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J-Drama / adult themed Japanese ONLY film thread

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Here is a drama about /t/'s favourite subject - JAV's how they are made, the stories behind them, etc. (this is only available on Asiatorrents at the moment) grab it now or miss it forever, really.



Here is a film about the same subject


As far as I'm aware, no subs exist for either so far, so learn Japanese I guess?
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A drama and film about the Zero "Kamikaze" pilots. I once met a man who was trained to fly one of those missions, but a week before he was due to do so, the H bombs were dropped on Japan, so he lived, in shame.


Is a movie about how JAVs are created really that interesting? Can you tell us more about it?

>no subs
>so learn Japanese I guess?
Is this thread for japanese documentaries or japanese dramas? Because i can toss a few torrents for decent J-dramas out.
Anything really Japanese drama/film that doesn't fit into the other threads, preferably adult themed - on serious/emotional issues, but anything goes like comedy/romance etc. Any contribution like documentaries welcome, RAWS very welcome too : )

I was thinking adult themed like porn, but I get what you mean. I'll compile a few links.
The last thing /t/ needs is more pron, hence this thread, thanks, posting some info and related images would be nice too.
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okay, gonna kill some time before Jojo comes out today


Starting in 2001, Trick is the story of a Physics professor who dupes a poverty-stricken magician into solving supernatural crimes. The show plays like a mystery but as the series goes on it has stronger elements of comedy. Has 3 movies and 3 TV specials associated, this torrent only includes the first season but I can provide the rest as needed.

The series has "ended" for the 4th time but currently has a spinoff by the name of "Lieutenant Yabe Kenzo", a supporting character in the Trick franchise and chief investigator of the crimes.
OP here, thank's for sharing, I still haven't got round to seeing this, and had no idea Kenzo was related - it's star is one of my all time favourite actors since I saw him in Big Wing!

If the rest of the series/sps/movies still have seeds, please do share if you get time

1 Liter of Tears is supposedly based on a Diary kept by a high school girl in the 80s. She learns that she has an incurable disease and the film revolves around her accepting her fate. Also a manga and a TV show

Man, this would be a lot easier if D-addicts was still around.


Dude is really good, I love watching anything he's in. I'll see if I can grab the other seasons.
File: thats not water.webm (3MB, 480x320px)
thats not water.webm
3MB, 480x320px

Elite Yankee Saburo

A high school student enters a school full of delinquents and soon earns the title of "King Deliquent" due to his brothers being the meanest kids in school. Unfortunately he's the meekest man known around.

Imagine Cromartie High but even more deranged. Unfortunately this torrent is RAW, so you need to find some .srt's for it. I believe it's properly subbed up until episode 7 and after that it's machine translation but still easy enough to follow
File: Koala.webm (2MB, 480x340px)
2MB, 480x340px
The Hero Yoshihiko (SD)

The Hero Yoshihiko (HD)

An idiot becomes a hero, he teams up with a terrible magician, a girl who thinks he killed her father, and a man who will kill him when he gets around to telling his life story. They team up to defeat a demon king, whenever they remember to actually do that.
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LIFE (Incomplete)


A girl joins a prestigious high school and gets in with the most popular girl at school. Things turn south when she is suspected of sleeping with her friend's boyfriend and becomes the subject of extreme bullying.

It's supposed to be a serious drama but some scenarios are so exaggerated it's hard to take seriously. This torrent stops at episode 7 despite the series going to episode 12. I'd love to try and find the full torrent.
That's a classic, there's a film too iirc.

I'll write more on the subject when I get time - but for now, it's worth reading this thread, and the later bits of the announcement the torrents are going thread.


Various posters are currently active on Nya, I'll try to compose a list sometime in the future. Thanks for contributing btw
File: hijacking.webm (2MB, 480x320px)
2MB, 480x320px
Mr. Brain


Tsukomo Ryusuke is brought onto the police force because of his innate knowledge of the human brain. His only purpose there is to help the investigation team and do paper work but he keeps butting in the middle of investigations and knows what everyone is thinking even if they lie to the very end.


yeah, I was looking at that thread, I hope they get it running again, there's a few on there I know will probably be lost in time.
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Please tell me the name of the hot bitch in the third frame and if she does JAV?

Season 2

Season 3

Seeds are low for season 3, and my hdd is broke so I can't get my files and reseed. If I get a replacement and transfer them off I'll definitely use them for this torrent.

I don't have any reliable torrents for the movies and TV specials. The New Movie is also still lacking a translation and raw as well.
So jelly, that must smell mesmerising.
thank you OP this thread rocks
File: v hears an SJW.webm (2MB, 640x360px)
v hears an SJW.webm
2MB, 640x360px
My Boss, My Hero


After botching a deal, a Yakuza loses his position to become the head of his clan. He is given the ultimatum to finish high school or his uptight brother will gain control.
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I didn't expect to get all those feels from this movie.

>Accidentally downloaded entire thing
>Want to stop seeding but other guy left

File: image.jpg (38KB, 400x455px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It was seeded last I checked, is it not loading at all or just showing up as no peers?
Please seed
I'm stuck at 60%

I'll do as much as I can, if not then I'll come back in a few days and finish.

There's also some other shows but getting torrents for them is hell, if anyone else has any recommendations go for it.
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A bomb.png
1MB, 1280x720px

Since it's slightly related

Lt. Yabe Kenzo


After the events of Trick, Yabe Kenzo and his assistent Akiba have become well known in the police world for his work (or at least being present) with supernatural crimes. With his reputation he is given high profile cases constantly. He continues his vigilant work against terrorism occasionally helped by the general affairs team.

While still retaining the mystery aspect, it's more so a comedy this time, you need barely any knowledge of the trick series to enjoy this but finishing the series first lets you know some gags or quirks of his.


gonna bump this thread up
Magnet doesn't have eng subs for season 1. However this guy has uploaded to dailymotion

tokyo tv dramas blogSPOT (com) au slash 2012 slash 10 slash trick-2000-season-1

could've sworn I got the hardsubbed version, but the subs are easily available online, or the stream like you have posted.
Whenever D-addicts gets that torrent section reworking I'll see about remaking this thread
I thought they removed the torrent section for good.
it's not your thread.

I'm Moot and I own this thread, I also own your post. I am selling it to the black market right now. You could've held your mouth shut but you had to speak up. I hope you enjoy your IP Address bucko
Where can I get a torrent/magnet for this? The site is invite only.
>(this is only available on Asiatorrents at the moment)
there used to be one japanese drama I like that was something like... a highschool girl that would clone/split/multiply into a pair of twins whenever she got scared or emotional. forget the name though.
sounds interesting
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Thread images: 14

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