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Pokemon Mystery Dungeons and Dragons

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Hey /vp/

I started a thread about this a couple days ago, thought people might be interested in continuing discussion about it? There's a parallel thread going on in /tg/ as well


Anyway, copy paste from /tg/ follows:

Discussion of Custom Pokemon Medieval Fantasy setting.

Basic premise: You play as Pokemon in a Medieval type Pokemon society in some kind of post-apocalyptic Kanto (i.e. no trainers or humans of any kind). Imagine a Pikachu Paladin or something along those lines, perhaps mounted Pika cavalry riding Nidoran into battle, or Flying Pika Air support mounted on flying Pidgeottos. Certain Pokemon have become intelligent and civilized, others remain wild and untamed.

Previous Threads:

Alt links in case above are down:

I'd like to continue discussing ideas regarding what kinds of cultures and dominant ideologies certain Pokemon would have, such as Meowth developing a civilization that is driven by their greed, making them violent or opportunistic, Totodile being river raiders, etc.

Also, I was wondering what people thought of the idea of basing the Pokemon cultures within Kanto/Johto/Sinnoh/Hoenn on Feudal Japan, with Samurai and shit, and keep the European Fantasy stuff like Paladins and Knights confined to the Kalos region? I like this idea, but am not sure if it's a bit too limiting. Would Pokemon even realistically act Japanese if they suddenly became human-like. The series didn't seem to show those regions as being super Japanese culturally I don't think, but I'm not Pokemon expert.

Anyway, discuss ideas, draw some pictures, write some history fluff on wars waged between Pikachus and Meowths and Rattata civilizations. Give me your best /tg/
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I have only looked through the first thread thus far. Savage worlds is a really versatile system, but it does have its limitations. Have you looked into Mutants and Masterminds? The system is more complex, but I have yet to find something I couldn't stat up with minimal finagling..
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Same guy.
I have always liked the thought of Cubone having a religious overtone. Either in the form of officiating funerary ceremonies or being an outright death cult.
As for the different regions being parallels with modern cultures, it happens, but on varying levels. Look at Johto. Sprout tower, the Kimono Girls, Tin (?) Tower, and even how the channeller NPCs dress. It all points to a vaguely traditional Japanese setting.
Kalos has a very obvious Eiffel Tower analogue, and the fashion obsession, but I don't really know how far that goes towards portraying French culture explicitly.
I enjoy the idea of Meowth being, at their core, fuzzy Ferengi.
If you have not seen the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, allow me to introduce you.
What are the strengths of M&M vs SW? I've never really looked into M&M.

Death cult sounds cool and makes sense.

I like the idea of Meowth being businessmen, either legit or shady mob type dealings. I originally envisioned starting the PCs out as mouse species pokemon (pikachu, rattata, sandshrew, etc.) so I envisioned Meowth as the rival civ, like the cliche big bad evil civ kind of idea like the Fire Nation or something. If Meowth are businessmen/merchants, I'd need a different Pokemon to be the BBEG civ. Ideas?
Since the pokéworld isn't officially ours, you don't have to feel forced to give regions cultures matching their geographical counterparts in our world. But I could see pokémon building up their world with what was left of the previous civilisation as a baseline.
If you're going this way, I'd suggest a Sengoku-era KanJoh, with both regions warring over who should be the rightful leader of the land, Pokémon Conquest style. Use Sinnoh to delve deeper into Ainu culture. Hoenn is technically Kyushu but fuck it, might as well give it more of a Ryukyu/Okinawan culture feel, if you're willing to put the work and study in.
For Unova, a Wild West setting could be rad (no need for everything to be medieval, just say they haven't gotten around to shipcrafting yet). And yeah, Kalos could be the classic knights kingdoms and dragons setting. But again, regions don't have to be 1:1 to their real-world counterparts if you don't want it. You could just as well do a Roman Empire Unova or Qing China Kalos.
(Also, for what it may be worth: early on in the series the Japanese influences were much clearer. Signs would show kanji, the twerps went to a matsuri etc. It wasn't until the franchise became a worldwide hit that the creators decided to keep it vaguer and cosmopolitan to appeal to a widest possible audience.)
And for my two cents, I'd include pokémon that already seem to have potential to become civilised, like Alakazam and Metagross. I'm thinking Ancient Greece-inspired city-state meritocracies.
These are great ideas, thanks! I definitely won't feel too limited to keep it 1:1, and hell maybe I'll create some new lands or something for exploration that aren't canon, such as Pokemon Sage's setting. I just wanted to make sure that modelling the civs after Japan, etc. wouldn't be lame. Thanks for the input, I'll definitely be looking into this stuff.
Holy cow OP, I hope this project turns out well.
Me too, any input/suggestions/opinions?
Uh, I don't really know, I'm not good with /tg/ stuff since I always procrastinate on learning that skycraper of rules and the ideas so far look good.
Anyway if you want to give the anime some space Pikachus and Raichus could be somewhat on a tense relationship.
Hey OP, have you ever played pokémon mystery dungeon? It doesn't really follow your ideas here, but you should give Explorers of the Sky a try, it's really worth it and may give you various ideas after reaching the first quarter of the story.
It's been suggested to me many times and I've read up on it but never played. How long does it take to complete? I might give it a go sometime soon, but I need the basic framework established since I want to run this tabletop game fairly soon
Uh, you could use cheats to go faster but it doesn't require much grinding anyway. It should require a couple of days without cheats if you don't plan to do the postgame. You don't have to play the whole serie, just that one, it's pretty surprising for a pokèmon game.
Ok, I'll give it a go, thanks.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 4

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