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Looking for a friend? Need Direction?

Welcome to Casablanca!

Clarity on the main stage with the chosen ones.

Tap on your head and have a good hard think about how much you want to figure out all about the world.

We're running in circles here, any questions, just ask!
It's too bad nobody wants to give the hard work necessary to learn the secrets of the universe.

If you knew what a BIG deal this is, you'd go onto lick my feet, but that's not part of the terms and conditions.

Learn your self worth!
Anyone who responds now get's our prime customer quality care.

We answer every question.

Join us!

We're expanding into new regions.
Am I on the right track?
Close your eyes, imagine yourself on the track.

The gun is shot, you start running, the point is to win.

We just decide what tracks to compete in.

The thing is, they're all tracks.

And you never stop to enjoy the trophy room.

So just enjoy the running.
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If you think you are! It's not about the track, though.
What is [Truth]?
How do I jump if time is flat. The blood won't wash out , will it?
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It's exactly how deep this conversation goes.

Keep changing the metaphors, you're question will answer the various different pre-truths which are all misconceptions but part of the road to reaching [Truth].

There was never any blood. Also, things make more sense backwards. If sense existed.
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There is so much blood. It's flowing inside of me too. I can FEEL it, if that makes any sense?
What happens to the human that dies?
But. It's not blood. It's not anything. Think about it. Your feeling is just a feeling.
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The blood IS you. And you are it. It goes farther than that, so just say thank you!
He unlearns the secrets of the universe, and instead experiences it.
Is physical immortality futile?

If the world is merely a breeding ground, what could be done for my time's worth?
How would I know that I have reached [Truth] then?
Physical immortality can be done by living alone and planting subliminal mantras in your head. Also, by moving your brain around, but near nobody gets that luxury. You'll think you've lived thousands of years.

You can do whatever you want, there is nothing to do except play your part. Your part already has a script, though, but you as a character don't know it yet, since the script is based on what you're bound to choose based on who you are as a person. Don't worry, though, just enjoy the attention.

I hope you get what I mean.

These explanations are layers deep.
Meditation it is then.

What are dreams to the person involved?
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When your entire world falls apart. By then, you'll be appropriately ready for it. When you realize what the falling really stands for.

Again, think about it.
The same thing waking moments are to dreamers.
Any other resources other than the New Testament or other religious texts for the secrets of the universe?
Is traveling through time possible?

Are the current space ventures going to be successful enough that humans get to inhabit other planets?
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It's possible but it doesn't change the future. Nothing you do changes the future, but make sure you do it.

Only Mars.

Are you being serious with this one?!

Most people would freak out whenever anything gets associated with the devil
What type of truths do you want?
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H. P. Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine
What's going on in this thread?
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 12

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