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What do you think?
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omg op u so smart
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Fuk nigga.
Match Docs looks like a pretty fun game.

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Is this shit still being updated, or do we have something newer now?
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I know that some system generals still link it, and the site has it's own staff. But /v/ itself gets mad as fuck about it because people hate seeing a game they don't like on it, and some shitty subreddit linked it. I think two people made new wikis, but they were both inactive and full of fake meme-filled entries.

Just use that as a starting point then do more research.
It is maintained by redditors, not members of /v/. Its been like this for a long while.

Someone started this a while back, but I don't think it caught on.

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E3 tells NeoGAF to fuck right off.

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I thought Sony was already showing up
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ITT: We make comics about /v/idya. Edits are also welcome as long as you've made it yourself
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Making these threads every single day isn't a good idea, anon
people are going to get sick of them extremely quickly
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How about mondays and fridays? mondays is literally the only day I can do something
Sounds good to me
It'll also give people time to actually refine their stuff instead of posting shit every day

After fully completing Vergils mode, I went back to have some fun on my Dante save. But.. But.. It's broken?
I have all the costumes and art still unlocked, but for some reason all the levels are no longer completed.
Easy: 20
Normal: 2
Hard: 1
Very Hard: 20
Dante Must Die: 3
Heaven or Hell: 20

And whenever I try to start a level, the PS3 will crash during the loading screen, and need a hard reboot

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I can't wait to hear what you autists come up with now to attack this great looking game
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It's shit.
Seems I was wrong. This is looking like GOTY from the later gameplay leaks
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Cancer killing videogames thread?

Show me what you got.
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Aren't atheists supposed to be anti-proselytizing
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They've finally realised nobody cares.
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So, they finally even Sony's console price. But the hardware is still inferior.
I wonder if that is going to be enough to flip the table.
Still not interested on getting any of the "last" gen consoles.
this is fake right? like you photoshoped it
But does this do anything about the awful load times I keep hearing about?

I dunno if anyone's made a thread about this yet, but..
This screen was just leaked from someone at Bethesda's offices. Check out the file names and tell me that's not for Fallout 4
I hate to speculate, it could be a hoax, but i'd like to believe it's legit
What do you think?
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prolly fake u fgt
i would link the countless thread we've had over this from foolz but the archive is down.

It was proven fake.
but it makes sense that it's for next gen consoles and pc. at least it's not for the 360 or ps3, thank fuck

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>Katana is a weapon type on its own, seperate from other swords
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Try using a Katana the way you use a longsword and see how quick you wind up with a broken katana.

Shitty inferior weeb steel
>japanese developer
>japanese weapons are over powered
European blades just look more generic. It's probably more about the novelty. Katanas look different from your everyday double edged sword. Video games operate on the rule of cool, so if something looks unique or awesome, they've gotta have good stats.

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