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Looking for a specific kind of game, its mostly tactics or squad

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Looking for a specific kind of game, its mostly tactics or squad based combat, but what im looking for is
a. where most of the people involved are mooks who arnt the heroes, but are still strong
b. theres a alot of people involved, usually in squads

Ogre battle march of the black queen
Ogre battle 64 person of lordy calibur
Soul nomad and the world eaters
Bahamut lagoon even

i guess Suikoden, Yggdra Union, and Valkyrie profile count, so even games with a massive amount of party members in your partys would be fine

though tactics games count technically since you can hire mercenaries but thats not what im really looking for
so not like final fantasy tictacs or the tactics ogre installments

anyone know of other games like those?
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that game is ogre battle 64 person of lordly caliber. you're welcome
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You might check out the Kessen series, I've only played a little bit of 2 but the game play reminded me a lot of Ogre Battle 64
im looking for more games like it, not ogre battle 64 itself

thanks for the suggestion, it looks like a smaller squad based total war, what is pretty much within what im looking for. actual groups fighting each other, not just hero versus hero

It even has a "grand battle" mod, so it should feed your needs
that actually looks pretty good as well, and from what im seeing the grand battle is a fan translation of the re-released Japanese only version kinda like bahamut lagoon was?
thats definitely easy to find and play then, since im already at its page
thanks as well
Definitely look into Langrisser. Imagine Advance Wars but the CO are also units that fight. So you have several generals on the field, and then each of them have like 5 groups of 10 soldiers/calvary/fliers each following them around. Your generals are still exceedingly strong of course but your mercenary choices and use of the terrain will win you the war.


you can read it here, and I recommend the english patched version of the PSP version Langrisser IV as a good place to start since it has the most updated mechanics. Feel free to start from the beginning though.

Also play Advance Wars if you haven't because that is literally the kind of game you are looking for
this basically looks and sounds like a fantasy/medieval advance wars which sounds pretty fun
also thanks for mentioning advance wars itself, i completely forgot to add that to the list
welp, thanks for the suggestions all, a few were pretty spot on for what im looking for, but all of them at least look fun to try and play
I just bought a PS3 game called Cross Edge that has a lot of iconic characters from various Japanese developers.
Trails in the sky prolly
cross edge looks like a 1 party valkyrie profile/soul nomad, so thats pretty cool. the video im seeing has morrigan in it for some reason, so il look into that
trails looks like a normal tactics game, which i like, and would probably end up playing, but it and disgaea or things like that arnt what im looking for. those are more like final fantasy tactics. thanks for the suggestion though
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Maybe not 100% match but this is kind of like a turn based RPG except with a 10+ man party and a bunch of survival mechanics.

I personally like the inquisition in a pacific setting a lot.
I think you should also look at turn-based strategy games, like HoMM, Age of Wonders and Disciples series. These series have some seriously good games, and this coming from a massive weeaboo.

Also, kind of unrelated, how can anyone enjoy Ogre Battle? I played both and they were some of the most disappointing games I ever played, in both gameplay and writing. I honestly don't see what's good about those games.
How about joining the rest of us in the 21st century and playing XCOM.
not really what im looking for, but on that note, i do own it, and love it

its actually sort of why i had to ask for suggestions in this thread
if you look up "squad based combat games" you get mostly tactics games, but you also get literally every verson of chess ever made in videogame form

i played 64 and black queen when i was younger, and while i agree they are a bit dated (i really only go back to 64, and even then, fuck waiting 99 birthdays to get items or shit like that) that type of squad group game still holds a spot in my heart. those two are specifically why i bought soul nomad and played bahamut lagoon
i think i just like the idea of army vs army, not hero v hero, but then stuff like total warfare doesn't do it so much for me, because its virtually all strategy, not rpg
actually thats a good suggestion iv never thought of, literally every character you use is a mook you gear up, no heroes or gods taking all the credit
Battle Brothers is exactly what you're looking for, to a T
X com
Mount and Blade
The last one isn't a tactics game, however.
battle brothers actually looks pretty spot on, negative points because its in early access, but the overall reviews dont make it look terrible, so i am going to probably try it regardless
what game is this?
Valkyrie profile
how similar is it to vp 2? because i had some issues with that game
Langrisser IV doesn't have a PSP version.

It's also a mediocre game in general and a bad starting point.
It's classic, better in every ways compared to 2. Look up gameplay on youtube.
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Thread images: 10

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