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My Exorcism Experiences.

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I was asked on this thread: >>15224295
about some experiences I had with exorcism. The guy asking mentioned that I might not want to hijack the other guys thread.

So I guess it's a good idea for me to make this thread.

Feel free to read what I said in that thread and ask any questions.

I will make this disclaimer however. I am NOT an exorcist, I do not claim to be a professional with exorcism. The times I have encountered demons was accidental, and it was just something I ran into and had to deal with, and I did so with as much faith as I could.

I am a Christian, I do not wish to bible-thump anyone on /x/. If you have questions feel free to ask them. I will not force you to believe anything, I will not tell you to do anything. These are my personal experiences, and that's it.
Why do you choose to be christian?
If demons are real and, I assume, older than religion, why do people need religion to deal with them?
Thanks for the thread.
Hmm.. Where do I even begin..
Does music really carry demonic influences? My brother has changed over time, dramatically as his music choices got darker and darker.

What are good ways of knowing if you're dealing with a demon or possessed individual? How specific can they get when they "know" things? When it's vague, could it not just be a mere coincidence?
In what ways did you "deal" with them when you encountered them? More details on them specifically?
Possible green text stories of these events?
Have you ever been targeted by one yourself?

>Why did you choose to be a Christian?

I chose to be a Christian through a whole lot of personal research I won't get into, it involved prophecies, the Dead Sea Scrolls and a whole lot of other things. But ultimately I concluded that I really did want to follow Jesus, and it was a personal decision of mine.

>If demons are real and, I assume, older than religion, why do people need religion to deal with them?

I don't know what you mean by this question specifically. But I don't believe it's religion per se that deals with them, at least not in my experience.

Christians(the ones who acknowledge what I do) believe that Jesus gave us the Authority to cast out Demons in his name. It's something all Christians can do with Faith. You don't need any sort of special badge to do it.


>Does music really carry demonic influences?

Yes it does, but don't go burning your Aerosmith CDs on that account. Your brother probably didn't change because of the music he listened to. The worst thing you can do with this stuff is become a religious zealot.

>How specific can they get when they "know" things?

They can be veeerrrry specific. They love pointing out your flaws. I ended up breaking down emotionally over it once, I won't get into the details. But they can mess with you. Do not EVER respond to their verbal attacks.

>When it's vague, could it not just be a mere coincidence?

Investigations into it are investigations for a good reason. Anyone can pretend to be possessed. Just don't be gullible.

>In what ways did you "deal" with them when you encountered them?

I rebuked them in the name of Jesus, I also often told them that the Blood of Jesus was upon them. That seems to be very effective.

>Have you ever been targeted by one yourself?

Probably, but I have Faith that I am protected. I just hope God doesn't decide I need to be tested Job-style. I would fail.
There's one thing I've always wondered. Do you think people get possessed because of piracy or weed or does the heavenly realm just kinda go "It's not like he's stealing valuable resources, idgaf"?
It wold be interesting to hear more about the details you're not sharing.

For example, could you recount one of your experiences in detail?

As per my brother, I love him unconditionally. I just suspect that these songs ranging from gore/rape depictions to literally "six hundred and sixty six demons inside, telling me, who will die" etc have turned him from one of the nicest, most noble persons ever into a socially anxious, mean, and detached individual. I just wonder how much other worldly influence can really be caused by music.
That's not music doing that, that's autism.

If weed causes possession, I need to go talk to my Mom right away.

Any WASP telling you that weed causes possession is crazy.

Drugs are certainly used in rituals. But that's another topic.


I'll recount my last experience but there are details I won't share.

The person in question I mentioned earlier was very much into Occultic practices. He was telling me all about "The Teachings of the Ages" by Manly P Hall.

We were talking, and he was talking about something and I forget exactly what we were talking about, but he ends up mentioning that he thinks something is going on with him.

I ask him more questions, a lot of it seems suspicious to me. But he tells me that he had been performing rituals and whatnot.

I took some time to ask him questions and I began to suspect that he was possessed. I told him that I knew some ways that I could check. So I did, and without giving too much personal information I can tell you that I concluded that there was something in him.

Finally I went with the direct approach and said. "I am no longer speaking to ***** but the demon within him".

He got quiet and began showing signs of pain, like he had a cramp in his stomach. I got worried and asked him if he was alright.

He tells me that it tried to come up and that he didn't let it. He asked me to help him and I agreed.

Later I went to a Church, a Catholic Church, I'm not Catholic but it was the quietest church around, and I just prayed. The reason I was praying was because I was scared of this kind of thing, and I was afraid I would fail.

The next day, we had agreed on the time, I went over and we started. I said as I did before "I am no longer speaking to **** but the demon within him"

Then my friend just began to stare quietly. It was really REALLY creepy. I was scared of course, but I remember asking its name. It stayed quiet. I got more demanding and said something along the lines "You are Commanded by the Authority of Christ to tell me." (cont)
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What about piracy? I could see how it could be frowned upon at least
It responded by telling me to "Go f*** myself".

This went on for some time. There was a lot of spitting and foaming at the mouth, the sort of behavior a psychopath would display. I believe it was maybe 2 minutes of me demanding its name before it finally said.

"Fine, you want my name?"

I just kept demanding of course, not responding to the banter.

"Glasyas Lebolas"

That's when I began to address it directly, and demanded to know how many were with it.

"It's just me" I remember it saying that.

I also demanded it tell me how it got into my friend.

The reply I got was "Séance involving the lesser key of Solomon". I didn't ask for specifics, even though I knew there probably were. The reason I asked how it got in was I didn't know if there was something done, maybe someone did this to my friend. It's best to be sure.

I then proceeded to address it by name and demand it leave by Binding it and Casting it out.

After it was finally done, I told my friend he needed to get rid of any books or objects of occultic influence whatsoever, and he agreed.

It's not a flashy story, nobody levitated or started coughing up blood. But that's what went down.

What do you mean by piracy? Like downloading songs? Or what?
Downloading songs, games, movies, tv shows, the whole 9
You said you randomly run into demons, not that you work as an exorcist right, just how?

Look at your quads, your obviously possessed.
Well it's either that, hallucinations or psychic powers so I cant rule it out
Perhaps it's God's will that you should run into that demon so that you can help your friend.

>You said you randomly run into demons, not that you work as an exorcist

It's not like it's something that happens to me every day. But if it makes you believe me any more I can name every demon I have come across.

Glasya Labolas(obviously)

Those are the ones I have encountered.

I think I run into them because I sometimes do what I'm doing here on /x/, which is searching for information, and when you look for specific information on the occult you end up running into some stuff.

I sometimes wonder whether or not I should learn about this stuff at all. But I have Faith, and if I need to stop, I will stop.


You're gonna get yourself some malware for sure. I wouldn't worry too much about possession.
Not op, fyi. Lost a lot of my friends lately. Can you guess why?
Demons? Fuck I don't know.
Malware I can handle. This is a whole nother thing entirely. It shuts down a bit sometimes and I've sort of adjusted but I still don't get a day of quiet. Usually not even an hour. Could just be stress, but I'm not schitzo, already ruled that out

I'd refresh my PC if I were you.

I'm not gonna lie, I watch Falling Skies on the internet. But I never EVER download. That's just virus-city galore.
Shouldn't have said shut down. Computer is fine. I know my tech shit. Voices in my head? Whole nother story. Could be my subconcious. Could be a demon. Either way, I get sharp pains and muscle twitches all the time. Sometimes meditation quiets things down but even then, my focus sure aint what it used to be
I was possessed once and had a rather long exorcism. Since then I've been seeing and hearing things and it's like I feel things that aren't there, if that makes sense. Is this a common occurrence after an exorcism?

Uh....okay. How do you believe you got possessed, and who did the exorcism?

Did you return to habits you were told not to afterwards?


I'd see a Doctor or a Psychologist before you start assuming that things are darker than that.

I'd also suggest praying, but I don't wanna force anything on you.

I was involved with the occult when I was young. Drank blood, did stuff like that. My pastor did the exorcism, and no, I did not.

Well, then I suggest praying as well, you don't have to be crazy-religious, but put your focus on good things and not bad things if you know what I mean. If you focus on good things, that's what will enter into your life.

If you focus on horror and such, that's probably what you'll think about and how you'll feel.

I really just suggest a lot of positivity, y'know?
Doctor found nothing, shrink found nothing. Suggested therapy but aint nobody got time(money) for that. Tried prayer once or twice. Doesn't seem to do much. Was told I should read the bible, read revelations, tried to make some sense of it, shit just got worse. Honestly, if there was a way to rule out a demon I'd rather check to get it over with. I heard something about someone using an amulet to get rid of a demon, found some fairly cheap online, but I don't know if that shit works on it's own
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Dude. You're lucky that didn't kill you. GO to church, and accept Christ as your savior, only then will you be sure that you will never be possessed again.
I really, really don't understand how you could remain Christian after witnessing an exorcism. It raises so many theodicy questions.

Not that Job doesn't anyway. Maybe things just haven't gotten personal enough for you yet.
>I really, really don't understand how you could remain Christian after witnessing an exorcism
Explain, I mean witnessing a demon leave in the name of Christ should be enough to make a believer out of anyone, so I don't understand how witnessing evil could make you turn away from the good.

You read the least-uplifting book of the Bible for sure. I'm not sure how to help you. I can't recommend any specific church because I don't know of any that are consistently reliable.

I would say that you should seek out help, try to find someone to help you if you can.


Well....I guess you and I are just different people.
I honestly didn't expect anyone to ask me for advice on this matter or ask me to diagnose them. I thought I'd be answering questions and being grilled.

I hope that if you are having any issues you go to someone for help.
Christians are indwelt by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:9-11; 1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:19). The Holy Spirit would not allow a demon to possess the same person He is indwelling. It is unthinkable that God would allow one of His children, whom He purchased with the blood of Christ (1 Peter 1:18-19) and made into a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17), to be possessed and controlled by a demon.

If you're really worried about something, seek Christ. That is all I can tell you, and really all you need.
I used to go to one but....I hate the majority of them so much. Literally THE only reason I would go back would be because of camps, and even then only because they would go to the beach all the time. I've seen something about somebody in the same denomination getting possessed but I just don't trust them to turn it into some whispered gossip story. If I knew it was a demon I would be like "Okay then, dunk me in the holy water and let's cast out this bitch" but being as I don't have any sort of confirmation I don't want to go "Hay I might have a demon possessing me lawls"

Well, I doubt you're possessed. It's rare. It's just not as rare as people think.
Well, I was baptized, but as you could probably figure out by >>15226841 I've not exactly been a fan of the people. I got a tarot reading that said I might have a demon vying for my body but that's tarot, and who knows if that was accurate. Frankly a lot of the rhetoric just sounds asinine to me. God loves you to pieces, but if you explore sexually too much you're going to hell? Even the idea of a book wrote by men supposedly channeling god just seems iffy. I'm sure some of it is on the money, but some christians just guilt trip the hell out of you and it drives me nuts. Possibly literally. I certainly trust that there is something that made and controls everything but at the same time it's like, what am I to some big unknowable conceptual blob keeping the atoms in line? 7 bil on the planet and it's deathly important I read the bible to gain his favor. Or I burn for eternity. Wut.

Basically I just want my little hole in the wall where I can fap, download stuff, be a lazy bastard and not get accosted by everyone for having genuine physical issues. Spiritual or otherwise
Well someone who's into energy work told me he thinks I have a problem with my crown chakra and meditation seems to help a bit so iunno. I would just hate to have a little bugger sitting in a corner of my soul waiting to make me hallucinate. I wouldn't be surprised if it was some mental breakdown just based on religious dogma, but there isn't really a good way to self exorcise, it seems. I mean burning sage works, a bit. But it's not like it stops it permanently
To get back on the topic
What exactly does binding and casting out entail?
I'll just leave this here.

By their fruits you will know them.



There used to be a worse one of kids being force-fed castor oil on BBC3, "Branded a Witch" but it's down now.

Binding is simply that, it means the demonic cannot move or do anything.

Casting out is simply that, it must leave whether it is willing or not.


Yea....I'd like to reiterate that possession is a very rare occurance, and that I have only encountered two in my life.
If you're still here, want to talk about the other exorcism?

I'd prefer not to discuss that one in detail, but it involved a demon called Sitri.

But i'm still open to questions.

>Do you think people get possessed because of piracy or weed

File-sharing privacy? No. Weed? No (Tho you can make yourself susceptible while high, depending on how you approach things).

There are YouTube videos out there that attempt to open a gate to spirits. I stumbled on one, and couldn't watch more than a couple seconds, it immediately started doing shit with the soundtrack (sounded freaky like the Thx logo) & geometric patterns on the video. The comments of what people felt/experienced was fascinating tho, I must have read 30 pages deep, and then some dude mentioned 'this summons a lesser-sort of demon who's mostly a bastard that hangs around a few days and fucks with you.

As for synthetic weed ('spice', etc) and certain research chemicals, watch the fuck out. Some guy in the U.S. killed his five kids while on spice. The face-eating guy from a couple years back was on bath salts. Negative drugs like these can provide a route to possession, so watch the fuck out & roll organic if possible.
Definitely not interested in those. I listen to some binaural beats(lessens hearing shit for the most part), listening to some now in fact, but heavy drugs are a heeeeell no. I don't even completely trust prescriptions. I haven't even had the opportunity to smoke but some people are just in love with the idea of sending someone who does something they don't like straight into hellfire. Only other thing close I've done would be some hypnosis mp3s and such. Never worked. Heard a couple male voices, one sounded mexican, heard a female voice, heard my next door neighbor at one point. Distractions are definitely an issue, if I don't focus they get louder. Very attention whorey. Seemed to start when I was smoking one day, heard a lot of overlapping voices, thought maybe I was starting to do some sort of obe shit, passed out, year or so later, hearing shit when no ones there
I guess one thing to ask would be did you just use "the holy spirit" or did you use implements? Holy water, sacred amulet, etc. And how long did it take for them to get rid of lingering symptoms after?

I didn't have any Holy Water on me. I did say "Holy Spirit" more than once though.

I didn't implement any objects. I don't wear a crucifix around my neck or even a cross. It was just me and the grace of God.

There aren't any real lingering systems as far as I can tell. When the Demon leaves, it takes everything it did with it.

However...if the person in question is unwilling to change and get rid of what got him in that position in the first place, the demon will come back with friends. I know that from talking to someone who is much more experienced in these matters than I am.
Hi, interesting experiences! Have you used any physical tools to affect the demons? Or simply incantation/invokation?

Good on you for being careful with drugs. I recommend mushrooms for 'breaking out' experiences. A lot easier to get than LSD (which is often sold as LSA or other chemicals) 'round these parts. I believe Ayuhuasca & DMT can likewise lead to obvious shifts in perception.
Well, guess that answers my question! How about this - did you notice any masculinity/femininity traits to the demons you've encountered?

>Have you used any physical tools to affect the demons? Or simply incantation/invokation

No, none at all. It was all improvised and I had no objects or tools at my disposal.

>Did you notice any masculinity/feminity to the demons?

Honestly, I didn't give them enough of a chance to speak to me. I mostly ignored anything they said.

I later looked up Sitri and found that it likes to mess with incubus/succubus. But it mostly picks on women....as in, it likes to rape women in their sleep.

I really don't like these things. Very evil.
It was less an "I wanna trip bawls" and more an "I feel like shit(physical illness), maybe some happy grass would do me some good and not make me want to kill myself like a antidepressant." Some of the more "spiritual drugs" have a bit of an appeal but weed is sort of my safe zone. Haven't even had any in a while. Most I've been offered to try so far has been peyote
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