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Becoming an Overlord and building your Empire

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Tell me /tg/, if you were an Overlord and were to build an Empire that has multiple races and cultures in it, how would you start it and how would you make it so that it will function well?
>Empire that has multiple races and cultures in it
>make it so that it will function well
pick one
A unified "proper" language and a similarly unified religion or philosophy, so they can all say "well you might be blue, he speaks Glorbfux with his family and that retard might not believe in shoes, but at least we all share the same values".
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>Acquire power
>eliminate all potencial heroes
>hire capable people to be our advisors
>listen to those advisors
>i will not kill my general or minion for one fail, he may still surprise me.
>if a minion fail in the third strike he's demoted not killed.
>i will not make my device of power, doomsday machine etc... be at the top of the mountain guarded by a army and a dragon. It will be in my bank or at close range os myself
>insurgences will be eliminated quickly but not before analysing the advantages this would be brought to my empire

For the rest i would follow the internet "overlord rulebook"
Caste based Military Junta.

Everyone is conscripted. No exceptions. Even if you can't fight, you're a message carrier, black smith, cook, something to support the war effort.

Different races would fall into different Castes in society. Hobgoblins, as an example, would be the Legionnaires. Tried and true warriors to make up the main battle line. Orcs, on the other hand, would be irregulars. Sweeping out in front of the main lines to cause chaos and disrupt the enemy.

Each Caste would have its own ranks, honors, titles and such. But, all ranks would be directly translatable across all castes, meaning that an Orc Raid Leader would have the same ranking as a Hobgoblin Sergeant, and both would be equivalent to a Dwarf Forge Leader. In case of disagreement between two leaders of equal rank, who holds authority is the one who has direct oversight of the task in question; Orcs would be in charge of scouting and irregular activities, Hobgoblins in charge of standardized battle, etc.

There would be a single unified language that is the official language. No other languages would be used outside the Caste's ceremonies, nor would a Caste language ever be spoken in the presence of another Caste.

Lastly, all Castes have singular overall leaders who report directly to the Overlord. Each of these also make up the Overlord's council.
I would kill every race and raise them as undead.
I use my dictatorial authority to educate my people in the many knowledge and arts, as well as a specific, well-constructed super-culture and display its array of benefits to other nations, inevitably causing them to slowly imitate us. Whenever issues arise in that nation, offer to helpfully become their patron state... and follow through on all of the promises, essentially assimilating their nation into my own peacefully.
Do this until another nation attacks us, paint the enemy state's commanders as enemies and slavers of the people they rule over, and actively prevent war crimes. When we inevitably win, completely remove the previous government and place an extension of my benevolent dictatorship in its place.
What hero would fight the Good King?
And if a villain decides to, will there not be an army of those I have helped raise to new heights to avenge me?
I will personally train a successor, and if they stray from that path, I trust the people I have educate to find a suitable other.
So what do you do when the hobgoblin and orc generals start wondering why they report to you when they have the entire military might of your empire under their command? You're gambling a lot on the belief that the rank and file would side with you over leaders of their own race.
Why she has wings on ass?
Japan likes ass-wings.
First I'd start from doing things to make sure the people wouldn't rebel at all:
- Enforced education
- Creation of hospitals
- Lowering the taxes
- Providing that people would have healthcare

If I were to include other races and/or cultures, then I'd NOT stamp out their identities and even go so far as to include laws that would protect their traditions and cultural identity.

Alternatively make a unifying element that would make everyone share the same values.

Do stuff like enslaving demons and use them to brutalize those that would use religion and shit to try and force others to obey them. Hell, use demons as spies, shocktroopers, and to power up the machines of war of mine.

When all is well, I'd go and try to achieve feats that would solidify my dominion (like conquering another grand empire, turning my own empire into a wonder of magitek, or to win the heart of a being that has enormous power and would accept my plans for world domination).

Also I'd try to not do anything evil. In fact public relations is the way to go.

Find capable and competent people as your advisors, generals and minions.

Everyone goes the Austrian way. Everyone's a conscript and it's mandatory for everyone to undergo military training for a period of time. When war breaks out, the army will be ready when mobilization is called. Every race will have their own ways of training, yet in the end they'll be also working on team-work.

Take in representatives of the various races into my council. Also establish relationships with smaller nations in order to turn them into vassal states over time and assimilate them into my Empire. Also make alliances and offer aid in times of need.
Oh, and a lot of economical reforms. Especially in the industrial and agricultural aspects of the Empire.
That wasn't the question though.

But, to answer your's. Magic, strength of martial arms, and the promise to own everything the world touches.

Generally, I'd be a hands off Overlord. High level stuff. Day to day, Caste Leaders run their own shit. I only step in to settle disputes between Caste Leaders and do high level strategic planning.

>Warchief, I need you and your Orcs to disrupt the supply lines between these cities.
>High General: Once the enemy is weakened, capture these cities. How is up to you.
>Fabricator General: The Hobgoblins will need great war machines to facilitate their goals. Please meet with the General to discuss specifics.

I'd be chilling out with my waifu most of the time.
I wouldn't be able to if I am completely honest. I would do it a la Roman empire I guess.
The word empire literally means one nation ruling other nations. Multiple races is unavoidable. You fucking nimrod.
underrated post
Because demon logic.
Also all empires ends up as failure. Multiculturalism just doesn't work on the long run.
>Correlation is causation
You're an idiot.
Kill off Gnarl because i am pretty convinced he's the one killing off Overlords just for shits and giggles, followed by fucking mistresses tender and finally finding ways to give myself backdoors to resurrect myself if the good ever kill me.
>Do what I say or I'll fucking kill you.

I'm an evil overlord bitches!
Yeah, but sometimes there are certain things an Overlord needs to do in a non-evil way.

And if you are evil, then avoid being Stupid Evil and the whole cliches thing.
>Heavily regulated necromancy
>Make undead workers part of the society so people don't think twice when they see them
>Heavy enforcement of "caste" system
>Plenty of opportunity for people to ascend to a more comfortable one
>Institutionalized oppression of lower classes
>Pseudo-meritocracy; If you have good ideas, for the good of the empire you get a comfortable life for you and your family
>...As long as you keep being useful, otherwise, back to the caste you came from
>Compulsory education or military service. Pick one.
>Plenty of free time, thanks to undead workers, to develop as an individual and ascend from your caste
>Except if you belong to the lower castes, then your co-worker is John the Skelly in the exciting task of gutter cleaning.
>If you learn a trade, in one of the many trade schools. You can get out of skeleton duty.
>Punishment according to your caste
>Did Mark the farmer rape someone? Jail. Did Carl the great advisor rape someone? Death by flaying. Abuse of authority and all that
>Corruption within the system is the worst crime. No matter the caste. Horrible disfigurement, public shaming, and not being allowed to die as punishment
>Festivals every weekend. Whatever food you bring is deducted from your taxes according to its value plus a 15%.
>Casual Fridays
>Discouragement of racism. Every species or race is equally worthless before me.
Everything ends eventually, anon.
>appoint cattle to public office

>citizens must paint all street signs orange twice a day

>Currency shall be a single-denomination bill folded into different shapes for different values. The wealthy are those who are good at origami.

>magic circles will now be drawn as magic squares. Any breaches in summoning are to be punished by death

Honestly, if they didn't want this to happen, they shouldn't have let a horror from the Far Realms become emperor.
Create 18-20 clone sons of myself.
Use them to build the empire.
Then only keep races and cultures that are compliant. Destroy everything else.
Is that you Emps?

Let's start by making your people not want to kill youn and find a new monarch. The power/magic/army you used to build your empire in the first place probably helps, but it may not be enough (and soldiers/acolytes can turn on you too, if given a good enough offer).

Assuming that we are working in a roughly medieval world here, the main problem of 90% of the population is food, with a secondary focus on healthcare and basic amenities if there is time left in the day. You are in the fortunate position of having complete control (well, theoretically) of all assets and people of multiple nations, while lacking the centuries of cultural bagage that would lock other rulers onto a limited path. And that is before we take magic into account, which you probably have too. Use that position to get the people what they want, and they will love you for it. Nobody cares how you do it, whether it is an army of undead toiling on the fields while the people do other things, mass employment on giant communal farms soviet style, or just classic enslavement of races that do no want to play ball with you.

Beyond that, you want your people to stay busy. The whole "mass conscription"thing mentioned here is good for that, but you will need to keep at least some people on civillian tasks. therefore, you might find a national guard system useful, with all of your populace trained and ready to defend your empire from invaders, or divided into units for you to call up and be thrown at whatever project of yours needs a lot of warm bodies.

Also, be ready to do a lot of divide and conquer. You will probably want to reduce the idea of racial and ethnic divide (after all they are all YOUR people, first and foremost) save for those groups that refuse to follow you. That still leaves a lot of political groups you have to handle tough, from priests to artisans to merchants to nobles, organised in all sorts of guilds and societies if you let them.
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 2

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