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Creepy Work Experiences Thread

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Like the title says!

Post your creepy moments at your job...

For me, I work summers as a flex security guard. This time around I was at a Digital Realty. This place is huge, and it's still being expanded. There are a few full suites, but many dark ones under construction. One full time guy left because he got spooked...grave shift security is just one person, taking care of the whole building. No ones there, not even the customers or engineers, unless we get an alarm.

>be me, going for first patrol
>go through suites, all's well
>get to the empty suite, badge in
>dark as all hell, still gotta walk through it
>reach the end, loooong as hell, like 100yds
>as i go back to the door, hear stuff
>whispering, try to pass it off as AC
>powerwalk back, whispering gets louder
>barrel out that door faster than a fat guy from a gym
>complete patrol, inner and outer
>next times at the room is eerily quiet
>ask around, people who have done grave here didn't like that room at all, some just opened the door , check and left to avoid it
>find out dude working grave got spooked and left
>even supervisor hates that room
>dont blame him
>still hate it

Could just be the AC, but aw well.

Pic is of the suite, from the door at night.
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pic from the other end during the morning.
A friend and I guarding some old ladies property. Previous occupants (her sons, two bros) both die within weeks of each other.
>Grave shift
>hear music in garden
>enter garden
>music stops, starts playing in nearby field
>enter field
>two pillars of dust shoot up like gysers
>draw pistol
>btfo onto property
>next day, lady shows up
>gives us their cds
>go home
>first cd i play is Alice in Chains
>first song is song I heard outside
>go back and leave cds in garden

as i was leaving i swear I heard someone whispering thank you over and over again
Looks pretty creeptastic.
needs moar
C'mon, the last thread was really good.
Too many NEETs right now?
I worked night shift security for a few years, first place didn't have much but I moved to a new state a got a job as security for some crazy woman.

>21, just moved to a nice sleepy town
>get call some weeks later from a woman who sounds almost drunk, slurring words, etc
>asks my previous experience, etc
>after lengthy conversation she gives me my bi weekly pay which is triple my asking
>gives me address and what not, it's quite a bit out of town but can't turn down the pay
>arrive my first night, it's a large manor, looks pretty old, but finally understand why the pay increase
>meet the woman once when I arrive, shes had issues with vandalism and kids killing wildlife on the lawn
>discuss payment methods and she leaves, creepy middle aged blonde
>first few nights, place is pretty eerie, there's almost no sound coming from the enclosing woods
>about after my first week, was doing my rounds in the garden\backyard when I hear low whispering from behind the shed
>pull out flash light and expect to see some kids
>go back there, nothing.
>hear the whispering, it's in the shed, sounds like 2 or 3 people all speaking over eachother
>dont have keys for the shed, and it's locked
>shine light in the window and see something scurry behind a table, shed is large and has only one window
>I can see some eyes looking back at me
>watch shed for the rest of the night, don't see or hear anything else
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I've got one
>be 22
>I'm a barber and I worked in a rural town
>work late
>tired as fuck
>driving home
>There are train tracks across the street then the road turns into a crossing
>See some bald guy standing there on the other side of the tracks
>its a small town what could possibly go wrong i think to myself
>ask him "whats wrong, do you need some help or something"
>he must be drunk or high or something
>the guy starts to grin and mutters while looking up at the sky
>turns around then disappears into the field
He slightly resembled pic related
I was probably letting my mind wonder because I was half asleep
It's okay, he just got lost on the way to see Cooper.
where I work there is a ghost. you tend to see him in your peripheral vision, he be leaning against a broom looking at you but when you look nothing there.
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gas station.png
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This isn't my story, but I think it is appropriate for the thread.
Which song?
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I had to stay late one night at a company I work at with a co-worker. It's basically an older pretty large house that is now used as offices in the rooms throughout the house. It has cctv security cams at the entrances and exits.
> we are sitting in a room having an intense conversation
>out of nowhere we both start to hear footsteps and paper shuffling it sounds like someone is almost frantically searching
> it sounds like it's in the room with us
> my ears get a slight ringing when this going on
> we both look at the cctv cams to see if anyone else came in ( nobody did)
> we decide to search the entire office
> as soon as we get to the doorway out of the room the sounds completely stop
> still search office and nothing, even the front and back doors are lock bolted

The person I was with is a huge skeptic, but they admitted before we left that it was a "strange" and "odd" experience.
This isn't exactly creepy, more thought provoking.
I used to work at a recycling plant. I got paid to stand in front of a conveyor belt and dig through mountains of trash sorting recyclables and disposing of larger trash and whatnot.
You find all sorts of cool shit people throw away. One day I found this old binder, like one of those ones with filing slots, an organizer. Leather bound and shit. I opened it up and went through it and it was full of letters and documents. I read through them on a break and they were from this dude looking for his dead great grandparents, where they were buried, medical records, letters to town halls requesting records. The whole shebang.
Thing is, the replies were also included and every single one of them denied the existence of these people (in the apologetic professional way). Most were typed out, but a few were hand written, and you could see the mental collapse of the sender in the handwriting. There were fucking hundreds of documents in there, and each one said the same thing. No dice.
These cemeteries, hospitals, mortuaries, city halls, were all telling him that his great grandparents didn't exist.
It was strange.
Probably doesn't count as "at work", but whatev. My dad had a massive stroke a few years ago, and then in 2012, he was diagnosed with vascular dementia. Layman's terms, his brain started dying from lack of blood. I moved back across the country to help take care of him. He said a lot of weird shit, but one thing stands out. I was trying to get him to go to bed one night, and he was talking about all the people in his bedroom. I walked down the hallway and made a big show of looking under the bed, in the closet, etc. I said, "No one here but us, Dadnon". He looked at me, and his face was just like a child's, all trusting with big eyes, but scared. "What about the smilin' guy that's trying to get me to go down in the basement?" I almost noped, but I patted dad's shoulder, and said, "Fuck that guy. You probably can't make it down all them stairs anyway. Right?" Dad agreed, and got in bed. I tucked him in, and that was that. A few nights later, dad was standing by the stairs to the basement staring at nothing with his head cocked like he was listening to something. I remembered what he'd said the other night, and I just said, "Hey, fuck that dude. He's just trying to get you in trouble. Let's get you to bed." Dad kinda nodded and walker'ed his way back to his bedroom. I tucked him in, got him some water and his pills, and went back to shut lights off in the rest of the house. When I got to the living room, this shit about the smilin' guy kept rattling around in my head. So, I look over, and the basement door is open. All evidence of my manhood crawled right up inside me for a second. I know dad could've reached over his walker to get the door open (it's down two steps from the main floor, and dad wasn't very agile at this point in his life), but it creeped me out just the same. Nothing else happened. I closed the door. Of course, I didn't look down the stairs, either.
tl;dr boring story, nothing happened
I worked for AT&T installing phone lines/internet/u-verse in people's houses. I've had some weird unexplainable shit happen to me.
Go on....
A little off topic, but for you guys working security, are you guys usually issued a sidearm? or just something like a baton with pepper spray or something? I can't imagine wanting to patrol unarmed.
I'll start with the "not scary" but still creepy stuff.

The way most people lived disgusted the hell out of me. Seemed like 80% of the houses I did installs in were dirty. One man still stands out me... From the outside everything looked normal. I knocked on the door, and I heard him yell out for me to just walk in. I said my typical crap, "This is Anon from AT&T, I'm here for (insert service)." The dude was sitting on his sofa with one of those huge plastic cups from a corner store staring at his tv, which was off. Look up pedophile or rapist in the dictionary, and this guys picture will be next to it. Without even looking at me, he tells me something like "just do what you have to do and leave."
This dudes house was trashed. Coke cans everywhere, fast food wrappers thrown around, smelled like piss and shit. So I walk through his living room and his kitchen and "den" are both filled with brand new items, from the floor to the ceiling. Everything still had the price tag on it. There was just a small enough trail for me to walk into his backyard. I worked on the stuff I needed to in his backyard, but I still had to go into each room to verify that everything was working. When I told him that I needed to go into the rooms of the house to verify my work, the dud freaked out. He flat out refused letting me go anywhere else in his house and kicked me out.
Not really a paranormal story, but still creepy. Have more that are actually paranormal.

I work security too, but I don't have any weapons. The closest thing I have to a weapon would be a big flashlight. It's generally up to the client or the site as to whether or not weapons are issued. In most places, like mine, nothing ever happens so weapons just aren't needed.

To contribute, I too work third shift alone.
>Be on patrol on the first floor which is partially underground
>Everything seems pretty normal
>About to head upstairs when I hear a huge boom right behind me
>Go to investigate but nothing there
>Later that night hear it again while I was on the second floor but it sounded like it came below me
>At that point I'm used to a general creepy vibe so I don't think anything of it

There's also a large glass dome over the atrium that has hand prints all over it that's easily seen when it gets cold enough. I also constantly see deer eyes shining out in the fields surrounding the building.

Sounds like the dude was into some less than legal activities. But please, go on.
Bump for lurking purposes.
These threads give me life
These threads *are* life.`
True. True.


But yeah the dude's right. Depends whether you got a license as a general or armed guard. You need a permit for stuff like a baton and cuffs, and a license for a firearm, as well as being 21+ to carry a gun.

Not sure about armed security, but general security also involves customer service.

Yeah, where I work at a Digital Realty, just a flashlight.
That's pretty creepy man, sorry your dad is having to go through that
They were spies with fake name and died with their secrets.

the thing tried to get your dad killed by falling off the stairs
Do you still have that? What were their names?

>give mall cop a gun
>within two days some kid takes the gun off him after a situation escalates
>Mr. Blart, he ded.

Enough real police get killed with their own weapon, if rentacops had a piece it would be like open season.

The guys who do armed security in banks seem to have a pretty high attrition rate.

Even through normal training, I got to know some "mallcops" who had worked for other security companies as armed guards. If you do have an armed "rentacop", they are placed at dangerous spots...

They are trained for what they face. The few I knew risked their safety not only for others, but to support their families.

I tip my fedora to you, if I had one.
Bit of background, I'm an artist, specifically a blacksmith but I've done sculpture of all sorts in the past including one exhibit(as part of high school) where I made up different parts of an opera house to look like various scenes. Anyways, I'll greentext the rest

>Setting up a scene meant to be the crime scene for a famous suicide that happened in the building
>In a tower, guy jumped from the top
>Setting it up, police tape and all that around it
>Guy wearing a suit, looks a bit out of place but whatever, town has it's share of weirdos
>Asks me what it is
>Tell him about it
>"Oh... Well you got the placement of the body wrong, it should be over here, and there should be glasses nearby"
>Ok whatever, guy knows his history
>Figure Ill take his advice, change it up a bit
>Hour later, going to get a drink in the opera house
>See a picture of the opera house owner, guy who killed himself
>looks like the dude who was talking to me

Don't get out to historic places much anymore, mostly just whack metal at my house.
Unfortunately, no. I almost got fired for taking shit from work. From taking trash home. So I just tossed it.
you went to a /r9k/ users house
I volunteer with the local sea scout ship. it was the ship I was on as a boy and I figure I should give back. Every summer we cruise the ship. We always stop in this little cove and chill with the other crews for like four days.
>late at night like two or three am
>gotta piss but the bathrooms are a fuck and a half away
>whatever I'll go have a smoke too
>get onto dock hear some laughter down by where bathrooms are
>its just kids breaking curfew
>walk to steps it's pitch black and I can't see my hand in front of my face
>get to bottom of long ass stairs and finds a short line of kids waiting to piss/shit
>two kids from my crew one two from another
>they're laughing about something
>a kids from my crew comes out and I use my I'm an officer I gotta piss privilege
>pissing like a racehorse
>checking my privilege
>washing my hands when one of the girls on my crew screams
>run out of the bathroom and as he her what's up
>she says it looked like a person in the cornfields
will cont after work
..your jonathan frakes
That's bullshit. If it's garbage, no one really has a right to it except whoever finds it.
And?? Did you ask the lady about it? did you wait till daylight and bust the door open? I know this story is prob fake but shit man give me some closer
Hey, >>15035187 here. I'm licensed to be armed since on private property, I usually carry a handgun and a baton.

I only spoke to her twice, I mentioned it about a month after and she didn't really say anything. Woman of few words I suppose. I'll post another story since I had to ditch last time.
This was after the initial spook.

>be around 3AM, drinking some coffee in my car off to the side of the driveway
>all of a sudden hear a high pitch scream
>jump out of car and hear it again coming from the back of the manor
>race over to the side and peak around corner
>see someone crawling on the ground screaming
>they start turning their head to me so I duck back
>check a few seconds later and they're gone
>grass has an oily substance leading into the woods
>shine light into the woods and listen for a bit
>get closer and see two people dash out of a bush in black hoodies
>demand they stop, shine light on them
>one turns around and has that same oily shit on them
>shrieks at me and sprints away

I don't think it was a goatman\skinwalker, just some fucked up kids. Scared the shit out of me regardless.
Well, if there were a smilin' dude in the basement that wanted dad dead, he only had to wait a few months. Dad died last year, about ten feet from where I sit right now.

>Working nightshift security in Las Vegas for a junkyard/machine shop place, lots of people steal the metal and stuff.
>Doing patrol of yard at 3am, then into the warehouse/shop out back.
>Usually two of us, but other guy is pussy whipped and stayed home because wife said she has the sniffles.
>Enter warehouse.
>Hear soft crying.
>Little Hispanic girl (eight years old) sitting in the middle of the floor, looks up at me and raises her hands to shield flashlight.
>Stand there what the fucking, no way this kid could get into a warehouse with one locked entrance.
>First thoughts was this is fucked up, something seriously wrong.
>Are you okay?
>Gets up and comes over to me, rubbing her eyes as she does, hugs my legs and starts mumbling Spanish.
>Zero English, apparently.
>Kid is wearing shorts and a shirt way too big for her.
>kneel down and ask softly in my worst Spanish, "necesitar ayuda?"
>No idea what she says in reply.
>Points to corner of the warehouse, nothing there.
>Flip on the lights, absolutely nothing there, but a stack of tires is knocked over.
>I took her hand and we went back to the guard room, she ate my sandwich, I called the police and they spent two hours dicking around about where I found her etc.
>They check warehouse, cops come back and say it is the creepiest place they have ever seen.

She was an illegal Mexican child, still no idea how she got into the warehouse or why the tires were knocked over.
I remember that one and wished I screencapped it. Thank you for posting it.
>if there were a smilin' dude in the basement that wanted dad dead, he only had to wait a few months
if he existed he probably wanted your dad to have a painful dead falling from stairs, or something like that, anyway you did good acting like the things he saw were real, most people would tell him "there is no smiling guy" and confuse him even more.
It's good that you helped her instead of freaking out like some other /x/philes would have. She could have escaped a smuggler or a shitty household or who knows what else. Thank you.
>Be me
>Be freelance investigative journalist
>Start by interviewing professional criminals like prostitutes and drug dealers
>Then interview associated criminals, like pimps, launderers, and hitmen
>Begin investigating white collar crime, corporate or political

The world is like a rotting onion: it has layers and layers of increasing foulness, and you really don't want to peel it back and look into things because what you will find is legitimately horrifying.
>Thank you.

Contributing another burden upon the state.
Your blog post has been submitted and will be made available for others to view, shortly.
>muh xenophobia
tell us the worst stories or creepiest.
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>Be coast guard
>night shift
>with two other guys
>looking out for people crossing border illegally
>suddenly huge wave lifts the boat up
>starts raining
>waves get bigger
>must be storm/typhoon, usual shit
>from the distance hear loud ass kaiju roar

Worked for 3 years, first time i ever heard such a thing. It sounded like a car braking with a deeper deeper tone not a screech.
She probably had been there for a while.
Probably got abandoned there during the day.
She had to be abandoned shortly after shift change at night, all shifts overlapped and spent an hour together checking the premises before handing it over.

The warehouse had just the rolling door, which was locked, and a side door that was locked.

We had checked it earlier, unless she had been hiding I have no idea how she got in.
Those are some hot opinions you have, Son.
File: iknowcuzmydadsacop.jpg (27KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I work in a factory during the day, so it's never too creepy, but as I'm working I swear I hear somebody (always a woman's voice) call my name, or whisper it, or say it next to my head. There's a lot of women that work there, and it could just be me hearing them talk and mistaking it. But in any department I work in, even if I'm in one that requires wearing a headset, I hear it, sometimes so clearly that I'll jump and look around expecting somebody to need to talk to me or something, and it ONLY ever happens at work.

Shit's weird as fuck.
How did the brothers die?
>Car baking
Thread is love, thread is life.

This really wouldn't be /x/, but have you ever thought of writing maybe a non-fic short story about the relationship b/n you and your dad after his stroke? Honestly I think it could be a really great, emotional story.
This happened to me just the other day.

>Work at an estate garden/greenhouse/nursery
>sprayer broke, so I am looking for a new sprayer in the basement of the house.
>got my head in a bunch of crap looking around
>feel something behind me
>turn around
>a man, about 5'8 in a grey pin stripe suit walks past me and walks straight through a concrete wall in the basement.
>my mind instantly registers that i just saw a ghost (i'd had experiences with ghosts at an ex's house before)

It wasn't scary, and I felt no bad feelings from the ghost. He was just there. I have a pretty great job and I love it and I'm fairly sure it was the rich guy who owned the estate. I got the vibe that he approved of my being there.
He said "braking", can't you read?
Dude, you just made some local spirit helluva thankful. I'd buy property or ask for a favor.
you got a mild schizo m8
Seeing as it only happens at work though, that doesn't make any sense.
File: layne-staley-gi.jpg (58KB, 500x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 500x300px

It was the ghost of Lehyn Stooly
File: creep.jpg (151KB, 1024x681px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Volunteer at tourist railroad
>Sitting in front coach
>Myself and others are in penguin suits
>Doing some papers, passing the word
>Look down long corridor of coaches and see a person derping around in another coach
>Don't think much of it. End of the day, so he could've been cleaning
>Make final call on radio before closing barn door, everyone reports back.
>Look down coach, see the man cleaning again.
>Yell "Hey, we're closing up. Got a key?"
>No response
>I walk down to see who it is, keep in mind it's very dark in our car barn.
>Nobody in the coach.
>Begin to walk back, hear a crash.
>I turn and see the door unclamped and closed itself behind me. Something that can't be done without a brute amount of strength.
>Leave with an weird feeling for next few hours.


pic related. same coach as the one i'm describing
People crawling about in a locked shed, and you just say "meh" and forgettaboutit for a month?

uh, sure.
>be working as a waiter
>be working at a tavern
>tavern is a historic landmark
>it was created in 1817
>manager doesn't go into the basement
>she says that it is haunted and something happened to her down there
>the basement is a giant store area
>she makes me go down their to fetch more rolls
>when i am down there the lights go off
>shit is pitch fucking dark
>take out my trusty smart phone and turn it into a flash light
>get rolls and bring them upstairs
dont know what happened. i doubt it was a prank because no one said anything afterwards, and i didnt say anything to other people. the place is called buckley's tavern.

The one in Wilm. DE? That place is creepy as shit.
I'll give a little background on where I worked, before my unremarkable story. So, the building where I worked was an old train station and was heavily used in WWII because my town was one of the top bases for the army and air forces. A lot of parties were held there for some of the soldiers to mingle with the local ladies and have a nice time. After the train station closed, years later, it eventually became home to a Tim Horton's, linked to a Wendy's.

>Be me, 16, working at my first job as a Tim Horton's barista.
>Around 11:00PM, cleaning up and closing with the supervisor.
>Hear old, 40's style music and assume the manager at Wendy's forgot to turn it off before he left.
>We chuckle about it and we're amazed at how it sounded like live music with people laughing and having a good time.
>Close as usual, no key to the Wendy's office, so we ignore it.
>Approach the manager the next day and he says that he never left any music on, let alone 40's music.
>Confused it, but shrug it off.
>Nothing else came of it.
Why did you never finish
>Two weeks later
>Santa made his visit to the railroad
>As we're heading back into the same car barn, I hear the door closing again.
>At this point I assume it's just something loose that keeps doing it, but I check anyway.
>Train stops, completely dark again and I hear the carpet start to get that compressing noise when something walks on it.
>I gtfo and start walking from the back of the barn to the front.
>Loud bang again. Only this time it was a tad bit louder and sounded like metal on metal.
>I make it to the front and don't bother saying a word.

6 weeks later

>Valentines dinner train. Sold out crowd, lots of food in that car.
>Night runs smooth, we return around 11 PM
>While talking to catering group, they say two lightbulbs died and their food went REALLY cold even though everything was torch heated.
>I say ok and i'll write it up.

1 week later

>While putting in the new bulbs, I hear a very distinct sound.
>A ticket puncher, much like mine, clipping away.
>The coach is gutted and no need to punch tickets.
>I turn around and see the typical nothing and go back to work.
>As i'm cleaning the carpets, I hear the sound of a whistle outside of the car.
>I'm ignoring this shit like the plague, trying to get out of there.
>On my way out, door closes behind me and I hear the whistling noise again.
>Have never worked that car since then.

A little background on the car. It was built in the 1920's as a passenger coach and served most of it's life in towns you never hear about. It was involved in a train wreck but repaired some years later. My friend has also told me about strange shit happening around that car. Creeps me our all the time.

Pic related, it's the interior.

I can go on with more creepy shit from around the general area of the railroad.
I don't have any particularly creepy stories, but i work for a Norwegian security firm and i can say that I'm often genuinely scared when i do my rounds because I'm not even allowed to carry a baton.
he did. in ur mum.
maybe they hid her in the tires?
>pic related
>no pic
Sorry, wasn't paying attention.

Isn't all that creepy with tables and such inside, but when the fucker is bare empty with no lights on, it's get weird.
Here's a story another volunteer told me about.

>Early spring and the train heads to our picnic grove.
>As the train approaches the road crossing about 1/2 mile before the grove, a car is seen fouling the tracks (laying in the way).
>Crew gets off engine, investigates, and has the vehicle towed in 45 minutes.
>Upon arrival into grove, crew notices something very strange.
>A man hung himself from a tree limb above the tracks. They panic, gtfo from there, and call the police.

>Train begins to cross bridge outside of the grove and notices the gate is open.
>Engine crew slam on train brakes, only to discover the remains of a person scattered across a picnic table.
>He pulled a Kurt Cobain.

>Train begins pulling into picnic grounds but doesn't stop because it wasn't a scheduled stop.
>Train crew notices a man, very alive, sitting on a log as the train passes.
>Coming back 2 hours later, emergency brake is applied.
>Apparently the brakeman discovered his body hanging over the log. He OD'd.

>Wild West train preparations are made, cleaning is underway.
>Crew takes car down to grove and discovers (shocker) another body. This one blew his head off too.
>Cleanup is underway, and everything runs smooth as usual.

This is where the /x/ type shit comes in.

>It's late, Im with a friend at the grove, typical shit.
>Notice a lantern light down the tracks. Seems out of place, but a train was running that night.
>2....3....4 hours go past. Lantern doesn't move.
>Hear a very loud bang come from Lantern area.
>We walk down to find nothing.
>We decided to call quits and walk back to the car.
>As we walk, another loud bang and a scream of sorts echos off the hill.
>We run back to the car and get the hell out of there.
>Train crew said nothing was there on the way back.

>I ride a plow train up the line to the grove.
>As we pull in, I notice footprints in the snow.
>I tell my engineer and fireman i'm gonna check

>I walk the train of steps to the creekside
>Creek is partially frozen and pretty deep W/ a waterfall on it. You would have to swim to go anywhere. Not very possible in a frozen creek and temps. around 10 degrees.
>Report back, engineer and other crew join me to search the area.
>As we're heading back, we notice a large hole in the ice downstream. As if something fell through.
>We stop, look from the bridge, and keep going.

7 hours later...

>Here comes the dinner train. Sold out crowd and plenty of food.
>We reach the grove to eat.
>About an hour after dinner, a passenger asks me about the area we're in and when the trains run here.
>I take out my lantern and point at a few tables and explain.
>I shit you not. Someone was sitting at the table I shined at. Clear as day.
>I get fellow trainmen, we call out and ask if they're OK.
>He says yes and that he's "Just passing by"
>9:30 PM and cold as shit with 3 feet of snow on the ground.
>Train leaves, we are still mindfucked at this dude sitting here.

Next day.

>Text message from friend.
>"We went to the grove to do some track work. The table by the creek was cleared off and had footprints going to it, but not away"
>I'm skeptical at this point.
>Ask "Did he walk back on his own tracks?"
>"Nope. Clearly just one way"
>I said OK and stayed clear of telling him the story.

5 weeks ago.

>Ride train up as a car host.
>Arrive at grove and discover a man sitting at the table. He waves and I ask him how he is, where he came from, etc.
>Tells me "I'm just passing through"
>Vietnamish flashbacks engaged.
>I beta the fuck out and stay put by the other car hosts.

I'm still scared to go there til this day. I stay where the real people are now.

Pic related. That's the grove the day before the footprints were found.
Man, I’ve seen some stuff out there too..Crazy..
Also a CG fag
These are really good stories anon, I'm really enjoying them. Will screencap. If you have any more, post them!
>Getting tired of my minimum wage job
>Waiting for next year to go follow a security class
>See this thread
>Feels like getting a security job even more

I'm a Masochist motherfucker it seems, I enjoy being scared shitless
I can keep going with a few more.

>With 2 best friends, cruising down back roads that follow the said railroad in above stories.
>As we're heading down one of the roads, friend #1 tells me about an area we call Daleywood and a story associated with it.
>Paperwork shows a brakeman working on some railcars was crushed by accident when a passing train coupled into the car. He died in that general area.
>Friend 1 and 2 tell me this fucked story about how they'd go out with a flare and throw it at the passing by train full of volunteers to fuck with them.
>Friend 1 said they did it until they actually realized the story wasn't 100% fake.

>Friend 2 decides to fuck with friend 1 during an operation.
>Friend 2 parks on a dirt back road in a town of 30 or so.
>He hikes back a mile to the spot featured in these stories and has his lantern and torch ready.
>Friend 2 then finds his buddy, who was in on it too.
>As friend 2 and buddy throw torch at friend 1's train and shine lanterns in, they realize something "odd".
>In the quarry siding that the man died, an actual light was shining through the tree's.
>They walk back to it expecting another volunteer who wasn't fucking stupid to the story.
>They find nothing, and the light disappears.
>Friend 1, 2, and buddy never fuck around back there after that.

>I'm on a night dinner train bound for an eatery along the line.
>We go past the area of interest and I take my curious look out the window as usual.
>There it is.
>In between 2 pine trees and some broken rock from the 1800's was a small light. No bigger than a lantern.
>I've already seen some freaky shit around the railroad, but this was cool to finally see (and it was confirmed as legit. Friend 1 and 2 were with me and buddy was in jail for fucking his sister).
>Upon returning, we don't see anything, but there is that weird feeling you get sometimes.

Ever since then, we periodically see the light in the woods.

>in jail for fucking his sister
Land of the free.
We discovered there's nothing back there. We fgured it had something to do with the rock wall back there because some ass has a light that shines up it, but this light is very misplaced and strange looking. Like it shouldn't belong. I like to tell passengers the story of what happened to get a few oooohs and aaahs, but the volunteer corp. are the only ones that truly know about it and that it isn't a joke.

Since we're at it, here's one smaller story.

>Winter time in creepy ass car barn.
>We have a steam locomotive.
>The locomotive was undergoing inspection and couldn't have any steam pressure on it whatsoever.
>Mid-winter 2013
>MOW goes in to check on engine, do general maintnence, and clean.
>Fellow name Andy notices the locomotive was a tad bit warm (know how you can see when a surface is hot and the air around it fluctuates?).
>Andy gets in cab of locomotive, only to find the firebox was empty, no water was in the engine, and it was about 35 degrees in the barn that day.
>No one knows why or how it started to fire itself up.

This isn't the first time it has happened. The locomotive is 105 years old and has had a number of historically significant incidents happen, including hitting a bus full of kids, derailing a full train, have multiple deaths in the cab, and so on so forth.

And for the simple folk, steam engines can't heat up without water, coal, or anything else inside of it. It should be a cold block of iron and steel.

Pic related. It's the creepy ass engine AND the area of the light.
She cried rape.
Most women do.
Ah man, that sounds so cool. I mean, all the stories and shit. Do they pay you good, and do you enjoy your job? I'd scare myself shitless but it still sounds interesting. Maybe not so much the dead people and the suicide scenes.
>be cart pusher at a grocery store
>occasionally find shit in carts
>i'm not a heartless asshole, i'll bring it in to the front desk if it's someone's personal belongings or a redbox dvd or a wallet, but if it's loose cash i'm keeping that shit
>one day, find a cheap leather stationary pad, with the CIA logo/seal on it. probably some random thing they give to guys who retire or give to people on tours or whatever. i doubt its owner was actually CIA.
>notepad is stuffed full of papers and shit. i put the whole shebang in my pocket and go upstairs to the break room to go over it
>one thing immediately jumps out at me - 40-some bucks in cash. another thing jumps out at me - lots of little cardboard trading cards of female wrestlers. like dozens. all blonde with huge fake boobs.
>look through the papers and it's all boring business chart shit, keep flipping through until something catches my eye
>at first i chuckle, but it's some kind of chart, with things like "BBW", "asian", "anal", "threesome", etc.
>this dude was creating some kind of porn chart
>go back through and literally everything i'd flipped past was related to porn in some way - lists of pornstars, porn genres, individual DVDs, etc.
>always spelled "fuck" as "fk" or "f--"

>i'm in some kind of mixture of amusement, awe, and creeped-out-ness
>eventually get to a section that's full of a repeating pattern: a female name (full or partial), and a list of possesions or objects or the lack thereof
>linda: ipod, keys
>kim smith: purse, keys, no phone, no ipod
>etc. etc.
>my stomach immediately turns cold and sinks
>immediately assume it's some kind of serial killer thing, like keeping tallies of his victims, or whatever the fuck
>i decide to keep it and bring it home
>keep the money, obviously the dude never calls the store asking for it
>for weeks afterward i continuously google the names but never come up with any results indicating a kidnapping, murder, or missing person of any sort
>eventually just throw the bundle away since it gives me the creeps
>come to totally regret this almost immediately out of some vague gnawing feeling

it was obviously just some weird porn addict's rolodex or something but i still have no clue what the last section with the names was about

i have some other creepy job stories, nothing outright stephen king tier or anything though
Go on...
It's a hobby of mine and it's building a future for me. The fun and enjoyment I get out of it def. beats the shit out of the wacky stuff.
Its a L4D hunter mate grab urr stapz
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Nice trips
Yeah, no. I don't want to bring you down, but...look, anon, it ain't a "and we all learned an important lesson about life and love" kinda thing. It's a horrible thing to see anyone lose their mind. Dementia is progressive, so eventually they forget how to do everything. They forget how to chew and how to swallow. In its own way, it was worse than any accident I saw when I worked on the railroad (not the same anon as tourist train anon). I was angry at him after he died. If he'd have listened to his Dr at any point over the previous 30 years, he could have avoided putting me through all that.
I'm sorry for you mate. I really am.
Shoulda brought it to the police and let them investigate.
Thanks anon.
One night, couldn't get dad to take his meds, so no Lorazepam to make him go to sleep. He goes in the kitchen and sits at the table. All the shit he could hurt himself with is put away, so I say fuck it, let him sit, I'll try the meds again in an hour or so. I go out to check on him, and I just hang back in the hallway watching him. I recognize the hand movements he's making. He's playing cards with his buddies. But, he's sitting at the table alone, and there are no cards. He's smiling and nodding and mumbling like he's carrying on with his buds. At one point, he even throws back his head to laugh at a joke.
I say something to him, and he glares at me. I think he was pissed that I'd interrupted the game. After I got him to bed by telling him it was after last call, I wondered if he'd been winning his poker game. That'd be a motherfucker if you're having an imaginary game and lost, wouldn't it?
>If he'd have listened to his Dr at any point over the previous 30 years, he could have avoided putting me through all that.
We all have relatives like that.
Through in my case, I'm luckier than you. My dad never listened to his dentist, and now lost most of his teeth, but is still alive.

>He's playing cards with his buddies. But, he's sitting at the table alone, and there are no cards. He's smiling and nodding and mumbling like he's carrying on with his buds. At one point, he even throws back his head to laugh at a joke.
This is really fucking depressing. How can you cope with something like that?
I know I couldn't.
Having a fucked up sense of humor helps. Mostly, you just do what needs to be done, because there's no other option. At the time, you don't realize what it's costing you personally. I spent a year getting about 2-4 hours of sleep a night. That's rough when you're in your 20s, but I was already over 40. For about three months after he died, whenever I started to drop off to sleep, I'd jolt awake, because I was sure I could hear his walker going down the hall.
File: strong.jpg (39KB, 392x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 392x388px
>because there's no other option.
Reminds me of a book I read, when a guy explains he has to take care of his mother as she withers away.
He takes perfect care of her, except one night when he goes back to sleep while she's agonizing.
He explains how bad he feels when everyone congratulate him for taking care of her, how they consider him a model to follow.
He explains how he doesn't even dare to go near her grave.

I made myself sad now.
File: 12345.png (534KB, 540x656px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Having a fucked up sense of humor helps.
Before he was bedridden, he'd wander the house if he didn't get his meds. One night, about 3 am, I hear his walker coming down the hall. He stops outside my door and tries the knob, then starts knocking. I get up and ask him what's up. He motions me into the bathroom across the hall. When we get in there, he asks me to close the door. After I did, he reaches into his diaper and pulls out a wad of one dollar bills we'd given him so he felt like he had something. He tries to hand the bills to me,and I'm like
>different kind of nope than normal on /x/
I ask what he wants, and he looks me dead in the eye and says, "I wanna talk to your titties."
I kinda laugh. He gets a little pissy. Yells "I WANNA TALK TO YOUR TITTIES!" and jabs the handful of diapermoney at me. I tell him he needs to keep his money just in case. He gives me the "good plan" face. I shoo him back to his room and finally get his meds in him. Spend the next few hours considering the absurdity of it. Now I wonder...what did he have to say to my 40+ year old manboobs that was important enough to pay for the privilege?

I didn't need my sides anyways.
Dude what if that was some crazy CIA code?
i mean its more likely that it was some pervert with a CIA notebook, but what if it was some covert porn based code that some guy was handing off to someone else and you just happened to find it first.
I mean who question a big ass folder of porn? The spreadsheet though with all the items cataloged bugs me though.
You can make a code about anything, could easily be a covert titty based language.
I use to work as a sound-tech roadie for my friends band when I left highschool, some of the shittier venues use to only let us set up either way before opening hours, or just after closing hours. Anyway I'll green text the rest.

>Gig is in a rural area
>Arrive at 5am to set up after driving all most of the night
>Old school aussie pub, large and pretty historical
>Setting up microphones and amp's for day gig
>place all main rigs
>climb up into the rafters to get it all running
>main guitar stack gets interference
>usually just sounds like static, ignore it
>begin to climb down the ladder
>hear 'mind your step' through the static
>swing around expecting pub owner to be there
>still no one in the building
>jump down and switch off the amps, a bit panicky
>Walk towards the exit after packing up my stuff
>walk past bar, hear a drink being poured, loudly
>close the door and lock it faster than ever before
>everyone in the band called me a pussy

It may seem like simple stuff, but the vibe in the empty old pub that night was so fucking terrifying.
>hear 'mind your step' through the static
Now THAT is a ghost story I can believe. It's more believable than the "I died here and I want you faggots out of my house".
It kind of sounds like something I'd do to be honest I'm a big time weirdo.

To the point I sometimes creep out other weirdo's.

Plus I'm a pervert have been since I was 13 I'm 29 now.
especially when I'm raping them
I see what you did there.
needs moar
Parents abandoned her in the warehouse. She didn't want to get caught trespassing so she hid inside the stack of tires until closing time. Once the coast was clear she squirmed out of the stack of tires, knocking them over in the process. She then proceeded to look for the exits, realizing they were all locked. Queue tears of helplessness, where you proceeded to stumble upon said juvenile wetbackian.
in my country people who are mentally handicapped are treated really well. in my neighbourhood there is like a forest wich is like a village for mentally handicapped people. They have some sort of housing, and "normal" people come in to guide them etc. typically in a shift there are about 2 nurses/guiders per 8-12 cliënts (retards).

i happen to work there, on a group of 5 cliënts, however we are always with at least 3 guiders/nurses. and that is not without reason. in the 6 months i've worked there i've seen stuff from a dude constantly destroying stuff, for example throwing a door so fucking hard something just breaks to a guy removing his own fingernails with a fork.

anyone interested in stories?
>story thread
>asks if we are interested in stories
Are you one of those retards, by chance?
>at graveyard shift, office job
>huge cubicle floor, I'm all alone
>sitting in a puddle of light, dead silence
>reading 'Metro 2033', feeling creeped out
>starting to hear some faint noises, like whispering, coming seemingly from nowhere or everywhere
>walk around the floor, just empty workplaces
>get back to my desk, still hearing this noise
>BANG!!! right above my head
>motherfucking air conditioning starts running
File: 802.jpg (138KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 500x375px
Me again. When I worked on the railroad, I was a locomotive and coach mechanic. In the last year I worked in Miami, we had 17 fatalities in our rail corridor between January and July. One night, we had a train come in late because it had hit a trespasser. All pedestrians on the line are called trespassers, because pedestrian sounds like someone crossing the street. Except trains can't swerve to miss you. Anyway, it comes in, and I'm running the crew that night in our outlying yard. I go out to see what's what while talking on the phone with the supervisor 75 miles away. He's telling me the gory details, and I interrupt him. "He was about 6'2" or so? Loco hit him? Engineer's side?" Other guy: "Yeah...lots of blood?" Me: "Yeah, and brains, and hair. Oh, and one of the stanchions on the front got bent by dude's fuckin' head." (stanchions are the steel posts supporting the handrail in the front, see pic) Other guy: "Nice. Well, at least he didn't go under and get chopped up. Have fun cleaning up that bum meat." So, we get to work. I check the locomotive out to make sure a body part didn't fuck up any brake hoses or anything important. I get in the loco cab to do a brake test, and as I'm sitting there checking for leakage, I see a tall black dude standing on the tracks just outside our yard, just staring at me. Not totally uncommon, as there were a lot of crackheads in the area. I keep doing my thing, and the guy is still standing there, staring. I'm checking the electrical system for grounds, and I hear the automated system calling out a mile marker. Since passenger service was done until morning, that meant a CSX freight train was coming. I stick my head out of the cab to tell the dude to GTFO the tracks before he gets hit, but he's gone. Figured it was either a crackhead or a foamer (guys that foam at the mouth over trains..probably fap, too).
About a month later, I'm in that particular loco by myself, starting it up for morning service. It's about 3:00 am and foggy as shit. I climb up in the cab and make my way to the engine room. Engine rooms in old locomotives are creepy as shit when they're shut down. The lighting is on 12V battery power, and it's dim as shit. I've got my hand on the start button box, and I'm reaching for the lay shaft (think accelerator), when I hear and feel something hitting the loco three times. It was loud enough to make my ears ring, and I could feel it in the deck plates. Every instinct I have told me to run and shit my pants at the same time. But, I'm a stubborn redneck, so I hit the start button. As it's starting, I hear and feel the noise again, but softer. I finished up and slid down the ladder out of the cab, and walked to the office with a quickness. I don't think I took my eyes off of the ground until I got inside with the rest of the crew. First thing I had to do was take a scaredy-shit. Later, I asked if anyone else had any problems with that loco. Everyone said now, but a couple of them wouldn't make eye contact.
>foggy as shit
>creepy as shit
>dim as shit
tfw, I reread my post and I overused "as shit"
>reading 'Metro 2033'

You work for Sunrail or some shit?
don't worry nigga it was some spooky shit
No, I worked on Tri-Rail. Sunrail is in Orlandao, I think. I left Miami in 2009-2010 to go work on another passenger rail out west for a couple years before all the shit with dad happened.
You've had some really interesting experiences. Thanks for sharing, anon.
Um, Let's put everything we know in code, and then leave it in a notebook marked CIA... sounds legit
> Be 20 and unemployed
> But where is job?

Seriously though these threads make me want a job even more just for the chance of spoops
I'm disappointed he didn't check the back seat or the trunk
It was a book before it became a game
How were your grades? Its not hard just apply and smile even if ypu're an awkward anxious mess smiling and being polite gets you through.
File: 45446.jpg (14KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 259x194px
>be me
>be 20, working at vet clinic back in the hospital area. it's a shitty job with long hours, sometimes over twelve hours a day.
>mfw dat paycheck
>anyway. hear coworkers talking about the clinic being haunted
>think it's bs.
>fast forward, been working there for about a year now. upstairs in the stock room filling empty pill bottles into a container.
>hear what sounds like nails clicking on the floor and a dog panting.
>eerie af bruh. get up to look around. there are three aisles full of nothing but stocks and are strait shots. if there was anything, i would have seen it.
>fill stock, turn off light, close and lock door.
>get to stairs.
>mfw hearing a dog cry in pain behind door and scratching.
>didn't come back up rest of night.
File: 1404165772652.jpg (17KB, 236x217px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Came into work on the weekend for some OT
>Work as a silicon carbide tool company
>one other dude in the building but like an acre away from me in a whole other part of the building
>the work is super boring
>you literally apply tiny paint brush dollops of liquid silicon carbide to join larger solid pieces of the material and watch it dry then do it again hundreds of time's
>hear faint giggling
>sounds like a women
>look around
>maybe i that one cute asian lady came in that works in H&R
>see no one
>go back to watching shit dry
>hear it again
>get up this time and check out the door to see if im being messed with see nothing
>head back to my seat
>hear the sound of scraping along the wall then a crashing sound
>oh fuck no m9!
>jump the hell up and run over to where i heard the noise
>a big mop that was in it's bucket and angled directly into the corner of two joining walls is now on the ground
>quickly gather my belongings turn off the lights and head home
>next Monday Boss looks unhappy
>WTF anon i thought you were gonna catch us up on the weekend he yells
>sorry sir, i felt a little sick after i put in a few hours and had to leave
>later i hear him joking around saying i was probably too hung over thats why i left
>a few months later i get laid off/
>mfw a ghost cost me my job
First time I hear of it. Is it good?
>later i hear him joking around saying i was probably too hung over thats why i left
Well, your boss was a massive faggot.
That was the train that hit the schoolbus making it law that the busses all have to stop on tracks, open the door and sit for a moment before proceeding?
Supposedly that happened in the winter during a real bad snowstorm.
Kinda related.
>About 12
>Visiting family in Sparta WI
>Grams owns a thrift store in historic downtown
>Doing some work around the store (Ironing, hanging clothes, sorting consignment etc. things a 12 year old can do)
>Gotta get something out of the basement.
>Go through store, go through spooky cluttered backroom, go down stairs into spooky cluttered basement
>Door at the other end of the room. Curiosity kicks in
>Go to investigate. No door handle so there's a nice big hole in the door
>Peek in
>mfw bodies strewn about room in bathroom that hasn't been updated or used since like fucking 1983.
>Mfw just a bunch of fucking mannequins. Literally it was filled floor to ceiling with mannequins from 1980's Dillards or someshit with the detailed faces and real heavy bodies all all of their limbs. Not the sleek faceless, armless ones in malls these days.

1980's mannequins are 2SpoopyPhoMe
Are they still there?
File: image.jpg (601KB, 1936x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anon you're making my day. Congrats on a spoopy job!
Wow, didn't expect my thread to take off so well!

An update-

Now we are not required to go into the large rooms because too many guards complained about feeling uneasy in the room.

Also it's empty, and has absolutely nothing in it. Still gives people (me too) the willies when walking through. It's not the size of the room as much as it is the feeling we get- a sort of tension like something is gonna pop up.

People still hear whispers, see movement in the distance. Could very well be the AC and just the dark messing with our eyes.

Picture is one last view down the hall.
I work in masonry so I work in a lot of different really old houses, often in the basement alone. It gets creepy as fuck in some of those houses and I've seen some shadows and heard noises.
>Working as a history teacher.
>One of the students actually did his homework.
You might actually just be hearing the AC, combined with echo's through the ventilation. You also might be hearing the radio, really. In mexico, there are some places where you can hear pirate radio's off the metal fences. The pirate broadcast frequency is so high and overpowering, some metals pick it up and relay it. Check the nearby area for Radio stations, or areas with multiple antennas and high frequency signals.
nice dubs
They had to stay behind in the plane because their bodies were expected to be in the wreckage.
the fire rises
>tfw /x/ is one of the reasons you want to work for the national parks
I always hear stories of weird shit that goes on. I want to see it.
I hope I am even half as strong as you are, if/when the time ever comes that my folks get like that.
Why didn't you ask /k/ for help?
>work as a silicon carbide tool company
Impressive. You fill the role of an entire company of people.
Never read it, but no way it's worse than the game.
suppose to be TRUE stories anon!

Also sobbing in a corner in fetal position


Guys, I think we found the connection.
Yes it was. She was doing about 45 and hit a wood-body schoolbus and killed a lot of people. It was required for her to wear 2 bells and a centered headlight after that. During her last rebuild/overhaul, we took off the sheet metal on the cylinder head and found the scrapes and melting from that collision. I'll post photos if I can find them.

Keeping it to the point.

Pic related. The road where most suicidal peoples vehicles are found.
If I took off that mask, would you die?
>At work
>Coast Guarding stuff
>Can't sleep because of the insomnia
>Down stairs watching tv at like 2 am.
>No one else awake.
>It's dark, I just have the TV on
>Someone sneezes behind me
>I say bless you before I realize I'm alone.
>I get up to check the closet
>I think someone is messing with me.
> Closet empty.
>Insomnia intensifies.
Holy shit, mate, I'll have to report you, you're too fucking scary.
this happens to me at home, mostly when i wear headphones listening to music.
Nothing you say will ever beat that one guy.
Asshole ruined my childhood.
wth does doing the papers mean?
>he never made the papers
if you go to radioshack or any other electronic store you can buy a emf detector. Next time you go to work check the reader in a room that doenst make you feel weird, then chekc it in that room that does. more than likely its gonna be a lot higher. emf can cause hallucinations and bad feelings if theres enough of it.
File: 1405197168857.jpg (50KB, 620x387px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 620x387px
supposed to read "work at*", but yeah our staf was pretty small, maybe 20 people for production and 15 on sales and management.
the tools where incredibly expensive once they were completed, hand built and crafted to within strict tolerance's of 10th's of a millimeter.
the tools are used for in the production of computer chips.
Signing papers, paper work.
I'm not 100% sure since that basement/bathroom is spoops and I didn't check the last time I was there but my grandma was complaining that she doesn't have any more good mannequins left (dunno what happened to them) so either they're..gone..or they are't the ones my grandma prefers.
She lent a 'good one' to the HS for some HS Senior thing and they wrecked it. Gramma wasn't happy. Gramma wasn't happy at all.
>Working as a waiter
>normal day kinda busy
>Bring family (husband, wife and teenage daughter) their food
>forgot the teens food and they ask about it
>tell them Its on the way
>go to get their food but it's not ready yet
>feel like someone is looking at me
>turn around and the whole family is staring at me
>gives me the creeps which is hard to do
>shrug it off and bring a dirty plate to the back so they cant look at me
>go back to the front and they are looking at me as i walk through the door
>go to give someone else their food
>glance over at the creepy family
>they are sitting there in silence not eating and just looking at me
>I go to check on the teens food because i figure they are hungry
>I ask my coworker if the family is still looking at me while i'm turned away from them and she says yes
>coworker is creeped out too
>we get our other coworker to bring them the girls food
>the family starts eating
>they eat and have casual conversation like normal people should
>they seem really fake like they are just doing what they should be doing
>they finish their food
>they all get up at the same time and leave
>go to clean their table and everything is very neat and orderly and all their silverware was licked clean and placed on a napkin beside their food

It was weird it was like they didn't know what to do because of my mistake so they were stuck on just looking at me like some kinda robots or something. It doesn't sound that bad but it really creeped me out which is really hard to do.
>a forest wich
I thought you were tying to type "forest witch" and for a second there I imagined retards being fed to some Blair Witch type of shit.
Not sure if disappoint.
Sounds like she was in the tiresorsomething.
This doesn't really count as work since a close friend begged me to go watch over his aunt's house (she was hospitalized because of some complications in her fallopian tubes or something)

>She lives in a pretty shady part of town so you know, robbers and rowdy kids and whatnot. Someone needs to be there or else the house would be swiped of all the appliances.

>You can tell she's a fairly devout catholic judging by the amount of them statues of jesus and stuff

>Meh doesn't matter since you got free reign on the fridge. Plus you're secretly hoping that someone would actually break in and you can use your gun

>End up watching TV all day with my feet propped up in the coffee table and all. Muttered "boring" one time and I honestly heard an affirmative grunt

>suddenly freeze up after that and senses starts to go overdrive. Looked behind me saw nothing so yeah, forgot all about it

>Friend instructed me to open up some lights so it would appear that someone is inside by the time I leave

>House had huge indoor plants so it kinda gives it a weird look with all the shadows and stuff plus the old yellow lights ain't helping

>left at 11 so yeah, pretty sleepy. Pondered about sleeping at the house but decided fuck no after that incident.

>not much traffic since the route I'm taking is some sort of secondary road to bleed off traffic during rush hours

>I dunno suddenly the idea of sleeping behind the wheel suddenly sounded great

>did slow down a bit and willed myself to close my eyes just for ten seconds and I'll be alright

>suddenly hear something at the back of the car and it semi-shouted "hey"

> that gets me wide awake and I stop the car. Just stayed behind the wheel afraid like a sissy to look at my rearview mirror

>realize that I was at bendy part of the road and I just stopped in time.
Does school count?
Fuck it, posting anyway
>In High School
>Pretty much the theater departments bitch
>Everyone goes home after working on some stuff for the play they're doing
>Everyone goes home at about, 8:30 P.M.
>Decide to stay, cause, it would drive me insane if I didn't finish atleast one set
>Start to hear frequent bumps
>School is completely locked except for the door just out of the shop
>Have to pee there
>Swear I see something moving in the distance
>Go check it out
>Nothing's there
>Go back to the set place
>One of the sets is knocked over
>And 2 of the props were moved
I noped out of there, called my parents, asked them to pick me up. I can't blame you guys for not believing this story, it sounds cliche as fuck, and, I have no evidence for it. People at school didn't believe me then, and, rightfully so. Was just a weird ass event.
That story was a complete waste of time
You have no idea how fucking spooked I was when 2 of the props that were from the sink, fucking moved to the wood carving table. I have no idea what the fuck happened. Aswell as the set falling down, I was goddamn terrified, so, I had to nope out of there.
>I have no idea what the fuck happened
Explain to me how fucking props from the sink moved to a goddamn wood carving table when everyone was gone. Let's fucking hear it. Not even that guy, but, let's hear this shit.
Reminds me of Bad Santa:
I'm two fut motherfucking tall. Why don't you tell me how I'm supposed to move him to the car huh? Paint me a motherfucking painting Leonardo DaNigro.
I've been told I'm like the midget in that movie. I still need to see it.
>fucking props
>God damn table
>this shit
0/10 story I am not even remotely entertained
This is the scene I am referring to.
>yfw she just really wanted the young man's attention because she's a lonely old lady
>but he's such an autistic paranoid beta he avoids it
>she gets annoyed and just tries to creep him out instead
thats cool as fuck ever find any other cool shit?
It wanted your dad to die by falling down the stairs
>being a bartender
>late evening
>I've walked few steps away
>hearing that cashbox has been opened and closed quickly
>turn around
>no one's there
>check what the time is and write it down

Another day
>similar situation
>hearing rumble after walking away
>no other person in room
>my pen has gone missing
>found it under a cashbox on a shelf and there's no way that it ended up there by itself
>check time, write it down
>go see security camera recording
>at the time that happened there's just some fucking colorfull glitches
>check cashbox opening recording
>same glitches

Also my bottle of water and wallet has gone
Later maybe i'll post those glitches
Also still working and even posting right now from work, nothing happened so far

How fucked am I
It's ok man, your train story was awesome.
so ghost jesus saved your life?
Don't do it, anon. Be strong enough to talk about it and make plans with your parents. It took me a year of rest to feel even half human again. Even then, my spine, which was pretty fucked already from working since I was 11, is pretty much toast from picking dad up so often.

One last semi-creepy story from dad. One night he had a fever, so I called an ambulance. Mom and I were sitting in the ER with him, and he started babbling about all the people in the room with us. He pointed at nothing and angrily said, "That guy needs help. His head is hurt real bad!" A few days later, we brought him home. The next day, I went out to the kitchen and saw dad was in the living room (mom snoring on the couch). I asked if he wanted a pudding cup, and he mumbled what I assumed was a yes. I told him to come to the kitchen and get it at the table. He wouldn't come out to the kitchen until I kinda badgered/lured him into it. He got as far as the entry, and went back, then turned around and made it about 3 feet into the room. He wouldn't come any farther. He just stood there leaning on his walker and looking pointedly at the floor. I said, "Aren't you gonna sit down?" He pointed at an empty chair, and started talking about how he was gonna call the police if we didn't get that guy a doctor. He kept it up for a few weeks, until in melded in his mind with a car accident our neighbors had a month or so prior to dad's first big downturn. After he died, I remembered that he'd been in a couple car accidents, including two where passengers died. I've started to wonder if his brain wasn't throwing out those old memories as it died.
Ghost Jesus took the wheel.
It would be 2spooky
He was probably trying to give clues to a murder.
For you.
>keep my parents' house because I'm a NEET
>dog (well, a bitch in fact) keeps whining and baying to the moon
>in the middle of the day
>have enough of this, tie her to a tree in the garden
>go check later
>the knot is still here, but the bitch is gone
>not even her collar remain
>start to wonder if I fucked up something
>but the knot is still here
>starts to panic, call the bitch
>she comes from behind
>she sneaked back in the house while I was mastur- mastering Susperme Commander.
>still don't know how she got free
Not creepy, but enough to make me doubt.
This isn't /feels/ man. Lost it at 'Dadnon' for some reason. That's just heart-wrenching.
I work at a morgue, just cleaning shit. Sort of a janitor. Now it would make sense for a morgue to be haunted, wouldn't it? Basically it's got this one spirit that haunts it in particular that always gives me the creeps.

Last Sunday though (3rd), it was worse than usual. I think it's a woman who died in childbirth but I'm not 100% certain if it's childbirth or an abortion or what, she drags her dangling fetus by the umbilical cord as she crawls through the corridor that leads to the hospital (it's in a separate building connected by an underground tunnel type of thing).

Now, I have to clean that whole fucking tunnel and I'm sure you can imagine... That shit's fucking creepy. Suddenly there's a bloated lady crawling at you like a baby with a goddamn baby bouncing about off the ground. It's not something you get used to...

But that Sunday, fuck me. It was terrifying, she got up and RAN at me, holding the baby in her arms and screaming gibberish with her mouth full of bloodied foam. Of course, I ran away from her like hell and hid in the bathroom (yes, I'm a fucking pussy) and waited for her to pass by.

Later that night, just as I was about to go home, I saw her standing in the parking lot and the baby was twitching.
File: 1286217520098.png (311KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
311KB, 500x375px
pic related
What, you don't believe that I'm a pussy?
Or if you meant you don't believe that it's haunted by a woman who died in childbirth, you're free to go check for yourself... You can google "childbirth death ghost San Antonio" and am sure you'll find something.
If not then you can go find it yourself and go have a look, it's fucking horrible I tell you. There's also a ghost that has diarrhea and he smears his shit on the walls in one of the cubicles with the lights flickering and shit.
File: 4qakS[1].jpg (40KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 600x450px
Not sure if this counts but here I go. first a little background info: My grandfather was an alcohol brewer in Ecuador. Did some serious bootlegging as well back in the day. He still has his old plantation where he used to brew the alcohol. One time I decide to go with him and see how it's all done. So I stay the whole day helping him extract sugar came juice and distill enough alcohol to get the country drunk. By the time we're done, it's close to 9pm. His little cottage was nearby and we decide to sleep there. Fast forward a few hours later to 2 am. I hear noises coming from outside. At first it was just the barking of dogs and I don't think much of it. But soon my grandpa get up and says we have to go outside immediately. There was some serious urgency in his tone. We run out there and check around with flashlights. Keep in mind that there's no other lights except for the few little rays of moonlight. We were investigating for roughly ten minutes and we decide to call it quits and go back to sleep. As soon as we go back into the cottage, we hear a dog yelp in pain. We only out and run to the dis tilling area, thinking someone is stealing our precious brew. We get there and the dog runs out to us, but doesn't stop. Israel after him but my
Grandpa holds me back and points towards the barrels holding the alcohol. I shit you not, these 40 pound barrels were moving slightly back and forth, as
Though being pushed by someone. There was no wind capable of doing that to a barrel of that weight. We get closer and we hear a very faint giggle belonging to a man. Needless to say, we both didn't get much sleep after that incident.
>Israel after him
My bad. Stupid autocorrect. Meant to say I start after him
My bad. Stupid autocorrect, I was typing this from my phone. Meant to say I start after him.
Right. Wasn't sure if you were trying to make a bad/weird pun and mixed up Israel with Iran there. That makes more sense. Creepy story, tho.
With the amount of security guard stories I see on here, I'm starting to doubt the legitimacy of these tales. I dont believe there's that many of us on 4chan.
My bad. Stupid autocorrect, I was typing this from my phone. Meant to say I start after him.
Maybe they're one of those old-fashioned families where nobody eats til everybody has their food or something.
$10 says you smeared the shit on the walls and blamed a ghost.
File: 1398144143865.jpg (435KB, 600x2500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please don't let this thread die...

bumping with creepypasta to keep it relevant to board
> that final post
Reminds me a lot of the legend of the person hiding in the back of the car
maybe, but to just sit there in silence not talking to each other only staring for a good 10 min is weird as fuck
Another grandpa story. I was roughly around 15 when this next one happened. We were back on the plantation and we were doing some patrol of the sugar cane fields. Keep in mind that sugar cane can grow to be pretty damn tall. It was my grandpa, me and a cousin walking around sometime around 7:30 pm. It was starting to turn dark and we decided that it was all clear to go back home. We hike back towards the car, talking and laughing and my grandpa decides he's gunna scare the crap out of us. He says that we better leave soon before night falls bcuz the area is infamous for its spooky tales. Whatevs, go ahead. He lets us know that every now and then a man can be seen walking around the sugar canes. People often hear a machete cutting the canes down and when they investigate, everything is normal. Now I'm a wuss, so I'm ready to run the rest of the way to the car. My cousin is acting all brave and dismissing it. Grandpa just shrugs and keeps on walking. Anyway, we reach the end of the field and we start up the car. We go towards the road, alongside the sugar canes. I swear to you /x/, I have seen that guy just about halfway to the main road. A few years later my cousin let me know that he had heard things being chopped down sometime as we were leaving. Not as terrifying as the last grandpa one, but it's made me think pretty damn hard
requesting story about deb
Ok here goes. working third shift at gas station. closed store at midnight for an hour for end of day shit. use time to stock cooler. see shadow walking by doors while in cooler. i think fuck didn't lock the door, and idiots don't read the Damn closed sign. walk out no one there. door locked. ok just headlights I think. go back stock some beer and hear a fucking scream right in my fucking ear. I drop a fucking 40 of cobra and run out. slam the door. ok fuck I'll start the coffee and stock when it's light out. brewing shifty coffee and look at front door see a white face with black eyes and mouth open screaming. fucking run into the office and the lottery machine spazs out. I unlock the door and do not move from the register. assist mang er comes in and I go tell her the story. pulls it all up in the video. no face in the video but she believes me and sees the lotto machine freaking out. fuck.. still scares me ten years later. also fucking captcha
them bones
>work at airport, swing shift
>work flight schedule and get 2 hour downtime
>eat lunch (dinner)
>walk around terminals
>people watch
>head to one of the now abandoned terminals thinking the bathrooms will be quiet to shit in
>badge in
>lights off, see bathroom light on though
>walk towards bathroom
Note about the terminal: there's seats scattered everywhere as well ground level, so there's no windows. See attached image of terminal with lights on.
>hit one of the seats
>hear screech
>think it's seat scraping across floor
>it's carpet
>shrug and head into bathroom
>sit on toilet about to take mean shit
>hear screech again, but louder and more vivid
>start wiping in panic
>get up and out and head towards the main area
>punch code into door around the corner that leads into a corridor
>think it's maybe maintenance doing work
>walk around the whole corridor looking for someone but nobody to be found
>shrug and head towards main security exit
>screech again with what sounded like an exasperated groan
>screen (seen in picture) falls off wall
>NOPE.JPG tf out without badging
>get an admonishment
File: photo.jpg (905KB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
905KB, 2048x1536px
forgot image

>San Antonio

What is it with SA and hauntings? Its like the spook capital of this state. 3creepy6me
>its a small town what could go wrong

Police can't investigate for shit and are always understaffed in rural areas, and crazies know it. They won't give a shit about getting caught cuz face it, they wont.
The emergency weather shelter in my office is being stocked with supplies. What looks like food, bottled water etc.

But fuck that shit.

When and if the sirens sound I'm not going to be hanging around in that building. I'll take my chances outside. I have a small area I've scoped out and I'll try and run there.

My ass isn't being buried alive. I'll take disintegration over that shit.
We will find you.
There likely won't be anything to find. Depending on the yields I may have like 60 seconds. And if the (name withheld) across the street is targeted then I'm dead no matter what I do.

It all depends on what the Russkis have designated as strategic targets.
i was cellmates with a guy for fucking his sister. your not from Marion, Ohio by any chance are you?

My grandparents had this old fallout shelter in their basement. I never got to see what was in it, just the big terrifying metallic door. My cousin once got locked in it because he figured out a way in and couldn't push the doors open again, we couldn't find him for a good 12 hours afterward. Now he has extreme anxiety of the dark and can't sleep without a light. He said he wasn't alone in there and that "it" almost touched him. we finally found him when he started banging on the door screaming something like "ITS FUCKING GRABBING ME!" I once asked what he saw down there and he doesn't want to talk about it. Worst thanksgiving ever.

Pic isn't their old shelter, but the door looked somewhat like it
>emfs can make you uneasy
was gona be my take too. Since the place is filled with electronic stuff, it can definitely mess with your brain's magnetic field and make you feel like shit.
>Me working in my aunts company
>doing the normal office work like paper works and doing monthly reports and shits..
>i have my own office so neat.jpg and a free lunch doubleneat.jpg
>because i'm just new tried to look the past records just to give me the heads up and learn how to do things here
>lunch time
>my co-workers talked to me that i shouldn't go home very late some spooky stuffs are happening here during the night
>just ignored it i had my fare share of spooky stuffs
>after i ate my lunch and just continued working
>noticed it's 10pm i probably should go home now
>me: fuck i'll just finish this quick
>11pm i really should go home now
>fixed my things as i prepare to go home
>need to take a piss
>shit the bathroom in my floor is lock i will just go to the 2nd floor surely the bathroom is open there the janitor always hang in that area
>taking a piss fuckyeah.jpg
>forgot my phone in my office
>few mins past finally got my got my phone
>suddenly as i walk through the halls very dark though i saw a dark man walking very slowly zombie like to be exact
>at first i was getting ready to nope the way out of there but then he called my name
>zombie dude: ANOOOON
>zombie dude: oh your the new guy so you don't me yet i'm arnold the head of the security here my aunt told me about you i was just going to check up on you but looks like already set to go home
me: yeah just didn't noticed the time really so anyways see you tomorrow...

One reason people get freaked out is hearing loud bangs, often happens in large buildings... Large, thin sheets of metal, like the ones making up ventilation systems curve and sometimes "pop" in or out of place. Especially when the AC or heating goes on and theres a drastic change in temp in the ventilation, that can make metal slightly change volume.

Nothing spoopy xcept the vibes and your stupid brain most of the time.
>Locked in pitch black room
>"something" is in there trying to grab at you
Fucking nope.

Part 2
>so yeah Arnold the head of security seems to be a nice guy always greets me when he see's me in the hallway in the pantry even shared lunch with the guy told me his stories about his first shifts at work he almost shit his pants when a cat is running wild in the parking area such good times btw i'm not that kind of dude who socialize w/ everyone so having arnold around is a good thing
>couple of months passed getting the grasp of things here one day my co-workers talked to me hey Anon how come you never sit lunch w/ us i was like yeah i'm happy eating my lunch my office and arnold is with me so i'm good
>co-worker: who's Arnold?
>me: the head of security don't know him? been hanging w/ him some time now
>co-worker:dude your making fun of me i think your just tired because your hogging all of our work come just eat lunch w/ us
>me:really confuse and having this feeling of wanting to puke for some reasons i just said yeah i sit and join lunch w/ you guys
>working still confuse about them not knowing arnold i think they are just pranking me because i'm the new guy or something i just shrug it off
>still hanging around w/ arnold tho but not didn't told him about what my co-workers said i just told to myself they are just pranking me
>couple of weeks after that event
>at work free time
>browsing youtube facebook etc...
>co-worker:hey anon can you do me a favor?
>me: yeah what's up?
>co-worker: can you double check all the employee's sss so i can send it tomorrow morning it's already done just double check it i need to pick up my daughter from school today so my wife won't kill me
>me:oh ok no problem just leave all the employee's list and go pick up your daughter
>co-worker:thanks i owe you man
>me:after an hour finished checking all the sss records i noticed something very strange

what do you mean, "cont???"

we already know the ending; you should have just finished it in this post.
File: 1385901755825.gif (2MB, 300x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 300x225px
Yes, of course.
gif related, its what I'll do if you dont finish your story

sorry man this is just my 1st time posting here so i don't know the etiquette here and i already pre wrote it on my note pad put cont on every time i took a break just let me finish it so here i go

>well arnold's name isn't here called my aunt/boss to double check she said there is no arnold working for him and the head of security is Jayron who's on leave because he broke his leg on an accident few months back and quit because he said he saw some weird stuffs during his nightshift
>looking for arnold shitting myself right now
>found him where he's always been in the parking lot
>me:arnold they told me your not working here is this true?
>arnold:not talking just writing on his log book like always and just walk by past me and can't see his face really this time all i see i blood and he smells like a dead dog that is decomposing the stench is so bad i started puking and i passed out
>woke up in the hospital still feel bad after that doctor said my co-workers saw me in the parking area passed out and you got a high fever
>me: i just don't care anymore still thinking about arnold tho thinking did i just talked a ghost or something for a couple of months
>got laid out in the hospital
>look into the records 20-30 years ago
>saw his name arnold he was just a dude from a province that wanted a good life so he came to the city to work
>he's the security guard at that time when the building was just being made and accident happen "Cliché" the cinder block fell into his head when he's doing his rounds no one claim his body found where they buried him but i just can't go
>still missed his company tho
>didn't do OT after that but still working here
Nice story mate.
tim hortons does not call its shit employees baristas you dumb faggot
U fooken high m8
On August 1st I went into work to find out that the power was out for the whole building. Lights were out and so was the AC, it was hot and dark. I work a late shift 5pm to 1:30pm pst. So it's Friday and the rest of the employees in the building all go home for the weekend, leaving us few who work in the call center for the company at work in the dark. The backup generator apparently works for our computers, routers, and phones so we can do our job.

It's kind of fun at first, the building feels different, it looks different, it has that creepy feeling that being submerged into darkness in a place normally always bathed in light has.

On my breaks I wander the nearly empty building using my cell phone screen for light. There are maybe 5 of us who are scheduled for the night.

Around my last break at 11:45 I'm checking out the cafeteria when I see someone standing against the black window looking outside. I think it's a coworker at first, but with such a small night staff our breaks never overlap, I should be alone.

When I get back i tell my coworkers who laugh, and tell me of the ghost of the hobo who died there haunts the place, and how a serial murder used to work in the factory 30 years ago.
I'm going through the same shit you did with my grandmother. It's the hardest thing I've ever done and has cost me so much as my clueless family says to "just be there".

>mystical butt frustration

Ease up, homey.
Was that guy okay?
>dat stuttering ending

The lame drawn out story and spaghetti spread when your need for attention was called out deserved this conclusion.
Fuck that other cunt, I liked this story.
Why do you come here just to complain?

Nobody forced you to read it.
We all know what you were doing, bro.
Kinda sounds like a Japanese horror movie.
Fuck you, expanding/retracting metal is scary as fuck when it happens out of nowhere.
>bald guy

you're fucked
Dammit, I KNOW I saw that guy in a movie, but I can't remember where.
I think he played a creepy but nice guy in that movie.
Twin Peaks.
my grandpa did something similar when he was dying. 3-4 times I went to visit him and he asked who was this smiling little girl with me.
apparently, she was blonde and walked in his room (hospital room) grabbing my clothes, smiled a lot and just played around the place a bit
Greentext you faggot. Don't put your whole story in one block.
not everyone works security faggot
and to be honest if they lurk /x/ and read some of the stories here i don't get why they do

it always seems to be securityfags that end up on the receiving end of all this
So it was a monster rite?
He scraped his elbow a bit, but his friend who was filming had a bandaid in his pocket, so it was ok. :^)
post em!
soo anon... who killed Laura Palmer?
you mean Lehyn SPOOKY
File: 1394730537666.png (65KB, 174x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 174x240px
>Work at Gym.
>Go in freeweight room.
>Somebodies curling in the squat rack.

Whats worse is when people who do brosplits give advice
> be 2013 I'm an electrical apprentice
>in an ex gov contractor building, use to deal with radar I guess, even use to have a moat around it
>coworkers tell me place is haunted someone died. Laugh it off as a joke since I'm new
>left alone while coworker goes to pick up a part,run cables on lower level to exit sign
>feeling of someone watching me
>hear door somewhere open /close
>hear almost like a bowling ball rolling upstairs
About it nothing to spooky, scared shit out of me though
>be preparing for something at race track, setting up marquees
>sleep on tent night before (part of my job is to keep wires and shit not getting stolen)
>trying to sleep, hear engine noises coming from the track, like starting, stopping, far, near
>wake up in morning, tell security guy about it
>he says nobody is allowed on track at certain hours, the gate is locked and only he has the key
>turns out several people died at this track over the years and people think they haunt if

>people think they haunt if
They haunt if?
What, you mean the French tree?
>in jail for fucking his sister
Sometimes I forget I'm on 4chun, thanks for reminding me.
Grandpa guy here again. One more story that I remember, but this time it happened to him when he was young. Anyway, he and his grandma were real close. However she ends up dying due to some infection. Back in the day things were rough and if you got sick you were fucked. But I digress. He was about 12 when she passed and many years later, roughly around the time he was 20, he stays in her home. Now he's not a believer in the paranormal, but weird shit happened to him quite a bit. He says that on that night, he had a dream where he was with his grandma and she kept saying that she was very cold and needed to get warm. He wakes up and he thinks nothing of it. But when he begins to fall back to sleep, he feels the mattress sink in as if someone where laying down with him too.
He gets out of bed and runs out. He stays out for a while and then musters the courage to go back inside and as he enters he hears a sigh. He tells me that he kept dreaming that his grandma was cold and after a while he tells her to be quiet so he can sleep. All activity stops after he says this.
Well done man, that's kinda creepy but cool at the same time.
I was a dishwasher when i was 17 in a restaurant in a semi-rich part of town. Nothing too creepy, but when you're there alone at night closing up at 3 AM anything can be spooky.

>be closing up
>lock doors, turn on alarms, blah blah.
>Start walking out the door
>homeless dude pushing a cart by
>shut door, check to see if locked, it is.
>just as i start walking to my car the homeless dude stops dead in his tracks and begins walking toward me
>getting ready to get shanked/raped/what have you
>he looks up and down at me. then looks at my car
>'nice car, man.'
>'just thought you'd appreciate that'
>'oh, i do. thank you mister.

i saw that guy a few more times and gave him food once or twice. he was a cool dude, lived in the park not a mile away.
yes, read it now
>Work at restaurant
>Graveyard shift
>Creepy looking dude comes in
>Really pale, no hair, staring wide eyed at everything
>"Hello sir, what can I get for you tonight?"
>In a raspy voice, he asks for veal
>Feels like sandpaper going over my skin when he talks
>"H-how would you like that done, sir?"
>"Alright, one order of uncooked veal. Anything else?"
>Hand customer his order
>Stretches the waist of his pants out
>Drops food and napkin into his pants
>Pours in his drink (WATER. UNADULTERED.)
>ok bye
>Freakshow disappears into the night
>Never see him again
Haha you fags live in an empty shithole city in a completely insignificant state. You literally mean nothing.
*tips fedora*
>drops food and napkin into his pants
What? I mean, kek, of course, but what?
And who, and why, and just goddamn what?
I aspire to develop a titty based language.

the recycling plant anon was working at probably had a policy about taking stuff brought in.
>Started a new job at this hotel doing a traineeship
>Third day there, asked to go downstairs and get some stock for the bar
>The list I have is fucking huge
>End up loading it all into a trolley and push it to the stairs
>See an elevator
>Decide that's a better idea then lugging up all these items one by one
>Elevator suddenly shuts down just as I started going up
>Stuck in that elevator for 13 damn hours because I left my phone in my locker and the damn elevator is completely shot, no power to it or anything
>Hour one goes by ok, shout out a bit hoping someone can hear me
>Hour two, I finally just wait until someone realizes I've gone missing
>Hour 3, still no luck
>Hour 4, starting to get extremely anxious
>Hour 5, start eating some of the stock I was meant to take to the bar
>Hour 7, I'm starting to get really nervous, wondering if anyone is going to find me
>Hour 9, at the point of tears, keep hearing shit that I know isn't there but am slowly going crazy from this confinement/isolation
>Hour 12, finally hear shit happening outside the elevator
>Finally free, I'm literally trying to stop myself from crying as I rush out of the elevator
>Get told by my boss that the elevator breaks down all the time and is rarely used
>Get berated for this, but like I said, third day on the job and had no idea about it
>End up getting fired for something I had no idea about
>End up getting a second chance and that manager getting canned for how he treated me after it

I know it's not overly creepy or such, but fuck, that caused me to hate using elevators. I go to the hospital every weekend with my girlfriend to see her mum and I always take the stairs.
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>I ask what he wants, and he looks me dead in the eye and says, "I wanna talk to your titties."
it sounds like the parents must have had a huge fucking fight beforehand
and they might have just been one of those crazy creepy family types where the parents are really neat, organized and controlling
No shit, really?
>live in houston tx
>be on night shift at the local 7/11
>mah nems naut habib.jpg
>hear this grinding sound come from down the street.
>it keeps getting louder,sounds like someone dragging a tombstone
>I look out the window,take a peek,not a week.
>large ass shambling figure,lizardy facial features,two appendages protruding from its back,dragging on the ground,wings maybe,it was dragging its left leg like it'd been hurt.
>but it was gray and a little shiny, almost like well polished granite,or matte silver paint.
>it dragged itself down the street,never saw it again
>week later,be perusing my favorite /x/ related site
>read article on the nasa gargoyle
We used to live above a pub my dad manages here in the UK, the basement extended further than the pubs above ground boundaries and was linked up with underground tunnels etc that linked up most of the old buildings in the city centre, was fucking huge but the city council came and closed it all down and sealed up all the pathways, they said it was being used for illegal activity but me and my brothers never saw anything like that when exploring.

If I went now I would probably shit myself but at the time it wasnt scary.
One last bump before it dies
please don't die
Autosage reached.
Start a new thread if you want.
No offense meant. Of course it can be scary. Still, it's just the vibes plus your imagination going wild.
Shouldn't you be in school, son? Make sure you take your ritalin so you can concentrate.
A resident ghost of the hospital who likes you?
I know that feel, bro.
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