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Most paranormal/ Unexplained event in your life

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Hello there /x/philes lately I've been thinking more and more about something that happened to me when I was a child and was wondering if anyone else has experienced any kind of similar event and if not, what is the weirdest most perplexing event that has occurred in your life.

>be me
>be about six
>parents stressed and arguing and dad asks me to go outside and play
>run into nearby woods and start playing army
>hear voice in sky tell me that, "Brent is dead."
>run home scared shitless to tell mom.
> old man next door passed away and is being taken away
> Turns out his name was brent

To this day I have no explanation for this event and it still bothers me
>if you didn't run, you would've receive special power like a death god.
why is that pic from OKC
>mfw phobetor
Y'ever think maybe you faintly heard one of the EMTs or whoever talking from next door?
>On a hike with friends
>We are at this open spot, nice view, decide to lunch
>Lady in the distance with a German Shepherd
>Lady is playing fetch with the dog for a while
>The dog runs off, the lady starts calling it
>Funny, the dog has the same name as me
>Except my friends all also heard their own name
>Lady and dog walk off in the distance
The only paranormal experience I've ever had is something I don't remember personally & it's nothing really special.
When I was 2 years old (or around that age) when I was barely able to talk, I pointed into an empty corner of my Mom's bedroom and said there's a man there standing there while staring in the corner with a straight face, according to my Mom. She said it was the first time she's ever heard me say "man" and that she was freaked by it.
I was wondering the same thing...
What the actual fuck
>basement door opened by itself and a disembodied voice said "hi" to me while home alone
>heard deeply unsettling non-animal vocalizations near a wooded area
>had a waking obe but thought I was dying
>they all have the same name


Sounds like someone ate at Denny's
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odd you should that, 'cause afterwards there was no-one in the bathroom but I managed to salvage this from the bowl.
>be oldfag
>be 18 once
>be Y camp counselor, get assigned group of snotty six year olds.
>make special friends with quiet girl, who hardly speaks, never causes trouble, seems a loner.
>whole camp takes kids to Fort Mifflin in DE (civil war fort).
>never been there before, know nothing about it
>sit with girl on bus, she's acting normal, she asks where we're going, I tell her, she has no idea what I'm talking about.
>tour guides take kids in small groups to various parts of the fort
>our group's turn to tour the casemates--cool old bunkers beneath the fort.
>we head down the sorta claustrophobic stairs
>girl squeezing my hand, little nails in my palm
>get to Casemate 11, always quiet girls goes NUCLEAR, seizure-like fit, screaming "THERE'S A DEAD MAN HERE. THERE'S A DEAD MAN HERE. HE'S LOOKING AT ME!"
>leave rest of my group with my assistant, take girl topside.
>she eventually calms down.
>won't answer any questions about it, asks to go sit on bus, never speaks about it again.
>much later learn a Union Army deserter was kept in solitary down there for a while before he was hung onsite.
>years later 2spooky TV shows start visiting that specific casemate for their ghost hunts.
>mfw ghosts are real
Are dreams paranormal/creepy? What if it's a dream I had about 50 times in a row as a child, and it was almost like my own personal 'Groundhog Day'? I can share more if it qualifies.
> be with friends paintballing at northville insane asylum
> here talking an footsteps
> dip an continue paintballing outside
> cops pull up so i go off into the woods
> other friends do to one just runs as fast as he can amd out runs them
> im alone in the woods laying om the ground and hear a deafing mind numbing scream that made me feel sick to my stomach than dead silence
> run as fast as i can get tp road in front of asylum
> find friends immiediately the two others in a near part of the woods heard the same scream
> find out a month later that same night a girl waz being raped and was killed in the abandoned asylum
Yea go ahead
Can you link any articles anon? Thanks for sharing, interesting story
>be me
>about 14 maybe 15 yrs old
>have a really vivid dream of a red telephone ringing
>when i wake up a recall people speaking french as well in the dream
>months later
>go to the cinema to see a movie
>one of the trailers is for a french movie with the same red telephone ringing
>still can't find the trailer because i can't remember the name of the film
>"To be perfectly patronizing..."
>earlier this year
>be a chronic insomniac
>started going for walks late at night, like 1-2 AM, helps me relax before i go to bed
>I'm a white man in an asian/white neighborhood, I can do that without fear, right?
>do this for months
>walking one night, late june
>spot yellow light in the sky
>zips on by, not fast enough to be a meteor, too fast to be a plane
>fuck me, that was a ufo
>promptly fuck off to home, paranoid about being marked for probing or some shit
>don't go out for two weeks
>fuck it, it was probably just my imagination, I'm over reacting,
>go out again
>see another fucking one
>two beady red lights in the sky, zipping by, exact same way as the last one
>nope home again

It took me awhile, but I do go on latenight walks again. My eyes are almost constantly glued to the sky, but I haven't seen anything since.
better watch ur butt
>live like 10 miles out of town
>not isolated but know the neighbors across the parking lot thing, and everyone else is 3-400 meters away
in no particular order
>one of those mini cans of coors appears in freezer, no idea where it came from
>scratches in ceiling and walls one time, stopped whenever i looked towards the sound, im guessing it was mice
>a couple weird calling sounds i heard outside, ~400 m away
>sleep in a loft
>wake up at ~3:40 one night
>sit up, drink some water from the nightstand
>five stomps down below, either really loud or completely my imagination
>old apartment was scary shit for some reason
>always had nightmares
>constantly wake up in a cold sweat, and gotta piss like a motherfucker
>always really creeped out when there alone
you propably were high
aliens are gonna come get your ass
>finally not a reality glitch/tulpa/succubus thread
>calling people posting here high

oh /x/...
Had some "dreams" when I was younger that seemed to have real-world consequences. Things I remember moving in my dreams would be placed there in the morning.
All of them ended suddenly and violently with rat-like, humanoid thing jumping out or grabbing me.
The most memorable time was when I moved a cup of water I had in my room over into the next room for whatever reason, turned around and saw the rat monster, it grabs me with both hands, lifts me up, and can't remember what happens after that. Next morning, cup was definitely placed in the other room.
Happened within my own room (rat monster bursting in), or rarely, outside of my house.
I never recall "waking up" after the scare, like most bad dreams seem to end. Just blank.
Thinking about it, it seems more like repressed memories than paranormal, but it's probably the most paranormal thing I've experienced.
Encountered talking, blue birds are my grandparents house. Maybe it was just one. They would sit outside the window of one room and talk to me. It happened every time I was there for almost a year. I don't remember much else, but my mom and grandparents have told me I would complain about "that damn bird" every morning.
I'm not an expert on the paranormal or sleeping but it sounds like you may have just been sleepwalking, and the rat monster may have just been in your dream
I don't know if it's paranormal or not, if it's maybe just my extremely creative imagination, but I just don't want to believe it's my imagination.
I cba to greentext, it's a little easier to write normally.

10 years ago(I was 10) me and my parents moved into an apartment in the centre of the capital of our country. Nice place, shops near etc. House isn't old.
But things keep disappearing and then reappearing in random places.
For example, my dad took off his jeans one evening before going to sleep, folded them neatly on the chair. The next morning they were gone. Mum was in the summer cottage, so she couldn't have randomly put them somewhere while cleaning up the apartment. I almost never touch my dad's clothes.
We found the jeans a week later in a shoebox in our winter clothes' wardrobe, folded the same way.
Also, when my dog gave birth to 3 puppies, when they were like 3-4 weeks old, they somehow had wandered to the kitchen and were barking at the bottom of the oven. They couldn't have seen their own reflection, so that wasn't that. (My family is half-russian, so we assumed, it's a domovoi aka house spirit that lives under ovens and sometimes hides stuff).
Second litter of puppies, third pup died(there were 3 pups again). Third litter of puppies, second and third died(again, 3 puppies). Sometimes I can hear whining behind the fridge. As if pups are crying for their mum's attention. IT can't be the fridge, we bought a new one just a year ago.
So yeah, overly imaginative or true, you tell me...
Sleepwalking is nothing paranormal. Neither are night terrors. What I'm seeing here is these two things combined.
I am not a good story teller but here it goes. It happened when i was 16 or so, i think, in a typical suburban and unassuming with me being sat on the living room couch that is facing the balcony door in the flat we used to live in. Long story short, while sitting on the bed i felt some sort of crippling presence unfolding behind the balcony, the likeness of which left me unable to move or utter a word. The only form of protection i had is just relentlessly staring at that particular spot on that particular balcony door and hopping gloomy apparition or whatever it was would at least keep it's presence unannounced from my terrified and seeking stare. Suddenly a band. Like a human hand. On the door. The end.
I haven't had a very interesting life when the paranormal is involved, but i thought this one thing is worth sharing

Not too long ago , maybe 2 months ago or so, I had this character keep popping up in my dreams. Even just typing and thinking about it is giving me chicken skin and shivers, holy fuck.

So I can't exactly remember what it looked like. It wasn't anything deformed or super demonic looking, but it had that expression on its face that it was going to fucking torture me for eternity. I say its because it wasn't human either.

This thing made me felt true horror. Like, without a joke, the kind of feeling you'd get when you know something horrible is going to happen. The dreams themselves were generic and average, but no matter what the theme was, that character always jumped up and fucking horrified me before waking up. The scariest one I still remember vividly, I was walking up some stairs backwards (was talking to someone downstairs, still). I couldn't see what was to the left of me because of limited vision, but it just came up. I think it was a pretty happy-tuned dream and it was just standing there, on the same stairs i was walking up, when i looked slightly to the left and it got into my eyesight. It then started to slowly walk towards me and I wake up with my heart actually beating from adrenaline.

But, all that wasn't even the worst part. The worst part was that I also experienced sleep paralysis two times that week. Both times when I arrived home from college and took a nap because I was exhausted. I napped a little, wake up, and then went back to napping. The second time around I didn't fully fall asleep and was still somewhat concious. It felt like time was passing by and at the same time it wasn't at all. I felt like I was getting choked without anything touching me and there was something pressing really heavily and painfully on my chest.

To this day I still wonder why all of this happened.
>Be 18, trip to vegas for my birthday with three freinds.
>Two of us in each hotel room, joined by corner balcony.
>Get up real late hearing weird noises, like 5am or so, and look out the balcony window.
>Naked guy on balcony, looking off over the city.
>Giggle because I thought it was one of my guy friends drunk/sleepwalking naked, so wake up my other friend to show her.
>He turns and goes back into the other room.
>Find out upon waking the other guys in the room were out at that point.
>Realize a naked stranger was standing on the balcony outside my unlocked hotel room.
>Mom tells me that I have scratches on my glasses.
>I check and it's a set of perfectly shaped circles, about, with another one within, looking like a pokeball but with a line through acting as both diameters. It was about 2mm wide.
>How the fuck is this a perfect circle
>Looking at the other lens causes another set of circle to form again on the other lens
>A letter appears and says "P"
>Other letters appear, such as "Y"
>Marks stay for 1.5 weeks until completely disappearing
>tfw I didn't take photos
When i was around the age of 3 our beagle was pregnant, my mom cared for her and made sure she always had enough water, food, a warm place to sleep ect., but my dad, he was a drunk hillbilly fuck. He beat me and my mom and ofc the dog when it disobeyed. When Lucy (our beagle) began to go in labor it was the middle of the night and my mom tried to help her have her pups, but despite her efforts every puppy came out hideously deformed and made there awful squealing noises, like pigs before the slaughter.. They would squeal then convulse, my dad, being the redness he is packed all of the puppies up in a bag, took them behind the barn then beat it over and over on the ground until the squealing stopped, i got deathly sick a week later, my mom said as she held me in her arms i began to convulse and squeal, and my face contorted, and in that moment my mom said in my face she saw a ghost. I was sick for months but i have no memory of it, just what my mom has told me.
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>staying at a friends house, walking through his dining room to get a glass of water
>something catches my eye
>small mist forming right in my vision
>and then its gone
>mention it to one of my friends, tell him i saw some sort of mist
>"Let me guess, in the dining room, right?"

the fuck did i see, guys. it formed in front of the table where they keep pictures of their family members, most of them deceased.
>>be me
>>be about six
yea he couldnt have heard an emt im sure it was magical war play time fairy
Do you think it could be the ISS that you saw? Sounds like it could be besides the thwo red lights
>13 or so
>parents are having trouble
>sister is taking it hardest probably
>we're talking one night
>it goes in a weird direction for some reason tonight
>she brings up something from when we were younger
>we were playing in the backyard she says
>a bright illuminated sort of figured appears
>she says very earnestly this was the virgin mary
>i might sort of remember this
>not sure if i'm inventing it or something but i kind of believe her or at least that she believes this
>she was really earnest about it

I don't know. I don't know what that's a sign of if it really happened if it was her or what. She's not the type of person to make up shit and she literally has brought it up to only me and only the once.

>we aren't hispanic

if that adds validity.

It probably wasn't that specific person. A lot of people encounter entities and grasp for the most familiar/similar big name. The world is much bigger than that.
>"To be perfectly incoherent..."

None of your buzzwords worked. You know its bad when you aren't even forming whole sentences but sputtering out related words like an apoplectic.
the ayylmaos are coming to put probes in yr pooper
>friend asks if he can help him take care of his grandpa since his parents are on holiday
>say ok, why not
>tells me he didn't want to be alone with him because his grandpas mind has basically gone sour
>the house is a massive Victorian house, those things are huge and cold "britfag here"
>in room with his Grandpa and friend, he starts saying "DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD" friend laughs as he knows his grandpa is nutty
>he points at me "you're dead cellar cellar" smiles with his old man teeth
>friend keeps laughing and i feign a laugh because im a pussy
>friends bright idea "lets go down into the cellar and see the ghosts" i agree because why not, it'll be fun and ill shit myself, that's my idea of fun
>go down stairs, then down another flight of stairs, kitchen downstairs looks like its stuck in the 80s, dusty and shit, his parents obviously dont take care of the place, cept where the grandpa stays (upstairs kitchen bathroom and shit)
>we go in the cellar and i shit you not the door locks, figure its a latch or some shit, i try pushing it, friend laughs more since hes obviously used to the house, leads me down, it's all dusty as fuck, some tools and shit and some CREEPY fucking little door that looks like it's made for midgets or some shit,wall beside the door was obviously knocked down so there's no need for the door, it's just a huge dirty ass sheet covering the room that was supposed to be behind the tiny door
>like typical horror story fashion, lights go off, loud screaming behind the sheet, friend makes a noise like a startledpig, i laugh,thinking it's his friend behind the sheet or some shit,then he grabs hold of my hand HARD
>he's a homophobe so this is weird for him so he must be scared
>screaming goes on for 5mins and we're sitting down near the locked door, i lean backwards on the door, it opens, we both run the fuck out of the house
>never knew if it was a friend of his scaring us, never really mention it again as we more of less stopped seeing each other often

His grandpa is long dead now though and the house is derelict and I have an urge to break in and go into the cellar again. Might do it with MORE than 3 friends and record it, although scary shit never happens when you record.

The memory has only become more vivid now, and this happened 2 years ago, but it was probably just a prank after all.
When I was 20 or something like that
I was doing the dishes, and then feel
that someone hug me from behind
like my GF sometimes does,
but when I turn around theres was no one there
so ghost hug(?)
Sounds more like an attempted ghost rape!
Once when I was little (this was in SW Pennsylvania), I was sitting in the driveway breaking rocks with a hammer (just for something to do). These were larger rocks, about 8-10" wide and flattish (they were part of a large retaining wall), and, I think, slate or something similar. I broke a rock, and a road fell out. It was caked with sediment, so I know it wasn't just a toad that was hopping by. It sat there for a few seconds, then moved, then hopped off. I knew at the time that this was crazy, and I've never told anyone about it. I still know it makes no sense, but that's how I remember it.

Well of course it wasnt a toad, it was a road!

Auto correct and failing to proof :)
>Be three years old
>Baby monitor in the room
>Mum hears me singing
>Asks me why am I singing
>I say it was the lady telling me to
>She said what lady
>I pointed to the monitor
I have more stories, shit is weird for me.
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>be lazy high schooler
>don't wanna do homework, just wanna play videogames
>pray that school is cancelled the next day so I don't have to do my homework
>wasn't religious, but I still prayed for some reason
>one hour later
>hear a lot of sirens
>turn on the news
>a plane crashed into a house a few miles away from me
>50 people died
>school was cancelled the next day
and that's the story of how I killed 50 people because I didn't wanna write some essay
Flight 3407 if you wanna look it up
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>be hiking in Morroco and camping in the desert with friends
>set up tents at night in a deep valley far from any village
>see hundreds of people walking in the distance with torches and lanterns, singing and laughing
>some of them reach us and offer us cakes and tea
>sing and dance all night
>others keep walking in the same direction
>wake up in the morning
>terrible headache, throw up some kind of white goo, feel like there's glue in my eyes
>others feel the same
>look into the distance
>everyone is gone
>see our footprints made yesterday over a dune and leading to our camp site
>not a single footprint visible anywhere else
>no trace anyone ever came

Despite all the weird things the desert can to do you, mass hallucination at night is certainly not part of it.
Sounds like your mates drugged you with ecstasy and raped your mouth
>some of them reach us and offer us cakes and tea

protip: do not accept pre-made food or open drinks from strangers, especially dune coons.
>Biking home from my friends house quickly, stood up pedaling
>Reach 1 street away from my house, about 30 seconds away
>Foot slips of pedal, fall back on bike with arse on top of back wheel
>Slightly painful, so decide to break
>Go flying forward and crush my penis and balls against back of the seat
>Incredibly painful, stagger back to the house
>Before I reach the house, Mum comes out looking for me worried
>Knew i was hurt/in danger
>Never said anything/cried out for help, live in a Cul de sac, accident happened out of view from my house
>Get in house and blackout for about 30min, had a bruised dick for about a week
Slightly related i guess, weird how she came out knowing that i was hurt
good job you dick, way to waste a miracle
>the virgin mary

implying a virgin can give birth
nice one
it's reportd in several species. if anything it's not that significant
I just happened to notice the berenstein bears thing like 20 minutes ago

I'm not an /x/ goer and I'm not usually into this sort of shit but seriously what the actual fuck I think I'm cracking up
welcome...you're in good company, i'm biased though.
yeah, this has been going on a while now...
personally i am in the Berenstein camp.

go timeline alpha bete reticuli!!!
>been trying to have a spiritual experience in my reality
>become very interested in the idea of extra-dimensional beings
>wake up one morning with vague memories of being practically attacked by three black figures in the night
>still cry of fear every time i think of it
>was very high before i went to sleep that night
>weed cant create that sort of thing though

Last year I experience a surge in spirituality and was trying to find the truth of the world so I was reading the bible. While meditating on my intentions and my values, I felt a warm presence swoop down and kiss me on the lips but when I opened my eyes nothing was there.
I'm really spooked man. I'm a total skeptic.

But I owned a stack of those and I must've read each of them a hundred times. I remember without a shred of doubt that it was berenstein. I saw a gag cover a little while ago and after a short kek I noticed the name was different.

So I did a little poking around and yeah apparently this is definitely a thing
>Junior year of college
>I'm living in a house with three of my closest friends for about a year now
>Tons of paranormal shit happened in that house
>I would see shadow people about once or twice a month and I haven't seen any since I moved out a year ago
>One night I woke up because I felt like someone was watching me
>I open my eyes and see my friend Jake standing in my closet staring at me
>I have a phobia of people coming in my room while I'm sleeping so I always lock my door
>I stare at him for about ten minutes without moving
>I bite my tongue to make sure I'm not dreaming
>All of a sudden he vanishes
>I turn on my light and look but there is nothing in my closet
>I don't mention it to him and try to forget about it
>Like two or three weeks later we are talking about dreams
>Jake says a few weeks ago he had a dream that he was standing in my closet watching me sleep
one of your friends probably came on a lamp and the heat vaporized it
holy shit OP that's terrifying
the only weird things that happen to me have to do with my dreams
Sometimes part of my dreams come true in real life not long after having them
Sometimes I'll learn things in my dreams
other than that nothing odd ever happens to me ;_;
No one is gonna read your shit unless you greentext

I imagine an extremely popular media source accidentally put the name down wrong and rather than fact-check, people just went along with it and thought that was the original name until somebody reminded them they'd gotten it wrong.
neighbors called her to congratulate her on her new daughter
Doesn't anybody have their old copies to check? Same goes for the interview with the vampire.
>be 14
>live out in the middle of buttfuck hill country Central California
>meth and mexicans for miles
>not even a gas station in my town, nearest is 20 miles away
>friend and I go hiking down to river bed
>implying flowing water in cali
>have to pass through a few fields and pastures to get down to riverbed
>come up over one hill, good overlook ofsheep pasture
>see old, hunched over man by tree and tractor, wearing blue ballcap
>like I said, big, open, overview of field/pasture, no where for someone to hide
>he sees us, starts yelling about private property
>we run
>as we get a little way across the hill, he makes it up it
>except now he's young, tall, thin and wearing a cowboy hat
>tells us we have to leave, we shouldn't be there, ect.
>we act like we're leaving, he goes back down hill
>we circle back
>old man again, no sign of young guy
>nowhere for him to hide
>we freak out and find another way to riverbed.
ya dun goofed op
Stanislaus County?
File: 45714260.jpg (24KB, 500x273px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No. Near the border of SLO and Kern
>sitting in basement
>low light
>middle of day, light coming from upstairs
>see black shadow blob thing run down the stairs
>probably low light thing???
>cat sees it too so im not crazy
>ran under couch, away from light stream
>weird shadow people thing running around basement i guess
You could have saved her if you werent scared of stupid shit...

Sleep well
I'd be less worried about the ayy lmaos and more worried about hoodlums casing white neighborhoods like yours.

Ghetto rats will come into upper middle class and rich neighborhoods at looking for people to beat up and rob.

>>Riding along with my parents, some sort of road trip, I was to young to remember.
>>look out the window, see a cloud. same colour as all the other clouds.
>>cept this one was perfectly oval...
>>Turn to say something about it to my parents. They ignore me.
>>Look back, and its gone.

>>Down in Pikes Place Market.
>>In some new agey Indian shop.
>>Go walking past the check out counter, where there is some older lady, I assume one of the owners.
>>Stops dead in here tracks, looks at me, and says,
Be careful, or they will get you, too.
>>She turns and powerwalks off.
>>Guy behind the counter "whuts", and hurrys off after her.
I assume the guy was her husband.

Red checkered shirt and black hair? I had this too at age 2
>Be 12
>School camp
>We sleep in separated cottages each for around four people.
>We decide we're going to try to summon ghosts with the poeple from our cottage.
>At night when teachers are asleep (about 11 o'clock), we sit on the floor and plan how will it go.
>There's a big four-lanterns based lamp planted in the dirt in the middle of the camp and only the light from it that escapes through the gaps in the closed window of our cottage is our lightsource, to bring the mood.
>We try to summon some random dead celebs for a while, by forming circle, holding hands together, closing eyes for a while and saying a bunch of 2spooky stuff, which just bring random giggles n' no ghosts.
>After about 20 minutes, someone jokes that we invoke someone's grand-grandparents
>Everyone gets serious, and we actually try and focus.
>A girl from our group whispers the name of her long dead ancestors, we close our eyes...
>While our eyes are closed, there can be heard some vehicle from the distance (only road around the camp is quite long trip away).
>We open our eyes
>We sooth our breathing, the vehicle sound fades away.
>Suddenly a shadow that was cast by the cloesd window morphs into stag antlers.
>There's no way anything from outside could do that to the shadows inside.
>The shadow crooks and moves around on the wall.
>It stops and stars to quickly widen and grow all across the room.
>Everyone screams and gets the hell out.
>No-one else was outside, its quiet again.
>protip: do not accept pre-made food or open drinks from strangers, especially dune coons.
I'd rather accept theirs than accept anything from an American: baklawas don't give cancer, hamburgers do.

Those people are much nicer than anyone in the western world can be.
Not really spooky but still paranormal
>i'm not born yet
>my brother is a baby
>He fell off a high chair
>my parents freak out but their too far
>My brother fall really slowly, like someone is putting him down
>both my parents are swearing on their lifes this happened
I often dream about scenes that happens months to years later.
I don't remember about the dream until the scene happen and if for example i say or do something in this scene in my dream, when the scene happens even if I try really hard I can't stop myself from doing/saying that thing.
It's really strange and most of the time people tell me it's deja vu but I feel like it's stronger than that
Probably a forsworn made an account there.
It was warning you of being a faggot on the chans.

OP, y
There are toads that hibernate for a shitload of time in the ground, it seems far fetched but that could've been the case and the ground around it just solidified somehow. I can't remember where, maybe Africa or Australia but people in the desert dig the frogs up and squeeze the water out of them to stay hydrated.
Don't be thick. It's not that the type of food they had available is important. It's the fact that you haven't seen them prepare it and you are in the middle of nowhere. Could easily have been drugged and robbed/sold into the white slave trade. Moroccans are awesome people but there are malicious intents in any population in the world
My birth and continuous existence
>implying he should feel worse than the police
this actually is weird enough to creep me out a little

Well, at least hamburgers don't cause you to pass out and wake up with a headache and possible semen in your mouth and eyes in the middle of a desert. Unless you enjoy that kind of stuff which seems likely.
>12 years ago.
>midnight, sleep in peace
>had a dream
>lying on an ceramic altar, I can see my body lying because somehow one of my eyes is gouged out and hanged on the ceiling.
>3 men and 3 women in white cloak approach my body
>argue about something
>after that they embalm me
>then they flayed my skin and turn it into a blanket
>one woman took my ceiling eye, and put it into her mouth thus take me into an crematorium.
>the rest of the people, bring my body which is somehow is modified. My upper body has been turned into a soft yet strong metal like substance
>Then they cremate it, but without flame. The metal substance is retained, my real body is squealing and emits weird screaming voice then the metal substance devour it.
>wake up, 03:11 AM
>feels a burning sensation on my spinal cord.
>check it, a weird 4 straight scratch marks on my back.
Is your Autism that strong.

What is with these things and shadow fucking shits?
Shared dreamspace, perhaps?
I saw an ignus faatus once.

>desert dig the frogs up and squeeze the water out of them to stay hydrated.

That's a really shitty thing to do.

I meant basements and shadow things. Of course. They seem to be connected in most encounters (counting they're real sightings and not internet bullshit).
Gotta survive somehow

>being mother natures bitch

Pathetic. Anything on this planet is mine to take

Yeah, I've read about that, but this was a rock, not a clod of mud.

At your age, I was praying for oiled up Brazilian girls.

Wasted it on a free day...
Mind reading, clairvoyance, telepathy, astral projection.
It all happened when i sublimated my sexual energy.

It doesnt happen anymore, since i stopped doing it.

Your baby bro is a D&D monk.
>étre moi
>étre 12 ans
>voit le fantôme de méduse
>oh mon dieu
I have the same thing.
I don't think it was God answering your prayers... Satan maybe? Damn.

You're an evil person.

This is the work of God were talking about.
>implying good ever wins
I chose the smart path
Her ancestors must have been Celtic.
en anglais, s'il vous plait
this happens to me constantly!!
the first time i can remember, there was a woman in that dream who was sitting on a sofa in a nice living room, she turned back toward me and said "you like that cake, jamie?"

and then my first girlfriend was named jamie and we ate coffee cake at her house the first time i met her mother, and her mom was sitting on the same couch saying the same thing to her
People who want to rob you or sell you as a slave don't bring you tea and biscuits.
>Be 12
>Living in the countryside
>Alone in my house with my friend
>It's summer so we decide to go for a walk through the fields behind my house
>We get to a farm that I usually visit
>To get to the farm you have to pass a big creepy rundown two story house with a barn beside it, you have to pass it to get to the farm, I've always kept away from it because I just got bad vibes from it
>The farm has dogs in cages for breading, one was lose and was running around
>We played with it for a bit then we left
>After a while of being back home we hear a dog barking
>The dog had followed us, we got on our bikes and quickly went back up with the dog in my arms
>The dog had been barking all the way up, but stopped and jumped out my arms as we got to the big house
>I got off my bike to pick the dog up, but I notice that my friend was frozen looking at the house
>I turned to see what he was looking at
>There was a black silhouette at each window of the two story building
>We just stare at them frozen until the door of the barn smashes shut
>We say to each other something along the lines of "Let's get the fuck out of here" and cycle as fast as we could back to my house

I haven't been in contact with this friend in a long time, so I haven't been able to confirm with him if this actually happened
I'm gonna doubt my own memory until I can find out if it happened or not
Sometimes telephones can pick up baby monitors. I don't think it usually works 2-ways, so take that as you will
I do this, and I've read about a lot of other people claiming to, as well. I think it is a pretty common thing, really.
>Implying what you win isn't hollow and worthless.
>dismissed by mainstream scientists

Why are scientists our gurus?
>white goo
>'glue' in your eyes
Anon, I do believe that someone came.
Ever since I hit puberty, sometimes I randomly hear someone call my name. It's not often, which leads me to believe it's not a mental disorder. But just randomly, I'll hear someone plain as day harshly whisper my name like they're standing right behind me.
I have the same issue, but it only occurs when I'm waking up in the mornings or about to go to sleep which leads me to believe it has more to do with me rather than the paranormal. Either way it creeps me out, I've responded once or twice out of reflex... idk. More on your situation though?
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> implying people don't use drugs to rape someone
is it like the thing from mulholland drive??
When I was a kid I had a lot of dreams that predicted the future. One in particular was very specific and I remember it to this day as it involved me playing catch in a place that I never played catch with a person who never played catch with me. It ended with me missing a fastball and getting hit on the right eye. I woke up from the dream and my right eye was watering. Several days later the events played out exactly as I dreamed them.
>be me
>to be or not to be me?
>constantly overuses green text
>no offense
Some true paranormal experiences for you guys.

Story One
>Be me like 14 hanging out with my cousin at my grandmas house
>We where like hyper kids who would laugh and destroy everything
>My grandma is a jahovah witness
>We where jumping around on the couch in the computer room acting stupid, and I started throwing some of here watch tower papers because I was Atheist.
>All of a sudden I see this little gremlin looking thing pop out of the book scream and disappear. While all the pages looked like they where blowing like a gust of wind just happened.
>My cousin is still laughing like shes doesn't even notice, while I'm just staring at her like wtf with a blank face. Asking her did you see that?
>She said she did, but I'm not sure if she did.

Story Two
>My mom and I go to visit my grandma.
>My grandma and her boyfriend own a bunch of land and rent trailers and built a cabin out there.
>The place is like in a huge canyon, with a bunch of pine trees and a small lake.
>The town has had a bunch of violent revolts of indians and cowboys.
>So my step grandpa ask if we want to go to the end of the forest
>We are like ya, and he says that there is a rock formation that looks like it could be a cave or has gold in it.
>So we get there and walking around, and my mom is terrified of snakes. I find this little baby one that is half dead and pick it up with a stick and shes freaking out.
>Its starting to become sunset, while we walk around my mom says these stones look like a grave site and I agree.
>My grandma and her boyfriend start walking back to the van, while we are behind.
>I have this urge to look to my right, and I see this white entity floating above the ground threw the forest.
>It wasn't going up and down, like it was walking. It wasn't solid like it was a blanket.
It just floated a good 5 mins and then disappeared like it went into the tree.
>I go into the van, not saying shit, thinking I see shit in my peripheral all the time and am a major skeptic. CONT...
Story Two :CONT:
>So I'm like mom...
>Shes like yes anon, whats wrong.
>I'm like I think I saw something.
>Ok, tell me what you saw.
>She looks freaked out too
>In my head I'm like there is no way she saw it too.
>I tell her that I saw something white, and it had to be a ghost
>We freak the fuck out, and get all teary eyed.
>Later that night it starts raining.
>We are sitting on the porch and we see this glow come from where we just where go up in down.
>My grandma says shes never seen that before
>Could have just been the lamps from the lake.
>The cabin has no blinds, so I'm left on the couch while my mom sleeps with her boyfriend.
>I'm like fuck that start crying, and tell my mom to sleep with me on the couch.
>I want to go back, because that is definitely a haunted place, and somewhere I can see the milky way clearly. But spooky as fuck.

>My grandma also said how she was calling for her boy friend one day, because she thought someone was there but was just some dude in cowboy clothing that looked like was digging outside who disappeared.
>Also she saw this guy sitting in the restaurant with one of the owners, and when she spoke with the owner about the guy, the owner was like what guy?
>Another time when we spent the night there we saw these satellites that would change position and speed. Then that night it looked like someone was taking pictures from outside the trailer, like flashes of light.
>My explanation is that I'm so desensitized from space and darkness that my mind couldn't comprehend it and has to get used to it.
>what a ßitch
>jokes aside
>sees roach on tabletop
>thinks its beer
>grabs and swallows it
>only to realize hes _ _ _ _ -ed
Story Three
>Way the fuck out in New Mexico there is this abandoned house in the middle of nowhere that is notoriously haunted.
>Satanic symbols gratified inside the walls.
>The front door is closed
>We all walk around the back, which has no back door, and the front door is wide open.
>My moms ex even goes in the house and there is no one in there.
>I go to the front door and see that lock had to be pushed up to be opened like a hook. There is no way wind just opened it.
>This is in the middle of the desert and the one time we come the door opened wtf.
Hey are you a MI fag anon?
your french is really bad
google translate would be more accurate than that
>be 6
lol what a f4g
No....just inexperienced pilots who forgot to turn off the autopilot during a descent through major icing conditions in an aircraft without an autothrottle...

My good friend who lived around the corner was the first responder on the scene. No devil play. A plane crash.

If anything, he summoned shitty weather. Nothing new here in western new york
This was 8 years ago

>be 19, had my first job on a shitty place for old people
>newfaggot to everything, socially retarded so im scared of going out at night to work
>especially because where i live people get mugged by a few niggers all the time (this is mexico so everyone is brown while these guys are pitch black lel, and these are the same niggers every time) and the first time i got mugged several guys jumped me and beat me to shit after they found out i had no money or a phone, so i was nervous
>one night while i was in the bus that takes me real close to my job i saw 2 niggas chatting with each other about random shit, they were obviously going to mug all of us because i could see a big ass knife in one of their pockets
>i don't know if she was there before because i don't look at people and i was still scared, but one girl grabs me by the arm and tells me to get off the bus with her
>like i said i was the beta-est faggot ever so i do what she says and we get off at the next stop
>she tells me those guys looked sketchy and that we should just walk together or pay for a taxi
>we call a cab and stop to my job first then she leaves without accepting my money

>the next day i spot her in the same bus and walks towards me, tries to start a conversation but since i dont know shit about anything its mainly her talking while i listen and nod
>she's 21 years old, sorta chubby, black hair and pale skin with green eyes which is rare as fuck here because spics
>this routine went on for 7 fucking years, whenever i asked what her job was she changed the conversation/dodged the question
>never met her family either or anyone that knew her, we used to hang out every weekend only to crash at her place, she had no family photos or anything, her phone had nothing except my number
>whenever i needed her for something she was ALWAYS available, with her at my side nothing bad happened to me, to be honest people seemed to avoid me whenever she was with me

2long sorry, cont
>7 fucking years, the same shit every time
>we met on the bus at night, we get off the bust at my stop, walk a little and part ways
>always saw her walking to the left but i didnt give enough of a fuck to find out where she worked and i thought she was just ashamed of her job
>maybe a prostitute? nope because she was always free on weekends and whenever i needed something mid-week
>however she always refused when i wanted her to meet my family or friends, it got so bad that my family thought i was just making shit up
>after 7~ years of the same shit i got an offer for a much better job with amazing pay, when i told her she said that this was maybe the last time we would see each other
>i tell her we still have phones and computers to talk
>doesnt reply, we hang out the entire weekend for the last time and when im leaving she just wishes me luck

I never saw her again after that, it's been a year since i last saw her

A week after i was in my new job i tried to call her, her phone was always busy

When i visited her apartment (a month later) it was for rent

I checked where she always went to her job, the only places where she could have gotten employed were: either an hospital or a mc donalds, the rest were houses and 2 small stores

I don't even know who the fuck she was or if she was even human, but its thanks to her that i endured that shitty job without getting robbed and stopped being awkward as fuck, still spooped because its like someone just sent me some kind of angel that dissapeared after i no longer needed it or something

PS: thank you rebecca
before the end bit i was going to say that it was because youre still half asleep and your mind is just playingn tricks on you. ive had what looked like a little girl next to my bed but turned into my chair after 5 seconds and a mate of mine put a pillow case on his head and walk backwards into my closet. was weird but I figured it had to just be my mind fucking with me.
step up your roleplay m8
> be me
> 6 or 7 yrs old
> just moved in a new house near a lake
> mom drinks frequently
> i hear her telling her friends about strange things happening in the house
> i dont really care because i think its because of alcohol or overreacting shit
> weeks later
> diner, mom and dad wants me to eat
> i get angry because im not hungry
> i run upstairs
> clothes drying on a rack on the door of my room
> that shit always falls off if you go next but now it didn't
> turn tv on
> a minute later i hear someone came through the door
> hear footsteps
> dont care because im sure its mom or dad
> cannot see anyone though
> i hear it getting closer
> it gets near the door
> clothes and rack falling off
> i run downstairs crying

strangest shit in my life.
When the adrenaline starts pumping it is common to experience "slow motion"
Your brother was probably unharmed by the fact that small children tend to be pretty resilient.
that's similar to my first Deja Vu.

I had a vivid dream in second grade about a blonde girl in my bedroom talking on a blue phone. The dream stuck with me because of the way she turned around and looked at me when I entered the room.

Anyways, later that year there's some scam to get kids to sell shit and I win a blue phone for doing whatever, didn't think anything of it.

Sometime later my parents have family friends come over with their kids, ones a blonde girl and what happens next is obvious.

That feeling when I walked into my room and seeing what I had seen before in my dream happening right before my eyes dumbfounded me on so many levels. I remember being completely speechless and I tried to tell my mom, but of course it sounded like nonsense.

I'm aware how coincidental that is, but I'll never forget that feeling. Deja Vu has continued throughout my life, and I'd like to find out more about it.

Phone was like pic but clear/blue
Dying of dehydration is a shitty thing to do too.
File: 1418926110429.gif (818KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me
>About 8 years old
>I go up to my dad's room where computer is
>I get to the top of the staircase and notice he's asleep
>It's pretty dark and silent other than a small fan on a low setting
>Right as I was deciding whether or not to go on the computer I hear a really long whispery voice
>It came from the closet that is nowhere near him, and he was completely asleep.
>I nope the fuck out
It honestly couldn't have been him though, it wasn't his voice and he would've repeated himself if it was him.
Still gives me chills.
underrated post
id stop praying forever after that one
I had the same shit op, but mine was worse.

>be 17 year old me
>dont want to go to school cuz lol lazy half flip.
>pray that school is canceled, cuz wyy not. And hope it lasts a werk.
>suddenly, super typhoon haiyan hits.
>most powerful storm ever.
>completely levels an entire city to ashes, think hiroshima only without radiation.
>classes in manila are suspended for a week due to that disaster, miles away.

This negative wish fulfillment always happens.

Just left your Dad to the closet demons, huh?

You are a disappointing son.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Seems like inane psycho-babble to me.
Ever think someone that knew Brent ran out of the house and screamed "Brent is dead!!"

>be 21
> laying in bed at 3am
> home alone and dead quiet
> need to pee
> hear a woman humming outside my room door
> no it wasnt the windows shaking or the walls creaking cunce, it was the fucking audible sound of someone humming RIGHT the fuck outside my door
> shit bricks and fall asleep, wake up and take a 3 minute piss the next morning
> still gives me goosebumps
That's funny that you post that picture as well, my dad is actually a Satanist.
underrated post
File: assass.gif (2MB, 500x347px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 500x347px

He probably had a hooker / fuckboy around, and had to hide them in the closet and pretend to be asleep when he heard you coming up the stairs.

The hooker got freaked out that a kid was getting involved and involuntarily gasped out what you heard...
There was a kid who was a pretty mean jackass to me in middle school.
I wished that he would just fucking die.
Next day found out he killed himself with his dad's gun.
All his shithead friends were sad and I was just fucking dandy.
I live in SLO. The city
I have a pretty freaky one that haunts me till this day.
>Be 16 (currently 21)
>Take shower
>Hear faint woman cry
>Sounds far but I'm in shower
>Ask mom and sister if they heard it or if it was them
>both looked at me confused and said no
>About to sleep
>Hear faint crying again
>Look out window
>Pitch black can't see a thing
>Hear cries and now added chains
>Suddenly pass out
>Wake up literally only a minute passed by
>Feel numb and hear crying really close to me
>I turn and nothing is there nor is there crying anymore

No fucking idea what it was but damn it was spooky
I have one like that
>be at my friends house
>been best bros with this guy for years so I spent a lot of time in his house
>house is haunted up the ass
>His foster dad practices santeria
>middle of the night
>go to his kitchen to get food
>his gf lives with him btw and she is a psychic. I was skeptical at first but I've seen her do some shit
>So I'm walking back to his room after getting food in the dark.
>Then I notice something
>There's a room that his foster mom always paints in
>Always had weird vibes about the room
>I at first didn't know what I was staring at until it became clear
>It was a face that looked like a Japanese mask.
>it was in the darkness looking at me moving it's head
> I wasn't scared cause I have become use to the shit I see in his house
>I go to my friends room and ask his gf
> hey, have you ever seen anything weird in that room?
> she replies "Yeah, there's an entity with a Japanese mask there"

The face looked like the picture I posted but it wasn't chubby like the pic and it didn't have fat lips but the slit eyes were there. I have more stories of that house if you guys are interested. One of them involved a demon.

>tfw nothing paranormal or spooky or freaky has ever happened to you


>Life has many doors, Ed boys.
>be like six years old
>going to sleep
>suddenly the cold awaken me
>i am in the floor inmobilized
>i cant ever scream
>i can see weird red symbols in the walls
>I cant close my eyes
>the symbols starts dancing
>All night like that
>still there until morning when my mom find me criying like a bitch
Nothing too scary but sometimes I would have dreams of verious things happening or me at a unfamiliar place. Sometimes they would be reoccurring and they always seem to come true eventually. Most prominent one was I had a dream of finding an old action figure I had lost when I was a child at my mom's NA meetings. It was in an unfamiliar house at the time. After living with my dad for 3 years I moved in my mom and now step dad and my room was the place from my dream. And I found the action figure in the room, just not where I had in the dream. My mom's mom has plenty of stories from when she was in her 20s-40s when she had a gift. She would go to bars a lot and would just know things about a person she had never met. For example she would know if someone's mother had died or if a relative of their's died.

Tl;dr: Have had dreams since I was a kid, that would in someway come true. Grandma used to have a gift also, would know things about people.
I'm interested in your stories
I want to haunt your bum bum.
More stories please. and stories of the gf psychic abilities.
The fuck
>when I was young I had a bedroom that had a window which faced the backyard
>most nights the backyard seemed to be wrapped in this light, like a soft spot light shining across it
>on nights I couldn't sleep I'd like to cover my self up in a blanket to try and hide my self, and stare outside
>there was a tree in the backyard I liked looking at it. During cool summer nights with a strong breeze the branches and leaves seemed to dance across
>but mostly, I liked watching and staying hidden because I always expected to see something I wasn't supposed to
>I thought if they didn't know I was there, they would finally reveal them selves
>the window was also low enough to the ground that I could slip out if I wanted to, but I never did, I just liked watching
>on one particular night the wind is particularly strong, and I remember how magical the leaves sounded as they were pushed back and forth
>my eye lids were growing really heavy, and I was just on the verge of falling asleep when I noticed something that immediately woke me up
>it looked like a kid was in the backyard, and he seemed to be running and jumping around, like he was playing
>despite the light that covered the backyard, I couldn't make out any details, like it was a shadow
>after watching it with excitement for a while I saw it run towards the tree, climb up, and sit on a branch
>suddenly my Dad bursts into my bedroom, swinging the door open with a loud bang
>I turned to face him uncovering my self from the blankets, and he had a look of shock on his face
>apparently he couldn't sleep either, was looking outside, and thought it was me.
>never saw the shadow thing again, but watched every night until we moved away
that is one impressive ass

Well my friends gf has tripped me the fuck out a lot of times. Like I once had a flash back of myself dying and 2 kids were watching me die. I took a good look at how the kids looked like. Then one day I'm hanging with her and she tells me "You have a lot of entities protecting you and following you anon" and I asked her, "like what?" then she said 'there are these 2 little kids that follow you around, they are from your past life" and she describes them exactly like how I saw them in a flash back.

and as for more stories of the spooks.

>Go into my friends house
>Walk into his room to find him practicing his guitar
> he then tells me "oh there's a demon in the room"
> not sure if he was trolling
> he the says "so if you hear it just ignore it"
> then when we were talking I hear a demonic voice talk in a language I don't understand
> then my friend said "You see? there it goes again"
> we just ignored it and continued our convo while hearing it talk in the room
> then when his foster mom got home he told her and she cleansed the house.

I also had a memory of living in an icy world that was always night and the sky was covered in stars of different colors and sizes. Then one day I asked my friend's gf "Hey, have you ever looked at any other of my past lives?" and she replied "there was one I saw that you lived in an icy planet with beautiful stars everywhere and you were the son of an important person" Note: I have never told her about this memory

this is a story I forgot about

> I live in Miami so there aren't many woods to actually camp in that aren't filled with mud
>Camp at some woods with my friends that don't have much life in them
>probably a raccoon or a bird will be spotted seldom
>I've heard stories of occultists that usually hang in those woods.
> Idk if what they did cause the woods to be this haunted
>every now and then you would hear strange noises
> but what really got me and my 2 other friends was a little girls voice that we kept hearing in our camp.
>we were in a tent so we couldn't really see what was going on outside
> every time I would go outside to check the girls voice would stop
>It eventually left (what ever it was) and my friends wanted to gtfo
cool story.

here's another one. This story came from my friend who was alone in my Best friends house.
according to him:

>be in room on computer
>waiting for friends to come back
>alone in friends house
>start to hear a conversation coming from the kitchen
>"damn, they're back already?"
>leave room to go talk to them
(ok so when you're walking to the kitchen you first have to turn a corner to see the kitchen)
>turns the corner
>no one there and voices stopped talking
>runs back to friends room and locks the door
> begins to hear the voices again but next to the room door
>Nope not today! (raises music volume on computer)
>eventually voices stop
>1 hour later he's already calm and gets hungry cause he's fat
>decides to be brave and opens door
>looks down hallway
>sees man in straight jacket in feeble position rocking back and forth
>decides to make a run for it
>calls us and asks when are we getting home?
>Tells us story
>he leaves cause fuck that shit
>we go inside and hear typing coming from friends room
> go to his room and typing stops
> Suddenly we hear a loud bang from living room
> painting has flown off the wall
> then paintings keep start flying off the walls from different parts of the house

The end

sorry for shitty grammar I'm tired as fuck
bro if that 69 was a 99
you would have pentas
Huh, didn't think this thread would still be active. But yeah, I've had a few experiences. My mom, despite being a lesbian, has remained a devout Christian all her life and raised me in the church. My grandma was a Sunday school teacher, as is my mother, and both had a really strong belief in the afterlife and claimed to have a connection to it. I've witnessed some weird shit myself I can't explain.

>I sporadically hear my name being called by someone who sounds a lot like my grandmother. It's random, and I can't explain it, but it sounds like she's whispering behind me.

>I sometimes see little flecks of light in the corner of my eyes. When I turn to look at them, they're not there. I've had my eyes checked multiple times. Aside from a slight astigmatism that I sometimes wear reading glasses for, everything is normal.

>I have felt someone put a hand on my shoulder before and turned around to see no one

>the cross I wear around my neck every day used to be my grandmas. Sometimes it will randomly change temperature.

That's about it though.
Pretty sure my house is haunted
First story
>Be me, 10
>About to go fishing with my dad and sister
>Sister is taking a shower upstairs while me and dad are getting the rods ready I'm the garage
>Garage is open and there's two cars in the driveway with about a yard of space in between
>See some kid walk between the cars, think nothing of it
>Mother fucker doesn't show up on the other side of the car
>Me and my dad both are confused and look for him and don't find anyone.
>Sister comes down and says "Who was running up and down the stairs?"
Story two
>A few months after that
>my cousins are over
>no one's told them about that story
>little cousin goes to kitchen to throw something away
>comes back terrified as fuck
>"there was a little boy in the kitchen standing there"
>about three years later
>be practicing in my garage with my band, there's three of us
>I was on drums facing the other two
>guitarist was sitting down talking to me
>bassist suddenly freaks out and says "who the fuck just grabbed my shoulder?"
>Maybe three or four months after that?
>Get a vaccine at around 9 in the morning that day
>Eat McDonald's at around 12,throw them up immediately after in my house
>go to lay downstairs in my living room
>face the couch
>Hear someone walk in the room and hear them sit down
>breathing, but didn't say anything
>can't turn around and face them
>after about 10 minutes I hear them leave and I finally turn around and no one said they came in
>summer night a few months ago
>leave house to smoke weed and watch movies with good friend
>sitting outside on her balcony porch smoking, picking out a Netflix movie on her laptop
>choose spoopy movie
>weird ass Asian movie about eating fetuses in dumplings
>Chose that one but before we chose it we were watching spoopyday trailers on YouTube
>during creepy trailers it starts to get really cold for some reason, remember it was a warm-ish summer night in the desert
>go in to her kitchen to finish movie
>once movie is almost over, hear knocking on windows behind us
>3 knocks
>hear knocks again
>it's pretty far past midnight
>it is pitch black outside
>when I told my mom about it she said she heard a foot stomp in the kitchen right after I left to hang with that friend on that night

On another note back in high school, I think she played wedgie board and possibly those "leave ur door open for spirits and put salt somewhere and draw circles and shit" spoopy copy pasta summoning things that make you think something is in your house
what is your friends name
Will not tell.
what if he's on this board
>be 6-8
>cant sleep
>fully awake
>go to take a piss
>open door to hallway
>see a man in a yellow tuxedo with an eyepatch
>freeze out of fear
>asshole feels like the arctic circle
>scared as shit
>point at him and ask how he got int othe building
>he says something i couldnt understand
>close eyes,start yelling
>family runs into hallway
>yellow nigga is gone
>make special friends
props on not getting v& you pedophile fuck
Can we invite a physicist and a neurologist to try and explain what a ghost is? We all have these experiences. Could you imaging hanging out in a spaceship by saturn, and being like damn nigga ghost exist.
sorry for bad english

basicly,child development shit(notice how most of the stories are from 6-7),sound bouncing off the walls or some shit(especialy in coridors),on set psychosisor what its called(more common then youd belive),and that god helmet shit.

if you think for a while on how ghosts might be real you run into several inconsistancies.

but i got a story that i still cant explain,it does not fit any of the debunking shit i described.
you made this up and it sucks
>its not elaborate attention seeking bullshit therefore fake

nice logic m8
Lol horry shet
>I did...you faggot.
>wedgie board
That's what they want you to think.
Fuck that shit.

I truly believe that people can understand others by sharing thoughts.
>be me in da U.P.
>of Michigan
>my best friend and two other friends come with
>go to a cabin that's in the absolute, assfuck of nowhere
>only place is a tiny store and they make all their money off of alcohol and tobacco sales
>we decide it would be a great idea to take LSD
(Fuck you, too. Read it)
>wait for acid to kick in, hanging around campfire
>hour later we're starting to feel a little not-normal
>end up going for a walk into Hiawatha, which was directly behind us
>sit down in middle of trail
>friend says that we should form a circle with our hands and meditate
>I hate all that stupid let's-hold-hands-and-dance-shit
>my best friend sat across from me while my two other friends sat beside me
>grab my two friend's hands
>decide to see something
>I wonder if I think that they're all degenerate fags hard enough, if they would be able to notice
>we all close our eyes, sitting in absolute darkness. no lights on
>I begin to, pretty much, cringe hard as fuck on the inside
>pretty much have the word "DEGENERATE" running through my head
>after around twenty seconds, or so, I begin to feel that it's become mentally taxing
>around twenty-five or thirty second mark, I just think "Fuck it." and relax
Three things happened simultaneously:
>1.) Friend to my right grabbed my hand as hard as he possibly could, then turned his head towards me and opened his eyes (from what he later said).
>2.) Friend to my left weakened his grip and rolled forward so he was hunched over for some fucking reason.
3.) Best friend, across from me, opened his eyes, made a loud, "whoosh" sound, like someone exhaling after holding their breath, and rocked back
>I opened my eyes after I'd heard and felt everyone moving around, thinking they were moving to get up
>barely see what I mentioned above in the pitch dark
>Welp, at least they got what they wanted out of their little gay hand-holding thing, it seems
>Back to tripping balls, wandering around woods, looking at stars, and, when possible, looking at our flashlight beams when it's misty
>Few hours later, we're hanging around the campfire sipping on a couple beers
>friend says to his girlfriend (Who didn't come with us for our trip out in the woods) "Yeah, we even sat down and had ourselves a little 'Pow-Wow' circle, Anon even opened up at the end.
>other friend says, "Yeah, Anon's got a lot energy he doesn't expel" (Or some shit like that)
>third friend keeps looking at me weird while second friend is talking, ends up not saying anything about it
>seemed like he really wanted to say something

Fast forward a few hours:
>catch my best friend, alone
>bring what he said about me "eventually opening up" into the conversation
>he tells me that he felt the moment I dropped my guard and my "energy" was strong as fuck
>buddy isn't really into this "hold hands in a circle" crap
>night eventually progresses and we all pass out

Couple weeks later.
>at friend's house with my best friend while third friend just happened to be there
>we start talking about what happened that night, like stars and shit
>I bring up the circle
>Tell them that my best friend felt it when I let my guard down and relaxed
>best friend replies in the affirmative
>both look at us like we're stupid and say, "No shit."
>I finally hear about what happened while my eyes were closed for those couple seconds
>one friend says I kept saying "degeneracy" over and over in my head

How could they all of "felt" me relax and let my guard down? There's things about this life that we'll never understand, like reading others' thoughts.
Met a psychic on vacation and she said she saw an image of me reaching down into a barrel of something with both arms and feeling around. Indeed I had done that a couple weeks before at a gift shop with a big barrel of river rocks (in another state). Maybe she was coincidentally there. Otherwise, psychics are real.
Fuck. That's weird. I do too now. You a local or just here for school?
Does anyone have a screencap of that thread where some dude lived all alone on his apartment floor. He had no neighbors at all but would often hear people on the other side of the wall. The noises would then go away whenever he tried concentrating on them. OP also posted pictures of invitations hanging on other apartment doors that have been there for weeks.
I don't wanna get too into it so I don't spoil anyone but hopefully someone saved that thread because it was a pretty good read.
Confirmed for German
I don't see how this matters, but his name is Cian
>Be me
>11 years old
>Just losed my TV remote and culdn't find it anywhere
>Went to sleep
>Dream about a old woman telling me where it is
>Woke up next morning to find ot where the woman told me
What the fuck are you talking about? You didn't fucking write the post, so don't reply as if you did
It's not terrible but meh

>be me and cousins on my great grandmother's house, shit is about 250~ years old.
>among different generations there's been stories of ghosts around the house, like there used to be a sewing machine that would work on its own (used by my great grandma's great grandma) stuff like that
>we are about to sleep so we turn all lights off
>there's this lamp on the other side of the room that turns on its own
>we turn on the other lights and i go and turn that one off, i unplug it, house's old so maybe electric circuits failed or something
>we nervously laugh and go to sleep
>it turns on again
>m-maybe it has batteries or s-something
>we do the same thing and i go check, there's a slot for batteries but it's empty

Since it was a religious figure we kinda convinced ourselves that it was a good thing so we could sleep, second time i turned it off it didn't turn on again but still, dunno what happened.
Had something similar. Spooked the shit out of me.

>be in high school
>go to bed one night
>dream of being at school
>in my dream, this guy named John is sitting in one of the clasrooms crying hysterically
>his friend Jacques is trying to comfort him
>John isn't one of my friends, spoke to him about twice in all, no idea why I'm dreaming of him
>go to school the next day
>John is sitting in the exact same fucking place as he was in my dream
>Jacques is comforting him
>John's dad just passed away after a long illness
>had no idea John's dad was ill
File: 1418763433066.png (94KB, 500x383px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 500x383px
>be 5 or 6
>staying at cousins' house on the other side of the country
>looking for one of them
>walking into the garage
>feel an urge to look at the open door for some reason
>see a silhouette of a person, like an afterimage if you've stared at a light, but only for a split second
>cousin jumps out from behind the door trying to spook me
>didn't work, both of us confused
>friends house has the ghosts.
>we are putting away his horses and we both hear people talking in one of his shops
>we run inside
>no one at all
>we go to leave
>hear someone say "they are leaving now".
>both wig the fuck out
>a person boarding a horse there was cleaning a stall
>looks up into the hay loft
>sees a fucking girl standing over looking down the hay shoot
>she said "She looked dead"
>no one the rents has kids and we dont allow kids in the loft.
>in his kitchen
>look out the window above his sink
>see someone standing under a tree
>they just fade out of view into his shop
>in his basement
>see a shadow of a person on the wall behind me in the reflection of the TV
>turn around
>look at tv
>its still fucking there
also apparently there are four rooms his dogs REFUSE to go into; he has a bunch of barn cats too and NONE of them will go into a side room in the hay loft. One of the horses got out some how; it was running around in the woods; we found the chain to the gate wrapped super tight around its neck; that horse wont let anyone touch it without kicking or biting let alone wrap a chain around it.
you should use a name so people can filter you
File: reac601.jpg (73KB, 817x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 7-ish
>walking through the kitchen
>stop to look at some art my parents hung over a doorway
>while staring at it, I start to levitate upwards
>my head is about a foot below the ceiling
>specifically notice how high up I am and how everything looks different from that perspective
>hear my dad coming down the stairs
>levitate a little quicker to the ground
>dad comes around the corner
>"hey anon, what are you doing?"
>"I just floated"
>mfw the whole experience
It felt way too real to be a dream
File: image.jpg (179KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You are all the dogs
>be 9
>wake up early to get on Dreamcast before older brother
>parents and brother confirmed asleep
>walk downstairs
>start walking down basement stairs
>stairs have a little two foot high window to the main basement room
>suddenly, see a shadow of a man being cast onto the wall
>I stop descending the stairs and look
>shadow of man strolls across the wall, as if somebody was walking through my basement
>nothing casting the shadow though, just coming from the other wall
>walks through the sliding glass door
>walks through another glass door, out of the house
>went back to bed because spooks

Of course my family didn't believe me the next day. I probably wouldn't have either, though. Shit was crazy though. It was like an invisible man was just walking around in my basement, casting a shadow on the wall, and then left and walked right through the glass doors (without opening them) when I saw him. What did I see, /x/?
1st odd occurence
>be 12 year old me
>sleeping at my grandparents house
>wake up in the middle of the night
>turn to my side
>sees a little boy in a dress
>boy shyly says hi
>floats into the air and just disappears

2nd odd occurence
>be 13 year old me
>visiting with my cousins
>stay in a hotel, with my room, miles apart from the cousin's condo
>wakes up in the middle of night
>sees my cousin just sitting on the end of my bed
>I call out to him, start getting up and leaning to him
>he disappear
>talks to my cousin the next night
>he said he woke up in the middle of that night at his condo and actually sat on the end of his bed, pretty much at the same time I had woken up.
>>Except my friends all also heard their own name

That sounds a lot like that one spoopy thread the guy from Nevada shared with us when he and his dad investigated an abandoned farm-house out in the middle of nowhere. They were searching around and separated, and they both individually heard someone calling for them in the distance.

Might be skinwalkers anon, look out.
It's called the Mandela Effect. Another really common one is there's a picture of Henry the Eighth holding a turkey leg. I swear to God I've seen this picture before and evidently a lot of other people have to but apparantly it doesn't exist.
>be 7
>we went to an aunt's birthday and she lives in bumfuck, nowhere
>on the drive back we drive trough an ugly country stretch with a lot of dead trees
>it's about midnight
>Look out of the window and see some kind of...thing, that seemed to be made out of tangled vines, think of that Pokemon, Tangela, just fucked up, completely black with two bright red points for eyes
>wtf did i just see
>get home
>go brush teeth
>there's a small hallway you have to cross to get to the bathroom that ends in a door with a glass window leading outside
>the thing I saw is standing outside the door
I swear this happened, but I'm not sure of the details, I just realized I don't even remember what happened afterwards, I think I just went to brush my teeth in the kitchen, what I don't understand is why I don't remember being scared at all, it was just "meh".
There's a theory that goes along with it that there are alpha and beta timelines, and only the things from the alpha timeline remain.
>Be inna basic training
>DS assigns me guard mount, so me and a battle are sitting on some stumps near a giant field light
>munching on a ranger bar i smuggled from my MRE
>its very quiet in the camp, wind lightly whispering amongst the trees and around all the little tents we have
>as im chewing and buddy is yawning so hard he cracks his jaw, the hair on the back of my neck rises up
>buddy has stopped yawning and is squinting off into the darkness
>i kind of lean over and look where hes looking, and theres some shadows bobbing around in the distance
> we both stiffen up as we hear this voice that sounds like leaves rustling. A dry, crackling voice thats none louder than a whisper
>"The woods.... woods... hush hush hush"
>Im no longer hungry, and buddy is shaking because the voice is unsettling
>"Woods... the woods... hush hush... lost in the woods....woods..."
>the shadoes stop at rhe tent perimeter and still cant make anything out
>suddenly a drill sergeant is beside us with his side arm drawn
>he whispers "Privates... what the fuck are those..."
>we both stay silent as we stare at these shadows
>"Woods take them... forever... the woods."
>"Forever in the Wood"
>one of the shadows bob foward and we get a glimpse of something resembling a twiggy hand before DS fires a shot towards the shadows
>ears are ringing but i can still hear these things shrieking like banshees
>All the Drills are up and yelling. I roll out of the way while The other DS fires more shots and advance down towards the tents
>Other DSs dont even ask questions, draw their side arms, and start opening fire into the darkness
>banshee howls
>Then sudden quiet as the DS stare at the woods
> Senior DS bellows "EVERYONE UP. TIME TO LEAVE"

And Thats how the U.S Army made an entire company sign a gag order
>mfw you're now eligible to be drafted into the us military's paranormal division
That exists. Its a branch of the Special Operations Civil Affairs.
I need info. This is what I need. I want to join this.
>I want to join this

I don't think it's something you join anon. They look for YOU.
>tfw no gf hugging u but ghost instead
Correct. Special Ops pick and choose their candidates. You can try and volunteer but it wont be for the small ops like Counter Paranormal Warfare or Tatical Civil Affairs
>be me
>be 13 years old
>be laying in bed before sleeping, just drowsy .jpeg
>hear a feminine voice talking in a strange language, it was like a whisper
>get spooked shitless
mothers always know when shit happens.
>his mom is actually blind

>he has no friends
>they're all in his head

>babbies first hoax vid for ad revenue

10/10 if this actually happened
0/10 if not
>special friends
this is what you get for being a pedo

>we didn't do shit, and let her get raped and killed

You are now aware that the mind of the human collective is connected, and sometimes data leaks into the accessible part of the brain

Seeing flashing lights is common for people with certain deceases or lack of certain nutrition, look it up. one of them is I believe, too low iron level in the blood or something.

>black out
>move things
>brain is dreaming
>blackout over
>I was dreaming it and it happen!!!1
lol. whenever the brain is expecting data but not getting any, it will fabricate its own.

Move the fuck out

>feeling weird presence
>can't move
sleep paralysis, I had it too

>something pressing on my chest
the demon that sits on your chest while you can't move. Just sleep paralysis, no paranormal stuff.

>believing someone who married a hillbilly drunk

>friend knew
you didn't ask about it ? he didn't say anything about it ?

>virgin marry
>implying your mom would recognize her
>implying the paintings of virgin marry are even remotely accurate/consistent
your mom had it rough, so her mental health was at a low and she saw things

don't go back, you'll regret it


>implying footprints last an entire night in the desert
>what is wind

top kek mate

weed can't, but dreams/brain can. you fucked the chemical balance of your brain before sleeping, and you had fucked up dream because of it. also, never get high before sleep, fucks up your sleep pattern. eventually you can't sleep without being high.

You are now aware that the mind of the human collective is connected, and sometimes data leaks into the accessible part of the brain
did u save the dog
>leaving someone like that
>7 years and don't know shit
>7 years and the relationship doesn't progress
>7 years and suddenly no contact
damn dude fucking how ?
>actual woman outside your house
>don't check
>assume is spooky skeleton
>go to sleep
>post it on /x/

Ignoring the details is the heart of skepticism. You've ignored details in the story. You've said something foolish.
fucking sleep paralysis, very spooky when it happens to you, but nothing paranormal.
Three... Extremes is the movie, the first segment is about eating aborted babies in dumplings to regain youth.
So basically it happens by chance? Dang. That would be fun to do.
>watching movie late
>neighbor comes to complain
>think is spooky skeleton
>don't answer door
>brain remembers where it put it
>processes the data while you're dreaming
>processing data while asleep, creates dreams
there you go
>be 16
>late evening, getting darker
>in bed
>studying shit for high school
>lying on my left side facing the wall
>i'm bored and sleepy
>start losing consciousness
>having a nightmare
>wake up 5 minutes later
>still drowsy
>feel something forcefully pushing my left shoulder
>i get turned around now facing upwards
>sit down on bed
>i'm alone on the second floor
>mom is downstairs watching tv
also a story from an old crush i had
>dad had passed away recently bc cancer
>had to help his mother take care of the rest of the family
>he was doing like shit in school
>felt depressed and alone
>decided to hang himself
>recently built roof with sturdy wooden beams
>sets rope on beam then around his neck and jumps
>not 5 seconds pass and the beam breaks
>he was skinny as fuck back then and the wooden beams were in really good shape
he felt stupid after that, told his family and they all are sure his father intervened to save him from killing himself.
File: mylegacy.jpg (32KB, 1283x100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 1283x100px
i got quads cool, reminds me of the time i got hexs.
some other shit
>moved to new house about 5 miles away from the city
>big 2 story house
>i tend to fall asleep late
>weird noises always at ~3 a.m.
not sure if 2sprooky haunting or just rats or other vermin
File: 1388872981101.jpg (55KB, 741x486px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 741x486px
ITT: If you hang around with your cousins, spooky shit happens.
That's a very vague image that a lot of people would probably have some sort of association with.


This one time when i was younger me and my cousin would play military in the woods. One time i threw a rock grenade and an entire tree fell right where the rock landed.

Not spooky but still incredible.
Like what? That doesn't seem like a common activity to me.
>16 years old
>Go through nasty breakup
>I'm a mess, sleeping all the time
>Start keeping dream journal
>One night I wake up in a start after a dream
>In a library with 40's decor
>Sit at a table, start reading a book
>Something about guitar building.
>Look up, a girl is sitting across from me.
>Few inches shorter than me, strawberry blonde with freckles. Glacial blue eyes.
>She waves and says 'Don't worry, we will be together soon."
>I write this all down and draw a picture of her in my journal but think nothing of it.
>Fast forward 3 years, working 2 jobs during the summer to pay for tuition.
>Pool company I work for asks me to start training a new hire. I agree because free help.
>New hire meets me in parking lot the next morning.
>Short girl, strawberry blonde, freckles, glacial blue eyes.
>We gape at each other for a second.
>I ask her why she's looking at me funny
>"I had a dream about you..."
>"Me too..."

That was 10 years ago. Been married for 9 years. Still cannot explain that shit. We clicked on every level. She's my perfect foil.
Holy shit, if this is real, then you should know you're lucky as fuck. don't take her for granted. Enjoy life.

if made up: fuck you, this sucks ass for a made up story

[spoiler]hope it's true, hope it happens to me too[/spoiler]
It's true, nobody believes me though. It's been amazing. We kind of freak everyone in our lives out. We're that annoying couple who shares everything, finish each others' sentences, and read each other without saying a word. Nothing really supernatural beyond that and we've never shared another dream. The subjects and timing of the dreams were entirely separate. She was younger when she had hers and it was about being in a white room stuck in a bed. I would come in and talk to her. I'm a registered nurse.
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