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Tokyo or Paris

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Hey /trv/, I'm in Rome right now, heading out tommorow. I have a couple grand in the bank left for my trip, and I'm starting to miss home. I figure that I'll be coming back stateside in a couple weeks anyway, so my dilemna is should I

A: Take a luxury train to Paris and blow all my money on expensive meals, nice hotels, and fancy museums.
B: Take a flight to Tokyo and fufill all my weebdreams, continue living the hostel life.

Personally I've always wanted to travel to Japan, but feel like if I don't go to Paris then I won't have truly completed my european grand tour.
Or get the train from paris to moscow and then get trans siberian to beijing. Then go to shanghai and get ferry to weeb haven.
Thats atleast twice as expensive as flying, not including all the visas I'd need to travel to russia and china.
/b/ fag
No joke, go to Japan

You can travel old cities that hate eachother later
i made a Japan thread myself on /b/
Paris is a shit hole, go to Japan
Fuck you guys were too late, I'm already omw out of rome.
even the /b/ fag agrees

Fuck history and old shit, Japan is modern and hides hate of foreigners unlike the french

If it wasn't for the US those assholes would be speaking German
Next trip is straight to Japan
And if it wasn't for those assholes the US wouldn't even exist. It's easy to rewrite history with ifs and buts.
Anyway, go to Japan OP.
Luckily, I only took a train to florence. I'm flying out from Milan on thursday, thanks for the advice guys.
You guys shit on France all the time, don't won't do go past stereotypes, and then wonder why you aren't welcome. You act exactly like the arabs you love so much to criticize, pretty eye-opening tbf
Thank you for staying out of my country
you hate angloa because they speak your language poorly

they hate arabs because of trucks and suicide bombings

they hate you because you cant figure our suivide bombings are more worthy of hate than language

have fun while your continent rots you retarded fag

t. slopehead
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France is pretty cool but Parisians are rude and they know it. They are proud of being rude, don't fault people for not recommending a city where OP would probably get shat on a few times each day. Paris is for people that really want to see Paris and have studied certain parts of it or something, people that go expecting it to entertain them are almost always let down. As for the people that said Paris sucks, they don't feel that way about other cities. In fact, they seem to really love Tokyo. Maybe some introspection is in order on the part of the people in Paris. I had a terrible time in Paris and I have no reason to hype it, people were treating me like shit everywhere I went. It's just an exceptionally rude city, this is common knowledge.

I say this as someone that really likes France and French people, I might advise OP to head to another city if he plans on staying in France. Since he is already in Europe, I think Japan is a better bet because it will just diversify his experience. Japan is fucking awesome for a tourist destination too.
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What would that be

Don't get me wrong, OP wanting to go Tokyo isn't what triggers me, if I was mad just because he didn't chose Paris I'd fit perfectly the cuntish, snobby Parisian people are being warned about.
I'm just tired of the usual "it's a shithole" and American thinking we should ready the red carpet when they get off the plane, and it's something I see everytime on this board, can't have a single French thread without think kind of retards
I'm not Parisian myself so I find it very disapointing people would just think all France is like Paris and discard the rest of the country.
As for the "Parisians are rude" I will never know the truth of it since I've spoken with people with very different experiences, some felt they were unwelcomed and some fit in instantly and get along with the locals.
It's not a open air museum, it's a 2 million people city with another 10 million people urban area around, obviously people won't care about your touristy needs since for them it's just a regular city where they have everyday business to do.

I wish OP a good trip, my post was directed to the other retards
Paris is a dirty shit hole full of immigrants. Bordeaux is nice though.
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this is a slopehead. you are retarded and your continent is on fire

I speak reasonably good french and was welcomed instantly by locals in paris

you guys are still dumb cunts

i will repeat it again

americans hate arabs because of auicide bombings

you hate americans because of language

americans hate you because language is more importanr to you than suicide bombings

learn your priorities
>this is a slopehead

Only thing I wanted to know, no need to keep the autistic screeching going Anon
And a good ching chong to you too :)
It always bewilders me why anyone would ever go to a country full of Asians
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