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Suicidal Travelers

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I've read some things online and seen similar stories in documentaries where people use travel as an escape, thinking it will solve all their problems but after years of traveling they just end up offing themselves anyway.
Now I'm starting to think this is my problem. I've always had really low self esteem, I used to get angry easily and bully others to cover it up, but eventually I found travel. I went on my first trip overseas and it changed me ever so slightly, so I thought this be the answer, and now after some big trips in Asia and such I am worse than ever, and all I do is tell myself "Get over it, you've got your next trip to look forward to, that will help." but I really don't think it will.
I've never been this low.
Is there anyone else experiencing this? If so, do you have any solutions?
I'm in the same situation. Travel does help but obviously it's not perpetual. This is why I have a plan on seeing everything I want to see in life in the next 7 years and then an heroing. Normal everyday life has not been good to me and I don't want to just spend the rest of my days working in some office where every day I just live for the weekend only to spend my weekends counting down the hours till it ends.

Sorry that I cannot help you. Travel doesn't solve your problems, it just removes you from them for a period of time. If you want help go see a doctor, talk to someone (in particular someone qualified) about your problems and work on them when back home because unless you're incredibly rich and can spend the rest of your days traveling, you'll always go back to these problems.
That sucks man, sorry to hear you're going through the same shit.
Thanks anyway.
It's just so hard to fit in sometimes.
I try real hard, but people are just fucking strange, I try copying other people's personalities to fit in, but that doesn't work, I try just being myself and that doesn't work.
I really don't know what to do, so travel does help in that sense it's just knowing i'll never really fit in sucks.
I don't think I could actually ever OFF myself, but like you said, the thought of working for the weekend is just horrifying.
Exactly that. I don't want to live my life to please others. The great American dream is unattainable in my city anyways so what sort of life goals am I really living for? I want to see the beauty of this world and once I've seen enough there really won't be anything to keep me going.

I also work so i have money for the things I want and cannot understand people who dedicate their lives to work. I also work with people who have been doung the same job for 30-40 years and cannot imagine being them when I'm 60. Life should be more than waiting out till retirement but most people I see don't strive for anything more. My young coworkers live to get high or pass out drunk on the weekends and my older coworkers live for the next episode of survivor. I think I'm scared of becoming that.

Hey, let me try to add some insight- I'm by no means a therapist but I do have some opinions I'd like to let you know.

One, suicidal people do many things to try and provide meaning to life. This could be anything from traveling to drinking to having sex with strangers. They just hear people talk about how good these things are and binge on them until they're dead.

Two, suicide is usually something you do when you work yourself into a corner. It may start off as seeking meaning within depression- but as you expend more and more resources to chase an ideology you find yourself with no way to go.

Three, we create our own meaning and perhaps by adopting someone else's you don't really overcome any existential crisis that has you asking what the point to it all is.

When you see the world you should be exploring, not running away.

Good luck.
Thanks, man.
I'm glad i'm not the only one who feels this way, like if i tell others they basically respond with "yeah that life style is alright up until you're around 30, then you need a proper career." fuck that.

Thanks for caring, buddy. You're a legend.
OP, this is 100% relevant to me. It's been my plan after graduation this April to pack everything up in a backpack and head to Europe.

Can you point me to some of the said documentaries?
Not quite off the deep end either but I sort of experience this.

This is how I feel, to an extent. I find group thought extremely absurd, I don't really understand what makes a lot of people tick.. I can learn new languages like snap and I decode other cultures much quicker than others.. yet I don't understand how any of these people do what they do everyday... makes me fucking sad to think about how I just feel like a robot trying to imitate humans. I'm still well loved and appreciated but I can't help but feel like a puppet seeing myself switch languages and cultures all the time depending on who I hang out with. And people act like this is wizardry or something.

I asked myself the same question recently. I've been planning a big move to Portugal for the past few years (abroad studying). And it hit me... exactly what you are talking about.

But eh, I guess I satisfied with myself anyway.. as for you I donno, why not just make a huge move in your "real" day to day life? When you go home, get an education... I donno go get a degree to be an electrician or something.

Let me tell you, I really hate my home town. People are shitty, spread rumours, etc. And I've lived here all my life. But now that I'm leaving.. it's actually tolerable because I just stopped giving a shit.

Be who you are at home too! Don't wait to do what you like until your abroad.. if you feel like your friends & family don't know the real you, then just fucking show them.
Well, do you have enough money to travel all the time?

If not, if you actually have to work and save up and shit, then of course you'll be suicidal. Travel is just another one of those things that the upper class does, and dangles in front of the lower class as something they should slave their lives away to emulate in short (affordable) bursts.
>I also work so i have money for the things I want and cannot understand people who dedicate their lives to work.

I have just been reading about dangerous offenders, those serving indeterminate prison sentences, they also did not know how to fit in, or work on something meaningful, or just their problems, so anon what I'm saying is, the alternative to not dedicating yourself to work, of any kind, and a life where you travel and enjoy what you can is far worse. Imagine not being able to enjoy a quiet forest walk at your s leisure or even smelling flowers etc. You must learn to take pleasure in the little things and life will seem much more enjoyable.
There are a lot ways to travel my friend, with couchsurfing and a word wide hostel network traveling isn't a elitest sport anymore. Of course when traveling low budget one can not be nit picky when it comes to a lot of things. But if you want to travel for sake of travelling, a low budget will defenitely get you places.
>with couchsurfing and a word wide hostel network traveling isn't a elitest sport anymore.
Yeah, all you have to be is a rich attractive college kid who has a specific ideology and does drugs and has random sex, and you'll have a great time. Everyone else can just go fuck themselves like in all other aspects of modern western life.
How can you even walk with a chip that size on your shoulder?
Look, I have hobbies and interests and maybe if I worked in a field that made a difference in the world I'd have a divverent point of view. But I work in an office, in a pretty much dead end job that's meaningless to this world. I work with some people who are really into their job to the point where they create more work for themselves and at the same time more work for others around them like me. I do my work well but I don't go out of my way to make it better or anything like that.

I also don't blame individuals for my situation. I think social pressures are making it tough for many people. I'm not some sociopath, I'm not planning on hurting anyone for this.

That guy is right in a way. I think as a society we're moving too far into the haves and have nots categories. There are now great divides between those who have a lot of money, those who look good, those who have connections in jigh places and so on. Dating is done through tinder and beautifulpeople.com. Jobs can only be found if your parents know someone. The rich hold on to money and give themselves raises while those earning minimum wages (people who hold an important aspect in our communities like waiters) can't afford to even live in the cities they work in, let alone save for college or to ever own a home.
Dude, society has probably never been further away from the haves and have nots categories at any point in human history.
>But I work in an office, in a pretty much dead end job that's meaningless to this world.

Your work is not your life, you sound a bit young, hopefully you travel to some places where you see how hard people are trying just to get by. The job isn't meaningless, it is providing for you.
>what is airbnb
I think you're just thinking of royalty or other segments of society that will always be unattainable for the regular folk. That's not what I'm talking about here.

It's providing for me so I can do what? Buy the latest iPad? Yeah, I already said I don't live for work. I'm not sure what you're getting at here. Are you trying to say that because I earn more than someone somewhere I should be happy with my life?
>It's providing for me so I can do what? Buy the latest iPad? Yeah, I already said I don't live for work. I'm not sure what you're getting at here. Are you trying to say that because I earn more than someone somewhere I should be happy with my life?

You don't have to buy an ipad, you don't have to buy anything. It does pay for your shelter and food, and if you ave traveled anywhere 3rd world you should be able to appreciate not having to be up at the crack of dawn to til a field for your subsistence or tend a meager herd.

I'm not saying that you should be happy because you earn more, I'm saying that you should appreciate the fact that you have shelter and food, perhaps health coverage, and a job that can allow you time to do other things you like. That is a luxury in most of the world. It is hard sometimes with advertising flashing in your face and social media.

Look at it another way, what don't you have that you NEED?
>haves and have nots
I've never seen so much bullshit and sophistry in a single post

people aren't starving in america. the "poor" get free housing, free food, and free fucking heating from the government whether they work OR NOT. Oh, and FREE education, and preferential admissions into college, and in many cases free internet and phone lines. Need I remind you that internet is essentially free education, and that when my dad was a kid, in his country, a phone was shared by an entire fucking goddamned village.

There are no HAVES and HAVE NOTS. There are people who work for what they have, and people who whine and complain. You seem like you are in the latter category.

Of course, job opportunities are declining. I wonder if this is because people who employ others face increasing transfer payments, and currently pay MORE in taxes to people who don't even work than they can pay to their own employees?

No, I'm sure that's not connected at all. It must have something to do with greedy rich people.

Hint: the rich HAVE been getting richer. Want to know why? Because they invest in what are essentially extensions of welfare apparatuses, which are SAVED from financial failure by idiots like you. The wealthy can invest in indexes related to student loans, welfare, social security, and free housing. And they can ONLY do so because of the above mentioned welfare that YOU voted for.

The fact that you fucking blame couchsurfing for the fact that some people were just born more attractive than you just shows how fucking stupid you are

the entire world is just something to blame for your own failure
ITT highschool kid just read the Ayn Rand Cliff's, felt the need to inform the world.
I don't have a social life. It's unrelated to the job topic. I don't know where this conversation is going any longer after it started with the topic of me becoming a dangerous offender for not living for work.

But I do still believe that you're saying that because I have more material goods I should be happy. Why should I be comparing myself to someone living in Cuba for example?

I don't live in America so I don't know about half of the things you listed. I do agree that in well off countries like America the poor are not AS poor as the poor in overall poor countries. But lets not put our lives to only needing the basic necessities to have fulfilling lives. There's more beyond food and shelter. A poor person in America still has many disadvantages. If you're born into a lower class family it will always be hard for you to make it out.

Anyways, your last few sentences were garbage and you're just being a dick. I never said that bout couchsurfing and also what have I written that implied I'm a failure?
the fact that you think this perspective is limited to shitty authors like rand, and that you don't realize this was, in fact, the dominant perspective during the greatest periods of economic growth and human achievement, ending variously with the new deal or alternatively, around when reagan took office, shows that you are the one in high school.

During periods of economic freedom the government didn't regulate minutiae, and was capable of putting people on the moon. Now the government, despite spending four times as much money, cannot even properly build a website or teach children to read.

Oh by the way, democrats created the modern police state too. Republicans used to champion states rights over national rights, and city rights over states rights. Ferguson is your fault.

the poor in america are better off than the middle class in all periods after 1910.

Further, the poor in MOST third world countries have adjusted greater buying power than did the poor in europe or america pre 1850s.

Are you implying that america and europe in the 1850's were dangerous cesspits of crime and that lower purchasing power made their lives purposeless? Dignity didn't exist before the creation of the modern welfare state, for thousands of years of human existence?

The fact of the matter is that europe and america in the 1850s had lower murder rates than europe or america TODAY. And they had lower murder rates than the much better off modern poor.

The poor create their own conditions notthrough physical poverty. But the attitudes that people have create their environment. And if their attitudes were created by the material conditions of their existence, then modern third world countries should be safer than nineteenth century europe. But they are not safer.

If you're born into poverty you never climb out because you either inherited poor habits, or poor genes from your parents. Generational mobility has NEVER been higher in human history.
What the fuck has my thread turned into.
sorry, but in a thread about depression that fag was spouting bullshit about how people are helpless. that's the last thing anyone needs to haer.

Anyway OP I can relate to your situation. What you've done is you've outgrown the people around you. You need to find a place or space with people with whom you can continue to grow as a person. This necessarily involves some measure of self-improvement.

Note that eventually everyone gets trapped for good. They reach their potential, or the potential they've set for themselves as defined by the people they surround themselves with and the culture/mindset they think through.

If you have a gainful career, the next step is probably to build something for yourself or others, this is one of the highest steps a person can reach, but it's so hard precisely because it's hard to gather such quality and self-driven people together.

The world is a big place and you'd be surprised by the types of people/communities that exist in nooks and crannies. Keep searching. You'll find it eventually before you get trapped by nihilism or a wife and kids.
Some idiot is spouting bullshit about how great we all have it beacause we're not inth 1800s any more. OP, fret not my friend, after all we're supposed to be happy because we have more money than people in the 3rd world. Hooray...r-right?
Thanks man, this made me feel a lot better.
You're a legend.
>and I don't want to just spend the rest of my days working in some office where every day I just live for the weekend only to spend my weekends counting down the hours till it ends.

as somebody who has been doing this for three years it's even more agonizing than it sounds :<
I have been too. Since 09 when I graduated university. I think the majority of people in those jobs are just resigned to thier fates. But then again, most are because many don't have much higher education and the new generation did get degrees ended up in the wrong field and just don't care because they're comfy earning enough to cover their basic needs.

People in this thead don't understand just how soul draining office work is. How dry the co-workers are, in particular the boomers who don't give a fuck any longer but are still working because they made huge mistakes with their money their whole lives and have been fucking over all the other generations around them.
>during the greatest periods of economic growth and human achievement
Funny how those seem to coincide with the most egregious violations of human rights.

>If you're born into poverty you never climb out because you either inherited poor habits, or poor genes from your parents
Ive felt this way before but oftentimes it left me a little empty while travelling despite its joys.

At the end of the day, what are you looking for?

Seeing and experiencing new cultures?

Or really just to make friends and fit in somewhere?
>What you've done is you've outgrown the people around you.
Lol, maybe you can go make an underwater city with all the other ubermensch.

I don't know about the others, but I do understand how soul draining office work is. It's so draining that I quit last week and am taking a break.

Now, what people in this thread really don't seem to understand is that we're animals and animals are not supposed to work. We're supposed to grab the food that was left for us, all around us, and just do nothing. The problem is that people don't know how to find food except by going to a supermarket and paying for it. Same with shelter. And so they think that travel is expensive and that early retirement is reserved to the rich. The rich, the filthy rich, the evil rich that oppresses the poor little workers like them.. It's not about being rich or poor, it's about being smart or retarded, a winner or a loser.
>There are no HAVES and HAVE NOTS

True,yes some people have Ferrari's but that is a luxury item. Some people are stupid.
>A poor person in America still has many disadvantages. If you're born into a lower class family it will always be hard for you to make it out.

Yup, life is hard for most people, get over it. Do something or don't. No one cares.
i think you've accidentally compared your current situation to a fantasy world that has never existed.

unless are you talking about the 60's or something where the lower class mingled with and destroyed the upper middle class?

File: trv.jpg (48KB, 511x511px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 511x511px
I think what I wrote was misunderstood by everyone here. I'm not comparing today to any magical place that never existed like the 60s. What I'm trying to say is that society is moving into a very hedonistic direction. People seek out immediate sources of pleasure and if you can't provide them you're shunned. Whether it be friends, lovers or employers, you either have what is generally wanted by society or you're someone who will not get anywhere. Employers no longer train their employees, entry level positions require degrees and 3 years experience. Dating is done through the likes of tinder where you're competing against 1000s of people at the same time, so if you aren't good looking, can't afford nice clothes, your own car and own place you might as well not try. And so on.

I think people used to be a lot closer to each other, be more helpful, friendlier and now it's a world where after a car crash there are more people just standing around taking photos and videos of the carnage than helping the hurt. We're all thrown into some stupid rat race that not everyone wants to be a part of. A lot of people don't want to live for work, to some work will always be just a means of making money and nothing more. This is where travel comes into place and is an escape route.
>This is where travel comes into place and is an escape route.
If you have money.
>people used to be a lot closer to each other, be more helpful, friendlier
(citation needed)

Bullshit, complete bullshit and you know that yourself.


Take a look at this, 60+ year old dude and he just ups and travels around Europe whenever he feels like an escape (and this is with nothing else but a backpack and a thumb). He's not rich or good looking, so how does he do it?

The truth is there is nothing forcing you to work in a shitty office until you're old and decrepit. If you want to travel get out there and fucking do it.
Awesome, why are 60 year olds in my country so stupid and have to pick up plastic bottles and leftovers from trash container to survive when they could just travel the world, I'm going to go out at 4am tomorrow when they make their morning rounds and tell them that.
You have internet access and speak a second language, that alone proves you're more than capable. Even if it's just a few months on the road to get your head straight or bumming it for even longer and you end up settling in a entirely new environment.

But if you want to spend the rest of your life wallowing in negativity it's your choice, the only person that can change your situation is you.
Of course, but if you're clever about it you can spend a long time on very little. Maybe you have to be a bit of a dick about it but it can be done.

Surely someone who spends time on 4chan can see this most prominently. I've never seen you, you'll never see me. It's likely that of the 100s of people we write with here on this website we might not meet more than a handful.
How exactly do you settle in an entirely new environment without a visa and a job?
>the only person that can change your situation is you.
This has been scientifically proven to be wrong, the only people who can change someone's situation are the people with more privilege and power in a specific society, who can offer them a better life, this applies to all human interaction on any scale.
>It's likely that of the 100s of people we write with here on this website we might not meet more than a handful.
This just means we interact with more people than we used to.

>This has been scientifically proven to be wrong
(citation needed)

You sound like a giant pussy. Stop feeling sorry for yourself because you don't have it bad.
The same way you might find a job in your current environment?
No, it's not the same way.
A new environment can be anything, it could be moving outside of your moms basement to another part of town, it could be moving to another city for better work prospects or it could even be moving to an entirely different country (which depending on you and where you want to go will may/may not need things like a visa etc)

The point was your point of view could entirely change from your first trip travelling, you could find your mentality changed when you get back home.

And with the likes of hostels/hitchhiking /couch surfing as others have pointed out you hardly have to be "rich" to embark on such a trip
Hey man,

Just thought I'd post as this hits super close to home for me. I was gonna kill myself 3 years ago and I posted on /b/ real quick just to say thanks for the laughs, etc. Some anon convinced me to at least do everything i've always wanted to do before saying that life wasn't for me.

I did, and it saved me. But it still hits me sometimes and I worry what'll happen when it stops distracting me (it's nearing that point, I think). I'm set to leave for my next 8+ month trip where I'll end up living/working in Sweden or Germany but the prospect doesn't excite me as much as it used to.

The truth is that I think you meet a lot of people traveling who are sorting their shit out. Some do and come back a different person. But a lot don't and return to the same problems. I think it definitely helps you grow...but I often wonder if it's just a temporary fix. I'm happier than I've ever been, but it still isn't as happy as the average person seems to be. Meh.

Btw, you might just be lonely. That seems to be a thing for a lot of people. My biggest problem is that I think too much and I've sort of just accepted that it's who I am. Stuff like meditation helps, though.

As for a solution: if you changed only slightly after your first big trip, then you might need to make a more conscious effort. I personally try to grow and push out of my comfort zone + work on any traits I have that I'm not happy with.

it's funny because anyone on the outside looking in thinks I have the perfect life. It's great, but it usually doesn't feel that way.
I'm basically what OP describes. I was getting pretty bad at home and booked a one-way flight months in advance (thanks /trv/ sticky). As the date got closer I sold off or gave away all my shit.

Now I have a pack, a newly registered HK company and a laptop. I'll work on the road as an IT consultant and hopefully never stop traveling. Every time I went home before, it was because my visa/leave ran out and I had to go back to work. Now that will never happen. I don't know if I'll get sick of it but until something better comes along, this is my life.
In general I don't really have the impression that people are really happy with their life, sure they might be content and enjoy what they're doing but I'm not sure they can look upon their life and say that they really are happy with it and the direction it's going in.

I used to have the problem that I had problems being social, never really had friends, was horrible at making them and was looking for a way out of it and everything but I told myself just to keep going for a bit longer. I got lucky I guess and found a group op people finally that are like-minded and show an actual appreciation and interest in me and it has bettered my life beyond anything else.

It's somewhat like somebody said earlier on, that you need to find people that you can grow with, sometimes you grow faster than others and outgrow them in a sense and you lose a connection then, it used to be my problem especially in high school, I didn't fit in the regular social setting and had issues because of it.

But what I'm really trying to say is, if you have any problems, try and find a group of like-minded people that can support and show interest, you will probably have to push yourself to be social towards them but if you do it has endless benefits I find. Maybe you can find these people only through travelling, but maybe you should find some local club with people with the same interests, I started climbing and joined a climbing club, filled with people that are somewhat outgoing, love the same sport as me and also most of them love traveling, so you have a basic conversation starter already.

tl;dr Try to improve your traits that you feel aren't as you'd like them and find somewhat like-minded people and learn to be social with them, could work miracles and just be the next step you needed in your life.
Wow, this guy needs help guys.
>In general I don't really have the impression that people are really happy with their life, sure they might be content and enjoy what they're doing but I'm not sure they can look upon their life and say that they really are happy with it and the direction it's going in.

I agree, in fact I would say that the majority of people aren't fully satisfied with their life but feel content enough not to change it. There's different ways of dealing with that as well, some people strive to improve their lives and others wallow in self pity. It often depends on circumstances and the issues they're facing.

Going back to OPs question, changing circumstances could work. There are cities that some people just click a lot more with. If you're outdoorsy and you live in a city where it snows for 6 months out of the year you might not enjoy it as much as living in some tropical beach town where you can spend 12 months out of the year outdoors. I think the issue often comes up that you should be where you'd make the most money but look how unhappy people are in places like Scandinavia where the weather sucks. For some people going to Ibiza for a week in the middle of winter isn't enough. Sometimes looking out for your own interests first is more important than pleasing your family or others around you. So what if you don't make a lot of money, you only get one attempt at life and a lot of people end up being very much unhappy because they didn't take their chance.
Hello OP and other people who might feel suicidal. I won't say i completely understand your situations, but the least i can do is share my own experience.

I'm currently 26 and when i was 24, i had completely had it with life. I worked too much, had literally no friends, kiss-less virgin, only a few people i played with online (world of warcraft). I was stuck in a cycle of "you have to have friends to make them". I never had very good contact with my family. All i did, was work, come home, jerk off and play WoW. I never went out. I was a shut-in. I had no friends and considered myself very anti-social.

I fucking hated my life and had rationally decided it was time to stop. Because i had been working so much, i had managed to save quite a lot of money. I decided that i'd travel somewhere, see if this whole "world is your oyster" thing had any merit to it.

I booked a flight, booked a hostel and flew out a few weeks later. I ended up having such a great time, i had found what i really wanted to do in life. On the date i had planned to stop my own life, i extended my trip and ended up traveling around for a total of 3 months.

When i came back, my life was still shit. But now i had a goal, i knew what i was working towards. This was 2 years ago. I've had 2 girlfriends since (1 i'm with now, but dumping soon) and found other hobbies to enjoy. However, my biggest driving force is my plan to travel the world for 10 years. Just a few more months until i've saved up enough to start my trip.

What it all comes down to, i guess, is that it won't hurt to escape. You might return the same, but richer with a ton of experiences. Your problems are still there, but you may have found a new meaning in life, a new source of hope and inspiration. For me it is the prospect of seeing distant countries. Volunteering to people that earn 2 dollars a day and still manage to smile.

Fuck i can't wait for june to come around.
>my biggest driving force is my plan to travel the world for 10 years.
How much do you need for this?
Hello lads,
(Firstly i want to apologise for my english)
Im probably the youngest here, let me do a quick introdution ->
17 years old guy from shitty country(poland) and also the shittest and the poorest area of that country, ofc like most of you i dont have friends, purposes in life, and joy to live etc...
Im going to the technical school (2/4 years done) and i dont even give a shit about finishing it, not becouse studying is hard its easy as fuck ive learnt nothing there, (section; digital graphic) im surrounded by shietheads who think they will conqest whole world after it, but they too dumb to realise that males will eat shit after it and females will be raped by their boss)

Every night i dream about throwing up everything and... and then what?! (i have no idea what to do, i thought about 2 possibilites)

1 - Wait for my 18th bday (passport, id) and go to the hitchhiking tour to the Romania, ive never done something like that,im worry about things that may come durning that trip, but i believe in some way that this trip will help me with finding myself, BECOUSE IVE NEVER BEEN HAPPY IN MY LIFE, but when i look at other ppl; junkies, students... i see that they enjoy their life in some way, maybe thats why i hate them soo much (polish complex).

2 -Wait for my 18th bday, and book flight to some first world (England, Germany) and risk everything i have -> 1200zlotys = 300euro and try catch the shittiest job just for survive. I got 0 qualifications but i can do everything, labour jobs, building jobs, be a man's whore. I know that finding jobs these days is hard everywhere especially for a guy like me who doesnt even know english language. Im scary as fuck of doing it, i have noone abroad, everybody's got someone who will take care of them but not me. As i said i got no purposes in my life but i only want to see some world before i die and enjoy this fucking life only for a while (week?, month?)
Lol, enjoy being a third world poorfag, there's BILLIONS of kids like you and they're all completely replaceable.
And what?
Ofc there is a billion of kids like me, ofc there is a billion of kids whose got life 10 times worse than me, but they are a few kids whose got life better than me. Im sure that teachers in ur school used to say something like 'dont compare urself to those who are worse than you'.

This thread was created for helping eachother so i cant see a reason of replies like that, i also can say there are lots of 1st world fucks - very rich, very inteligent especially when they finished degrees like, philology... and depresed becouse they have to choose between owning new car and apartament or traveling.
OMG WHAT TO DO?! Ive written on my facebook that im free man, i dont give a shit about work.... life is too short... yolo... I also could anwser like you and laugh from them, but i believe that they are just confused and see no way out atm, and with a little help from /trv/alers they will find solution.
It's really important to finish your degree - it will give you all kinds of new opportunities. Not necessarily in the area you are studying, but just having a degree will open doors. Also, graphic design is the kind of degree you can take anywhere.
The solution is to go back in time and be born into a wealthy family.

>Not necessarily in the area you are studying, but just having a degree will open doors.
Not anymore, 4 million Spanish kids with a degree are forced to be jobless or go work in British McDonalds for example. You're about 10-15 years too late, that was the last time a degree meant something in the EU.
Everything looks perfectly in theory, graphic design > 1000 possibilites but the truth is, that we are playing LoL durning classes, and im sure that everyone on 4chan knows more about digital graphic than me.
I also know that secondary education is the must everywhere nowadays now but im more afraid of closing borders for my country, as i said - i have noone abroad so i cant count on any help.
I dont have any higher expectations from life than labour jobs, im keep saying that being garbage man in eg. Switzerland is 100times better than being a president of poland.
If u can say that u still have job offers in your country for scum like me, i would be thankful for that, becouse it will give me a hope, a hope for getting out of my shithole.
>im more afraid of closing borders for my country,
That would be the best thing to happen to you actually. You'd only be competing with people in your country then, not the countless millions of migrant workers in the Eu.
Someone can't understand that working in British McDonalds is all i want from my life.
And when you get fired in 2 years because it's time for the new generation that will work for 0.5$ cheaper?
Two years thats a lot of time and a lot of money (i know that u will kek, but im talking about myself)
It's not when you actually have to live there and finance your lifestyle.

So your plan is to live like an animal, save up, and then what? Live like a middle class person in Poland for a year or two, and then kill yourself? You'll be permanently unemployable by then.

This is not a very good strategy for the future.
That's very similar to my situation. I plan on traveling for around 10 years as well, 2 years older than you.

Not that much really, especially if you're young. You can just move from one work-holiday visa country to another. Work 2 years in Australia and save up as much as you can, travel for a year in Asia and then go do 2 years in New Zealand and travel for a year in South America. If you have a degree you can teach English in many parts of the world. Now of course this doesn't help a guy like >>928873 because you need some initial money and the right passport. He has to jump through a few more hoops. If you have the privilege of being a western world citizen the world really is your oyster.

Jak bym byl toba poswiecil bym nastepne pare lat na nauce w Polsce. Jesli dostaniesz sie do dobrego uniwersytetu i bedziesz mial dobre oceny dostaniesz okazje na zrobienie magistra w innych krajach Europy.

Jesli nauka nie jest wazna w twoim zyciu to przeprowadzil bym sie do anglii albo szwecji i wieczorami po pracy w mcdicks uczyl sie spawania albo stolarstwa. Te kierunki sa teraz bardzo potrzebne na calym swiecie, jesli wypracujesz pare lat jako spawacz w Anglii bedziesz mogl sie wyprowadzic do Kanady albo Australii bez zadnych problemow.
Damn we share a lot of similarities. I'll be going to Korea in February and you made me a lot more excited to go. I'm glad you stuck around.
>You can just move from one work-holiday visa country to another.
If you're from the US and have a degree you mean.
Welp.. how should i start it?
Firsly, thank you for ur interest in my case (im serious) - I see your point, a lot of wise people had said the same things to me before.
There is one mistake, im poor only if we compare polish salaries to 1st world countries, i live pretty well here, but things looks worse when im planning living somewhere else with money that i put in poland.
Ive never lived like an animal, but tbh ive always wanted to try -> good example is Into The Wild and story of Chris, and also i know that im sound like a faggot but, he died as a happy man. Happy man who lived only for 2 years, becouse rest of his life was a piece of shit for him.
I made a one promise durning my whole life which goes like that 'if i manage to leave that shithole ill never ever back there no matters what'.
A lot of u /trv/avelers hate poles, but u must know one thing - no matter how much u hate them, i hate them 1000 times more, also a lot of /trv/avelers had time of their life, but not me, ive never been happy in my life, and ive never considered being happy here.
You can laugh at me becouse im... stupid? retarted? (im sure u got a personal word for that) but im ready to sacrifice my life only for one month of happiness or even one week.
>I made a one promise durning my whole life which goes like that 'if i manage to leave that shithole ill never ever back there no matters what'.
Why do you think it's any better anywhere else though?

If we're talking about the EU, it's literally the same in every country regarding the have/have-not gap, and the borders have been opened only to finance the lifestyles of the rich by multiplying the number of possible applicants for any job position. They deliberately created an international precariat that in essence works just like illegal immigrant workers do in the US, only with an official blessing.

If you live pretty well in Poland, then there is no point in leaving. You've fallen for the bait of a "better life", but at the same time people from richer countries are structuring their lives around how to live in a poor country most of the time, with the proceeds they earn in their country. Everyone from Western Europe who has a stable position in society is choosing to spend their money in Eastern Europe, and the only reason they have stable positions is millions of guys like you who are ready to slave their lives away for a vague promise of something that will never really exist for their class.
Yeah, from any western world country. You can be Japanese or Swiss.

Listen up faggots. I have the answer to all your problems. I have the knowledge which will save you if you personally implement into your life. And the most important part is I share and understand your pain....

I know me telling the truth may be done in vain if none of you apply the knowledge into your own life's. But, even if one of you do it then it was ultimately worth it. I'll continue in more posts.

File: 13LOVE.jpg (407KB, 2000x1490px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 13love.jpg (38KB, 370x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 13 KAT.jpg (33KB, 500x370px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KAT.jpg
33KB, 500x370px

Now, I leave you all this knowledge in hopes that at least one of you will apply it into your life. All you ever had to do is do what Bruce Lee told you to do a long time ago.. Be like water, we are water beings on a water planet that's the truth hidden in plain sight. This isn't hard or complicated to understand guys.. ALL RELIGIONS ARE ONE READ THE VEDIC SCRIPTURES, QU'RAN, AND THE BIBLE.










File: 13TESLA.jpg (45KB, 500x425px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 500x425px

Just drink your own urine and only your own urine for thirty to forty days. It's that simple.. Of course, don't eat any food at all either during the urine fast.
File: colon6.jpg (63KB, 465x528px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Watch Food Inc and Cowspiracy.
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Bye everybody, I am leaving now and like expected the thread went quiet and probably will be deleted or posting will be disabled.
>Dating is done through the likes of tinder where you're competing against 1000s of people at the same time, so if you aren't good looking, can't afford nice clothes, your own car and own place you might as well not try. And so on.

It's always been that way. Stop whining.
File: war.jpg (24KB, 720x345px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 720x345px
Yeah, everyone always had the entirety of the population of the world at their fingertips and didn't think on a billion times smaller scale.
>Lazy NEETs
>Commie poles
>Wizardchan tier autists
>/pol/ linkspammer

I think it's fair to say fuck this thread
Depends on your situation and plans. I plan to mainly volunteer (have a few gigs lined up).

After travel expenses, i expect to be able to live off of 20k. Why so little? Because i can work too (have uni diploma, TEFL and am still eligible to work in australia/NZ). I could probably leave with 5k and still be fine, but i'd also like to travel a bit :P

Good luck bro's!
So you're not actually traveling, you're just working in a different place.
Just mindlessly traveling gets boring eventually. Working in different parts of the world can still be considered travel in the grand scheme of things.
No. I will be volunteering most of the time, keeping my costs very low. IF i end up with money shortages, i can work a while to earn some cash and move on.
Mum please get off the internet, you promised me you would spend all your time looking after my kitten while I am gone.
Mother plz.

Holly shit, I thought I was the only one.

I have been struggling with dysthymia since childhood. I have been through 6-7 different antidepressants by now, and always looking for something that was missing and would somehow make my life good. A degree, another degree,moving somewhere else, working less, that super promotion, working more, moving again, a SO (this one has been more elusive).
Started traveling last year, and now planing a 2-3 months long travel beginning next year.

But nothing ever does the trick, does it?

Often, it´s we, of course, that are the problem. It´s not the lack of a gf, money, or whatever.

We are "broken".
In a 100 years people will look back at how poor medical treatment for depression/ dysthymia was and wonder how people managed to get through. Maybe we were born too early.

At least when I an hero, I will be sure I did everything I could.
Hey dude, I'm one of the guys that you quoted. I've helped a lot of people out of their depression but can never seem to manage to do anything more than stave mine off for half a year at a time (which ironically is the minimum for clinical depression).

Anyway, I was a psych student and got into it to figure myself out. I learned a lot about other people in the process and definitely more about my self, but I can at least help others while I'm still alive. I gave up on psych because society trains people to become psychiatrists, not psychologists. There isn't enough focus on therapy (I'm a big advocate of cognitive behavioural therapy) and I firmly believe it's a real fix... But it takes time.

If you want to work on yourself, I think the key to avoiding depression without medication is to look into a concept called self-regulation. I help people with that goal in mind and it always works (but takes a while). After all, that's essentially what meds temporarily do.

Depressed people find solace in traveling because it's what they get to work on. They learn to be alone; to embrace it. They learn to do what they want, when they want. They learn to take themselves put of situations that they don't enjoy. They learn to live more freely instead of analyzing everything. They learn to learn and that being in novel situations is a form of regulation when our brain is wired like ours. Things like meditation, exercise, good dieting are all a part of self-regulation because they help us balance our mind and body. Anyway, I hope that helps.
The key is acceptance. Apathy. Maybe you'll always be depressed, and that's fine. I'm still extremely depressed but I get brief moments of euphoria and happiness. I don't much care about my emotions anymore, and while I have my moments where I snap and am overwhelmed by the drive to end it, I'm not suicidal anymore.

Just accept it. Nothing is good or bad, happiness isn't better than depression, it's just different.
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