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Bad Feels
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Post your bad /fit/ related feelings.

>failed most of my classes last semester due to way too many things to do despite neglecting literally everything but work, school, and lifting
>16 credits of mechanical engineering
>30 hours of work a week
>spending way too much time cooking and doing maintenance on my car and bike to save money
>this semester my family finally agrees to kick down a little money for my success
>only working 10 hours a week now, feels good
>it comes with a bunch of strings, one of which is to get my monthly food budget below $100 a month
>my tdee is 3500, and I have to start biking for transport (sold car) so it'll probably be more like 4000
>low grocery budget means I'll be getting at most 50g protein a day
>everything is going to be rice, torillas, and bread all the fucking time
>still going to spend way too much time cooking in order to save money
>my gains are going to slip away and I'll be a skinny cardio fag despite all my hard work

Just kill me.
I got 4.5lbs of boneless/skinless chicken breasts for 3 bucks last month. You got to hit up those discounted meat sections. Buy in bulk when its really cheap, and freeze as needed.

Tomorrow, I beat that you can find a 79 cent per lbs ham 50% off.
Beans and oats are cheap as fuck bro.
i'm entering into a degree program that i'm passionate about and i feel like i have to be /fit/ or even with the merit i have people in parallel programs won't look at me twice because i'll just be identical to the aspies the program is filled with.

and i'm not kidding you it's a short bus of a major.

>yesterday mom brought home two liters of diet soda
>i'm just gonna let it sit there while i drink water
>yesterday mom wanted mcdonalds
>i only ate mcdonalds so she wouldn't feel bad eating alone
>fitness is making me inadverdently be an asshole to my single parent
>right now going for runs is the only thing that eases my anxiety because i don't have the proper medication i should have
>the endorphin rush feels like my only joy
pour the diet soda down the drain a cup a day.
makes her feel good.

my mom once bought me some beef jerky when I was low carbing. But it had more carbs than protein.
That's what I used to do, but my family told me it was taking too long to cook and that I need to buy shit that I can cook in a couple of minutes tops and eat anywhere so I don't need to go home to cook. I was eating dat dere pork for .75 dollars a pound, but the prep time in actually dressing the meat, prepping, and cooking was way too much for them. The problem is that microwave shit they want me to eat is expensive as fuck for a regular meal plan.

They are also too time intensive according to my family. They are requiring me to literally make a time budget of everything I do in a day down to fifteen minutes.

Beans and oats are also not high protein tbqh family. I could do a couple cans of beans a day and still only hit about two thirds of my monthly food budget, but it would be like forty grams of protein in total.
Oh and I am also required to send them pictures of every receipt I buy, and my family has access to my Wells Fargo account to check if I lie or hide my budget somehow.
>They are requiring me to literally make a time budget of everything I do in a day down to fifteen minutes.


move out you idiot
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>4 month dry spell
>finally brought a qt home
>ready to eat dat pussy like it's my last meal because that's my thing
>As I'm taking her shirt off she tells me she has genial herpes
There are too many of us in the world. Not everyone can get a job that pays 60k+ a year.
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>didn't party, drink, or do much of anything in highschool - small town where everyone knew everyone so nothing ever really happened
>didn't chase after the girl I had a crush on or any of the others that apparently were into me (I learned this from their friends years later)
>parents convinced me to go to college despite not knowing what I wanted to do, just took gen eds for 2 years then dropped out
>never went and did anything fun with my funny foreign roommate Arby, despite him even having invited me to go places during winter breaks
>never learned any foreign languages from any of his foreign friends despite them teaching (some part of their curriculum) and me eating lunch with them every other day
>never lifted and ate a shit ton despite paying a lot for a meal plan and sitting with people who lifted all the time
>didn't party, drink, or chase after girls in college either
>all I did, and all I have ever done, is play video games and talk about stupid shit on the internet and lose out on sleep - and now it's too late to change any of that
>except now I lift
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>friend tells me qt I liked from the gym has broken up with his gf
>start getting close to him
>we become good friends
>I end up helping him go back to his gf
>his gf is kind of crazy
>he stops going to the gym around the same schedule as me because his gf is jealous and wants to workout with him
>fast forward a few months
>they broke up again
>we're back to talking a lot
>he actually says he likes me
>I say I really like him too
>we go out
>make out
>have lots of fun
>go out again a few times
>nothing official but he's been treating me like a gf (first time for me)
>happy as fuck
>haven't opened up to him that I'm mtf yet tho
>start getting insecure and afraid of opening up
>start avoiding him for being afraid of losing him (Stupid, I know...)
>He's has a family trip planned for saturday
>asks if I wanna go to his home watch a film on friday
>say yes
>avoid him completely until friday
>go to his place and he's alone and has made dinner for me
>we make out and put on a film
>things start escalating
>trying to gather courage to open up to him
>end up getting incredibly anxious
>stop making out and look for excuses to avoid it
>he notices I'm avoiding him and asks what's wrong
>I say it's nothing I'm just not feeling well
>say I got to go home
>he gets sad and obviously thinks I don't like him
>try to cheer him up somehow and say it's not that but it obviously doesn't work well
>cry all the way back home
>talk to him a bit on the other day before he leaves for the airport
>pretending nothing happened, but can obviously feel he's feeling weird about me avoiding him when we were alone
>we start texting less and less
>cry myself to sleep every night
I live alone, out of state. The reason why I'd worked so much previously was to ensure my independence in doing what I want, but at this point it's either take their financial help and be treated like a twelve year old, or drop out of school due to lack of money. It's really shitty all around. Either I screw my future in order to keep my independence, or sacrifice said independence to secure my future. In the end, I think it's better to have short term pain for long term gain, but it still fucking sucks. I was just about to hit a year lifting too.
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>tfw want to eat pussy
>but no gf
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You need to tell him trappy. The longer you put it off the worse it's going to be. I know how hard and scary it is but sometimes you just gotta take the risk, you don't have a choice. If he rejects you for who you are then there's nothing you can do about it. Move on, find someone else, stop wasting your time.
Text him and say that you need to tell him something in person, whenever he gets back from where he has gone. Try to be gentle about telling him and remember how much some people hate mtf's, so use your judgement. You know him better than I do so you'll have a better gauge as to how he will react. Take care of yourself first and foremost.
Best of luck <3
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You don't happen to be in London so you? You don't even need to be a real girl...

I recommend watching this whole special because I think Simon Amstell is great, but watch from 43:45 onward to the end of the story around 51:17. He talks about dealing with anxiety, and why you shouldn't be afraid to put yourself out there for fear of embarrassment.

It helped me, so I hope you can find it useful too.

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Here's an outline of most of my weekdays (and essentially weekends minus classes)

>7:00am wake up on the left side of my bed
>check phone, no notifications
>eat the exact same breakfast I've had for 2 years
>shower, put on gym shorts under sweats cause Canadian winter
>go to 8:30am classes for major I have never been passionate about, but I'm good at it
>down some watermelon c4 20 minutes before my last class ends
>go to the gym and lift
>check phone, no notifications
>come home, eat lunch and shower again
>put on some clean sweats, check if /fit/ has anything good early in afternoon
>see if my roomie friend is down to drink and grab some takeout if it's a friday/saturday night
>"Oh your gonna go spending time with your gf, yeah it's cool take'r easy bro"
>do some work for labs or readings etc
>eat dinner
>fuck around watching x-files reruns and posting on fit
>prep shakes for tomorrow and plug in today's data on MFP
>take 3 ZMA caps
>brush teeth
>check phone, no notifications
>go to bed hugging a pillow and listening to ASMR breathing sounds through my noise cancelling headphones at 11:00pm


you guys are such fags
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L o n d o n
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Became lactose intolerant. Only found out after a week of diarrhea. Milk was my favorite drink too. Fuck this world.
>Girl I'm fucking comes back from vacation
>She texts me
>"OMG I haven't seen you in forever, let's meet up and smoke I got weed"
>"Yeah sure this weekend good"
>"Oh no I can't till next week"
>Now it's next week
>"Oh I forgot I can't I have family coming over"

I just want to have sex.
I will be your bf (srs)
Why not go out instead of going on fit? Or even go out and go on /fit/? Like just go to a coffee place on campus and sit on your computer there instead of at home.

kind of a mixed feel

im in the best shape of my life, but I still find it hard to meet people. on the other hand, not being very social has made it easy to focus on the gym, and in turn get in amazing shape.

idk. do I go for more social gains and potentially slow my gym progress? or what?
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fucking mondays senpai
have to start at work way early because of stupid danes visiting our office
cantina was closed because of said danes
Find out I probably have to decide whether to fire the new guy
Forget to drink mass gainer at work so chug it before leaving for gym
feel bloated all the way throughout warmup
regular milf becomes first grill to talk to me there, high test ass big fake titties, such distraction
so many NYRs at the gym, just awfull
all cardio is taken by new distracting cardio bunnies, lines at the squat racks
squats were a bit subpar
Situps on decline bench went terrible due to bad fitting for legs
got more tired in the hamstrings than the abs
right wrist feels slightly injured, probably over trained, so will prolly have to slow a bit down
Yeah no way in hell I'm going on /fit/ in public, and I found that when I do lounge around on campus it's the same as being in my apartment except chairs are less comfy. Seems pointless esp considering all my friends are in different majors with conflicting schedules.
Fell in love with my gym bro, call me faggot but he has those ocean blue piercing eyes, amazing jawline and adonis body. We aint lift together since 4~ months. Listing sad songs and thinking bout' him ... Im gonna lift. .. Im gonna lift for him </3
I'm not directly lactose intolerant, no diarrhea or something, but I get really bad acne when i drink milk, eat quark or consume anything else that contaisn lactose. Most doctors don't even believe me.
Good news is, there's a ton of lactose free products out there, lactose free milk isn't the same, but at least you won't notice it with whey shakes. Never got over it drinking them with water.
And I heard of some drugs you can take before consuming anything that contains lactose, but never tried them.
>implying a balanced social life will slow gains
Sorry to hear that, bro. Post gymbro?
Why have you stopped lifting with him?
wtf eat a salad then. come on don't give me this shit.
>thinking this is a minor annoyances thread
im jealous :(
>tfw not a normie
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why even live.jpg
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The man I love and the man who raped me both lurk /fit/.
shy and a trap, I thought I had it bad for love lifes
Kill yourself, lad.
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>Be autistic drug addict at 12
>Accidentally my way into college at 15 (full time dual enrolled at college)
>Learn how to fake normie status while being in an emotional void untill 17
>Family leaves at 18
>Start exercising and eventually make a few friends
>Learn how to be happy
>Happiness crushed by the assholes I used to call friends
>Successfully lift and study my feelings away
>Feel alive and happy by myself
>I'll always have my studies and my gym
>Studies fail last semester
>At least I have my gym
>Hamstring and back give out
>Still do upperbody
>Today try heavy legs again after weeks of conditioning and building up
>Instant pain in warmup
>Can't hold upperbody form during my workout from the pain
>Legitimately contemplated suicide throughout workout
>tfw can't I lift this pain away

What little gains I have are all I have left. I just want to lift man.
>don't want to do anything

What do I do in this situation /fit/???
Browse /fit/
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A little gains is better than no gains, breh. We got you.
>Deadlifts and squats today
>Went fine
>Stretching after workout
>intense lower back pain
>can barely walk
>walk out of gym like nothing is wrong
>appointment with sports medicine doctor tomorrow
Ironically, the stretch I did was suggested to help the lower back.
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>have college classes
>also have a decently sized vidya backlog

>do school work
>can't stop thinking about what to play
>have free time
>no desire to do anything fun
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>21 yo
>graduated uni
>only women experience is two long distance relationships
>one woman clinically depressed
>fought more than talked
>suicidal episode led to breakup
>one woman insane with muslim beliefs even though she is atheist
>fought more than talked
>cheated at the first sign of male attention
>0 experiance how to meet women
>0 experiance how to have a nonshit relationship
>spent life thinking relationships must only be heading towards marriage
>never got to experience sleeping/dating around in college
>feel like I missed out
I understand this feel so fucking well. I hate having to disappoint parents when they just try to do something nice for me like bring home a tub of peanut butter while I'm cutting because they know I like it.

Most of the time I sacrifice my gains, at least a little bit, to appease them too.
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>Going back to school tomorrow
>Class all day
>Planning out eating, things like that
>Remember I'm probably going to eat alone most days because I go to a commuter school and it's difficult as shit to make friends when everybody just wants to show up and leave
>This will be the college experience I reminisce on later in life
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What do you have for breakfast?
Describes me to a T.
-2 cups robin hood quick oats with 2 tablespoon brown sugar
-vegegreens multi, blueberry medley flavour
-one scoop gold standard chocolate whey
-2 fish oil tablets
Just took a look at my ex-gf's Snapchat story. She took a selfie with a dude, captioned with "Luv". She has moved on, brehs. It has been a year and a half since we last saw each other, when I last poured my heart out to her, when she walked away from me. And now there is another guy in her life.

I have been lifting in the gym, doing well in school, making gains, but I feel so empty inside. I haven't talked to another girl since that day, and no one has shown any interest in me. I go to school, I study, I lift, I play a little vidya/netflix on the weekends... and she is out there probably getting railed and looking at him lovingly with the same eyes she used to look at me with.

>Pic related, its me
>Tfw carrying the weight of feels
>Tfw I will find a way to survive, no matter how broken I am

H-hold me, brehs...
Please just tell him trapper. It'll be worth it.
Buck up buttercup, there's plenty more horrible shit coming your way. Consider this emotional foritude gainz because one day your going to wish you life was only as bad as it is now.

Cook only on sundays.

And cook for the whole week/month. Split in plastic portions. Freeze and then microwave and eat when needed.
aww... :(

It's ok anon
I'd rather man up and take out more debt you'll probably be less stressed. This kills the student.
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T-thanks for the words guys.
It would be easier if I haven't been rejected so many times before...

At this point I'm just stalling until he's back... but I'm scared of having lost him. We used to text a lot everyday and now we haven't been talking much since his trip. But maybe he's just busy enjoying the trip...

I'm also afraid he's gonna get angry that we've been making out and going out for quite a while and I have taken so long to open up. He might feel betrayed or something...
I've become too emotionally and physically attached, I just don't wanna lose him.

H-hold me /fit/
shit man at least she told you. what the hell are you sad about you just lucked the fuck out.
If he rejects you (he wont) I will personally fly down to brazil and have sex with you until you feel better.
as someone who went through the same thing, trust me when I say you'll get over her man. Just focus on finding happiness within yourself and the small things in life, and don't focus on her. focus on you

I love you Bro

>N-no homo

You have to tell him, like soon. Unless he might already know? Sounds like you've spent a lot of time together I would think he may have picked up on it. Unless you're like A tier transformation or something.
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THE GOAT_2.jpg
160 KB, 1280x720
found out my gf was having a relationship with another guy on the side. for months.
had to go through hundreds of her texts, couldn't believe it.

this was after she dumped me, then took me back and started to say she loved me and shit. I just went through her phone to figure out why she dumped me in the first place.

kinda broke me inside.

obviously i dumped her because the texts seemed like she loved him ALOT more than me. I just figured she wasn't the affectionate type.

I don't think I'll ever be okay, bros.

One day at a time I suppose
How old are you. I doubt it's too late. You can change your life and tea storm yourself hugely in 2 or 3 years
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>bullied throughout elementary and middle
>tried making friends in highschool
>no friends, just people I talk to
>more like coworkers really
>never got to have gf in highschool
>father's side of the family disowned me
>considered a pariah in my mom's side
>graduate highschool (1st one in family)
>go to college (another family 1st)
>start to come out of my shell
>get rejected every time I ask a girl out
>miss the cues that girls are into me
>friends have all left and gone to med school, started families
>all alone every day and night
>hang out with younger brother's friends
>they all think I'm weird or an asshole
>stop hanging out with them
>rinse and repeat for the past 7 years
>considered suicide last night for the first time in a long time
>decide not to because it would devastate my mom, the only person who still cares for me

I don't think I'm ugly, but I think most people don't like me because I'm very jaded and that really brings down the mood, so I don't talk to others that much so to not rain on their parades.

how do I not feel so jaded/unwanted all the time?
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>plateauing on bench
>plateauing on bench because my elbows start screaming when I try to bench heavy
>my elbows start screaming when I try to bench heavy because my ulnar nerves are fucked up
>my ulnar nerves are fucked up because I spend all god damned day sitting in front of a computer rubbing my forearms on my desk

I don't even have the auts, I went to a party last night and carried a five foot tall drunk chinese girl down the stairs. I just can't stop looking at dumb shit on the internet for eighteen hours a day.

How to abdicate my reign as King Faggot
My way of shortening up meal prep
>I got a Japanese rice cooker (Not cheap ones, but very worth it), once you make rice in it the rice lasts up to 4~5 days and stays warm and fresh, you only have to make rice once it runs out.
>Preheating the pan before cooking, instead of stirring food in a warm pan waiting forever to cook let the pan get hot with oil.
>Cooking grounded meat instead of solids
>while cooking something put half cup or what ever serving of quick oats in a mug or bowl, pour the hottest water from your tap and wait 2 mins and eat/drink it.
>For them fibers get frozen green beans, put them in the bowl, mug and pour the hottest tap water in there and wait 1~2 mins.
>Prepare your meals for tomorrow before going to bed.

Everybody, one day will die, and be forgetton. Act and behave in a way that will make life interesting and fun, fuck a mundane predictable life working monday to friday with something you derive no pleasure from; just living life out till you grow old and wither away. Find a passion, form relationships, dont be afraid to get out there and fuck what everyone else thinks, trust me its alot more fun that way.

take that as you will anon
If you truly care about that person you need to let that person know.

Got any good suggestions for ASMR breathing sounds? Most of the ones I find are filled with annoying tongue clicking and shit
this anon is absolutely correct
you have no idea how much of a bitch herpes is.

incurable really
what is this image from

it looks like something from Wakfu but I don't recall anything like this in wakfu

google isn't helping either
>genial herpes

downright pleasant if you ask me
Doofus and the Pleasures of Cherubism.
Might be a gut bacteria thing. Try yogurt/kefir.
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>employers contact me for an interview
>email them my schedule for them to arrange a meeting with me
>no response

>planning on taking the summer off of my PhD to visit my grandparents in my home country
>paternal grandfather passes away
>tfw I've got one more grave to visit when I go there

>an important member of an online community that I'm intimately a part of passes away

Didn't ask for any of these.
people die. if you dont wanna deal with death don't have them in your life

t. 2 friends commit suicide, 2 in car accident, 4 family members

all in 2014 - 2016
I work at Mickey Deez to pay for college
McNuggets are literally god tier food. Also if you order McChickens without the mayo you're golden
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More /sp/ related
>in a sports team
>girls can guys train together basically
>girls going off to a tournament in a few days
>they are literally begging all the guys to support them(except me)
>i happen to be standing there
"I-i cant come i need to do something that day"
>one of the girls looks me dead in the eyes
>"I. Dont. Care."
>goes back to talking to the other guys
Maybe she meant it like. I don't care, you're coming to support.
>girls can guys
Meant to say
>girls and guys
I know what she meant and it certainly wasnt that
You could maybe ask your teammates why they don't like you? They'd probably say you're crazy or whatever but just reassure them that you feel like they don't like you or respect you much at all. Your mates might talk to them and in turn they might treat you with a little respect. People talk.

My mentality never got out of middle school though so I could just be wishful thinking.
what did your bros said? if they reacted like nothing happened, id suggest looking for a new team
File: 1452293348595.jpg (139 KB, 650x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This, listen to these people

There for ya brah
That shit made me feel bad for the football players in high school that didn't get like gift bags and shit during homecoming from cheerleaders

>everyone wearing those mums
>one of my classes has the head coach for the cheerleaders
>basically out of nowhere all the girls come in and start making bags of candy and shit for football players
>10 mins before end of school go to pep rally
>footballers come in and are sitting down on basketball floor
>a few of them have multiple bags of candy adn shit
>notice one dude has none and is just sitting there not even having a mum placed on him by a cheerleader
>he's just staring off into space as everyone starts singing the fight song

Fuck that must suck
They said nothing. Id imagine its hard to pay attention to the lonely guy getting btfo when you have females begging right in front of you.
I dont expect any one of them to like me. I just expect not to get btfo'd like that.
Im mostly ok with the guys but i can tell they dont like me much either so ive been keeping to myself lately.
Always that one kid.
Im not even bad at whatever i do either. Id say im good. Id assume that kid doesnt suck at football either. Some people just get the cold shoulder.
I'm going to be honest anon, that shit's really brutal...certainly going to take some time but don't let such a shit person break your spirit, she's not worth it.
Massively underrated post
Praise be his name, lord zzyz our savior
File: 1424141422146.jpg (23 KB, 338x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>started lifting today after having gym membership for a year
>tried getting into it last year but i fell off
>finally starting back from the bottom since i was only maybe a month in before
>tfw doing empty bar work with form i'm self-conscious about across from a shredded looking guy
>just doing 3x5 with an empty bar while he does some shit i don't even know the names for
>imagining how much better i'd probably look if i hadn't flaked before
>imagine him judging me
A-at least I finished my work before I left. I wanna make it this time. Fuck.
well then im sorry brahs, but i really cant relate
you allow that shit to happen to you
of course you cant expect everyone to like you, but once it is past a certain threshold, you either confront it or leave, not sit in the corner and suck it up
File: 1448168507179.jpg (73 KB, 639x442) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 639x442
>diagnosed bipolar
>3/10 looks
>average penis but cursed with phimosis
>half decade long employment gap

>everyone that went to HS with me is graduating
>just starting my shitty technical degree

I was very complacent when I was younger and I'm only now putting in work, just to only feel inadequate anyways. At least I'm still not a fatass

I'm a DYEL faggot but I'll be your friend anon, if you're from Hongcouver side of Canada
File: 1410847591776.png (770 KB, 752x625) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
770 KB, 752x625
My world fell apart in the span of 4 weeks.

>Week 1, girlfriend of 5 years left me. She took our dog with her
>Week 2, I lost my job because of cutbacks
>Week 3, my father died
>Week 4, my grandfather died

I haven't lifted since the beginning of december. I just sit here all day looking for the motivation.
>go to an escort
>at one point fuck her while holding her in my arms in the air
>she says smthng like "what are you doing i am so heavy" (i do it to every girl and all of them say that lol)
>reply jokingly that i am hitting the gym later and this is my warm up
>its a lie because today is a push day
>arrive at the gym, set up a bench press
>fail at the last rep on first set, proceed with reduced reps on all sets
>tfw when you paid for stealing your gainz
>half decade long employment gap
Holy fuck pull yourself together
>this feel
I love eating pussy but I'm obviously out of practice and have never really been with a girl who let me practice and gave pointers. I'm pretty worried about how that'll work out next time I get the chance to. I just want a girl to cum in my face. ;-;
>Get /fit/
>attract a mate
>my dick now smells like an old pair of shoes
>scrubbed it daily since noticing
>still smells
Fuck, this one hits home. My dad is the greatest person I've ever met my whole life, he's getting pretty old and isn't the hardiest guy

I don't know how I'll be able to deal with it when he passes away

But we're here for you anon, if no one else is, there's hundreds of guys and girls each fighting their own battles wishing the best for everyone else on this board
I feel like I've got nothing going for me in life. I just started lifting so that's not a big factor yet. Trying to like it instead of just going through the motions but it's slow moving. Only thing keeping me going right now is because I heard you can gain an inch on your dick for every 25/35 pounds you lose. Finally hit 1pl8 last week though on my bench. I occasionally play vidya and I have a humongous backlog of games that I haven't even touched for more than 10 minutes, if at all, and I haven't played anything in 2 or 3 months. I hate my job but I barely have a GED and college just doesn't seem to be in the cards for me. If I left this job I'd just go onto another one that I hate. My brother admitted to me that he's over 300lbs as of September, and has only gotten worse, and it really kills me. I tried to motivate him but it only works for a day or so until he leaves a Snapchat story about how he's back at Chick-Fil-A, showing himself eating 20 nuggets and 2 cookies. He doesn't want it for himself and in all honesty after 4 years I'm tired of trying to make him want it. I feel like the only reason I haven't completely given up is because of my mom. I'm the baby of the family and I know it would destroy her to see me go first. Never had a gf. Never had sex. Last kiss I had was in daycare before I ever went to school. Last girl to show interest is engaged now. One genuine friend who lives in another state. Good friend in person is so far up his new gf's ass that he isn't worth the effort anymore. Other two good friends are engaged to each other and won't ever hang out with me unless they're the ones inviting. They make me feel like dead weight. But they invited me to move with them to Colorado free of charge and rent free after the woman graduates. I kind of want to do it to get out of this mundane life but at the same time they're kind of pricks. Sorry for the wall of text but I had to get this shit out of me. Been bottled up for a while.
I had this experience in high school football kinda.
>junior year, my first playing football
>none of my friends are into football, hang out with vidya/anime people, best friend is one of 3 gay people at our school
>a couple of my friends occasionally come to games
>our team is really good, im not very good and only go in when we're up by 40 (which was often)
>acquaintances with 2 cheerleaders, fairly close with one through a mutual friend
>Homecoming comes around, cheerleaders go to decorate our locker room when we're eating pregame meal
>I'm hoping so badly that mine gets decorated, assume friend of friend will put something in mine
>she doesnt, star players and popular dudes get decorated
>not surprised, just disappointed
senior year
>same drill, come back to undecorated locker
>notice some teammates holding stupid pieces of white paper with little designs and their numbers on them, clearly made in a matter of like 30 seconds
>get really depressed and go to the bathroom because I didnt even get one of those
>come back out, noticed a piece of paper in top part of locker between helmet and cleats
>look at it, it's my stupid piece of white paper
>big #75 and some squiggly lines with 'Go Anon' 'Beat (other school)'
>signed by some sophomore cheerleader i've never spoken to

I still have it somewhere. I dont know why it made me so happy, but it was just an overwhelming sense of relief. My team was a pretty good group of guys and liked me enough, but I never really felt like part of the team, wasnt invited to parties or anything. Always felt good to wear my jersey on fridays with my group of friends.
File: mcshit.jpg (80 KB, 630x509) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 630x509
>god tier food
>processed shit is now god tier food

pic related is what's really in a shitty mcnuglet

kill yourself
>Always wanted a happy ending
>Always wanted a massage
>Find rub maps
>keep bull shitting with friends about doing it
>Never work up the courage
>Fuck it
>Decided today is the day
>Roll up to a spot
>Obvious as fuck
>Lady is older
>Average body
>Was hoping for a hottie
>Fuck it I guess its all in the technique
>She leads me to the room
>Get naked lay face down
>She comes in
>Thought it was going to be one of those massages where the really work out the kinks in your back and shit
>She's just lightly running her fingers on my body
>Mostly my ass
>Feels weird but good
>Still waiting for a good shoulder rub
>She tells me to flip over
>Dick is literally raisin because cold
>She rubs my chest for 2 secs
>Pokes my dick
>"you want?"
>Answer yeah immediately
>Embarrassed of dick being negative
>She bust out the oil
>Starts playing with it
>Achieve my final form off 7x5
>I hope she was surprised
>She starts doing some crazy shit
>I start feeling up her ass
>Cum in probably less than a minute
>Throat didn't tingle
>came a lot though
>She cleans me up with a warm towel
>Payed 55 bucks total
>Didn't get that good back rub

Feels bad man, my back is killing me
forgot one other thing that cheered me up

>teammate in locker next to me got a powerade in his locker
>"here anon, I brought one from home, want a powerade?"
File: 1446007929603.png (144 KB, 394x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144 KB, 394x398
I know I've put out like 30 applications and not a single e-mail or call a week later, not that I'll stop trying but it just crushes me. I'm also studying to get back in school but I'm so slow at learning now.

Miserable times ahead senpai, sorry for saying this even though you didn't ask. I just had to tell somebody.
Maybe you're legit autistic or something.
I had the exact same story up until after high school somehow I figured out how to socialize.

I date and fucked enough and have been threw friends. I still have trouble socializing with strangers. I was reading on some symptoms of autism I think I went un diagnosed and had to just fend for myself. I couldn't talk until I was like 8.
>eating 4000 calories a day at 5' 11 170 lbs but won't grow
dunno why the fuck not. this is defying science at this point.
Apply to entry level jobs, something like Starbucks, to build up your experience. If you don't the necessary qualifications for the jobs you're applying for of course the employers won't contact you.
Are you on medication? The difference is night and day from experience.
>suffer injury during squatting after finally hitting 2 plates
>figure it'll go away after a few weeks
>5 months of physical therapy pass still in incredible pain
>5 months of no exercise because it hurts all the time
>find out in 10th month of injury that I have a bad spine and I'm not allowed to squat or deadlift for the rest of my life.
>Have to get cortisone shots into spine yearly
>gained 30 pounds over the course of having the injury.
Why was I born inferior with no chance to make it?
no, i'll give it a shot though. Thanks

I know, but they don't seem to hire quickly it takes forever for those places to get back to you and it just leaves you worrying. That's the situation I'm in now.
>i'll give it a shot
Don't. Unless you're diagnosed with ADHD or other disorders that requires you to be prescribed "study" pills, you're most likely going to crash and burn. Those that graduate top of my classes do not need them. One of them even smokes weed.
Work on fixing your work ethics and time management first.
File: The Question#05-25.jpg (156 KB, 625x954) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The Question#05-25.jpg
156 KB, 625x954
Nigga let me tell you, I don't know what your local demographics are but the city I live in is consistently ranked in the top ten most obese metropolitan areas in the U.S. and it would make my fucking day to see you in my gym doing that. Not only making a sincere effort, but doing it fucking right by getting the movements down before worrying about numbers. Nobody should have anything but respect for that.

That guy who knows what he's doing knows what he's doing because he's been doing it forever. That's important, but he's on the easy part now. He has internalized most of what he needs to know. All he has to do is show up and put in the work now. As long as he shows up, he is one more healthy American, one more healthy human. He can keep that up forever, but his actions can never increase that demographic any more than they already have. He is defense. You, though, you're offense. You are in the process of becoming one more head in the ranks of the determined, and one less head in the ranks of the lazy and apathetic; one less wakey-bakey baby setting high scores on the IHOP Dig Dug and jerking of to anime tiddies. You have in you the capacity for positive change.

Two thirds of Americans are overweight. Close to half of Europeans are overweight. That dude can't do anything to change that, but you can.

Take your fucking time. Get your form locked down. Get comfy.

Just don't quit.
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86 KB, 840x700
>Hate being in relationships because I'm pre-transition mtf.
>Makes me feel like I'm puting on an act so much more than usual.
>7/10 girl super wants my dick.
>I don't even want to have a dick.
>tfw I can disappoint her now by rejecting her or by coming out to her later.

This guy's a fucking idiot troll and you should ignore him. If you're bipolar, you need meds, therapy, and a consistent schedule.
You can make one of those for the human body too friend.

Never had a mcnugget in my life but recognizing that things are made out of smaller things isn't a very valid argument against eating something.
We're all rooting for your happiness trappy.
>tfw smeared poop from anal
>tfw low fiber gf
hey man, i'm not in your shoes but I've dealt with some shit. the worst answer is the most truthful: you just need to wait it out because there is going to be a day where you see things in different way, a way you couldn't possibly imagine when you were in that dark phase. it will remind you that it's worth it to keep on moving and surviving. it sucks so much but it will get better man
Say hello to UTI
Come out and transition as soon as possible yo.

You're going to regret waiting more than anything else.
Probably the clap. Get it checked out it's no biggie. Untreated could cause damage.
File: 1429537086378.gif (88 KB, 400x452) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 400x452
I'm transitioning, but I've only been on HRT for a few weeks.
Also, I'm still waiting on getting my Adam's Apple removed.
>friends going to music festival
>really want to go
>they haven't spoken to me about it all week
>last time they mentioned it sounded like they were trying to make it sound uninteresting
>feels like they're not mentioning it on purpose
>can't work out if not welcome or paranoid
Hit me up when you get your gag reflex removed.
Holy shit anon I'm gonna screencap this, thank you so much. I won't let you down, I'm gonna make it brehs, we're all gonna make it.
it seems that your financial status cannot support lifting properly right now. consider picking it up later when you will be able to. whining about it makes as much sense as whining about not being able to skiing regularly as a poor person.
File: image.gif (948 KB, 500x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
948 KB, 500x282
You should just go, and make some new friends? >>35676895
You don't need money to ski. You just need skis.

OP doesn't need to stop lifting, he needs to stop bulking.
I'm not
File: 1453008489443.jpg (7 KB, 199x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 199x242

>implying anyone cares about your opinion
You're a good son, but you'll never make it like that.
You think your parents wants a son that never made it?
>implying anyone other than lonely autists care about a mentally ill man
File: 1437119798771.jpg (19 KB, 413x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 413x395

>using "mentally ill" non ironically
>be me
>been lifting 3 years
>get first real injury last year
>cant use knee for wseeks
>gets better
>do the same thing again
>much worse this time
>getting depressded as fuck cant evcen go out to see friends, nevermind lifting
>feel like life is over

you faggots dont know real pain
That bit where he busts out from the fridge door slays me.
>I don't know how to skip
Use crutches and go be social you faggot
File: 1367977691020[1].png (297 KB, 641x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
297 KB, 641x346
Both of them are really you, aren't they anon?
File: 1442194985225.jpg (136 KB, 600x876) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 600x876

Thanks bbys, you guys are too sweet <3


That would take a lot of buttsex tho~


Not wanting to sound like I'm bragging or something, but this isn't a concern. I do have very lucky genetics.

Besides, I've mentioned trans girls once in a conversation and he didn't really think twice about it or took a second look at me or something. At this point I kind of wish he had though...


I know, it's just not that easy considering my record of being rejected 100% of the time and how much I've gotten emotionally attached to him.
But I know it's something that I'll have to handle, and the sooner the better... though at this point I've taken too long already.

Good luck on the transition bby. I hope your friends and family are understanding and supportive <3
Whats wrong with diet soda? I drink that shit about as much as water
>tfw date a girl for half a year
>tfw she suddenly changed her mind on everything and ran off back to her ex
>tfw she still texts me and asks how lifting's going
2 days ago she tried the "please pity me" approach.

i haven't been to the gym because i'm thinking about her like the faggot i am for over a week now.
>I drink that shit about as much as water
you should keep track of your sodium levels
File: 1451916498697.jpg (30 KB, 480x342) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 480x342
Ive been dating this arab girl over skype (i know im a shit lord fuck you) who is so fuckin perfect in every way

last night I had my face in some curry pussy and it was great, I had whiskey dick, couldnt get it up. Now I just feel guilty as all hell. However I sort of don't because I don't see myself as ever marrying, and I'm not really a manwhore. I'm not seeing the indian girl. On the bright side I got to drink a bunch of top top top shelf scotch with her father
File: 1452963890119.png (394 KB, 1200x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
394 KB, 1200x1000
I mean this in the nicest way possible trappy-chan. We're dudes, we're pretty thick headed. If I had a dollar for everytime my GF wanted me to pick up on something subliminally or catch a subtle hint or she was looking for a reaction to something that flew over my head...

I believe though, you got this trappy!
Just don't pity her. Well, pity her, then block her on your phone the next. Try and get a nice pic of your dick in her pussy and send it to her ex.

sounds like a good idea.
she keeps texting me as if i've got something her not ex anymore doesn't have.

>block her
only thing left to do, i believe
or just block her and be done with it. Plenty of fish in the sea, just not many that actually know what they want.
i tend to get together with those "don't know what i want" type of girls more often as it seems.

but yeah, in the long run i've got to delete her, makes me all feelsy when i see her texting me and stuff.
shoo shoo gains goblin.
trapper is brazilian?
por favor esteja em
Unrequited interest in a woman at work. She used to chase me, but now I'm trying her and it seems pretty obvious she decided not to think much about me at some point in the interim.
File: 1430052729082.png (97 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 640x640
>2nd year university
>started out real good, made some friends over the past year
>the ones I knew from my old school who started university with me start fuckin me over
>currently not in the mood for anything social
>just university, lift and vidya most of the time
>semester is killing me because it is boring as ever
>don't want to disappoint my parents by dropping out and not really wanna give up because one semester is shit
>feels like im slowly loosing life motivation
>last gf was 5 years ago, turnin 20 in two weeks and don't really care

what do fit, currently just hoping to get a grip of myself past exams
that's what women like to do
lift anon, lift
>apply for bunch of texas schools for spring 16 semester
>bust my ass getting letters of rec, essays, etc.
>from CA, looking forward to TX for low cost of living and less impaction
>end up getting into all schools
>also sf state (despite them stating theyre not taking transfers)
>mom forces me there
>really upset, oh well just get it done with
>sorry anon were too impacted, you wont get any classes till fall

Now im going to try and find a job. Really upset i had big plans and i had made it in, im almost 24 and will graduate at 26. All my friends are already making 6 figures, and however the cards are dealt i always stagnate.

I all I have is lifting but I dont know how much more sane that will keep me.

So what I'm hearing you say, is "Rape her 'till she loves you," right? It should work, she was raised in japan.
kek, yes of course...of...course...

No, but seriously, is there any chance or was she just fucking with me? Keeping in mind that she does not seem to dislike me since she agreed to go to breakfast with me after work when I texted her at midnight.
it's a woman, anon, you were interested now she lost interest because you didn't make a move and that's it

So why would she go to eat if she wasn't interested?
did you pay?

No. God fucking damn it, I knew I should have fucking payed.

You killed it.

>The man I love and the man who raped me both lurk /fit/.

Greentext, pls.


W-We'll all make it breh. Don't lose faith in yourself.


Spend time bettering yourself - reading, learning new things, go for walks and explore/adventure, do something creative (e.g. draw, paint, doodle, etc.). Distract yourself.


> I know I've put out like 30 applications and not a single e-mail or call a week later, not that I'll stop trying but it just crushes me.

Iktf. Applying for jobs, even the most basic ones, and hearing nothing back, can really crush your confidence. Just adopt this view: if companies can't be bothered to send a one-sentence email, declining your application, after you willingly invested time in applying to them, then you wouldn't want to work for someone who treats their employees as such. It's not asking a lot to get a reply, rather than being left in a void.




Focus on your studies. It can be boring, but it's only temporary. Write down your ambitions and aspirations and use it as a form of motivation. Remind yourself of what you want and use it to encourage you to study.
>this was after she dumped me, then took me back and started to say she loved me and shit. I just went through her phone to figure out why she dumped me in the first place.
kek i could've been that guy

she dumped her ex, we dated, she got together with her ex
what a cuck that guy is
>I've been self studying for a year now in order to get accepted in a college
>don't have enough money to get in
>can't ask the bank for money because I work on an unofficial salary

Just because I was born in a 3rd world shithole, I'm supposed to spend my entire life doing dirty work?

Anyone know if this shit can be salvaged or should I forget it. It's kind of a personal challenge at this point

No one knows, you have to try it.

Mother fucker, you should put that in the motivation thread. Like, seriously. That's really beautiful.
Try Fair Life
>no lactose
>double protein
>1/2 sugar
>tastes good af
Rooting for you, but the thing I'd imagine he'd get mad about is that he's been hooking up with a dude he assumed was a girl. That might piss him off.
Yeah, this is probably the most valid concern.

Next time you see him get down on your knees and beg for his forgiveness.

Or suck his dick
Not without permission fucko. Some dudes only want their dick sucked by women for whatever reason, you need to be up front about that shit.

It's practically literally rape.
Why do I even lift and improve my appearence when I cant even talk to the girl. My knees just turn to fucking spaghetti when I see her.
bad feels?

i've got fucking toe nail fungus, on both of my big toes.
they're all yellow and shit and it's itching like a mother.
i'll probably loose my feet...fuck , no lifting for me. that's it boys, i'm out...
remember man she's just a human been
why is your family deciding how you spend your time?
they won't let you spend time cooking food?
wtf is this shit?
File: bob-ross.jpg (55 KB, 344x401) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 344x401
I actually felt better after posting on /fit/
Thanks man
so bros, if a girl shows you all signs of affection there are in the book, yet leaves you for her ex and still texts you, who's the bigger cuck?

me, for getting involved with a girl that still had thoughts bout her ex?
or her ex, who took back a girl that fucked other guys which she probably told him?
>dem quads
good on ya m80
Don't give up, you've done (almost) nothing wrong, you're just different.

You could use something like rosetta stone to at least get some foreign languages studies going and maybe you can still take some courses to make up for your drop out if you want.

It gets easier. A year ago I couldn't even talk to ugly women, now I'm talking to a beautiful woman in a way that's almost normal. As far as I can tell. She is probably just creeped out or something.
>bad feels
>all dat cucking ITT
feels bad
You could try thinking about your long term progress if you keep on lifting. When you look really good maybe your brother might get that little push needed to change his life, not to mention how happy/proud your mother would be for you.

Also, don't think about sex, marriage, kisses etc... that's worthless if you don't get a good life for yourself, hard work gives you a better life while kisses and sex are a short term pleasure.

This still bothers me.
File: 1451278923691.jpg (148 KB, 500x458) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148 KB, 500x458
> Missed gym for a week since I'm sick
> Feel my gainz flying away
> Ate like shit
> My chest is small as fuck
> Soon I'll have less time for the gym because of school

It was a joke dude.
>classes start up again today
Hold me. I just want to keep working at my job and lift all the time.
And you can do that when you graduate, breh. Just a few more years and you're free.
Just know that there are people who want to be in your position
File: Nick Young.jpg (8 KB, 261x222) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Nick Young.jpg
8 KB, 261x222
>one woman insane with muslim beliefs even though she is atheist
>depressed for the first 2 years of college
>finally got my shit together last semester
>winter break comes
>back to basically being a NEET during the holidays
>miss friends so I call them up
>"hey do you think we can meet up soon?"
>"Sure anon"
>Days pass, don't hear from them at all
>Already know how this will turn out, classes start and nobody has time for anything again. Fuck my life
>Depression starting to crawl back in
>Able to fight it away through lifting and just doing stuff like going for a walk in the morning
>Still bored out of my mind
>still miss her
>Bodyfat went up again because of all the shit I ate on holidays
>face looks fucking puffy as hell, fuck my life
>not looking forward to new semester, probably will end up being same boring shit

>They are requiring me to literally make a time budget of everything I do in a day down to fifteen minutes.

That's not how human beings work. You are going to fail even harder than last time. Lie your ass off or enjoy crashing and burning.
>tfw I really REALLY have to shit but my roommate won't leave the shower
Send help
Nigga you need a slow cooker. Im out of my home from 8am til 6:30pm everyday and I load that bitch up with chicken, pork,etc. Mix in spices and maranades and when you get home its ready to eat.
>just found out neighbor killed himself
>nice old man who would occasionally sit outside and try to make small talk like "beautiful day isn't it?" And stuff when you walk by
>fellow Marine as well, Vietnam vet
>poor guy was probably lonely as fuck and lived alone so just needed human interaction specially during the holidays
>he killed himself on the 6th and I just now found out
>work 2 jobs, go to school, and I'm married so I'm so caught up in my own world I didn't even realize he hasn't been on his porch in 2 weeks
just get up to potentially dangerous antics, if you're considering suicide you might as well stir some shit up

>Things that never happened

You literally went down a checklist of things a lonely, sad, frustrated person would make up in a story to reinforce unhealthy thinking and give theirself excuses.

>Oh woe is me, I am so totally sought after and desire by partners I too find desirable.
>I am just oh so tortured inside that I just can't act any way other than dysfunctional, because I have a deep dark secret and would just be so misunderstood and rejected if I revealed it
>I am just such a victim of circumstance, it's awful
>Better stay wrapped up in my own little world, it's dangerous outside
>I'll tell this story to the internet though, and get a bunch of attention from strangers to help me feel sorry for myself

Take your sad fantasies back to tumblr, queer. Or better yet to a mental health professional who will actually he able to help.
The ex who took her back.
>only applied to top tier colleges
>literally have nightmares about being rejected
>had no time for lifting because of applications for two months
>finally get back into lifting this week
>all of my lifts went down

>being this new

This story with her gymbro has been going on since october brah, it's not something she just made up. She pretty much took out all of the things that happened before from this greentext.
A lot more has happened besides "I helped him get back with his gf", and we've been giving her advice on how to not fuck things up since she decided to start talking to him.
>we've been giving her advice on how to not fuck things up since she decided to start talking to him.
That worked out great didn't it
File: 1452574606009.png (90 KB, 800x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 800x540

>The blatant attention-seeking storytelling of a mentally ill person has in fact been going on for several months now
>Therefore the stories are probably true
>We've all been taking the bait and enabling them, and we're proud of doing so

This is a board for wholesome, monogamous, completely nohomo homosexuality with your consenting adult gymbro. Get the fuck out.

This person needs professional help, not a bunch of autists on the internet enabling his bullshit and fetishizing his dysmorphia.
>tfw should probably get tested for hiv but don't know how/are too scared to
>start working out
>feels amazing
>dat endorphin rush
>get horny after every work out but don't feel need to do anything about it
>feels great
>only want to work out now
>feel void of boredom/depression well at work
>feels like tweaking out coming off hard drugs
>just want to work out

I don't know why everything has to be an extreme in my life
that's what i thought.
she's still texting with me, texting me all the humorous stuff, like he doesn't have her kind of humor
Yep, believe in yourself bro. Just don't use Rosetta Stone, aight?
That sounds autistic as fuck, actually.
Honestly, how did you not think this was autistic? Is this a joke? You thought mentioning that you carried a drunk Chinese girl down the stairs would make us think you weren't autistic?

>oh, i'm not autistic
>i even jerk off to hentai
>i even cry at comic conventions
>i even associate with slant eyes to begin with

You sound like a straight retard, bro. If I saw you in person I'd probsbly slap you around a bit and humiliate you in front of your girlfriend's family? What's your max squat? 275? Lol. Fuck off.

>i'm a weeb who spends 18 hours a day looking at anime and jerking off to moe
>i'm not autistic haha here's this completely unrelated anecdote to prove it
File: image.jpg (89 KB, 720x905) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 720x905
>tfw not autism
>tfw even carried a chinese girl down stairs
>tfw not playing spyro and drinking sunny
>tfw not squatting heavy weight
>tfw you're actually autistic
*sunny d
>le epic non autistic meme face
>Browsing Facebook
>Friend posts, "ugh somebody next to me in class said 3 to the 4th power equals 12"
>Idk what I was thinking, but I posted "Mistakes happen, just like how you grew up to be 5'2"
>I ditched class today, but I have class with him two days from now
kek'd hard as fuck
*tips elbow sleeves*
*nods head*

You know people with 4chan X can see that you're samefagging right?
Clearly not, only 6 of those are mine.
I remember when I was younger, in high school (it would be middle school in America, but in Australia middle school and high school are the same thing. 12 year olds with 18 year olds), I had a girl that I liked, and I mean really liked. I was pretty much in love with her.
My family was an awesome one. My friends loved coming over because of the abundance of food and things to do. I was always spoiled. I was grateful though, I loved my parents, I loved my friends, I loved my life. But most importantly, I loved her.

It got to the point where I started working out for the sole purpose of impressing her. I started with only two 2kg dumbells. Since I was a teenager, I got gains quickly because of puberty. I'm pretty sure I still have an old photo of me with huge arms and a tiny body.

Anyway, around came Christmas, I had learned that 3 girls liked me, all younger than me and... Well, I... I guess that 'She' was the only girl for me. I could go on and on about the freling, but I'm sure you guys already know. Anyway, Christmas.

I got a 300 dollar benchpress kit with 60kg of weights (75kg with the bar). I was estatic at the time. I started using it immediately and started getting big gains.

At some point during March, I decided that I'd make a move on her. I told one of her friends that I trusted how I felt, and asked her if she could invite the girl to the pool for me. She did it, and she said yes... I got rejected.

And I know that you guys know what it's like. Long story short, I was fucking sad. Yet I still cared for my family. I put on a cheerful facade for them, and I still worked out.

Yet I never got over her. Sometime around June I decided that enough was enough and tried to choke myself to death with the benchpress bar. 5 seconds after putting it on my neck, I realized that it was a stupid fucking idea and took the thing off (There are easier ways to kill yourself anyway).
-Too long will continue-

My life went on. I got over it. I went to college, moved out and I have the same weight set sitting in my flat. I see it everyday and am reminded of my stupid ass decisions when I was younger. This isn't a very good story, I know, but its one of the worst things to happen to me and it's all I've got to share.
Being 22 year old virgin and working a shit job

On a positive note managed to make a friend after being 5 years friendless
Jokes on you, I don't even lift
>Middle of last year move in with friend
>Back to my old hometown having not lived here for awhile
>get new job and return to school to get actual useful degree
>Try balancing 16 hours of school with 40+hours of work a week
>very difficult to find spare moments to catch up on things, fuckton of driving every day
>lapse back into habit of too much time spend for working out
>lapse back into lazy spending habits of convenience healthy food
>Get sick in Nov and put my job at risk
>Company silently lets me go
>lose all motivation and cut spending so I am eating only once every two days
>crash down from strongest I have ever been (and pushing new limits of strength)
>Unsure how i'll get out of this cycle, always think how much easier it is to give up
How the fuck do I stop being a failure repeatedly /fit/. I know it's because of shit earlier in my life but being stubborn seems to have really fucked me.
I dunno, you could ask for the help of the friend that you moved in with.
You said that you moved into your hometown right? Try asking your parents for help.
Heck, you could even just go around and look for cheaper food. One thing is for sure, if you keep doing the same thing, nothing will change.
Just search for "pure breathing"
Ok first off nice doubles, secondly you best be explaiNing all this shit about your overbearing senpai
We know.
you really should have given full disclosure right away.
File: 1443716857474.gif (112 KB, 500x372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 500x372

>This person needs professional help

Pretty sure she has already got professional help, considering she has transitioned years ago.

>mentally ill person

Look at the gay calling others mentally ill.
Lick clit, put fingers into gspot. Ensure decent amount of prior mental stimulation. Once into rythm, go in bursts of 30 seconds until orgasm. Ensure circular motion of tongue.
>go on sheiko 4-day
>make 50 lbs in 3 months on bench, squat, and DL
>get 1250 total in first meet
>decide to experiment with 70's PL + BB hybrid routines
>cant generate a 1rm higher than my old one, but can do my 90% 1rm for 6 reps
>get back on sheiko
>have the worst squat day of my life at only 75%

I just want my gains back
File: image.png (2 MB, 2560x1086) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2560x1086
Don't worry brah, even the chief had trouble letting go
You and me both, in fact, she's still texting me every now and then and I know that she's getting railed by her not ex, she knows that I was into her and she longed for me.
I shouldn't be texting with her anymore, it's not getting better

>Pretty sure he has already got professional help

No doctor still doing "reassignment" surgeries in the 21st century is professional. It's a draconian practice dreamed up in the middle of the 20th century that was already abandoned by Johns Hopkins (the institution which pioneered its use in America) for not giving patients any discernible benefit so far back that the Reagan era hadn't even started yet. Any person speaking out to promote it might as well use the same breath to suggest that homosexuals strap in on a table and let their friendly ol' doc try to electrocute the gay away.

>calling others mentally ill

"Mentally ill" isn't supposed to be an insult, you ignorant asshole. And if you think gender dysphoria is the only thing this person has going on under the hood despite all the red flags popping up right now, you have some homework to do about picking up on even the most basic warning signs. The day is going to come, and indeed may even have already come, when someone in your life is going to cry for help. And at the rate you're going, you won't even notice it's happening.
This breh
Is it really that simple? Eating pussy is always made out to be the Rubik's Cube of sexual acts.
File: u wot m8.png (70 KB, 260x284) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
u wot m8.png
70 KB, 260x284
>no working bathroom
>car fucked
>snow everywhere

I am more mad than sad really
>"You can touch my boobs if you want to anon" - 3 different girls
>"please don't put your shirt back on" at the beach
>been invited to eat whipped cream off a girl's tits
>girl at my martial arts centre touches my dick and smiles during practice, also asked me to cut off a piece of my hair for a hair locket
>chick starts making out with me in the club, when I go to get a drink another girl begs me to come with her home
>still a virgin

HOW IS THIS FUCKING POSSIBLE? Sure it sounds like fantasy but all above happened within a year. Whenever i get close to actually closing and getting some i either sperg out or bad luck and circumstances gets in the way.
Bro, I've had that type of love in highschool and got rejected too. Literally got angry and yelled my passion at her. She shrugged me off. Know Im more passionate about weightlifting as a hobby cause of her.
>fuck her. I get mad every time I remember her
File: 1398304331226.png (279 KB, 840x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
279 KB, 840x799
I need some advice I was hoping some of you Bros can help me.
>Growing up I had two great friends I met through Middle School, Jane and Mike
>I lived in a small suburban town and I had to move out of state for both school and employment
>I come back on New Years and Christmas
>I've always been in love with Jane, I would do anything for her, I wanted to be the best version of myself I could be.
>Didn't notice in the past couple of years Jane and Mike are much closer to each other.
>This New Years, he proposed to her, and she said Yes. I left the party immediately afterwards saying I was getting too drunk.
>Just got a call from him today asking me to be his best man, I told him i'll think about it with work and what not.

I don't know what to do anymore, I don't feel like lifting, but I do it anyways because I know it better than sulking around, I've been crying myself to sleep for the past couple of weeks. I know I should feel happy for my best friend, but I want to be in his position, its not fair, I've worked so hard to improve myself, so far my work has been detoriating and i've asked my boss week to get my priorities in order, I think I should get it. What should I do /fit/? I really don't want to be his Best Man and I know if I see tie the knot I'm gonna die inside, I was thinking of telling Jane about my feelings and seeing her response, I know she will decline them, but maybe it better to cut them both out of my life because its toxic for me. I'm hesitating on destroying a decade plus relationship.
I'm ugly as shit and rubbed my dick against a high test girl within 2 months of meeting at Uni.
>bro you got the looks and they flock on you, but you still didn't get you dick wet.
>you might as well eat other dude's asses for being this beta.
Time for you to move on. This shit is toxic as fuck. How do you feel knowing that your best friend was busting all types of nuts in a girl you loved. ALL KINDS OF NUTZ. DEEP STROKING THE SHIT OUT OF HER AND EATING HER TITS. Putinghis finger in her butt. How does if feel breh...
>You better tell him how you feel, disconnect and move the fuck on.
>I'm showing you tough love bruh. Your life, career and gains matter much more than this.
>some anons have real problems
>thread devolves into circle jerk around mentally ill surgically mutilated retard
I know this feel.
File: plawxy.jpg (51 KB, 740x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 740x550
>be me
>been picking up heavy things since 16
>parents home gym master race
>#yolo kkidgaf
>move crossed the country to try to fix a 7 year off & on relationship with ex

Putting college on the back burner for another year or so...

>been here a month
>join 24/7 gym
>its packed 24/7 >:@
>gains melting away
>cant park car, cant work out
>everyone thinks i'm a nyr fag when i manage to get in
>i've been spoiled by the home gym master race

>before i moved here, i stayed inside and didn't leave for over a year #NEET
>was so lonely
>only friends were on WoW ;-;
>didnt bring main computer, just laptop
>more lonely now than before
>i miss my cats

>ex gives me ultimatum
>get job in 5 days or get kicked out
>3 weeks later
>turn in over 20 applications, only get one interview, 4 days ago and haven't heard back

>not eating normal diet
>feel terrible
>brain melting

I'm so lost right now.
Fuck it you're right this is too beta. I'll go for it hard next time, dont even care if i stick my dick in crazy anymore
Haha, at least if your gonna stick it in crazy, do it protected or do the kid a favor and put your nuts in a girl with a decent face genetics.

>Get onto masters
>3 fucking years of undergrad and i'm still socially inept.
>Still pretty chubby cos of a rough year throwing any diets off
>qts everywhere but know it'll never happen
>spend days daydreaming about ridiculous impossible shit rather than actually using oppurtunities and getting on
>Gym is frequently busy as fuck.
>Might have a chance to redeem it all with a project which some qts were interested in I just got to keep my shit together.
>20 yrs old mentally disabled
>Barely autonomous
>Can't work or go to school

What should I do with my life /fit/? I lift but I can't afford much else. I get lonely sometimes, I should try other things
>no notifications
Fuck man it gets worse when you have a gf all I wanna do is chill with my boys again

>No doctor still doing "reassignment" surgeries in the 21st century is professional

You are wrong, but in any case Trappy-chan is non-OP
>my family finally agrees to kick down a little money
fucking lucky i had to bus tables and tutor math to pay my way through university.

>Was able to afford college education on a busboy and tutor's pay

Shut the fuck up dad, you had it easy as shit and you know it. What's next, bitching about a poor ROI on a four-bedroom house you were able to buy at 23 years old?
this was 4 years ago. not everyone goes to private colleges.
The oneitis got married yesterday, to the guy her family had arranged her to. We had been together for a year, told me she loved me and that she was going to run away with me and away from her family.
Fuark, where do I go from here
>winter break over
>first day back at uni gym
>"haha time to show these f-faggots my gains"
>go to squat
>load up weight on the bar just like i did at my home gym
>"oh no somethings wrong here"
>bar *tips* over and sheds the weight with a cacophony of plates hitting the ground drawing the stares of everyone in the gym
>"h-haha you guys have never seen anyone do estonian condom slides in the squat rack before ? haha f-fucking dyels"
>proceed to squat more than all of them
>they all nod and go on to their original exercises

i am the master of this gym
>stuck on my cut at the moment haven't lost any weight in 3 week
>no social life
>only places I go are gym school and work
>can talk to people fine but have attachment issues
>view everybody as more or a colleague as opposed to any emotional attachment
>this is due to my last relationship and parents divorcing
>gf of 2 years said she never really loved me
>don't believe people genuine my like me for who I am
>can give love but can't take it
>just learned I have high bp even though cardio daily and clean eating
>might have to stop working out a bit
>just fuck my shit up senpai
File: 1000 knot stare.png (26 KB, 128x144) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1000 knot stare.png
26 KB, 128x144
>tfw my roommate wants to start lifting with me
>tfw I'm not taking it seriously enough and have too little progress and know how to show for it to be a proper gymbro
File: sdfsdfsdf.png (297 KB, 642x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
297 KB, 642x319
>somehow get a date
> couldn't sleep last night even though the dates this weekend
>haven't dated a girl in like 6 years
>considering calling it off, but I already told my bros about it
>now I'm just sitting here waiting for my inevitable spaghetti fiesta

Does xanax help with this kind of stuff?
Put yourself back out there man. This is the best advice I can give you. As soon as you start seeing girls again, you will realize there are plenty more fish in the sea.

I know it sounds stupid and shallow but jump on Tinder. I myself love fucking and I enjoy the occasional date but can't be bothered MEETING women so I just use Tinder to do the meeting for me.
File: 1413915125842.gif (309 KB, 460x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
309 KB, 460x351
The best advice I can give you is to hang out with a lot of friends over the week, until the date, to maximize social progress.
>Want to be big
>Want to be really cut and skinny at the same time
>just look skinnyfat dyel

Kill me
>Ex broke up with me back in December
>My fault, it sucks but whatever
>She does the 'maybe we can try again later' thing
>Know this is bullshit but yeah, why not. Love her and all kinds of shit
>We're still best friends so we talk a lot
>Depressed about this, just not telling her
>She tells me she has a date on Saturday and that I deserve to know
>Heart pangs but I let it go. Play it off.
>Took 3 hours to get motivated for the gym
>Squatting my pain away while glaring at myself in the mirror

Life is awful

Fuck you, you fucking abomination. What kind of disgusting faggots doesn't tell someone they're a fucking tranny before making out with them. If someone ever did that to me I would put them 6 feet under. Kill yourself you fucking subhuman. And I really mean that, I wish you were dead.
Love her as a friend, to clarify. We've known each other for like ten years.
Stay away anon.
I am just now kind of getting over this similar situation after two months.
Tried to hangout as friends but I wanted to Fuck her some more, she seemed dtf but then got cold and said she can only be friends. So I just cut contact
I'm trying to moderately detach but I think we muddied the waters too much. I dunno. Shit is hard.

First great girl I dated after a string of toxic relationships. Messy as fuck.
File: fit_in_a_nutshell.png (31 KB, 227x142) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 227x142
Just be yourself
Just delete her number.
If you run into her around town, say hey or whatever but don't hangout with.
It's fucking hard but move on brah
I'll do my best. Thanks bud. Not enough tough love in my life.
Also, the more you ignore her, she might try and contact you and shit.
It's a trap.

Girls like to stay friends so that when you're finally happy, they can come into your life and Fuck it all up.
Did you smesh?
Tfw wife doesn't like the old natty lickaroo

>in community college
>no motivation to study
>barely any motivation to lift since making no progress
>have a great gf who loves me to death but dont know how i feel about her anymore

I just want to die in my sleep. I've had a hard life and I just want it to end
You're 20. You don't know hard yet, bitch. Persevere.
File: 954599500.png (67 KB, 350x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 350x338
Dude you're working hard. It'll get better, just keep working and never give up. We're all gonna make it.
File: GETITDONE.jpg (291 KB, 1280x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
291 KB, 1280x800
I believe in you bro
My neck hurts so bad I can barely turn my head. It doesn't seem to be healing. I can't do squats. Putting weight on my back makes my neck hurt worse for days. I started drinking again because of my neck.
i am 29
i lost virginity at 21
for the last 5 years i literally feel that life has only just begun
i would even feel bad for myself for wasting my youth, but i am not a sad beta cunt anymore, so i cant do that
man the fuck up breh, were all gonna make it
tfw my girl wants to blow me

all you do is lie or stand there, no cardio

I'm not saying sex is a primo workout or anything but it feels better to just rail her and make sure I get a sweat and my heart rate up
File: 1452425462757.gif (507 KB, 250x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
507 KB, 250x216
i can't tell if this is serious or not anymore
>27 in one week
>still virgin
>only one woman I know of ever liked me
>I fucked it up, now stuck in weird nether realm between friendzone and nothing.

I don't know what to do with my life. I've come a long way in just a year, but there is so much farther to go, I don't see the point anymore. Passed GED with honors, despite no formal education, got a job, am trusted explicitly in what I do there, have my own house, my own car, plenty of expensive shit in the house. But I still feel aimless and worthless.
Posted in CBT. Got a LOT of hate. I don't know why I let it get to me. Hopefully use it as motivation.
University only has one gym
>Packed all the time
>Really small
>Not even open 24 hours
>Very few free weights, benches, cages. Most space is filled with cardio stuff
>Can't even swim because the pool closes early and is usually filled with a team practicing
I am also working while attending university so I haven't really been able to go to the gym since the start of this semester. The fact that the gym sucks is actually demotivating me to get fit... why does a school that charges $48,000 per year only have one gym :^(
I'm exactly like you, except I don't feel like a loser

Don't get me wrong, I know I am objectively a loser, but I just don't feel like it, or at least it doesn't bother me; I am content.
>haven't opened up to him that I'm mtf yet tho
As I started reading, I knew something like this was coming

I laff'd
>tfw no season 3
It doesn't get much worse than this
>reddit faggots like you posting shit like this in a bad feels thread
This is what gives me truly bad feels
I'm not even that guy, but that's not what cuck is

He'd be a cuck if he knew about the side relationship, and stayed with her anyways. Cucking yourself is knowing that your gf is cheating on you. If you don't know, you're not really getting cucked.
This makes me want to make friends with a lonely person just to make them feel cared for

Too bad I don't like talking to people, and even when people come up to talk to me in an attempt to be friendly I am not interested because I'm an autist and content in my own solitude
File: shiggady-doo.jpg (157 KB, 1023x885) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157 KB, 1023x885
>if you don't follow the lives of mentally disturbed trips, it means you are new
come on buddy, you gotta try harder than that

P-please notice me...
Jeez. When I first read that I thought she told you after you went to town on her.
you didnt mention that you lift
you know, one little thing this board is about
also, this thing that makes you feel worthy and gives aim
I'm mad as fuck that my slutty Asian fuckbuddy cut me out completely. She'll probably come back in a week or two but holy shit I want to hatefuck her sloppy cunt now.

She did the one thing she knew would get under my skin and that's take my toy away. Fuck her, I am livid.
fucking gross. If I was that guy I'd punch you in the fucking face the second you told me.
he knew
File: 1445458297761.png (172 KB, 641x356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172 KB, 641x356
Try lactose free milk, that's how I realized I'm allergic to milk protein and not the lactose.
>be me in highschool
>have a crush on a girl which i only talked to once
>someone word got out that i liked her
>she told a friend of mine that "i would date him but i would never love him"
Most girls take a week to move on, I've had a girl do the same thing to me the day before she broke things off.
Not saying your pain is not worthy homie but if a girl takes a long time to move on like she did then apparently you deserve to be loved bruh, just keep moving on and talk to girls.
Treat girls like friends and before you know it you will catch feelings.
Sorry for that bad erglish

man, you sound like me when i was a 21 skinnyfat.
I never fucked random grills etc untill around 25y.

I kicked a cheating gf out, and started giving no shits for grills. Working out, reading, making some good cash and playing that 1992 x-com for that butt hurt feeling.

And one day it just happend, i started dating random girls i had only met once. Started using tinder, found that sweet gf that makes my breakfeast every moring. It took me 6 years but still.

Keep the hopes up anon!
File: 1452082691061.jpg (237 KB, 540x616) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
237 KB, 540x616
I would hug and hold you good Trappy
File: 1364308395935.jpg (12 KB, 424x394) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 424x394
>tfw haven't been to the gym in a month

I have failed you lads
I'll never escape Auschwitz
I wouldn't cut ties, I would honestly see a therapist just for the fact that they are such close friends.
I mean of course you love her, you probably love him too, they're childhood friends.
Personally I can't really separate loving women and being in love, I just start to fantasize and it happens, which really makes it to a point to where I'm not really "in love".

Really really sucks bro, but don't run away like a faggot or you will regret it forever.
Talk it over with him and just say it makes you uncomfortable, any true bro will understand.
I honestly feel like if you don't show interest in a girl and a best bro goes for her you have no position to try to screw him over, shit sucks but they are both trying to make a happy life for themselves and they obviously want you to be a part of it.

TLDR; Meet more bitches, once you get a good gf you should be pretty much over her romantically. Or don't, but either way don't fuck over the people who love you.
it's exactly what a cuck is, the ex of anons story is by all means a cuck for taking back a girl who told him that she slept with other guys.
>being this retarded

"oh no, I might mess up my budding relationship! Better avoid it by fucking up my budding relationship."

WTF logic is this anon, you're losing the Darwin awards. Do literally anything but what you're doing, statistically it will be better.
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