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Lets do this! Players get in here!
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day 1
http://4archive.org/tg/thread/32880446 day 2

http://4archive.org/tg/thread/32898563 day 3

http://4archive.org/tg/thread/32925536 day 4

Where last we left off we were in the opening stages of a battle at Cuoatl, our colonial town, established in the old lizard city. We had cut down trees in a great circle around the town, creaing a clear line of sight and killzone for our archers. We also have dug a moat around our walls with geomancers and our necromancers have planted thralls within the killzone to ambush. In addition we have placed traps all over jungle.

Last decision we were to make was to decide how to respond to large column of mutants marching through the jungle and another riding boats down the river towards Cuoatl
A. Ambush the column in the jungle
B. Ambush the boats
C. A and B
D. Hunker down behind the walls, wait for the enemy to come

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Alright lets do this!
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day 1
http://4archive.org/tg/thread/32880446 day 2
http://4archive.org/tg/thread/32898563 day 3
Current Stats
Rhas- Blood mage and former nobleman- Vampire
Orrik- Blood mage and spy/assassin- Vampire
Haggo- Master warrior- Vampire
Talif- Military commander and tactician- Human
5 Vampires
300 Humans
50 Horses
We currently are spread between 2 main settlements our main town Valantar
and a colony we established in the old lizard city of Cuoatl both settlements are well supplied and fortified
Food supply- Stable with small surplus
Small iron mine and forge
Large lumber surplus
Currently trading Hatteras confederacy lumber and lizards slaves for food
Currently trading Lumber and Food to the dwarf colony for iron and gold ore, as well as small amounts of finely crafted tools, weapons and armor from a more refined form a iron they call steel.
50 veteran troops
50 Reserve troops
All civilians have basic militia training
Lots of military equipment enough to supply a much larger force
Current doctrine- Light infantry supported by light cavalry and archers along with blood magic and other basic elemental magic
We also currently have 5 Riverboats, currently being used for trade but we can construct more or press existing ones into service as exploration and warships.
We also have a small fleet of fishing boats plying the rivers.
Hatteras Confederacy- excellent, potential integration soon
Dwarven colony- unsure, new trade partners
Halfmen faction- little is known about them, hostile
Lizardmen tribe- Defeated and enslaved by us
Orcs- unknown, have not contact so far
When we last left off we had just won a battle against the halfmen, recovering much of their advanced technology. We also recently completed the blood tower, giving our vampires a dedicated facility for training and blood magic research.

We also had established a new magic school and have decided to focus the first class on necromancy.

We also captured a number of prisoners, but unfortunately failed to get them to talk, afterwards we executed them.

Our current issues is that we should establish a policy on when we turn people to vampires, since our current vampires are either the product of the original experiment that created us or through turning people that were mortally wounded in order to save them.

We also need to develop a strategy to help fight off future halfmen raids on the coastline

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Alright lets get this one going! I would love to see a few more players contributing ideas to our glorious people
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Reporting in .

whats the colour of our skin ? are we black ? indian ? because i think indian wampires are cool
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RDV8WpKlLIBWVM33BqbxUwTG0jSkdsaRLLXGCT40-LE/edit- day 1
http://4archive.org/tg/thread/32880446 day 2
We look my middle eastern people since we are a desert middle eastern style civilization, at least we were originally. The Hatteras confederation are more caucasian looking and the lizards come in a variety of colors. Also map.

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Metropolitan Quest.jpg
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Your name is Morgan and your life is the opposite of a problem. For the past few weeks, you’ve been reclaiming bounties from your lumbering cowboy of a boss who smells like a shed used to cook meth (and steak on the side) and he’s really just been giving you tiny jobs. Lets see, you’ve killed a few hippies, a few LARPers, some semen-demons, this one reality bending guy with a clockwork device you melted with your chemistry skills, Benjamin Franklinstein, and what may have been an eldritch horror but you just kept your eyes shut and squeezed the trigger in the thing’s general direction until the voices in your head quit… Oh, who are you kidding…

The voices never quit.

Marshall is currently working on acquiring you a new dossier as, in his own words, “Errybody else already has a job fittin’ their perticuler skill-set, but I’m clean out of things for you, fer now”. You also got a bit of a raise, which was nice. The sum total of all you’ve saved up now amounts to… $100,000. Wow. What could we ever possibly do with this much… Money? There it goes again. The ‘we’ thing… What will we do with all this money? A sound investment in improving all of our equipment wouldn't be bad, along with some stuff where we’re staying. God knows we aren't moving out because we’re living with Alison… Shit, speaking of, you promised that you’d take her out on that ‘first date’ that’s been mentioned back and forth, seeing as you’ve been holding that off for a little while. Not only do you have to come to a decision today, but you’ve also got to actually TAKE her out. Ughhhh, having to take women out to sleep with them? What are we, Amish?

Right now, you wake up to being shaken. It’s Alison, the hot girl, and she leans up real close. “I’m headed to work, get your ass awake. Don’t forget tonight~”. She leaves you, those last words just wavey enough to prospect countless possibilities! Or at the most an after-dinner quicky.
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Name: Morgan
Concept: Bounty-Hunter
Quality: Charismatic(ish)
Skills: Parkour, Basic Self-Defense, Firing Low-Caliber Guns, Chemistry, Seducing Women, Stealth, Disguise, Knives, & Golemancy
Combat 3 Defense 8 HP
Social 1 Defense 6 HP
Majyyk 2 Defense 5 HP
Special Ability: Silver Knife of Lust, Fireball, Golemancy
Possessions: Leather Jacket, Silver Knife, MP3 Player, Pistol, Double-Barreled Shotgun, Nerf Football riddled w/ M80s, SMG, Running Shoes, Shitty Flip Phone, appropriate ammunition, among other things.
SHIT OP i missed thread 3 any archive?

Or just like a recap?
That shit sounded fun

When did we fight fucking semen demons, Gatsby?

What sort of bus-side delusions did Morgan have between these threads?

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The very first thing you feel... is a throbbing pain, like a headache. You know you've fallen, but your thoughts are a weird jumble. Memories come quickly to mind, then just as quickly disappear... and you can't even recall what memories they were. Was it where you lived? Where you were born? The friends you've made... and now lost?

You sit up, and take a gander around. You're in a grassy clearing, surrounded by trees. Off in the distance, you can see something that resembles... diamond? No, crystal. The tip of something made of crystal juts out from above the trees. You'd guess it's just a small distance away.

"Oy! New one, eh? Gyahahaha, Rekker'll ne'er get tired o' yer bewildered looks!" Before you can do anything, you hear a monstrously loud voice just nearby. You turn around, and see a... giant (?) approaching you.

He's easily three or four times your length, and five times your width. In a word... large.

"Gyahahaha! As usual, you're quite a ways off from where yer s'posed to have been! Ne'er fear though, 's a good thing you landed near good ole Rekker's Thrifts! Tha's me, aye, Rekker." You only just now realise the stall behind him, outlined with... so many things, it's hard to describe just a single piece of it. In fact, the stall is monstrously large.

"Now Rekker'll give ye som'thin' so's ye've a fightin' chance, so can ye stand an' saunter over to good ole Rekker's Thrifts, or is ole Rekker here gon' hafta giv ye a hand wi' tha' too?"

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Of course, you can stand. You're dazed, not crippled. As you stand, you also find your thoughts clearing. You can't remember how you got here, but for some reason you get the sense it's not important.

Rekker smiles wide as you approach his stall.

"Now's wot happened is, ye've been summoned," Rekker explains cheerfully. "By th' Gobs. Yer kinda their hero now, an' ole Rekker here'll make sure you won't disappoint. Too much."

Rekker turns to his stall and picks out three items, which he lays out before you.

"Now, a good hero's got a weapon, yeah? So here's some help fer ya." Rekker squats down and points to the first item, a set of cards.

"Crest Cards, these. They's got some small magic in 'em. Ya draw a crest on 'em, and FWOOM, magic. Ain't gotta explain anythin' 'bout dat, eh?" He points to the next item, a large axe with a lion crest.

"The Warlion's Horn, true beauty. Also a replica. It's still got a mighty edge, an' if ye can swing it, its magic'll make sure it hurts."

Finally, he points to a dagger. It looks rather plain, but has a faint glow to it.

"This one's a right beauty, it is," Rekker says. "Magically enchanted by the Folgorn himself! Ye stab a back wi' this, the dagger's magic'll punch right through it. 'Course, ye hafta find a back first fer it to work..."

"So which one would ye want, eh, greenhorn?"

>Crest Cards. (Magic, Ranged)
>Warlion's Horn. (Physical/Magic, Melee)
>Folgorn Dagger. (Physical/Magic, Melee)
>Request other item. (Write in option.)

For now, going with whatever has the most votes after 10 minutes, resolving ties by flipping a coin. Write-in options if they're carried well.

Cards, of course.

WIZARD! of the coast.

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get in here!
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Aww yiss.
slime seems op
The basic summary is that we have 3 vampires who were created from a magic experiment gone wrong. This experiment destroyed the city that we started in. After some struggles we fought our way out of the city and led a group of refugees to salvation in the jungle. We have been there for several months and have established ourselves well. We have explored both directions on the river. To the northwest are a group vicious primitive demon worshipping lizardmen who are fond of sacrificing both humans and their own people to their god. In addition we have found primitive human villages on a coastal plain to the east. We have started an alliance with these people. There are tales of a group of halfmen that have been raiding their shores, looking for gold and worshipping a strange god, the also wield strange metal rod weapons that spew fire.
Rhas- Blood mage and former nobleman- Vampire
Orrik- Spy/Assassin and novice bloodmage- Vampire
Talif- Tactician and military commander- Human
Haggo- Weapon master and warrior- Vampire
200 humans
4 Vampires
50 Horses
40 Goats
Food supply stable
We have lots of equipment but few men to use them
We currently have 40 former guardsmen/mercenaries
and an additional 40 older men with military experience that could be pressed into service
the rest of the population has no military training
We also control 6 fishing boats and 3 larger riverboats
Finally we have established a forward base near the lizardmen city thats well fortified

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Making a not!africa setting. I need art for inspiration. Advice is welcome too.
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Ninki Nanka.jpg
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Anything about it? My setting was going to be moreso influenced by west african lore.


Your name is Morgan, and your life is subpar. For five years now you've been living alone in a cramped apartment space and haven’t eaten a real meal since your high school graduation. But you’re thinking that’s all going to change now, because you found a flier on bulletin board downstairs that might be able to help get you some spending money. It’s not a line of work you’re experienced in, but considering that you’re "between jobs", you’ll have to learn with time. The flier reads as follows:

Job Description:
Pursue high-risk bounties on behalf of various clients, utilizing any and all means apprehend and/or terminate contracted targets.

Job Requirements:
- Should have experience with firearms or some sort of weaponry.
- Must be organized and self-sufficient.
- Interpersonal ability is helpful, but not essential
- Skills in close-quarters combat are a plus.
- Moral flexibility preferred.

- Work at your own pace, at your own schedule.
- The initial pay is $250. Proving effectiveness will lead towards more lucrative rewards.
- Potential rewards include customized weaponry and work benefits.

To apply, see Marshall at the offices of Wet Works

DISCLAIMER: Wet Works is not legally responsible for injures and/or death incurred while pursuing said contracts. Wet Works and, by extension, Marshall are both equal opportunity employers.

Now, before anything, you've got to write a resume: A basic idea of who you are, a concept and a quality. Some of your skills… About five, perhaps? In fact, five in the exactly what you’ll need. Now think, Morgan, what are five free-form skills you've developed over 23 years of being alive? One at a time, it’s not a race.
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First off, crumple up the flier and throw it away. It's a job for somebody who actually has skills; that's clearly not us.

Let's go take a walk and see if we can find a job at the local Starbucks. Maybe they need a night janitor.
Example Free-Form skill
Skills, huh? How about tracking? We can be outdoors-y.

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Building and tinkering with shit themed around the AdMech, need more background music/ambiance. Also, Adeptus Mechanicus/Space Marine/Warhammer music thread.




Help me find good music, /tg/.
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Anything by Tangerine Dream, but especially their soundtrack for Sorcerer


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Tell us of your progress in fumbling, stumbling, and bumbfling into your duty to die for the Emprah.
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>There's no surviving a headshot from that.

There is when a bolt pistol only does 1d10+5, and I have 4 TB and 12 wounds.
Also, to answer the guys question in the previous thread, my scout snuck up on the Night Lord and used sleight of hand to pull the pins on his krak nades. This was made possible by the fact that along with chamcloak+modifiers the PC had a stealth check in the 90+% range. Also the ogryn screaming and firing autocannon rounds at it helped cover.

The GM pulled the stats from a starting BC character with more stealth/perception.
This. stats do not match what the mechanics dictate.

Forex the new ratling adv. specialty that can out terrify damn near anything in the galaxy with a 100+ intimidate test

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