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OK I just had an experience that makes me want to start a weird

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OK I just had an experience that makes me want to start a weird nightmare thread

Just about 5 minutes ago I woke up hearing my mother calling me which is weird because I've been living alone for 3 years now. It was already noon and super sunny outside. So I got up and look where the voice is coming from. Just as I reached the door I woke up again this time it was dark in my room and my alarm clock told me it's like 3AM. I needed some water so I headed for the kitchen but as I opened my door I saw my mother standing there right in front of me just standing there smiling at me. Then I woke up for the 3rd and final (I hope so otherwise this is all a terrifying dream) time.

OK I know what you're thinking but I can assure you: I'm mentally healthy and I have no mother issues or something. This nightmare just really freaked me out for some reason. False awakening can be pretty bad even if you dream of your mother. Now it's your turn.
Call your mom and find out what happened OP I do hope it's not serious.
> woke up thinking someone outside window even tho on 3rd floor
> distracted by small red light on pillow
> touch light on pillow
> then light on back of my hand
> nope!
> wide awake as I realize it's a laser and look towards window
> can't see anything out there
> look back at hand and pillow
> no red dot anywhere
> was it a dream?
still don't know

Weird but true, my mum described the same sort of nightmare to me a while back. She lives in Texas, and I've lived in NC for several years. She said she fell asleep on the couch in the living room, and the sound of me calling her from my old bedroom woke her up. She called back into the darkness to find out what I wanted, but obviously there was no response. She started down the hallway before realizing I didn't live there anymore, then she noped the fuck out. She doesn't live in that house anymore either, and we both have recurring nightmares about it.
Ok i got one weird nightmare story :

>Be me
>Fasting period (i do this for christmas)
>Training on lucid dreaming
>start to dream
>Do my reality check
>Watch my hand
>on this hand, something start to draw in blood
>"You are evil"
>Look up
>Full lucidity on, but not a single once of >"scenarisation power" on
>Nightmare starts
>A shitty situation happen, involving my best >friend
>Have to manage the apocalyptic situation
>My best friend die
>Look at my hand to check reality again
>"You are evil" in blood
>Nightmare reboot and restart from the begining
>Say to myself "it's ok i know what happen, i >will manage it !
>Things goes wrong, apocaliptic situation go >worse
>My friend die
>look at my hand
>"You are evil"
>I was stuck in a loop,
>everytimes the nightmare restart i try harder,
>i fail harder, shit goes worse and worse
>Did loop more than ten time

Finally wake up
>mfw it was a dream
>Feeled like spending eternity in hell
This is something resembling a Douen. Strange for it to be out here as they mostly exist in Trinidad or Africa in general. They'll use a family members voice to call to you and get you to come to them, then dismantle and resemble you on ways the body isn't supposed to go back together. Now typically they only call to children after dark but seeing as this spirit is outside of the typical country we can assume it isn't going to follow all of the same rules. They call out to you and smile in your dream when you come because they know that's what they have to do now to get you to come. Again in Africa it's a little different, after dark parents don't call their children's names so that they don't hear it and know what to call, but in your case it seems to be feeding off of something else unlike the typical douen. I would say if the dream happens again look at the feet only, they will most likely be backwards. I'll also say if it's past dark and you hear your mother calling you, don't be stupid. Don't follow the voice. Now assuming you can get rid of it like a normal douen, hang dead flowers by your bed and by your bedroom door. They are fond of fresh gardens so that will help to disinterest it. They are the spirits of children typically, so they're extra clingy. You're gonna want a priest to come bless the house before you take the flowers down but after that you should be good.
I'm replying to yours alone too because it's much more like your typical douen. That was step one, learning her child's name, step two it calls to you, then it kills you, then it feels she'll take it as her child because you're gone. Never go to her voice if you aren't expecting her to be there. Always make sure it's her. You can save yourself, just follow my previous advice on how to get rid of it
does this critter have anything to do with wells or flooding by any chance?
It's a sniper from the FBI run nigga run
They're spirits of childeren that have died without being baptized. If you want to consider the well or flood symbolic of the desire to be baptized then sure. Could also be how the child died, if it was water related obviously. Why?
reoccurring dream for years. had maybe 20 times. started when i was a kid...

im trembling on the top of a white book shelf in left rear corner of maybe a 15'x15' room. no lights on, just the red dancing glow of the fireplace as it illuminates the all white room. the fire place is to my left in the center of the adjacent wall. old white marble style, with flowing grooves the swirl at the ends and in the middle where the two sides meet. to the right of me is a white chair. modern contemporary style. nothing else in the room, no door... look down to see what it is im trembling about, and has me hiding on the top of a book case. a small white kitten, with red glowing eyes that pierce my soul and long white fangs snarling at me. the next thing i know... im pulling open the left side of the fire place, as if it where a door. an immense red blinding light then i wake up. normally in a pool of sweat like i just came out of a sauna. pretty sure the white can is the representation of God as he cast me from the "white" room "heaven" to the depths of Hell.
The well flooded that house shortly after my mum had that experience, that's why she moved out.
Now remember, yes heaven is represented by white but it's also represented by gold. You were in an all white room. I'm gonna make the assumption you feel lost in this room, like you don't know how to get your bearings? That's not heaven or hell, that's purgatory. That feeling of fear is because you're trapped where a soul doesn't want to be. The cat would be representing the spirit coming to take you wherever you need to go and from the t sounds of it, it's not upstairs. There's a good chance this just means your soul doesn't feel like it's in good standing right now. Like you have done good and you haven't done bad, but you're soul seems to think you're leaning towards bad. Take initiative, volunteer, meditate, be one with God and I'm sure the dreams will end differently
Probably the spirit trying to make a reason for you to have to come there. This is a tricky one, be careful and remember, dead flowers upside down and get a priest as soon as you can
I've noticed high amounts of stress tend to cause me to have false awakening dreams a fair bit. Worst one was about a half dozen false awakenings before finally waking up. Fucking groundhog day bullshit.
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