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Scary shit in the military

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Sup /x/. I know we've got a few faggots in here who happen to be in the military, I'm one of them. Most military bases are old as fuck and run down, and our life is so depressing a ton of us kill ourselves. That's not even getting into deployed life, which is a whole 'nother type of creepy since you're worried less about the ghosts and more about the very real assholes trying to kill you. I'll start with a couple of my own.

>Be at USMC boot camp on Parris Island
>Place is old as fuck, but luckily I lived in the newer squadbays over in 3rd batallion
>It's 2nd phase, we have to learn how to shoot our rifles
>Move to the oldest, shittiest barracks still used on the island.

>Move over there, got fucked up the whole day
>Night falls, and our DIs are acting strangely
>Arguing about who is staying that night
>Weird, because they never show a 'human' side
>Kill hat (we loved him) draws the short straw, walks out of the DI office
>"Listen up motherfuckers. If ANYTHING happens tonight, if you hear ANYTHING banging or screaming... Wake me up. Some crazy shit has went down here in the past."
> Brave recruit asks him what happened
> "All I have to say is that Ribbon Creek is right across the road there, bitches. And back in the day, fuckin' none of you faggots knew how to swim. PREPARE TO MOUNT THE RACK
>Upon hearing "Ribbon Creek" my asshole clenches
>I knew that Ribbon Creek was an area where a bunch of recruits drowned in the 50s
>I quickly spread the word.
>Kinda freaked out, but tired as fuck.
>Time passes...
>Wake up to a scream in the night
>DI comes bursting out of his office, visibly scared
>Look around and it's just me, the DI, and the firewatch (3 guys designated to rove around the barracks and clean and shit) that are awake, I'm a light sleeper
>Recruit on firewatch is shaking
>DI asks him what happened

Continued, I'm typing as I go.
continue OP
this gon be good
yes please
Don't worry about it.
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>we've got a few faggots in here who happen to be in the military, I'm one of them
>faggots in the military
>I'm one of them

>He says he was standing his post, this was about midnight, when a recruit in skivvies came walking up from downstairs
>He's suspicious, because why the fuck is this guy from another platoon coming on our deck?
>Stops him, tells him to come closer
>He's soaking wet, like he had got into the shower with his clothes on
> Pale, and shaking
> Takes every ounce of discipline for him to not nope the fuck out of there
> "Why are you wet?"
> Firewatch says all he said was "This recruit doesn't know how to swim... This recruit doesn't know know how to swim...."
>And out of nowhere, he just sprints away and slams the door on the way out
>DI swears, hisses "EAAARRRS"
>Me, like a dumbass recruit, says "OPEN SIR"
>He makes me get out of the rack. Like I thought, I'm the only one awake.
>DI beckons all 4 of us into the office
> Reaches into a box and gives us each a power bar
> It was shocking to see him actually care about us
>Eat motherfuckers.
>We whisper AYE SIR and begin devouring the power bar. He reaches into the box and gets one for himself.
>As he eats, he says that we cannot tell anyone what we saw, for the sake of the platoon
>I gather some courage and ask what happened at Ribbon Creek (Like I said, I pretty much knew)
>Repeats the story I knew, but tells about how it was a drunk DI that made his entire platoon cross the river, causing many to drown
>But there's one detail I didn't know..
>This was both the barracks, and the deck, that that platoon lived on
>Swears us to secrecy, slips us another powerbar, and I get back in the rack...
>Next day, kill hat acts like nothing happened and fucks us up as usual.

To this day I don't know what actually happened. DIs play cruel fucking tricks, it's kinda funny. I've seen them sneak on deck in all black at two in the morning and pretend to be robbers and make you tackle them and shit. They like to play mind games too, and part of me wants to believe that what they saw was just a DI from another platoon.
Shittt now this is a spooky story like i don't often hear!
This is real
>This is real


Have any more stories OP?

One of my Team Leaders from a few years ago had similar stories from PI as well.

PBF here.
Does anyone have that one about the guy at some base or something where a thing tries to mimic his voice to get past a checkpoint? Or something?
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I also wonder if me telling all of my fellow recruits about Ribbon Creek just caused their minds to wander or something. It was late, and you're always tired. So maybe he fell asleep, maybe it was just a dream, I dunno. But what happened the next week made me think twice.

>It's a week later. We finally got live ammo on the range, and it's almost kinda fun
>DIs are on edge, though, cuz it's not unheard of for suicidal recruits to sneak ammo into the barracks and blow their brains out
>I'm on firewatch, I'm the rover, meaning I clean
>I head to the bathroom to clean
>I'm in there awhile when the lights cut
>Nothing too unusual, the place is old as fuck. Usually they come right back on
>All of a sudden, I hear recruits screaming below me
>Not too strange, but kinda odd since it's 1 am and techincally we're not ALLOWED to be up yet
>Lights are still off
>Recruits screaming continues. Suddenly, the showers turn on in the bathroom
>Not one, not two, all of them
>I'm freaking the fuck out
>Recruits screaming intensifies
> I'm literally frozen with fear
> All of a sudden, lights come back on, showers turn off, screaming stops.
> Run out to find my firewatch buddies
>They ask why I'm freaking out, tell them about the bathroom
>They ask if we should wake the Senior up, I puss out because I'm more afraid of him than fucking ghosts
>I refuse to go back into the head and clean, next day I'm ruthlessly ITed because it was dirty.
>I'm on the range and happen across a guy from the deck below
>Ask him what the fuck they were doing last night
>He gives me an odd look, says they didn't do anything last night...

I tried to rationalize that one, too. The lights and showers turning on wasn't THAT unusual. And the recruits screaming could be anyone, I guess. Still creepy as fuck.
Sounds like there is a lot of bad juju on that island
lol ur heavy DI was acting nice, I doubt the veracity of this story, but it was good to read op thanks.
Are you stupid?
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Alright, last one from boot camp. Someone above me was talking about how Parris Island has bad juju; this is one hundred percent true. This is an island infested with alligators, where they drive you around in circles and make you put your head down so you have no sense of direction or where you're at, and PEOPLE STILL TRY TO ESCAPE. Tons of people have died on this island, both recruits and drill instructors. Well known story is the DI who jumped on a pile of boxes, screamed EYES (about 200 recruit were now looking at this guy) and used a recruits M16 to blow his brains out. The place is miserable and tons of recruits kill themselves, too, especially in these barracks because it's the first time we have ammo and our rifles are near us at all times.. It also used to be inhabited by Indians, so it's basically a recipe for disaster.

>It's Senior Sit Down time, where we have a little discussion with the Senior Drill Instructor
> Senior asks us if any of us have ever seen a ghost
>Us 4 who kinda fucking did keep our mouths shut
>He says he saw one, about 12 years ago, at Parris Island
>Same barracks, different deck
> Says their DI told them a story about how recruits were constantly sneaking ammo in, sometimes by shoving it up their asshole, and shooting themselves
>He thought nothing of it, went to sleep that night
> Woke up -or thought he woke up- to see a recruit holding a rifle, pointing it directly at him
>He screams out and the 'recruit' vanishes, but leaving his rifle.
>At this point he 'actually' wakes up
>Laying on his chest is a rifle -his rifle- pointed directly at his head
>We all think he's fucking with us, cuz he was a douchebag
>Later that night...
>Firewatch is roving around, doing their shit
>All of a sudden, recruit screams in his sleep
>Nothing too unusual, happens all the time, cuz boot camp is fucked up
>But then he sets bolt upright, gets out of the rack, and goes out of the rack and starts putting every weapon on safe
>Putting every weapon on FIRE, not safe
>Big no no
>Firewatch rushes to stop him
> Dude is reciting the Rifleman's Creed
>This is my rifle, there are many like it, but this one is mine.
> My rifle is my best friend. It is my life.
>This is some fucked up Full Metal Jacket shit
>They try to stop him and finally, he stops
>He was sleep walking. Has no recollection of this shit
>Has no history of sleep walking, either
>Says the last thing he remembers was a dream, a recruit pointing his rifle at him, like the Senior's dream, but this time, he felt compelled to get up and kill everyone else
>Begs firewatch not to tell because a)Sleepwalking will get him kicked out, and b) he had a dream about killing everyone and got up to put their weapons on fire!
>All of a sudden, a tap
>It's the window to the DI hut. The Senior is looking at them, smirks, and puts the blinds down

This one just seems like a bad dream but it was just as scary as the other two, to my young, impressionable recruit mind. We left that fucking place the next week and never had any more 'ghosts'.
hurry the fuck up, grunt
This isn't really a story at all. Just felt like contributing.

I couldn't say if this is normal, or something paranormal, I never really asked anyone about it, but.

It seems that there's an entire two weeks up to a Month of Boot that I don't remember. I heard a few stories from my buddies about stuff the DIs did to us, stories they told, things they fucked with us about.

And I don't remember a fucking thing happening.

An example: Apparently one night when we were sleeping, the DIs woke us up screaming about how we were under attack by China or some shit and rushed everyone to get dressed/weapon'd up and shit, then asked everyone something like "If you think you're ready for this, come on. If not, stay here." I don't know.

Anyone else have large gaps of their training just "missing?"

tl'dr I know.
This guys new.
The whole 'China is attacking' shit happened to everybody, I think. For us, it was North Korea.

But yeah, there's big gaps. First phase seemed like a year and I can't remember hardly any of it (that was years ago, of course) but it was only like a month.
cool stories op, i have a couple from when i was in the corps years back
Let's hear them, devil.
I went to MCRD San Diego on Sep 11, 2001 so for me it was terrorists, not china. Also I graduated on Dec 7 2001 (pearl harbor day)
You're in a high stress environment on the edge of exhaustion so it seems reasonable to me that you might not remember everything.
Damn that's kinda crazy. What went on on 9/11 at MCRD?
First up...

A friend of mine stationed at Miramar was on duty at night. He was stationed with VMFA 323 (iirc). On guard duty middle of the night making his rounds he sees a man in coveralls walk into the hanger bay.

The main bay doors are closed and he just walked thru the only other personnel doors. He shouts and follows the person into the hanger. Walking into the hanger he sees no one there, dead silent.

Wondering if it wasn't his OIC who was on duty with him, he walks back to the duty hut and finds the sir in the hut. He asks if he just walked from the hanger and sir says he's been in the hut for the last 20 minutes.

At that point he tells my friend the story of how Hangar 1 is haunted by the ghosts of those who burned to death when a Corsair crashed into the hanger back in the 60's. My friend retroactively noped his pants.
thats some crazy shit, man. A place with so much anger, hate, violence, pain, anguish and all is bound to conjure some big time bad vibes. I mean at some poi t you start wondering what causes what; do the suicides and deaths cause the bad vibes... Or vice versa? In any case imagine dying in bootcamp and spending afterlife there. Can a ghost go crazy? There it probably can.
You only go to boot once so I have nothing to compare by boot experience. I can only imagine that my DI's were extra crazy with us. The first couple days there are just a blur of yelling and whatnot anyways. It's also the longest I've gone without taking a shit. xD

What the fuck gibberish did you just spew.
OP you are a goddamn boot fuck

4+ year marine here, that "ghost" was your Kill hat's homie DI from another company that put on his skivvies and acted like a recruit. When your brain heals after being in the fleet for 2 years and youre not so gullible you'll understand this.

Find your DI on Facebook or the GAL and ask him he'll probably laugh his ass off
Bitch I said that it was entirely possible that it was a DI. But I dunno, the look on my kill hat's face, shit looked real. And it was creepy as fuck.
So your friend saw night crew
DIs are pro actors. Boot camp is a 3 month long play.

All that drama that went on between your hats is made up too. To make you love your Heavy
I been out of boot camp for three years broski, I know that it was all bull shit. But the fact is that Ribbon Creek happened, that those recruits lived on or near those barracks, and shit was fucking scary at the time.

Like I said, probably a reasonable explanation. But the fun part is thinking what if.
DI's wouldn't go to that much effort just to play nice with a couple of recruits.

I'm basing this on Australian instructors though...
Sounds like your the stupid one buddy

I think they'd go to that much effort to freak some recruits out and then realise they probably freaked them out a bit too much...

Based on my experience through camp pooky :P
*You're stupid as well
>DI using the term "faggots"
When did this happen?

continue nigger
Found this following the Ribbon Creek Wiki trail.
>Marine goes missing in August
>They don't find him until December
>He's only 2 miles form base.
Dying in the desert sounds like the worst fucking way to go imo.
reminds me of this, which isn't military related, but man, fuck the desert.
Got one from my friend when they were in basic training. Not scary but more wtf worthy.

>friend is in their bunk, it's bed time
>all of the sudden they hear the group next door arguing loudly, screaming, throwing shit
>the fuck?
>everyone in friend's group heard them but were too scared to wake up their DS because they didn't want to get in trouble
>next day the next door group asks friend's group why the fuck they were so loud last night
>friends group is like "we thought it was you guys making all that noise"
>"wasn't us. We don't want to get our asses in trouble"

Everyone wtfs
moar plz
Come on don't let this thread die yet
Once in the military our squad came across Fuckfoot in the woods when we were out on exercise. Shit us up, but he couldn't run after us because of his poor sore penis-toes
>new squadbays
>3rd battalion

Get real, nigger.
I've heard that the Canadian air force often are scrambled to respond to UFO sightings such as the Montreal UFO; they take pictures and notes but of course it's all secret. Once i saw about 40 UFO's crosing the sky; and not 20 minutes later there was CF-18s patrolling. A friend knows a wrench monkey from Valcartier who told us the pilots often go on those calls but of course are kept to military secret. Imagine what it must be like to face those things and never be able to tell anyone.
A good military creepypasta series for military is "Humper: Monkeys ghost story" and its sequel the "50 foot Ant" sereis, insanely long and insanely good
My uncle was in the military in the 50s and 60s. The only time he ever talked about it was to tell the following story. He passed away 10 years ago and I really have no other information.

>Uncle is stationed at a soon-to-be decommissioned military base in the US
>Limited people on base, they're just sitting and waiting on the closing procedures
>He's walking around on base one day and notices a person ahead of him walking weird
>Guy is almost at full run in dress uniform but his shoes are making no noise
>Guy goes around the corner of a building just a few feet ahead of uncle
>Uncle turns corner and the guy is gone
>No doors on that side of the building and nothing else except flat land
>Last month on the base
>Uncle is standing next to a tree on base
>Just smoking a cigar minding his own business
>Guy walks passed blocking his view
>He was so close my uncle could smell the guy's aftershave
>"What the hell was that for?"
>Uncle turns to see no one there and the nearest building being some distance away
Obviously some Manchurian Candidate shit went down.
>Be Bulgarian
>We used to have a mandatory 4 year conscription into the army when we were still in the Union
>Both granfathers and my father were conscripted
>Both my father and his father share stories about the army
>My other grandfather doesnt.
>Ask my mother why one day
>She tells me he saw an "Unclean spirit"
>Go to my grandfather and ask him what happened
>Dodges the question for a while before telling me to have a seat while he tells the story
>Begins by draining half a bottle of wine in one go
>Like many conscripts he was put on border patrol
>Had to patrol 5km of the turkish border all alone
>All he had was a coat and a rifle
>He was under orders to shoot any Muslims trying to cross the border and escape to Turkey
>He says he'd constantly pass trough ruined farms and sometimes villages, either destroyed in the first or second war, or just deserted because they were too far from civilization
>Somewhere along the way he'd pass trough an old graveyard
>That's where he met her
>At this point he starts tearing up
>Says she was the love of his life
>He's crying and talking about how beautiful she had been
>At this point grandmother's heard something's going on and comes to check on us
>Sees grandfather crying and hears his mumbling
>Grabs me by the ear and drags me into another room
>Dont let him fill your head with his rambling, il tell you what fucking happened


OP is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.
>She tells me the story as one of Grandfather's friends in the barracks told her a long time ago
>Every time Grandfather would go on patrol he'd return incredibly pale, cold and tired.
>In the middle of the hottest months of summer
>Stops eating at all, vacant look, nearly unresponsive when spoken to
>His mates just think he's not cut out for army life and leave him alone for a while
>Still they are a superstitious bunch and when he starts acting too weird for them, one of them thinks my father has been bewitched by something
>They decide to tie a cross to his neck before he sets out to patrol
>Doesnt even resist, just mumbles something incoherent
>When he returns that night the cross has been torn from his neck
>Suddenly gets a fever, insists he continues going on patrol
>His mates decide they've had enough of this shit and follow him, he largely ignores them
>They reach the graveyard
>They finally see "Her"
>Shes akwardly standing near the graveyard fence with her arms outstreched on either side like a scarecrow
>Wearing a burial gown which doesnt blow in the wind
>She suddenly turns to my grandfather and starts "walking" to him
>Without bending her knees
>Akwardly closes her arms around grandfather without bending her elbows
>They stand there, with Grandfather whispering something to her for about 2 minutes
>His buddies decide they've seen enough and jump in to seperate them
>Grandfather goes completely batshit and starts hissing and clawing at them like a wild animal
>The woman just returns to her original pose and stands completely still
>No breathing
>Her eyes are completely white
>Grandpa's buddies are convinced whatever this is, it isnt alive
>Drag her into the graveyard where they find a really messy grave
>Dig in it for a bit, its empty
>Woman remains completely still while they drag her into her grave
>They decide to burry her with boulders before soil
>Return to see her standing upright in her grave
>Pelted with boulders and burried
boot bitch
>Grandfather recovers from the fever in an hour
>Believes to this day she was just some village girl he met on the road

My grandmother thinks he was bewitched by a vampire.Pretty spooky, tho they might just be fucking with me.

>DI all laughing in a room
>trust building and secrecy exercise was a success
>send in next batch
That is pretty fucking spooky; anon. Those grave stories get to me.
10/10 story, you filthy tower climbing slavs always got the best stories
Vampire legends are really still alive and kicking (no pun intended) in the Balkans. I find that more worrying than funny.
>oh man anon's gramp's fiance figured out he was getting some village girl action on the side
>fuck fuck what do we do
>tell her it was a ghost?
>great thinking Mario

and so they kept up the charade until they died
It's the threads like this that keep me coming back to /x/
Same. In spite of cancer and trolls, good threads make it worthwhile.
what the fuck

I'm screencaping this
I've noticed there isn't a lot of paranormal related military tales. With all the people sent to the middle east, how come there are no ghost stories coming back? No one seen any phantom insurgents? No ghost rockets? No spookyscary desert monsters?
I remember seeing a story about soldiers raiding buildings in the middle east and finding weird shit. Might've been on /x/, might've been /k/
>bct in ft.Jackson
>niggers steal money and MREs every single night
>nigress makes mistake
>her cover is puffy from all DAT stolen monies.
>she snitches on her tribe
>rest of niggers all have contraband.
>god damn full bird pardons them cause they in choir.

That's my 1st god damn impression of the military
Ft. Huachuca.
>accountability formation after AIT classes.
>hear stories about UFOs n such
>look at stars cause such a nice night.
>see triangular lights rotating and flying away.
>alert other troops
>they point and say wtf.
>SGTs see's it too.
>they tell us don't think too much about it probably UFO.

At least they acknowledged what it was.
The rest of us enlisted were just dumbfounded
File: 1024_f866.jpg (49KB, 604x866px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>pretend to be robbers and make you tackle them

Did the naughty robbers dress like this?
Alright /x I got one for you
>former Air Force Fag here
>During Basic T.I (Training Instructor) has one element leader and latrine queen for each firewatch
>As the element leader I’m walking around checking everyone’s night displays
>Latrine Queen is supposed to be checking the bathrooms
>Hear fag whisper my name telling me to come check something out
>Thinking some ass has whipped shit on the walls I stroll over and see him outside the bathrooms
>While noping out he tells me that someone is in the dayroom
>The Dayroom is supposed to be locked and has a sensor on the door to let TI’s downstairs know if we are fucking around in there
>MFW no message from downstaris about door being openend
>MFW he is shitting bricks infront of me
>MFW I use my Lackland Laser and there is someone sitting at the desk inside the dayroom
>Noped the fuck outta there to wake up the next watch and try not to shit my bed
I was in the Navy. There was part of a whole deployment I dont remember. I saw some old ships photos and it was bizarre seeing myself at times I dont remember at all. In one picture, Im sitting near the XO while we are both eating some lunch of the main mess decks.
Also, they say the base in Yokosuka is haunted by old dead japs and American GIs. One popular ghost story is that they closed an entrance to the base because the guards kept running away scared shitless on a regular basis. They say an American in 40s era Army uniform walks up to you on watch and asks for a light. After he lights his smoke, he disappears.
btw, the only weird thing to personally happen to me was seeing what I thought was the same person over and over in several different countries. It was a white guy about my age so at first I assumed he was just another sailor. Id see him around Yokosuka and other parts pf Japan. I saw him in Russia, Austrailia, Korea, Hong Kong. It got creepy when I saw him in Korea once. I thought, wait a minute, we are the only US ship in this port...he isn't from another command so who the fuck is this guy? I know the entire crew, hes not one of ours. And he would always look at me too like he knew. Maybe because I would always stare him down, probably just going stir crazy from being at sea for so long, but I swear I thought it was the same guy.
Watch out anon, you are able to see the "invisible ones", government agents using a form of stealth camouflage to keep the military in check.

Don't let them find out you can see them.
Sweats. This guy doesn't know about military training.

My great grandfather was a drill sergeant and you'd never have known it.
Dude that's fucked.

Scariest I've heard is a few friends who were doing their basic at ft. Leonard wood (or lenorwood as everyone pronounces it here) that the base is haunted by old recruits who committed suicide. Not to mention it's near the ozarks and that place has crazy fucking rumors surrounding the caves to begin with

Has anyone heard about this case? It's fucked up and of course nothing was done about it
>Be Me
>CG fag
>Underway on a big ship in the caribbean
>Reading in my rack one night
>Couldn’t sleep
>It’s like 3 am.
>Someone whispers my name next to my ear
>Rip open curtain thinking it’s the rover
>No one there.
at least I can use the proper form of your/you're.
Buddy of mine was in boot camp during 9/11. Apparently they let them watch TV during chow.
>Blows his brains out
Top fucking kek
Don't fucking die on me!!!!
File: cainrapeface2.gif (2MB, 200x190px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 200x190px
It`s real
Enjoy your patrol
File: Boat.jpg (2MB, 3961x1079px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Coast guard counts, right?
Mnogo dobra istoriq choveche
I saw the same fucking thing with my friends a week ago... same...fucking...thing... Is there a wiki on this sort of creature?

What? Guy dies during training? Absolutely nothing spooky, paranormal or even slightly weird about that. It's not even unusual.

>bowels status: evacuated.
he's in the military what do you expect
It's either a goatman or a fleshgait; formerly both known as a skinwalker.
bump, moar
dont know either of those but ok
>go with friends to river
>About 20-30 km out of town
>We brought our own wooden benches ( we made them ) and just put them by the river and fuck around
>We kind of made a no drinking pact for a month because we were getting real wasted a month ago so alcohol out of the question
>So here we are joking around and teasing this guy for not fucking 8/10 gf smoking cigaretes and smiply fucking around
>When sudenly friend goes "I gotta take a piss"
>When he came back we were all happy looking then we saw him scared out of his mind
>Now keep in mind this guy would tackle a fucking bull and wouldnt flinch
>He has balls of bowling balls and for him to be fucked up is really strange
>Ask him whats up
go on
OP here. This is less of a 'ghost' story, and more of just a creepy vibes type story.

So every once in a while, Marines on Okinawa, Japan get a chance to go out to Iwo Jima, probably one of the most 'holy' places of the Marine Corps. It's where the flag was raised, where a lot of Marines died, etc. So I jumped on the opportunity for me and about 10 other Marines and Navy corpsmen to go out there and be the honor guard/ushers for a veteran's ceremony to be held over there.

We head out there, do the ceremony jazz, and get told we won't be leaving till the next afternoon (It's like 1 in the afternoon, so we've got a good while) and we decide to do some 'splorin and look at the sights, and when night fell, we would sleep in our sleeping bags.

So we hit up the obvious landmarks, like Mt. Suribachi, the landing beaches, etc. Fun fact about these beaches: You can sift through the sand (which is fucking BLACK) and STILL find cartridges, shrapnel, all kinds of shit. It was crazy knowing thousands died where you were.

But the creepiest thing we did was go explore the old 'rat tunnels' spread out throughout Iwo Jima. These were the tunnels where the Japanese made their last stand. There were gun emplacements, graffiti, that was still there. In our infinite boot wisdom we decided that it was one of these tunnels we would make our encampment. At the bottom of one of these tunnels. With only our lanterns lighting it. In a place where people either slowly starved to death or were roasted alive. We were young, what can I say. Only 4 of us, including me, were 'brave' enough to sleep inside, the rest set up shop outside near the bunker entrance, still scorched from flamethrowers/mortars.

I had a friend in the Marines who had to clear, then stay inside, a haunted bunker in Iraq.
File: salems lot.jpg (25KB, 620x471px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
salems lot.jpg
25KB, 620x471px

From the description, It OOZES "skinwalker". It struck me about a few minutes of reflecting on the story. Look that shit up.
What's taking you so fucking long?
>He says "I just saw someone"
>We go so?
>He says "It was... very thin..."
>I tell him "Wtf is wrong with you are you on drugs"
>Him : Promise not to laugh guys or call me crazy
>Us : sure tell us
>Him : I just saw an alien or some shit
>us : *barely holding ourselfs back from laughing*
>Him : While I was pissing I said "fucking ivana fucking slut" ( for some reason whenever he would think or touch his cock he would curse out his ex )
>Us : Ok and..
>Him : Something repeated the sentence...
>Us : ok bro you sure you're not on drugs?
>Him : I told you not to act like im crazy
>Us : sit down and lets go on as normal
>So we continue until another guy turns around
Lets call him John even tho we arent americans
>John : the fuck did somebody hear that?
>Us : hear what?
>John : Something moving behind us
>Us : you been smoking with guy 1. again?
>John yells : Fuck you guys
5 minutes later : fuck you guys
>Us : john I think we got it
>John : wasnt me
>John never lies. Never. Fucking ever.
>We just look at each other and nope the fuck outta there.
>We decide to bring the benches because we dont want anyone stealing them
>Car is atleast a kilomiter away
>Dense fucking forest
>We start walking
>Robert ( his actual name ) : You guys are fucking pussies you know? Believing in ghosts and aliens. Fucking pussies.
>Me : And who was the guy that screamed like a bitch through that shitty movie paranormal
>Robert immedietly shuts the fuck up while we laugh our asses off
>Suddenly Laura ( actual name ) screams.
>We look back she is fucking 20 meters away from us
>She was walking last
>All of my wuts
File: cave centipede.jpg (219KB, 572x428px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cave centipede.jpg
219KB, 572x428px
>In our infinite boot wisdom we decided that it was one of these tunnels we would make our encampment.
You poor, dumb bastard
Typing it as I go havent pretyped it and I write a fucking wall give me a brake last part is coming
Also we haven't got a wiki for it yet but there's a lot of info about it in general on this board; you could also check reddit.com/r/skinwalkers
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Oh god kill it! kill it!
So we drift off to sleep after drinking a fair bit. It's about 1 am. My buddies are knocked out, but I'm having trouble- like I said, light sleeper. Every so often you hear what sounds like bumps further on down the spider web of tunnels, scurrying back and forth of what I can only assume were rats or other small creatures, water dripping off in the distance.

The lanterns our dimmed almost entirely down, so you can imagine the scene. Call it the acoustics of the tunnels playing tricks, but I could swear that I heard whispers. Immediately got me thinking about the old stories of Japanese fighting on in far flung places, not knowing that the war was over. Crazy, since these dudes would be like 90, but your mind drifts when you're scared and kinda drunk. I finally manage to find my happy place and begin to fall asleep when I hear what are unmistakably foot steps- sounds of boots against stone. I figure it's either my buddies scaring me or just the sound playing tricks on me. Either way, I forget about it and go to sleep.

I'm awaken a few hours later by one of the corpsmen with us, and he's excitably holding up an old, Japanese soldier's boot, which they had found when they came to wake us up in the morning and that we had somehow 'missed' on our way down. I noped the fuck outta there and made the hike back for transport in what was probably record time.

Never asked if anyone was 'exploring' at night or not, but it was one of the creepiest places I've ever been. Just knowing that people died where you are- if you're imaginative, like me, your mind starts flying.
>What the fuck happened
>Laura : I got a creepy feeling and stopped. I saw something...
>Me : what?
>Laura : something like really thin and I didnt see it at first but when I saw it it was like it was looking right at me and then it mumbled "fuck you guys" And then I fucking screamed and it ran away
>John : I didnt say anything
> Me : where did it go?
> Laura : It ran off into the woods but... It was so fast.
>Guy 1. : Was it really fast and looked like just some sticks together?
>Laura : How the fuck did you know??
>Guy 1. ( sorry didnt give him a name at first its too strange to say in english ) : I saw the exact same thing
Just at that moment we hear
>Fucking ivana fuck you guys
>In the loudest
>Fucking creepiest voice
>Fucking EVER
>Me : Fuck the benches well make new ones
>We dump the benches and hurry to the car
>Robert was going first in line and he suddenly stopped
>Me : whats up?
>Robert just points at one direction really shakingly
>I look towards it and there it was
>That fucking...thing
>We just fucking run
>Run for 400 meters
>When we get to the fucking car we are tired as fuck
>Fuck everything lets nope the fuck out of here
>Each of us swore to secrecy or everyone would call us crazy
Thats my story havent been there since then and not coming back
>scurrying back and forth of what I can only assume were rats or other small creatures
see >>15050358
So can you tell me what it is? 5:30 am here try not to post scary pics
I fucking hate bugs. Another reason why I'm not quite sure I stayed in those fucking tunnels.
>we all swear secrecy
Stupidest shit, always makes me think "this story is fake".

You should be putting together a larger group to go hunting if this actually happened.
>it's morning and the sun will be here soon
Man up.
Read this thread and the Goatman story
Guardian angel perhaps.

That is if you actually believe in them.
A fuckinh thin but high stick was imitating our voices and stalking us.

I would have thought my friends were just shitting me if i wasnt there

And think what you want havent been able to sleep before dawn since it happened
Dont want to remember that shit again and want to sleep
Nah, if you know the culture of the Marine Corps and boot camp it's not so strange. DIs are always telling you to keep shit 'in the house', ie, don't tell officers about how you're getting hit, abused, or take any gripes or complaints to anyone but your own SDI and DIs. If we had a medical problem you were always supposed to tell your SDI first or he'd get mad pissed.

So swearing secrecy really didn't strike me as that odd, at the time.
Disregard, I thoght you were replying to my OP
This wasnt in the military just a camping trip with friends
I've been thinking more and more about asking some old natives where all the changelings live so I can try to meet one myself.
this. there was a story posted here about 2 or 3 campers in the woods and one of them came back a skinwalker...really creepy nope story
Shit. Fuck it post the story
I don't have it. It was a really long one, The basic plot was from the perspective of one person with his 2 friends. It happened over a number of days in the woods. His "friends" behavior changed and when they finally left, his "friend" tried to get him to go back to the woods
..come to think of it, it may have just been him and the friend, no one else

I hope someone seeing this posts it, very good story
No, it was then damn DRC, they just wouldn't leave Pendleton Province alone

I like you <3
Since always.
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I asked my husband, he was deployed three times. All he ever saw that was weird was UFOs. But he was mostly at COPs and FOBs that they built themselves, so no old barracks with shady histories. Maybe find someone who was living in Sadaam's palace like a boss. I know there was a few guys whose entire jobs were to give tours of Sadaam's palace. Lucky fucks.

Humper Monkey was good, and the early Ant stories too, but after like the 3rd or 4th one they kind of repeated themsleves and got ridiculous. Like how many times can that dude get his teeth knocked out?

I've also read into the author's bio a bit as it were and he seems an abhorrent mix of potato and douche.
Yeah your stupid
I don't have it but I remember reading it. He said his friend went off into the woods to piss and when he came back shit was all weird, maybe he heard some noises. And yeah, his "friend" kept trying to get him to go back into the woods. He said the change was so drastic he basically stopped hanging out with the guy who was one of his best friends since childhood, he's still round, got married, but the dude ain't right.
>Join the coastguard to fight villains and get the bitches
>End up cleaning shit and training constantly
>Do a boat patrol to mix it up
>Go to a cove that's supposedly known for weird shit
>Get to cove and do training with a lifering
>Calling out its location to guy driving boat
>Turn towards companion, turn back, lifering is completely gone
>Lifering was uber-fucking visible, with LEDs and shit
>Get shit from company
>Boat engine dies and nearly go overboard
>Swear I saw face just under the water, probs just my reflection
>oh shit, all our electronics are kill, like fucking all of em
>Get told to drop anchor
>Do so, suddenly line gets fucking jerked and pulled in
>Manage to tie it to samson post, which gets FUCKING BENT
>Hear swimming sounds dafuq?
>Go tell peeps, they try to deliver unto me shit until I show em the bent post
>Everyone's wtfing
>One guy is talking about hearing music, lolwut
>The fuck was that
>Something hit the boat's hull
>Go hide in compartment with company in terror
>"Okay, everyone realizes that was something hitting us. Intentionally. Right?"
>Ford gets directed to go check on anchor line
>Me and other companions go get pyro shit and flares
>Get told to check on Ford because he's taking too damn long
>Go check
>Ford isn't at the anchor
>Ford isn't in the survivors' compartment
>Ford isn't in the engine room
>Ford isn't on the boat
>So...man overboard?
>Ford isn't anywhere in the water
>People don't just sink man, especially not people in the fucking coast guard
>Realize the sound of something swimming and splashing is still there
>Get an idea
>Take flares
>Drop one into ocean
>It descends until it's not visible anymore
>Do another
>As it's descending, a huge fucking shadow swims over it
>One companion goes into terrorbreakdownmode
>Get another idea, cut the fucking anchor line
>Get to the anchor and start cutting through the thick line
will cont.
Really? you're going to write all that shit out for that lazy bastard? Seriously, it doesn't take that long to read, you can scan over the first 3 or 4 posts.
>fought nazis during ww2 after romania switched sides
>his platoon assigned to sweep sector of a forested area in the Eastern Carpathians for rumoured Iron Legion hideouts, once the nazi regime was overthrown
>grandpa was grade a scout back then, always taking point during patrols (outdoorsman/survivalist/huntsman motherfucker type)
>no fucking radios for them back then so they used voice signals (chirping,animal sounds,that kind if shit) to relay basic info
>sweeping up one of the last sectors assigned to his platoon, cold october morning,dense blanket of fog covering the area
>packing his shitty soviet Moist Nugget, wearing his heavy battledress unifrom, grandpa is trying to not freeze his balls off, while waiting for the rest of his squad to catch up to him
>it's early morning, and the sun barely rising, sunrays still too weak to pierce the fog curtain
typing slow, from work,on my shitty tablet, so bear with me

>the forest is still, no sound of his approaching squad yet.
>it's faily normal he thinks, he's been ranging 3-4 kilometers ahead, and the rest of the squad might have trouble folowing his trail markers.
>he whistles a couple of signals, hopung to catch the ear of his squadmates
>everything is still for a couple of seconds
>then he hears a reply coming back frim the mist
> two sharp whistles
> the sound seems a bit muffled,and the direction a bit off, but he writes it off, the squad might be approaching from a different direction
File: 3spooky5me.gif (3MB, 230x173px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 230x173px
>Finally cut the line and start to head back
>In the water now
>Hear weird music
>See a fucking thing swimming towards me ,slowly, confidently
>Get pulled out at last second by friendos
>Go hide in compartment
>WHAMing manages to push boat out of cove
>Coast guard buddies eventually rescue us due to flares and shit
>Convince them Ford isn't in the cove so they don't go in
>Ask companion who went into nopemode what he saw
"He looked me dead in the eye without wavering, he said when whatever it was swam over the flare, he saw it's fin. only it wasn't a fin, because fins aren't long and slender. Fins don't end in five fingers, like whatever he saw had."

"We never found any trace of Ford"
So as a coast guardsman you just leave your ship mates behind?
> about 10 minutes go by, yet he still can't make out any sounds of his approaching squadmates
> at this point he starts feeling a bit anxious. they had no trouble so far, no hostile sightings or anything like that
> yet his instincts tell him something's off.
> two more signals make him come to attention
> the sound is coming off from a completley different directiin now, and it seems to originate from a position closer to him
> he sends out a challebge phrase, but no reply
> at this point, he switches his safety off, and hunkers down behind the roots of a gnarly oak
> the signal comes from the south now
> then from the north
> east
> west
> whistling all around, each signal starting off,as another one ends.
> he is shitting bricks by this point thinking he is surrounded by some krauts
> wonders why the fuck they haven't opened fire on him
> and where the fuck is his squad?
Killer mermaids man. Shit's scary.
Classic, puddle pirates
>the whistling stops as abrupt as it started
> coldsweat.jpg
> movement in his peripheral vision
> about ten meters away
> a silhouete peeking from behind a tree
> thick fog,barely visible.
> grandpa just freezes
> this feeling of dread, primal terror as he describes it overcomes him
> he feels as if running off,screaming, into the mist,hoping to bump into his squad
> a scratching noise can be heard from behind the tree from where the thing is peeking st him
> he is trembling, just sitting there, unable to move ir say anything, as whatever was hiding behind the tree was just stsring him down.
> he snaps and opens fire.
> the silhouette vanishes, and more whistling can be heard.
> grandpa runs off in the opposite direction
> nopeing the fuck through bthe fog, screaming like a madman,he nearly gets shot as he runs into his squad after 10 minutes.
> they ask him what the fuck is because they heard his signals from all over,in patterns thwt did not make sense
> he tells them it was not him,and that he encountered hostiles
> his squad is unnerved so they decide to report back to camp

They got bsck to camp,reorganised, and redeployed with bigger numbers in the area. Nothing was found.

He never went scouting by himself anymore thougn.

To this day grandpa dies not understand what the fuck happened there.

does not understand*

god damnit, i hate typing on this shitty tablet!

I think you need to read again, friend. He was killed by a higher up.
File: 1405818417201.jpg (20KB, 270x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 270x270px
Shitty tablet or not, good story anon!
Well this story time seems to be about tuckered out, someone should archive this shit.

Already found it...

File: 76.jpg (17KB, 267x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was one of the first responders to Fukashima.

>work in reactor department on a carrier
>on watch in the plant, ready to pull into our first port of the deployment
>South Korea, fuck yeah
>North Korea threatens to turn Seoul into a "sea of fire" if my specific ship pulls into South Korea
>whatever.jpg, I'm edgy as fuck and it's time to make plans for lunch in Seoul
>think it's cool to have lunch and beers in a city under nuclear threat
>night before port call, I'm on watch in the plant
>watch supervisor comes down to tell us that Japan was hit with a tsunami, we aren't going to SK
>redirect to Japan to provide aid
>see on news that Japan's nuclear powerplant is on fire, Japan denies radiation leakage
>get closer to Japan, our sensors start going crazy
>wtf, is it our plant? Are we leaking?
>US Navy puts pressure on Japan, they finally admit they are leaking
>huge radiation cloud off coast of Japan
>my Captain decided it would be a good idea to sail through it twice
>"sleep with your gasmasks under your pillow if it makes you feel safe. But it won't".
>direct quote from CO
>pic very much related
I laughed. Man that sucks.
My dad has a similar story. He was in the Navy in the 80s.
I'm sure you can deduce my ship. A lot of people are claiming radiation sickness. Shitting blood, mass suing of Japan, all of it.

Thank God I'm not sick. I did laugh at you laughing at me. I wasn't expecting that, but now I laugh even harder. My commanding officer did say that shit over the 1MC (announcement system for the ship).
Care to tell? Do you know his rate (job) and what ship he was on?
Ohhh, I remember this one I think; Was it the one where the guy who changed like ran off or something, then the two other dudes went to his house and he was there?
Oh dude, my ship had a ghost story too. I say had because I'm not on it anymore. I'll greentext.

>guy down in the pit (propulsion plant)
>he's on watch, somethings a bit off
>starts doing maintenance (not supposed to be while on watch)
>doesn't fully understand the system, starts disconnecting pipes
>disconnects a pipe while tangled up in the bilge (pretty much wedging yourself into a REALLY tight spot)
>cold water starts dumping on him, he keeps working
>cold water starts getting hot, hot water turns into boiling water
>he didn't realize he disconnected a steam dump, and his ass is stuck in the bilge
>literal boiling water dumps all over his body and melts his flesh, but he manages to get out
>makes it to medical, nothing but muscle and bone (literally no more skin)
>dies on the helo out
>now my old ship is haunted with his ghost
>the Cold Iron Ghost
>late at night, while you are in port and down in the plant by yourself, he'll fuck with you
>lockers will open, tools will be flung around, you'll hear weird noises.
I appreciate it. For whatever reason the image wont enlarge in my browser is it's too small to read
I really didn't mean to laugh but I imagined your commander saying that shit with the expression in your pic and I was just like "god damn that's fucked". I laugh when shocked it's terrible.

I'm glad you're feeling okay, though! I watched a documentary on the effects of radiation and loss of their homes of the people who lived near the plant and god damn. One little girl wasn't allowed to play outside unless the radiation levels were safe.
>the reaction was my ship
I can't see it on mobile but I figured it had to do with him. Still imagined your commander with his expression tho as he drove through the fog shit twice

>hiding in the ship
>leaving a guy behind in the water
>cutting an anchor rope in anything less than storm conditions

Something just doesn't add up here. Link to the story about your missing colleague and I may believe it a bit.

>He was killed by a higher up.

Some lunatic training sergeants overdo it, recruit dies.

Still nothing at all paranormal, spooky or even unusual about it, unless you're just determined for everything to be spooky.
what an asshole
So the door sensor broke and a trainee decided to go sit in the dayroom for some weird reason. Not that spoopy.
What is a DI?

Also can you refrain from using armed forces jargon as not everyone has been in the armed forces here.
I was on a DDG in Japan. All those people saying they had radiation sickness were faking it or just sick with something else and paranoid. You carrier people are something else.
It's a Drill Instructor. For 3 months he is your daddy/teacher/mentor/tormentor/ satan himself.

Why the fuck would robbers ever pick military barracks full of soldiers who bust their ass physically and are trained to kill, to rob?

Thats retarded and only a fucking moron would believe it was an actual robber.
You are on the border of exzhaustion and psychological and emotional breakdown. You get barely any sleep and you do exercises all the time.

You dont fucking know at that time your DI could pretend to be an alien and you'd buy it.

I heard a story in the army about a Officers wife who demanded to see her husband while he was on duty at base, as usual the gate MP's wont let anyone through without a clearance so the wife got mad and tried to storm the gate with her car and the MP's opened fire, she was hit in the head with a 7,62 rifle round, this is standard protocol in the army and even if its a fake story these things happen all the time
this sounds like those like one of these things
File: 113596.jpg (655KB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a few stories from my military service, not too brix shitting but i started to remember while reading this thread,

>be me 19 start military service as a comm trainee in Finland
>lots of innawoods exercises and lots of night patrolling
>be at a week long exercise in a big forested military area, get squad tent set up at about 2 am and i get the first gate watch,
>No lights to be used at night, only night goggles, taking a piss or finding your way in the dark was a pain
>get to guard post, luckily there was another MP trainee there aswell to keep me company
>smoke cigarettes talking about bitches and stuff
>dead silent, everyone who isnt patrolling should be sleeping
>boring as fuck we were playing around with some night goggles the MP had with him, cool shit "i can see everything"
>hear rustling in the forest on the other side of the road where we were sitting, see a dark figure for a second moving very slowly between the trees
>"probably someone taking a piss, lets shout for password"
>no password heard, yelled for the password a second time, no answer
>put on night vision goggles to check, but no one there, the trees were so thin that you would see if he was trying to get away or hear sprinting,
>but nothing, the MP radioed to guard base to ask if someone was doing a round there,
>"nope, all our guys are sleeping, probably someone taking a piss"
>felt really weird the guy just wanished in a couple of seconds
>everyone had stories of their night patrols of seeing shadows in the dark and people who didn't respond to the password challenge
>no one was dumb enough to open fire and wake everyone up because well fuck running and staying up the night
>didn´t think much of it until now and always shrugged them off as the brain playing tricks on you in the dark but being posted as a guard alone in the middle of the night in a forest is the most unreal feeling i can think of.
Do you faggots got more UFO military stories?
Its not like that. Its taller and much much faster.
Nah what happened is your Gramps killed and raped a woman on patrol
Dude I saw was in full BDU's, which is weird b/c we slept in pt gear. Also the fact that when I joined the AF switched to ABU's. So thanks for trying but no trainee
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Le bump.
It's pretty straightforward, don't see why you'd have any trouble.
Fucking skinwalkers.
Its /x/'s new fad.
Once a year or so, /x/ will focus on a particular subject of interest: Slenderman, the grifter, tulpas, kaballah, "star-seeders", naruto-based "Chakra" ablities, and werewolves have all been past "fads", and all were circle-jerked and role-played to death. Then the next thing came along. Late last year motherfuckers came in here and started the whole "skinwalker" narrative. Its just the cryptid of the week, until the next thing comes along and sways you gullible idiots.
I call serious bullshit.
The United States Coast Guard, ladies and gentlemen.
Keeping our waters safe.
what creature do you guys think it is?
I wasn't in the military but I was staying on a base as a cadet for a leadership course. Our barracks was placed near the Marae (NZ Native spiritual house)
The recruits who talked with us always joked about the ghosts that were attracted by the marae. In maori culture houses face eastwards towards the sun, unless they're for a very specific purpose facing west, normally something to do with spirits. The Marae at the base faced west because it's a symbol for death and shit like that. None of the Maori who know about all this old stuff like it at all. Anyway first night was fine nothing out of the ordinary. Second night Someone woke me up and told me to listen, nothing. He claimed to have heard someone doing a haka, thought it was a joke. Went back to sleep. 3rd night I didn't hear anything but I overheard other cadets talking to some Maori recruits and they said ghosts happen all the time, they show up here on their way north and stick around sometimes.
4th night I woke up to the sounds of marching through the barracks, like hundreds of people were marching in formation, was awake for a while but blacked out at some point. I didn't have any other experiences for the rest of the week but others did.
So you were on a 47? What cove? AOR?

MTIs go in the day room all the time to fuck with trainees after hours. My sister flight's MTI came over and would move furniture around between EC patrols and hide under the door window when they came by.

And BDUs being banned would not stop an MTI from wearing them if he really wanted to mess with you.
File: 1366485817280.jpg (673KB, 1198x4896px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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is this it?
File: images.jpg (10KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what a fucking boot...

probably a sgt maj.
One of the things I loved about working with the USMC (I was a Chair Force NCO) was destroying the shit out of their little fraternity games.

I'd see some 14 year old Marine E-5 jump some junior enlisted ass, and watch the shock on his face when he realized I reported his bullshit to the flight chief. Keep that shit in your minor league camps...The rest of the DoD can and will light your shit up. This is the United States Military, not Sigma Epsilon for non college students.
Or a Major named Major Major.
*Tips fedora*
I legit knew both a Major Mynah and a Sergeant Major (Major being the surname.)
i gotchu >>15054628
Not even a remotely reasonable time for "fedora".

Faggots like you are why people are using it for literally anything that someone says that they don't like.
>be in army boot camp.
>at range sighting m16s so we can go qualify and get on with the field problems.
>my turn to lay down and watch the other person shoot and give them tips and shit.
>get this horrible sinking feeling for some reason and the range goes hot.
>watch dumb cunt fire. Swear she didn't unload completely.
>hear the cease fire and I get a pain in my leg so I move back to rub it.
>idiot stands up and BAM fucking bullet where my had would have been.
>drill Sgt tackles her ass and she gets bitched at harder then anything I've seen before.

Not as paranormal as it was fucking scary. And I shared a bay with the dumb cunt. Though they moved her out immediately and discharged her.
Kek. You're a fucking bitch. Whaaa, the bad Marine is being mean to me!
Kek. Enjoy your Article 15, and subsequent discharge. Your cute little games don't fly outside Parris Island.

>kid was beating his meat in the dayroom
>hypersensitive to fear because you're in basic
>thx for interrupting his fap, anon
I'm not in the military but related.

>Me and 4 of my friends are walking in fields late at night near Albert (where the battle of the Somme was fight)
>Walking around with torches "Ghost Hunting" but mainly just for fun
>See a shadow of a figure ahead of us in the field
>Friend shouts out "Bonjour?" but no response
>As we get closer the figure disappears completely

At this point we are kinda freaked out, but the next part is the part when we pooped our pants

>About half an hour later and we have stopped to sit and drink and food
>My friend tells us all to be silent
>We hear moaning like someone who is pains
>Then we hear very clearly and loudly someone speaking English saying "I want to go home"

At this point we all ran as fast as we could to our camp site and stuck together till daylight

I'm at Fort Jackson and saw a trainee at the TMC two weeks ago who blew his finger off at the range like an idiot, so consider yourself lucky.
I'm not saying it's spoopy. It's just fucked up is all, especially the way it's covered up. /x/ isn't always about the spoops, they love they're conspiracy shit too
I'm just wondering, what's the point of calling everyone faggots and motherfuckers and screaming? I mean, who are these guys going to impress?
The Recruit is supposed to fear his DI more than the enemy
Mosin's don't have a safety...My 1939 one doesn't have anything remotely close to a safety.
That's retarded. Also, you KILL enemy.
Im curently on the third one, its ok so far, the 6th one is a fan spin off so I dont expect ot to be to good
*Tips Tribly*
I was at ft Jackson when it happened... Doesn't say much about that place. How'd he manage to blow off a finger? How can you even hold your rifle like that? Green text this for I must know...
I can confirm. Its a relatively common rumour. I've heard that around hudson bay area a UFO came out and the trooper had to hold two thumbs to cover the silhouette.
It's more that they're trying to psychologically break you down so that they can re-build you mentally.
god damn I thought the same thing in MCRD, I was thinking. Fuck, how many recruits have come through here thats a lot of emotion. Blood sweat and tears, But I never saw anything weird go on.
I fucking love 50 Foot Ant's 3rd Story. The one with the underground base. Most recent two are meh-tier.
anyone here who served in the gulf heard of the aden stargate? rumours gets thrown around a lot on various conspiracy forums, and a friends father of a high rank was surprised when confronted about it, but gave the usual 'neither confirm nor deny'.
They've got a safety, it's just that nobody uses it because it sucks. You grab the cocking piece at the back of the bolt, pull on it and rotate it clockwise, but there's a shitload of resistance in the springs.
You've just given us a definition of brainwashing.
it doesn't work on everyone tho
File: 1361924775169.gif (950KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
950KB, 320x240px
x marine here OP. paris Island hasn't been used to train men for quite some time now so either your old as shit or your a women cause they only train women at paris island now and that's also the way it was in veit nam my gramps is also x marine and served in veit nam his training took place in san Diageo california just like mine did in 2006..
That's pretty much exactly what it is.
True, some people submit, some people give up, and some people just get through it so they can get some fucking health care and the GI Bill.
He's retelling a story that was posted earlier for someone who couldn't look at the image. Read the thread, goys.
Fun fact:
You're fucking wrong
Recruits west of the Mississippi go to MCRD, San Diego, east of the river go to Parris island
All women go to Parris regardless of location.
*tips fedora*

congrats, you were tired nigger
File: 1351382041010.jpg (69KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 500x667px
OK. I got two stories out of my husband, he really underplays this shit, but it was interesting enough for him to giggle about and remember.

>1st Deployment '03 - '04 Mosul Iraq
>Husband, we'll call Al, and Sgt J.
>Guard duty.
>Well secured base at that time, nothing ever happened.
>Al and Sgt J laying on their backs looking into the sky alá Timon and Pumba
>All of a sudden, right above them HUGE, blinding Flash of light that lasted about 3 seconds.
>No sound.
>The light leaves behind a "crack in the sky"
Here I'll jump out of the green text to tell you that as he's describing it he is fairly adamant that he cannot properly describe what he saw. I said it sounds like lightning, he insists it was not ambient light, but as if there was a tear in the sky behind which bright light was coming. He says it lasted about a minute, and reminded him of Aurora Borealis the way it kind of lingered there.
>But no sound.
>Al (who is then a private) asks Sgt J if they should call it in.
>Sgt. J replies "what the fuck would we say?

Thats the end of first story.
File: 1258457347055.jpg (34KB, 600x528px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 600x528px
2nd story
>2009-2010 FOB Garda, Afghanistan
>Guard duty again, Al is Sgt now and he is with Pvt G
>Chillin, in guard tower, looking around middle of the night
>Both spot a light, what looks like an aircraft (though they can make out no definition) going back and fourth in the sky, going faster, and doing crazy maneuvers that no aircraft known to them is even remotely capable of.
>Far off in the distance they see, and hear, a Blackhawk helicopter heading towards the light.
>As the chopper gets closer the light stops, and seems to, for lack of a better description, notice the Blackhawk, it stops for a brief second.
>The light then does a weird super fast loop-de-loop and then takes the fuck off, so quickly that it is gone in an instant.
"Sgt. G went on about it for a fucking week, it was all he would talk about. 'Aliens, it was fucking aliens, guy!' "
Maybe he thought if he covered the nozzle with his hand it stopped the bullet.
/x/ has been obsessed with those dumb as fuck tarot reading threads+ oh I am some faggot pretending to be a vampire or some shit. At least most skinwalker stories are original even if they are total bullshit. /x/ has always had bullshit conspiracies or stories. Just go with the flow and enjoy the skinwalker stories
Thats kinda spooky. Most sites where a bunch of lives where lost in battle have paranormal shit. Even old battle fields from the civil war in the U.S have ghosts still.
>most skinwalker stories are original

Not the guy you were arguing with, but they WERE. For about all of ten minutes. Now they all follow the same goddamn formula. Every. Single. Time.

Which is annoying, because the concept itself is interesting, but seeing it done to death ruins it.
/x/ has always beaten the dead horse when it comes to new ideas. I find the skinwalker threads interesting some stories are oc some aren't. I entertain the idea cause I find it interesting. But yeah shit gets old no doubt
>(who is then a private)
>Here I'll jump out of green text

Please stop.
My dad was stationed at a US military base in Germany years ago. (I think it's one that's closed now.) The base housing we lived in was a apartment style with a connected basement. Kids would go down there to play but also mom's would use it to for laundry.

>I go to the basement one day during a 'sick day' from school
>"Hey anyone down here?"
>Look around
>look behind hanging bedsheet
>Absolutely no one there

Second story about the basement
>Playing with army with my friends
>Friend acts like he's wounded
>We're all making rat-tat-tat-tat noises and "fighting the enemies" further down
>Friend jumps up and runs up to us
>"I saw something crouched in the corner while I was laying there. It looked like guy laying there with his mouth open."
>Everyone went home after that and I refused to go into the basement anymore to play
unrelated but your pic reminded me of this video
refresh page if it doesn't load
dat faggoty sonic fanart tho
One of my favorite ones along with uh..that one super ass long one told by some black guy in the south and his friends camping in a trailer or something out on his fams porperty
I know I'm over a day late but
>switches his safety off

>Moist Nugget
That's one of the reasons I hate 2nd hand stories. The person retelling doesn't always know what the fuck they're talking about.
>be 19
>in redzone
>0200 guard shift
>hear shuffling in nearby mountain brush
>~20 meters
>wake everyone up
>ordering whoever is in the brush to come out and surrender
>too close for comfort
>scared as fuck, heart pounding
>all of the sudden guys start yelling and take off in every direction
>shots fired
>everyone starts firing into the brush
>scrambling for cover
>very few of them are retaliating
>realize most of them are firing into the air
>all screaming in Arabic
>loud screeching noises coming from above
>clearly audible over rifle fire
>continue exchanging small arms fire for several minutes
>everything quiets down
>no friendlies injured
>we start poking around in the brush for dead/wounded

Wicked story, bro
File: unit.jpg (155KB, 960x638px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155KB, 960x638px
>mutilated corpse poorly hidden behind a nearby boulder
>bullets didn't do that
>keep looking
>find middle aged raghead lying in the brush
>hit pretty bad, probably wont pull through
>start treating him anyways
>he grabs SSG by the collar
>says some gurgly shit in sand-niggerinese
>repeats it over and over again for the next few minutes
>he croaks
>ask 2LT what the guy was saying
>"same thing as the others"
>"owl man"
File: LordOfTears_2.jpg (141KB, 1000x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141KB, 1000x1500px
Might interest you that the film Lord of Tears depicts an owlman figure which it identifies as Moloch
I thought I smelled boot. Report to your team leader for hazing.
Strangely enough, I've met other soldiers on /x/ who have stories similar to mine. Turns out this "owl man" thing was some kinda local legend in one of the nearby villages, but none of us knew that at the time. Got another as well if you're interested
I'm a bit too old to get into the military now, but when you join is there a path you can follow if you want to work at the really high security bases, like "area 51"? I'd imagine even if there isn't all the alien bullshit there, they wouldn't accept people who state they want to be placed there, so how do they decide who gets assigned?
Send it
>few km outside of bumfuck sandniggerville
>intel says nearby pumphouse is crawling with insurgents
>recon also spotted sniper nest not too far from our location
>cant advance with so many hostiles close to our AO
>waiting on JDAMs to clear out the nest and pumphouse
>taking long as fuck
>com says some kind of aircraft in our area
> must be some kinda fuckup because the skies are all clear
>tell us there's definitely something up here and it's damn close to our location
>SSG is mad as fuck because there's clearly nothing out here
>hear that same fucking screeching again
>flipping shit trying to find source
>nobody can see shit
>goes on for about 30 minutes until com says everything is clear
>JDAMs blow both buildings to shit
>com keeps pointing out more phantom blips accompanied by screeching and other creepy ass sounds for the next several days
That type of shit would never fly in Benning
Relaxin' jackson needs to step up their game
Now THATS paranormal
I remember them doing shit like that
God I hate Marines
but...it kinda has a safety. Pull the hammer back and rotate it to the left. Its a pain in the ass, especially with gloves on, but thats why its there.

>i have a nugget
Didn't experience this myself.
Story was told by grand uncle.

WWII, grand uncle is in Wehrmacht.
1945 comes around and things are kind of bad.

Gross Onkel and his unit have walked straight into a bunch of Vanjas (i.e. Russians). Both sides a bit too surprised to actually start shooting.

Suddenly there's this huge, blinding flash as if from a big artillery shell. But no noise, no smoke, no shrapnel. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Just light.

Germans and Russians stare at each other for about 3 seconds, then both sides turn and run like crazy for their own frontlines.

Probably nothing supernatural, but still a story about a weird occurrence during a war.
I'd be worried about it slipping and firing.
Go fuck yourself.
It was creepy for a sec till I realized what it was.

USfag who studies and has been to the region. Sorry command fucked you over.

Pretty sure that if translation could be done we'd hear some creepy ass stories from the touhoku region. I never saw any ghosts when I was over (non military btw) but heard horrible stories.

According to one of the men who survived (nice guy, let refugees stay in his hotel for free) a lot of japs burned to death because after they were swept out to sea some ships collided and between the oil spills the bays in those areas were pretty much lit on fire. Said he heard the screams all night.

Not going to hijack the thread but I would love to hear the stories of some of the military people deployed to help with relief. With all the death that happened sure as shit some paranormal stuff also happened.
>be inna camp
>get woken up during the night
>"private anon, go deliver this note to camp X" Regards: NCO
>a starless nordic night as black as a nigerian prince and a road coated with freshly fallen snow to ski on, what more motivation do i need?
>3/4 of the journey completed
>felt uneasy as fuck for a while now, feels like i'm being watched
>no sounds but my breath and the skis sliding on the snow
>all those spoopy skinwalker stories just adding to my rising anxiety
>feeling tired and thirsty but i'm too scared to stop or look around me
>swear i can hear something moving behind me now
>ski a bit faster
>hear it get closer
>ski faster
>hear it get even closer, it's something big
>ski even faster, too fucking scared to look
>if i can't see it, it can't take me
>can hear it right behind me
>feel a hand gently land and squeeze my shoulder
>clench my asshole tighter than it's ever been in order to avoid tactically shitting my pants
>find a gear i didn't even know i had and start ski'ing at the speed of a thousand jagers
>footsteps getting farther and farther
>don't slow down, don't look back
>see the camp
>"HALT! Who goes the-"
>dive into the foxhole and tactically shoulder muh' RK
>the guardsmen see me shitting out complete commie-blocks, furniture and all, and shit tiny lego-bricks themselves
>we just sit there for five minutes, staring at the road i came from
>finally, a deer emerges
>boger face.jpg
I told the story, and they sent me to a psychiatric for and evaluation. Got clean papers, got told it was my tired mind playing tricks on me and got nicknamed Speedy Gonzales
Not too hard to imagine, Thousands of souls in misery and people dying fairly often.
Have you considered actually telling the story?
Sorry, *tips trilby*
Most of us on /x/ seem to be women.. That's why the boot camps are all places that train women or are co-ed.

sounds like my early 20s xD Memory problems are common.

My dad is one of those Canadian Air Force people. He's seen some shit(your typical UFOs which do not move like any of our Earthly flying machines, how they can come & go out of nowhere, etc.) and has some inneresting stories(again, your basic, plentiful "WTF?! That wasn't a plan!"-type stuff as well as some stories about gag orders/MIB-type people and the threats they make regarding keeping quiet, etc.). His experiences occurred back in the day though - during the 60s & 70s mainly.
>fuck you guys
I laughed way more than I should have
too late.
So I'm not the only one...
I remember very little of my CAR (similar to your boot camp, i guess) days, even though I have no problem recollecting the events of the following months.
I'm literally missing entire weeks and remember almost noone of my squad.
Sometime I suspect they were slipping us some drug to keep us calm or somethin and that shit messed up our memories,
Its the stress you are under. It clouds your memories of everything that isn't major. I only remember people I talked to frequently in basic and I only remember events that stood out but not with much detail. Hell even my time in AIT was cloudy and that was a cake walk (68k med lab tech so our AIT was pretty nice. 2 man rooms, allowed POV and to live off post)
File: 1402162287389.jpg (76KB, 425x311px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 425x311px
>tfw military stories always involve peeing or pissing or something.
Nugget has a safety.
Or chunky orange cum.

Fucking this. When you've gotten the shit kicked out of you for five weeks straight, with minimal sleep, you basically start living in dream land where weird shit just happens.

>Robbers coming to the middle of a military base?
Fucking why not. holy shit robbers
>Aliens dragging trainees from their beds out the door?
Holy shit guys its aliens we need to band together to stop this shit
>Hear voices coming from nowhere?
Its not a covertly placed speaker, its a fucking ghost is what it is

Basic is simultaneously the shittiest and most fun experience, and the porportions of each depends on how much your MTI wants to fuck around.

Which usually depends on if he's married or not. God help you if you get an instructor who's been single for a while, because he has nothing else to occupy his time besides concocting new ways to fuck with people totally under his power.

I mean, a year or two after basic is over, you'll think it was fucking hilarious.
File: 1407705062502.jpg (13KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 200x200px
who is this subhuman bro
So true. So very true... Female drills are fucked up too because they always seem to have something to prove so they'll play mind games like crazy.
New as fuck.

Oh shit, this actually happened.
>Be conscripted Greekfag.
>Be stationed at a Mechanized Infantry Battalion near the Turkish border.
>All facilities are total shit despite being located inside the larger Brigade camp.
>The place is depressing as fuck.
>Fog, crows, sharp cold, gloomy sky at all times.
>My company's in charge of guard duty in one of the forts at the border.
>Imagine small apartment, bedroom with six single bunks, kitchen, wc, tiny living room and officer's quarters.
>Be at morning report at base camp.
>Staff Sgt. asks for volunteers for a week at the fort.
>I've been in the military for some time, thought I was the shit by then.
>Raise my fucking hand all like "Private Anon would be honored, Sir!" thinking it'd be cool to get away from my douchebag sadist Captain's screams for a while.
>Still regretting it.
>We depart at 1700 and it's already dark when we get to the fort half an hour later.
>Driver nopes the fuck out in a hurry.
>That can't be good.jpg
>Be me, another private buddy of mine and a loaner form a nearby Battalion 'cause we're short on people, plus the aforementioned Staff Sgt.
>Guarding the place pretty much equals walking up and down the dirt road in front of it.
>Staff Sgt be like "Guard duty begins at 2200, feel free to screw around until then." Pretty cool guy.
>Sgt. is watching TV, the loaner guy is cleaning his rifle. My buddy and I are outside chatting.
>He's been here before a few times. Asks me if I know about the "night visitors".
>Supposedly an entire squad committed mass suicide back in the day in this very fort and they roam around at night.
>Yeah right. Wave it off as your garden variety army BS 2spooky story.
>The time comes. My buddy guards first, the other guy's next and I got the third shift.
>Two hours go by without any incident.
>My buddy comes back, wakes up the other guy and tells him to get ready.
>Can't sleep so I suggest we watch some late night TV. Buddy agrees and goes to get a bottle of water from the kitchen.
finnfag detected ;)
Please continue

>The other guy's pretty nervous.
>Nevertheless, he suits up, grabs rifle and heads outside.
>My buddy's still not back from the kitchen.
>I go look for him.
>Kitchen is in a separate room behind the main building, so I gotta go outside.
>2bored2dressup just put on boots and jacket.
>Pants are for pussies.
>Head outside and see flashlight beam dancing in the fog in the dirt road in front of the fort.
>Protocol dictates that no lights of any kind are allowed during guard duty at night.
>Fucking pissed at the loaner guy 'cause he's gonna get us in trouble.
>Fortunately Staff Sgt. is sleeping.
>Skip down the front steps ready to give the guy a piece of my mind.
>Legs are freezing because just boxers.bmp
>Guy's got his back turned on me, standing still just outside the main gates.
>His flashlight is aimed at a shadowy figure in the fog.
>Nope for a bit and stop walking.
>lol it's probably just my buddy trying to scare the guy.
>"Pssst! Get your ass over here! Dancing With The Stars rerun is on and there's some hot babes!" comes from behind me.
>Turn around to see my buddy at the door of the building waving at me.
>Turn on the spot and scream "ANON GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THAT THING!' to the other guy.
>Guy drops flashlight and runs back inside with me.
>The three of us are just standing at the door and looking at a pitch black and really tall thing walking slowly in front of the flashlight.
>Staff Sgt. wakes up storming out of his room all like "The fuck's all that noise about?!"
>We're all speechless and scared shitless.
>The thing's no longer there.

We told him what happened but he didn't believe us, naturally. Needless to say, the next six days went by really fucking hard. Shit felt like a month.
???? ??????? ?????;
File: 2spooky4me.gif (873KB, 400x226px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
873KB, 400x226px

There is absolutely no fucking WAY this is real...
Dude, i feel you.
>BCT Jackson, 2008
>Inna reception battalion, doing my reception thing. Day one, haircuts, shots, mandatory purchases, whatnot. While out of the bay, some nigger steal all my personal shit out of my locker (locks not issued, must be purchased at the PX that day, so literally no way to secure my shit before this).
>This is my first day on active duty.
>At MEPS, shipping out to basic.
>Apparently, someone forgot to process me for my clearance beforehand, and it's needed for me to ship. (don't know why, several people in my company at boot were interviewed for their clearances while there)
>Get put on the phone with a fullbird, somewhere.
>Anon, have you ever done drugs? N-no sir.
>Anon, do you love your country? Yes sir.
>Okay, you're good.
> this thread
so fucking good
Got a story?

No, and I am glad that I don't because if I was that guy taking that leak, I probably would've went utterly apeshit.
File: 1292915084438.jpg (384KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
384KB, 1600x1200px
I'll also share a little tidbit of information. Old jewish lore states that Moloch, who supposedly always appears as a man with an owl's head, would grant eternal life to people who would sacrifice their children to him, or at least a family member who was trusting of them. The main idea of it is that they have to kill someone who trusts them and is a younger relation, though children supposedly are the best option. Find any caves with weird-ass altars in the area?
>Got nicknamed Speedy Gonzales.
Fuck, I lost it.
>not listening to your recruiter and buying all the shit on your prep list before going in.( which includes a lock)
>this is why I'm glad I was an army brat and then an army wife before I joined.
>five weeks

is that all you americans get for boot camp? Here in Canada there's about 5 months!
10 for the army. At least I did ten. But then you go to AIT which is your job training. Mine was a full year. 6months book training and 6 months active lab work. But most aits are like 6 weeks to 3 months...
Phase one is about 4-5 weeks
thats when the DIs get to totally fuck your life up
Phase 2 and 3 they treat you a little more like a human
In total boot is about 13 weeks, after which you go to SOI for about 2 months, then its off to scraping paint on LHDs
>Be Me
>Coast Guarding like a mofo
>Sleeping in some shitty old dorms
>About to be torn down the next day
>Bad racks
>No Heat
>Shadows everywhere
>2am hear my DTL screaming
>Run to check
>Homeless man snuck in and was sleeping next to my DTL.
>we run homeless man off.
>DTL tells me he tried to snuggle
>It was dark I had no face.
>not getting the joke
he called OP a faggot, in his shitty newfag way though
>It's also the longest I've gone without taking a shit

My dad's told me he doesn't remember taking a shit once while at boot, he knows he must have, he just can't recall ever doing it.
Extra crazy DIs and blurred memories are standard issue for every recruit.
Well technically it was a ufo because sayinhg something is a ufo dose not imply aliens from another planet as is dose mean unidentified flying object
File: 1395943944113.jpg (105KB, 300x321px)
105KB, 300x321px

tits or the story is bullshit
Serch rake though apprently the rake was created on the Something Awful forums dont forget skinwalkers are human at least in the old folklore
File: 1399727048559.gif (2MB, 190x300px)
2MB, 190x300px
it can easily be an rc airplane, it actually sounds very much like an rc airplane
here is a video of such a device:
also in this video the guy is not doing any maneuvers, with a tailless plane you can do some crazy shit
File: 1387823974692.gif (452KB, 476x508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
452KB, 476x508px
turkfag here

it was probably turkish soldiers fucking with you guys

according to an american friend of mine whose father fought alongside the turkish brigade in the korean war we are some sneaky bastards

>mfw russia is run by nosferatu
At a base in Afghanistan that is so remote they had to have their mail delivered by Blackhawk and they wear by donkey I doubt any of the locals had toys like that. It's pretty cool. And I think it would be pretty embarassing for a blackhawk to go investigate a toy plane, it came from a base out of line of sight so whatever it was must have been picked up on their instruments.
>they wear by donkey
Literally not the faintest clue what you were trying to say here.
I think anon means clothes? Not sure myself, never heard it before.
??? ???.

>it was probably turkish soldiers fucking with you guys

I wish, man, I really do. Thing is, said fort was a little farther away from the border, not exactly on it. And that thing was not moving "correctly", whatever it was. Couldn't have been a local farmer either, 'cause only military vehicles were allowed on that route.
Thread is on autosage, guys, thanks for the stories. Make another thread if you have more to share.
No, thank you, OP. Great thread.
>Using full stops while greentexting.
>Don't do it.
their water by donkey is what I meant. Their water was delivered by donkey, which I found hilarious.
I got a femoral stress fracture during my time in basic at MCRDSD in 2006, so I was sent home after awhile of being in MRP.

The "regular" squad bays are relatively new. Haven't seen any shit in them or had stuff go down. These are where training recruits live in, or where PCP and MRP recruits are.

However, RSP(recruit separation platoon) used old squad bays, from when the base was first built. I think early 1900's, i dont remember, really.

Fire watch front post is different than other regular squad bays. For RSP, we slept in racks upstairs. Front post was a little distance away from where everyone else, you had to walk down a small hallway, and go downstairs, so you felt very isolated and alone. It was a little nerve wracking if you were stationed front post on firewatch late at night or early morning, as you sat at this huge desk that was facing a wide opening that was always open. You were just looking out in the darkness of night for one hour in a really old squad bay.

Apparently many recruits saw an old WWII-style marine slowly walking down the stairs then just walk outside the front door without saying a word. Of course, this could be a DI fucking with us, but I figure they don't really care for recruits that are separating and going home, so why bother wasting energy? If they were doing it to a regular training company, then yes, it would make sense.

Also, I've heard lockers slamming and shutting by themselves when nobody was in the squad bay. Nothing too bad. The thing that mostly shook me up was being awaken for fire watch by someone gently shaking me awake and whispering that it was my turn to be on watch.

Upon getting dressed and looking at the list, I learned that nobody woke me up and it was not my turn. A lot of other recruits had this happen to them, so it could have been another dick recruit fucking with us.

I enjoyed living in the old squad bay, though. It was such a huge building, and you can just feel how old it is.
If you kill someone and then have sex with them, it's not rape, it's desecrating human remains.
are you austrian?
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