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Lyra/Kotone Thread

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A thread about my crazy milkshake waifu!
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Congrats, OP. She's a really cute girl.
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she is a qt
Lyra doesn't shower!
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She not only has no canon.

She has no existence. Fucking #RETCONNED.
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she has no canon
she be had no name
if i were James Buchanan
my eyes would be set aflame.
Today OP was a fag
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Lyra is the definition of adorkable.
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Lyra is a sadly underrated girl, which is a shame and also strange because she's attached to /vp/'s favorite/nearly universally liked remakes or games in general.

Physically her tits are not nearly as small as fan art gives her. You can see in the game and official art she has decent sized breasts. Maybe even bigger if they weren't ovscured by two layers of clothing. She also has, undeniably, the nicest ass and roundest hips in the fucking Pokemon world. They shove this in your face with the way they draw her overalls.

Secondly, her outfit whilst slightly kitsch is also really ducking cute and adorable, her poofy hat and cute little bows. Her overalls are also kind of arousing and sexual in a weird way. She also has a great hairstyle, and her colour scheme is great. Also; thigh highs, which are hot as fuck.

She also gets an athletic uniform, and a team rocket uniform. So you get an athletic, sweaty Lyra for steamy situations, and also a Lyra in a TR uniform which is great fetish shit.

Her Japanese name is named after a sick instrument and all her names have to do with various awesome musical instruments.

Shame she is so vastly understated. Sure, she doesn't have the nostalgia of May, or the huge knockers of Rosa, but she deserves more popularity. She's probably also really kind, helpful, and feminine considering she's from the regions of Pokemon based on a more traditional area of Japan, with less people and more things like old temples, beautiful scenery, nice autumns and cool but not cold winters, where time goes just a bit slower and old time values are... Much more values/prominent. Growing up in a place like that probably breeds the cutest and most special, strong but also feminine girls in the pokemon world.
Did you guys know that Lyra's seiyuu is the same as Meloetta's seiyuu, and their seiyuu is half-Flip?
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She just has a lot of competition.
I think her outfit is the reason she is unpopular, looks like shit. Doesn't keep her from performing well in porn though.
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I love her outfit. I think overalls are really cute.
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I think it's mostly just people mad at Kris getting the axe. The slightly goofy outfit is just an easy target for nitpicking.
the remakes weren't on the same timeline
krys is in the Manga, and bulbapedo confirms she caught them all helping oak expand the National dex

I wish Lyra didn't take her place,
but apparently krystal is busy catching them all instead of injecting them
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Dear God. I'd forgotten all about the Yandere Lyra threads. What the hell were we doing?
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back when /vp/ was actually fun
>catching them all
Unless she lives in New York or Tokyo that ain't happening.
Favorite pokegirl
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Thread posts: 39
Thread images: 29

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