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Scariest thing that ever happened to you

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>I was born in Bosnia in 88 and was 4 when I, my mother, and my sisters fled the north of the country.
>Our bus was stopped on the border to Croatia and armed men boarded.
> They demanded everyone's money and valuables.
> Not being pleased with the take, they demanded that everyone strip naked to make sure that no one was hiding anything.
> If they found anyone hiding valuables, they told us, even if it was just one person, the entire bus would be shot.
>One of these armed men paced back and forth on the bus, looking at each of us as his comrades rummaged through our clothes.
>He stopped by an older and rather saggy looking lady and extended his rifle.
>He raised her left breast with it to check if she had been hiding anything under it.
>She hadn't. Satisfied, he moved on and passed me, sitting there completely naked except for my little white socks.
>They returned our clothes, smiled, and handed us our "exit visas."
>When my family and I finally reached a shelter in Zagreb we all collapsed from exhaustion.
>Before I went to sleep, however, I complained that my feet hurt. My mother took off my socks to massage my feet and out fell a little gold necklace.
This happened to my cousin.
>A guy at her highschool who was a socially inept introvert began following her around between classes in second year.
> In her third year she realized that he was in all of the same classes as her.
> Turns out that he found a copy of her preferred class schedule and copied it to a tee.
>Not long after she started receiving creepy love letters in her locker.
>She amassed a good two dozen letters before she took it to the principals office out of concern.
>The letters had become increasingly more creepy.
> The words love and "watching you" had been used.
>She had a decent idea of who it was and the principal contacted his parents and took him for some counselling. The letters stopped.
>Two months go by and my cousin and the rest of her immediate family are coming home from a family dinner.
>Her older sister goes straight up to her room to change.
>She opens the closet and curled up in a ball in the corner is the stalker, crying and shaking.
>No doubt my cousin flips the fuck out screaming bloody murder and my uncle rushes up.
>They knew who the kid was and although they were extremely mad they didn't get physical or anything.
>They called the police who came and took him away.
>They had a restraining order put on him and had him moved to another school. They didn't press charges because he was mentally unstable.
>The creepiest part about the whole situation is that the whole family had been hearing noises in the house for months.
> The older brother of the family (whose room was in the basement) had heard the faint sound of doors opening and closing several times.
> And my cousin who he was stalking had noticed some of her personal belongings had gone missing, primarily underwear. In fact, it was an inside joke between the sisters for some time that she had to buy so many new pairs of underwear all of the time.
> The creep admitted that he had been breaking into their house for months to go through my cousins personal belongings.
About 10 years ago I was at a small fair in a small midwest town.
> It was middle of summer and I was sitting in this barn like place that had some picnic tables set up.
> I noticed this bird was flying around being pissed off and then noticed a young bird that couldn't fly off in the corner that had probably jumped out of it's nest.
>No biggie, it was off in the corner by itself and nothing would bother it.
>This little girl (maybe about 4 or 5) walks over to it to get a closer look.
>I keep my eye on her to make sure she doesn't pick it up or anything but she stays her distance and just looks at it.
> And I hear her say a couple things like "oh such a pretty bird, you're a pretty bird"
>I look away for about a minute and look back up and she's standing over the little bird STOMPING the fuck out of it.
>This goes on for a few more seconds and then she quickly covers it up with dirt and runs off into the crowd.
>No one else saw this except for me and I was way too awestruck to even do anything about it. Hell, even to this day I'm not sure what the fuck I really could have/should have done.
>I'm pretty sure I saw a future psychopath born that day. Creeped the fuck out of me.
>I used to squat in an unoccupied house that was for sale in Washington DC.
>I knew the people who had recently moved out of there, and had a key to get in (The real estate agent put his own padlock on the front door, but didn't do anything for the back.)
> I only slept and showered there and used the electricity because it hadn't been turned off yet.
>Free living while saving my shitty working class wages wasn't so bad.
>The house had a walk-in closet in the basement that I would sleep in with a sleeping bag (it was kind of uncomfortable setting up camp in a big empty room with hardwood floors, and the closet was carpeted & kind of womb-like.)
> I crashed there for four months without incident.
>I knew the place back to front and had what I felt was a pretty foolproof routine.
>I wouldn't turn on any lights at night, I had a car that I parked down the street at the grocery store while I was in the house, I left no trace that
>I was staying there other than my rolled-up sleeping bag and Dopp Kit which I hid in the ceiling.
>After a long evening at work, I got in at about 3am, and immediately went into the closet to get some sleep.
>I don't know what time it was --it couldn't have been long after I dozed off-- but I was jolted awake by a ringing telephone.
>There were no phones in the house, I was absolutely certain.
>At first it sounded like it was right next to me, but as I got up, it was actually kind of quiet...and it didn't stop.
> It just kept going. I went upstairs (with no lights on, mind you) into the master bedroom to try to figure out what the fuck was going on, and I saw a police patrol car pull up in front of the house.
>I started freaking out because the phone was STILL RINGING and there were now cops coming up who could very easily throw me in jail for vagrancy if they saw me.
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>They scanned the house with their flashlights, I assume to check the windows and doors for break-ins while I hid in the bathroom which had no windows.
>I always locked the back door so I wasn't in danger of them coming in.
>Sometime while they were doing this, the ringing finally stopped, but I never found out where it was coming from.
>Scared as hell of the possibility of getting arrested, I waited until they left and packed up my shit and walked down the street to my car.
>By this time, it was early dawn and getting light out.
> I took a nap for a couple of hours, and drove by the house at around 8am to see a maintenance van in the driveway along with a person I assumed to be the real estate agent.
> I avoided the place for a week, couch surfing with friends, and when I came back, the real estate padlock on the front door was gone, and both the front and back door locks had been changed.
> MFW The house warned me that I was about to get kicked out.
>I once lived alone in a historic, victorian-style neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio.
>I don't scare easy... and I don't say that to sound tough.
> I really just don't scare easy. I take showers in the dark because it's more relaxing, for example. (My wife thinks that is fucking wierd).
>Anyway, I lived in a duplex (a one time large house converted into 4 separate apartments).
> I lived in one of the upper apartments.
Jumping ahead to what axtually happened, now...
> There was an old lady that lived very close, in a house that shared the same parking as I.
> She was a really nice lady. Often, I would help her bring her groceries in. Give her rides to her daughter's house.
>I would even help her fix things around her house.
>EVERYTIME that this lady would ask for my help - she would call me on my cell phone.
> I gave her my number when I first met her and told her "if you need any help ever, just call me and ill be right over".
>She would call almost daily - and it never bugged me one bit.
> She was a sweet lady and I was more than happy to help.
Jumping ahead here...
>It had been 3 days that I hadn't heard from, or seen her.
>I got very concerned because I would see her every day sitting on her porch drinking coffee.
>I shrugged it off at first and thought to myself "when I come home from work - I'm going to call the police if she doesnt answer her door".
>So, I come home from work. I step into my apartment and drop my things on the counter.
>Put my jacket away. Pop open a beer. That's when I hear somewhat of a ruckus outside.
>I step outside just as I see a police cruiser and another "blackish" vehicle parked infront of this lady's house.
>I pause for a moment... Then I see them carrying her body...wrapped in a white sheet from the upper floor of her house.
>My chest tightened and I started to sob uncontrollably.
>And, this is where the creepiness begins...
Please go on
>That evening... I am sitting on my terrace, outside that faces this lady's house.
> Having a beer. Just relaxing really. I didn't really before this... but I glance over toward her house.
> Specifically, at the door where her body was carried out.
> This exact instant of locking eye contact on this door - I see the curtain in the window closest to the door MOVE.
> I instantly get the coldest shivers up my spine. It doesn't stop there...
> In the next few moments.... I am scared to death and relieved. I get call on my phone. IT IS THE LADY'S NUMBER ON MY CALLER ID. WTFWTFWTFWTFWTF. I answer... "Hello?"... a pause...I hear somebody breathing. "Thank you" a female's voice says.
>It is her daughter. She is at the house helping clean up the mess left behind in result of this woman's death.
> She was thanking me because she knew how much and how often I cared for her mom. Eventually, I was able to retrieve my balls from my throat, and realize that a dead woman wasn't trolling me.
> But, for those 10 seconds or so - I was petrified.
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When I was a kid, my sister always loved playing with dolls, but I was terrified of them. >There was this one that would sing a song when you pressed a button on its back.
>It only had like 3-4 songs it could sing, and it would cycle through them so you knew what song it would sing next.
> Well, shortly she got it, it had been lost in some random pile of junk around the house.
> A year later, she found it again and tried to make it sing, but when it started singing it was in a really distorted voice, so she figured it was running out of batteries.
>She found me and let me hear one of the songs, and I was slightly disturbed by it but not legitimately scared.
>We then found my mom and my sister asked her for new batteries.
>When demonstrating the distortion to my mom, the sound clip completely died out halfway through- we attributed this to the batteries losing the little juice they had left.
>When opening the battery case though, my mom accidentally hit the button, and it started singing in the same distorted voice as it had before, except this time it was a slow version of "Jimmy Crack Corn," which it had never sung before.
>It wouldn't stop until we took out the batteries. Afterwards we checked the instruction manual that came with it, and it confirmed that "Jimmy Crack Corn" was not one of the songs it sang.
>Being young and already scared by dolls, this was the scariest thing ever.

jimmy crack corn:On the surface, the song is a black slave's lament over his white master's death.however, it is interpreted as having a subtext of celebration about that death.
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C'mon people this is a good thread
two stories of mine

> grandparents house is located directly beside my parents house, sharing garden and stuff
> beeing somewhat 6-7 years old
> grandparents are on vacation
> parents send me over to their house to get some stuff from the storeroom + feeding grandparents chicken
> it's a warm summer evening and to get to the storeroom you have to go through 3 rooms
> the storeroom is the only room in the house with no windows
> i enter it and leave all doors open
> as i 'am searching for the stuff i feel the temperature drop and get a very uneasy feeling
> then in the speed that one needs to walk through the house from the backdoor to my position all doors are slammed
> backdoor -> bam
> one second later door from laundry room to kitchen -> bam
> two seconds later door from kitchen - storage bam while i'm in the storage
> i shat myself and freaked out ripping the doors open and running furiously back to parents house, telling them that they need to get their shit by themself and to feed the chicken
> refused to go there til grandparents returned
Too bad Serbs didn't finish off Bosnia and then deal with the rest of the muslims in Europe.

> 20 years later, my grandfather died
> grandma passed away a few years earlier
> when grandpa died the discussion "who gets the house" started
> end of tha discussion was that i got it....
> one year later : sitting in the very room i'm sitting now at night
> a lil bit of backstory is needed here : my grandfather suffered from depression and mild shizophrenic episode, he sometimes started to rant about pointless things very loud and it was not easy to calm him when it started
> so i'm sitting in the room watching some movie
> here footsteps above me
> room above was grandparents bedroom and a left most of the rooms untouched
> footsteps sound like someone is walking up and down in the room
> get shivers
> then i hear a angry voice ranting in the room above me, and (i srsly tell myself that my mind was playing tricks on me) was sure it was the voice of my grandfather when he had one of his "episodes"
> tactically shat myself and went as fast as i could could over to my parents house in the middle of the night to sleep in their guest room

Go back to /pol/ you tubby faggot.

a few minor stories
> when i was in my teenage i had sometimes dreams in which a beautiful women in black clothing appeared,
> first time i dreamed of her i saw her in front of the house
> there was nothing creepy but i woke up because i had pissed myself
> later one of my aunts tells me at a family party after a few drinks that she had always nightmares starring a women in black in the house

> when we where kids one of my cousins always insisted that there is a door behind one wardrobe in the house
> we always made fun of her because it was obvious when we looked from the next room that there is a solid wall
> i started renovating the house top to bottom a few years back
> turns out : behind the wardrobe was space for a door in the timberframe but it was sealed more than hundred years ago

last creepy part of my house:
> my mother told me that when she was a kid and had to go to the toilet at night she sometimes saw a little gnomish creature in a corner telling her to go back to bed, she shrugged it of as halfsleep-dream stuff
> i once made a bad joke when she was over
> mom, watch out for your gnome!
> mom gets a real terrified look on her face and refused to enter the upper level for at least a week
>ever happened to YOU
>muh cousin

Holy fuck
See, i like this. A nice bait-and-switch that makes a lot of sense but is still pretty spooky.
You will think I am making this up but my biological mother was completely batshit crazy, 'talked to God' and routinely would chase us with a kitchen knife as a 'funny prank'.

Later I found out she was a clinical psychopath.

So yeah, my childhood literally was 'the Binding of Isaac'.

She claimed Micheal Gorbachev was the antichrist, that he'd try and take us away and she'd have to kill us if it came to that.
Go back to Turkey, you kebab.
>beeing somewhat 6-7 years old

That's some straight up retardation right there, anon. See a doctor. Fuck, go to the health clinic at the grocery store, get your shit straightened. Yeesh.

What was the cause of death?

Have you ever wondered if you stopped by on day 1 when you didn't hear from her or see her, things might have been different?

Did you talk to the daughter? Ever see her around before?

Have you considered that whatever's going on in your house is what drove your grandfather mad, and that it might drive you mad as well?

Anything happened since you got the house? How long ago did you get the house? You should do some experimentation nights with /x/, a thread, ready webcam and phone cam for streamlined uploads. Setting things up to see if anything changes them etc.
You're pretty gay
I remember seeing a documentary posted here about a girl who killed birds and stuck needles into her brother and things like that. I am pretty sure she was treated and eventually turned out fine.
The fact that this is the scariest moment of my life, should probably be a good thing. (idk if that'll change since I just finished OSUT)
>Be 17
>Have job assisting the Medical/Security Staff at some Rich people's gated community.
>I get a call to go over this Older Ladies house
>She's a good 5'8 about 55 years old and maybe 200lbs
>I get calls to her house often, for medication, or because domestic disturbances.
>I often go with other Medical/Security Staff, but I went alone this time
>Get to the house, and she calls me in.
>I go inside to see her sitting on a chair, masturbating.
>I look for like 5 seconds in awe, then leave without saying a word.

Read the subject lines. It's one poster copy pasting stories from the internet.
Eh, I do not care if they are original or not. I like creepypasta.
This is about the only damn scary thing in this thread.
The rest of you be like "I think I saw a ghost once".

Just saying the poster won't reply or if they do they're roleplaying as the author.
Posted this on a /k/ thread earlier.

All my friends were Navajo, one day they took me to the desert and we ended up camping, I was the Bilagaanaatsoi Blonde hair, green eyes, I knew some of their shit, probably the only outsider those guys would really talk with. anyway where they set up camp was outside the reservation, near a burnt up old seventies car that got left out there to rust to nothing. I woke up at about 3-4am to something ruffling in the tent with me, and this..attrocious fucking smell. I can't really describe it, It wasn't like a blood/shit smell, but just like.. Hot metal mixed with scentless raid kinda smell, and it was really quiet. There was a feminine looking figure in the bag with me going through my food, picking out a bunch of dried sausages and stuff I had with me. she realized I was awake and looked right at me with these vibrant, piercing white eyes. And after that I don't remember anything. but I woke up naked, a mile away from the camp and smelling like sex..
>in the car listening music with a friend
>two cops come out of nowhere pointing us with their guns
>they are violent crazy pigs and they think we are robbers or something
>eventually we talk our way out of the whole thing and went back home
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I posted this in the other thread but here goes:
>be 5 years ago
>i go home late in the morning and just realized i havent washed my uniform yet
>it's more or less 2 am and I start washing
>my neighbors are asleep, both have their lights turned off but our open garage has lights to see both neighbors
>left neighbor has a garage and the other, a fucking forest
>i finish up drying my clothes and hanging them
>as i walk onto my house and check everything, i saw a fucking child's legs/feet climbing the tree on my neighbor's lawn
>i was petrified and instead of taking a picture, i just looked at it climb up

Here's the scary part:
>there are no children on my right neighbor
>gate is locked
>it's 2 in the fucking morning

An animal?
do you remember why the gold necklace was there?
Skinwalker thread? Skinwalker thread
Face it, you where raped bruh
>not jumpin on that pussy
>confirmed as beta
back home? you mean.. back to the trailer park to grow some dope?
> I take showers in the dark

So edge
Shut up, douchebag, he never once tried to be edgy.
is it really rape if at that age I would have consented to damn near anything?
>Be me, about 13-14 years old
>At my grandmother's house with my cousin 12-13 years old
>We were watching TV
>Get hungry, go get something to eat
>Get to kitchen to take our stuff
>Turn around and 2 vampire-like ghosts that look just like us except they are demonized and grayish start screaming at us
>We get scared shitless and run through them (no other choice) and tuck in bed
>Wake up in the morning
>Realize it was just a dream
>Heart pounding at around 110 beats/sec also sweaty
>The same day we go in the kitchen late at night
>Remember my dream and get scared
>As I pass through the corridor I feel a cold-as-fuck chill thorough my body
>Get even more scared and start running, my cousin is like "Wtf.jpg"

First story I tell on /x/, sorry if it's bad.
i got abducted once it was freaky as shit once i realized that 5 hours had gone by in 2 seconds, then that night there were lil dudes running around on my roof and looking in the windows n shit

alien/demon bros: totally unchill
Horrible story, you definitely live in a foreign LEDC as your story telling in English makes explains a lot.
+2 leukaemia points

I used to work for a woman whose son did stuff like this to anything he could find which was usually frogs, salamanders and little birds but once even a feral kitten who he'd spent the better part of a month trying to earn it's trust. It creeped me the fuck out(especially since this was on a farm with a variety of animals, plus obviously I'm an animal lover; I can't even bring myself to eat a freaking hamburger). His mom was a recovering crack addict(spent an average of 15k/month on her own drugs alone, daddy was the CEO of a mining company) who, instead of actually giving up substance, started drinking instead. The little boy would run around the property looking for half full bottles of beer at age 3, slam whatever he'd find and his mom & (court appointed)baby sitter would just laugh about this and the animal killing. It was fucked. Off topic but felt I should share, hehe
This is probably the scariest thing thats happened to me due to poor decision making

>be high school me
>be sophomore
>be an american
>be moving to new school in Germany
>living in a small village in Germany
>about 100 people
>about 7 are american
>2 are children my age
>one is an emo nonconformist faggot
>other is socially inept kid who knows a lot about demonology (we'll call him demonboy)
>demonboy is a freshman whos about 6'1 and is pretty lanky
>has a very specific speech impediment
>start getting to know the demonboy
>talks a lot about astral projecting and trying to leave this plain of existence
>says really edgy things really awkwardly so they never have quite the impact that he wants them to
>after about a week of knowing him he always starts conversation with "Anon, do you think we have common interests? Do you think we are good friends?"
>always asking me for advice even though im only slightly less autistic than him

this is just the introduction
the stalker sounds like the majority of /b/

>school starts
>start meeting people
>never really hang out with the demonboy at school
>he comes over to my house just about every day after school
>hang out with him everytime he comes over for a couple weeks
>one day i dont feel like hanging out
>he comes over at the usual time after school
>I tell him that I dont feel like hanging out
>he lingers in my doorway and tries to guilt me to come out
>says things like "Wow you know real friends support the other whenever they need it"
>hes there for a good 5 minutes before i finally just decide to come outside
>as soon as i come out he starts acting as if he didnt guilt me to come hang out with him
>asks me throw away questions like "How was school?" and gets throw away answers
>after 10 minutes of me being outside he says "Welp i gotta go"
>this nigger just wasted my time
>this goes on for about 3 months
>one day get invited to party by brofriends
>come home at around 9
>mom tells me that she was worried
>ask her why
>she says an angry boy came over and interrogated her
>she says he kept on saying "Are you sure anon isnt in his room"
>kept on asking her if he could check to see
>she kept on refusing to let him
>eventually my confused mother did let him check
>demonboy leaves my house without saying a word

this is about when i started thinking demonboy was a bit more than socially inept
How in the fuck could a guy break into a house for months on end and nobody noticed..?

>next day
>demonboy comes over
>I answer the door
>he says that he wants to go on a walk with me
>I agree
>I confront him about him not trusting my mom
>Tries to be edgy and says "I dont know who I can trust anymore, anon"
>we walk into these german woods for about half an hour before i start getting paranoid
>this is how it happens in the movies
>what if he wants to kill me
>tell him i need to go home
>stares at me blankly for a good 10 seconds
>says "ok ill stay here though"
>start seeing less and less of demonboy until he stops coming over at all
>brofriends from school start coming over more and more
>stop worrying about demonboy
>one night brofriends spend the night
>on the second floor of my house which is on a hill above other parts of the village
>get high as fuck and play ssbb
>have to blow smoke out the window
>about 11 pm friday night
>friend says theres a tall guy just standing in the village graveyard thats about 20 houses down from my house
>thinks the guy is staring at the house
>sure hes just noided from the weed
>1 am
>tall guy is standing in our neighbor's yard staring at us
>its demonboy

anyone even in this thread?
I'm reading. Keep it fucking coming
I actually really liked this story.
More plox
>me and my two brofriends are in my house
>demonboy is outside
>decide to quietly go outside and confront him
>we go outside
>walk to where we can see demonboy
>as soon as he sees us he books it down the hill
>we're still scared out of our minds, but i realize how fucking amazing it is being high and looking at the night sky and the forest
>tell brofriends to forget about demonboy and that we should just walk around my village for a while
>grab the bowl and the weed
>walking around the streets at night stoned out of our minds
>we're walking around my village for about 30 minutes before we decide to look for a bench
>we figure out that the only near by bench isnt too far from the graveyard
>we see the bench down the street were on
>as we get closer we can hear talking
>start getting noided, but self aware enough to think its just the drugs
>we get to the bench
>i start paying more attention to the talking
>make out english words
>make out speech impediment
>tell my bros to keep quiet
>sneak to outside of graveyard walls
>demonboy is standing in the graveyard muttering to himself
>standing erect looking at no stone in particular, just muttering to himself
>a few of the words i made out were "Crowely" my name
>we cant stand there all night
>signal bros that we need to leave
>get back home
>pass out
>next day

last part coming up
not as fun as i set it up to be
im shitting myself now

i hope this is real i cant stand bullshit stories
Your name is Crowely? Is your first name Aleister? (or however the fuck you spell it)

But, seriously, that's a fucking cool name
File: g2s99.jpg (57KB, 453x604px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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damn nigga does demonboy look like this by any chance
That guy started life with pocket twos
Why do you call them brofriends, anon. Did they fuck you.

So far how your story reads to me is:

-you and him were both socially awkward and clicked
-you spent a lot of time in your room. were you depressed? friends tend to check up on their friends
-over time you changed, got new friends, started smoking marijauna
-you were likely his best friend
-you started ignoring him and acting weird around him
-basically you were rejecting him
-he was obviously around the neighborhood, so probably wanted to hang out with you
-you and your stoned friends chased him / "wanted to confront", not say hi
-he was scared and embarassed and ran
-letting off steam in the graveyard... cause that gothic stuff was his escape/hobby, like comic books or anime or anything else socially awkward nerds get into

So far I feel bad for the guy because the story this far is that his best friend, you, rejected him over a few years and he had nobody. He might have even had a hard time at home, which would explain a lot on why he wanted to just walk around with you for no reason.

I'm sure something big is coming... but really I bet it's you were stoned and chased him again, and he got angry and did something. Or maybe he "cursed" you or some shit. If it's that then seriously I'm going to call you a jerk who went from this guy's best friend to alienating him. Right now you're the creepiest part of the story.
he has a good chance for a 3 of a kind then.

I would say he started with 2 and 10.
>aspie detected.

OP came to a new country, hung out a bit with the only other kid there who spoke English (it can be difficult to make new friends if you are a bit socially awkward like OP claimed he was, that's without the language barrier and being unfamiliar with the local area). The person OP had to befriend was a fucking weirdo, who became extremely possessive of OP and tried to curse him when OP moved on with his life and made some cool new friends.
>next day
>go to school
>demonboy isnt there
>dont want to provoke him, so after school i dont try to go to his house
>dont even think about demonboy until friday comes
>doorbell rings
>answer the door
>its demonboy
>he looks really sad
>asks if I can hang out
>im a bit in shock, so i agree
>we walk over to usual hanging spot which is a german school playground
>the whole walk over there, he doesnt say a word
>we sit on one of those school picnic table things
>i nervously ask him whats up
>he throws a knife on the table
>"I wanted to hurt you a while ago"
>"i figured out that im better than you though"
>"im going to go do something and nothing you do can stop me"
>im freaking out in my head
>he walks off and leaves his knife
>i throw it away because fuck leaving it on a playground table
>base police want to ask me a few questions at school
>tell me that demonboy has run away and want to know if i would know why he would do that
>tell them he was a strange kid

to this day, i have not heard from demonboy, but his mom was german so he may still be out there. also sorry it didnt end with him dead or attacking me or some shit, he just ran away
Now now faggot you know he's got a point.
>which would explain a lot on why he wanted to just walk around with you for no reason.

This is exactly what I was thinking.

He probably has attachment/abandonment issues (comes with the territory, damn near a given here). He noticed you starting to pull away and he got scared. He stopped inherently trusting that you were his friend and started expecting the worst. It's a coping mechanism. All those times he was acting "weird" or "creepy", he was probably just retreating inward due to overwhelming, conflicting emotions/fears. He was afraid that you'd leave him, too, so he pulled back. It just came off as creepy because you're a douche.

And the not-trusting-your-mom thing... well, I'm sure he's been in that situation before. Suddenly your only friend no longer has time for you, and his routine suspiciously changes so that you two are unable to spend time together...

Empathy isn't a defining trait of assburgers, and being a decent person who doesn't think awkward nerds should be rejected or ridiculed isn't either.

There was a time that 4chan wasn't populated by hipsters you know.

So you and your new stoner friends chased him. He didn't show up for school, and then he had an emotional outburst at you, probably his only remaining friend?

Oh wow... so scary. Not really actually. Obviously he was alone and didn't have that good of a life, and obviously you alienated him at some point and he couldn't deal with it / grew to have some issues.

I think anyone who finds your story creepy or scary is probably the type who ridicules nerds or loners to turn them into the bogey man.

Seriously, you sound like you were kind of a douche in high school.
demonboy and i never really clicked, i hung out with him because he came over a lot. Eventually I got tired of pretending to enjoy hanging out with him but knew telling him that I just didnt like him wouldnt process in his mind. everytime i wasnt at my house my mom would have a story about how the demonboy asked if he could check all over our fucking house for me and she was legitimately scared of him. I think demonboy was just an inept obsessive kid with some violent tendencies
I just found it funny how you related with a creepy, awkward kid who gives off a Dylan Klebold or Eric Harris edgemaster vibe. Look, I understand that the kid may have emotional issues or social problems, but why the fuck should OP be responsible (and have no other friends) for them just because he was forced into friendship with this creepy kid? It was demonboy who kept calling over to OP, not the other way around.

Not to mention the poster was doing shit like chasing him with his new stoner friends. In other words, the poster probably didn't even acknowledge that this guy was his friend, and didn't even want to say hi to him or anything.

Everything about that situation tells me the guy probably wanted to be part of the friend group, but the poster shat all over him. Seriously... who chases some nerd with a group of stoners? The poster could have like... invited him in to hang out and chilled him out a bit.

The poster's story is a tragedy, not creepy. I feel bad for that kid.
Tldr: You're an asshole
>who chases some nerd with a group of stoners?
Someone who is stoned and not functioning as they normally would. Seriously. How would you have reacted?
>The poster could have like... invited him in to hang out and chilled him out a bit.
Except his friends probably would have felt uncomfortable with demonboy, just like OP did. They probably got to know he was the kind of person who would fly off the rails and seriously consider stabbing them.
If you talked with him it may have been easier for him, you know? Like saying your mother is scared of him and doesn't want you to hang out with him and that he should move on an try and find some new friends. Meh dude you could have helped him with that :/

I can relate to a lot of people, and a lot of your take on the kid are your own prejudices. If you take that poster's story event by event, there's nothing scary about the kid. In fact the scariest moment is when the poster and his new stoner friends chased that kid at night, instead of saying hi.

>but why the fuck should OP be responsible

Because it's entirely obvious that he was awkward just like that kid and was good friends with the kid. They hung out every day. It's not hard for that poster to know he was that kid's best friend, and the entire vibe through the whole story which doesn't even acknowledge that this guy was his friend at one point is pretty douchey.

The scary part is posters like you who think that kid didn't have a right to want friends, or to try to be that poster's friend. What do you think is more likely for an awkward teenager in a small village to be standing outside for; demonology human sacrifice, or just wanted to be included in that poster's social group (his former best friend who never made it clear he wasn't still his best friend).

Seriously... only a douchebag could read that story and feel more for the poster than for the kid. It's tragic. Doesn't sound like the kid had anyone at all in his life.... that's a rough thing man.
OP is responsible for only his own actions, I agree. For example, choosing to spend so much time with this kid. Choosing to let this kid go on believing that they were good friends. Choosing to be a fucking bleeding vagina instead of being upfront with the kid. Or how about choosing to chase the poor kid through town with the new friends. The ones that were cooler and more interesting replacements.

God, have a fucking heart. He's a human being too, and you clearly never took the time to try to figure out what was going on in his head and heart. He meant nothing to you, and you used him for his company simply because of the convenience of sharing the same mother tongue. You act like a sociopath and he's the creepy one?
>This is probably the scariest thing thats happened to me due to poor decision making
>fuck this stop trying to help demonboy
>he's gone now
>back to telling spoopy stories instead of trying to be psychologists pls

Doesn't sound like that kid ever flew off the rails before. Except after the poster chased him with his new friends. How is the awkward kid's problem that that poster was stoned and acting insane?

Did it occur to you that the kid missed school because of that, lashed out at that poster because of that and was referencing that, and that the kid thought that poster was his best friend? It's entire possible that the kid ran away because of that poster, who obviously had zero empathy at all... for his former friend.

>2 awkward nerds
>one starts smoking weed gets new friends
>other is alone
>has his heart broken by the stoner friend
>runs away
>stoner friend doesn't give one shit

Not a scary story. The poster is just a jerk.
You're right
My apologizes
ITT: Some fag posted about an autistic fag, autistic fags white knight one of their own

Chill out and post stories you fucking nerds

You really didn't know though, and everything you're describing is in your head. To him, he was completely alone and here you are, moved in, hanging out with him, and to him you're his best friend.

He was probably confused by your occasional cold shoulder, and over time pretty depressed that his only friend was treating him like shit with his new friends.

As to tendencies, ever consider he lashed out at you like that because you attempted to chase him down with your new friends? Same could be said about you and your friends, eh? I mean who does that. Why not say hi to him. Either case, he's socially awkward, wanted to hang out with you guys... got scared and ran, and that was that.

How you go from that, to having no empathy at all is the creepy part... that you might in fact be a psychopath. Or at least a massive douchebag. (I'm not the only one pointing this out, there's like 3 posters now calling you out on it)
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Fuck Thou Self.jpg
11KB, 320x171px
>You act like a sociopath and he's the creepy one?
There's a reason the other kids steered clear of demonboy. It's sad that demonboy was cursed to the life he had, but when OP had a chance to have a normal life with normal friends, who wouldn't take that. Herd mentality and your own ego is so strong as a teenager, it's not OP's fault that he took the easy option. Especially given that OP and demonboy never really clicked and demonboy was a stalker with obvious issues who would have harmed OP for leaving him. OP didn't handle it maturely, agreed. But he was a kid and, as he admits himself, created these problems with bad decisions.

Nothing scary about the kid.
>into demonology
>extremely possessive (calling over every day, demanding to search OP's room when he was at the party)
>stalking around in the middle of the night looking at OP's house
>admitting that he would have stabbed OP because their "friendship" was dissolving
Pretty creepy to me.

Other than that, the answer I gave above is what I'd give again. OP was a kid, OP was irresponsible, OP made bad mistakes. The creepy aspect of this story is brought by the social outcast with emotional problems acting against the normal codes of human interaction. Such unfamiliarity is uncomfortable. The kid has had it tough with his lot in life, but OP had genuine reasons to be creeped out and that's what this thread is about. Creepy things which happened to you.

100% agree. Well written. I'm getting the sociopath vibe from that poster also.
> normal codes of human interaction

Like not chasing someone at night? Or putting them on about being their friend? Or acting like hanging out with them all the time is somehow not being their friend?

Switch the point of view of the story, and omit all information that the kid couldn't have known due to no psychic powers. Suddenly a lot of what he was doing was actually normal. The poster already admitted he never told this kid he wasn't his friend.... he just kept hanging out with him.

The creepy part is when you see both points of view, and realize that poster, not the kid, might be a sociopath.
ok, I'll tell one.

>9 years old, riding in car with mother, sister, and brother
>it is late at night and we are driving home from something
>pitch black out, except for the streetlights
>driving along, there is a purse up ahead in the road
>purse is perfectly in the middle of the road, like on the dotted line
>I am sitting behind my mother in the backseat
>mother is a good person, "anon I'll stop and you pick that up, we'll see if there is any identification inside and turn it over to the police"
>reluctantly sigh 'okaaay' as little kids do
>she stops the car alongside the purse and I open my door
>the purse is immediately outside my door, so close I can almost grab it without getting out of the car.
>Something feels really wrong about the situation, but I can't tell what
>inspecting the purse more closely from where I was sitting I see what appears to be a super thin clear line of some kind tied to the strap at the top of the purse
>try to voice my concern
>"uhm, mom?"
>"what anon, just get the purse!"

I didn't mean that I think he's ACTUALLY sociopathic. I just think he's a selfish moron. There's a huge gap between OP and true psychopathy.
You can act without concern for others without being a sociopath.
>5 years old
>arrows flying in my grandpa yard
>everybody WTF
>run into home
Uh... I agree that OP is in the wrong here, but your autism is flairing up. Get off the "sociopath" bandwagon. It's missing a wheel and it's careening down fedora mountain

I don't even know if careening is a fucking word
>admitting that he would have stabbed OP because their "friendship" was dissolving

what you mean after OP tried to lynch him at night with his new stoner friends, who he didn't bother to tell about their friendship?

Sounds like a dramatic lashing out after he almost got lynched by someone who he thought was his friend. Considering the kid missed school directly after that, it's obvious he was scared.

That's where the sociopath stuff comes in... the poster should have been able to put 2 and 2 together, since that's basic empathy. But the poster seems oblivious to the action - reaction of trying to chase down the friend/guy he was apparently using.

The poster sends a chill down my spine...

And the whole thing withposter's mom, staring at somebody's house at 1am, and the other thing with the knife? Those aren't red flag behaviors?
Underrated post
My thinking.

OP didn't chase demonboy. He went out to confront him and when demonboy ran, he didn't run after him. The whole creepy forest incident and searching the room incident came before this. He was a creep from the moment he might lose control of OP. And OP was never really his friend, not to OP anyway.

Didn't chase him. Demonboy ran and OP didn't run after him. He went out to confront him and let him go his own way. what would you do if someone was staring into your house at midnight? He led him on about being his friend, but that was for a number of reasons (common ground with being American, not socially great). And demonboy probably intimidated OP, he was acting fucking weird the entire time. I know I'd be the same.
>Suddenly a lot of what he was doing was actually normal.
Like what? If you genuinely think that calling over to someone's house every fucking day is normal, you don't understand human interaction. If you think standing outside someone's house at midnight is normal, or being on the verge of killing someone because you feel let down by them is normal, or demanding to search someone's room to make sure they aren't blowing you off is normal, you are a very odd person.

Yes but the poster seems oblivious to a lot of it. Action with consequence, no sign of empathy (empathy isn't just giving or helping, it's also the ability to relate and act accordingly).

Obviously I'm not definitely saying that poster is a sociopath. I doubt that other poster who mentioned it is either. We're just saying the story reads like that, because it does and it's that poster who is the creepy part of it.

Relating to people is the exact opposite of autism, you uneducated pleb. Maybe it's you who has the autism?

That poster's story definitely gives off a sociopath vibe. The poster ends up as more creepy than that kid.
Continue pls
>everything felt wrong and I could feel a burning in my stomach and face
>slowly reach arm out of car towards purse, trying to get it without getting out of car.
>getting closer can almost reach it
>right as I reach for it and almost grab the handle, the purse falls over backwards away from me. It is now just far enough out that I would have to get out of the car
>sorry for bad storytelling, but this is the moment I noticed the wire on the purse
>I looked towards where the wire led into the bushes and there was a small red light in the bushes
>'what's wrong anon, just get out and get it!'
>scared shitless
>"I think someone is trying to catch a person or something, there is a string on the purse and it pulled away when I reached for it, and there is a tiny red light in the bushes!"
>say all of this in super scared little kid speak, it comes out high pitched and super fast
>sister is next to me and understands, her eyes wide with terror
>older brother riding shotgun is slowly playing over what I said in his head and piecing it together
>mother still confused and blissful, "what did he say?"
>see older brother's face as he realizes what I've said
>quickly oblige
>mother turns to him "I still don't understand, what--"
>he cuts her off and points at the road in front of us, "DRIVE!!!"
>she has no idea what is happening but realizes we are in real danger and immediately complies.

I have no idea what the fuck was in those bushes.
Small children of that age don't really have a sense of empathy yet. Such events aren't all that uncommon, people just don't talk about it for obvious reasons.

She may thought the bird was pretty, then for whatever reason deicded it's actually not pretty, which made her mad, so she stomped it.

The knife thing came after he missed school and was almost lynched by the poster, his only friend.

Red flag behavior is a stigmatizing term, so lets apply it equally. That poster doing drugs and chasing down someone he's been leading on is red flag behavior. Not telling the police about all of that is red flag behavior. So on so forth.

Who's more creepy, the poster or the kid was almost got lynched by the poster?
>what you mean after OP tried to lynch him at night with his new stoner friends, who he didn't bother to tell about their friendship?
Where did you get this info from? OP didn't chase him at all.

I wonder how many of them showed other signs of it.
It was aliums trying to kidnap bitches
It is high school. He wants to be popular. He wants to have friends. He wants to go to parties, and get stoned and drunk and fuck girls. If you have to get rid of a creepy acquaintance, whose behaviour is a cause for concern anyway, then that's understandable. OP could have handled it better, but there you go.

He said he would have killed him. This could have been referring to the moment when he led him into a creepy ass forest. And once more, he wasn't even pursued kek. Stop projecting.
I don't know if this one is spooky enough for you guys after that shocker demonboy story.

>be me, around 9 or 10
>live about 10 miles out of town on a long dirt road that leads up to the mountains.
>one night my mom is driving us home from town after visiting my grandparents in town.
>me not paying attention to what's going on around when mom slams on the brakes and tells me to look up.
>it's been a clear night sky with lots of stars out, but in the sky there is this huge dark area of no stars in the shape of a triangle.
>there are huge bright lights at the vertices and one at the center
>mom and I just stare at this thing for what feels like 15 minutes as it slowly moves through the sky.
>after a bit my mom starts driving home but I can't take my eyes off the thing.
>next day my mom refuses to talk about it and insists it was nothing
>forget about it for awhile.
>about a month or so later, dad and I are driving home during the day and we see this guy walking down the dirt road.
>as we get closer, dad realizes it's the town drunk and slows down to ask if he needs a ride back into town
>the man is bleeding all over the place and as we pull up beside him, he starts flipping out saying he was abducted and that he was being probed and all this shit.
>his stories scared the shit out of me
>my dad played it off as him being a drunkard but apparently this happened a few more times and each time the man's car was up on the mountain and he must have walked a good 6 miles down the mountain and the dirt road.

I know not that spoopy but it freaked me out as a kid, and to this day I have a weird visceral reaction to seeing aliens in movies.
what kind of things would he say?
I think I remembered you posting this before. Was it in Florida? Or maybe California. I can't remember, but I think a bunch of other Floridians then kept posting creepy shit which happened in a similar area which is known for weird stuff. I think the area was triangular between three cities or something?
He said things about being awake as his eyes were being drilled into (that one stuck with me) and that the metal in his fillings were tracking devices. Mostly shit that anyone who had seen an abduction movie or watched xfiles would say. At the time though, being a small child, it was very scary to me
Haha oops I thought that was in regards to my alium posting. Sorry

No, this is my first time posting anything here and it happened in central New Mexico. Around Albuquerque
Schizophrenia. Case closed.
More precisely, I lived at the foothills of JFK campground on the Manzano Mountains near Trigo Canyon
I don't know why you're getting so much hate because of your story. I also used to have a weird "friend" who I didn't really click with, but for some reason, still hang out with. So I can totally see where you're coming from and understand your actions.
Anyways, interesting story, man. Good thing he fucked off though.

Sounds like the classic "string-tied-to-wallet" prank. The small red light was probably an old camera set to record.

>calling people "brofriends"
>being an awkward sycophant nerd with the distinct need to please
The ringing was probably an alarm
Ah, okay so. I got you confused with one of th posters in this thread:
I don't think any of their stories are very similar to yours, but I could have sworn I've heard you one before.
Meant for >>15183433
It's clear you've never been in the same situation.
Give him a break though, he was just a kid.
He is still so ingrained in his sycophant ways that he refers to his cool friends as "brofriends".

Your post showed the same sycophantic tendencies.
Ah, yeah it was scary as hell at the time
I've seen this before, on a pranks show on the Internet.
>Candid Camera for the win
I've been in situations that I think most people would think are scary, but I didn't - I probably should have, but was just too stupid.

This one scared me, though

>Be about four years ago
>Be working as armed guard for private police department at housing department in ghetto
>crime common
>hard drugs and domestic violence common
>Averages one shooting death per year
>New guy, and in trouble for sending the property manager's favorite tenant's nephew to drunk tank for threatening to kill entire department and assaulting me and another guy, so working dispatch on third shift
>3am - nothing happening
>See guy walking up hill from street on CCTV
>Has boxer shorts covering his face
>Can't see his face, except for one eye poking out of fly hole
>Approaches main entrance
>Announce on intercom "Take that off your face
>Not opening remote locked door
>Door wasn't closed all the way
>Guy comes in, won't take boxers off of face
>Staring at me
>No one else on duty
>Go to confront him
>guy complies once I come in to lobby
>says it was on his head because of bugs
>sign boxerface in - check info - no warrants - send him on his way

Through all of the spoopy alleum and skellington shits i've seen, creepy innawoods kinda shit, close calls with crack dealing crims, crazy pilot shenanigans, and being a parent - this is probably the only time I feared for my life. NOT the only time my life was in danger, but the only time I was genuinely scared about it.
Yeah, it's Child of Rage, nigga is insane, she talks about how she masturbates so much her vag rubs off
fuck you /x/ this is why you can't have nice things
>Have you considered that whatever's going on in your house is what drove your grandfather mad, and that it might drive you mad as well?

my grandpa was suffering from a postshizophrenic depression as a result of ww2 6 years wartime and 4 years prisoner of war... after my grandmother died he was too much time alone.... i think it's one of the biggest issues for old people...

> Anything happened since you got the house?
only a few "small cases" of feeling watched a few years back. i gotta say that i literally ripped out everything old and removed/replaced a lot of walls and stuff(i'm still not done yet). i also removed some ceilings...

found some interesting weird stuff in the attic. like old maps,paintings, old photographs of family elders even my parents can't remember, a metal box with shotgunshells and false teeth in it, stuff like that... i guess you'll find that in every old house in my area. one of my neighbors told me he found 2 old assault rifles in a ceiling when he refurbished his house(must be as old as mine).
This one is pretty well-known.
But severely abused children can easily grow up like this, so there might be more cases.
>Be about a year and a half/2 years ago
>Friend staying over
>Playing video games and drinking beer
>Agree to go out for a walk
>By this time, it's past 3 AM
>Walk until we get to a war monument near our house
>Decide to sit and have a smoke
>The park and benches right next to the monument are regularly used by druggies
>Don't see any needles or shit like that, only a discarded pair of socks
>Sitting and chilling when we hear chains rattling in a house left of the monument
>We both just freeze up for a few seconds and look at the house
>Hear the chains again
>Nope the fuck out of there
>Walking down a street a dog just barks out of nowhere
>Both get scared shitless
>Start laughing about paranoia
>Get home
>Play games for a while longer and then go to sleep
Eh, it's not much but it was pretty fucking scary at the time.
nice Galil, Im mad jelly
I remember back when I was around 13/14 me and a group of friends would explore this abandoned mental asylum close to where I love. Place was weird as fuck, long hallways, large heavy doors, strange out place rooms, etc.. Went there maybe around 5 or 6 times myself before I stopped. There would always be atleast 3 of us if not 4 or 5 and would always have someone as a lookout outside and would talk to them with walkie talkies. Well one time we were going through there and were looking for new places in the building so we went down to the basement, which was beyond creepy, it had this playroom for the child patients that had these creepy images painted on the walls, but what really freaked us out was in one room far in the back of the basement were just piles of binders full of medical info and patient records that were just left there. We were looking at these records for maybe half an hour before the atmosphere started feeling very tense and strained down there, but the worst was we started hearing very faint footsteps behind us, and this basement was dark as fuck, like unnaturally dark, we had bright LED flashlights and they only did so much, so we booked it out of that basement (even though one of the guys I was with was saying we should take some of the binders as mementos) fuck that fuck this place. Even as we were leaving that place though, it felt like we were constantly being followed and I just couldn't shake it, it was always a very strange feeling going there but this time just felt so fucked up. I know as we were going down one of the hallways to get to the exit with easiest outdoor access my friend flipped his shit and said he heard the footsteps following us still but moving faster. Didn't even ask or anything, we just took off. He was freaked out for awhile afterwards and wouldn't talk about it. I wish the pictures I had taken were still around but I lost them, all I can ever find are just some shitty small pictures from the 90s
>last year
>attend a college in Boston
>live in a suburban neighborhood slightly south of the city
>after a few traffic ridden commutes I decide to take the train
>save money on gas and just walk to station unless it's raining
>walk is about 15-20 minutes and is through a fairly comfy neighborhood so I never really cared about the distance
>hang out with some friends after classes in town
>starts to get late so I grab a train home
>quite dark outside and eerily empty
>barely even saw cars when I walked home
>temperature was nice and the sky was clear so I enjoyed it
>halfway home I get really paranoid
>start looking behind me a lot and looking down side streets that I passed
>every street just ended in darkness after the last streetlight
>few streets off of mine I look down and see someone standing right on the border of the darkness/light
>can't make out many features just recognize it as a person
>standing in the middle of the road, not moving
>just walk faster and try to ignore it
>as I pass the street I start hearing footsteps from that direction
>basically jogging at this point, turn around every so often and see nothing
>as I turn onto a street I look back and see the figure just emerging from the street they were standing in
>nope the fuck out and make it home as fast as possible

Just to say I live on a side street off a side street and its not the first nor the last on the road

>get home
>calm myself down but keep an eye on the road from my window
>two hours or so pass and I decide to go to sleep
>as I close my eyes and relax I become distinctly aware of footsteps from outside
>carefully look out without revealing myself (still paranoid)
>see same figure slowly walking down the road, almost swaying with each step to an unnatural degree
>keep fucking watching until they walk out of sight and stay awake listening for a better part of the night
>never see it again
And that is why I don't walk at night in my town
>When I was 19
>Group of kids and I would hang out on the weekends, drinking, smoking weed, etc.
>I had an older friend that would buy beer
>I was a weed hookup, but not a dealer
>One weekend, group of five came over to my town (20 minutes away)
>Couldn't find weed
>Get friend to buy two cases of beer
>It was Budweiser pounders
>We were all headed to their town to party
>Leaving my town, I decided to stay home and smoke weed
>RANDOMLY, I smoked up and watched "The Exorcist" for the first time
>Kids were drinking on their way back to their town
>Huge, dangerous, curve headed to their town going the "back-roads" way
>Months later, I find out from the friend that I met all these people through, that they crashed that night
>It was covered in their town's paper, not mine
>4 out of 5 died
>I COULD HAVE been in that car
>Won't reveal anything more, it's been almost 17 years, and stuff like this doesn't happen in this area, and it's small.
>Never told anyone before
>Couldn't find weed
>RANDOMLY, I smoked up and watched "The Exorcist" for the first time
this shit makes no sense
For them. Alway had my own shit when I was a teenager.

>Hope this helps
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the dogs.jpg
138KB, 888x592px
Ok so i was 18 and and lost in LA a lil homeless sometimes supported by friends/family.
it was a bad time, saw some strange / horrible things but one particular story stands out

>dry night in summer
>wandering near a drained reservoir
>am looking for unoccpied run off holes, the odd tunnel
>stomach hurts but too tired to look for food
>can only keep walking and looking for some form of shelter, just want to crash
>pass a couple orange tents in a tunnel entrance
>shitloads of half empty packets of rice and mounds of soda cans
>check tent with lil torch i kept on rucksack zip
>the tents are empty
>engorge myself on leftover rice
>suddenly hear noise of like steam bubbling up from somewhere on the other side of the tents
>look over and see HUGE fuckin dogs head crane over the tent and open its mouth
>this thing was massive
>starts barking loud and moving towards me
>in moment of panic lucidity i pull up onto the top of the tunnel mouth
>the slope of the reservoir bank is too steep for the big dog
>it can't reach me but spends the most harrowing six minutes of my life barking at me insanely
>being so close i could see it was only a little smaller than the tunnel mouth
>for reference i didn't have to duck to enter the tunnel
>eventually it goes away and i scrabble madly up the bank and run far away
>didn't end up sleeping after all

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so a couple days pass and during that time i met with a friend of mine who squatted in the area. i told him the story of the huge dog and the abandoned tents and we decide to check it out in the daytime

>very hot day, cloudless sky
>like have to pack drink bottles to walk three blocks hot
>i'm trying to figure out where exactly it was
>completely on edge but curious
>eventually notice a glint of orange at the base of the slope
>it's the tents
>we investigate, all the while im shit scared that the dog will emerge from the tunnel
>my friend doesn't give two shits, only half-believes me about it
>"fucking hell Anon what's that smell"
>i approach closer, thinking he's just referring to rice and dog shits
>as soon as I push through the tents and follow him into the tunnel am hit with an overpowering waft of awful smells
>the smell of shit and rotting meat intermingling with so many other different stenches
>the sheer variety of so many different, distinctly awful smells was the worst part
>for whatever reason we keep pushing on
>my friend points out the sparsity of graffiti in the tunnel, and how it is limited mostly to the very start of the entrance
>for whatever reason this severely creeps me out and i suggest we head back
>before i can push the matter friend grabs my arm and starts gagging
>he stumbles past me and vomits against the wall
>i squint into the darkness where he was looking
>can't see shit
>move a lil closer
>my bare foot squelches through something cold and wet
>shine torch on the floor
>at my feet is a mess of bones and brown meat literally ALIVE with maggots
>webs of mucus or fat or something string between the stew of rotting body parts
>then i see it
>poking out from under the mess, half a human face, white and wide-eyed staring up directly me
>can't tell if dead or alive
>nope the fuck out of there and never return

File: SeventhCross-End7.jpg (14KB, 250x188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 250x188px
there is a sort of epilogue to this story in the form of something i heard from a drifter about a year later. we were camping out in the california pine bluffs, and he had lived for about six months with "tunnel people". if you don't believe me look it up, there are actually fairly large communities of homeless people living in the underground of big urban areas, not just LA.

he said when he was down there every so often a person or whole family would just fall off the map, completely vanish.

now this isn't in and of itself that unusual - resources are scarce down there so people will kill and steal if they have to. but when they checked up on thier camps, nothing was stolen, but there were obvious signs of a struggle, including blood, threshed mattresses and tents and so on.
all this indicated that there was someone down there attacking and killing people but taking nothing for no reason.

he suggested a serial killer went down there for kicks, but i couldn't shake the memory of the dog and the crushed face staring up at me :(

and that's my story
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Old Town East, eh? I work about a ten minute jog south from you in a certain hospital.
i see what you were trying to do but you are a faggot so stop
maybe it was your mind telling you to get the fuck out
glad people helped her and she got better
adorable little girl, crazy to hear her say shit like that. horrible what she went through
File: 1397885003263.jpg (36KB, 176x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Actually, now that I think about it, I have a couple creepy experiences from working at the hospital. They aren't exactly scary per se, but I don't really scare easily. I'll share them anyway.

>Work in the OR
>About a year or so into the job we lose a patient on the table during a massive trauma
>It was somewhat expected, but we usually try to ferry them off to the ICU before they die
>I helped clean up and take the body down to the morgue
>We have to wait for a security escort in an unused room
>Me, two nurses, and the body crammed into this small space
>We were waiting for about half an hour or so
>During that time the lock to the room clicked open a few times, and the door rattled even more often
>Each time I popped my head out to the hallway but there was nobody there
>It was a long hallway with almost no places to hide
>Finally start heading to the morgue
>Get on the elevator, press the button to the basement
>The elevator goes up instead
>Up to the 4th floor
>They died in OR 4
>The elevator stops, the doors don't open, and we're stuck there for a few tense seconds before it moves down to the basement
>Deliver the body with no other incident

There were a few more, but most recently
>Sitting in a store room late at night
>There's a shitty spare stethoscope hanging on a wire rack
>Doing some reading when there's a loud bang
>Look up and the stethoscope was swinging into the wire rack on it's own
>Tried to recreate it with environmental factors, couldn't make any noise except by actively swinging the stethoscope into the rack
>I could only recreate the sound it made by flinging the stethoscope against the rack as hard as I could

I have a few more, but those are the best so far.
your mother was a stupid naive human being
I was making out with this girl and I looked up and the fat neckbeard neighbour was staring straight at me. Pretty sure the cunt was the one who called the cops.
hospital story interest me so go on
>be 17
>walking around a large park in Portland with friends
>it's about 3am
>come to the top of a large hill overlooking a play structure and street
>hear a lot of commotion, yelling, raised voices, a baby crying loudly
>We notice there are two black SUVs park on the street with several people standing around
>one of them is holding a baby in a car seat
>they see us, stop everything and go completely quiet except for the baby still wailing
>baby get handed off to someone else, everyone jumps into the SUVs and takes off

To this day I am still not totally sure what we witnessed but it was sketchy as fuck
Creepy, go on
Sounds pleasingly plump. 55 years old? Failed opportunity anon.
All Jews carry a bag of gold on them.
Sure it wasn't Mexicans patching the roof with their hot mops?

Remove kebab.
Shit sucks, bruh. Sorry.
>be 5 or something
>be sleeping in room which i used to find creepy as fuccck (still in this room)
> wake up to sumptin creepy (cant even remember what it was
>walk out to hall way to see what it was
>nothing, WTF
> halfway through the hallway i fall to the ground
> try to get up and run the fuck away
>try and yell "MOM!"
>comes out like the dying last words of a dying man
>keep watch because im on the floor and scared shitless
> fall asleep by doing nothing (you know what i mean)
>wake up to mom being pissed at me
>she asks me why the fuck i was sleeping on the floor
> i get up and am amazed i could
>explain what happened
>continue trying to explain, she dosent believe

to this day i still remember so vividly what happened, but i still have no idea
Crazy. So many people have seen that same craft too.
Anyone still here? I have a good close encounters story
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44KB, 634x535px
Saw this posted on reddit. So was that you or is this just one of those stories that gets passed around the internet?
reddit user GTFO!!!!
If it's not of the third kind then don't bother.
OH my god fucking MOST of these stories are reposts/stolen from the same fucking thread on reddit. Wtf is this thread?
Happened to my wife, was gf at the time
>visiting parents in southern Oregon
>two story house out in the woods, pretty isolated
>mom is cunt so makes me and gf sleep in diff room
>all go to bed around 1:30 in the morning, gf and I upstairs on opposite end of house
>15-20 mins go by and gf hears humming noise
>thinks maybe it's the washing machine, it's upstairs and not balanced correctly
>then her bed starts to shake ever so slightly
>window is cracked open but shades drawn
>humming noise changes to mechanical/hydraulic sound
>describes now as sounding like a door opening
>hears multiple sets of footprints crunching around in the rocks outside
>paralyzed with fear
>footsteps stop and mechanical noise comes back
>ENTIRE room lights up with pulsating light and a warm breeze comes through the window
>light moves off and total silence

Ayy lmao
File: 1409132097346.png (1MB, 1019x881px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1019x881px
>I was in the band in highschool. We had the biggest band in the state of TN. We always did competitions and stayed in nice hotels. So one year our director decides to book us for a "stay to remember." We were playing at BOA in Indianapolis and stayed in an old hospital turned hotel. Some of the wings still had the signs up. My room was in the ICU wing. The lights barely worked and our room overlooked an open courtyard with smaller out buildings around it. I don't remember the name of the hotel but it was featured on a ghost themed travel channel show. Around 12 every night strange things would happen. The TV turned on and changed channels, sound still came out after we unplugged it. Our shower turned on by itself. And there was the sound of gurney wheels in the hall though we never saw anything. The second night we stayed there our director brought us out and told us he had gotten complaints from people about being to scared to sleep among other things but he wasn't about to change our 300 reservations last minute and just enjoy the experience. Needless to say the sounds and happenings kept on until our TV turned itself on while it was unplugged and the gurney stopped at our door. Me and my roommates slept on the far side until we left 3 days after.
>woke up in a hospital hundreds of miles from home
>can't walk
>last memory is puking blood on my mom's lap.
>realize i'm blind in my right eye and nearly deaf
>agonizing pain from brain swelling and spinal fluid leaking into my sinuses and skull
>pass out from panic
>wake up, repeat the experience again.
>except not passing out this time
>doctor walks in
>tries to get me to walk
>watch in horror as my legs just go limp and feel numb

Same here man, I had a friend that I didnt really like but hung out with anyways because I felt bad for him. It ended with me getting a girlfriend and him telling me to break up with her because it inconvenienced him.
>friends and I buy a carton or two of eggs (teenagers)
>start throwing them at cars while inside an apartment complex, i'm filming it
>get a good hit on a camaro
>unknown to us, camaro pulls into the complex
>5 minutes after we egged the camaro, we hear "WHEN I CATCH YOU, I'M GONNA BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!" (wifebeater wearing dude in his 20's)
>all I can think about is the camera and my parents being upset after this guy catches me and breaks it
>I keep running, while thinking the guy is gonna catch me at any second and whoop me
This post just gives me the shills.
Unfortunately people have to learn not to be possessive.

[spoiler]I did[/spoiler]
what the fuck was wrong?
Hi, Demonboy
What we thought was the flu was actually meningitis.
Like I said, those were the best. Most of the time I just get a general creepy feeling late at night. There's a nurse that goes on ghost hunts that swears up and down she's seen a kid sitting on an OR table late at night. In one of our ORs the code blue alarm will go off randomly when there's nobody there. We've had it checked a dozen times and they can't find anything wrong.

One time
>Hiding out in an MRI control room that only me and a few others have access to
>There's a camera looking into the magnet room at all times
>Get an odd feeling
>Look at the camera
>It looks foggy
>Not like static, actual fog rolling into the room
>Look through the window into the room
>The automatic door swings open
>Assume it's the cleaning crew
>Walk around to the door
>Nobody's there

Another kinda meh one
>Late at night
>About to leave, decide to explore a long way around to extend out the time clock and snag some sweet sweet overtime
>Wandering around half lit corridors
>Find a random wheelchair in a connecting hallway between the ORs and a small outpatient operating clinic that I never go to
>Decide to fuck around with it for a little bit
>Go into the clinic on my way
>It's all locked up and dark
>Look around a bit, can't find a way through
>Hear some rustling in one of the rooms
>Nothing there
>Leave the way I came out
>The wheelchair is missing

There's another one but it might just be shitty mechanisms and not paranormal
>Checking some stuff in a room after hours
>There are hanging monitors that I put up because I'm usually taller than everyone else and I smack into them
>Put them all up and go about my business
>Stand up and turn to leave quickly
>Smack my head into a monitor
>Too angry to automatically assume it's paranormal
Your mother is fucking retarded
>purse is sliding off into bushes on a flat road and there is a red light
>lol lets send my son to go get it
Pussy hole
d'awww what a nice house
Keep cryin bitch nigga
some good stories in here. anyone else?
>got stinking drunk one Sunday night.
>woke up Monday morning having to go to work.


That day is also today.
>online friend has to take poop
>gone at least 20 minutes
>hasn't come back

This is ongoing

>Getting drunk
Some children are weird.
It could be a neglected child who likes running around at night.
They did notice, you dick.
But they didn't know what was up.

Besides, it can actually be pretty easy if you know what you're doing.
No, OP had two choices, or he could have talked to the ones not in his class.
There were 7 that were American, 2 in his class.
You faggot.
He could have said no.
If he persisted, tell the cops.

Seriously, there was no forcing.
uninstall you tubby faggot
Or she thought it was too pretty and it needed to die as punishment.
Or it was pretty, but she hates pretty things.

Reminds me of how when I was about age 5 visiting a Christmas nativity scene, this girl around my age picked up the plastic baby Jesus, then proceeded to rock it back and forth, before fucking slamming it against the manger wall.

Not nearly as "edgy" but still kind of fucked to see a young girl do anything of that nature.
I never knew anyone who wanted to be popular.
Being liked, yeah, but not popular.
Yeah, but it could have been a killer/rapist because of the time.
File: Bealach_na_Ba_Pano.jpg (628KB, 1920x941px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
628KB, 1920x941px
alright. this thread is so good it's brought me out of lurkmode.

> be 14 years old
> trip to Scotland with mother and grandmother
> all shared rental car
> driving across Scottish moors in the middle of fucking nowhere
> take a mountainous stretch of road called Bealach na Bà
> windy switchbacks
> narrow as fuck roads that are no more than 1.5 car widths
> noticing that in many parts off the road there are sheer drops of several hundred meters
> ascending into the cloud layer
> foggy as fuck can't see shit
> oncoming car lights coming through the fog
> really really narrow part of the road
> start fucking panicking
> the car becomes visible
Honestly I would of yelled at her and given her a small smack to the face. Bitch needs to learn that shit ain't okay.

> old vintage 1920s convertible car with the top down
> two passengers
> man driving, woman riding shotgun
> wearing all vintage clothing in the era of the car they are driving
> car effortlessly passes right by our car
> the look on their faces stays with me to this day, something deathly in their eyes and lifeless in their expressions...like they were from another time
> goes off into the mist behind us
> we all just realize that there was no way that they could have passed us while we were not pulled over to the side (there was nowhere to pull over on this stretch of road)
> come down out of the mountain pass and we all report seeing the same expressions as well as having no way to explain how they could have passed us on this road
> in the next town on the way down we ask people in town if they had seen any old vintage cars passing through today
> everyone says no not at all

i don't believe in ghosts or spirits. to this day, it is the only event in my life that i have no explanation for.
Wearing boxers on his head because of bugs?
Good God, what the fuck.
Chains from what?
Like, did it sound like one chan, two...?
And did it sound like chaining something up (creature pulling on the chain) or just moving (someone dragging it along the ground)?
I would have kept the files.
Sounds like a cannibal to me.

For kissing?
What did the police do?
Trying to kill baby?
No, I don't.
Just say what you were doing or don't mention it.
Wow, what a douche you are.
She didn't see the string or camera light, you fuck.
Maybe forgets because has a memory of a rock, o4 simply makes excuses so he can not have to talk with you.
I hate Jesus, too.

Not developing empathy at that age is okay, but she still should have known right from wrong.
File: 1390777585875.jpg (38KB, 500x552px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Masirao si babi sise nogama?!
Similar shit happened to my mom. My grandmother was paranoid schizophrenic and a mean bitch
Reader beware...

My story begins with my father in the last few years who is consoling his best friend, Jim, after him and his father, we'll just say George, lost their second step mother. The funny thing with this situation is how Wan has outlived his previous wives who died from illnesses so this third time was very significant for him and Jim. My dad and Jim go to George's bar that he owned after the funeral and watched Jim get trashed. The thing about this bar is that it's a two flat. The bar is on the bottom while the living quarters are on the second floor.

So the night is winding down, it's after hours at the bar, Jim is drunk, and my dad is the DD. Jim drunkenly says, "You know man...I don't think my mother left my dad at all..." My dad replies with a what do you mean? "I don't think she left him...I feel like she is here waiting for him..." and after he said that they soon start to hear someone walking around upstairs. My dad calmly asks George, "Oh George, you have any company over?" George says no, just the three of them. My dad tells Jim he's just drunk and upset and it's just time to leave.

George is busy starting to clean up the shop and close the first floor down when my dad is helping Jim out to the car. In a drunken stupor, Jim turns around to look to the second floor windows and exclaims out "Look! There she is!" My father glances up...to see the silhouette of a woman walking across the window curtains...

I have more if peeps want them. Real stories from people I know to eh...a few I have that aren't as good as the ones others have.

That's some dumbass terminology, brofriend.

But other than that, don't take anything away from these autists crying about you not being a friend. You were and handled it better than the majority would, certainly better than I would have dealing with a overly attached acquaintance.

These are the same people who fall in love and think out elaborate scenarios to be with a the girl who smiled at you at the checkout counter.

Hopefully the kid killed himself.
>almost lynched

You mean when they confronted the kid for trespassing at 1am? Or when they gave up and got high in the general vicinity?

There's alot of Demonboys in this thread.
File: rejection4.jpg (29KB, 595x299px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 595x299px
Oh cmon..I also saw fucked up things while getting drunk, in this situation the loss of one of your beloved comes in addition. And you were not even presence yourself. Go back to school kiddo.
Image is my story. Don't feel like greentexting it. I had typed this up back in 2011 and posted here on /x/ back then when I was one of the tripfags here. lol
File: My story - Sarita.png (114KB, 898x1228px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
My story - Sarita.png
114KB, 898x1228px

I'm too retarded and forgot the image. lol

Better than demonboy, by a mile. But will go unnoticed because of friendless psych majors wagging their internet fingers.
Explosive, harrowing reporting! You brave soul.

As a side note, while that story was pretty scary for me, it is not the scariest thing I have ever had happen. It's just the only thing I had written down already and it's still a scary experience of mine.

I'll see if I can write something else down before work in an hour.
File: 1410074231916.jpg (53KB, 550x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 550x366px
I wish it was either of the two because seeing something like that is horrifying.
My dad was sober though >_> '
Return the 8yr old girl to her parents and give anon a high-five.
you must be jew for doing that.

Fucking rat

>Be out back fishing with my mom and brother, we lived on a lake so this was sort of a daily thing for fun and free dinner
>Couple of guys two docks over fishing too, catching like mad
>Catch a massive as fuck trout, and about 5 normal sized ones, while we only get one bite
>We finally catch one and wave over to the other guys to show off, kind of a community thing
>They give us a thumbs up and go back to chilling and fishing
>Hear absolutely the loudest, most desperate screaming from a woman about four houses down
>Like, "Help I'm about to be murdered" level screaming
>Can hear slamming and breaking furniture and the like
>We look over at our impromptu fishing buddies like "Is this happening right now?"
>Mom, brother and I rush up to the street, the two fishing guys get in their Dukes of Hazard looking car to kind of patrol around and see what's going on
>We finally find the house, the bigger of the two guys rushes in, hear some minor scuffling, pulls the lady out
>Cut to all hell, teeth missing (some fresh and some not so fresh), swollen eye, split lip, etc.
>My mom is a vet and does basic medical screen on her
>She's not only wasted as all fuck, but she has a major concussion (as if the gash on the side of her head didn't telegraph that enough)
>State trooper shows up, basically shakes his head and sighs as if this were a regular occurrence
>Pulls out this short, fat little man, also blitzed off his ass
>About two feet shorter than the woman, and two feet wider, looking like a squashed down version of Hodor
>Somehow this short, fat little turd managed to fuck this woman up like mad
>Arrests guy, he's protesting the whole time
>Woman is just standing there dazed
>Officer takes statement from the two fishing guys and asks us if we'd like to make a statement
>Say yeah sure but we gotta get our fishing equipment put away, dogs and shit
>Cop says he'll come by later
>Never comes because this is apparently the 5th time this has happened with that couple



Well that story is just one of several from living out in the middle of Bumfuck Methville, USA

>Be high school
>Waiting for bus like a little nigger because I'm legally blind and can't into driving
>Some unkempt looking fellow wanders into the public park area that's generally regarded as "the bus stop"
>This area remains generally unoccupied most of the day except in mornings when kdis are going to school and in afternoons when people are drinking beer and barbecuing
>So this tweeker stood out like a black guy in China
>Is holding a rock
>Is holding rock very close to face
>Whispering and mumbling things to the rock
>Suddenly throws the rock at a tree, starts screaming at it
>I slip my phone halfway out of my pocket and sort of half dial 911, ready to actually call in case this gets any weirder
>He hugs the tree, apologizing for throwing the rock at it
>Then proceeds to sit on a picnic bench, staring down at his feet, for about five minutes
>Stands up on the table, walks to the other side of the bench, and sits down on the opposite bench, stares down at feet for about 5 minutes
>Wanders off into the bushes as soon as another student shows up

fucking tweakers, man
File: nope.jpg (2KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2KB, 259x194px
I got one

>I have a family cabin over Mt. Rainier in Washington state we've owned since the 60s
>Way out there..
>Been going to this place 2-4 times a year since I was born
>There was a road that went past several cabins that ran along the river to the left but to the right was forest and a incline up the mountainside.
>15 years old and never took a step into the mountainside.
>Feeling ballsy
>Have my sister and cousin I rarely see to go find something.
>They're older so we're ok'd to go
>We immediately take on a forty minute hike up until we get a gorgeous view across the mountains.
This is where it gets scary by memory.
>We hear this loud popping sound, like that of plywood snapping in half.
>I was a wuss back then so immediately beg for them to follow me down.
>They have no such plans and I don't want to be alone.
>Starting to get dark so but we trek further in towards the noise.
>We come across this hut.. Terrifying little 12x18 foot shack.
>Obviously very old. All the windows are glazed over with age and dust.
>sister says I'm a wuss.
>She takes one look inside and immediately recoils. Her face is all distorted. Says we should leave.
>Cousin looks and starts laughing. My sister's face looks ragged.. tired almost.
>Curiosity gets the better of me.
>Lean in to look inside.
>Hanging all along the wall are different sized knives and hatchets.
>One chair
>One table
>One long rusty hook hanging from the ceiling.
Not the worst part.
>In the far corner of the room there was a mannequin with a paper mask.
Pic related.. closer picture I could find.
>Its stare was heart wrenching.
I turned and never looked back. Would have no talk of it. Nightmares for weeks.
>sitting there completely naked except for my little white socks
>white socks

herzegjew detected

also get the fuck out of my croatia and stop stealing our jobs you bosnian monkeys
>be me
>be 15 or 16 not sure
>be in my parents house, sleeping in the living room cause my room was getting repainted
>the living room was set in a way that the window was looking at our backyard into the neighbours house and the TV was next to the window
>that evening was particularly clear
>around 3:30, am still up, watching TV, my mom wakes up and goes to the toilet
>the moment I heard the door of the toilet close, I see a bright shinning light outside for 3 seconds
>after it finished, I immediately in my head say "fuck this shit" turn off the TV and turn on my bed facing the wall and try to sleep
>morning comes, I woke up trying to figure out how the hell I fall asleep after that
>later ask mom if she noticed a bright light, she didn't, check'd on the internet if we had any meteors fly in, nothing, still wonder wtf...

have one of sleep paralysis, or so i think it is...
>Be me about 10-11 at the time
>Staying at my godfather's house. He lives there with his waifu and my niece. She's 5 years younger
>I'm really into /x/ related stuff from a young age. mainly because godfather believes in everything paranomal. We often discussed this topic.
>Now their house was a small little crib, really nice for a smaller family. It was great to be there, play around, all that stuff.
>Everything changes at night tho.
>Niece gets scared quickly so she emigrates to their parents room.
>Fine, I can do it alone...
>Well not exactly, I get the feeling of overwhelming dread. I can't really sleep, I feel alone and shit. Cold sweat, listening to every little noise.
>Wall is thin, I can hear the dogs running around and barking in the yard. I can also hear the train passing by in the distance.
>It must be fucking late by now
>I can hear a strange hissing noise all night, don't think much about it.
>I end up escaping to my godfather's room as well.
>Everytime I sleep there, I'm scared as fuck.
>Nothing extraordinary.
Fast forward a few years.
>Godfather tells about strange stuff happening around the house. (They moved out by now, to a bigger crib)
>Like one time when there was a garden party and they all woke up in the morning to the sound of an alarm clock. Plot twist: No one had that kind of clock, and no one had to wake up early.
>He also told me about the sound of a clock ticking in the house all the time. They only had a small digital clock that doesn't ticks.
>One of his friends were left alone in the house while he was away shopping, the dude was legit afraid of staying there alone, even through it was bright daytime.
>He also told me about books, and VHS tapes randomly falling over on the shelves.
>Niece is afraid of going out to the toilet at night by herself, this "fear" stays with her for many years.
>Godfather tells me when they asked my niece back then why is she afraid of going alone, she said: "I'm afraid of the lady.
That's all.
Do you know the surname "Pajazetovic".
File: altered.jpg (118KB, 1076x630px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118KB, 1076x630px

File: 1307.gif (484KB, 300x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
484KB, 300x225px
>spinal fluid
> sinus' and skull

you are a bad storyteller my friend. do u even anatomy?
No, wishing death upon someone who has a chance to change is fucking stupid.

I hope he fucking grew up and learnt how to be at least an alright person.
Nice assumption, faggot.
They were both in the wrong, the bo6 and the poster.
File: 1353213491081.jpg (114KB, 1440x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright something that happened to me a few weeks ago

>I live in the countryside, and a big city here is 5000 people.
>No mountains, no woods, only fields: you can see as far as the eye can see.
>But, during the night, outside of towns, you can't see shit
>I worked in a gas station, with some weird schedules
>I finish working at around 11 pm
>A friend finishes at the same time, and she's driving us home (we live close to each other)
>She's glad I'm here, cause she's really scared of running over critters like rabbits or rats
>I tell her I'm not scared easily, and that we should be fine
>Still, she drives in the middle of the road, just in case (there's nobody on the road except us)
>Her car is old, and her headlights are weak. You can't see after 10 to 15 meters.
>We're talking about various things, and I'm reassuring her (she rarely finishes late)
>We're on a straight road, still driving in the middle
>Out of the dark, on the right of the road, something appears
>We can't see clearly because we're going too fast
>It's the size of a 10 years old, it's standing upright, on what seems to be two legs
>It's staring back at us
>We go past it, and I'm still looking at it through the rear view mirror on my side
>It's still staring at us
>It eventually fades into the darkness
>We panick a bit, but we try to make sense out of it
>Must have been a cat!
>We arrive at the next small town
>I'm talking to her, not really paying attention to the surroundings
>She looks at me, and scream
>I turn my head, and see something out of the corner of my eyes flashing past the car
>We're going above 50 km/h
>That's not a cat
>We speed through the rest of the way, and go home safely

One week later:

>I'm with one of my sister's friend, who also works here
>Same time
>We're talking about spooky shit
>I tell her about that night
>We enter that town
>All the lights goes out, and it's pitch black
>We're spooked solid
>We get the fuck out of here

Next time, I'll shut the fuck up
clearly he was tweaking
come on. How hard did you tip your fedora when typing that?
I laughed hard

Confirmed for homsexual.


get rekt fgt


I don't get this, my primal reaction would be to run to the place to se what's happening, maybe that's why I've never had this kind of experiences.
I like to picture aliens posting on their imageboards about spooky encounters with humans
>drunk spacecrafting
>crash UFO
>wake up
>male human with shotgun standing on UFO
>visible erection
>get scared
>remember aliens
>mind melt his primitive ass
>Hopefully the kid killed himself.
This happened to my mom, but she openly let us know after it happened and she was okay.

>mom lived in the smallest bedroom of our trailer
>from the kitchen table, you could see all the way down the dark, long-ass hallway
>I never had good feelings from it, but I assumed it was because I was a scaredy cat but after my mom told me what happened, I was freaked the fuck out
>getting shivers thinking about it
>note: my mom was taking hardcore meds and going through depression and a lot of shit
>she was sitting at the table in the kitchen one night, everyone else was asleep in the house
>she remembers seeing something move out of the corner of her eye
>she looks down the hallway and sees a man crouching, just staring at her
>she stared back at him for a while because he just up and vanished
>note: my mom is a fearless bitch and she still slept in her little room down the hallway

>when I finally moved out of the trailer, I moved to a house
>alone one night
>I'm walking down the hallway to my room which is at the end of the hallway (just like my mother's)
>I noticed something out of the corner of my eye as if it was a tall shadow man
>I stopped and backtracked to look in the room but didn't see anything
>but I did get immense chills
>never have experienced anything more from the "shadow man" but don't feel comfortable at night, alone

I never got good feelings from it, but my mom never feared it. However, I just based my negative feelings towards it to be from being such a pansy for anything beyond human.
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This is a true story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine.
His name was anon and he had gone on a trip up the river with his family.
>Two days into the holiday up river
>He and his girlfriend decide to go for a walk to explore
>They headed inland from the river
>Deep into the Australian scrub
>They ventured far from sight
>Near an old, dried out creek bed is where they stopped
>To survey how far their feet had trot
>When upon feeling watched
>Anon spoke out and coughed
>"It smells like blood and death."
>His girlfriend admitted she had smelt it's awful breath
>They strode on back to where they camped but they were not alone
>For every step the couple made, they heared two more in tow

>Upon the set of the sun
>When anon and girl were just starting to have fun
>A cry from across the rivers bed
>Sounded just like his girl's own
>But no one stood across from this boat house
>That floated silently where it stead

>Early morning they awoke to a howl near the boat
>Upon hearing it's cry they knew that how was a lie
>And three more came in it's wake
>Closer they scuttled
>Their howls neither quiet nor muffled
>As they came closer to the house boat's bed

>Whatever they are, they are heavier than my Pa
>Anon said as he lay frozen in fear
>These things the climbed all their stuff
>Their feet heavy and rough
>Until sunrise made it's way

>The last night they heard howls, from where they had previously been
>These monsters they howled as they tore up their scrub
>No chance of stealing their skin, poor fleshgait and kin
>Just have to wait for the next meet bags to claw

Hey, it's a true story.
Happened to a friend of a friend of mine.
Yeah Anon is still with his girlfriend.
But they have a new respect, for what really hides in the Australian bush.
I kek'd

This thread has tons of potential, plus the stories are interesting.
every one on /x/ is a mental case expecialy the magic thread fags
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>> Be me
>> Dark
>> Hear noise
>> Turn around
>> Ghoast

get out you tubby faggot
So I take it they were Serbs? Are you bosniak muslim?
wonderful thread. funny with just the right amount of spook
>>15183212 fuckin love this
ahaha fuckin love u anon
Probably not that scary, but it's pretty unsettling.

>20 years old, during my first college year in Mexico City.
>Get invited to a halloween party by one of my cousins.
>Said cousin was dating the son of a local police commander.
>Picked up my girlfriend and her sister, then drove to my cousin's place.
>My cousin lives in this god-forsaken place known as Ecatepec.
>Great party. Lots of booze, there's a rock group playing on my cousin's living room and people are getting high on weed.
>Around 10 pm, we notice these group of four guys. All of them dressed as stereotypical narcos/drug dealers (cowboy attire and lots of jewelry on them).
>My girlfriend's sister (let's call her Monica) somehow manages to score with one of them.
>A few minutes later, Monica comes up and introduces us to him.
>The guy is skinny, but aside from that; he kind of looks like Cheech Marin.
>He says we call him "Duende" (Duende is spanish for goblin or elf).
>Duende seems like a nice guy. We talk for hours and eventually give me his phone, and says that if i ever am in need of a job at his "business"; i should call him.
>Around 2 am, one of his friends comes up and whispers something to his ear. Duende nods and tells his friend to leave.
>He tells us that he had a sudden emergency related to his job and has to go. Duende says goodbye and leaves.
>A few minutes later, my cousin's boyfriend (let's call him Martin) comes up and asks what were talking about with Duende.
>As i tell Martin, his eyes open wide and gives me this "oh, man. You fucked up" stare.
>"Anon, never call that guy."
>"Not trying to scare you or something, but el Duende works for la Familia".
>Monica and my girlfriend start freaking out. It's not uncommon for women to be kidnapped by drug dealers and turned into "novias del narco" just because a hitman really liked one.
>Martin calls his dad and asks us to tell him what happened.
>Martin's dad listens to all we say. The guy is silent, and has this serious look on his face.
>"Anon, do you gave him your number?"
>"No, sir."
>Apparently, Monica DID gave Duende her number, so Martin's dad orders her to give him the cellphone.
>"Just a safety measure."
>Monica says nothing about it. At this point, both she and my girlfriend look like they're tripping balls.
>By 3 am. Martin's dad calls two police cars to escort us back to my place. Just in case.

>Fast forward to 2013.
>I was reading the news while my wife was making breakfast.
>Some article about Ecatepec being a crime-ridden hell's mouth. Nothing unexpected.
>Article mentions a report about a teenager dropping six naked bodies on a street and writing a message on a paper board.
>"This is what happens to those who keep selling. Signed el Duende Verde" (Spanish for 'Green Goblin').

Up to this day, we keep wondering if el Duende Verde was the same Duende from the party or just another htiman/drug dealer with a similar name.

And that, /x/, was how i almost ended up workng for a mexican drug cartel.
more pls
>Close to where I love
You must fuck in some weird places, kid
This happened in 2006, i was 18 at the time

>be socially retarded spic
>wanted some quick buck for a ps tripple and weeaboo games
>too beta to be a narco, not gay enough to blow some old dude for cash
>cousin eventually gets me a job with a rich family, she's friends (i think) with the mom
>"yer gonna be the maid, literally, they even have a little room ready for you there, it's gonna be your new house until they find someone better"
>it's one little girl, like 8 years old and her mom, dad works somewhere else
>"Ok anon i work from x to x, you're going to take care of my daughter, feed her at this hour, make sure she does her homework, keep the house clean, she has to take a bath before she goes to sleep etc"
>a-alright ma'am
>girl is pale as fuck, has long black hair and holy shit those eyes, pitch fucking black, she looked weird from afar, like a porcelain doll

>work is extremely easy since i've been doing this shit my whole life, im the only guy in my family besides grandpa, i was literally just another girl
>anyway, the girl, lets call her emma, is extremely shy, or at least i though she was shy
>im forced to wear some kind of suit with a black vest, i don't have the balls to complain, pretty sure it was just some joke from my cousin
>not even a week later when
>"anon could you make me a sandwich, make sure it doesn't have lettuce and cut the borders"
>are you hungry already? it's 2 pm
>"its not for me, it's for karen"
>"it's my friend, she says you're weird"
>sure, why don't you show me where your friend is? i'll bring her the sandwich
>she takes me to her room and points to a corner
>"that's karen, say hi, she's waving at you"
>there's nothing there, what the fuck
>"she says if you didn't put lettuce on the sandwich"
>no, i kinda have things to do so im just gonna leave this here
>"put in on the ground"
>i more or less drop it
>"not there! *ponts to the corner* there"
>i reluctantly do it
>"she's asking if you're scared"

>the dogs don't
Here's one from me
>be me few months ago, 17 years old
>chill with my friends on a basketball court on the edge of my town. On the other side is a forest
>smoke weed, eventually we get bored
>we decide to play a game where we need to kill each other using wooden knives (we had simple branches)
>it's around midnight
>split in two teams of 3 per team
>each team is on one side of a forest
>game starts and friend and i decide to attack while our third friend waits in the base
>walk on the edge of the forest, not scared, we chill here often
>see a group of guys approaching the forest from the city
>we start walking faster, maybe they won't see us
>they enter the forest and start following us
>one of them shouts 'Stop'
>we start running, hear them chasing us
>we run as fast as we can
>jump behind a tree
>literally few seconds after we hid someone runs beside us, but didn't notice us
>we are lying on the dirt and trying to be as silent as possible
>see them in the distance, they have a flashlight and some weapons, around 4-5 guys some 20-25 years old
>adrenalin rush
>we decide to run at the opposite direction
>run in the town, we go back to the court
>only two guys there, two are missing
>later those two missing guys came back
>one of them was hidden right behind a tree when they were passing by, 2 meters away
>nothing similar happened ever since that night
We still go to the same forest but only in bigger groups
Your cunt mother almost got you killed for gold?
>I don't get this, my primal reaction would be to run to the place to se what's happening, maybe that's why I've never had this kind of experiences.

hmmm, believe me or not : i'm a skeptic myself but if you think you hear your dead grandfathers voice in room above your "get the fuck outta here" instincts are triggered. my personal explanation/rationalisation : late at night + drowsiness + sounds/voices from the outside + animals in the attic

i had animals in the attic : marten -> gone since renovation + my cats eliminated all mice
the old windows did not damp sounds very well -> maybe some drunk idiots walking by
add some drowsiness and some previous events and you decide to leave for the night

i'm living in that house now and nothing scares me here... if i would hear something now upstairs i would check it myself

before i renovated the shit out of the building a lot of people had bad vibes in the house. maybe some sort of subsonic stuff was going on which is gone since i removed some walls and a chimney.
the old clay-ceiling was like a giant subwoofer too.

btw: that black lady dream occured to my aunt not only in the house but also in the house of her parents in law.... i talked to her on the phone today and asked her about it. she told me the "lady" started to appear in her dreams after her grandmother(my great grandmother) died(guess where, hint : my house). maybe it's some sort of guilt because she was not there when she died and the "black" i dreamed of is totally unrelated..

the only thing left is the "3 door slam" when i was a kid and i still have no explanation for it.... but anyway: thread is about creepy experiences and all the events gave me some serious shivers.....
Nigga, do you have experience in this department?
Yes they fucking do.
Inb4 skinwalker r34 fan fiction becomes a thing
>Dopp Kit
What's that?
>be me on family trip to Pennsylvania
>at Gettysburg fuck yeah!
>lady who runs the bed and breakfast offhandedly tells me if I stay in the library past midnight weird stuff happens
>16 year old me says whatever ghosts don't real

Fast forward to me sitting in the library bored as fuck

>all of a sudden everything just stops
>no crickets, no creaking of a settling house nothing
>front door's motion sensor light comes on
>I'm wtfing hard at this point
>start hearing boot steps coming across the deck but see nobody steps stop at the front door
>door knob turns and the door opens silently
>moping hard but to interested to move
>hear boot steps tromp up the stairs
>too excited to move
>wait there to see what happens
>nothing does for a bit
>the motion light goes out
>get very cold in a now very dark library
>hear a whisper in my ear "Get. Out"
>nope at warp 11 back to my bed
thats some serial killer shit right there
Nigga, yo mom on dat MK Ultra shit.

I hope you realize that 200 pounds is way above just 'overweight' or 'fat'.
>be me at 5yo in 1994
>be at popeye's (inb4 black)
>go to bathroom to pee
>see in the floor drain what appears to be a bloody, severed nutsack with one of the testes out of the scrotum.
>really scared but still have to pee
>pee in urinal and fearing that someone will pop out of the stall and cut off my nuts.
>wash my hands and gtfo and back to my family's booth
>don't say anything about it to my folks I just finish my biscuit and tell my dad I'm ready to leave.

Still to this day I'm weirded out about it.
You have a car but don't have a house?
The three scariest things that ever happened to me all happened in two days when I went hiking alone.

>first day just shitty as fuck, injuries, mishaps, broken gear, small lightning storm even
>Day 2 enjoying hiking
>Get to the most raggedy ass bridge ever over a small ravine
>Its Got one horizontal log on one side and 2 horizontal logs on the other side, on above the either about 3.5ft, and its got like only five fucking planks to walk on and the whole thing is held together with bullshit rope
>Decide Im better off shimmying on the horiz. log and using upper log for handhold
>Halfway across a fuckin snake is b-lining right for me
>snakes are usually only attack when threatened or something but a few years back while paddling I had a one come right at me from like 50ft away and I had to paddle him to death so I know they are evil fuckers
>I Have three options
>Let snake bite me and shake him off Into the ravine then deal with the aftermath while hiking back(hopefully no strong neurological effects that make me fall off)
>try to kick him and probably fall off
>Jump and break legs and probably die but if I live it might be better than snake venom
>As he is approaching strike distance I pull the knife off my belt because fuck it might as well give it a try
>Throw knife
>Sticks right into the fucking snake
>Pins it to log
>Mostly kills and paralyzes it but its head is still going crazy
>Shimmy over to it and smash its fuckin head to shit with my boot
>Pull knife out with snake still skewered

>put knife back in sheath with snake still on it basically attaching it to my belt
>finish crossing bridge
>immediately set up a crude camp
>gut snake
>lay all unwanted parts on a flat rock and burn some herbs I brought for cooking in a small fire on the makeshift altar
>smoke a big ass doobie and blow weed smoke into the fire so nature can have some
>meditate there and thank nature
>leave my offerings to the snake/nature/bridge deities
>im not even fucking pagan
>walk about ten minutes away and skewer the snake meet on a metal cooking skewer I brought
>make fire and cook that shit
>pretty big ass snake so good meal
>enjoying myself when a fuckin bear rolls up on treeline about 50ft away
>glance over and hes just looking at me and sniffing
>calmly go back to eating my snake kebab
>shitting myself internally
>bear is just standing there sniffing my shit up and I don't like it
>reach into bag next to me and pull out my shotgun and assemble it and load a slug and some #000 buck
>(it just snaps together it takes like 2 seconds. I usually keep it in the bag until late night in case spoopi shit happens)
>set gun on lap and go back to eating my snake kebab
>stare right at this fuckin bear while chowing down
>3 minutes seems like 3 hours
> he fucks off back into the woods
>hike about an hour more and set up camp
>set up some snare traps and come back and light a fire and drink from flask and go to sleep

Conclusion next
>I forgot something. I cut up the cooking skewer before I made camp and used them as nails to pin up and stretch and dry the snake skin on a log in a clearing
>head out right before dawn to fish
>catch a nice trout and a couple little bullshit fish
>check traps. One real small rabbit and one nice big juicy fucker
>go back to camp and just fuck around until midday
>cook the big rabbit while kinda smoking the trout.(to eat tomorrow) Figure the small rabbit and bullshit fish will taste better fresh for a snack later
>take the snake skin and use my leatherman and stitching kit to make a new sheath and hilt for my victorious knife
>only now do I wash the snake bloods off it and christen it with a sharpening
>pack up and head out
>while im hiking back I trip over something and it makes the most ungodly noise
>like a tire screeching while running over a screaming toddler
>its a bobcat
>instantly fucking punt it
>its dazed but I figure its gonna attempt to maul me as I notice a litter of bobkittens right where I tripped
>yell "HEY CHILL YOU LIL CUNT" while backing away
>throw towards it the small fish and rabbit which lucky for it are still raw
>say sorry
>make camp and eat delicious rabbits for dinner
>sleep like a fucking baby
>have delicious trouts for lunch
>fuck around and play in nature all day
>beautiful hike back to my vehicle
>me and nature are friends now

I never went back into the woods again but whenever i drive by a nice nature area I always wave to my ol friend mother nature
CONT? I want moar please
Posted this in another thread but whatever...
>No green text fuck of
We lived in a condo in soCal. I shared a room with my youngest sister, C. T had her own room next to ours even though I'm the oldest. They fought constantly and C was an attention whore and brat. Mom and her bf had their own room. We came home one day to discover "I'm watching you" in red crayon on our shared bathroom wall. We thought it was C. A couple days later T found it written on her window ledge and her window was open. I said call the police but no one listens to me. T noticed a red truck following her sometimes. When on her way home from school or out with friends. We found more notes and at one point my moms sliding glass door was found open but no one had been home. This continued for a while. I moved out as my mom was crazy and id convinced my dad to take custody of me. T was still getting followed by this truck and these weird notes were still being found. My mom got a little rat dog. after I left I think it was called Chester. Maybe Jasper I dunno..it was an ankle biting asshole. Ok so everyone is gone for the day but moms bf. he leaves and not even 30 min later C gets home with mom. It needs to be mentioned T's window had no screen and didn't lock. Anyways after realizing the dogs missing mom gets a call, some chick found the dog in the middle of the road miles away run over (he had a collar and tag). The area he was found was a good 45 min walk from the house over several main roads and a freeway. The lady said she had seen a red truck speeding by from the direction she found the dog and thought that person had hit him. I know T got the guys plates one time when he was following her but I don't know if anything ever came of it. At least one of the times he broke in I was home in my room with the door closed and my iPod. Like I was in the house with my sisters stalker and didn't even know.
My dad was fishing at I think lake Loveland, maybe lake Hodges, anyways half the lake is a nature preserve. You can't fish there and you can't night fish at this lake. Him and his friend went night fishing on the wild half and when my dad walked off to take a piss he found a human arm bone.His brilliant ass brings it home and puts it in our snakes cage unlike any normal person who would have called the police and accepted the trespassing fine. so we lived in a one bedroom two story house. I slept in the living room (where the snakes cage was). started getting nightmares after he brought it home and one night I woke to this shadowy figure standing at the edge of the couch. The snake escaped less than a week after he put the bone in its cage and our dog refused to go into the living room. We kept the empty cage for a bit because lazy. I was stoked when my step monster finally made him get rid of it.

...Seriously are? I think the scariest part of that wasn't even the strange sounds or the animals or the shadow, it was that my dad thought it was cool to keep that bone.
Not him but this is pretty common it happens with trauma etc it's really cerebrospinal fluid but most doctors simply call it spinal fluid.

Main source : a simple google search of sinus leak spinal fluid
Secondary source : Survived a car crash received cracked vertebra, broken sinus cavity, brain damage, and a fractured skull. So I have to worry about this almost daily.
God damn, you're a fag. You belong in Oregon.
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>Be 7 years old
>Parents buy a small house a few away off the rez
>House sits near a set of railroad tracks (about a football field length between the two)
>Dad and uncles park their cars behind the house to work on them frequently
>Wake up to talking outside late one night
>See outline of a guy on the porch smoking a cigarette
>He's looking through the front windows that face the living room
>He motions to two other guys
>They're all whispering to each other and pointing to the door
>I run to my dad's room and tell him about the guys
>Dad puts me in the closet with mom
>He wakes up my uncle in the other room
>Hear the front door kicked in
>The intruders are loudly whistling/talking
>Voices come around the corner
>Dad and Uncle fire their guns
>Two other guys take off
>Cops come and arrest the injured guy
>He and his two sons were following the tracks that night and breaking into "abandoned" houses
>Cops warned my parents about break-in/thieving along the tracks.

My parents decided to sale the house. I tried to find it on Google maps but it looks like it was torn down years ago.
>> MFW The house warned me that I was about to get kicked out.
Cool story OP, I myself love the adrenaline feeling that you get afterwards like fuck yeah I got away with it! Then my sneak skill levels. Mind you I never broken in peoples houses, but I have done some things that required hiding.
>Holy fuck

You think that's bad?
>be around 9
>bird nest in tree at school
>knock it down
>down comes about 5 baby birds
>don't have feathers yet
>start crushing them one by one with my foot
Still don't know why I did it.
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That was terrifyingly hilarious.
>be 15 y/o me (now 34)
>high school, mom works there full time
>have to take bus back home, alone, she stays at work
>take detour to downtown, to play arcade
>mom doesnt know at all, she thinks I go straight to home
>them Marvel vs. Capcom Shinryukens
>do that every day for 2 weeks
>clerk approaches one day, says he sees me daily there
>asks if I want to work in the arcade
>free arcade
>agree, fill work form
>clerk mentions I need to interview with owner
>owner expecting me at home, taxi paid round trip
>take taxi, to richest neighborhood in town
>arrive big ass house, owner expecting me on front door
>try to shake his hand, he refuses, mentions just got one finger amputated, shows stub
>welcomes me in, and in the first sentences offers me a beer
>decline, wtf dude im underage
>spider sense was dead, no fuckin internal alarm went off EVER
>he starts telling me duties and payrate, insists on free arcade credits
>reviews work form, sees I speak english, mentions constant trips to Dallas and Houston for new arcades
>dude...new arcades...I get to play before everyone.
>dude is a doctor, rich as fuck, asks me to join him trophy room
>inb4 raped
>we go to this huge ass room full with LOTS of hunting trophies, I recall a zebra, gazelles, 2 lions, one african one asian, shows difference in mane, table is formed by 4 elephant feet, one black panther, shitloads of animals
>he tells stories of almost deadly encounters
>im in awe
>shows throphies, 33rd best hunter in the world
>mentions beer again
>internal voice "he wants to drug you" finally screams
>sudden realized, FUCK, im ALONE here, NOBODY knows im here, im in the BACK room of a big ass house
>fuckin mind goes beserk, i expect a door opening and several dudes coming out, closing main door, ass clenches
>assess my sorroundings, big ass cristal whisky bottle, might hit him in the head if tries something
>be about 13
>over at a friend's house
>decide to make an Ouija out of cardboard
>play for a little while
>we both get tired
>friend falls asleep in living room on the floor
>feel like something is looking at me
>roll over and look around
>instant shock
>tall shadow figure standing in front of a plant
>too scared to move
>finally work of courage
>I whisper while tugging his shirt
>"anon wake up"
>"there's something in the-"
>he's already asleep before I can finish
>freaking out inside my head
>cover up with blanket
>pretend I didn't see anything
>eventually fall back to sleep knowing something is standing 5 feet from me
>wake up in the morning
>everything went better than expected.


>dude is calmed, speaking seated in the couch in front of me, mentions beer 3rd time.
>remember stub, finger apuntated days before, tries something im scratching the hell outta that
>I mention i have to get going and the dude insist on having a beer with him
>I have NO IDEA which face I made the dude allowed me to leave right away.
>get home
>tell mom the whole story (duh) asking her if I can work there
>mom goes beastmode
>yells, swears, screams, how could I been so stupid
>I cant beleive what she says, i insist to work in the arcade
>things get heated up and she smacks me in the face
>says one day I´ll understand
>never go to the arcade again

fast forward 15 years

>watching the news having breakfast with wife and kids
>"The body of a known doctor in (insert rich hood name) was found after 3 days of the killing"
>they show the house, i get petrified, suppresed memory
>dude was stabbed to death
>by 2 young males he got into his home
>they were working in the arcade and went for a meal
>dude tried to drug them and they attacked him
>mfw i left the place as easy as i got in
>mfw mom was right
She didnt have to you stupid fuck
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