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Pokemon Mystery Dungeons and Dragons

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Discussion of Custom Pokemon Medieval Fantasy setting.

Basic premise: You play as Pokemon in a Medieval type Pokemon society in some kind of post-apocalyptic Kanto (i.e. no trainers or humans of any kind). Imagine a Pikachu Paladin or something along those lines, perhaps mounted Pika cavalry riding Nidoran into battle, or Flying Pika Air support mounted on flying Pidgeottos. Certain Pokemon have become intelligent and civilized, others remain wild and untamed.

Previous Threads:

Alt links in case above are down:

I'd like to continue discussing ideas regarding what kinds of cultures and dominant ideologies certain Pokemon would have, such as Meowth developing a civilization that is driven by their greed, making them violent or opportunistic, Totodile being river raiders, etc.

Also, I was wondering what people thought of the idea of basing the Pokemon cultures within Kanto/Johto/Sinnoh/Hoenn on Feudal Japan, with Samurai and shit, and keep the European Fantasy stuff like Paladins and Knights confined to the Kalos region? I like this idea, but am not sure if it's a bit too limiting. Would Pokemon even realistically act Japanese if they suddenly became human-like. The series didn't seem to show those regions as being super Japanese culturally I don't think, but I'm not Pokemon expert.

Anyway, discuss ideas, draw some pictures, write some history fluff on wars waged between Pikachus and Meowths and Rattata civilizations. Give me your best /tg/
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I'll just put this up to bump the thread.

you said about having ideas for a party yesterday?
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Unfortunately other things got in the way and I haven't got as far into this as I would have liked. That said, I have some jumping off points. First, I want to start on the Eastern edge of Kanto, probably around the Power Plant (to give an idea of what Pokemon are typically found there). The party is 5 individuals, and I definitely want there to be at least a Pikachu, Rattata, and Sandshrew, with the other two being either an Elekid, Cubone, Farfetch'd or Bidoof. I haven't decided on what classes each character would be yet, so I leave that to you if you'd like. Additionally, these are starter, barely trained greenhorns being sent out on what is most likely their first mission of clearing out an Ekans den, or dealing with a Mankey raiding party or something, just to give an idea that their equipment would be starter equipment and basic. Speaking of equipment, I may have discussed this before, but I thought it'd be cool if some Pokemon cultures used parts of other Pokemon as armor/ weapons, such as Krabby / Kingler shell armor or shields, Goldeen horns as spear tips, etc. Just a thought. The more technologically advanced civilizations may not do this, but it'd be cool if the lower tech civs did.

Anyway, those are just some general thoughts. Feel free to take artistic liberty, choose other species of Pokemon from around the same area, etc.

Hopefully I'll have better, more completely fleshed out characters soon.
Pokemon wandering around post-apocalyptic Kanto is a pretty great setting. Alien structures are always cool.
I'd like to see a diversity of species even among tribes(ex: a few Squirtle and Marill alongside the Totodile raiders). A completely uniform group seems boring when there are 700 different Pokemon to choose from.
Good luck, OP. I'm looking forward to what could be in store.
There definitely will be diversity of species amongst certain groups. I'm thinking I'll start the campaign out among the Mouse Pokemon species (Pikachu, Rattata, Sandshrew, Bidoof) who have formed an allied / multi-species civilization in the area around the Kanto Powerplant. There'd also be another large group centered around the Viridian forest, since Pikachu, Rattata and Sandshrew are also found around Route 2/ Pewter City.

Thanks for the encouragement. Unfortunately I started this thread later than I intended. I'll try to start one tomorrow fairly early if this one dies out, and hopefully there will be more discussion then.
Machop; Machoke and Machamp (think Orc -> Ogre -> Giant) should fill a Monstrous race role; feared for their rock throwing. Though usually lacking the intelligence to form more than loose tribes and with those few who are born intelligent normally never making it to evolution occasionally a machoke or machamp will rise above and the rest of the world trembles.
The Spearow hive would be like angry Mongolians.
Abra are little more than animals; pests really. They only know to graze and teleport away from any threat they sense
Kadabra are normally rarely seen; preferring the company of mindless beings to those with noisy thoughts; most of them live solitary lives in towers most people remember as mirages. Following their deaths the latent uncontrolled psychic energies of their dwellings attracts and sometimes even creates ghosts and other, darker things.
Alakazam are a historical event and usually change the balance of power in the world in their wake.

None of them are playable.
oh god you've made me remember Beedrill exist
I like this.

Other threads mentioned TMs and HMs being human relics that are sought after in the world. I was thinking that the Meowth Civilization takes residence in Celadon and Saffron City, digging through old stores and labs and such and hoarding TMs and HMs and maybe other ancient human tech, biding their time for some plot. Originally I was thinking that maybe they take advantage of the relatively skittish Abra, perhaps guaranteeing their safety or something, or maybe they enslave them by force, but anyway, in the end they use their TMs and HMs to build essentially a mindless psychic army of like, Abra Super Psykers or some such. Maybe they're harboring an Alakazam.

Just spitballin some thoughts.
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so, basically it's a post-apocalyptic setting but they think they're stuck in an age of knights and dragons? well, think I could manage that. The power plant tribe kinda strikes me as a bunch of scavengers so, they're clad in "dead" magnamite steel for warriors and all. I dunno about starting gear so, this is probably the crappiest that they can get.

would some other tribes or civs be clad in actual clothes or armour though?
I was imagining Spearow as a wild, untameable animal, as opposed to Pidgey/Pidgeotto, which are bred to be ridden as flying mounts by some. Imagine how badass it would be to see some barbaric tribe of Pokemon that are so hardcore, they ride on the backs of Fearow they've subdued. Chills man, chills.
This is pretty awesome. Yes, post-apoc in that there's the ruins of humanity everywhere, and Pokemon for some as of yet undetermined reason have become intelligent so are building their own societies and civilizations from the ground up, and where I hope to pick up is where they've progressed technologically up to the middle ages. To them, humanity, or the Ancients, or whatever are only remembered in myth and legend. This doesn't mean that they necessarily have to be Knights and such, since I mention the whole Kanto/Johto/Sinnoh/Hoenn is Japan (so samurai, ninja, etc.) and Kalos is Europe (so Knights, Paladins, etc.) idea that I could go with.

I also imagined the Power Plant would be a sort of Ancient Holy ground for Electric type Civs, since I imagine Zapdos would be their primary god figure.
and Meowths would be like what? Yakuza, then? think is good if there's at least one evolved pokemon there like Persian to be their big cheese.
Had not thought of the Yakuza thing, but now yes, definitely. Also yeah, I was imagining them being lead by a Persian. Maybe Meowth would act just like Team Rocket, but more Yakuza, and more competent, since Giovanni had a Persian. But then again, Team Rocket was more a mob syndicate, small behind the scenes times rather than all in your face world domination types. I'd really like a in your face, Fire Nation take over the world civilization, or at least one that aims for that even if they're not totally successful at it
they're more like daimyos in that case
Yeah I guess that would be more appropriate. Any ideas on more Pokemon that could work as big bad civs?
most fighting types have an innate blood lust; some are little more than mindless beasts too far gone from battle madness

sometimes you find them following for the right side but rarely on the side of good in peace times.

It's said they're so weak to the mystic and mental arts of the world because of this singular mindset and so strong against the dark and corrupt for the same reason
>viking mankeys
>primeape berserkers
I can envision Magcargos as like... Old Extremist Priests. Maybe they lead a cult of fire pokemon to burn everything in "righteous fire".

I assume 'Mons like Porygon would be extinct?
porygons are possibly trapped beings inside computers when the apocalypse happened. nobody manages to fire up the computers and they can't get out since they're trapped in a hard drive. if they do get out however, they'll go insane or malfunctioning. They are still AI anyway
I think Parasect/Paras would be cool as an evil civ of sorts controlled by the hivemind since the fungus takes them over completely.
or Paras/Parasect is the fungus and other living beings are the hosts and their existence threatens the civilizations of potential hosts from time
time to time*
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Considering that canonically Porygon are human controlled, I do wonder how they would react in this post-apoc world.

This also gives me another possible BBEG or cause of the apocalypse or something. Certain Pokemon are descendents of people that were turned into Pokemon (such a machine is canon btw http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Devon_Corporation#Inventions_in_progress). Maybe these People-Poke are using their knowledge of Human tech to repair it and gain an advantage and take over? Maybe they're trying to repair these machines to turn themselves back into humans? Would the Pokemon Civs see the potential return of humans as a threat? I imagine so, since Pokemon are basically domesticated slaves, I can't imagine them living in peace alongside humans anymore if they're able to think and develop tech themselves.

Anyway, last post before bed. As I said earlier, will hopefully start a post earlier tomorrow and get some good discussion and ideas going.

Also I need more semi-related pics to post, keep posting the same ones...
Whoops, meant to say Porygon are human created.


Ooooooh, maybe Meowth or any other Pokemon Civs researching and trying to revive ancient Human tech manages to turn some kind of computer or machine or something with a Porygon inside, which then goes haywire, reviving old tech to achieve some end goal. Revive humanity? End Pokemon? Take over the world with machines like Terminator/ The Matrix?

Not super serious about the last one, kinda...
while im not big on the big bad empire cliché, i love to see a hivemind-controlled civilisation. won't say they are evil or good but the idea that a civilisation trying to eke out an existance led by minds connected to a whole is quite interesting so long as they don't try to nom everything ever
Thread posts: 27
Thread images: 8

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