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Death and reapers

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Tell me, what's death like in your game?

I'm going to play Dungeon worlds soon. There's a system where you make a roll for death: you either live, die or get to live on a certain condition. I've decided I also want 3 variations of death:

>When player gets to live, the twins come.
>These are two almost-skeletal beings wearing simple farmers clothes.
>They have a nihilistic world view
>You get to live, but they will first beat you, laugh at your life and show you disturbingly true images, like how the king you're fighting for is an adulterer
>If you encounter them while you don't believe in anything, they will just throw an ethereal anarchistic party with you and encourage you to fuck more shit up
I have several Deaths.

My most classic/oldest version is Chernabog/Neith, a giant skeleton wearing a cloak of crow feathers that wields a scythe. He is one of the oldest gods along with light, time, and destruction. He is actually tied with Aurelia, goddess of the sun, for being the most powerful god. He actually controls the afterlife and usually gives the dead an everlasting euphoric dream to live in.
My setting had the God Wars and Death was a harvest god before, hence his iconic scythe and common name, the Grim Reaper.
oh well that's nice of him
Get in the fucking bag, OP.
He's the twin brother of the Goddess of Life and Nature, and his portfolio includes Death, Dreams, and Moving On. together they watch over the natural succession of souls and the flow of life and its many changes.

No one knows what the afterlife entails, if there even is one, though many religions have their own theories.

Regardless, just as the Goddess of Life and Nature strives to ensure that most all forms of life have a chance, the guardian of death seeks to give people comfort and finality in their end.

Further, just as his sister has been known to make pacts and deals with worthy mortals, so does he go into contracts and covenants to aid mortals, and give them boons so long as they agree to a set of conditions.

Death is fair and equitable, and the two twins ensure that everyone gets at least a chance.

Basically, just imagine if you combined Discworld Death with Morpheus (on his nicer days) from Niel Gaiman's Sandman
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Yup. Probably my favorite Death, definitely the one I'll use if it comes up in any games.
>Pic related
>Get in the fucking bag, OP.
Can someone explain this meme to me?
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>Tell me, what's death like in your game?
Creepy as all fuck, but he's not malicious, he's there to see your soul off to it's judgement when you die. He is not the reason you died, he has no list of people doomed to die that day, he just holds the lantern aloft and acts as guide to the departed soul so they don't get lost.

Though some say he's a bit of a foodie and you could bribe a favor or two from him if you make him an offering of some good cooking.
I don't know how original it is, but in my setting Death is a god, by the name of Abyssal. Originally a Dwarven cult, it has since spread across the region, and has command over the passage from this world to the next. Abyssal is formless; it becomes a mirror of the race of the observer clad in purple and body made of Ivory.

It is treated with no ill-will; many worship them for safe passage, either in this world of the next. The original Dwarven cult protects over the massive catacombs beneath the cathedral-city of Lonecloister, where anybody across the region and beyond are welcomed for interment.

Abyssal despises necromancy, seeing it as an abomination of the natural order or life and death, and even takes a dim view on resurrection; if you died, then it was ordained that you were ready to move on, not remain here any longer.
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