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how do i become pretty girl who wins the boy?

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been on hormones for forever but basically don't pass so well and also never try to be girly or anything. feel kind of shy about gender and stuff so i mostly stay away from people.

i do yoga and try to make it daily practice so maybe that will help, but how can i learn hair, makeup, clothes etc? when i wear girly clothes i look weird. like i pass better in unisex clothes? why is this. am i fucked. what is wrong w me.

and how do i find a good guy? feel ugly but i'm so horny lately and i don't want to do random meaningless sex that makes me feel sad and empty later. please send help i need it
YouTube tutorials.
Exercise, hygiene, and don't dress too horribly- same as a guy except you're on easy mode.
There are hundreds of thousands of them. I can't link the ones that apply to you.
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here's a link


now show me that boipussy
There is an entire board dedicated to LGBT shit.

I'm going to wager an actual tranny would have more advice to pass better.
fuck. fine, just nevermind. sorry for bothering you
its ok everyones new once
everything is fuck and i'm so frustrated i could die.
If you flirted with me like you were a girl and I discovered you were actually a guy I'd throw up first and then consider beating the shit out of you for being so deceitful. Sorry not sorry I don't want to fuck a mutilated penis
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implying she's had that done , that's very expensive
stop it you shitlord

hu hue hue
you did this to yourself.
I don't want to deceive anyone! Not like that anyway :P

It's complicated but no. I never asked for this. God decided to make me this way.
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>when i wear girly clothes i look weird
That's because you're a man who's pretending to be a woman. Very funny when it's done on stage in a pantomime but ridiculous as a lifestyle choice.
>i pass better in unisex clothes? why is this
See comment above

>what is wrong w me.
See comment above

>and how do i find a good guy?
By running through a crowded city street with your hair on fire while throwing cans of tuna at people. It won't work of course, but you're trying to snag a straight man and hoping he wont notice that you have a dick, so it's not like anything else you do will work either.

>feel ugly
There is a very good reason for that.

>please send help i need it
That's very true. You need help with your mental health, by someone who's going to actually help, rather than some quack who's willing to go along with and enable your little make believe fantasy just to get some $$$ out of you.
You're going to find very little helpful advice on this board. It's populated with morons, trolls, children, and people believing they're better than everyone else.
Good luck on you quest, OP.
The reason I look weird is of course my masculine traits. I'm not some crazy person trying to live out a fantasy. My situation will likely never be ideal, but that doesn't mean I can't improve myself and meet my goal of finding a loving boyfriend.

It would be nice to have a little help along the way. Sometimes I get very upset with the way things are, which is silly but it happens. Don't treat me like a child or someone mentally unstable.

I see that. Posting on 4chan at all was probably a mistake. Thanks for your kindness.

>Have an iIIness

>Why don't normaI peopIe want me?

Because no one wants to spread the iIIness.

Your inabiIity to accept yourseIf for what you are is not something peopIe want to get invoIved with.

MentaIIy stabIe peopIe are much more appeaIing and aIways wiII be. You're simpIy the faII back pIan for those desperate enough.
I refuse to accept that. There is a lot I have to offer and when the right guy comes along I will make his life brighter for having me.
>I see that. Posting on 4chan at all was probably a mistake. Thanks for your kindness.

cummon m8
Get a girlfriend sweetie, not a sexual fucking girl friend but a female friend, even a pen pal who can guide you and release your inner squee. Oh and invest in a good pair of shoes. Every girl needs shoes. I'm normally a mess but put me in a pair of designer pumps and I'm strutting around like A model/streetwalker x
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download (2).jpg
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Get a nice round meaty tummy, without being pregnant.

Eat shit, you fucking tranny freak
Yeah it would be nice to have girlfriend :)

Maybe I can find online one

Fuck no
You're a hollow caricature of a woman.
Oh and if you needs curves and god was stingy, corset.
If that seems extreme go for a nice wide waist cinching belt.
If you have a throwaway email post and I'll try to help x
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>release your inner squee.
It was meant to be siren but I completely fucked up.
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I see through your ways tumblr
The fuck is Wendy Davis?

Also most of 4chan is gay these days for some reason but still racist and misogynist somehow.
actually being around boys helps
as long as you're not replusively disgusting most men will happily give you the d given the chance
It hurt a little to read this. Makes me wonder why you felt the need to say it. Strong language said for the purpose of hurting someone.

I'm often unhappy with who and what I am, but I'm glad not to be you.

Not sure. Maybe I'm not good enough right now to be a good friend. Feel like I might be a negative influence and wet blanket more than anything. It's nice of you to offer, though! You're probably the sort of person who's worth knowing :)
>l refuse to accept

That's what got you in your situation in the first pIace.

DeaI with it or don't, your onIy 2 options.

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>The fuck is Wendy Davis?
wew lad

>Also most of 4chan is gay these days for some reason but still racist and misogynist somehow.
The term misogyny has lost all punch nowadays
When you're trans there's lots of people insisting they know you better than you know yourself...

Not the poster but I do feel the need to respond.

There are people out there for you, definitely. But you have to understand that a lot of people out there do not want what you're selling.

The biggest dealbreaker is children. A lot of people want offspring and you will never give them that.

Next, 90% of the population is straight and most likely not curious, just because you look and act like a woman doesn't mean people are going to accept it. People are going to be freaked out boner-killed.

Next, there are just some physical things that you will never be able to change as a trans person, no matter how hard you try. People will pickup on these physical subtleties.

Having said all this, how big do you think your dating pool is?

Normal women who have children are having an IMPOSSIBLE time getting men, you are working with even less here.

I don't want to be a debby downer, but you need to keep your expectations in check. Be comfortable with who you are and just try to surround yourself with people in a similar situation and see what happens, but don't put much energy into worry about something like this, its not going to be healthy long term.
Thanks for being so honest! I agree with most of what you've said, and don't pretend that there will be interested men left and right. Probably shouldn't have even made the thread knowing that. Sometimes it feels exasperating.

I don't go around feeling offended when guys aren't interested in me. And I really never expect anyone to be interested in me. There was really only once I can remember when someone seemed into me. Maybe I should have jumped on that chance but he can only be in America during the summers, and I knew we wouldn't be a good match.

But I don't agree about the children. We can adopt, right? And making more kids is maybe sort of irresponsible. Or that's something I tell myself to feel better about not being able to get pregnant. But adoption really is an option! I think I could be a good mom, and I want to try. There's lots of things I have to teach my kids.
>I've been on hormones
>but I never really try to pass

Then why the fuck
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2/10 better luck next time
You're never going to be a girl.

>We can adopt, right?

Why adopt when I can have a child of my own? I dream of having my own children.
oh my bad you're a bloke. should have read the OP better
OP, I used to be like you when I was in highschool.

I wanted breasts, I had long hair, was not masculine.

Everyone would always call me gay (I'm straight)

Hell, once I even dressed up as a girl and walked around downtown during a pride parade. I think this is what made me hang up the dress.

People would look at me in disgust, I asked some cops where this park was where I was to meet some friends and they lied to me about the location.(fucking pricks)

Eventually as I grew older I gained more life experience and learned to accept myself as a man.

I'm not sure if you can relate to this, or if this will be you, but I just thought I'd say thinking about becoming something you're not is ok, but when you do try to be something you're not you will have to deal with the consequences.
It's been kind of hard living, for a long time. Depression and such. I've been surviving and have only started to improve. But it's happening now and I have high hopes for the future!

I'm a girl already. Looking the part is where the trouble is...

Well, because there are already so many kids without homes. Wouldn't it be good to help them?

I'm facing the consequences of embracing myself. It's been very hard and I almost didn't survive, but things are getting better now. I'm not so weak as to deny myself out of fear.
wow, I post my story on your thread which I never told anyone and you call me a coward
What kind of nails do you like?
That's not what I meant to do, sorry it came off that way :/

I think we're different. You're not a coward, you've figured shit out for yourself and have come understand that you're not really trans. Which is great. Trans feelings are confusing and not everyone's really is trans.

But I am.

Idk... Been scared to do my nails. I just keep them short and sometimes do cuticle stuff.
>Idk... Been scared to do my nails. I just keep them short and sometimes do cuticle stuff.
You don't need to have done them to know what you like. So please just answer the question, based on what you've seen on other people.
>I'm a girl already

Never will be one. Maybe a cheap impersonator at best.
I really don't know. There's lots of things I want to try but I don't think I can really know until I see it on me.

Why even post this?
Somebody's feeling sorry for himself today
How do I become a handsome boy who wins the girl?
Been on hormones for a while, I pass but I never try to be particularly manly. I don't stay away from people, but I stay away from romantic interaction.
I'm quite short and can't grow a beard. I pass better when I have longer hair, giving me an image of a girly faggot.

How do I find a good girl? I feel ugly but I'm so horny lately and I don't want to d orandom meaningless sex anymore. Please send help I need it.

>tfw I actually know that feel
We can never find peace my fellow degenerate tranny friend
>I'm a girl already. Looking the part is where the trouble is...I'm a girl already. Looking the part is where the trouble is...

Do you have a y chromosome? If so, grats you're a man

Hang in there friend!

Don't lecture me on chromosomes.
/Lgbt/ can probably help you out more.
But otherwise, dress after your bodytype. Since you were born a male, you probably have a rectangular shape. There are a tons of how to dress after your body type, search on google. Usually a belt around your waist can set you in for the desired "hourglass shape".
For make up and face, learn your face shape (diamond, rectangular, heart etc.) and learn to contour and have hairstyles that make you look more feminine.
Learn your eye shape (almond, deep-set, droopy etc.) and apply make up after it, also look at what eye color you have to make your eyes pop by using a complimenting color.
Practice make perfect. I started out applying make up as a 9 year old, it still took me a good 10 years before I was starting to get it right. So don't be so hard on yourself if you do not get it on the first try.
wow. much denial.
so science. chromosomes.
snowflake fag.
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