slipping up even once is bad for you mentally. Slip up once, you're bound to do it again.
Also, I'd suggest looking at a scale before you start, then looking at your weight again 2 weeks later. Don't go nutso looking at the scale every day.
I also went on walks every day for about 50 minutes after eating meals, so if you can find some sort of light exercise you can do in the house, try that as well.
But that's just me. If you're fine with measuring cups, tracking apps n all that, do it that way. But I still believe calorie counting is the best route.
Thanks a lot both of you, that sounds like great advice. I just don't wanna die fat. I managed to stop smoking because I felt it effecting my breathing, really don't wanna get so fat I'll die in my sleep.

I don't even want to leave the house now, any self esteem I may have had has gone. Used to live a fairly normal life before all this shit started .
Thats the hardest part of weight loss, the mental olympics can be more exhausting than anything. with all that is going on in your life you might want to seek a counselor to talk things out with. We personify food especially when stressed thus the emotional demons take over and you lose control. It will suck at first but keep going

Youre going to make it.
>For men
Small niggle, but "men" is not a universal measure. Tall guys with big frames need a lot more energy than small dudes do. I'm among the latter and if I ate 1800 calories per day I'd turn into OP. The way to go about this is to set a target weight somewhere in the normal BMI range for one's height, then use a TDEE calculator from there.
This might come off as insensitive but have you considered getting her committed?

Shed probably get more help in the care of doctors then you can give. They're just more knowledgeable about these conditions.
This. When I was trying to lose weight there were times I worked out like crazy but my eating habits had a minimal effect.

Then I gave up dinners for like a week and lost 10lbs without doing anything.

Losing weight is actually not that hard. It's usually the mentwl challenge that's difficult, like if you stress eat or anything.
Thank you =)

I couldn't do that to her. The guilt would kill me
DNP. End of story.
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Strap at least 30kg to your body and spend four days marching around doing all kinds of physical tasks while having avoid detection of any and all vehicles. Eat what amounts of half a day's field ration and half a potato and half a small fish, drink only water and sleep at most 5-8 hours through out the whole thing. Finish off the trip with a 10ish km run as fast as you can. Get someone to go with you and keep you motivated because you'll probably wanna stop at several points. You'll feel like a motherfucker when you're done.

I bought a pair of pants that I could keep on without a belt the week before I left for that trip and it's been fours months since, where I have done very little physical activity for the last three and I still need to wear a belt to avoid them falling off.

Now that I've actually read your post apart from the headline this is probably useless advice, but if you can find the time and motivation you'll love having done it. Maybe get a backpack and fill it with stones and go for walks, 15kg is a good start.
I've lost over 100lbs and I'm sure most people here will give reasonable advice. The biggest thing for me was being consistent and to keep going. Get up early before your mom and walk to start your day.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 2

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