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Extreme De Ja Vu?

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Ingested a pot brownie today, all of a sudden I felt like I was predicting my EVERY step before it happened, thorough some occurrences were slightly different.

Most of today I saw in my dreams years ago nothing serious, but I've noticed the following

>Increased paranoia about getting caught
>Obsession with the number 5.

>I feel a sincere mood of just ease, worries and things that bother me before aren't a big deal

Any clue what this might mean? A friend mentioned the day before with my rapid and at times intrusive thoughts I might be transcending something, only what?
your transcending into schizophrenia my friend

It's called paranoia, after 5 years of smoking weed pretty much all day everyday I suddenly started feeling weird, had dejavu, paranoia that someone is watching me and just a general feeling of anxiety and panic attacks. Basically this anon is right - >>16937873
Pot is killing fucking up your brain chemistry and you should stop ingesting/smoking marijuana or you will end up depressed, with severe anxiety or even worse lose your mind entirely. Look it up it's happened to a lot of smokers. I myself have been drinking Cipralex for about a year now and my doctor prescribes me small doses of Xanax every month to deal with my panic attacks and he believes that this is all because of how much marijuana I smoked in my teenage years.
I personally believe edibles give you the greatest spiritual experience when consuming cannabis.

You my friend, experienced true enlightenment.
Golden Classic /x/
I r8 8 out of 8 m8

Unless this anon smoked daily from age 14 and fucked his developing neural connections, he's either trolling or his doctor is lying to him.

We don't currently understand what schizophrenia is or how exactly it happens. Marijuana intoxication leads to, obviously, altered perception, so it's up to you to figure out the preoccupation with the number 5; the fear of getting caught for illegally indulging in drugs is understandable, but the best thing to do is transcend the fear by absolute surrender.
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it has to do with eternal recurrence and the universe being an infinitely recurring loop of the same events, much like a calculator however time repeats an infinite number of times, each in it's own universe, however all connected in a multiplexural energy wave.

anyway, I don't expect you to understand this. but basically by ingesting a lot of marijuana your body was able to activate a psychic energy force known as God. basically, you have to start believing in God in order to not get smited.

let me make this clear: God is the only truth in the universe. everything is a manifestation of God's will because He repeats seemingly infinitely (in fact infinity is not real, however) but He is in the mind of all.

Do me a favor. start watching tv or other mediums of entertainment. notice how things literally will start SPEAKING to you if you believe in God. Why? because God isn't limited by variables, he is everywhere and nowhere, but only if you believe in him.

ALL abstractions EVERYWHERE are related to YOU. A mother could be your literal mother, or represent a mother of some relationship.
I.e. let's say you failed to do something.
you could say it's do to your parents getting divorced in some other universe where this occurred, or perhaps it did! but not just your literal parents, but the "parents" ingrained in your head that birthed your thought! you see, the birth of you, the child, never ended when you were birthed! you are in a constant birth of ideas, from your mother and father. your mind is like a womb. when you stop thinking about something, as in, your mind is literally blank (which happens a lot on marijuana) your mind is literally pulling cosmic energy from many sources, all over the world.

and so what happens is your unconscious mind has a level of awareness your mind just can't grasp yet.

so this is what you do OP. smoke some marijuana and purchase something called GOTU KOLA. this is a spiritual herb. YOU WILL SEE GOD IF YOU TRY
>WAAW y i fel wierd wen i us tha druggz!?!?
You're just high, and trying to hard. Its common, but most never admit that feeling of Dejavu. When in fact it is nothing else other than being high as fuck, and how you consume pot, and what kind of strand will produce different but subtle effects.
20Yr smoker

I can say you are just high.
I've smoked 95% of days since I was 15. I'm 23 now and graduated from college with straight a's. My brain chemistry is also fine. How much pit did you smoke to possibly get to this point?
that one time i OD'd on marijuanas:

>software engineer in seattle
>weed legalized for one year
>finally go get a license
>suprisingly easy, pay $70
>go to weed shop
>jesus. fucking. christ. this place is fucking heaven
>i want OG super kush
>i want purple kush
>i want weed brownies
>i want weed cookies
>i want weed tacos
>sir, umm... we dont sell those.
>ok ill get a brownie, some kush, and some cannibinoid strains
>purchase $25 of weed (street cost like $150)
>go to hotel
>eat half a brownie
>relaxing playing some games
>30 min later weed kicks in
>get munchies eat other half of the brownie
>muh tolerance bro
>30 min later weeded weed weeds kicks in
>finish game
>crawl into bed
>sleep 17 hours
>skip work the next day .. "oh i dont feel good or something"
>wake up and smoke
>wtf happened the last 17 hours
>mfw im the first guy ever to OD on marijuanas
oh and go for the cannibinoid strains... its like the first time u smoked. peaceful as fuck.
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Thread images: 2

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