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>best sword in the game is called Muramasa

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>best sword in the game is called Muramasa
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>best sword in the game is called Masamune
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>best sword in the game is a katana
Destructo Disk
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>Character uses traditional longswords
>Best weapon is a katana
>sword has more attack than the spear
>best weapon in the game is a broadsword called Masamune that was called Grand Lion in the Japanese version
>Spear 'makes up' for it by being able to attack a single space further
>best weapon is the wushi sushi katashi katana
>best sword in the game is Holy Avenger
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>best sword in the game is called Dragon's Tooth
>best weapon is a sword
Alright list your favorite weapon setups

>sword does medium damage, has high hit rate but low crit
>spear does low damage, has high crit rate and bonus versus mounted
>axe does high damage, low hit rate, average crit rate
is there any game where the best sword is made out of damascus steel?
those patterns get me hard
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>Modern firearms deal less damage than medieval melee weapons
>Martial Arts are deadlier than both of them

gotta love SaGa Frontier
hammer. big hammer. maul bigger maul
>it means penis suckle
>Best weapon is almost identical to the first weapon you had at the beggining of the game
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>Best weapon in the game is a bunch of sausage links
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>two handed versions of these
>there are no polearms
>throwing weapons
>throwing knives
>no javelins

i fucking hate modern RPGs
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>Best sword is called Dual Blade
oh please in older rpg's every single legendary weapon was a sword an axe or a mace as well
>numerous weapon types
>no real upgrade system
>limited, unique weapons
>the absolute best weapon is a two handed sword
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>best weapon in the game is a joke weapon
>best weapon in the game can only be obtained by stealing it from an enemy you can only fight once
>strongest sword is not the best sword
>best sword has half the power but some other factor making it better
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>best sword in the (original) game is Excalibur
>it's a Japanese game
>Best Sword has 4x Critical
>Long Sword
>A basic European styled sword
>21 ATK

>A standard Japanese blade
>67 ATK +4 AG +20% Crit.
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>Bash uses two different fonts
>when there's literally a game called Crash Bash

Weak. At least try to match things up when you can.
>using multiple images as sources when making these
Anon no.
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Like i care for that you giant faggot.
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Me left with whip.png
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hell yeah it is.
>swords have better attack speed
>maces and mauls have better damage
>spears and polearms have lower damage, but have reach
>axes cleave through several targets in one turn
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>best weapon in the game is a boat paddle
>"cursed" weapon that can backfire on you
>killing x amount of enemies makes it the best weapon in the game
>swords have better attack speed
>maces and mauls have better damage
>spears and polearms have lower damage, but have reach
>axes cleave through several targets in one turn
holy fuck this is retarded
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>Enemy takes dozens of bullets to the face before dying
>Dies if stabbed once in the back with a knife
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>joke weapon is the worst weapon in the game
>not viable in the slightest
>can't even be used to humiliate other players
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>Best weapon in the game is a turtle shell
>Comes with Best Armor, which is also a turtle shell
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>No whips in the games
>The few games that have whips are completely shit
>it's no fun to whip people because they deal like 0 damage
Is there a fucking game where whips are actually good and useful?

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>get the best weapon in the game just for beating the final boss
>every other weapon except the DLC one that has a chance to insta kill every enemy in a few hits it now useless
the minute someone puts on armor, not even talking metal armor, toughened leather is enough, they become useless

best you can do with them is have them be low damage weapons that can be used to steal other people's weapons/items and reach faraway objects
What they said.
Witch cheat, you can play AoS/DoS with a whip when playing as Soma as well. Or just use WHIP SWORD since it's actually good in AoS.
>Worst weapon in the game can only be obtained by stealing it from an enemy you can only fight once
>not EXPcalibur
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>That one kid who always called it MA-SA-MOON
>toughened leather
god damn it
>Joke weapon is almost completely useless
>There's a single gimmick build where it can kind of be effective
Poison ladles are only wielded by the hardest fuckers
>western game
>Excalibur can only be attained if you actually know a bit about the mythology

guess the game
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>Level 1
Plain ol' shortsword
>Level 10
Shortsword turned into a longsword
>Level 20
Longsword turned into a Christmas Tree without ornaments
>Level 30
Christmas Tree without ornaments turns into a long Christmas Tree without ornaments
>Level 40
Long Christmas Tree without ornaments turns into a Christmas Tree + ornaments
>Level 50
Revenge of the shortsword, different colored edition
>Level 60
Your sword got sick and is dead now. On the plus side, it's somehow dealing more damage than the longsword by a factor of 10
>Level 70
Your dead shortsword gets blessed by god and becomes a ornamental holy sword
>5 levels before max
Your sword becomes a giant tree of a sword that could cleave through a city
>Max level
Your sword is now shorter than your arm, but can slay Gods that have 3+ forms and is a reward for beating the secret boss of the game using giant tree sword.

Isn't this how it goes?
>coup de grace

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Dragon Quest VIII

>Savescum the casino
>Buy Gringham Whip
>Have Jessica learn Twin Dragon Lash
>Suddenly the mage tittymonster girl is the strongest physical attacker in the game for the next 20 levels
>best Muramasa in the sword it's called the game
>Not wearing everything made by Muramasa.
>every enemy past lv 5 is immune to tricks like tripping
>every boss is immune to anything other than direct damage of the elemental type its weak to anyways
>the joke character has a legit use
Oil Can
Long Thrust
>character is weak to status ailments
>in a game where ailments are devastating
>this character is required to beat the ultimate optional boss
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>Muramasa can become the best sword in the game if you feed it enough blood
I feel like a retard now. Completely forgotten about this series, i guess it's time to GIT GUD and whip people's shit.

It the game any good?

I just want to whip people to death.
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>protagonist's signature weapon can communicate with him
DQ VIII is fucking amazing
>It the game any good?
It's fucking fantastic.
>Signature weapon communication is annoying as fuck
File: vkMD.webm (2MB, 640x480px)
2MB, 640x480px
Do it. My special recommendation of the day is Bloodlines because it's fucking great, but then again all of them are.
Oh, do favor the Japanese versions, US and EU versions tend to have some little stuff censored.
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>most important item in the game is called Ulu-Mulu
>you have to glitch to obtain the best weapon in game
Also la Mulana even though you'll be using an axe for most of the game
Goddamit Sengoku Basara.
Dwarf Fortress
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>Your main weapon is a fucking boat
>import save from previous game
>generic standard issue swords are better then the masterwork weapons you import
I know, I know, balance and everything, but come on. The sword that generic soldiers use shouldn't be better then a cursed Zerikkanian saber, and there's no way that a drunk dwarf in a backwater town can make me a better silver sword then the blade given to me by a living godess.
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>Giant ass sword does the same dmg as a bottle
I dont know. A bullet is a much cleaner shot in your chest than a sword. Much smaller and less chance to rip and tear unless you have frags.
Based Gothic
>Best Weapon

That's not the DDP++
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>best sword in the game is called Muramasa
>Also is in the name of the game

Thought you would go for the misspelling of Sam`s sword in Metal Gear Rising though, his family had it for so long they misspelled it as Murasama.
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>best violin in the world is called Stradivarius
You could probably write a whole essay on what should do more damage. 7.62 rounds can take a leg off if it hits the bone at the right angle, but if you take a hit to an area thats all muscle, you're more likely to live then if a sword had sliced at the same place, because the hot bullet cauterizes the wound to a degree.
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>best sword in the game is called Uriziel
>you can make it into a rune that deals death instead
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>Best weapon in the game is a machete
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>all the weapons are machetes
>second best sword in the game is called Excalibur
>It's the only weapon that doesn't break
>It somehow deals damage to every enemy on the screen

>Best sword in the game hits seven times
>Has seven uses before it breaks
>Is a rare drop from the hardest enemy in the game
>Which is only found as a random encounter in the room just before the final boss
>far drive 2 with the sneaking suit
I call it Massa-Myoon because I'm not a weeb, nerd.
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.
>weapon for clearing every side mission in the game
>its the starting weapon but longer and slower
GTA:SA purple dildo
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>early to midgame weapons are all somewhat practical/semi-realistic
>endgame weapons are overly decorated whatevers which barely pass as weapons.
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fuck yeah skeleton.jpg
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>the Pancor Jackhammer appears in the game
>strange exotic weapons in general
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Best sword chip.
The mismatch is kind of the charm
Might be a generational thing I guess
>its his dick

>Signature weapon reads porn with him
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>Best sword Excalibur
>Second best Masamune
>Third best Muramasa
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>excalibur without its sheath is the best weapon ever
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>Make a character that uses Great Swords
>Best Great Sword in the game is obtained from a temporary random encounter
>You also need to have learned a specific skill, use it on battle, and pray this enemy attacks that character
>Game gives you absolutely no hints that any of this even exists
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>best sword is Claiomh Solais
>World Politics course
>Do group presentation about Kyoto Castle
>We research and I'm able to pronounce the names
>group member doesn't want to mispronounce the names and asks me to teach him
>Try to teach this kid how to say "Toyotomi Hideyoshi"
>Even write the name out pheonetically and how japanese vows work
>He practices it a bunch and he seems to get it
>he blew it

I had enough sense to not correct him in the presentation. No one else knew any better. But still, felt bad for him.

I fucking hate two-handed swords.
>best/most fun to use weapon isn't available until end of the game
>no post game
>every other classical element and even non classical elements are represented EXCEPT for earth magic.

I can see that end part there, yeah. Levels 30 and 40 are repetitive,.
Goddamn, and Jap is so easy to pronounce. Just draw a line after every second letter and you'll be good for most words.
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>best sword in the game is called goo king sword
>0.4% drop chance from a rare enemy that runs away on the first turn
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>Game has Excalibur
>It is still in the stone
>You attack with the sword AND the stone
>>You also need to have learned a specific skill, use it on battle, and pray this enemy attacks that character
I don't know why but I'm under the impression that this is a game with a Blue Mage in it
>Comic relief finds the Excailber
>Embarrasses himself, of course
>You get the Excailber afterwards
>you can name swords
>mfw the best sword in the game is called the Fucker Upper
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>Super rare sword is attainable as a random drop in a certain area from a certain enemy
>It dropped only once out of your countless playthroughs
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