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Offering advice

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You guys know the drill.
I've made enough mistakes to know what not to do.
Offering advice.

Should I marry a single mother?
How do I stay motivated when searching for a way out of my dead end job? It takes me over an hour to write a cover letter and fill out an application for a single job only to never hear from them. I've been at this for three years. I would take literally anything 35k+. I'll be bankrupt in another few years thanks to student loans if I make any less.
Depends: her age? Number and age of children? Why is she single?
For example, one girl I went to HS with - never married, 6 kids, all by different men, she's 45.
No. Never. Run!
A woman from my neighborhood; 26, one child, husband killed by a drunk driver.
Maybe, if you're prepared for it.
Have you tried a placement firm/recruiting agency?

>marrying a single mother in any circumstance
>future opinions discarded

Does your wife keep your balls under lock and key?
Oh. You're one of those.
is over there

Tell me, what's it like being an actual non-meme cuckold?
Yeah, but all of those jobs pay even less than I already make and when I've got a $600 monthly student loan bill on top of $250 car/insurance and $500 rent I can't afford temp work with the hopes of networking my way up in a few years.

I'm just not sure where to look for start up businesses or big corps willing to hire a guy with a philosophy BA from seven years ago. Obviously can't afford grad school so I've been trying to get a student affairs or registrar gig at a university but like every job a monkey could do these days it's, "MA strongly preferred." Thanks for your advice, though, man.
Hey buddy, hope you're doing well.

I'm almost 22 years old and still living with my parents. I'm only halfway through my engineering degree - let myself feel victimized by anxiety and depression, had to take a year off of school after failing too many times. I'm trying to get my shit together before I head back.

Because I have no degree, my jobs are always relatively bad. I've managed to pay off my outstanding university bills and now all I need to cover besides standard living expenses are my monthly loan payments (220).

I strongly feel that living with my parents is crippling my growth. I still haven't gotten my drivers license. My parents are very controlling and manipulative. Now I'm aware that it's my fault for not maturing how I need to. They aren't stopping me. It's just that maybe I'm not strong enough to thrive in this controlling of an environment.

I'm fortunate in that I have an incredibly supportive girlfriend of one year. She's trying to move out with me. The rent is 700 dollars monthly each including utilities and it's in a very good part of north east DC.

The issue is that I don't have a job lined up or enough money saved, and we're supposed to move out on April 2nd. I already paid the security deposit. I have 800 dollars saved, plus another 600 in paychecks as of tomorrow. The lease is for three months with option for renewal for another 9 months.

I know for a fact that with my experience I could get hired at a restaurant within the next three weeks. Full time. I will probably earn upwards of 12/hr.

My parents are telling me I'm ruining my life and wont be able to afford to go to school if I do this. And they have me scared to death of failing. Of taking out more loans (already 18,000 deep). I feel like I am dying here and won't grow as quickly as I should be growing if I stay.

If I leave, I'm gambling my future.

If I stay I lose the opportunity for this apartment and I lose the girl.
I'm grown enough to know it's nobody's fault but mine. And to make my own decisions. I guess what I'm looking for is a more objective third party.

Am I being irresponsible by wanting to leave, to take this leap of faith and believe in myself? Despite having so little saved

Or is it worse to cancel my plans out of fear, and take the safe option of staying at home under my parents' thumb until I get my degree?
Some agencies don't do temp work, they look for permanent placements. What field are you in now? What skills do you have?
I hate to say it, but you might need to either get a trade or go into sales.
Take the chance. Worst that happens is you learn from it.
I mean, seriously, so what if you fail? Doesn't mean you can't do something else, try something else.
And if it succeeds you'll have done a lot to prove things to yourself, your parents, and your girl.
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This is what OP's wife's labia looks like
Get back to your containment board
I think if I don't do this I'll end up regretting it much more than if I try and fail. Thank you for the reassurance.

>anon wastes his days on 4chan while his wife get's fucked by chad

A bet that was a great 'ladies' night she had on saturday
Good luck!
I love getting pegged, any of you lads need advice, just give me a shout
>I don't understand how trips work, the post
Ok OP, maybe you have advice. I got rejected by first girl I ever asked out, felt really strongly for her but she gently let me down. I've been depressed about it for a month, I'll never see her again after May. Should I say anything to her for closure's sake when I leave?
A few questions first, please.
How old are the two of you?
How long have you known her?
How long have you had strong feelings for her?
Why will you never see her again after May?
I'm 30 soon and still have no idea how to make friends. I have no friends at work or outside.
Does this make you unhappy? Have you tried to make friends?
I'm not particularly unhappy about it, but feel as if things would be much more rewarding if I did have friends.

I generally don't actively try to make friends but it's not like I discourage others from reaching out to me.
I'm 21, she's 19. I've known her for 6 months, we're friends and classmates. I've had feelings for her since November.

I'll never see her again after May because our course is going to end then and she lives in a town about 150km away. I would like to be a better friend but I don't think that can happen.
Then just seek out more opportunities to be around others with similar interests; book clubs, hiking clubs, whatever. The shared interests give you all something in common to discuss and make friendship easier and not 'forced'
> I would like to be a better friend but I don't think that can happen.
If you really mean that, tell her that.
If you really, honestly, want more - tell her that, instead.
Either way be prepared to accept a 'no thank you, good-bye' and the last word.
And that's OK
I'm depressed because i fell strongly in love with a girl that does not love me back, we dated for a year, but in the end she broke up saying she doesn't feel anything for me.

I don't know what to do with my life, i know i should move on but it's so hard, i can't forget her, she was my dream girl, everything i ever wanted and i can't stand the idea that she's gone forever, i feel like i lost my soul mate.

I wonder if she'll ever come back but it's been 4 months already and she never called or texted me again since that day

>You've no reason to still be attached to her, she won't text you again, move on.
Thanks. I could just tell her "Look, I'm never going to see you again, so all the best, you take care out there. You're going to be an awesome teacher" and that kind of stuff. If she does actually want to stay in touch or change her mind then she can, but she probably won't.

I don't want to lose contact with her but I need to think carefully about what I actually do want.
this guy
isn't actually OP, but he isn't very wrong.
Focus on meeting new people, keep yourself busy, and the time will fly by
Very good, across the board. Be friendly without being invested.

Is a woman a slut if she has X amount of sexual partners at X age?

When can I start treating her like a slut?
ok, ok. ill make this short.
i had something with girl, she fucked up, ive fucked up. we somewhat broke up but somewhat stayed cool.
2 months of no contact and she just texted me few lines and managed to persuade me to go out. it didnt worked out because she was busy on the day we were supposed to go.
what is she trying to do? i didnt responded from the time she apologized for being busy.
whats going on?

if she isn't a virgin when you meet her, move on.
In my opinion?
In this day and age any woman who doesn't wait for marriage, or at least an engagement, is displaying poor judgment that edges up on sluttiness.
I am not sure what *you* mean by 'treating her like a slut' but I have very serious reservations about any woman with multiple sex partners outside of marriage unless she has *proven* some sort of change.
Hard to say
may want to be a friend, may want a FWB, may honestly want to get back together.
You will have to talk to her and find out.

You shouldn't be giving advice to anyone when you're fourteen and still dream of a virgin waifu.

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You need to think about the real meaning of these charts and the statistics they come from
uh, we were more like fwb. she didnt wanted to be more than that. after it ended i deleted her everywhere and stopped talking to her
Yeah - you'll have to ask. Heck, she might want a loan for all I know
Hey, OP. I'm having trouble getting over a girl, and it's taking me unreasonably long. I'm already working out, spending time on hobbies, socializing, talking to other girls, etc, but it's just not working. Whatdo?

You're not a statistician, I see.

Blue collar work? Assistant manager? Autistic dreams of a solid STEM career?

That jpug means nothing.
You're keeping busy, which is good,
Sometimes it just sticks with us. There is very little to be done other than try other relationships and let time take its course.
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promiscuity stats.jpg
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Was me

Uh-huh. You're missing it, obviously.
Let's try these. Maybe, maybe, you'll get it this time.
Falling for someone far away, bad idea? Should I try to stop it?

Your bullshit statistics conflict with each other.

Honestly, do you work fast food?
Single for 3,5 months now and I am craving and missing Sex basically since day 1. what should I do?
Maybe list some of your biggest listakes then, if you don't mind?
Why argue? He's been red pilled. Karl Rove's healthy abstinence healthy marriage statistics are legitimate and you're just a SJW.
how do I get a blonde girlfriend
Hey, OP. I've been extremely stressed trying to decide on a major/career for the rest of my life.
I'm only 18 (female, in case it matters), second semester of college. I'm not particularly exceptional at anything. I'm okay with most subjects, like if I wanted to I could force myself to be okay or at good enough at something to pull an A or B.

The only thing I come close to being exceptionally good at is writing/English, except I know that it's usually a mistake for people to obtain a degree in that subject. If I did go for English, my goal would be some sort of script writing, preferably for video games or I'd resign myself to becoming an editor or something. I've had countless English teachers in the past tell me to pursue it as a career, but I always brushed it off because it's seen as a waste of a degree.

My parents (specifically my mom) want me to go for a science degree, just anything in the science field, but science subjects (Bio, Chem, whatever) are those I struggle the most in and probably get the least enjoyment out of. Only ever thing I've been remotely good at in the science field (and enjoyed) is Robotics, but I always preferred the design/CAD aspect of stuff like that anyway. I tried Computer Science, but I don't think I'm good enough (or enjoy it enough) to pursue it as a career. So I guess my question is, do I pursue something like English that I think I could really enjoy (even though I know the salary/pay wouldn't be much), or do I force myself to like something I enjoy less (but could eventually force myself into liking) that would be more stable and a better long-term investment as a career? I've had so much trouble with deciding on this for so long, it makes me stressed out whenever I think about it and keeps me awake at night.
LDRs can work, but they are really tough. If you aren't interested in marrying them, it is probably best to move on
You and I have similar views on this. Now, how do I find a wife-tier woman? Hard mode: I'm not Christian or Muslim.
>Different studies with different methodologies have different results
Wait - were you just complaining that *I* didn't understand statistics?
And you still missed it.
A significant number of first-time marriages involve a virgin wife.
-I should have proposed sooner, married sooner, and started having kids sooner
-The first time I started my own business I should have met with the SBA counselors and secured credit *first*
-I should have realized that I can't read other people's minds and they can't read mine BEFORE I turned 30
-A woman who wants your emotional support as if you were a boyfriend but is NOT giving you what you expect of a girlfriend is like a vampire and you need to avoid them
-You go to work to make money, not friends
That is the big stuff off the top of my head

You didn't post the studies.

You posted jpegs with limited to no information. That limited to no information directly conflicts in your jpegs.

No wonder you haven't posted your job, high school janitor.
University is not really as important as a lot of people think. What do you want to actually do for a living? If there is a degree that is directly applicable, go for it. If not English will do BUT keep your debt way down and finish as fast as you can. Get other work to build a resume, and network for your future career, not for partying.
What would you like to do most?
Just had my first heartbreak (im 25). It ended very messily. How do I get over the fear that im never going to meet someone I find so utterly fascinating again?
My atheist friends did well in the straight-edge communities or by just being honest about how they were looking for a wife. And a fair number of girls raised Mormon and Protestant can be open to marrying a non-Christian, but that can vary a lot. Call around with local Christian Singles groups and see if you *must* be a church member to go and 'learn the ropes' by attending once or twice; you can learn where the girls hang out and go there to meet similar, non-Christian, girls
>You didn't post the studies.
Look at the second image a bit more closely
Besides, you are *still* missing the actual point even after I pointed it out
Realize the odds of meeting the person in question *if* they were the only person you could find that interesting.
There are many great, interesting people out there. We just have to look.
I will be heading to a meeting soon - 5 minute warning
Follow up, how do i get over the dull ache in my heart where happiness used to be?
Stay busy
Meet new people
Develop new hobbies
Thank you
Good luck

Bye, all - thanks for the questions!
That's part of my problem. I don't actually know what I want to do for a living. I always just end up resigning myself to things. None of my hobbies can really transfer over to a career; I do useless things like play video games, read, hike, outdoors shit, etc., stuff that doesn't transfer into careers all too well. I appreciate the help though, maybe I will just pursue English. I do have to get started on resume building, another issue I have is not having had any work experience yet (and, no, not because of partying. I don't party at all). My parents haven't/don't want me to have a job while I'm in school so I can focus on studies, but I know that in this day-and-age I really need work experience to get anywhere in life. I'll definitely start job searching and force myself to take charge of my future a bit more. Again, thanks so much for your advice, I appreciate it, OP.

Also, about the marrying someone who's a virgin/waiting for marriage. It is possible to find them today (myself), and I can affirm with your point about people being open to marrying outside of their faith. I've been raised Protestant, and (as well as my sister) have no issues marrying someone outside of my faith. There are plenty of people that are willing to marry atheists or people that don't share their religious views.
Would it be creepy to text a girl I know from high school out of the blue? We haven't talked for about 6 months but we were pretty close in high school.
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