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Now that Mario Maker has proven to be a success, what game editor

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Now that Mario Maker has proven to be a success, what game editor would you like to see next? Donkey Kong's? Kirby's? Megaman's? Any other?

Except capcom cancelled Megaman Universe.
Dark Souls Maker
Mario Kart Maker
A Rayman Legends Maker
Rayman already had an editor.
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>Mario Maker has proven to be a success
>100k sales in 1.5 months
Mama mia
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>Terrible kaizo and autoplay levels everywhere
Battle Network
in an update soon we can filter bad shit with good shit with worlds and community hubs and search tabs,i could hope.
They broke a million in a month. That's faster than Mario Kart 8, all things said.

Revive the concept of Mega Man Universe, even if it's entirely different and lacking the odd art and crossover elements. Capcom knows there's demand for Mega Man games, so they could emulate Super Mario Maker and just let the fans make Mega Man games - but the problem would be that with so many special weapons, bosses, enemies and gimmicks over the franchise's history (and 10 games plus side games alone in the Classic series), it'd be downright insane trying to put it all in there without 'hindering product sales of the series in general'.
>10 year kids putting tags on their kaizo/automatic levels
Nintendo has a vested interest in the Megaman license, and they have hinted if SMM is a success they could look into other sort of makers.

i'm simply getting at Nintendo or one of their devisions could make something similar to Megaman Universe, with capcom themselves filling in part of the workload. it's clear that although Megaman's populaity is all over gaming culture, it would benefit Capcom to allow the blue bomber to be a "maker" IP with Nintendo.

obvious downside is romhacks on youtube are taken down sorry i opened pandora's box but for fuck sack i can't have everything in the world and neither can you.
filters are meant to enable the user to filter out bad content from desireable content. obviously it can be flawed by tag spam but if there is a better way than dammit let's hear it.
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What's that? Megaman in mario maker? Boy do I have a treat for you! I've been making a megaman-esque campaign. It's not finished yet, and there are some things that need to be tweaked that I'll get to when everything is done(checkpoints, restructuring, etc). I'm about halfway finished with the 6th boss stage as of right now. Then some wily castle stages.

MegaMario Boss Rush: 2720-0000-00AA-BCB5

MegaMario Prologue: D968-0000-00B3-F0A9

MegaMario Piranha Man: D1A2-0000-00B8-49A6

MegaMario Lakitu Man: 0D3B-0000-00BD-B4DA

MegaMario Bob-Chomp Man: EE2E-0000-00C3-92A0

MegaMario Drybones Man: 2962-0000-00C8-6569

MegaMario Thwomp Man: 6E3D-0000-00D6-9806

Main thread died so might as well shill here

Why'd universe have to get shitcanned?
Nah you see, tags work the OPPOSITE way. I look up tags that I want to play. Filters never work.
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>Doing all those fucking shitty online courses in 100 Mario mode to get costumes
>"You've gotten all you can for this difficulty"

Fucking mad, it's boring enough having to do that mode a thousand times to get costumes, now I have to do normal mode with 16 in it instead of the usual 8? Christ. Do nips make anything good other than automatics?
Can't bring myself to delete my old levels to put in checkpoints.
Tags are filters. You use -tag to filter out things that have the tag and +tag (or just tag) to filter in things that do have them.
Normal is still pretty easy. It's expert Amiibos that are the real pain.
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what amiibos are locked to expert only?
It's random. Hope you get the ones you want before you get to expert.
>level is pretty decent
>dance music starts up
>stars and enemies everywhere
F-Zero Maker
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garde rage.jpg
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I just assume when I get a level with a japanese name it's an autoplay level

>it's an automatic level
>that kills you as a troll
File: serkisclown.jpg (166KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>boo rings
>travelling on white skull tracks
>waiting for the pswitch to time out
>Waiting for am item to fall because someone wanted a forced boss
>Having to escort the slowest enemies
People sure know how to make courses as boring as possible.
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>playing normal 100 mario
>see a level has 0 plays
>it's a kaizo 2hard4u level that hasn't been ranked yet
I thought you guys were just being whiny faggots but there is an awful lot of kaizo bullshit in expert 100 Mario.
Yoshi Maker
To anyone stuck with 1 medal; give me one of your levels and I'll star all of them
dafuq is a kaizo?
pixel perfect jumps
invisible blocks over pits
instant death traps
lots of level memorization
Death the instant the stage loads.
get better at the game lmao
I think after buying Mario Maker it made me realise that I'm sick of 2d marios

What is my diagnosis? Everyone loves Mario games.
IWBTG but as a mario rom hack.
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I didn't whore myself enough tonight so have some Bowserball.


We could use some more level shilling in here so link me up with some courses too and I'll try playing them.
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 11

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