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Who hyped

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Who hyped
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I love Mewtwo. It's my favourite Pokémon.
I wish he wasn't so terrible in Smash Bros. It's like they made his side B work properly, and called it a day.
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This was from 2 patches ago and mewtwo still remains this way.
Being a mewtwo main is suffering
Mewtwo is my main. I do better with mewtwo than anyone else and ive used falco and cpt falcon since melee. You just need to get gud my enemy
Everyone who didn't expect Mewtwo to be shit is retarded.
I didn't expect him to be fantastic,But I was expecting him to not be worse than he was in fucking melee.
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>Roy has nearly all his flaws fixed
>Mewtwo got more given to him
I dont understand
Okay I admit Mewtwo still needs fixing but this video is fucking stupid
>oh no FSmash has a blind spot literally behind his hands, its not like the hitbox is at the hands and farther
>oh no Mewtwo grab doesnt last forever, why are people not getting grabbed during the missing animation?!
>>not knowing tail hitboxes
>>expecting them to hit during the startup animation
For the record, Roy's FSmash doesn't hit above him despite that being where the sword swing begins
>why isn't this ~2F FAir hitting this short character when I use it above them?
I dont even know what he was trying to show with the DThrow stuff
>why is Mewtwo following curved surfaces when he teleports? I mean its not like there's literally an in-game tip that states this. I mean its not like Zelda's UpB does this too
>why is this F1 jab hitting me out of a move that doesn't get intan until like F8???
>>literally yoshi just DJ armouring through the rest of the hitboxes, only a fucking moron would think this is something "wrong with Mewtwo"
>>literally just Mewtwo, the second lightest character in the game, dying some of the strongest attacks in the game right near the edge
>>literally just Mewtwo getting comboed across the stage by Sheik, something that happens to every other character
This scrub probably didn't even DI or vector.

God Mewtwofags are insufferable.
>>literally just Mewtwo, the second lightest character in the game, dying some of the strongest attacks in the game right near the edge
The issue is that he's too light. He has the size of a heavyweight, but none of the weight or power.
>none of the weight

>none of the power
No. Mewtwo has incredible damage output and KOing options for its weight.
>Mewtwo has incredible damage output and KOing options for its weight.

So you're just gonna post stuff that isn't true?
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Mewtwo is fucking bad, but I still love using him, he's super fun to play and has a few things going on for him
Hey fags OP is talking about the GBA they just had a draft, and yes im hyped. Go new york mankeys!
Worst part about Mewtwo is that Japan thinks he's mid tier. So he's never getting buffed.
>Worst part about Mewtwo is that Japan thinks he's mid tier. So he's never getting buffed.
They also think Luigi is low tier as well, that why he got buff last update.

Unless japanese people think Mewtwo's disable attack is overpower, or they only play 4 fun to make him that high on the tier list.

Out of all the DLC in Smash Mewtwo got fuck over the most.
hala marill
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Mewtwo isn't bad, he's more broken then Luigi
Lucario needs a buff.
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>he's more broken then Luigi

Ayyy lmao
Mewtwo's damage and KO potential are awful, especially considering being so large means he's a LIGHTWEIGHT that gets combo'ed like he's a fast faller then he dies at 60% to a light breeze. His only decent early kill move is fair.

The entire problem is that Mewtwo's hitboxes are slow, AWFUL, and don't match the animations. It has nothing to do with not knowing them. By the way, Roy's fsmash does have an aerial hitbox, I've hit it multiple times, it's diagonally up in front of him.

Also just because it's in the tip section doesn't mean it's good. You know what's also in the tip section? Samus' jab being intentionally bad.

There's a reason Mewtwo is completely absent from the meta. No it's not because "t-t-they just need to get gud!", it's because the character fucking sucks and is bottom 5 trash. You can get good with him, but I hope you enjoy having to work 10x harder to get the same reward as a fucking mid tier(which means you have to work 20x harder to get the same reward as a top tier).

The dthrow stuff was just the fact that his dthrow has zero combo potential even though it looks like it should. He has so much end lag on it that he can't follow up. Meanwhile, characters like Lucas can act immediately after using dthrow and Ike has insane IASA frames on his uthrow so he can get out of the animation long before it's actually over.
>incredible KO options
up smash is like his only attack that'll reliably KO middleweights before 130% without rage, even his "KO throws" are bad (marth lucina and roy can KO with an up throw almost as easily as him)
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Mewtwo too slow.gif
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>you have to work 20x harder to get the same reward as a top tier
This guy understands

Mewtwo has so many flaws in Smash 4, to list them all, we would need two threads.

I play Mewtwo alot, I wanted to main him, but it got to a point where you're saying "Please Mewtwo, don't fuck up"

>Poor grab reach
>side and down Smash are a joke
>up smash can oddly miss, even if they are right next to you
>Confusion is a sick joke on the player using it. since it set up anyone to get the counter attack no matter what
>all those moves I list all have long ending lag, as if Mewtwo needs a break every time he move a finger.

All you are left with is Shadowball and Fair to do the killing for you. Bair can come in handy but it's start up lag is hell. Up Smash can kill early if it doesn't fuck up on you,
And disable is a gamble, which Mewtwo is a whole gamble to begin with if you can win a match.
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Quick question
How do we fix Mewtwo?
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Mad Mega.png
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>Lighter than in Melee
>Nerfed throws
>Shadow Ball no longer damages while charging
>Lighter than in Melee
>Teleport has more start up and bounces off the stage
>Still has bad hitboxes
What were Sakurai and his team thinking? Did they not realize why Mewtwo was so bad in Melee?
>Increase weight to Link/Falcon level
>Fix hitboxes
>Better grab range
>Increase hitstun/lower cooldown on Confusion
>Return throws to Melee power
>Shadow Ball does damage while charging
Boom. He's now at the very least usable.
>Teleport has more start up and bounces off the stage
This is what kills me early, when I'm playing an intense game because you needs to be defensive when everything can KO you at %60.

The only thing lighter then Mewtwo in Smash is Jigglypuff, and even then, it's not by alot.

A Fucking Pikachu weighs more then Mewtwo.
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Mashpotato Samurai does it again.

Seriously, was this some sort of "Oh, you want Mewtwo? Here ya go ya fuckers" on his part?
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It would be so easy to fix Mewtwo problems, but Nintendo just doesn't like him.

>give all his tilts moves more speed, and don't take any damage like Charizard 's wings
>Make Uair hit like C.Falcon Uair, and Dtilt can hit behind you
>Make Dsmash useful in some way, so Mewtwo can hit behind himself, or Hell, turn it into Blizzard because Mewtwo is the fucking Wizard of the Pokemon world and should know more elemental moves. Now he can freeze people.
>give him Lucario weight with C.Falcon running speed because Mewtwo is a fucking fast Pokemon
>Increase hitstun/lower cooldown on Confusion
And this too.

Hell, I know a buff for MEwtwo is never gonna come. Dark Pit or Yoshi would get a buff before Mewtwo does.
Mewtwo weights like a Heavyweight boxers, and a foot taller then Charizard.
But yet he get toss around like a ball, and easy to be juggle like one too.
I love sm4sh mewtwo as well but still think he needs buffs if he is to compete with the sheiks & rosalinas of the world
All the buffs in the world won't help him against those two.
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Mewtwo barely has a fighting chance beating Little Mac.
Mewtwo's buff needs buff
>You will never play the Pokemon TCG with Big Barda
I never knew I wanted this so bad.

Mewtwo really does need a buff, but given how he hasn't gotten one in any patches yet, I'm worried they think he's OK, and never will get one.
You you wanna play mewdos competitively might as well play Lucario since its better in a lot of ways.
Just dont counter jesus christ
>>24581691 >FAir >DAir >USmash >FSmash >Dtilt setups >Shadow Ball >Jab resets into grabs or Disable >>24583378 USMASH hits on F8. Frame fucking 8. That's incredibly fast for a smash, especially considering it kills as early as Roys USmash. FSmash has got moderate startup for a massive disjoint to make up for it. DSmash is admittedly awful. Sadly Mewtwo (and ROB) did get keked by Charizard as far as powerful UThrows go, but his throws are still strong nonetheless. Like I mentioned before jab 1 reset into Disable is VERY solid, especially considering the range and relative lack of commitment his jab has.

Roys FSmash hitboxes dont entirely match the animation, not like Bowsers or Marths do. He begins swinging his sword from above and behind his head but the hit box doesn't start until later.

Just because it isn't a guaranteed combo setup doesn't mean it's bad. As a Lucas main a lot of the time DThrow to UAir will NOT be guaranteed at KO percents due to many things like DI, rage, etc. So what needs to be done to secure the kill isome to read the airdodge. Same thing goes for ROB. Even after the nerf, Luigi still has potential DThrow setups because the knockback and angle still allow for reads to be done. The same goes for Mewtwo. After a DThrow you can read their DI and tech chase, you can run up and shield the aerial, you can read the airdodge for a free charge on USmash, etc.

Ive actually collected KO percents for throws. Why are you lying like that? Even with rage (which those three can get a lot more of than Mewtwo), Mewtwos UThrow is still significantly stronger.


What Mewtwo needs to be fixed is to have his kill throws buffed back to Melee levels, have his weight bumped up to above G&W, and get his Melee tilts back. Faster aerials would just be icing on the cake.
Mewtwo was the point in DLC like
We fuck it up bad lets make the rest of the Dlc characters good
PM did a way better job
Problem with Smash 4 that
They nerf the strong characters when they could buff everyone else
>They nerf the strong characters when they could buff everyone else
If they did buff Mewtwo, they would buff him like they did Ganon.
Just make his attacks a little stronger, but still a slow mess, all around.

I can see them making Mewtwo's Dsmash getting buff because it is his worst move, and just avoid the real problem area.
but they have buffed heaps of other characters
So, uh, hyped for what?
Remember when their original idea for buffing Zelda was to give her Uair a 1% damage increase? Good times.
if you're going to do nothing except complain about hitboxes halfway through, then you don't seem to understand that isn't a Smash problem; it's a fighting game problem.
Other than Samus, most other characters don't have that problem in Sm4sh.
>Wii Fit Trainer
>Metal Knight

both of these characters got buffs to compensate, the hitboxes could be better but are miles ahead of what they were.

Samus and mewtwo never got the buffs they needed.
Some people really don't know how bad Mewtwo really is.
Every time there a thread about Smash4 Mewtwo, people think that you need to git gud.
No amounts of git gud will ever make Mewtwo good
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reflect party.webm
3MB, 1080x608px
Oh well, at least now he can play the reflect game.
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Thread images: 16

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