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Shokugeki no Soma

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Will Alice be like her mother when she grow old?
I'd still an Alice over a Leonora.
And I'd still an Erina over an Alice.
Why has Alice's hair color changed again?
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It's still basically the same
Not really. The first time she appeared Souma even points out her skin and hair are white and finds it note worthy and wonders if he's ever seen someone like her at school. The picture you showed is clearly a lot less dark and it's not like there isn't rays of light beaming down in >>117723944 either so the color should be the same.

Yet it isn't.
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>Megumi is the main female character, I'm telling you!
Clearly, that's why Tosh put her in background and gave her as little space as possible
the color has been that way in all the color pages she is in, so there is no change.
also if you are going to go autistic over her hair might as well do it for her skin not being literally white , it probably just meant her hair and skin are VERY light compared to the rest, which they are.
>And I'd still an Erina over an Alice.

Why the shit taste?
proper Nakiri ranking:
Alice > Leonora > Senzaemon >> Erina
Megumi will win the Shokugeki
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Just like she was going to beat kurokiba right?
oh wait...
Where did you find that picture?

Delete it.
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Ah, newfags are so cute.
Just fap to it like everyone else you beta fuck.
Except in >>117724090 her skin is clearly the whitest. While >>117723944 leans for more to grey than white.

And no it hasn't. All the other color pages that were colored by the artist and not the professional coloring team resembles >>117724090 not >>117723944

Stop posting lies because you're color blind.
The Shokugeki no Soma BEST GIRL ranking:
1. Alice aka the one who will not win the Soumabowl because Mad Dog is ravaging her pussy every night
2. Nikumi "A5 meat" Mito
3. Erina's secretary
4. Megumi
5. Yoshino - the Polar Star dorm girl
6. Sakaki - the OTHER Polar Star dorm girl
7. Erina
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>best girl ranking
>takumi is not included
He is the best homo followed by Isshiki
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>so much pleb taste

Its always fun to see you guys loose it when erina gets the spot light and keeps up being the best match for souma.
>alice on the top
>alice was never into souma
>alice ships souma/erina

Alice was never in the run either way, same for yoshino, hell >>117725571 is right Takumi is more into souma than half of the people on your "ranking"
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I also like to insert my penis in another mans anus. Would you like to play a game with me?
someone have viz version ?
Erina is the shittiest girl in Shokugeki no Soma. If she wins the Soumabowl, I will become a well-known serial killer around the world.
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>newmegumifag getting this assblasted about one of the oldest gifs made of the series

oh wow.
It's just a shoddy attempt at waifuwars. Three best girls are not only Nakiris and tied but also not competing for the same bowl.

Nakiri master race.
I mean the author kinda made his intention known in the one-shot.

Any faggot want to debate me, come fight me.
>taking the bait so easily
Takumi is a better blondie and a better tsundere than erina anyway
File: shealreadywon.jpg (2MB, 2687x1300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>if she wins
>biggest flag raised as her introduction
>one shot
>hidden past related to Saiba and probably souma

Deal with it.
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>muh newfag
>muh le trolling
>muh le epic feys

Dude you literally suck, now please gtfo back to >>>/b/ and stay there.
File: nakirimasterrace.png (415KB, 889x1300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Nakiri master race.

You know it.
its crazy how many people want their favorite girl to get it on with souma, Like she would be less of a character just because she is not romantically involved with the mc.

i ship takumi and nikumi, i imagine them taking turns in dressing as Souma and fucking the other while saying "it was nothing" over and over again.
She's a shit girl who sluts for the dad's dick. Souma clearly deserves better girls
File: itspaparapetime.png (462KB, 884x1300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>She's a shit girl who sluts for the dad's dick
Every girl in the polar star dorm got wet after tasting Saiba's Dish
So you just disqualified most of the female cast.
>its crazy how many people want their favorite girl to get it on with souma
>not wanting a cooking Jesus to impregnate you with his seed
Or worse, they delude themselves into thinking that whoever ends up with their non-winning girl is better than Souma.
So,since Souma is totally going to win the tournament.
He has no decent rivals.
Kurokiba is going to get assblasted.
Hayama even harder.
Takumi may have not really get beaten by Souma himself,but for now he looks a total bitch (even if anyone would have lost against Mimasaka without knowing his mimic strategy).
Who could give Souma a real loss? The elites? What was even the point of the tournament is Souma is just steamrolling everyone?
>He has no decent rivals.
Erina is going to rape him.
The real tournament begins when Souma challenges the Elite Ten one by one.

Then Souma will realize that competing for the 1st seat of Elite Ten is pointless and he will not finish his high school in Tootsuki, just like his dead beat dad.
Thread posts: 37
Thread images: 13

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