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>Leech seed missed

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>Leech seed missed
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>predict a switch and use the correct move to punish the switch
>it misses anyway
Am I stupid in thinking that anything above 90% accuracy should be perfect? Moves with lower accuracies than that tend to be more powerful, so the accuracy balances it, but missing on a 5-10% chance is complete bullshit.
Rock Slide would be stupidly broken if it didn't have 90% accuracy.

Even with 90% accuracy it's still broken as shit
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>will-o-wisp missed
You're right, but examples like OP's should never miss. At least that's how I feel about it.
>put brightpowder on all of my team
>that delicious rage whenever opponent's moves miss

My fucking Ferrothorn!
>Leech Seed was avoided
>Next turn
>Predict switch into water type and use Power Whip
>Power Whip missed
I swear to god, once I lost a easily won match just because the autistic Rock Slide missed 4 times in a row.

I fucking hate rock slide, even more than stone edge.
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LAfFiNg BLaKc MAn.gif
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>Talonflame used Me First!
>Talonflame used Stone Edge!
>A critical hit!
>The opponent's Landorus used Stone Edge!
>But it missed!
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>Probopass sturdy activates!
>Probopass used thunder wave!

>Jolteon used thunderbolt
>X was paralyzed!
>X was unable to move!

>X used Stone Edge!
>Froslass lost 99% of it's HP, Frosslass has hung onto it's focus sash!
>X's Stone Edge was disabled!
>Froslass used Spike!
I think weaker moves should always be 100%, like the speed reducing attacks, things like cut, etc. But Leech seed is a great move so it's somewhat reasonable to have 90% accuracy. I agree it wouldn't hurt to bump it up to 100% though.
I've lost many matches the other way around, getting flinched to death by Rock Slide.
Dude, I'm serious, half the times I used it Rock Slide missed. That move hates me.
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I'm using wide lens Sableye in doubles now
Oh I believe you. Many doubles games are decided by the hax of Rock Slide.
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>Go into Maison
>Quick Claw Horn Drill Rhydon
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>playing randoms
>opponent down to zekrom
>use wow
>it misses
>lose my last 4 pokemon because of that
you are going to hate me but since playing XY i think I have missed less than 10 rock slide. stone miss on the other hand...
I really hate it when playing dubs and both my Pokémon get flinched by Rock Slide. Happens so often.
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>playing randoms
>use wow on physical attacker
>opponent switches to heatran
>wow misses
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>enemy's quick claw activate every fucking times
>you quick claw never activate
It's impossible not be mad. I reached 48 strikes in super doubles and lost just before to Evelyn.
>Opponent paralyzes you
>No big deal, I can still finish off his team like this, they're too weak to this pokemon
>It's paralyzed, it can't move! 5 times in a row
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>Opponent and you are both paralyzed and can't move
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sorry meant to post this

but yeah, double perelysis would fit extremly well
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>playing randoms
>three turns of trick room left
>i only have a paralyzed slowking with 8% health left
>opponent has three weakened pokemon
>all it takes for me to lose is slowking not being able to move
>slowking hits every time and wins
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>playing randoms
>rotom-h vs landorus
>landorus used swords dance
>rotom-h used wow, it misses
>landorus used swords dance
>rotom-h used wow, misses
>landorus used rock polish
>rotom-h used wow, miss
>landorus used stone edge, rotom fainted
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Fuckin sweet.jpg
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>Run Gravity Storm
>Stone Hit

>Fire Hit
>Focus Hit
>Dragon Hit
>Magma Hit
>Hydro Hit
>Switch Xatu into Water Arceus
>Arceus uses Will-O-Wisp
>Bounces back

It was Battle Factory on PO, by the way, I'd never play Ubers willingly
>Making yourself die to focus blast immediately
>Anybody running Focus Miss outside of an accuracy gimmick team in the first place

Almost got me buddy.
Will Focus Blast OHKO a typical Sandstorm mon with the +50% special defense?
>My M-Mawile against their Scizor
>Mawle used Fire Fang!
>It missed!
>Scizor used swords dance!
holy shit am i fucking glad they danced again for some reason because christ
>>Anybody running Focus Miss outside of an accuracy gimmick team in the first place

You're the one making me laugh, pal.
>implying I'm your pal, guy
You're not meeeeeeee!
252 SpA Life Orb Sheer Force Landorus Focus Blast vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Mega Tyranitar in Sand: 468-551 (137.2 - 161.5%) -- guaranteed OHKO
>put toxic on nontypical user as a surprise factor
>it misses their wall
Are you implying that betting on the 70% accuracy to save you is a better idea?

Or are you implying that anybody is stupid enough to activate Gravity instead of a different strategy when a serious threat is present as the opposing mon that could easily one shot you with one of its moves?

Does Ttar even learn Gravity? Or would he have been switched in after Gravity to activate Sandstorm? Because that's the wrong order.
>Gen 3 shitter battle
>Scizor used Silver Wind
>Stat boosts
>Opponents Blissey used Psych Up
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>Use Rock Slide
>Misses BOTH Pokémon
>Opponent uses Rock Slide Slide the next turn
>Both my mons flinch
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>Opponent gets critical hit

>Your too weak to make a substitute
>Predict switch/move or whatever and plan on using a move
Alternate ending:
>Misclick on Showdown
>Click cancel and redo what you wanted to do in the first place
>The misclick goes through because Showdown servers
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>opponent predicts what you were going to do and ends up sending something out that's weak to the misclick
>talonflame is switched into stealth rocks
That second one is a pain in the ass. I wait for their move and decide I want to change mine but the first one goes through anyway.
>Battle Arcade in Platinum
>Next battle has fog
>Opponent sends out Gliscor
>The opponent's Quick Claw activated!
>The opponent's Gliscor used Fissure!
>It's a one-hit KO!
>The opponent's Gliscor used Guillotine!
>It's a one-hit KO!
>The opponent's Gliscor used Fissure!
>It's a one-hit KO!

>OHKO moves hitting three times in a row in the fog.

OHKO moves arent affected by accuracy. They are 30% flat, doesnt matter about fog or if your opponent has got off 6 double teams.
>Focus Blast hits
>Two times in a row
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>focus blast
>down to ~60%
>spd drops
>it hits again
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>Predict switch to Scizor
>Clefable used Fire Blast!
>Scizor avoided the attack!

>Clefable gets through SwagPlay
>Klefki avoided the attack

This fucking Clefable I have. LO Magic Guard is really fun, but christ almighty sometimes

The reverse happened the other day while I was fucking around with a mono-Normal team:

>Opponent's Goodra VS my Contrary Spinda
>Fakes Out Goodra, no Gooey oh well
>Draco Meteor misses, Superpower
>Draco Meteor misses AGAIN, Last Resort kills it
>Spinda proceeds to sweep because of those misses

Spinda should have been dead but holy shit was that hilarious. I was using an Assault Vest so the rest couldn't do much (Wigglytuff and Espeon)
>predict incoming move
>switch to mon that resist it
>opponent scores a critical hit anyway
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>Battle Maison
>suddenly Brightpowder fucks your streak

not like I needed that BP anyway .... ;_;
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>Roserade gets Technician
>60bp moves are upgraded to 90bp
>Roserade can use Magical Leaf, which is now a 90bp move that NEVER misses.

I am so glad showdown added a rematch button
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paralysis problems
git gud
>The misclick goes through because Showdown servers
God I hate this
not to mention 90bp hidden power
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This happened with my Azumarill yesterday. Their weakened Lanturn waved me, and I used PUP since it was going to die of toxic damage

Then comes in Mega Kanga, they evolve and use Power-Up Punch instead of attacking me while I did backflips all over the place.

Still, relying on paralysis instead of killing me outright was cocky. I was at +1 and that didn't sound any alarm bells off at all? Their last mon was Scrafty, and they used Bulk Up.

I never will understand that jap guy's thoughts. I have it saved if anyone cares
That's why I powersaved 9999BP. Don't even feel bad about it.
90BP giga drain is better
10% chance of something bad happening in Pokemon might as well be a 50% chance.
>jump kick missed
Unfortunately I only have an ARDSi, no 6th gen BP for me.
Though going full on faggotry mode (Mega Kanga, Gengar, Scizor) usually racks up BP well until random shit fucks me up like brightpowder.

A fucking Shuckle used Power Trick and I kept missing. RIP that streak.
>Hi-jump kick missed
You have no idea how many times I lost because of that.
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This made me remember of a match I lost lost because Focus Blast hit thrice in a row.
>of a match I lost lost

Well, ignore that second "lost"
This is the worst, because it's usually the only saving throw to take out a physical attacker that would otherwise sweep your team. And once you've missed one WoW, they're never going to let you get another chance to hit it again.
I thought accuracy checks were ignored in such cases? Say, Earthquake against Rotom-S would activate Levitate before the "it doesn't affect Rotom" message.

...Or at least that's how it would be based on Gen IV mechanics, I didn't play BW in English and I have no idea of XY in-game messages.
and that "of", while we're at it.
>implying I'm your guy, buddy
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Thread images: 33

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