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So, /x/, do you believe in Skinwalkers? Why/Why not?

Also, skinwalker story dump.
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this was the first skinwalker story I read and it's still one of my favorites.

Does anyone have any that take place in Arizona? I've heard there's a few from my state but I've never seen them
where is the rest of this story? it goes on after that
I do believe in skinwalkers, because I think it's fun and people on the internet told me they stories about them.
I'll be completely honest here

I'm a hard skeptic. I used to enjoy believing in crazy impossible creepy pasta because it was fun and gave you a sense of wonder, but of grown older and more cynical. I avoid most stories on /x/ that aren't talking about personal experience as they just don't work for me anymore, kind of like how eating your favorite food every day will eventually turn it bland.

I've always enjoyed the urban legends developed on this board. I remember when slenderman was just a couple of creepy pictures and a growing volume of videos under the title marblehornets. In a lot of ways, skinwalker stories are very similar to slendy, but with several differences:

skinwalkers are based on native american folklore. There are stories of skinwalkers far outdating the internet.

Skinwalker stories have a set of subtle details that are apparent in each story and their subtlety leads to a phenomenon where the reader is able to make the connections without it being directly said (e.g. the copper smell, turning away from them, laughing seizure thing, animals torn in half, etc.). It's something that I don't think could be emulated by any other literary medium than 4chan.

In addition to all of this, or rather as a result of it, these stories are some of the most terrifying and believable pasta to ever surface. I'm not sure whether they exist or not, but I certainly won't deny the possibility
>I don't think could be emulated by any other literary medium than 4chan.

another reason I believe this is because if you were to imagine a book of short skin walker stories, you would easily pick up on these repeated details. However, these stories spread like folklore, appearing here and there on various websites which makes it feel as though these details are less like leading you in a direction, but more like a investigative epiphany you have reached yourself

Seriously wtf post the rest
Does anyone have the rest of this story?
Not skinwalker but anybody got that "Mr Gray" story? About like a kid and his imaginary friend and he draws him and conquers his fear of him?
this is such a shitty thread. So much for a skinwalker dump
I believe it's in that thread.
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didn't post it but I have the rest
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part 3
thanks a bunch
I'm gonna post some shit
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aus skinwalker.png
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island skinwalker.jpg
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sorry for shit quality on this one
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arizona story if you see this
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Damn thanks for the story annon ;D i'm downloading them and will read them when i will come from work :D
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reading pa.png
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you're welcome
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skinwalkerjack aus.gif
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part 1
File: czechrepublic2.jpg (449KB, 1440x2501px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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part 2
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Do I believe in skinwalkers? Certainly.
Do I believe in the skinwalkers portrayed here on /x/? Not as such.

Skinwalkers are people twisted by greed, vanity, or desperation, who can take the form of animals. They typically use their powers to get close to people and steel energy, health, vitality, coup.
Story time: To explain my belief.
>>Visit (mostly) native American wife's hometown
>>Go trespassing on the land where she grew up, right along the Illinois river.
>>her brother hinted he may have burnt down the haunted house they grew up in after they moved.
>>they found creepy message carved into waifu's bedroom wall
>>Walking along levee, towards the ruins of house when I startle something large on the other side of the rubble.
>>Huge black bird thing takes off less then 30 yards away from me and, flies across the river just above treetops until it disappears around the bend in the river.
>>I've grown up along the river my whole life, seen great herrings, eagles, This thing was easily 3 times bigger then any bird I have ever seen, and the legs don't look right:, thick, long, same black as the body.
>>Find wife down along the river back towards car, ask WTF, as she is a nature girl and this is her stomping ground.
>>has me describe, starts asking super detailed questions while getting a serious look on her face.
>>tells me what I saw sounds like a raven mocker, and we should go.
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This one is an absolute favorite of mine - highly recommended...
I found this longer version of the famous Goatman story some time ago on /x/, are those parts missing in the story posted on the OP legit ones existing in the original story or did someone add them in later?
Some of the stories here are just terribad, cheap teen slasher b-movie rip-offs... AN DEN WE SHOOTZ DA MONSTER BURNZ AND KILLD EET WE BE HERO GF GAVE BJ SHIT WUZ SO CASH. Ugh... Fucking adolescent cretins.
Short, simple and good. Doesn't drown you in details, doesn't wander into crappy Hollywood action/horror territory with bands of teenagers shooting at or fucking throwing thermite bombs at zombie-like spinblopper hordes and is written like a brief encounter someone had experienced - tons better than a lot of the wall-of-text crap ITT...

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” H.P. Lovecraft

The "mystery element" is also good in this one, very well written indeed...
any more on this?

More like these god-tier ones: >>15113133 >>15113141 >>15112900

and less like these crap-tier plz: >>15111349 >>15112482 >>15112487
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can't promise quality since i already dumped 30 stories but i'll add a few more
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wife sw.jpg
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Anyone post this one? If not, then 1/3
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Fresh Oc from a thread the other week
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So what are Skinwalkers exactly?
do they take on some form of anyone they know who can draw you out? do they have a passive state/form?
Are they only in Woods? Do they ever actually leave?
Any Cultural Origin?
clear signs of Skinwalkers or no
All I see on this thread is

>In Woods
>Smells like Burnt pennies
>Person with back turned
>Go up to them, laughing but not laughing
>Fucked up face
>Voice imitations and scratchy scratch
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skinwalker desc..png
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there seems to be some argument about differentiating between skinwalkers and goatmen but the desc. in this pic seems to be the general consensus on /x/
The quality of the stories ITT varies wildly indeed, they're either REALLY good or just dumb & terribad trash. It IS totally worth it to sort through all the chaff to get to the gems out there! Excellent thread overall!
Any one have the skinny story where op is with 1 friend
And they get separated and op stumbles on dead deer and finds an abandoned cabin,
Stays the night wakes up ninjas out of there
And meat back up with his friend.
Find out there's 2 monsters
And describe them as wearing white masks?
And one was usually in the trees lurking.
So if I wanted to go skinwalker hunting, where is a good place to start?
outside of your window

I'm serious I want to go bag me a skinwalker but I don't know where to start.

Do they dissolve if I kill them?

number one don't go alone.
go with a small group make sure you know exactly how many people are in the group at all times.
Go into the woods until you smell either copper, blood or rotting smell if you find the source is just a dead animal keep looking. But if the animal looks mangled but not eaten you're getting warmer. Sadly night time they are at their most active. I've heard that gold or silver is good to weaken them but honestly I don't believe anyone truly knows. But its not bad to try. Be armed. They are tricky creatures/cryptids. Other then that I don't know, only had one encounter with what I think was one and honestly they unnaturally scare you. Like I've seem some shit and been scared before, but not like this. They almost induce fear by doing very little. It's hard to explain.

Got anything better than "go into the woods"?

I've got plenty of woods around and there's nothing spooky going on there.

Also avoid urban areas stick to rural areas, I feel your instinct can be key in knowing where to look listen to you gut. But in my case it was dumb horrible luck

maybe see if you can find anything wierd in your area. Just google weird sightings and cryptid sighting in your region. That could give you a good general area. Word of mouth is also good if you've heard anything, also ask around in some more rural areas. But to be honest theres no good guidance I can give for where to look it really seems like these sightings happen all over the place.
Black Hills is a recurring location of skinwalker sightings and stories. I'd start there. Godspeed.
you should go to where they film the blair witch project. somewhere in maryland
Have all of the best stories of this kind already been posted ITT? I haven't read the one with the "girl scouts" before, was p. good... :2thumbsup: :m...moar?:
Cool story bro.
I lived in Alaska for the entirety of my life before moving to Minnesota a few days ago, so these things have been instilled into my brain since childhood. I've had a few experiences with a number of different things that "should not have happened" with weird creatures/beings. Mostly grew up innawoods my whole life and I'd sometimes see shadows moving through the trees. The forest behind my house always had this nasty, gross feeling to it. Like no one should be there, ever. The house on my property had been burned down twice, and bad things happened there.
Of course I believe in skinwalkers. Sorry, I don't have anything to contribute that hasn't been contributed already.
There are a lot of Native Alaskan stories about beings like this, but they're called the Kushtaka up here. Mostly just otter bros trickin' hunters to their deaths, but it doesn't rule out that there might be other things...
I'll contribute.

When I was about thirteen, weekly Sunday family gatherings were a regular thing. My family was big, my Gran having had five kids meant we were never short on aunts, uncles, and cousins. It became a tradition for us all to get together and cook and have dinner every Sunday out in Smithdale, MS. My great grandmother's land was vast and heavily wooded. The main trail through the woods was Y shaped with two ponds, one in the center of the two connecting V trails and one at the far end of the right branch. The left branch was grown up thick with underbrush and shrubs, my uncles had about five treestands and deer blinds set up for hunting.

After dinner there was much chatting and coffee drinking and other adult nonsense. My cousin Eric and myself liked to distance ourselves from this, plus we were bored and my new fishing pole needed to be christened. We along with the youngest of the cousins at the time, Skylar, set out down the main trail. My mom and my aunts were all sat on the porch facing the trail. She called and told us not to be long, and we replied that we wouldn't be then vanished amongst the trees.

>I always enjoyed the urban legends developed by this board
>goes on to reference Slenderman, which wasn't developed by this board

Congratulations faggot.
>posts with picture of a bear walking upright

Woowee, almost had me going there for a second.

The shrubs on either side of the trail were so high they knitted together overhead, forming a canopy that mottled the ground with greenish yellows of soft sunlight. It smelled earthy, as most woods do. We crossed over the bridge then began the trek down the right V trail to the big pond. Skylar kept pace and was mostly silent while Eric and I chatted about school and other random ideas that came to mind. (What would a squirrel/weasel be called? A squeazel? What a horrifying creature..) etc.

After dodging some spider webs and a fallen tree we made it to the pond. Skylar set up on a stump we kept handy for sitting while I kicked around in the pine needles for an unlucky cricket that would soon be bait on the waiting hook of my fishing pole. As I kicked around we could hear the sound of footsteps and mumbling from further up the trail. A common occurrence as older cousins and uncles often liked to walk up the trail too, they probably saw us go and decided to tag along. If it was Erics dad he probably dug out my Pawpaws old .22 rifle which he often used to thin out the turtles from the pond. We paid no mind, instead Eric joined me in the cricket hunt as the crafty bastards kept giving me the slip.

Fifteen minuets later a cricket was swimming for its life at the end of my line, submerged just below the surface of the water. The noises had faded away, an unsurprising turn of events seeing as whoever it was probably followed the left trail. It would circle around to the big pond eventually after passing by all the deer stands but that trail was a brush trail and never cut or trimmed. The grass was high and thorns ran rampant, it was only walked by the experienced and most daring. Or whoever was wearing jeans.


It wasn't so much the noise we began to notice as we sat in the open sunlight of noon, but the lack of any at all. The woods seemed still, and hushed. Skylar shifted nervously on the stump while Eric was busy sawing a devils walking stick as a trophy to walk home with. Then, the footsteps and voices began again as the far trail came full circle and the person made their way closer to us. We all relaxed slightly, hearing a distant but noticeably familiar voice. It neared the edge of the trail, then stopped. We all looked expectantly in that direction, waiting for the person to emerge. Seconds ticked by. Eric stood from his kneeling position having cut through the walking stick. Then, we heard it. Loud and clear from the far trail. "Come look! Come see what I found!"

Eric went pale. Skylar's normally bubbly attitude shifted visibly and she looked like she was going to cry. We all heard it, without mistake, my mothers voice coming from the far trail. "Come.. seeeee.."

We bolted. Never before have three white kids hauled as much ass as we did. We barreled wildly down the main trail, leaping and clearing obstacles in our way.

"Wait! Wait! Don't leave meeee!" The sound of something impossibly loud moving impossibly quickly through the woods behind us to our right. Skylar finally broke, she wailed in terrified anguish ahead of me as whatever it was thundered through the dense woods. It sounded like it would surely overtake us.

At that moment, we broke clear of the woods. The house and the porch and all the parents and aunts and uncles and familiarity lay before us. We never slowed our frenzied flight, charging onto the porch all at once much to the confusion of the parents. I threw myself onto my mom, confused and horrified. Skylar wailed crazily and almost incoherently amid looks of confusion. Her mom embraced her while she sobbed about what we heard. My mom listened intently while I said nothing. She could tell Eric and I were also shaken up by the incident but she tried her best to restore peace of mind to the group.

"You guys must have been hearing things, I'm sure it was nothing! Your minds just playing tricks on you because of the heat. Besides, all of you know I could never get my wheelchair all the way down to the big pond."

Skylar sobbed harder.
it sounds like whatever is in OP's story was just trying to have fun. seemed powerful enough to take them all out if it wanted.

maybe it was a hillbilly, like an evil one that could go invis or mindfuck people. Either OP is another idiot from /lit/ trying to spoop /x/ or that entity really likes scaring kids.
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This made me feel bad. Skinwalker just wanted friends. Probably thought the main character was cute. Even fucked up her own ankle getting them deer to eat. Perfect waifu 10/10 would marry and live innawoods with.

I'd gait through her flesh, if you know what I mean.
File: LeLennyFace.png (17KB, 520x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 520x318px
That's lewd, anon. She probably just wants to cuddle and give you nice deer jerky.


>Implying vigorously breeding her would not be the ultimate display of gratitude for the wicked venison

Also, he could have made J watch. Which would have been funny.
It's like cuckolding. Except not really. It's not his girlfriend. Just looked like her. Except it wasn't what she really looked like. And jokes on J, she's not even human!

I wanna know where that forest was so I can get in on some qt awkward skinwalker waifu bringing me venison I can cook and eat.

>she desperately tries to say a funny joke so you'll like her
>hey anon, knock knock
>whos there
>apple who
>aren't you glad I didn't say potato
>high pitched snort
File: hqdefault.jpg (6KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't think they exist. I had never even heard of them before I started coming to /x/. I think if they existed, I'd have at least heard urban legends and stories of goatmen/skinwalkers. There have been no photographs or reports of sightings.

Yeah, sure, there's the whole wendeigo lore and folktales, but people might just base their stories around the myths and throw in a few twists here and there. Kind of like how Stephanie Meyer loosely based her vampires off of real vampires and kind of made the vampires her own.

So no, I don't think they exist.
God that was retarded. Forget that last line even exists.
Requesting the one with the deer-like creature mimicking alarm beeping and saying "Im hooooome!" while raising its head to the sky to drink rainwater.
requesting the one where someone fucks a skinwalker
i think this would make a decent movie.
let's make this shit. i wanna be bill so i can fake getting my dick sucked.
But if we make a movie, the hipsterfags will whine about it "being popular" and spam /x/ with their bullshit
File: 1390465224596.jpg (45KB, 420x377px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 420x377px

>so much swag, even skinwalkers want his d

Damn, nigga.
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