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So now that the dust has settled, was Deckard a replicant?
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Next question.
Beavis and Butthead bitch.

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Has there ever been a more attractive ensemble of actresses? The three daughters plus the blonde maid are gorgeous.
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The only attractive ones would be Sybil and the blonde maid, and the maid's personality plays a big part in her attractiveness
i'm partial to that lady who has all the keys. that bustle is so tight, lemme in there!
daisy is qt, plus i wouldn't mind slapping edith's tits around

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Just watched the second x files movie today and there's a scene early on in the movie where they look over at a picture of George w and the theme plays. What the fuck was that? Is George an ayylmao?
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I would ayy agent Scully's lmao, if you know what I mean.
George W. as in George W. Bush?

If so: George W. Bush may not be an ayylmao, but what Chris Carter meant by this is that GWB is a neo-con Zionist Nazi cuck and the theme playing over is a subtle hint at that.

It was a different time.

I'm looking for a short clip I can sample for something I'm working on, it only needs to be 20~ seconds and can be in color or b/w.

What I'm looking for is some kind of spooky, foreboding message or siren about nuclear war or an apocalypse. Animation or film, both will work. I've seen plenty of clips on youtube of people filming routine siren tests, but they all have this low res shaky cam stuff going on and i'd prefer the look of something maybe more professional. Looking for audio to sample for it as well but they don't have to be in the same clip. Appreciate any replies or leads. thanks /tv/!
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Can't help you on the video, but I would combine audio from these:

The old mechanical air-raid sirens didn't "talk" like modern ones do. The spoken warnings were on Radio and TV.
Radios made prior to ~1963 actually had the Civil Defense channel (CONELRAD) frequencies marked on the dial.
that siren is eerie as hell, that will be perfect thank you. I like the radio warning, but i think the person i'm working on this with wants something slightly more sci-fi or more humanistic. maybe something with more of a "god help us all" touch instead of something so official. I was originally thinking Orson Welles' War of The Worlds radio play would have been perfect but I couldn't find anything worth using in there.
Some autist did a full-blown simulation of an early '60s nuclear war broadcast. Towards the end, he does an impression of JFK delivering a speech in that vain:

https://youtu.be/In5xpvaF2so (it's been a while since I watched, but I believe it's in the last 5-7 minutes)

You may want to see if he'd let you sample that. It's a little hammy, but it could still trip people out.

Alternatively, you could try perusing these old B-movies for suitable dialog:


Finally, I would advise looking into some old monster B-movies. A lot of those are allegories for nuclear war, and I'm sure they've got good monologues which imply it.

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When will Ryan Gooseling star in the inevitable biopic?

>"I drive.... Jews out of Palestine"
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Huh? The fuck is that?

Its a country that every country recognizes

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Pic related
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I tried to watch that show but I couldn't stand the sheer fucking amount of shilling he does, it's absolutely relentless.

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What';d you think of this episode of Norm /tv/?

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Maybe this makes me a bad person but I just can't listen to him it makes me physically ill.
why didnt norm make xher tell jokes at the end
I had the same reaction, It's just revolting to me. I get trying to be tolerant, and I support their rights but even against my better judgement it's just instinctual for me to be repulsed. I don't know if that's genetic or whatever.

Regardless the interview was pretty interesting, I was surprised that Jenner was as good natured and humorous she was. Even more surprised to find out she was a conservative republican.

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ITT: post movies with bad edits and I'll do my best to fix them.
>a theme would be appreciated (example; turn ''x'' movie into a noir film)
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bumping with old hollywood

How did this ugly asshole become an avenger?
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He shoot bow good
He gives great head.
Im sorry, are Avengers a team of supermodels or something?

GFTO then

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*breathes in*

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>won't even reach 300 million they said
>it should make more than all spider-mans even though the last 3 shit spider-mans have fucked up the spider-man movie name
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>The best spider-man ever
Tom Holland played a better Peter than Tobey did

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So how the hell did rick escape the prison anyway? I got lost how he jumped from the bug back to another rick. His original body got destroyed. So what the hell?
>i hate something because people from another website enjoy it.

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>show gets cancelled after a season
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>pilot entered into contest is never picked up
blease dont let it happen wish me luck bois
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God tier tv
>2-3 planned seasons with a real ending

Good tier tv
>2-3 seasons then cancelled

Garbage tier tv
>left to run for 5++ seasons ruining everything
Almost Human was sabotaged!
Why did (((they))) do it!?

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>/tv/ has to now pretend they liked Colin Trevorrow to shit on Star Wars

You will never win
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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You're not the boss of me
Whats the best website or app for finding a Pam?

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>Colin Quinn's Crocodile Dundee re-write will never be made
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>Yahoo Serious is 71 years old
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>David Fincher's Utopia will never be made
>The Knick Season 3 will never be made
>Rick and Morty will never be good again
watch celtic pride if you ever yearn to see what could've been from colin quinn's movie career. you'll soon realize there isn't much to miss. his one man shows are good though.

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