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What if it's all wrong?

I tried looking into this stuff and I get that there is an overall theme of understanding what we are and returning to it. But what's even the point of that really? So you more or less return to your state of nothingness or "oneness" or whatever. Big fucking deal.

What if all that is is the equivalent of people who are anti-technology and want everyone to just go back to their roots and shit in the woods or something?
What if we're not supposed to just go back to where we came from? What if we're supposed to move forward.

I'm under the impression most people also think that this life on Earth contains all things that life can be about, but I don't think that's so. I think life can be so very much more than we can even begin to scratch the surface of. What if true enlightenment is digging yourself deeper into the illusion of reality, making it permanent and expanding your existence?
what if true enlightment is becoming aware of the simulation and finding a way out of it? thats what im trying to do atm.
Just so you know, if you do make it out of this simulation, you will likely just find yourself in another simulation.
I think about this a lot, too. It seems just dumb to be given consciousness to have these experiences just to, you know, escape them or "ascend" as woo woo types talk about doing. I feel like it's just escapism, honestly. They don't want to experience the good if it also requires them to experience the bad so they'd rather not experience anything at all. Which is just sad.

It's similar to how some people say that humanity is just a little blip that will fizzle out like anything else. "Nothing truly matters" in the "grand scheme of things." But if we just did and said anything regardless of consequence because ~ nothing matters ~ and someone kills someone else because of it or someone kills themselves, I'd say that fucking matters.

I think instead of escaping or uh. "Ascending." They should make the most of their ability to experience things like no other entity on this planet can.
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Enlightenment is a delusion of the subtle ego.

We come from nothing, we know nothing, we are nothing, we return to nothing.
If you do not wish to assimilate with God you must assimilate with Satan. Only a God can assimilate himself
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How can I become a god?
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>Sealab 2021
this shit was good
You already have a part of god in you, you must let that part take over, and make it equal inside your self.
That makes no sense.
Most of it is just bullshit. True enlightenment is perceiving the disgustingly fake plastic reality/matrix they got us trapped in, nothing more.
Enlightenment, or moshka/mukti specifically means liberated from material bondage. It is the state of being free of the material world, or the matrix. It is transcending the material world factually, not simply knowing that more exists beyond it. Additionally there is no "they" that binds us to the material world necessarily, it is due to your own actions that you become entangled in the material nature, although it may look as if that some hostile force is binding you. This is called maya, or illusion.
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