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Kamen Rider OOO complete batch

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If you haven't watched Kamen Rider OOO you are missing out. It's hard to get all of the episodes in the best quality as well as all of the movies so I made a batch for everybody that I will always be seeding.



Consider this my Christmas present. Enjoy
Keep in mind this is one seeder for a 27.3 GB torrent.

So unfortunately it'll take a while. I'm sorry, usually my connection is amazing but I blame the holidays for it being slow.

maybe seeders will just join the torrent bro
will torrent and seed if this has subs
... yeah it has subs... Why would I make and post a torrent of raws?
Apparently OZC are adapting Over-Time's subs to the BluRay quality version of the episodes. If I had known that I would have waited for them to finish and make a batch out of that, I'm sorry.


I'm going to download and seed all of the episodes they currently have up, which is 10, and once they are done I will make a new batch.
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Oh my god they are doing AkibaRanger

I'll seed that shit
OOO Ep 1

OOO Ep 2

OOO Ep 3

OOO Ep 4

OOO Ep 5
OOO Ep 6

OOO Ep 7

OOO Ep 8

OOO Ep 9

OOO Ep 10

Akibaranger Ep 1
Thanks OP.

Currently seeding all episodes since I downloaded them previously, and waiting to download 2 movies I didn't have previously.

Will continue seeding for as long as possible. Thanks!
Well I'm going to keep seeding this until the bluray batch is released, and even then I'll probably keep seeding the director's cut of the final episode or make a new batch.
I've made a new batch torrent for Kamen Rider Wizard. Why? Shut up. I know I jumped over Fourze but I'll get around to it.


I'm also making one for the blurays of W made by OZC-Live but still subbed by Over-Time
Like I said in this post
I made a Kamen Rider W batch torrent as well and I'll seed this one too. I'll do anything to avoid making a Fourze batch I guess

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rider haters.gif
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Another situation where I am the only person seeding because this are brand new torrents hot off the presses. So it'll take a while.
Alright. I decided to make the Fourze batch. At some point I'll probably repost these in order if this thread dies.


There isn't a high chance that I'll make a batch for Gaim, especially since it's taking forever to get the movies and there isn't a super high quality sub of the Kamen Rider Wars.

I'll be seeding all 4 of the batches I made until there are higher qualities available.

Maybe I'll make unofficial batches for sentai teams that don't have them yet.
Thanks for all of this
Oh I forgot to add this to the original post but if you are new to mkv and you use windows then download this pack http://www.cccp-project.net/

It helps with the higher resolution videos
Does anyone have Gaim?
Since the movies have yet to be released, well except for that crossover movie with Wizard, I won't be making a batch for it.

There is this batch available in standard definition with the one movie in it
As someone who finally decided to get in to Kamen Rider, what should I start off with?
You are a god, anon.
Personally I think OOO is a great start. I had decided to start with Decade and that was a really bad call, but I only fell in love with Kamen Rider when I got to OOO
I'll snag that, then. Thanks!
any batch available for den-o?
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Ummm only on TV-Nihon, which I dislike, and it's in a bunch of different pieces. I remember a group that made fun of TV-Nihon subs for a long time were suppose to be making batches but they made one small batch and that was years ago.
Yea, was trying to avoid their subs. guess I'll put it on hold
rider bump
Is Kamen Rider W any good?
Raida bump
the best
Does anyone have a working link to the second OST DVD of Kamen Rider Fourze? I've tried my best, but I can't find it anywhere.
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Hey so I'm seeding the batches again and also seeding this batch for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

OP out

Magnet might not work well


Still seeding

Is the Kamen rider W torrent kill? Been trying to download for 2 days and got 1%. I don't mind seeding (already seeded a shitton of what I got) but I'm only at 25%
Alright. Somebody else needs to start seeding these torrents. My computer doesn't have the space for my toku shit and everything else
thanks for the amazing torrent.started yesterday and im already at 40%
ose is pretty much my first kamen rider show. i like it,even though japanese actors are kinda weird.
Would you recommend any other shows for beginners?
W was a good start for me. Although I actually started with Decade and that was shit so
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 12

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