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Visit the nowhere, please.

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A half year ago I have been to a ~100 people population area in northern coast of Estonia.
These cities up there are small as fuck, in the middle of forests which are in NOWHERE. You have no possibilities to go out on evenings to party or anything. You have one supermarket with a horribly small variety of wares. Basically everything is in extreme contra to bigger cities. To get to the next big city (which has 2000 people) is 45 mins with the car. The next really big city is Tallinn, the capital of Estonia which is at least 2 hours from these small cities.

In some of these cities there isn't even a single shop or school or whatever left. Only living houses are left. And for anything you want to do you have to drive 45minutes to reach a populated city. There is only very old people for the most part who didn't want to leave their home after WW2. YET there are few youths. And this is where I will come to my point:
These people were the happiest and most statisfied people I have ever met in my life. They were happy as fuck with their lifes. Giving an impression of the suicide rate of the last 100 years having to be 0%.

One video of one of these cities:
They have lots of small city "festivals".
In these "festivals" the happiness of these people just gets underlined.
More impressions:

They live in their ~100 Population cities, FAR away from any big civilization. Have no doctors, no supermarkets, no infrastructure, etc. and yet they are the most soulful and vitalized people I have ever met in my life.

So, if you plan to travel and are looking for something cheap. Travel the fuck to the Estonian north coasts small cities.
This is an experience I can not describe. You are looking into another world. You take so much more life experience with you on your way back. It is insane. I actually do envy these people by now.
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Ask me anything you want and I will explain you why you have to visit this places.

The name of one of these cities was Pärispea by the way. Just to name one.
And the picture is a photo of the air view of it. I think you can imagine of what sizes we are talking here now.
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And here is a more zoomed out screenshot showing the area of all the 3 small villages in the area.
You see, it is literally nothing but forests for hours of drive once you leave the villages at the beaches.
Being a Lappish person myself I have a bit of difficulties understanding why someone would want to visit these bumfuck nowhere places. But of course in Lapland there's a lot of nature. Other than that why would you visit there?
How do places like this continue to exist? Economically, I mean. Does everyone there work as farmers and grow their own food? Is everyone retired with enough money to keep getting the bare necessities? If all anyone does there is "live" then where do they get what they need to live?
What the fuck man? Pärispea and Turbuneeme are only a 10 minute drive apart. You can reach Tallinn from the screencapped area in less than an hour. This is anything but remote. Small, yes, but there are many more remote places in the world than these.
Mostly retirees living on pensions. No iPhones, no ivory backscratchers, no medical care, family might call once a month to say hi.
are you stupid or just sheltered?

only america, western europe, and a minority population of east asia lives in areas that revolve entirely around economic profitability

the rest of the world lives where they do because it is home, and they do what they can to put food on the table.

Not the entire world is a chinese iphone factory for your pleasure.
This is what I was trying to say about Thai people, away from tourists/cities before. Especially in Isan. There are many small villages with the happiest people living simple lives.

economic profitability = do what they can to put food on the table.
Take a good look at the money you pamke and see how much of it goes to BS. These peopel typically own their homes, or housing is very cheap "though some may feel inadeqaute by modern standards" and they have no need or desire for the trappings of modern society. like starbucks and video games taht are not-so-hidden drain on finances. Basically minimalists.
Thread posts: 11
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