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How fucked is your wallet TN2015 edition

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How bad is it for you?
Not too bad since I only collect Kamen Rider and Precure shit.
All I really want are ranma½ figuarts and I doubt they are releasing everything they shown
Actually not that bad. Only want Kid Goku and SSJ4 Goku.
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>kid Goku
>ssj4 Goku

still no Bulma though
Not that bad considering its goin to be spread over the entire year and some of that crap won't even make it until the next if history is any indication
Star Gaogaigar Option Set
Kid Gokuu
GT Gokuu
Angel Gokuu
New Vegeta (assuming you can swap that stupid SS3 head) x3
New Trunks x4
SS Gatack
Gatack Extender
Kabuto Extender
Black Widow
Tony Stark
Big the Budou
Ingram 1
Ingram 2
Double Spazer and TFO for Grendizer x2

I'm gonna need a Tamashii House to store all that shit.
Not too bad considering the db releases are pretty much one per month and the gaim train is slowing down.

Feel sorry for anyone committed to star wars though. Those guys' wallets are fucked.
>A.N.I.M.E everything
>SRC Giant Robot and possibly Big O
>RD Ingram
Seeing that display of Gundam Anime Damashii did it right there. Other than that, I mainly get random SHF Like Super Mario and such.

My wallet might be semi fucked
>Ingram 1
>Ingram 2
Wha huh? I can't find those anywhere.
no photos but confirmed by anon from here and taghobby
Where are the pics of SRC Giant Robo?
same here plus Devilman statueshit
it was posted I saw it here

That really pissed me off, I want an articulated Devilman you cunts!
Tons of RD stuff blew me away. The line is going to be killer this coming year. Though I figure we're still not at the end of the massive price hikes so shit like the Rick Dias being so stupidly expensive for what you get will likely continue into 2016 and beyond. I'm glad that, for now, the A.N.I.M.E. stuff is at a decent price and you get a fuckton of accessories, but logically one could assume that we're seeing this because they plan to ship 4 trillion units (plus have a reissue or two) and the costs can be spread way better. I don't expect that to be the norm at all with the normal RD line.

SHF Lupin was huge, I can't wait for that.

Han Solo showing up also was a huge boost in hype, and thankfully with him being made and Jedi Luke already in my possession I am this close to being able to say fuck off to Star Wars collecting. It's such a shitty franchise, but I will always have a soft spot for those two.

Biggest flop was young Goku, hands down. I would be embarrassed as a toy designer to have shown that to the public. It's a disgrace and it shows how bad the DBZ line truly is when taken into context with all the other top tier stuff we saw from Bandai. If ever you want to see delusion, hop into the DBZ threads and scan for somebody saying how great the toys look. I guess Beerus is pretty cool looking, though.
So far I'm doing pretty awesome.

Just Gord Drive, Gaim Yami, Dragonfruity Dukey, and the new Zeba. Are we going to see more crap tomorrow? I'm jonesing for Ryouga.
>All them DBZ/KR/Star Wars SHF
Wow thanks. Can link/post it?
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Didn't mean to sound like a dick but I did see it here
Also here is the /m/ thread that I got the pics from


They are more mecha orientated so not everything was posted in the thread

Nothing could be worse than the pikachu shown off anon.
File: 1428882115183.png (261KB, 471x471px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Jango Fett
>MAYBE Lupin, Jigen, and Zenigata

>mfw there's all this shit and I want almost none of it
Bandai going all out with Macross hurts, splitting up their releases between DX Chogokin and Hi-Metal R hurts even worse. Unless they show off a lot more Hi-Metal releases next year I might have to buy both lines. Not to mention that 26 inch SDF-1, I hate to think of the price

Add SRC Giant Robo, God Gravion, Godannar, and Jeeg, RD Patlabor and ANIME Gundam, and SHF Lupin and yeah, I'm pretty fucked, feels good man
I think I've spent less than 100 dollars this year. Though that could double if I end up buying the colored Babs Tarr Batgirl statue.
I would have spent more, but shit, sometimes that's how it goes. Also I have very particular tastes and I'm low enough on storage space that I'm even pickier.
File: star GGG.jpg (132KB, 560x560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
star GGG.jpg
132KB, 560x560px
Just the Star GGG Option Set, but it's already a hard hit on the wallet taking into account the price+proxy+custom fees.
Apologies on my behalf too, anon
>SHFSS Gatack, Ultimate Kuuga
>Figuarts Grievous
>Figuarts Baltan, Zetton
>Figuarts Ashuraman, Brocken Jr.
>SRC Giant Robo, maybe

I was disappointed by the lack of toku Figuarts that weren't fucking Kamen Riders.
>lack of toku Figuarts that weren't fucking Kamen Riders
What were you expecting? We're already getting Winspector and we got an entire lineup of Ultraman announced. There's not that much toku left unless you're gunning for Inazuman or something. SHF was made for KR anyway.
File: 7KsUfjW.png (629KB, 1000x760px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm fucked
>SHFSS Gatack
>Figuarts Ghost
>Figuarts Grievous
>Figuarts Ep4 Luke
>Figuarts Ep2 Obiwan
>Figuarts Mace Windu
>Figuarts Han Solo
>Figuarts Chewbacca
>Figuarts Jango Fett
>Figuarts Lupin
>Figuarts Fujiko
>Figuarts Goemon
>Figuarts Jigen
>Figuarts Zenigata
>Figuarts Kid Goku
>Figuarts SS2 Trunks
>Figuarts SSG Goku
>Figuarts SS3 Vegeta
>Pretty much all DBZ Figuarts
>Figuarts Akane
>Figuarts Shampoo

Not to forget Sddc's Ninja Turtles.
I should have said toku in general, but yeah; it would have been nice to at least see the Metal Hero, Kikaider, and Garo stuff again to know that it's not on some hiatus.

That said, the lack of Ultra-acts is pretty worrying too.
File: UYA1h1I.gif (410KB, 221x196px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
410KB, 221x196px
> Cure Flora
> Gold Drive
> Brain
> Type Trideron
> Ghost
> Ichigo/Aoi/Ran
> Yurika
> Pikachu
> Tony Stark

Next year's looking pretty good
Of course there's a lack of Ultra-Acts on display. Did you think Bandai showed off an entire set of Figuarts Ultra Brothers for funsies? Ultra-Act has been running on fumes the past two years and notably absent are Victory and X... waiting for the new line, most likely now.
Not bad. I'm only considering Lupin and Mace Windu. Probably won't get either.
>Just paid for Thor last month
>Well that's it for stuff I really really want! Now I can spend my money on more practical things and maybe get the occasional Karate Bugman.
>Hawkeye! Black Widow! Tony Stark! Marks 2 through 7 and the Hall of Armor display!

I thought I was done Bandai, I thought I was done... I didn't even love AOU all that much, just my favorite brand doing some of my favorite characters is too good to pass up. The Gaim SIC stuff looks fucking awesome too. So much for taking a break from collecting.
I've yet to see pics of Lupin.
I would say it's still too soon to write off the Ultra-act line like that, especially as there are still reissues and pre-orders going up.
I don't really care if the Figuarts line becomes the main thing, as long as it sells its kaiju well and we can still get some (exclusive) Ultra-act releases here and there.
It's too soon to get X. Victory is inexcusable at this point, but it's not like he's the only character that's overdue, anyway (an obvious example being Kiva).
because bandai is too anal of people taking pics
Not fucked in the slightest. Might get Jeeg and Giant Robo but I haven't even watched either of their shows yet.

Thank god too, I have a ton of catching up to do with some older stuff.
Not fucked, just hyped about Grievous and hoping he won't sell out like Phasma.
Not overly fucked. I'm only really interested in the Ranma stuff, and maybe some of the new Dragonball stuff. My connection to that isn't as nostalgia-driven, so it's not as "MUST HAVE!" as for Ranma, which probably won't get any further (significant) merch after this.
Star Wars is going to hurt me. I didn't even watch the OT from start to finish but as a completionist I feel compelled to get all the releases so far minus certain prequel shit and the speeder bike. Like I give zero fuck about R2-D2 and 3PO but I feel stupid having a Star Wars collection without them you know? Fuck my life. I'm all in for grievious and I'm holding out for episode 3 Obi wan with robe
>MonsterArt's dead till mid-2016

No rape at all.
SHF Samuel L Jackson (Jedi ver.)
SIC Gaim
SIC Melon
SIC Drive
SHF Diend
SHF Zenigata
RD Patlabor Ingram 1

Yeah I'm gonna be pretty poor. Great show though, normally I'm happy with just 2 or 3 things but this has been bountiful.
SHF Jango Fett
SHF Han Solo
SHF Chewbacca
SHF R2-D2 & C3-P0
SHF General Grievous
SHF Super Battle Droids
Various Myth Cloths

Yea I'm pretty fucked. It was sad though to not see any Monsterarts, at least a Gyaos to accompany Gamera.
>and hoping he won't sell out like Phasma.
Will probably get the Ultraman kaiju depending on how they look. No monsterarts.
Seems im pretty safe.
I really hope those Ingrams keep their proportions, and don't end up heavily stylized like the Seed RD's.
File: 1446076704774.png (69KB, 226x223px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 226x223px
Pretty fugged.

Most of the star wars looks better than expected just from the blurry sneak shots. I'll probably end up getting two grievous, battle and super battle droids. Cock

With Lupin, TMNT, and others around the corner the best I can do is lube up
SHMA collector reporting in. Sad wallet remains alone and unused.
>Black Widow
>Lord Baron
>MAYBE the Lupin crew.
Not too bad, all things considered.
Wait, they revealed an shf Flora?
All DBZ figuarts
All Kinnikuman sh figuarts
>Goku GT
>RX-78-2 A.N.I.M.E.
>Char's Zaku II
>More school idols

We'll know when we get release dates. I've already got the mobile suits on lock, just hoping everything else releases after the Love Live SHF/figma come and go.
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59KB, 960x720px
They look alright
Is SHF Lupin real or just a rumor?
Mostly just Karate bugmen and maybe ultraman stuff.

I'd love a Loki Shf bandai, Cmon you did Ultron and not Loki?
>>5257520 see


Wond confirmed that, Grievous and others before pics even came out.
>I'd love a Loki Shf
Get fucked fujoshit
>will only buy half of his wishlist
I'm sorry anon.
File: November2015.png (2MB, 1080x1319px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1080x1319px
Wallet is pretty fucked this month. Doesn't help that one order is a wonder festival exclusive and two more are GSC direct, and GSC are filthy Jews with a flat rate 2k shipping and don't allow you to combine orders.
Still pretty excited for my haul, I've reached a stage in my collecting [nospoilers]hoarding[/ontoy] where I have something coming in every month and half the time I'm not even excited for it.
>only two of these figures will be released the pic

>Fujiko in catsuit

Fuck yes instabuy, Zenigata too.

That's what happened with the Revos right? Goemon got turned into Kenshin or something?

>no Mrs. Lupin

Damn shame, she'd be great
No. Kaiyodo never made/shown/announced anything else than Lupin and Jigen.

They showed more than Male/Female Ranma?

Akane was revealed with a P-chan accessory >>5252560


Oh okay.
This >>5258024 last WF
And Akanae this TN.
pappa yappapa ii shan ten

Why? Then I'd have a miniature toy of myself.
... I'm still debating to buy them in one hand I love the accessories in the other I was never a big fan of Ranma, it was more a thing my friends used to watch and drag me along

Any advice on purchasing? Where do you guys order or pre-order your figures?
Jungle-scs, Mandarake, Terraformar for aftermarket, HLJ/Hobbysearch/Amiami for standard stuff.

YJA or Amazon.jp if you're getting desperate.
thank you.
There are other stores as well, go through myfigurecollection and see for yourself (there are reviews, etc on stores).

Amiami/HLJ/Hobbysearch are considered the 'big 3', though.
Thread posts: 81
Thread images: 17

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