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Had a Weird Experience: Want Your Advice

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So today at the book store there was this creepy little White girl and the whole experience seemed really odd. I'd like any of you guys' thoughts on this because I like to go to this bookstore and might run into these people again. So here's what happened:

>At bookstore just looking around. In the history section, cuz I like that stuff.
>Brunette gramma with two grandkids comes in. Boy is younger, about 7, and is bouncing off the walls. He wants to know where the dinosaur books are.
>The girl is about 10 or 11. She's very calm and has a face with tired eyes that look cool, collected, unexcited, kind of serious for a little kid.
> Gramma is talking with the cashier, asking about books. She looks embarrassed and exasperated when the cashier asks her what type of books the little girl is into.
>Little girl has walked up next to me, in the serious 'adult level' history section of the bookstore.
>Little girl looks at me square in the eyes, gives a brief nod to acknowledge me, then starts looking for something.
>Gramma tells cashier, 'she just is into anything about Hitler and the Nazis.'
>Gramma runs after little boy and asks me to watch creepy girl. Ok... why not.
>I'm confused. Little girls normally ain't into that. Look down at deadly serious little girl. She is still looking around. I say to her, 'so uh do you have a favorite front? Eastern front or Western? The books over there are about the Eastern front' and I point out the books to her. They're all very serious adult reading.
>Little girl lights up and smiles sheepishly at me, 'thank you, I uh...' she looks down, 'am really interested in the Nazis and the Holocaust.' She looks at me smiling, 'You would not happen to know where I would find books about the Holocaust?'
>She's strangely eloquent. I'm like, 'yes, right here.' I point them out to her.
>She picks one up and thumbs through it stoically. 10 year old girl is looking at pictures of thousands of dead bodies, completely calm. She starts smiling.
garbage rp

Just let me tell you what happened.

>So little girl is looking at the books smiling.
>She thumbs through this huge book and stops at a series of pictures of Hitler and other top Nazis. She points to one guy..
>She looks at me, 'who is this, I want to know who this is.'
>I'm like, 'that's Mueller. He was the Gestapo guy. He was a very bad man. He rounded people up and killed them.'
>Little girl starts snickering. Not shitting you. She thought that was funny.
>She looks at a guy, it's Eicke (the Einszatsgruppen guy). She stops, 'they killed the Jews and threw them into the trenches.'
>I'm just going to ignore that comment.
>Little girl looks at Hitler. She's beaming. She looks at me, 'what happened?'
>I'm like ????? then I realize what she means, 'he lost.'
>Creepy little girl, 'why?'
>Me, 'he had too many enemies.'
>Little girl, 'no, how did he lose. Where did he lose. When did things go bad?'
>Me, 'the whole thing was bad.'
>Little girl, 'ahh, I see. I have to go now. You have a very nice day.'
>I'm like, "WTF"????
>Girl wanders off to leave with her gramma and buys some big ass Nazi book. Her eyes are rapturous as she looks at it while walking through the mall.

So what's going on? Is she like some future Ted Bundy? What are /x/'s thoughts on this?
Maybe she will lead us to true glory. Maybe she is the leader of the 4th.

Seriously though, the whole thing gave off a weird vibe. Not just because of the Jew thing. I know the Jews are a problem. Hell, if I was alone and knew I could have gotten away with it, I would have told her that the Jews pissed off the Germans by ruining the Weimar era. I actually even made a little comment when she was asking about Hitler that told her that Hitler was mad because of the Treaty of Versailles being unfair. She just nodded calmly.

What made it weird is that she was so mature and calm. Her eyes just had this tiredness to them that was strange.
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Aw shit, /pol/ summoned another demon.
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It wasn't this girl, OP?
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>kid takes interest in history
>anon can't handle his shit at a kid wanting to be smart
>gotta run to /x/
>muh spoopy paranormal
Get the fuck out of here...
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haha, no. She was like 10 or 11. Like the size of this one.

On a different note, the one in your pic looks crazy on a level that I wouldn't even want to think about.

I was interested in history. That isn't what made it weird. What made the whole thing strange was her demeanor. It just seemed different. Not necessarily bad, but different.


You ever look in someone's eyes and it just seems like something different is going on? It's hard to describe but she just gave off a vibe that was hard to describe. I'm not one to frequent /x/. I don't believe in all the ridiculous stories told here. I just felt like there was something going on with that little girl.

To put it another way, I have never seen the sort of 'tiredness' in her eyes in a child. Even when she was snickering, she seemed to have a touch of sadness in her eyes.
Child abuse anon
True, if she was with her grandma and the grandma looked particularly stressed taking care of them it was probably because the grandma had to adopt them from their shitty parents.
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Thread images: 5

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