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Hypnotic Augments

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Hypnosis is a tool; a gateway to the mind. What makes it different from the other gateways you'll find on /x/? This is one you don't need to do yourself. It does, however, require that you are capable of trust. That trust might be in your own brain's ability to protect you and keep you safe and out of harm's way, or it might come in the form of trusting whichever hypnotist you are letting direct your thoughts.

I've recently come to comprehend the psionic transfer inherent to hypnosis; that is, I can feel the energy flow of it now.

Suppose you could make a simple change to your mind. Maybe you'll never forget the location of your keys ever again. Maybe you want to have a HUD that displays how you feel about someone so the anger or disgust is isolated and presented to you in a way that is minimally unpleasant. Perhaps you want a tail, or other phantom limb. More confidence? To stop smoking... The list is as endless as the imagination.

And of course, as endless as The True Power of The Mind.

What can hypnosis do for you? What can your brain/mind do for you?
I offer my services as a hypnotist.
What is your wish?
>don't need to do it yourself
>trust someone else to whisper suggestions to your mind to alter your Self
>shiggy diggy doo

This is a bad thread and you should feel bad.
It is and I do. I stopped caring when people ended up wanting instant gratification.

It can't hurt anymore than the world already sucks.

Also, I guess if people want advice on how to get what they want /without/ hypnosis, those people can ask too.
>the world already sucks
Your outlook and choices to do what you will in the world are what make your perception to be that it "sucks". You have the ability to move forward, do and create great things with this world, and to enjoy the things that the universe has given you through eons of chance. The trees are green, vast and of numerous differences, the insects, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles are all unique and wild, things that exist purely because they can. Everything has a taste, smell, feel, sound, and we are given the opportunity to hear, touch, breathe, eat and experience all of it. The only restrictions and negatives are the ones you create for yourself and the ones you allow others to project.

Your idea of this world sucks only because you choose not to enjoy it.

Drink some more water.
How do you do it, and why are you doing it for free - that is, if it is for free?
>The trees are green, vast and of numerous differences, the insects, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles are all unique and wild, things that exist purely because they can. Everything has a taste, smell, feel, sound, and we are given the opportunity to hear, touch, breathe, eat and experience all of it.
That's a wonderful sentiment for a being that doesn't see patterns the way I do. Everything looks the same to me. Ash upon ash with the only uniqueness existing in the mind.
To learn. To hone my skills. To begin a movement. To explore the mind in depths none has ever known.

How depends on the complexity of the wish/augment. I can do it interactively if need be, but I can as easily write a simple post for those willing to take its contents with hypnotic influence if the augment is trivial enough for me.
man fuck you.

it's not my fault I'm the darklord. and if this is one of the alligators, suck my fat dick, you people can't get rid of me no matter how hard you freaks try.
Can you help someone cope with their pains?

As in to help them ignore them or put them on the back burner?
Yeah. What kind of pain are you dealing with?
Life wouldn't be life without you babe.
>the way I do
>the only uniqueness in the mind

You're not a special case, your perception(the way you see the "patterns") determines how the world is for you. The patterns you see are the product of your mind. When you find a tree with a pattern to it's bark, let me know. Your perception isn't higher or with any more depth than mine, you just choose a more cynical path. The mind is of the universe, and if you claim to understand the devices of the mind you should understand that it exists within This, and that This is of the mind and of everything. All things, animals, plants, rocks, the Mind and Soul create the Universe/This, and in all these things is This.

If the trees and animals are of patterns, then the Mind and universe are of patterns. You have a very poor mindset for someone who purports to hypnotize people for positive results.
I'll keep it simple, tailbone pain. It is a near constant and I cannot sleep on my back anymore because of it. I'm sure that sounds really silly, but there it is.
Fall on it or anything recently? It is possible to break your tailbone, believe it or not. I don't know that it's a terrible dangerous injury to have it broken, but if there's a physical source to the pain, it might be better to be feeling it than not.
Boom. Put a pillow under your butt if it hurts at first. Mentally blocking the pain won't fix it, and could lead to injury. Eat a lot of fruit, nuts, and natural salts. Drink more water through the day and stretch every morning.
You talk of soul yet you deny my aesthetic. I call it ash and you think I call it ugly. There is beauty in the ash for me; in ruined and decaying. Look up a show called Forgotten Planet. It's popular on Netflix right now.

Each mind has a unique configuration of aesthetics; this is what interests me. The very depths of your soul and the source of all meaning that is ascribed. I seek to understand you intimately—down to the neurons. Patterns form a beauty I've not seen matched in "chaos."

Positive and negative are just statements of cost; indeed, using hypnosis for cognitive augmentation comes with long-term effects that may potentially be damaging and not worth the instant gratification of having the wish granted. Personally? I doubt it. This stuff seems pretty kosher to me. Hypnosis is neither good nor bad; it is a tool. A readily open portal to the mind, and I am skilled enough to navigate the world it leads to. Trust my skills with thought or trust your own brain's skills with thought; it makes no difference to me so long as people are moving forward and there are interesting results.
Would it be at all possible to use hypnosis as a way to be able to astral travel easier or with less effort? Many people like myself struggle with this goal despite months or years pursuing it in various ways.

Also, a HUD sounds interesting. What else could it do?
>What else
Limit is imagination.

Aye, hypnosis can make it easier to astral project, but due to the nature of hypnosis, you'd be projecting as a subset of yourself wrapped in a shell composed of my energy. What might be better is to use hypnosis to help you achieve conscious/waking dissociation from your body, and let you work on the ability from there.
Alright, conscious dissociation sounds good.

I suppose the HUD would be more of a novelty in the end, if at all productive.
I don't know dissociation well enough to just write a post for it, so I'll need you to get on IRC or something for an interactive session some time. I should have time this weekend if not sooner. Depending on how this thread goes, I might end up doing a group induction.
Sure thing. Just give me the channel and time (AEST friendly, if possible), I'll be on.
There are a couple different places I could do it.
Which one depends on the feedback I get here.
Ah, I realize I've asked the wrong question.
A better way to say it would be...

If you could, flick a switch and open your third eye,
You'd see that, we should never be afraid to die
(So come on)

I mean, er...

If you could flip a switch and change something about the way you think, feel, see, behave... What cognitive augmentation would you want?

I'm more interested in the ideas that people have, but I am also a hypnotist and may be able to provide them.
Nobody's got any ideas? I know you're creative, /x/.
All right, let's do this, OP. I want to lucid dream at will. My name is Rodrigo, for reference.
Provided this is in fact what you want...

Take a deep breath, relax, and let the following words fill your mind:

The next time you find yourself dreaming, or your brain does, you might be surprised to find yourself having a fully lucid, fully immersive, totally controlled dream.

Let me know how deeply you can feel the words imprinting upon your subconscious.
alright bud let's give this a shot. i want my focus back. recently haven't been able to work on anything (writing/painting/vidya) because the second i get into it something else catches my eye and i wind up fucking off all night instead of actively working towards goals.
What kind of things are catching ya?
I wish for you to teach me a few things about hypnosis. Your op was intriguing, and I'd like for you to write more on the subject. It entertaining.

But if you'd really like to fulfill my wish, it would be this:
Could you convince me that I shouldn't fear people right off the bat?
there's really no theme on what distracts me, mostly boredom or a sense of futility with whatever i'm doing so it turns into dicking around on the internet or going to bed or zoning out in some other way
That is what I wanted, yes.

I'm not sure what to say, really, but I believe I felt... focused? Unusually so. So yes, I think there may have been some imprinting, or I'd like to believe so.

Thank you, Mermur! Hoping to catch some lucids from this night on.
Yeah, I know the feel. You want to be motivated but you're not.
I'll write something for that in a bit, I think. Though I'm not sure if motivation is one of those problems best solved with hypnosis. I find I can help people well enough by politely playing the "Why?" game.
>oh? really? tell me more.
>i see. fascinating.
>why do you think that is?
>and how does that make you feel?
It's all just different ways of figuring out *why*. No real difference from the game children play in repeating the question except tone and verbiage.

Those two subjects are more related than you might think.

Why do people get conned? Are they just idiots? They didn't see the threat? ...Were they really just completely ignorant of the fact that con artists exist? Is that possible? Did it just seem totally legitimate, despite that the conman approached you on the street and not from behind a counter, with a cash register capable of printing actual receipts? Did their name not seem important? Was verifying their identity or story completely out of the question?

There are a hundred different things that brain is taking notice of that the conscious mind is choosing to ignore. Why do people get conned? Because con artists are intelligent and know how to trick you into ignoring the obvious all around you. "Idiot" is no more an explanation than the lone word "physics" is. Stupidity, has a source, a cause, a chain of effects. Being satisfied with the fact that "fools" exist tells you nothing of the nature of the fool. "There's one born every minute," is a statement of a problem, not a solution.

Hypnosis does the same thing, on a more intimate level, and for reasons other than to get your money.

By all means; fear people. But it serves no purpose while a supervast majority of people are just looking to get along in life themselves and don't have any interest in screwing you over. Whether you're afraid or not shouldn't have anything to do with whether or not your trust them.
Sounds like a fairly solid success. The mind can be awfully pliable when it's safe and calm.
I would like to quit smoking cigarettes and ingesting caffeine. Any help besides the typical cold turkey advice?
Hey there! From an optimistic point of view, look at your initial fear of people as an instinct that you can hone. I don't think you need to conquer your fear of new people, more so than conquer fear itself. That fear of people, once honed and your fear isn't disabling you, is able to manifest itself as being able to judge a persons character or intent early on in a strange encounter.

I'm sorry if this comes off as ignorant advice, only trying to offer a different point of view.
>a different point of view
It'd be wrong to fault you for having it, and even more wrong to fault you for expressing it.
Diverse perspective is what allows us to do hypnosis.
Never dealt with physical addiction before and I know there are people that attempt to use hypnosis to quit that report hypnosis failed to do that.

I'd prefer to do an interactive induction for you, but if you can tell me about the symptoms of substance dependence that you experience, it might be as simple as a post.
ok op, what i want is probably impossible but here goes.

I want to sleep, just go on auto drive, have my conscience sleep while my brain does all the work. I guess what I mean is just be under complete mind control to where I have no say in what I do. I want to be like that for 10 years, wake up out of the mind control, and not know where I am or what has happened.

Is this at all possible?
Hey OP!
My name is Taylor and I would GREATLY appreciate it if I could have a HUD at all times that displays my feelings.
of course if you need to email me on how then my email is
>[email protected]
>be like that for 10 years
>wake up
>not know where I am or what has happened
I believe they call that life. :y

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Yeah, actually, it's possible, but it'll take a bit of doing. The main thing is to separate your consciousness from the memory of happenings that will naturally form from the body's doings. At that point I wonder if it'd be just as easy to disable your access to the last ten years of memories.
Thanks, that makes it a lot easier to pretend I'm not going totally going to go through with this for you.

Want to be more specific or are you willing to risk the disassociation of emotion that comes with the ability of being able to point at something and say, "That's not true"?
nah i just figured if other people read what you might put they would wind up mind controlled and if they didn't want it you are to blame.
I'll risk it.
I always thought you just had to concentrate on your third eye to open it. What happens when you do open it? like whats the point?
Their fault for taking the suggestion straight to their subconscious.
Alright. Can you let me know how well http://hypnowish.tumblr.com/post/89317368971/checklist-induction works for you?
That is the question, isn't it?

It's dangerous because, without the proper understanding, knowledge, or skill, you can just end up Schizophrenic and paranoid about all these new sensations you're feeling. I highly don't recommend it, but hell, I'm willing to give anything a shot to see how it turns out.
i emailed you back
I'll do it tomorrow. Gotta get some sleep.
If thread is still up by then I'll give you an answer.
Got it. Might not respond tonight.
Hasn't bumped off yet, but it got close once.
ok should i have mentioned that i have fake teeth?
That's certainly interesting, but I'm not sure which anon you are, and I'm not sure what it would be relevant to. :P
ok if its not relevant then nvm, just trying to make sure that while im asleep the mind control conscience knows bout my teeth, idk how this works as i've never been hypnotized before.
I don't see any reason it shouldn't know, but perhaps I'm not understand the depths and complexities of your wish.
How would someone go about understanding their own mind. A person collects memories, but cannot access all of them. Are they lost forever at that point or can you go into a recycle bin of sorts.
How do you know everything you know without access to all of it. Better yet, how do you access all of it. Or even make your brain a librarian of sorts. "What do I know about calculus" etc and then improve upon the ability to store and catalog new information.
Memory is a skill like any other. Hand-eye-coordination, holding it in, crossing your eyes, that farting noise thing you can do with your hand and armpit, operating a backhoe... Son on and so forth. If you don't practice /using/ your memory, like someone who is writing a memoir certainly will be doing, for example, then your memory will be as limited as you allow it to be.

Only memory improvement method I've heard of so far is running your day backwards in your head before you fall asleep. For dream memory, keeping a dream journal does wonders. It's all about what you decide is worth easily remembering.
More about hypnosis:
Hypnosis, classically, is a relaxed trance state of increased suggestibility. I've been probing suggestions, what phrasing works, what phrasing fails, and all kinds of different methods of trance for awhile now, and one pattern has become apparent to me: The mind is pliable as all fuck. What, exactly, does that mean?

It means, simply, that when you look at your hand, your brain doesn't recognize it as /your/ hand. It recognizes it as a hand. The fuck else are the neurons supposed to do? Thing is a hand. Get over it. You can make optical illusions and trick someone into feeling their hand be touched when a rubber hand is touched, when positioned properly to trick that brain into thinking it is your real arm. What this means is that the brain doesn't give have a shit what is what, it's just recognizing patterns. If *one* particular hand seems to generate pain when set on top of a stove, then the brain will put two and two together and design a reflex to get that to not happen because fuck pain. How does the brain know to avoid pain? How does it know which hands it sees in its visual field is /your/ hand?

It doesn't. You, everything you see, touch, feel, know, love, etc., is just a pattern inside the brain. Your body is a hallucination trained into your neurons by jerks and twitches in the womb that resulted in sensory activity. When I say there is no fundamental neurological difference between your thoughts and your perception of the meaning of my words, I mean that the two are identical phenomena, and one of those patterns of neural activity (reading text to derive meaning) isn't yet associated with the representational structures in your motor cortex. What stops my words from controlling your body? Convention. Habit. Nothing else. The brain doesn't give a fuck so long as the body survives.

So to me hypnosis is a method of remotely altering the neural pathways that govern volition.

Calm the mind and the brain is open to suggestion.
Bump for anons.
Can hypnosis induce physical bodily changes?

Could i get a bigger penis through hypnosis?
Yes and I don't care to know, respectively. Hormones are definitely a thing the brain can screw with.
No, but you can
time demons use the internet to annoy you

they also make you type stupid shit

Stop making sweeping comments OP
Hi OP,

I have trouble sleeping/meditating/concentration because my area is full of noise. You can help me with this?
Yeah, but it might be a bit tricky because the act of being distracted is generally pretty willful.
It's not that someone tapping their fingers repeatedly is objectively annoying or anything, we choose to think of it as annoying.

So is there anything I can do? Isolating my room will be hard and probably not until 1-2 months. I need to be able to sleep for very long time without waken up by sounds.

Maybe a deep sleep hypnosis?
Maybe earplugs?

my ears always hurt after using any earplug for a long time, and the reviews of people who use them have same thing, but they say it hurts more and longer time after they wake up
Alright, here goes:

As before, and as always, take a deep breath, and relax. You're in good hands. (Either because you're in your own hands, letting suggestions work, or because you're in my hands, suggestions being inherently acceptable due to trust in my skills as a hypnotist.)

Just keep breathing, and focusing only on your breathing. (Reading is optional and some subjects can even forget how to read and their brain will still operate on the suggestions.)

In, and out. Just breathe deep.

Also, I'm gonna greentext the suggestion because why the fuck not.
>the more your breathe
>the more relaxed you feel
Just focus on the feeling of your lungs.
>filling with air
>easy to let go
As they breathe their breaths, and slowly move around atmosphere.
>you can almost forget
>that you forgot to notice
>your breathing
>is your only focus
>and it's easy to let everything else fade away
So that you can just relax so completely and forget your worries.


(cont. after feedback)
No? Nobody going to try it and see if they can relax?
Oh my god! I had completely forgotten about my post. Please if you see this I'm sorry, don't think I abandoned thread intentionally.
Nah don't worry. I know people can tend to forget things. I have this thread tabbed on auto, but that's not a reasonable expectation to hold others to on my part.
Bah. From my perspective it was selfish. I asked you to convince me and I didn't even get to read the reply. Busybusybusy!
Speaking of which I'm at an Indian wedding. Very cultural and fun, but ultimately I must make money servin the people.

Any whacky experiments you want to try? I can preform them overnight for you and report back with results at your request.
Sounds like a natural pathology into deeper states of awareness. To be honest I think this would lower our beta waves into low alpha and maybe theta(or is it delta?).

I would assume this works just of the key words being automatically associated with each other via the subconscious.
Of course I could be talking shit out my ass because no education.
Do any musicians or performers use hypnotic effects in their work?
Not sure what to try without knowing how suggestible you are. Feedback is pretty important here.
I honestly think it works purely because your brain is aware that what it's reading is something it's supposed to be feeling and doing.
Without that awareness, hypnosis can't and doesn't work.
Well I'm not sure how to gauge that.
Throw me a bone and I'll see what I can do with it.

Yes this relaxes me abit, but it works less effective when in really noisy situations.

A good point there with lowering beta waves to alpha waves, but think you can find a way to lower to delta waves (below to 0.5 hz)?

can you help me to follow through with creating music, or to follow through with the process?

like getting me to sit down and force myself to work for 6+ hours at a time

I know adderall seems to work
Lemme put it this way: If there is a global ruling elite, the existence of /x/ means they are losing the battle, and the war. If music were capable of anything even remotely hypnotic, then the diversity of music out there from a battle between two incompetent parties.

I mean...
"Oh, yeah, all that hypnotic music. The only cure is to listen to Uprising on loop. Muse is a great band."
Next time you sit down to read this thread, see if you can't move your feet at all by the end of this paragraph. If there's even a slight bit of difficulty moving them or wiggling your toes, it's working, and complete paralysis should set in for a few minutes.

Nice trips BTW.
Good, good. Let me brainstorm a bit and I'll get a part two up to help with that specifically.
Yeah, but it's easier and more effective to ask why you find it hard to motivate yourself. I can probably write a post/script for it anyway, but to make the suggestions most effective, I'd be asking why you're unmotivated to tailor it to your psychology.

Asking why: Universally helpful.
Hypnosis: Can do that too, if it's really necessary.
File: 1404036499410.jpg (44KB, 381x265px)
44KB, 381x265px

it's probably because I have the wrong environment but it's unconductive to work... I also have major "a.d.d" and have a difficult time staying working on one thing for many hours, which is why I take adderall to keep me focused

hypnosis plx
I'm sorry, Is this thread about hypnosis or what?
Which books would you reccomend for someone who wants to learn about these techniques?
I wonder about something, is hypnosis like when the doctors in the 1800 gave patients who thought there was something wrong with them but there really was nothing wrong with them red pills that contained nothing much which made it so that the patients got "cured" from their imaginated sickness? Is hypnosis actually about convincing someone to use their own will to convince themselves?
Not quite right.

Hypnosis is using language and communication to influence the pattern recognition function in the human brain. Planting a idea of a pattern like a phrase of words or a if than statement in coding.

Like for instance, if I wanted you to stop smoking, and you wanted to stop smoking, we'd take you down and I'd tell you something along the line's of: The feel of the cigarette is gross, You can't find a comfortable spot for it in you're fingers or mouth, You feel like you're drooling with the cig hanging from you're mouth and look like a retard.

Not those words but thereabouts.

Okay, so what hypnosis is doing is making the patient put down/open all his walls so that the patient becomes in like a open state so that the one doing hypnosis can put/code something in the person, but to do that, the patient have to feel to do it too not just think to do it. Also you can't control someone's will unless they both think and feel like to do it themselves.

So if someone thought and felt they wanted to murder someone, could the one doing the hypnosis control the person to do so?

Can't one try to convince someone to feel and think a certain way before doing hypnosis?
Yeah, let's hear about that environment. ADD and your attempted solution (Adderall) aren't relevant to what kills your motivation. Can't make something effective enough to replace Adderall without knowing more about your mental context (environment).
Hard to say. I'm explorative in my study of this, and the things they'll tell you in a book, while effective, are far from comprehensive understanding. Calm mind = pliable mind is about as much as you need to know to start doing hypnosis. The next thing to know is that a polite person creates a calm atmosphere. This means that instead of trying to have the brain take verbal "commands," you use words like "may", "might", and "if" to give "suggestions."
>You might feel your feet becoming heavy as your relax.
It's not hard to pick up on the method. Probably best to get a book that has a lot of scripts in it. Keep in mind that each script you'll read will only be one hypnotist's style of induction.
Somewhat, yes. Hypnosis isn't mind control in that it can't make you do anything you do not want to do. Beyond that, and especially if you allow your wants to be manipulated through hypnosis, hypnosis can be a lot like mind control. I would say it's related to the placebo effect only in terms of the fact that they both fall under the "mind over matter" umbrella.
Yes, it does require cooperation of minds.

Murder is a pretty heavy thing, as we tend to have a lot of reasons—cognitive or otherwise—not to do so. But if someone really wanted to, and I mean REALLY really wanted to, not just, "I've thought about it before," or, "I'm curious to know what it feels like," then yeah, hypnosis could potentially alleviate the inhibitions keeping them from doing it.

And yes, convincing someone what to feel, or giving them a reason to trust you, is the main goal of the pre-talk prior to induction.

I moved to my cousin's place in the middle of nowhere so I could work on tracks. It was a really good move to do so, and the situation is actually pretty ideal.

I work at a desk with audio monitors on it, located right next to a bed that I've been using, in the basement of their house.

Today I've been able to stay on task without drugs, and have a clearer idea of the work I'm setting out to finish.

Sometimes I just completely lose focus, like I'll know I'm supposed to work but I won't. Maybe because I get lazy who knows.

I'd like the shake that "idleness" and be able to work on things for 6+ hours, every day; to have the self-discipline, to be driven and not waste time.
On the off chance that this is more than just some douche on /x/ shitposting, I'll have a go:

I play the piano and have been told I'm not bad, but I want to get better, the problem is that when I try to get better I suddenly lose all motivation and become very scared about trying. I want to fix this, Rach 2 won't learn itself.
What type of life had you been used to prior to moving in with your cousin?

...And how much time do you spend in the basement?
Same as previous anon. If you want something effective that doesn't sound like roleplaying, I'll need to know what happens when you go to try. Where does the motivation go? What's sucking it out?
The motivation basically goes to literally anything else. It's like when your friends try to get you to go talk to a girl and you're just like "Uhhh, I think I left my oven on" and gtfo. I think it's just the combination of panic, fear of failure, etc that sucks the motivation out.
It's a piano. What is there to be afraid of?

Do you think you can't improve your skills?
>It's a piano. What is there to be afraid of?
When you frame it like that, it just sounds silly
>Do you think you can't improve your skills?
I think that may be part of it. I've been playing for a long time, and I've never felt that I've ever gotten any better.
One last question: When was the last time you actually sat down and played on the piano?
Not for a couple of weeks

Well I went on a tour of the entire United States, from Boston to NYC to DC to Detroit to Chicago to Dallas, Houston, Austin to LA to SF/Oakland to Portland ... with a friend who decided to live in Oakland ... also we toured entirely by megabus/greyhound as a political statement

Now I'm in the boondocks outside of Toronto ... I ride a bicycle every day for exercise, usually for around 2-3 hours ... the rest of the time I spend trying to finish two music releases (they sound pretty crazy ... still haven't been able to put everything where it needs to go) .

I know I'm not supposed to blame it on having an extremely short attention span, but I feel that's what is causing me problems with following through with the project.

Anyway yeah I'm probably in the basement like, 20 hours out of each day ... plenty of time to make this shit work. I assume I'll get done with the first release within the next 2 weeks (having it out on a label, having art for it etc within July), and I'll get done with the second release sometime in August.

I also have a couple shows confirmed in Toronto, which is exciting and gets me to not dick off on the internet.
Sorry I'm exhausted. I'll see what words I can craft after a nap.
The positive or negative energy people have inside themselves. Haha idk, that'd be interesting.
Hey OP i want to be more confident is there any way you can help me accomplish that?
Sorry everyone, I'm piling way too much on my schedule. I'll get something up for confidence/motivation later today.
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